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You are what you eat!

— General Belief

In today’s food post I will be writing about some of the healthiest foods. For this list we picked the essential super foods that have shown to significantly improve people’s health and well-being. While there are many things that can be incorporated into a healthy diet, this list focuses on things that can be eaten and are readily accessible to most people.


Healthier avocado is rich in oleic acid, which lowers the risk of heart and inflammatory diseases. It also enhances the body’s absorption of carotenoids, essential nutrients, found in leafy greens and red or yellow vegetables, add avocado to a salad, and you actually amplify the nutritional value of virtually everything else in the bowl and don’t be afraid of the avocados high fat content.

It’s what makes it creamy delicious and incredibly nutritious, plus it’s good fat number nine kale, while all leafy greens should be part of a healthy diet, including spinach. It’s kale that packs the greatest punch rich in various essential vitamins, a cup of kale actually matches and sometimes surpasses a cup of milk in terms of calcium content. It’s complex chemical composition can help to fight cancer and can actually repair DNA in damaged cells, sauteed or steamed pureed, or boiled this hearty veg its nutritional content, regardless of preparation.

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Sweet Potatos

So if you think you don’t like kale, just try preparing it another way: Sweet, potatoes, trumping, even the carrot as a primary source of beta-carotene, the orange fleshed sweet potato, provides a variety of health benefits in one simple to cook easy to eat package. The popular root vegetable helps to balance blood glucose levels, while also raising blood levels of vitamin A essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and eyesight best serve steamed or boiled.

Blue Berries

You can optimize its nutritional benefits by drizzling on a small amount of a healthy fat like olive oil, to enhance your body’s nutrient absorption. Blueberries jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber. This we bury might actually improve memory and slow down or postpone certain cognitive disorders related to aging as fruits go. The blueberry is relatively low in sugar and can help maintain a healthy glycemic level when eaten on a regular basis cheaper and more readily available than the recently lauded goji berry.

The blueberry also maintains its nutritional value when frozen, which means you can reap benefits of this sweet and tangy fruit. All year round number six almonds delicious and versatile. This much-loved nut is actually a seed whose high fat content can satiate a craving while simultaneously improving your overall health almonds are rich in monounsaturated fat, which reduces unhealthy cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of heart disease.

The Almond

A great source of vitamin E, the almond, can help improve overall cardiovascular health and is thought to reduce certain signs of aging want to feel good and maybe even look a little better start snacking on some almonds number five apples. Yes, it’s true an apple a day. Will actually keep the doctor away a good source of vitamin C and soluble fiber Apple’s, improved blood, glucose and cholesterol levels, their antioxidant properties promote the production of collagen, which strengthens veins and capillaries and helps to maintain fresh youthful looking skin a versatile fruit that comes in A variety of types, red, green or gold – this popular snack, has some pretty powerful health benefits.


Salmon, rich in b12 vitamin D and with one of the highest concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids of any food wild or organically farmed, is really your best bet when it comes to this fish. Recent studies suggest that eating salmon helped improve cardiovascular functions and might even help to reduce depression and boost learning capabilities, the ultimate brain food when it comes to a healthy diet.

This oily fish is really a no-brainer number three oats. Whole grain. Oats are a great source of soluble fiber and can significantly lower cholesterol, while also preventing heart disease. Some types of breast cancer and colon cancer and sure we know these whole grains might be a little bit boring, but they’re cheap, easy to cook and really really good. For you boost flavor, with a few berries, throw in some almonds and enjoy your body will.


Thanks to garlic, a staple ingredient in virtually every type of cooking, an ancient remedy whose medicinal properties stand the test of time. Garlic can improve a meal just as easily as it improves your health, with a variety of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic boosts your immune system, helps with metabolic functions and has been shown to have certain cancer preventative properties.

The key to keeping its health benefits. Let’s sit after chopping or crushing and never overcook the key to enjoying garlic with friends breath mints before we dig into our number-one healthiest food here are a few honorable mentions number one broccoli eat your greens. Broccoli helps to detoxify the body systems, reduces inflammation and is rich with antioxidants, making it one of the best things you can eat to maintain health and possibly prevent certain types of cancer.

The key to healthy broccoli is preparation. Overcooking not only makes the veg soggy and well gross. It also destroys all nutrient value lightly steaming. It will maintain its texture, flavor and it’s incredibly powerful health benefits. You’ll just have to deal with the taste.


