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Life Insurers Use The Body Mass Index To Tighten The Belt On Fat People

Overweight individuals remain in the shooting line once again. Life insurance coverage companies are increasing premiums as much as 4 fold for fat people. They’ve constantly charged more for those people who over-eat, however throughout the last year the charges have actually worsened.

The more you weight the higher the costs are for you.

In transfer to tighten the belts further, the life insurance companies are reducing the weight limits they utilize to categorise individuals. This harder move suggests that those who are simply overweight and would have previously gotten approved for a basic premium, are now punished with higher premiums– and the premium rapidly rises the more overweight they think you are.

Height and weight are just 2 of the concerns you have to address when you apply for life insurance. If this validates that your weight is of issue, then you can expect your premium to be filled by at least 50% and as much as 400% if you’re really overweight. Current research shows that around 25% of applicants will experience problems getting life cover due to their weight.

Smokers are less expensive then fat people.

If you’re obese and young, however, they’ll definitely strike you hard. Obese and 38 will be hit much harder than obese and 58.

A non smoking cigarettes healthy guy aged 35 asking for $150,000 level cover over 25 years will currently be priced estimate $18.77 by Scottish Provident however this could easily jump to $35 if he is obese and up to $47 if he’s overweight.

And weight problems is definitely a growing problem. Over the last 20 years weight problems in grownups has rocketed with more than 60% of men and 50% of women being evaluated as obese or overweight. And signs are that the issue will not enhance. In children aged between 2 and 15, 28% of ladies and 22% of young boys are overweight.

How do you rate on the Body Mass Index?

Compute your own BMI.

BMI = kg/m2

The common insurance company thinks about a BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 to as normal. Above 25 categorizes you as obese. Over 30 and you’re overweight.

To offer you more of a fix on what this indicates for you, here are the BMI’s for twelve famous individuals:

Under weight

Paula Radcliffe– Marathon Runner – 18.0

Victoria Beckham– Footballers Wife – 17.0

Jennifer Aniston– Actress – 17.5

Normal weight

Alan Shearer– Newcastle Footballer – 24.4

Davina McCall– TELEVISION Presenter – 20.8

Cilla Black– Presenter – 20.7


Russell Crowe– Hollywood Actor – 25.6

Ann Widdecombe– MP – 25.1

Charlie Dimmock– Gardening Presenter – 26.0


Norman Schwarzkopf– United States General – 30.5

Michelle McManus– Presenter – 34.4

Dawn French– Comedienne – 43.8

Obese people are in the shooting line once again. If you’re obese and young, nevertheless, they’ll certainly hit you hard. Overweight and 38 will be struck much harder than obese and 58.

Over the last 20 years obesity in adults has soared with more than 60% of men and 50% of women being judged as overweight or overweight. In kids aged between 2 and 15, 28% of women and 22% of young boys are obese.

In My Opinion

I truly believe that the food companies that produce unhealthy foods should pay a fat tax. That way it would be more expensive to eat unhealthy foods. Currently in America it is cheaper to eat unhealthy foods then it is to eat healthy foods.


What is leaky gut, and how do you prevent it?

Stephen gondry, here you may have heard people in the health world talking about something called leaky gut. It’s a very hot topic right now, but there seems to be some confusion about what it is. So let me clear things up right now by showing you exactly what leaky gut is how it happens and how to prevent it. You see when you eat food. It goes down to your stomach to get broken down. This process unlocks the nutrients in the food and then the broken down food travels to your gut, where the unlock nutrients gets absorbed through the intestinal wall, but there’s other stuff in the food that shouldn’t get absorbed, such as pathogens, contaminants and other bad stuff.

You don’t want in your body. This is where your gut lining comes in also known as your intestinal epithelium. This lining acts as a filter, letting good stuff through and keeping bad stuff out, but when your gut lining gets weak, which happens on many modern diets, little holes start forming in the lining and bad stuff gets through kind of like this. Here’s the lining of your gut and there’s leaky gut, so this is actually what’s happening in your gut and this condition is called leaky gut for a very good reason now, the stuff that makes it through these holes triggers a cascade of unhealthy immune activity in your Body the result is serious damage to your health on all fronts.

Digestive trouble, heart problems, faster aging weight gain, you name, countless health conditions can be traced back to leaky gut. So how do you prevent it? Well, what modern diets are often missing is a special kind of fiber known as prebiotic fiber dietary sources of prebiotic fiber include Jerusalem, jokes Tiger nuts, Belgian endive chicory parsnips and a lot of others. So when you eat prebiotic fiber, it goes down to your gut and helps your microbiome, protect your gut lining and control what your body absorbs.

So this is a blend of prebiotic fibers that my company Gundry MD, makes it’s called pre bio tribe. Let’s see what it does inside your gut, so I’m going to take pre bio thrive and I’m going to put it on the lining of your gut okay. Now that the gut has prebiotic fiber, let’s do the leek test again and again. This is real. Pre bio thrive here comes. Oh my gosh. Look at that absolutely no leak. The truth is prebiotic.

Fiber does more than just plug the holes. It feeds friendly bacteria in your gut your microbiome. These bacteria then use the fiber to make butyrate, which nourishes and strengthens your gut lining. Strong gut lining means no more leaky gut. This means better digestion, better health and a longer happier life so make sure you get your prebiotic fiber every day and say goodbye to leaky gut. This is doctor Gundry, i’m always looking out for you we’ll see you next time and thanks for reading.

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African staples gets an upgrade to Superfoods

What are African superfoods the super, because they’re rich in multi vitamins, antioxidants and everything else to keep your body fit and healthy. Some have even taken superfoods to a new level. Today we talk to Antonio de Luca at the leafy greens, cafe and she’s, going to take you through a gastronomic taste sensation, so superfoods. The idea of superfoods is that they are foods that are highest.

In particular, nutrient density of an entire group of foods. Moringa grows on a tree in southern Africa. It’s a really small little leaf. The leaf is dried at low temperatures, usually in the Sun, then it’s crushed up or or put into a for earn a form. That’s very fine like a powder and then that Moringa can be added to your smoothies and things which we are going to do today, but Moringa would be the highest in certain vitamins or minerals in the net food category.

Let’s talk a little bit about Bayer babe. These little white, almost dried pups inside and what we do is we take that powder into a nice fine powder form and that baobab is very, very high in calcium. In fact, it’s got three or four times the amount of calcium than that milk cacao chocolate in its purest purest raw organic form is a definite superfood and yes, chocolate is good for you. This has been known to be more valuable than gold in ancient cultures.

So a wonderful, wonderful, superfood then kale kale is is a green, a dark, leafy green vegetable somewhere between spinach and cabbage, quite christopher’s, quite quite a hearty vegetable down in a blender which we are going to do today in our smoothie or it can be cut into Really small pieces or torn into tiny little pieces and then, in fact, massaged with a little bit of citrus to break down that cellulose and kale is extremely extremely high in iron and protein vitamin K all different vitamins.

It’s such a wonderful, wonderful superfood. We all know spinach, wonderful, dark, green leafy vegetable and also can be used in the smoothies. We also add that to our green juices and obviously – and we know how to cook cook spinach and use that then tamarind is also another wonderful superfood tamarind is a pod and you use it in recipes to get that. Amami, flavor and tamarind is wonderful. To add to you too dressings and it can be added to smoothies, but a beautiful, beautiful super food in hibiscus.

