Superfoods to Increase Male sex hormone testosterone naturally: Dr. Magesh.T

I welcome you all to this new session. I mean a new topic. The new topic for our today’s discussion is what are the superfoods for male hormones when I say male hormones, you know what i’m talking about right. It’s a male 6 hormones. Male 6 hormones means it’s androgen and testosterone. Okay, so before we uh get into this topic, I want you to you know if you have not subscribed to my blog.

Please go ahead and subscribe to my blog and do leave a comment. If you like this topic, okay, all right, let’s get in there male 6 hormones hormones, basically chemical. It’s uh secreted from your gland and gets into the bloodstream and goes acts on your target organs to complete its function. That’s the journey of a hormone. We have got a lot of common hormones in both male and female right. The hot ones are produced from your many parts.

In your body like glands produce hormones. All the hormones are being controlled by your heart, uh gland in your brain in the hypothalamus. We have a hormone called uh different hormones that are secreted by a gland called pituitary gland. Okay, it’s in the base of your brain that hormone controls the all the other hormones from your body. So when I say male 6 hormones, androgen and testosterone, right androgen is the male sex hormone.

It is responsible for a person becoming a sexually mature adult to reproduce and testosterone is the most important androgen male sex hormone, to have a normal and healthy reproductive and sexual life and function. When I say reproductive on sexual life and sexual function, i’m talking about puberty right. This testosterone is essential for physical changes that takes place at puberty in terms of enlargement of penis or facial, hair and body hair and bone and muscle growth and everything.

Okay, so testosterone is produced from your testis. That is why it is called testosterone right so which cell produces a testosterone, is laggy cells in your testis that produces this testosterone? Okay and these testicles are guarded by your scrotal sac, okay, because these testicles should be kept in a ideal temperature to produce or destroy testosterone, and thereby it increases your sperm count.

See there are certain things are very, very essential and comes to sperm. Sperm volume is very important, and each and every sperm health is important and motility is important, because motility is very important if the sperm’s modulus is not good. If it’s so lazy, if it’s not active, it’s not good right and the validity is important. Okay, so volume health of each and every sperm, motility and availability.

So all four things are very, very important and we have this testosterone, natural testosterone and does all this job. And how are we going to improve it? How are we going to promote the uh further secretion of testosterone, thereby it improves your sexual life under sexual production and other things right? We’ve got some super foods here. Number one on the list is what we have. This is dark chocolate, this dark chocolate.

You know many women love dark chocolate eating doctor. They keep eating dark chocolate every day. Many women love that and this dark chocolate contains l-arginine l-arginine is considered to be uh one of the most important factors or to promote of uh nucleic, acid synthesis and uh. This is a sperm motility and a virility so consider eating a dark chocolate before you hit the bed at night. Instead of going for a nice dessert, have some dark chocolate? Okay, so that will help your motility of your thumb and what we have on the list.

Next is eggs eggs, one of the uh one of the complete foods? What we have right eggs contain almost everything in in a minimal amount. It contains some vitamins, minerals and trace elements in trace elements. Zinc is uh considered as one of the most important trace elements for sexual and reproductive function and sexual reproductive health. Third is a berries when it comes to berries, each and every berry is important and among those berries, goji berries is considered to be one of the most important berries for increasing your sperm volume, and it also.

It is also rich in antioxidants when any fruits or when any dry fruits are seeds rich in antioxidants. You can consider this antioxidants is going to be fighting against his free radicals. Free radicals are very bad. Okay, they are going to kill your own cells, so these antioxidants kill these free, radical scavengers and protect your sperms. Okay. So go remember this goji berries in your mind and the fourth is the most common one.

Is a bananas? Bananas contain a vitamin b magnesium and an enzyme called bromelain when i, when it comes to trace elements, zinc, magnesium and selenium are all very essential for uh for for sperm production and motility. Okay, you also need to have a good volume and the healthy sperms and motivity and variability if one has got enough volume and not uh, not a healthy barriers or not motel barriers.

It’s equal to you know almost nothing right. So that’s why i’m saying so focus on these fruits, okay and number five. What we have is a garlic. Garlic is not a fruit, but uh just have to mention it here. Garlic is um. Many people use garlic for lowering a blood cholesterol and thereby reduces first of all. Garlic contains some addison and selenium, as I mentioned before, this allison is one of the antioxidants and it fight against his free, radical scavengers and promotes and promotes the uh temperature that is required for the testicles to produce testosterone so that it indirectly promotes the uh, promotes The development of sperm and the volume of sperm as well, okay and we have spinach anything appears green, is very.

Very healthy. Spinach is rich in folic acid and again in turn. Folic acid is very, very essential for uh this nucleic acid metabolism, dna and rna. This folic acid, you need this folic acid for cell development and cell maturation and that’s where it comes uh for us sperm, maturation. Okay, when the sperm is mature, it can go out and actually do its job, okay and the list. What we have is asparagus.

Many people, you know, don’t eat asparagus, but asparagus is a plant. It’s a it’s packed with a vitamin c. Vitamin c is very essential for uh in this process of stone, production volume and motility, and virility and uh and maintaining ideal temperature are on the scrotal side and of course we have as walnuts walnut is rich in omega-3. So anything any good facts or are are good for uh, testosterone, secretion, okay and then turn your sperm function and we have hosters as oysters.

You know many indian people don’t eat oysters, but in people in western countries they do like oyster and the oyster is a damn good source of glycogen and taurine, and it has also got a zinc and selenium as well. As I said before, antioxidants you know. Do this miracle and fight against these free, radical scavengers and improve the motility volume of sperm under virility as well? Okay and uh we have next is ashwagandha this ancient the the great uh aphrodisiac they have been using this in cooking process since ages is ashwagandha and uh.

What they claim is that uh, this improves uh sperm motility more. If, if this is given to someone who has got a low sexual low sex drive under the libido, who have a low sex trial, this astro gandha improves their sex drive and indirectly improves the sperm quality and motility as well. And next we have. What we have is pomegranate pomegranates again it it increases your sex drive, it can be uh taken as juice or you can eat a raw fruits.

It’s insane pomegranate uh. This has got uh, antioxidant properties, antioxidants when the sperms are and sperms are produced when the sperms are out in these um, when the support is out when they go and try to reach the egg, it needs a penetration right. So for that we need the reality. Is very important, pomegranates improves the variety of sperms, okay and that’s why pomegranate is very, very important in sexual life, pumpkin, seeds, pumpkin seeds.

Of course it has this rich in antioxidants, phytosterols and amino acids, and boost your sperm health and virility and uh, and it helps uh. It helps each uh. It helps its sperm to penetrate the layer of eggs to get in there. We have millions of sperms attack. One egg and finally, one sperm succeeds to get in there. Okay and this pumpkin seeds are really really helpful in in this process and what we have on the list.

Next is carrots. Carrots are filled with beta, carotenes and antioxidants and helps in this uh process of uh, helping more sperm volume, health, health of each and every sperm and motility okay. I have given you some information on this topic. I guess guys i’ll see you in my next article with more information. Okay and it’s bye, bye, dr mahesh i’ll, see you in the next article. Alright, then take care guys stay safe, stay home, bye,



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