Stuffing A Burger | Barbecue Tricks

Pretty cool teaser for a article from Thrillist, that’s y’all check out. So what is a pimento? No, it doesn’t they’re. Actually these things are stuff inside of olives.

They’Re, not part of the album. A pimento is really just a cherry pepper. It’S a little sweeter, maybe than a red bell, pepper and you find them and we usually find them jarred, small jars of the diced up tomato and they’re soft. So it’s not like using a fresh chopped red pepper and around where I am I’m in Charleston, South Carolina, pimento cheese is kind of common here, it’s like the caviar of the south.

Actually, I love good pimento cheese with a pretzel, but in this case we’re going to be stuffing it inside a burger here. The recipe for pimento cheese is pretty simple. You got the pimentos and I just use the shredded cheddar you buy in this grocery store, so Mayo a lot of cream cheese and you can make it hot with cayenne. You want to get all the details with spices. I put the recipe on the blog, a brick of cream cheese, and essentially this is about how much it makes and the kind of the trick to stuffing a burger.

Is you get the cheese done? First, I roll it up in parchment paper like you’re. Seeing here make it easier to handle because I’m going to be slicing it into discs, so then you take the cheesy to freeze, it doesn’t have to be rock-hard but pretty hard and then, while it’s chilling and getting cold work with the ground beef and make yourself Simple hamburger, patty, here’s the trick to stuffing first off a basic 80/20 ground.

Beef, take a fistful. The hamburger meat and I found like this mick ultra pan – was just about the right size. A smaller than a 12 ounce can and just make a little divot in your burger, so you’re making hamburger cups and try and work them just the right size. You don’t want too thin, because you don’t want the cheese oozing out and the trick will be we’re going to take the cold cheese and just place it inside these cups of hamburger meat.

You also want to work with the hamburger meat being really cold. The whole time just makes it easier. You want to aim for making a uniform size patty, and at least you know, when you’re cooking these – that the inside is cheese, it’s already cooked, but you want to be warm through. It’S the outside of the meat that that you want to cook to temperature in the case of beef. 160 degrees. 155. If you do it right, you may see a little cheese oozing out here and there, but really that’s okay.

It looks great. The pimento stuffed burger. You can do it with any sort of cheese as well just get the right size to insert inside your burger cup. That’S it stuffed hamburgers with cheese. The one thing I’ve never really tried, and now I’ve got to try. It is dry, aging, steaks and meat. You got to see this new article from my friends over at Thrillist, where dave takes a deep dive along with New York City steak houses on how they dry-aged their meat.

Take a look now it’s at Thrillist and go ahead and subscribe to the youtube article, and if you want my free cookbook, there’s a link to it. In the description of this article here, we’ll just head on over to http://www.Skinnygainmuscle.Com, you

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The BIG Barbecue Build – Building a Barrel Barbecue Project

So why don ’ t we build ourselves a Barbecue Randy That ’ s a good idea, Paul Yeah, so we ’ ve got this big old air tank. We ’ ve got loads of angle iron, so we should Get to it, Randy Yeah, let ’ s, do it Paul Right so the first thing to do is to build the metal frame for the barbecue Paul Right so let ’ s get this frame cut Paul Right so, whilst he gets on with the cutting, I ’ m going to get on with the de-scaling Paul There you go Randy Thanks mate, Randy Let ’ s, do some welding Paul Hey, how ’ s it going? Randy Yeah good Paul Yeah that ’ s, looking sweet, yeah, very good Randy I ’ m happy with that: yeah Paul So the words gone out about our barbecue, build and guess who ’ s just turned up These guys over here, Randy Hey guys, Derk How you doing Tamas How you doing Paul Ok, so these guys have come to help us so me and you can go and get a rest Randy Yeah good Derk Ok: grind it down that! ’ s going to look good! Paul! So now we ’ ve got our 2 sections of frame clamped.

We need to weld it all together. Randy Right done, Randy So now it ’ s time to work on the tank. Can you grind this weld down? Derk Right, welds off grinding’s done Tamas Bit rough Derk Yeah, it was a big weld that ’ s a good disc, Tamas Let ’ s refine it. Randy So the next step is making an air hole in the bottom of the tank To make sure we get a nice tight fit. We need to grind the radius of the tank into the pipe Randy So the air hole.

’ s done. I ’. Ve turned the tank over. I ’ ve marked the door for you. Can you cut the hinge side And after that we weld the hinges on and cut the rest of the door, Derk Sure, Randy? Ok, that was quick and a nice straight cut too Randy. Now we can weld the strips on the edges of the door Randy. So now that the door is done, I ’ m. Going to make the chimney Paul Ok, so we got the Barbecue really coming together.