Hibiscus is a flower just behind me here. I’ve got a beautiful, hibiscus, iced tea, which we’ve done for our customers. Today, we’ve added a little bit of honey, a little bit of lemon, and these wonderful, beautiful, hibiscus flowers and hibiscus is very high in resveratrol and resveratrol is known to for longevity and to increase one’s shelf life and beautiful, beautiful super food. So smoothies are so wonderful because you get fiber because you’re going to you’ll see we were using the kale and the spinach and so there’s a lot of fiber in the smoothies, which is good for cattle and for digestion and that, but it’s blended.

So it’s in a predigested form, so the body can really utilize all of those wonderful vitamins and minerals that you’re going to be getting from the smoothie, especially when you’re adding all these wonderful superfoods. So let’s put a few pieces of frozen banana in there, but I’m going to put a few pieces of pineapple. It’s a lovely little blender jug, then to sweeten today I’m going to use dates.

These are also grown in southern Africa. They come from a little bit further up, I think northern northern province, then i’m going to take the kale. This is curly kale. This is black kale cavalo Nero and I’m just going to take it off the stem. It’s not vital, but it’s it’s better for for the taste of the smoothie in case you don’t blend that whole stem smooth. So I’m just going to put those leaves right in there.

Then I’m going to take a little bit of the spinach and do the same thing take off that mean main stem, then I’ve got this bear bear powder, looks like a white powder. So again that was very high in calcium, I’m just going to put about a teaspoon and a half in there. Then we’ve got the cacao powder, so this is going to be a bit of a chocolatey drink. So let’s not hold back on the chocolate. Let’s do to keep two teaspoons of the chocolate.

Then we’ve got the Moringa. We don’t want to overdo the Moringa. We only want about a half a teaspoon of the Moringa because it does have direct effects. If you have too much – and we don’t want that today – then we’ve got some almonds – you can use any raw nuts or seeds as a little bit of a fat in your smoothie. So our almonds have been sprouted. What I mean by that is the almonds: have been soaked in water overnight, just to release the enzyme inhibitors that the nuts have inside of them and then they’ve been dried again in a dehydrator at low temperatures, to retain the enzymes so and to activate the enzyme.

So I’m going to put about a tablespoon and a half of almonds in there, then I am going to put a little bit of Mesquite. I haven’t spoken about Mosquitia, either mosquitoes white carob and that also grows in South Africa. Okay, so now I’ve got everything in my blender jug. I do need a little bit of liquid, but look how beautiful that looks. So I’m going to add a little bit of our hibiscus tea, just to get the blender jug going for a minute or so so here we have it a beautiful chocolatey, superfood, smoothie, wonderful way to start your morning very cleansing protein, rich mineral, rich and just totally Delicious variety of the leafy green restaurant.

What better way to spend your money that are Africans absolutely supporting local and enjoying great



Best Superfoods for Fatigue

Fatigue is a term used to describe the state of physical or mental weakness. It should be noted that fatigue is not an ailment or disease. It is a condition of body and mind that affects everyone at least once in their lifetime. The symptoms of fatigue include exhaustion, weariness, tiredness lack of concentration, irritability, dizziness, moodiness, etc.

Sleepy and drowsy are also. The signs of fatigue. Fatigue is caused by many factors in our life, including lifestyles like excessive use of alcohol or caffeine. Poor sleep, unhealthy diet, deficiency of physical activity or excessive activity. Nowadays, plenty of natural ingredient are available to quickly get rid of fatigue, which are not only easy to find around your house or groceries, but also inexpensive and have no advanced effects.

Here are top ten superfoods you can make use of when it comes to fatigue. One spinach: it contains a high nutritional value, including vitamin C B, magnesium, potassium iron, etc. Spinach is able to increase the production of red blood cells, boost the oxygen transportation throughout the body as well as the metabolism. Accordingly, your body will always feel lively and vibrant and have no worry about fatigue to red, bell-pepper vitamin C.

A powerful antioxidant is an essential substance for a strong immunity as well as adrenal system. You can get this vitamin presence, largely in red bell, pepper. Besides the content of other vitamins and peppers, along with fiber and folic acid, actively assist the vitamin C to help the body deal with fatigue. Three bananas bananas are the fruit, packed with a huge quantity of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Like vitamin B C potassium fiber, o meter 3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, this enables the fruit to fight against symptoms of fatigue like tiredness, dizziness, etc. For green tea, green tea is another beverage you can use to combat fatigue, increase energy and mental concentration. The key to the mechanism is the polyphenols in green tea, which has great impacts on mental condition like reducing stress ease in come to mind.

It is extremely good for your health and mind. 1/2 cups of green tea per day is advised to keep you fresh and awake. Five pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds, are believed to be a perfect snack used to enhance immunity, boost energy and reduce symptoms of fatigue, keep a handful of pumpkin seeds in your pocket so that you can have this snack during the day six oatmeal. It has been confirmed in various studies that oatmeal has the ability to get rid of fatigue.

Oatmeal has been known as an ample source of carbohydrates, which are essential for human brain and muscles activities. Make oatmeal you favorite breakfast so as to provide energy for your body to use all day long 7 watermelon. It is known as a perfect summer fruit for its rich content of water and electrolytes, which quickly reduces dehydration and makes people fresh. This interesting fact also makes watermelon a good choice for not only a hot summer day, but also when you feel tired and irritability, eight walnuts being rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

The walnut is a trusted ingredient for fighting fatigue owing to the content of fiber, proteins, magnesium, iron, copper and other minerals. Walnuts are used after a workout to gain back. The energy and repair muscles damages nine beans being a good source of numerous healthy elements. Beans will never bring you down when it comes to fatigue in detail. Beans possess an impressive amount of carbohydrates, protein, minerals etc, which provide energy and prevent fatigue.

Ten yogurt, whenever you felt tired, exhausted or any other symptoms of fatigue, take a break and have some yogurt. This will significantly help you improve the condition eat at least one serving of yogurt on daily basis to benefit your health and prevent fatigue. Thank you for reading health info talk. Please subscribe to our blog for regular updates and knows and do like our FB page WWF ace book, calm health info zone follow us on Twitter at health info talk 1



Wellness Routine + Healthy Habits

They have everything from like nutrition bar new protein powders, pink hair. To make up the things everyone talks about, but you’re kind of like where the heck do you get that’s where so I will have all the products that I specifically talk about linked below as well as I are the site, it’s a really great resource. This is like a lot of info know that you can always pick and choose which habits you want to incorporate.

You don’t have to do all them. You don’t have to do any of them. Yeah. If you guys haven’t already subscribed. Please hit the subscribe button. It would mean a lot to me and also go ahead and follow my Instagram if you’re interested, so what the first product category that I wanted to mention was essential oils, and I’ve talked about these recently in some of my articles. But I’ve been absolutely love.

Oil diffusing also, you can use essential oils in other ways as well. Those are two that I picked up for. My herb are the eucalyptus and teacher oil, which I love to diffuse throughout my phase II as they’re, both very calming and earthy cents, but they can also be used on their own use, tea tree oil as a spot treatment for my acne. If you guys have been following me for a while, you know that I really struggle with acne.

