Welcome to my Red Alert Blog

Welcome to Red Alert Blog

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Amanda LeeRow
Hi! This is me and I love great healthy food that boosts our bodies immune system!
  • Meet Amanda
    Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog “Red Alert Food Blog”. Why this blog? I am Amanda a lover of food and politics. Writing is not my best skill, but I am looking to improve it with this blog Food is key to our well being. It dictates our mood and success of our health. […]

My Food Posts!

  • Only Baby Boomers Still Eat These Nasty Foods
    Baby boomers are the people who were born between the years 1944 and 1964. That makes them nowadays, somewhere between 55 and 75 years old. One thing we know about most baby boomers is that they are very set in their ways. Many boomers have routines, and well, that includes what they eat. Unfortunately, many […]

My Opinion in Politics

My New Favorite Snack!

Pumpkin Seeds are packed with awesome stuff to boost your immune system! Here is a video of the guys behind Spunks! Find them at Amazon today!

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