Now We got the chimney welded into place. We ’ ve. Got the lid on Paul? The legs are welded to the tank Paul. So next we need to fix the temperature gauge the handles the grill rack inside and after that we ’ re, going, go and blend and deburr Before we go straight to paint Paul Nice one Paul, Hey guys, I told you, the weather, was Going to be good this weekend, Randy It ’ s great Tamas, It ’ s.

Good right, Derk Got the BBQ going yeah Paul Come on guys, you ’ re, not looking like the professional chef, Tamas It looks really nice, it looks good Paul, I know let ’ s get this steak. Flipped

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Weber Barbecue Techniques

You can control it in one of two ways: you can either control it by the amount of coals that you use or how you actually position the vents on this occasion we’re actually going to be grilling. Some chicken drumsticks so first of all, I’m going to lay out the coals in the base of my barbecue, the weber chimney. Starter is a great way of measuring out your coals.

This full chimney starter here is ideal for a 57 centimeter barbecue when you’re grilling foods. If you have a 47 centimeter barbecue, then three-quarters should suffice, distribute your coals evenly over the cooking grate, and this will help to create an even temperature whilst cooking. If you have a collection of cold in one place, just use some tongs to position them evenly across the cooking. Grate, don’t be tempted to put too many curls into your barbecue, as this will create too much heat and therefore burn your food.

Just one layer of coals will suffice once the coals are in place, place the cooking grate on top of the coals and then add the food, remember always to place the lid on top with the lid in place. This will help to keep an urban environment and also will help to reduce flare-ups. The vents are also key to controlling the temperature of your charcoal barbecue. The vents are located at the bottom and at the top, the vent should always be open during cooking to open the vent at the bottom.

Just push the lever to the far side where you can see the vent symbol, I’m also going to open the vent at the top. This will allow the air to be drawn in through the bottom of our barbecue pass through the coals, circulate around the food and then be pushed out the top creating this oven environment. I spoke about earlier on a windy day. It is possible to close the vents by 50 %. This will restrict the airflow going into the barbecue.

Therefore, reducing the oxygen to the coals and reducing the temperature closing the vents to 50 % is also great when your food is cooked and can help to keep the food warm. You

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Whole Lamb BBQ How To | Barbecue Tricks

Com? This is a great holiday barbecue feast, Some of the most popular articles that have Here are whole animal roasts. We’Ve got a whole cow, a whole hog, but with Lamb, typically, it’s been smaller, Easter stuff, with small chops or a rack of lamb. Thanks to my friends, Pete Stamatas and Nick Hatzis they walk us through this whole prep process.

Take a look at this. It was for a big Greek Orthodox Easter celebration, family feast, Pete What’S the main spices Barbecue sauce Nick Main spice Main spice is oregano Pete It’S not barbecue sauce. Is it Nick Not barbecue sauce; no, No! This is not Unlike the traditional American style, barbecues That we do here in the United States, the Greek style barbecue is the key component. Is oregano olive oil lemon and occasionally mint make up the key components to the dressing? Or the marinade as you’d say: Pete We’Re in the kitchen of the Custinos family They’re going to help us get the lamb on the Stake Dino tell us what youre doing here: buddy Dino Our first thing is we’re going to stick the pole through the back end.

Pete The poor, lamb, never thought life was going to be this way. Dino We’Ve got to line this two up with the leg, but before we do that, we’re going to have To stick it through the throat here, There’s a little slat. If you stick your finger, Anybody can do it, you’ll see it. What we want to do is try and go through the Head with this, so we crack it. Pete That one there looks like it’s: the top of the head, precracked right, Dino, Dino, Precracked, When they butchered it, maybe they just sometimes They hit the end of it.

Nick That’S a sharp knife, Pete That’S a Ginsu right there, fellas Dino Now its coming go ahead, Stan Nick Do it Do it Stan Dino Okay, now now we’re going to flip her over to try and even her out so we can get the Back legs, Nick Right in the meat there right and then in the leg Bill, West Approximately are you going to pay for this lamb Youve got to figure out where to get it first, A butcher can help you Theres a bunch of places online Online, probably kind of expensive, a 50-pound Lamb, they said, would run about $ 275 plus about a $ 75 processing fee, so $ 350 for a lamb, like This Youre going to need a spit to cook on Spit Jack.