I know it doesn’t seem like it, I’m wearing a ton of makeup. To be honest, so teacher oil actually works as a spa trip, but you don’t want to use it all over your face. I have this written down, excited onna pronounce it, but it unblocked the sebaceous gland acts as like a solvent. So, since teacher oil is an oil, don’t go in and kind of break up the dirt and lift and remove it away. It’s like a natural antibacterial, disinfectants, anti-inflammatory as well, and then eucalyptus is amazing.

It’s very calming to me. It feels like a spa like you. Can also mix it with like a little bit of lip balm and put it underneath your nose if you’re feeling sick, it’s like a natural decongestant, so those are my two favorite essential oils. I also love lavender and a bunch of other blends, but you can find like pretty much every essentially on. I are checking with the oil trials on some facial oils that I love incorporating into my skincare routine.

So the first one is rose Hedy Doyle, it’s packed with vitamin A and C which are like two of the best ones to use for your skin. It’s also filled with antioxidants and fatty acids, so it really helps to like firm and plump the skin, and it also helps with acne scar fading as well as acne in general and oil that I wanted to talk about. Omers, cocoa butter formula, multi effect perfecting facial oil, I’m obsessed with this stuff.

I love this Palmer’s cocoa butter brand. I use their coconut body lotion as well as their coconut oil. This oil particular also smells amazing a little bit more like sweet almond oil in it. So I’m assuming that’s where it’s coming from skin perfecting ingredients, its cocoa butter, which is a protective plan to extract retina, which I always look for products with retinol, because it increases cell turnover.

It’s really good for anti-aging, as well as acne vitamin C, which brightens complexion in tone and then vitamin E which helps prevent cell oxidation and then there’s also 9pr oils. I usually do the rosehip seed oil at night and then the perfecting facial oil in the morning and at the skincare Department. I also picked up a face mask and I love face max face mask. Why can I not speak for the purpose of yes? They are good for your skin, everyone smile, but also to me they’re such a self-care thing like putting on a face, mask and really calming and relaxing to me.

I love a good clay mask. I know my roommates are a really big fan of the one that you mix with apple cider, vinegar. I think that one’s a little bit too harsh for me, I’m trying out this one. It is the French green clay, facial treatment. I love a clay mask, though really good for tightening and firming and drying out impurities, easy it just mixed with water, and it’s made of a 100 % French green clay.

I am can’t smile or move my face. Get next topic on. My list is daily vitamins. My recently incorporated two new vitamins, which I want to talk about magnesium and b12. These pill container, like your parents, have these, but once I got one of these and actually started to take this seriously, it’s like such a lifesaver that magnesium is written down, density, a better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and it regulates kind of like all of your Bodily functions in terms of vitamins I do it is best to get your vitamins from your Whole Foods, so foods that are also high in my museum or to dark leafy greens see the nuts dark chocolate and avocado.

It can never hurt to supplement on the side neck by teaming that I wanted to talk about the 12. So this is a fully active b12 again from dr. E fest with an increasing mood. Is it’s linked to serotonin and then it also improves energy levels, levels cell production in skin, hair and nails, and red blood cell nation and red font cells, bring oxygen to all of your different organs throughout the body.

So, when they’re not moving properly, that’s when you feel weak and fatigued also what’s cool about these ones is these are actually vegan and b12 is something that a lot of vegan are missing, because the main sources of b12 are found in animal from one we’re still Talking about supplementing my favorite way to incorporate superfoods are in smoothies. I take this tip from be well by Kelly. I will link her instagram down below which Gigi talks about like the Fab Four, which is protein greens, fiber and healthy fats and they’re.

Just basically like the key components to a healthy diet or most famous things, is the fat for smoothies after you drink one of these green smoothies. You feel like one of those memes, that’s like you drink like or you eat broccoli. It’s like I’m, the epitome of health, like that’s how I feel after one of these smoothie is super great way to incorporate all of these superfood powders that you may not be getting in your diet.

I’ve been doing the green superfood by amazing girl, wheatgrass barley, grass, spirulina spinach beet carrot, hace, broccoli and other supplement. I like to add to my smoothies as organic maca root powder. This stuff actually tastes. It smells kind of good and caramel e, something it also helped. Your athletic endurance, great as like a pre-workout meal, I’ll list, the greens with people in the description she will give it a try.

It’s like my favorite thing right now. I wanted to talk about another type of juice that I’ve been doing, which LRU juice all your juice for about two amazing for your digestive system, verifying your bloodstream as well as like purging your body of toxin. Do it is first thing in the morning, so your body can absorb all of the nutrients and then just have plain celery juice. Don’t add anything to it, so highly recommend the dark chocolate – and this is the primal chocolate eating evolved.

Crunchy caramel made with organic coconut sugar. I’ve been looking for chocolate that don’t have a sugar in them just cuz. For me, sugar triggers something in my brain that makes me just want to eat unhealthy and more sugar a little over four dollars on the iron site, whereas many of these, like paleo, coconut sugar or maple syrup off the bars, can go up to like eight or Nine dollars, like I love little kitchen ones, but they’re so expensive.

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to crave your sweet tooth, this one is really good. I’ve already eaten the bar, of course. My last and final habit is tongue scraping, and this is an error’ Vedic. I think I’m pronouncing that probably wrong. I actually learned about this from the skinny confidential we’ve talked about before she swears my tongue scraping. What you want to do is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning is: go wash your face, brush your teeth and scrape your tongue as you sleep your mouth and face build bacteria.

The first thing that you want to do before you drink any water and take all that bacteria back into your system is get it out, and I’m literally just about to pack this to go home to Minnesota with me, helps with bad breath. So if you’re struggling with that, I’m honestly a huge proponent of dental hygiene love this right, I think I’m officially done. I think I’ve talked about every health thing that I’ve been doing lately it.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this article. Please give it a thumbs up. If you did I’ll leave any questions, I would love to chat more with you guys about all these subjects and if you have any old things that you’ve been working on, I would love to hear that I will see you guys in my next article. Give us a thumbs up if you liked it, I will see you guys very soon.



How to make the 12 superfoods that better your health

Do you know what they are if you’re reading this, then you already have some knowledge of how important good nutritionist I’m a big advocate of you – are what you eat, meaning what you put in your body largely determines what you look like on the outside and if You make a serious effort to improve your eating habits. You will notice a positive change in how you look and feel it’s not about perfection, though thrive, to make small changes to your diet over time and you’ll eventually be amazed at the willpower you develop.

There are 12 foods that you should be eating on a regular basis, all have their own unique health benefits and if you mold your diet around the majority of these foods, you’ll notice an improvement in your health. The list is as follows: 1, almonds and other nuts. A great source of good fat to beans and legumes, a great source of fiber and protein 3 spinach and other green vegetables, a great source of phytonutrients and antioxidants for low fat, dairy, a great source of calcium and protein 5 oatmeal, a great source of fiber and Protein 6 eggs, a great source of vitamin E and protein 7, Turkey and other lean meats, a great source of protein 8 natural peanut butter.

