Honey, Survivalist Superfood. Only Quad-Purpose Superfood that Exists

So ever since there’s no other articles about this on the internet, especially in YouTube that I could find, I thought it’d be credibly important to discuss this topic very quickly. Honey is the only quad purpose. Food on the face of this planet that you should stockpile and use on a daily basis on a daily basis and a limited sense.

Of course, why is honey? The most important thing, the stockpile as either a survivalist food or in general purpose storage honey, is the only food on the planet that does not go bad. Ancient Egyptian honey extracted from the the tomb of King Tutankhamen is still edible. While it has crystallized, it could still be heated up and eaten. There’s no other food out there in the face of this planet that has quad purpose to it.

Why should you stockpile honey and not sugar? Let’s go over that. Okay. Honey is antibacterial. If you buy raw honey, that has not been heated to destroy the antibacterial properties in it, it purifies water and the ancients, and the Vikings and all our ancestors use this for water purification. You know it mead is arm you up in that Russian water purification, honey added to water will purify slightly rustic or meaning a bacterial infection, or, if you’re pulling water out of a creek.

When a shtf, you know what that an acronym means situation happens. If you don’t have water filtration, adding honey to water will kill most of the bacteria in it. The ancients used it to purify water. Honey works better, and I’ve recently tried this due to bicycling accident. I’ve tried it in the past. Honey works better than neosporin and triple antibiotic ointment, in other words, for administering aid to cuts, scrapes and wound treatments, honey works.

Of course, sugar. Does none of this? Actually sugar would cause a festering of the wound. Sugar goes bad. Naturally, remember. Honey does not go bad. Here’s an attribute has already mentioned: honey. Never goes, let’s get on to the third purpose that the honey serves. It cures fishes and meats. Actually, your refrigeration alone. If honey is added, of course, you may not like the taste of honey, drenched, fish and meat, but we’re talking about a survivalist situation here, we’re talking about surviving not actually enjoying your meal about surviving honey cures, meats, the ancient Egyptians and our ancestors use this for Curing meat with no access to refrigeration, honey, soaked, meats and fishes last 30 to 40 times longer than the sheer refrigeration alone, as the fact that very few people know here’s a fourth purpose: you move to a new area: local honey, inoculate, you against the allergies.

You move to a different area. The first thing she do is go out, buy a pound of raw honey that has been unheated and it will inoculate you very quickly against allergies, sugar. Doesn’t none of this, do not stockpile sugar and we think about sugar. We think well, honey is sugar and you know sugar. It leads to fat people. Well, sugar is the quote/unquote Antichrist of food. I mean you know you think of honey.

Most ignorant people equate that with fat in bread, redneck, scum, they’re eating chocolate bars and swilling. On Mountain Dews, the healthiest people that I know they’re, skinny and and and fit – and you know, can literally bend. Steel bars, eat tons of honey, they don’t eat sugar, but they eat raw foods and they eat honey in copious quantities. Everybody should have at least 50 pounds per person of raw honey stockpile on hand.

Remember if you can freeze it, you should freeze it as long as the honey is kept sealed up, honey is hydrophilic, which means it absorbs water. So why don’t you keep it sealed up in some container as long as it’s not a metal container it? You know it will not absorb the water from the from the atmosphere it will last forever, literally by in the comb form, if possible, all experts agree. That’s storing it.

This way is the cheapest and easiest way you need to contact the local beekeeper, usually to get it mass quantities and form by raw honey, only do not by Walmart honey. Why pure honey only means that is actually a hundred percent pure honey. That’s point number one point number two is that Walmart, honey or drugstore honey is heated and it destroys antimaterial properties of the honey. The reason they do that is so they could pour it faster.

The obviously the heart of the honey is the the faster it pours, and so they can jar it quicker, and that course time is money. Drugstore honey’s also cut with high fructose corn syrup ie filth. You know the crud, you don’t want to be eating eating. Ie sugar, high fructose corn syrup and sugar, basically the same thing most idiots out there in the world equate honey, well honey as a sugar, and therefore sugar is bad for you.

Therefore, we shouldn’t eat honey. No as bs table sugar is sucrose is made of two molecules bonded together we table sugar. Our stomach uses its own enzymes and works much much harder to separate the molecules. Apart before we can use the sugars energy honey is extremely different. The bees have added a special enzyme to the nectar that divides our sucrose into glucose and fructose, two simple sugars for our bodies, which can absorb much faster and much quicker.

Okay, one tablespoon, here’s another reason to stockpile honey instead of sugar. Okay, sugar sucrose contains 46 calories per tablespoon. Natural honey is more condensed and in this factor in 1, tablespoon has 64 calories. Okay, sugar obviously doesn’t have vitamins and minerals in it or antibiotics in it. Honey has a much healthier glycemic index than does sugar, honey and sugar are two totally different things.