Is the king of these things I’ll put a link to their model CX855, which Can handle up to a 55-pound, lamb or even a hog? It’S a nice one. Otherwise you can rent a spit from some rental. Companies, A hog would take a lot longer because you’re Cooking the hog to a hotter internal temperature, so you can pull it apart, but with this expect About a four to five hour cooking time, It all depends on the wind, the weather and This spit here that we’re using has a closed-in back so it’ll cook a little bit hotter than One that would just totally open, maybe like this one here, Nick Now that the bracket is in and now you need the screws, there should also be a bracket.

Piece right: Dino, Uh-Huh Where’s that bracket Okay, we’re good. We want to make sure just hook that this Hook, that’s here is lining up with the pole. Pete This is bracket number two Dino Bracket number two Nick Its a little bit trickier than the Dino Okay, Hows the other one Pete Its coming Its coming, Dino Yeah were going to stick our hands Nick This lamb is from Colorado grass fed Pete Those are the best they say.

Nick Certified organic Pete How big is it Nick Its a 40-pounder Pete Its a big one, Nick Its a big one but its a baby, You can tell a lambs a baby not by the size. You could have a lamb, that�s, this small and be only 30 pounds, but by the teeth The teeth are baby. I bought a lamb one time. It was 80 pounds Pete And it was a baby Nick It was a baby you could tell by the teeth One time a long time ago, my cousin in Greece He has 1,500 goats and 300 lambs in Greece and he killed a little lamb, a small one.

It was only 32 pounds, I said: [ Greek, 0:04:50 ], Its old look at the teeth and the teeth were Huge Bill West Ah, so the small teeth means Nick It’S small because the larger the teeth that means it grows by the ears Pete So small teeth: Dino Small teeth means baby lamb Bill West One thing to read out for is when you secure the lamb on the spit youre going to want To get it really secure, so there is no wobble at all.

You can use the twine or some rope but make Sure you’re using cotton, twine or cotton rope, not the plastic stuff that could melt. Then, when you mount it up, there start with The lamb on the highest setting and lower it occasionally through the cook until the Last 30 minutes, where you lower it all the way to the bottom, to crisp the skin up nicely Dino It’S not going nowhere. Nick That’S the important thing: Pete So this is the spit where the lamb is going to be made.

We’Ve got the coals going, The coals are going a little slower than we Like so, this is an ancient Greek technique to get your coals going, Go ahead. Pete What kind of coals do we have Let�s get the coals here? This is the Royal Oak, all wood hard coal charcoal Nick We’Ve got the basic dressing or the basic dry rub for the lamb that we use to coat the Inside of the animal before we put it on the spit, which consists of your basic ingredients, Basic spices, salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, dried mint and we tend to like a Little bit of lemon zest and orange zest in our dry rub What we’ll do is we’ll utilize half of this On the animal dry and then we’ll save half of this for the olive oil dressing that we Use to base the animal, What you want to do is you want to hand mix This Dino We’Ve got to get this puppy ready and tied up Pete What are you doing there guys Dino We are dressing, the animal We are putting the dry spice rubs in there Pete Along with what Dino Along with a stick of Land, O Lakes, butter, Pete, Okay, so the spices have gone in They’re inside the animal there.

It is and Now we’re closing it up using the’Nick here is actually a doctor Nick. What is the suture technique? We’Re using Nick This is called the single-handed [ inaudible, 0:07:44 ] technique, Pete The single handed technique And we sew up the entire belly of the beast Bill. West After a few hours of basting, you check the meat and you want it cooked to your liking. You probably shoot for an internal temperature.

In the thickest part of the thigh about 150 degrees Fahrenheit to about 160 degrees Fahrenheit, The joints are going to be loosened dramatically. And you can feel it in there just by wiggling a leg, It’s different again from a hog where you Want to cook it up to 190 degrees Once it’s done, remove it off the spit. Put It on a resting area for carving and let it rest before you cut into it – for at least 10 or 15 minutes Yeah, if you like this whole lamb, barbecue You might want to check out the whole hog article we have or the whole cow article elsewhere.

On this blog – and you want to get the recipe for the seasoning here that they use, I will put it on the website That is http://www.Barbecuetricks.Com

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Our grill is looking shameful. I’D like to take you along today with me and we’re going to refinish. This grill make it look nice again we’re going to have a little cookout later on. Today and I’m going to show you how to take your old grill and make it look new again, so you don’t have to go out and spend 300 bucks buying a new grill, because your open looks like crap all right so come along today on the farm Blog and we’ll have a little bit of fun fixing up the grill all right folks.