Yes, this can be included under number 1, but natural peanut butter makes eating nuts easier because you can spread it on wheat, bread, bananas, celery, etc, 9aa Lavoie, alag rate source of good fat 10 whole grain, breads and cereals, a great source of fiber 11 extra protein. A great source of protein 12 raspberries and other berries, a great source of antioxidants, all 12 foods above have a high nutritional value and should be incorporated into your daily snacks and meals.

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Eating For Longevity: Health Boosting Staples of The Italian Diet

Now I know what you’re thinking, what about that pizza and pasta? Isn’t it loaded with lectins sure, but pizza and pasta aren’t the only things Italians eat? That’s like assuming all weed is cheeseburgers. The truth is, the Italian diet is actually made up of some of the healthiest things on the planet and today I want to walk you through just a few of those olives and olive oil.

You know how much I love olive oil. I’ve done a whole article on it. After all, it’s great for your heart, health, your brain, your immune system and even your weight. Now the Italians make some of the best olive oils on the planet and eat plenty of it too. Whenever I’m in Italy, I love the chance to sample the local olive oils, the range and flavors from the grassy and spicy buttery is amazing. How about wild caught seafood? Italy’s got water on three sides.

So it’s no surprise that seafood is a mainstay of the Italian diet and wild caught seafood, including fish shellfish, shrimp. Lobster mussels and even squid and octopus are incredible for your health and don’t forget anchovies and sardines thanks to their lean protein and, most importantly, their high omega-3 content. Shrimp even have an added bonus if you eat the shells, you’re consuming one of nature’s lectin blockers and don’t worry, the shells are completely edible.

They just add a little bit of texture to the mix. Now, how about leafy greens, it seems like there’s always a plate of dark polyphenol, rich leafy greens on the table in Italy, sometimes they’re raw drizzled in balsamic, vinegar and olive oil, sometimes they’re braised for hours and all oil and garlic until they’re, practically falling apart and Anyway, they make them they’re too delicious to resist, and since they play such a key role in your health and keeping those gut bugs happy, why resist at all? Now how about red wine? Let me be clear: I am not telling you to go crazy and drink.

A bottle of red wine every night and if you’re not a drinker, please don’t start on my account, but a small florida. Six ounce glass at night is actually pretty good for your health, thanks in part to a polyphenol called resveratrol and resveratrol is linked to a huge number of health benefits. It’s got anti-inflammatory properties, antiviral properties and it’s even connected to heart and brain health, so feel free to pour yourself a toast to good health.

But remember a four to six ounce is not a big pour. It looks something like this. The easy way to remember is that there’s six ounces, four of them in every bottle, so for six ounce servings we’ll make a bottle of wine. That’s not much! How about garlic and onions? When I read Italian recipes, they almost always seem to start with garlic, onions or a mixture of the both cooked in olive oil and that’s fantastic both when it comes to flavor and when it comes to your health.

You see. Garlic and onions are chock-full of polyphenols and they’re pretty high in sulfur too, and sulfur helps build strong muscles, keep your veins and arteries healthy and even help your skin look great now, along with these five staple ingredients, the Italian diet is also rich and a few Other foods that are incredible for your health nuts, especially hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios and pine nuts fresh herbs like basil, parsley and oregano pasture-raised eggs, actual pasture-raised eggs, the italian eggs have almost reddish yolks they’re, so rich, also important to note the foods that are missing from the Typical Italian diet, or that are often eaten an extreme moderation, I’m talking about things like meat, especially highly processed foods, meat.

That’s not pasture raised tons of dairy or any dairy with the casein a1 protein. You know. All in all, the Italian diet is a good prescription for health and a great way to make sure you’re eating delicious meals that satisfy you and your gut bugs I’m dr. Stephen Gundry, and I’m always looking out for you. Thanks for reading click, the circular blog icon to subscribe and make sure you don’t miss a single article, click on the left to read another great article and don’t forget to visit my website for more of my best tips, because I’m dr.

Gundry and I’m always looking Out for you,



Superfood Fudge

Three pieces left, that’s an emergency, so we have to make some more. What does it consist of? Well six ingredients. I believe. First, you have the coconut oil that we use right there, real good stuff. I’r going to take this already scoop. Some out have a frying pan. Here, I’m going to go! Stick this on the stove. You don’t have to look this way I’ll! Just stick it here to about medium heat.

You just want it to this one: it’s a liquify! You don’t want it getting hot! You want to bring it to a really high temperature, because it’ll hurt the lot of nutritional benefits in these other things. We’re going to use another thing we use is pure vanilla extract. Okay. This is a brand that we like and works pretty good. Then you need peanut butter, which is not mild. Salsa, like I showed in the other thing there we make our own peanut butter, just got done, making some here with our Vitamix blender.

It’s an older Vitamix blender. These are really expensive brand new, but you can find them on eBay, for you know 200 dollars or less many times and a lot of money. But again you can make your own food with it. It’s really good to have around. Why? Wouldn’t you want to buy store-bought peanut butter, well hydrogenated oils in the peanut butter a lot of times they’re made with genetic engineering the peanuts and things they’ll have natural, flavors they’ll put high-fructose corn syrup in it.

They put a lot of junk in the you know. In the peanut butter at the store with this, all you got to do. Is you just basically get a thing of peanuts, make sure it doesn’t say partially approves with genetic engineering or whatever else on it with the ingredients, but you just get some regular peanuts. These are slightly salted, the sea, salt, so not a big deal, salted or unsalted pour them in your Vitamix blender blend it up and we always like to blend it kind of into a smooth consistency right there.

You can see like that, and what you need, then, is you need a cup of this, so we’ll get back that here in just a minute. I’ll show you these other ingredients, keep an eye on my coconut oil over there. The other thing that you need is some raw honey. Okay, now I haven’t really discussed a whole lot about the raw honey thing and the benefits of raw honey. It needs to be local to your area. Okay, I’m not going to ship this to somebody in Texas.

Why well because the bees will pollinate flowers in your area and it will actually give you kind of an immunity to allergies to the pollen and things in the springtime. I heard that a couple years back, it was about two years ago. Actually, three years ago, three Springs ago that would be – and I was having terrible allergy problems – could not work outside. It was just sounds of sneezing nose, running and my eyes were just itching so bad.

It was really really really bad outside. I heard a thing about raw honey can actually help with allergies, and so I started taking some and my allergies. Pretty much went away, it’s amazing, but it was local raw, honey, very important. The next year, which had been this past spring. I started having some allergy problems again. I thought raw honey started, taking some same thing so, two years in a row, I proved it.

It definitely does work, but this is very another. This is kind of sweetener within the superfood fudge, really really good stuff. There’s when I say superfood, another thing that I need to clarify hair is, when I say a superfood, I think it’s ten categories. It has to be really good in, in other words, very high in magnesium, vitamin C or potassium or whatever um kale. A lot of people say: kale is a superfood.

Kale is not a superfood, God didn’t create. Kale kale is a genetic hybrid, alright created by man. Kale is not a superfood. Alright, mostly you will have superfoods coming from the tropics or from very very cold northern environments. The plants will get, you know a lot of energy from both. In other words, they will get very they’ll, be very, very strong in a northern environment. Cuz have to survive this big winter or they’ll get a lot of sunlight and a lot of rain.