The common idiot out there does not know this fact does not research. This fact does not know that and material agent honey has potential for treating a great deal of ailments and a bacterial properties and honey result of its low water activity causing us most listen. Chelation is slow release of hydrogen peroxide sugar. Doesn’t none of this? It’s high acidity sugar does not do this. It’s antibacterial activity of methyl gleich methylglyoxal sugar does not do this either.

Okay, like I said by raw honey, only you should have 50 pounds of it stockpile, there’s no other food out there that has more than 2 or 3 purpose. I can only think of one other food that actually has three purposes and barely honey has four. This is some local orange blossom, honey and its raw form, and it’s not heated at all, as simply filtered try to contact a local beekeeper wherever you’re at and I guarantee.

Unless you live in their very far north. You can find a local beekeeper just through a simple google search and try to acquire at least fifty pounds of it. That’s the only survivalist super food that you should have, and you should certainly be stockpiling it over sugar is sugar cheaper! Yes, sugar does not last forever. Honey is the only food that lasts Lillard literally forever, in other words, ten thousand years after you’re dead.

If you have stored honey properly, it will still be edible. Amazing, most people don’t know that fact number water purification honey. Does this sugar does not do this number two cuts scrapes and wounds treatments works literally better than antibiotic triple antibiotic ointment or neosporin. I’ve tried this on several occasions. That’s point two point: three: it cures meats and fishes it’ll last 40 to 50 times longer the refrigeration alone, without refrigeration alone non non refrigeration.

It will cure meats and fishes and keep them for a long time before you can consume them point file X. Then you move the local area, honey. Inoculate, you against allergies, point six! Is that it’s easier and much quicker to digest the body to digest, and is sugar and it’s also more dense than sugar in so far as its calorie count for tablespoon. Therefore, packing around one pound of honey is much better than packing on a pound of sugar.

The sugar is going to go bad, it will rot and ferment and fester – and it does has none of these quote unquote – magical properties that honey has honey. Has the healthy glycemic index sugar does not hang out in health, food stores, meaning Sinise people said you know. Honey is not sugar. I said some of the healthiest strongest people I know, consume massive copious quantities of sugar and they’re, not fat, low, stupid idiots chewing on chocolate bars.

I mean sugar is not honey. You know the two are not from the same cloth. People see well as sucrose and glucose, and you know it’s sugar. You know: honey, a sugar and sugar sugar, just a different variety sugar, totally, not true. If you want to stockpile something for the shtf, you know what that anachronism means. Remember the only food out there that does not go bad purifies water works better than neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment, for treating treating cut, scrapes and wounds has the attribute of never ever ever going bad cures, meats and fishes and I’ll inoculate you against local allergies is Raw honey: that’s it! How about worrying about something going bad as long as you have it sealed tightly, it will not go bad period, so I try to acquire as much raw honey as you can contact the local beekeeper and do some internet researching they.

Actually, the only quote-unquote I consider of all the hokum, the top there on the internet, the only thing that I’ve actually found that actually does work. As as indicated, the clinical magical treatment is a combination of cinnamon and honey. As far as getting you over flus colds and illnesses, consumptions isn’t owned by the ancient. The ancient Egyptians record in copious numbers of ancient manuscripts, the consumption of cinnamon, stirred together with honey and the consumption of that one sick or helping you overcome diabetes or curing stomach viruses or illnesses.

They do some internet research on cinnamon and honey. It’s fascinating effects anyway. Go out buy as much raw honey as you can. I know this isn’t part of my normal article series, but since there’s nothing out there regarding this on youtube, much less the internet or in very small quantities, I thought it extremely important to do this. Remember. Honey is the only quad purpose superfood and for you survivalists out there, which I am not really one.

This is what you need to be stockpiling, you know talk about rice and beans and nuts – and you know, salt and you know, meals ready to eat. Well, all that crap goes back and none of it has more than two purposes. None of it. Honey has four purposes and two other attributes, one attribute being that it never goes bad and has denser calories and lower glycemic index and is quick early and more quickly.

Digested by the body, then is sugar. Sugar is crap. Honey is what you need. The stockpile. Okay, not sugar. Honey is not sugar. Okay, remember that fact and try to buy as much raw honey as you can remember, not to buy walmart honey, because it’s cut with high-fructose corn syrup and is overheated which kills the antibacterial antimicrobial properties of raw honey and so find a local beekeeper and get raw Honey that has only been spun out of the calm and filtered nothing more hasn’t been heated simply filtered and jarred.

Thank you very much.



By Amanda Leerow

I am blogging about food and politics. Check out my blog for more info about who i am.

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