So what we have here is a master forge grill. Now this is a pretty cool grill, it’s a charcoal, grill and, I believe in cooking with charcoal. I just think it gives your meat a little bit better flavor, but it’s been sitting outside. I think this grill is like three years old, which is a testimony to how long a grill lasts. Now we’ll walk you around the grill, we’ll tell you about its features and then we’ll show you what we’re going to do here.

Pretty simple grill. This has got the two-tier little spot here, one for like worming and one for cooking. Underneath here you have a pretty cool setup and it’s all crusty from last year I don’t normally clean my grill until the next time. I fire it up. So this grate is where your coals sit and there’s a handle right here and you crank this handle and you can see, there’s a mechanical thing in there.

That brings the great both up and down, and that gets your coals a little bit closer to where you want to work now underneath here, there’s a tray and this tray is upside down because I flip it over when I store it for the winter time. So it doesn’t puddle up water inside the tray and cause it to rust. Out now, we’ll take those ashes that are on there and put them in the yard. It comes with a little bottle.

Opener in case you have any adult beverages or regular beverages, you’d like to drink, and this also is our damper. So we open and close our damper with this little handle right here, so we can control our heat very, very, very happy with this grill. You also have an adjuster here at the top – that’s another damper that allows either less or more, and you can use this for smoking all sorts of stuff and there’s another damper on this side right here.

We also have a little temperature gauge, which has been pretty reliable so far before we get down to business. Guys, please, if you like this stuff click that, like button subscribe to the blog, if you’re not already subscribed and click the little bell down there, it’ll notify you when I post a new article. I appreciate having you here, and one way you can get back is subscribing and clicking the like button.

Let’S get busy if you drive down any city street this time of year at springtime, you’ll see grills all over the side of the road rusty, grills crusty grills. The lifespan of a backyard grill isn’t that long, maybe one or two years so when you’re paying like 200-300 dollars for a grill. You want it to last, and we’ve taken good care of this one to make sure it does last. Hopefully, we’ll get at least two more years out of it, but the outside looks like just so we’re going to take care of that now there are a few tools that are going to be essential to this a little roll of painters tape.

I got a sanding sponge here. I have a knife, you can use an exacto knife or just a easy razor knife and I also have a rest. Oleum spray paint handle I’ll. Show you this a little closer and I’ll. Give you a little more detail on the spray paint that we’re going to use, so the spray paint we’re going to use is a 2,000 degree protective paint. It’S a rust, OEM brand paint I’ll post links to all this fun stuff that we’re using in the vlog today, but it’s a rust-oleum paint and basically we’re going to go over the entire grill.

Here, after we tape off the parts that we don’t want to be spray painted pretty cool, this stuff works, it lasts, it works, it does a good job and it helps you to refinish your grill. Now this little doodad right here is something really really cool. It opens up and you can tell I’ve used it a lot it’s by rust-oleum I’ll post a link down below, but you clip it on to your spray-paint can and basically Shh.

It makes you a spray paint gun, which is very, very handy because I don’t know if you’ve ever painted something this big with a spray can, but using your finger. You’Ll end up. Switching fingers and you’d be like because your fingers will get covered with paint and it’s just it’s just hard on your hands. So this is awesome and we’ll show you how we use it now. There’S really only one place that I don’t want paint, and I don’t want to own this glass right here, so basically here’s how I’m going to do it.

I’M going to take my tape and I’m just going to cover the entire area right here. Just like that, I’m going to take two pieces of tape and do this and then I’m going to kind of press the tape down on the glass part and I’ll take my little knife here. This doesn’t have to be perfect at your grill to your backyard. So you know you want to protect this, so you can tell what your temperatures are, how hot it’s running in there, so I’ll press it down on the glass, then I’ll go around the edge and just basically trim off all the way around the edge.

Just like that and voila pull off the date, pretty cool now, we’ve protected that little glass piece, pretty neat we’re going to take our sanding sponge here and basically we’ll sand off some spots that have a little bit of heavy rust. I’Ll show you now, you don’t have to go to awful crazy with your sanding sponge, but basically you look. You see all that rust just kind of disappear and you can see all the little spots where they’re surface rust is starting to disappear.

I’M going to lightly sand this whole thing really quickly. Okay, now you can go as crazy as you want to with the sanding process. It’S your grill! If you want to make it look like a show car, you can make it look like a show car just trying to get off anything that might be moderately obvious once we start slinging paint on this thing. I think this will make it look a little bit better, I’m just going to take a little piece of tape and kind of wrap around the edges of my little chrome, accents or stainless steel accents right here.