You know like a greenhouse condition in the tropical environment, which brings me to the next. Essentially, this isn’t really tropical, but because Peru is not really tropical per se up or the East grow in the mountains really high altitude, but maca root again. Another organic superfood. Just off the charts with all the different nutrients in it and everything else again, I was really skeptical about some of the stuff years ago.

I heard about this thing of superfoods I just kind of and whatever it will. You will feel the difference when you start to incorporate super foods into your diet. It’s it will hit on so many different levels. Again, a lot of people make the mistake of with natural health they’ll hear that echinacea will help to boost your immune system. So if you get a cold take some echinacea, so they get a cold and they go and get a Nick and hu pill and they think this is going to help me.

You know it’s an herbal thing and I can just take an echinacea pill. Then they say: oh, it didn’t really work. What you need to do. The way you fight disease is to prevent disease from in the first place. You don’t need a bunch of junk food and then say give me a cure when I get sick. No, no! It’s about prevention, and how do you prevent things? Well, remember a very simple little saying you are what you eat.

Okay, there was another guy said the one time you know: let food be your medicine, alright, um you just stay in good nutrition. You have good nutrition in your life, you’re not going to get sick, and if you do get sick, it’s going to be about 24 hours and you’re going to be done with it. I can. I can tell you I used to get sick for weeks. At a time with a flu or cold or whatever else, and if I had a fever, it be days on end or whatever else.

Now, it’s extremely rare for me to ever be sick for more than 24 hours, usually it’s less than 12 hours. They don’t get something and and what I do when I get sick I’ll, just start eating all kinds of superfoods and whatever else and it’ll usually defeat whatever I’m dealing with, but this is yellow maca root I’ll be right back. Let me just check my coconut oil yeah do not want to let it get hot because, like I said it can kill some of the nutrition and other things there.

But there you go. There’s your liquefied coconut oil we’ll get back to that in just a minute. I’ll show you some other types of maca root really quickly. We have there’s basically three different types you have yellow, which we showed earlier. There’s your yellow. You have red maca root and then you also have black maca root. Okay, these three right here we have an opening yet because we’re trying to get rid of the trying to use up get rid of a but trying to use up the yellow that we have here and so, but there there’s so much with what superfoods again.

I could probably going to bring out another study, but another really really amazing. Superfood is this right here. This is the basis for chocolate raw cacao. Okay, this is organic cacao. We go through a lot of it, so we got a big bag. That’s not cheap stuff. Okay, again, we’re not talking about the cheapest way to make a meal here, we’re talking about healthy eating and healthy living stuff that will actually change your health that will actually make you feel really really good and not just oh, that was a nice meal.

It tasted nice, oh you got to get by the thing of I mean the taste natural healthy eating is extremely flavorful, very, very, very good. It’s not old if it tastes bad, it has to be good for you. That is nonsense. Okay, um rabbit trailing here. A little bit, but it’s important for me to say this: the reason that commercial foods with a lot of preservatives in them the reason they taste good, is because of excitotoxin that they put in there aspartame natural flavors, high fructose corn syrup.

It’s deceiving your mind into thinking that they taste good and when you eat natural food for years, if you back and try to eat that stuff, it will taste like chemicals to you. Okay, I cannot. I cannot drink soda pop. I cannot eat junk food anymore. It just tastes like toxic chemicals to me and believe me, for over thirty years I lived on that junk food. Okay, I really wrecked my health, important distinction.

This is racquel. This is, it says, 100 % cacao. I don’t trust this, it’s probably genetically engineered. Whatever else. Don’t don’t buy this thinking? Oh wow, I got your cow. It’s not the same thing right very important to understand that, but one of the big things that cacao will do for you is it’s it’s the highest source of magnesium in the world. So if you have joint pain, if you have muscle pain whatever else, this will pretty much take it away.

This is also very good on headaches as well. I might have an inflammation and inflammation yeah a couple times. I’ve actually been starting to get a headache, and I start to take some of the fudge here and the headaches gone. Okay and again it’s a process. Natural health is a process. The first time I started trying natural health. It wasn’t just boom my body’s back to healthy, whatever it takes a little while and till the most powerful super foods on magnesium that you can, you know, take together and it’s tremendous cacao and choc arute, both extremely high in magnesium, both really pair up together, cacao, Tea with superfood fudge is extremely good together.

Let me tell you so without any further ado: let’s get to the recipe, let’s start out here, I’ll have to get another spin right. First of all, you want to have four heaping tablespoons of cacao powder there. We have one just want to put the glass bowl or, like that’s a mixing or measuring cup kind of a thing there, one two three and four: this is not a if you haven’t noticed. This is not a extremely exact science.

If you get just a little bit, you know a quarter, teaspoon too much, then you’re going to blow something up or whatever else. It’s not a big deal, and then what I do is I do about a tablespoon mockery as well. Maca root is also really good for women, the balancing hormones and things like that really good stuff, and this gives it kind of a little bit of a hazelnut type of flavor, so the two of them really good to mix together so that what we do you Want a teaspoon of vanilla so for a teaspoon of vanilla extract in okay.

Now we need four tablespoons of raw honey. Okay, there’s one to three and one more just kind of let it drain off a little bit there and for there you have it. Okay, take your finger and just kind of clean it off there. I’r hands are clean. I washed them last week, so they’re still clean, I’m just kidding. That’s a joke. There probably be an exposed article coming out now, hmm, but you never know alright.

Okay, now we’re going to actually you know what I’ll do the peanut butter first try to get this stuff out of here and of course, the you know, a lot of people say we make peanut butter and then you got to add maple syrup and you got To add whatever else to try and make it taste good or whatever they you know just you know, learn to eat things, just as they are you’ll appreciate it more. You got it.

You got to retrain your taste buds when you first get off of all the sugar junk and you know you’re you’re, basically, a drug addict. If you’re used to a lot of white sugar and again you know, I’m speaking from experience here and they’re still. You know temptations come up in things to eat, junk food and whatever, and – and thankfully I don’t give in to those – because I know every time I have in the past – I always end up getting sick or you get the sugar high and then the sugar low And and your insulin levels of crashing – and you know it just this – doesn’t – doesn’t pay to mess with sugar.

So now we’re going to fill the rest of this. You can see how runny it is when it’s blended, really fine like that. Okay, there we go all right, get all this stuff out of here, see they’re, just scrape it all out with a spatula, and we eat this stuff a lot, because it’s got quite a few superfoods in it and incredibly good for you, and you really just feel Good after you’re done eating it, it’s not the same thing as a store-bought candy or anything like that.

Now. What we need to do is we need to pour 1 cup of coconut oil into here. Hopefully I made enough. Sometimes I don’t looks like about perfect Wow. Great job good praise, Lord yep, for the coconut oil in there, like I said you don’t want to make it too hot or anything and scrape it in there. Okay, now we take if you have a pie pan or whatever else or an old cake pan. We have this heart-shaped cake, pan cake pan.

So what we’ll do here is we’ll stir. It stir this up real good, so it’s all mixed together. Then we come in here and look in there and see how it’s cane stirred again, you don’t need an electric mixer in a blender and all that other junk. You know I mean, if you put it in the Vitamix. Well, it’s just going to make it more stuff to clean up. It actually started together pretty quickly this dirt. Will you don’t have any limbs or anything get a little bit of exercise here, even justify eating a few more pieces of fudge? Great? Actually, it’s not bad! For you, so you can eat a couple pieces.

Just don’t do like our son did the first time he tried that he had eight pieces and ended up, throwing up a little bit later. Do all things in moderation. Okay, there you go it’s about what you want right there, but no it isn’t never mind is either lumps that’s about what you want all those big cliffs, Amaka or uh cacao. No, it’s not. I had it. It’s character, make sure you get on the bottom and everything move around on the sides.

You know it’s not really a big deal if you do get some clumps in there, because you know you’re just going to be in any ways, but the Cal does not taste like chocolate by the way it has a slight chocolaty flavor, but it’s kind of bitter. So but if you add some all hunting to it and coconut oil and vanilla extract and peanut butter and everything tastes real good, so there we go. That should do it for that.

I’ll just put this over here later on, find a volunteer to lick that off government grant. First, probably you should okay. Now what you can do is what we like to do is if you kind of like some peanuts in it, which I showed you you know see. If I can show one here, you can see the peanuts in it there in that piece of fudge. Okay, I’ll eat that one later, if that’s what you want, then what you do excuse me: you pour some peanuts in right into the fudge as many as you want there you go, you can also put some almonds in it.

We have some almonds up there. Another thing which we’ve tried is here’s some raisins, okay kind of give you the chocolate-covered raisin taste, not bad, it’s. Okay. Another thing is dried cranberries. I, like dried cranberries in the fudge certain somebody doesn’t care for it as much, but stop picking on me terrible, but dried cranberries and my opinion are pretty good and the thing another option might be.

These are called golden berries. Okay, golden berries are another superfood they’re, not one of the highest ranked superfoods or whatever, but they’re some really good stuff in their tropical type of berry. Douji berries would be another option, that’s another, her food. The whole point is here to get as many super foods into your diet, even something that you would consider a dessert. You want to get super foods into your diet on a regular basis, because it’s going to give you nutrition on so many different levels and it’s going to boost your immune system and it’s going to help you out a lot of stuff again.

Another point I need to make is that I believe that the body is self-healing itself, regenerating. Okay, God designed us, the Bible says we were fearfully and wonderfully made, and I believe that there are things out in nature that can actually regenerate damage that you’ve done to your body. Again, I was in really poor shape. In my you know: teens 20s 30s. Really poor shape because of just being raised on on sugar and um.

You know my lower back went to a chiropractor at one time he told me. My discs in my lower back were degenerating, a terrible back pain and there’s a lot of different reasons. For that not going to get into it, but just from you know, longing primarily lifting heavy things and whatever else and I used to have you know I just I couldn’t stand up for very long, because it was just such bad back pain and one of the Big things I did is introduced magnesium into my diet and I very little pain anymore, so just try to get as many superfoods in your and your body into your system as possible.

It’ll really help you alright, so now just pour it right in there. I know it’s tempting to say just skip the freezer part and we’ll just go right to just take a bowl and pour some in and eat it with a spoon. But you know patients, it’s worth it yeah all right, just use your spatula to get as much of that out of there. As you can again, you might have to find a volunteer putting that in the paper or something for somebody that’d be willing to lick this stuff off.

I won’t say any names here, but and then what you do is my secret terrible. What you want to do, then, is I’ll. Stick it the freezer. It’s nice level area right there we go and let it go for two or three hours and it’ll be done. So we’ll see you back a little bit and for this is frozen. Okay, it’s been a few hours. The superfood fudge should be done, it’s let’s check in the freezer and grab it got it, and here we have it.

Look this way that pretty cold, but there you can see it on the frozen nicely. Then you can cut it into pieces or you can actually, if you have a cake pan like this, you can actually just pop the whole thing out like this see how easy it comes out. I’r just kidding you like that and you can go and turn your computer on and read some King James article ministries, sermons and just spend the whole night just eating chocolate.

Probably not, I don’t think that’d be considered moderation, so it might get a little messy on the computer too yeah. You know. After a while, it would start to kind of warm up a little bit you’d kind of get a little bit messy. So but there you have it, there’s your superfood fudge real healthy for you not very difficult to make, and I really highly recommend it. That’s going to be it. Thank you for reading you



Superfoods: How to grow your own Micro-Greens. ‘Manna – The Ubuntu Living Show’

I can’t emphasize the beginning of us enough on how important it is for you to get into growing your own stuff, and one of the most amazingly simple and powerfully nutritious things you can grow is sunflower greens.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to just within a few minutes. Give you the whole process by showing you exactly how easy it is to grow sunflower greens in your own garden in your own home. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can do this on a windowsill in your house, so you don’t have to have a garden to grow your own food either. Sunflower greens are one of the most nutritious microgreens you can have now.

A sprout is a little seed, that’s just sprouted, but a micro green is a sprout. That’s allowed to grow in soil for a couple of days. So what I’m going to show you today is how to quickly and easily set up a tray to grow. Sunflower greens for you now these are the sunflower greens on the table here, and the thing about them is they’re around 30 times more nutritious than normal salad, and you can have one bowl of salad or you can have a tiny ball of sunflower greens and those Sunflower greens are going to give you the same if not more nutrients, that’s what I’m talking about at IAO to eat less and get more.

So that’s why I want to eat sunflower greens. They are incredibly high in nutritional value. So let me go through the process of how to actually grow it. It’s very easy to grow it. You only need a few things that you can get from most nurseries and they’re all very inexpensive. Let me run through what I have on the table here. First thing: you’re going to get us some soil. This is organic, seedling mix that I got from a nursery.

I like seedling, mix cuz, it’s fine, so that the seedlings don’t have to work very hard to get their roots into the ground and to get the little heads out of the soil. You can’t use compost to always make sure that it’s organic, then they haven’t used chemical fertilizers because those will burn the roots of your plants and they’re not going to be happy next thing. You’re going to need are trays. Now these trays, I got from a nursery and they’re, really inexpensive, little back black trays, and you can buy a couple of those and have them on hand for whenever you want to grow your sunflower greens and then lastly, you would need a base to catch the Water in in this base, you can also get from nurseries, but you can also get it at a lot of bigger shops.

They do stock them now. You can see these to fit quite nicely in the base and the reason I want the base is when I’m watering, I don’t want the water to flush all the nutrients out and away. I want the water to stay in the tray so that the greens can draw out the nutrients from the water and it’s not all washing away. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is the seed you need to get some sunflower seeds now, if you look at these sunflower seeds, they still have the shell on them.

Now. What I found is that when they still have the shell on them, they sprout a lot better. You don’t have to have them once the shell and you’ll even see there are a couple in here that have been shelled already. They will sprout, even if they are shelled, but I’d like to use the shelled ones, because you just get more of them sprouting. Okay, so how do we do this? The first thing you want to do is: take your seat and put that seed in water.

You can use a glass jar plastic tubs, some kind of some kind of bottle about so big put the seeds in there and then cover it with water and let it stand overnight. That’s soaking the seeds so that it activates the seats of the seed will sprout now you’re going to do that for about 12 hours, the soaking sorry and then, once the seeds are soaked wash the water away and then leave them damp in the same jar.