Nobody will ever really notice, but me, but it would drive me absolutely crazy to see that and be a shame that I didn’t just take two seconds and do the right thing all right at this point we’re going to get into the science of this I like To keep my paint out in the Sun, I want to leave my paint out in the Sun for at least thirty – maybe forty five minutes and want to shake it really really. Well, you want to shake it at least a minute, maybe two minutes and as you’re painting, you want to stop and give it a good shake again.

Okay, just shake shake shake shake shake when in doubt shake your paint I like for the paint to be a little bit warm as it goes on, and I want the grill sitting out in the Sun. So it’s a little bit warm so when the paint hits it it dries quickly and it has less of a chance of running so the first place I want to start painting is a place. That’S a little bit less obvious so that I can see where the paint is going to run and how it’s going to behave.

If it goes on thick, then I don’t have to worry about it and basically, what I want to do is spray a straight line across and you’ll see all this technique, I’m going to go just like that, so that the spray paint job is a good job And so that you don’t have heavy paint like paint and heavy paint light paint. What we want to do is we want a half lap over it. Words will paint a strip here and then will lap over it halfway and paint it here, lap over it and paint it here.

Okay, that’s how you get a good nice smooth job. Now you want to do a light coat first and then go back with a nice finish coat. So, let’s get started painting you want to start and your hard-to-reach areas once you figure out how your paint’s going to behave because you’ll have to go back over those at different angles. Okay, I hope you see how I’m hitting this with the paint. The stuff covers. Really really well guys I’ll post links down below to all the materials we’re using here in the blog today, we’ve gotten around our problem areas right here and you can see there’s kind of a odd spot.

There hold it back about six to eight inches and fill in half lapping over. Just like I showed you before, and you can read you see how quickly that paint is drying right there. You can see it drying. That’S what you want. Okay, that’s why you want it out in the Sun we’re going to go down here. Am I worried about this? Handle nope we’re going to paint right over that handle. You sure you don’t neglect the angle, so I need to shoot down that way and I need to shoot up this way.

Okay, that’s why I say start in your odd little corners. First, remember to get those tight little corners, those tight little spots, first, okay, so you might be saying hey: why isn’t he using the spray handle? Yet I’m not using a spray handle yet because I’m into these tight spots, once I get done with the tight spots and I close the grill up I’ll put that spray handle on there and I’ll really hit it.

And then, when I go of my second coat I’ll use that spray handle okay, horizontal surfaces or flat surfaces, don’t like to run vertical surfaces do like to run so you want to go a little bit lighter and err on the side of caution and put more Coats versus thicker paint: now you can put thicker paint versus more coats on the flat surfaces, pretty cool, let’s get busy guys, I don’t know if you can tell, but that really really made it pop.

I want to give you a few final tips before you get started, be sure you’re about 30 feet away from any kind of vehicle or anything you don’t want paint to get on, because, as soon as you break out that spray paint, the wind is bound to Pick up, okay, pick yourself up. One of these guys makes life so much easier and so much less hard on your fingers, no paint on my fingers because of this guy and it’s dirt cheap.

I think it’s somewhere in a neighborhood. I think it’s under 10 bucks. So I’ll post links down below to this paint to all the goodies that we used in the article. Please take the time right now to click that, like button subscribe to the blog, if you’re not already subscribed, this isn’t the only thing we do here on the Stoney Ridge farm. There’S lots of good projects going on one more thing I want to touch on as a rule of thumb stay six to eight inches away, as you paint, and things will turn out great.

It doesn’t look like a brand new grill, but it’s pretty darn close make sure your grill is nice and warm by sitting in the Sun and your paints warm. So when it hits it, it dries quickly and use little strokes go lightly and get two or three cans of spray paint per grill and that’ll get you started alright. So thanks a lot guys come on back to Stoney Ridge, farm click that, like button subscribe to the blog, we’ll see you again next time.

Okay, I made a

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Franklin’s BBQ | Austin Texas

This is we up early in the morning we headed to Franklin’s this. What we got to go check it out, we kind of bring it to you guys. So you guys can just look at this amazing brisket. That being said, cut you ready, let’s get it, let’s get it so off the air and Franklin’s we go so just to, let you guys know, listen, it doesn’t open the kill.

11 o’clock p.M. Usually people start getting in line between 6:00 and 7:00 and the murder cherry and her husband. They were in line at 7:30 to you know just to be there so that when they do open the other doors at 11:00, we could be somewhere near the door and what they do is they walk out and they come in to the line they can guarantee Risk using certain things you know up until that point, and then this we have a like part man.