For another day around about what you’ll find is that a little tail is going to come out of the end of the seed out of the end of the seeds. You’ll find a little tail growing and that’ll tell you that you’ve got seed that will grow and that’ll also give the seed a head start for when you actually plant it into the soil. Okay. Now what this does is, if you’ve got a whole bunch of seed, and you put it all in the soil and you cover it all up, and you got all that trouble and none of the seed sprouts, because it’s dead seed or its irradiated seed you’ve wasted A huge amount of time so soaking it and sprouting it first is essential because it allows you to make sure that your seed will grow so sprouting it like that.

It’s exactly the way that Joseph grows, these sprouts with kitchen-garden, and actually I used some of his big bottles to sprout my seeds. It’s the best thing because you’ve got the mesh on top and it’s easy to then drain the seed and pop it back on again. So definitely that’s a great system to use to sprout your your seeds before you’re, going to plant them okay, but now we want to get planting. Let’s for a minutes, go we’ve soaked the seeds, we’ve sprouted the seeds.

The seeds is already now. How do we plant them? Get your trays lined up and then get your hands dirty. None of this little Spade business. You need to get your vibes into the soil, because the soil and the seeds want to know who’s, planting them and then you’re going to take your soil. You can see this nice rich, dark, seedling mix, I’m just going to take about a handful handful. At a time do that on both both trays? Okay, you just shake the tray up to get a nice even level.

You don’t put a baby to bed in a lumpy bed. You put them in a smooth made-up bed, so you want to make sure your bed is smooth. Okay, next you’ll take your seed, your seed you’re, just going to put once again about a handful or so into the center. Now these haven’t been soaked in sprouted. Yet so remember you want to soak yours and sprout yours first and then, just with your hand, spread them all the way around.

Okay. What you’re looking out for is about one layer of seed across if you’ve got too many seeds on top of each other they’re going to compete for space and if you’ve got too few seeds in there, you’re not going to get a good crop. So you want to get it, so you can see a little bit of soil sticking out whew clamping on the side, but there is space between the seeds and now the seeds are ready. So the next step – and this is a very important set – that a lot of people actually leave out when they’re trying to grow sunflower, greens – and that is you need to cover your sunflower greens of soil.

Again, there are a couple of reasons. Why do this? But the most important one is that if there are a couple of seats that haven’t sprouts – and so they don’t have the tail, if you don’t cover them, what’ll happen is they’ll go mouldy and that mold can then spread and contaminate the rest of your crop and Actually make your entire crop fail, so you want to make sure it’s covered with soil. Why does that? Stop the mold there bacteria in the soil, that’ll eat up all those moldy seeds that they won’t spread their mold into your actual crop.

Okay, so you want about a handful again, that’s so much and just cover it over the seat. You don’t want to put too much on because otherwise they’re going to have to work really hard to push through the soil, but just enough so you can’t see the seed anymore excellent. So if you have a look at that now, you can just see a few seeds. Most of them are hidden away, put and put away when they’re young like that they don’t want to get blasted by sunlight.

So it’s also a good idea to cover them with the soil. For that reason, now what would you think the next most important thing would be to do, but I seed in the soil. It’s sprouted, it’s ready to grow. What is the next thing to do? Go to water, your seats, water is essential at this point, so grab your watering bucket or your watering can and lightly water them it can soak through. But the important thing is you don’t want to blast it with a hose pipe you’re, just going to get all the seeds coming up and mixing through again so likely water everything.

Now that would be one tray and you can have a really good salad out of about half of one of these trays. I mean, if you have a look at how this has grown. It becomes a huge mess of food. If you want to do this, for a family or for yourself for a week, have a couple of these growing at one time start up, say six or seven and then when the first one is ready to eat, you can start on that one by the time.

The end one is ready to eat. It’s grown a little bit further, but that’s absolutely fine. That way you can keep rotating and you only need to plant about once a month, maybe one twice a month. I do it about every second week and then there’s enough for for my entire household to eat, sunflower greens once you start eating sunflower, greens you’ll, absolutely never look back, they’d, absolutely delicious for a salad, green and the nutrient value just makes you feel so good after Eating them, anyone who succeeds in a healthy lifestyle does so because they include high density nutrient, rich foods like this.

Yes, and now we’re going to do the important step of watering, so I’ve just gotten a watering. Can one of these will do absolutely fine fill that up with spring water, I’m just going to run a light sprinkle of water over it? Remember you don’t want to blast the seeds with water you’re, going to get them all to come out the soil, and then you going to have to cover them with soil again, such as a light sprinkling of water like so a few of the seeds will rise.

If you haven’t covered them, but most of them are covered completely and if you’re worried about it, just an extra little sprinkling will take care of all of that. There we go perfect and the amazing thing about nature. Is you just leave it and it grows, and then it gives you food there’s nothing else. You need to do all I’d say you need it on daily basis, just give it a bit of water, depending on our Hut.

It is once a day, maybe twice a day. Another important thing to remember is not to keep it in full Sun all day long. Cuz it’ll dry it very quickly in this black plastic container, so you want to keep it in a place where it gets half Sun or maybe two hours of sunlight in a day, but no more than that water. It once a day it’ll be ready for. You need probably within around seven to ten days and you’ll, see all the greens coming up and growing out.

The batch I have yeah is and around 14 days already, and you pull one of these out, you see how amazing they grow to a huge sprout. Look at the size of that now that’s about perfect to eat and that you can just eat exactly as you need lettuce or salad. It’s absolutely delicious! Now one thing to look out for when you’re growing, a sunflower greens. How do you know if they’ve gone too far if they’ve grown too long, simple way to tell us that there’ll be a second leaf that comes out the center? Now, when the second leaf comes out, this is quite bitter, so you can still eat the sprout at this point, but you want to really clip that leaf off so that you left with just the two original leaves that grew, and these are the sweet, tasty ones, But this is the bitter one so leave that one out take that and then put that in your salad, but it’s absolutely usable even up till not just three weeks after you’ve planted it excellent.

It’s been amazing to be able to share how to make this with you. I can’t emphasize enough get growing sunflower greens, the nutritional value you’re going to get is phenomenal out of it. Oh before I forget, there’s an incredible way: it’s a secret way of making your sunflower greens hold more minerals than any other salad you can buy in the shops. How would you do that? It’s one of the ultimate fertilizers ever discovered and it’s almost free or it could be absolutely free intrigued now.

What I do is once they’ve grown out of the soil, so maybe about so high just so you can see the green leaves. I take my water in. Can and I put two tablespoons of rock salt or sea salt into the water mix it through with the water and then water with a sea salt solution. Now sea salt has all 92 minerals in it that we need for nutrition. All the minerals we required. So once you order it, the the roots which are now formed can actually absorb all those minerals that we need into them and you can eat this.

So it’s an incredible way of getting all those extra minerals into your diet without anything to take supplements. So remember one maybe two tablespoons level of sea salt into about a five liter watering can mix that through and water that now in this situation, you can water every single day because the waters not leaking out. But if you’ve got a vegetable garden, you want to be careful because too much salt can actually damage certain plants, sunflower, green and also wheatgrass.

It’s very happy with a lot of salt. So it’s it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to kill them, and I haven’t yet – and I’ve put a lot of salt in mine, so we cross is exactly the same way. The way we’ve just grown, sunflower greens grow wheatgrass. In exactly the same way you get wheat seed. Instead of sunflower seed and the process is exactly the same, wheatgrass will grow up into grass, you’ll cut it you’ll juice it, and you can have that as an incredible nutrient boost excellent.