We have to park like a couple of blocks away and then walk to it. I mean it’s super crowded. I didn’t show the line because I didn’t want to. You know, show you what’s up, everybody hey, listen. We finally made it to the infamous so I say infamous or I just say famous, I’m going to go ahead and go with famous. We had Franklin’s the famous Franklin’s, listen right here, we got Kirby, you see Kirby.

What is he doing way out here from the tech from California huh all right? We got hashtag for me, those you guys in read the battle of the kitchens. You know who daddy is right there and then listen. We got special guest. Look at that right here. We got this clay, I want to change hey. We got to thank clay and for me you know for standing. The line they’ve been alive since 7:30. This morning you know making this possible we’re getting ready to go in we from the blow, so you guys know how I wrap up everything.

I’M going to say with that being said, we right here at the door. Let’S see, there’s the door right there and, let’s see if we can get to Franklin song, there’s Franklin’s. It’S going down folks that just a minute we fin have brisket dyno ribs. What else we going sausage turkey? Thank we friend to have a spread. You guys hey. I know the camera moving all over. I’M super excited. It’S going down one more time.

You guys there. It is all right y’all, let’s get it hey! Listen to this. Not only do you survive the line outside once you come inside. Only thing changes there’s the climate, as you can see, as I’ve turned it around right now, hey if you hear that laughing it all of that, I’m going to show you who that is right now, that’s all of them everybody’s having a good time. So listen. If I do like this, you guys to see look at how crowded this place is you’re talking about having a successful business.

Hey I’m not going to spoil it for you imma! Let you guys get a chance to look at what we’re doing today and i’ma. Show you some of the footage from last week, but right now, listen, we’ve scaled the line and still going down, it’s probably going to take us about I’m going to say about 40 mega by 40 40. More minutes to get up to the front, no worries! I got you, we kind of walk and cut the meeting all about so with that BSA stand by hey.

So look look at that right there that’s what we up against right there. It won’t be long folks! Now you want to see something. Look at these beef ribs right there. Look at that bar and check this guy out. He thought I was taking a picture after I tell him. All you can do was just laughs, hey, but the end result was check this out two thumbs up: hey, listen! We were super excited, we’re ready to get.

You know, hit up to the front place our order, so we can turn in these reviews. Well, we’re still in line. You can check out his merchandise right behind me. Look at that huh me man. He got everything covered. Even if he got an infant, he got that covered too. So this is it there’s his prices on the wall and look at Terry. I see everywhere. Let’S go and look at Curtin, hey, I’m trying to hurry up and get next hey.

We got clay and we got Kirby, hey you’re, trying to learn you guys hey, but it’s going down. Hang on, like I got my books, that’s right! You reading it correct b3 of $ 30 of time, and I’m going to let you know this each one of them real. He cuts they probably a pound and a half and better. So you do the math. Now look right here. These are the other caste. You know you are cutting to make the magic happen after this means cut this right.

Here’S what I call it a high king for this is the one you gets everybody you know. Mouth, watering and in your mind, gets bigger than your wallet means you order all their stuff and then, when the cash here he gets you and she tells you. Oh that’ll, be a one hundred and forty dollars. That’S what everybody you know. The amount rots of history floor, so you can see right here. Look he couldn’t some of them finally be free, those weren’t ours, but that’s just somebody that was in front of you going to see the magic happen right here.

This is us. We broke out afresh. Briskets, so that we can get out of place our work yes, so I got your lien right there. You said a pound right here I got some meds for you to trash samples there all right. I got one at one point, seven or one point six. You know what the six was go, how much softer spray walking around trying to find somewhere to sit down. We tried to eat outside. So that way we could be a little noise and it wasn’t nothing out there.

He finally promised five minutes or so after we sat down, you know what we was so excited. We started eating and then somebody had to say right off the bat hey. What about the article? So here you go, you got ta, see me lizard, you guys. Don’T know this about me. Listen, I love potato salad. This potato salad is more of a mustard changing. You know chart based a potato salad. You know so I just heated with some of that classic Franklin’s barbecue sauce that be looking right up for me and after that, almost right here so on this potatoes here go Bank right now, hey number one number: two number: two! Oh! Oh! Oh Mia! Look at that, you see that take it out this article, that’s Audrina! I am, I see partner bar partier.