Well, that’s about it! It’s very simple! By the things it’s going to cost very little money to get all things together, get making it and you’re going to actually love this taste enjoy best. Oh




What supplements I take, why I take them and when I take them just a disclaimer before I get started, I do think that we can get all the nutrients that our body needs from the food that we are eating and that you do not necessarily have to Supplement especially not on a hike of vegan Whole Foods diet, but I just take a few things to support my body and also I’ve been suffering from hypothyroidism from Agni from like liver problems.

Because of the pill. I talked about that in other articles, and I chose to take a few supplements to help my body heal itself and balance, especially to balance out my hormones and help heal my acne. So the first thing that I wanted to mention is lecture. Melissa’s not talked about this already so many times. Bexar, molasses is high in calcium, magnesium and iron, and efforts would be good for your skin, for your hair, for your nails and since I checked it, it’s like almost six months, I would say – and I think it really really helps with my nails.

I have super brutal nights before and now they are growing, much stronger and faster, and I take a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses every morning right when I get up. I have this with a warm lemon water, because the vitamin C from the lemon helps to absorb the nutrients in the back, strap molasses and just a little tip, because I find that the taste is different from brand to brand. So if you don’t like it, I would just like try different brands and see if you find a brand that you like.

I actually think it’s pretty tasty, but if you can’t handle the taste at all, maybe try to put it in your smoothies or on your oatmeal or like smoothie Bowl or you know, ice cream or something like that. But I really like the taste on its own and I had with my lemon water first thing in the morning. Another thing that I take daily is zinc and I just started recently like yeah a couple of weeks ago with taking this.

The has many many benefits for your health and it’s also supposed to help with your sleep with depression like your heart, health, your fertility so many things, but I especially check it for the health of my skin because, as you probably know, I was suffering from acne. Really badly – and I think this definitely helps with like helping heal the acne scars that I still have and yes, so zinc is also our recommendation and, of course, I’m going to link all the products that I mentioned in this article down little description box.

So you can check them out right away, then. The next thing I wanted to talk about is maca. Maca is really high. In B vitamins and vitamin C, and vitamin B Marc I supposed to help balance out your hormones. It’s also known for increasing your libido. It’s also really good just for the female body and general. It helps with like premenstrual symptoms like cramps and stuff, like that. It’s also supposed to help with anxiety and mood swings.

It’s also really good for energy levels in general and also for a good, healthy skin, and I take this almost daily in my smoothies or even on my like oatmeal or in my oatmeal, and I actually do like the taste. I think it tastes a bit like like a bisque with cookie or something like that. I’ve been taking maca on and off for a year now. I think, and I would especially to suggest maca if you have problems with getting your period back problems with your skin or administration like pain or something like that.

Mica is really really good. Then another thing that I put into my smoothies is wheatgrass powder. I get this from the cool goody, which is a German company, but they also ship in other countries. So I would recommend you check out their website. They also have chlorella powder, spirulina powder and barley grass powder, and I really like the taste of regrets powder. I especially like this in my green smoothies, and this has so many vitamins and minerals and trace minerals.

It’s just really really healthy and I like clementa yet, and I like the taste of it. This tastes like just really really healthy, and I like the taste in my green smoothies, then the next thing is this superfood powder. This contains so many things. I cannot really like list them all because it would take like forever, but it contains, for example, spirulina powder chlorella powder, then also bolivars powder and wheatgrass powder, goji, berry, mica powder, Maqui, berry acai powder like like so so so so so so many thing, and I Just got this recently from this brand roll life.

I really like the taste actually, and I thought I wouldn’t because it contains so many things, but it tastes with like fresh and healthy. Of course, this is just basically everything in one and especially if you like, green smoothies and stuff, like that, you can add the studios movies and get so many good things things from it. So yes, I think this is definitely something worth checking out and this is really high in vitamin C and vitamin K and even contains vitamin b12 so yeah I was checking out, I would say, and speaking of vitamin b12 I was having a vitamin b12 deficiency before I came to this lifestyle and then I started injecting myself.

I already said that in another article, but basically I bought the vitamin b12 online and then injected myself. I did an internship at a hospital once so that is not a problem. I took it every day for a week, then I took it once a week for a month and now I take it just like yeah now it then maybe every 3-4 months or something and my levels are up to the roof. And yes, so I do not really take vitamin b12 anymore because my levels are so so high.

I would definitely recommend to get your blood tested and check your vitamin b12 levels and also your vitamin D levels, because I personally am super super deficient in vitamin D. I think that is really common, especially for the area where I live, because we don’t. We do not have that much sunshine. I was supplementing vitamin D last summer through this brand, but then I got my blood checked and my Devils actually decreased a bit.

So I do not really in these pills, but if you want to try something out, this is one I recommend, because this is vegan and some brands for vitamin D are not vegan. That is kind of the only thing that I do not really have a solution for, but yeah. If you want to try it out, you can try out this brand. Then. The next thing that I wanted to mention is this superfood powder mix from your superfood, and this is called energy bomb.

They have different kinds on their website, just check it out, and this contains sae, Khurana, purple, corn, banana maca and lucuma and yeah. This is just also really nice to add into your smoothies, and I use this quite often as well. Then. The next thing that I wanted to mention is acai powder. This is such a superfood. It is supposed to have to have so many benefits for your body. It’s also supposed to help with weight loss.

It’s also supposed to have anti-aging effects on your body and to boost your energy and even to improve your mental function. So, yes, this is just so no, I do not really like using the powder. I would love to use the berry itself, but that’s not really possible. Some stores sell it frozen so, for example, the vegan supermarket in Germany, the vegans they sell it in their frozen section. But at the moment I just use the powder in my smoothie bowls and it tastes really really nice with berries and bananas, for example, and the last thing that I want to talk about our chia seeds.

This is not a supplement, I would say, but we like a superfood, you know – and I chia seeds daily I’d say for like yeah really long time. These are so healthy. They contain a lot of fiber and also omega-3 fatty acids. They are supposed to stabilize your blood sugar. I think they’re really good to add into your smoothies, so your blood sugar is not rising super fast, but it’s like actually a bit more stabilized and more balanced and because of its blood sugar stabilizing effect.

It’s really good to find insulin resistance and therefore it’s really good for our diabetes. Actually, it’s also really good for your teeth and for your bones and, as I said, I take this daily and I put it either in my smoothies on my smoothie bowls or in my oatmeal, and also you can make this really cool chia pudding that you probably Know with this just add a few tablespoons of this to a plant milk or to some water, and you get pudding that consistency within like yea a few hours, so chia seeds also a high recommendation to get in as well.

So guys. Those were all my supplements and super foods that I eat. I did not mention a few things, such as like goji, berries or dried mulberries, but those words that kind of the main ones. I hope this article was helpful. Please give it a thumbs up if you think it was and I’ll hopefully see you in one of my next articles. I would love you to comment down below which super foods or supplements you are taking, and if you have a solution for vitamin D, that would be really interesting for me.

Thank you so much for reading and I will hopefully see you in my next article bye. Every single that every see every little single every welcome to another article. Today I wanted to talk about facts. I get so many questions about how much fat you should