We are real you doing like this. Oh besides me right, a mad dog. I know you’re looking at this right now talking about it detective my feet. Here we go folks. Dino Reyes, here, Frank, [, Laughter, ], hey check this out, volunteer and fragments out here. Call you know, you guys know, I’m hard-working the ketubah look come out here, turn it in somebody in this. If you talk about something test test, my son made me feel to you before I even push record, I got ta make you mine, I think Randy read the show story too good of an ad.

You want to talk about this. Our crew ladies get right through. Oh y’all, we got. Oh hey ain’t, nobody exactly ain’t, nobody, hey dudes, don’t wan na come accompany them right now! Hey here you go. What’S your name Mike Chris, okay, Chris and that’s daddy all right now, after mingling with everybody, and you know even where we could. He you know where the day ended you weren’t able to meet Aaron Franklin himself.

He was running in and out, but they did give us a tour. Let us go behind the scenes. Go ahead, look at the smoke the smoke pitch and you know things like that. You know see that how everything is done and then, when we got through with that, he came out to this right here. Sorry, you sold out. You want to talk about a successful business. This do we have to formally get down there all right, everybody, hey! Listen! You’Ve got a chance to see it hey.

Even we they even let us go around and do some behind the scenes. You know what mr. Aaron Franklin. Are you all right? I got to tell you guys. Listen if you ever in Austin, do yourself a favor. You got to come back here and check out Franklin’s barbecue, hey hands down, that’s it hashtag for me, Clayton! Hey! Thank you guys for coming out here. This probably would not have ever happened today without you guys, so I just want to say hey.

Thank you. Thank you for joining my blog membership. You know what just thank you for everything and, with that being said, you guys Kirby and myself and Kirby. What you have bro come on. Man get in here could try to be bashful, hey there. He is there. It is right there, hey so from Kirby and myself avy hey. We ought to hear you guys later, please. I had to turn it back on because I met these lovely ladies right here, half of them from California other half – I don’t know where they from but where we are that’s.

What’S up folks,

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Baby Boomers, Once Again Fail America! Maybe not?

I can't wait to get my hands on some of that stimulus cash. Trump just signed the bill into law, but will it be enough to get American's out of the free-falling economy? Maybe it is something the baby boomers should have realized a long time ago. The economy will be stronger if you give cash to the citizens that move the cash the quickest. 

baby boomers tax payers

Sadly, this brings up what I think needs to change about the current baby boomer economic strategy. Which if you look at it. It has been manufactured just to take care of their generation. They love to kick the can down the road, and they are not going to pay for all of the debt that they have put American in. If you do recall, there parent's generation paid off most of America's debt.

Taxpayers need to stop investing in corporations

I believe that taxpayers need to stop investing in corporations (trickle-down economics) and start investing in taxpayers (trickle-up economics), for the last 40 years. I have realized that the trickle-down theory is a joke. I am not happy with the results at all, and you should be unhappy as well. Sadly, this is what trickle-down economics has given us.


We have a horrible public school system compared to the world; our medical industry gladly puts most Americans that use it in bankruptcy. Our universities put the majority of students in a crazy amount of debt. Oh, and the kicker for the last 40 years. The majority of Americans' pay has been stagnant, while the wealthy class has increased an insane amount. The rich have done nothing but take care of themselves and their stakeholders. If we do not take what is ours, then they will continue to bend us over and will continue to give what we have gladly have been giving them.

Kevin Bacon, in the movie "Animal House," explains it best.



Only Baby Boomers Still Eat These Nasty Foods

Baby boomers are the people who were born between the years 1944 and 1964. That makes them nowadays, somewhere between 55 and 75 years old. One thing we know about most baby boomers is that they are very set in their ways. Many boomers have routines, and well, that includes what they eat. Unfortunately, many of the food choices are disgusting and mainly bad for you. You can thank the farm bill for that.

baby boomer favorite foods

It no secret that baby boomers still eat these nasty foods, and a lot of us are kind of wishing that they just let this food go once and for all. It's kind of obnoxious, saying Millennials, post pictures of the avocado toast, but baby boomers are worse. They're obsessed with plain toast on boring, sandwich bread, but would it kill you to add a little bit of peanut butter or we're going to tell it of that? This is during their younger years.

Miss Used Spices

Baby boomers loved their missus seasoning. Yeah, I had some pretty good stuff, but there are plenty of other spice options out there. There is a section in the supermarket loaded with new and exciting spices. It takes up an entire aisle. You could try any of those, but no baby boomers just don't want to give up on good old missus meatloaf was a weekly meal in most baby boomers homes. A problem with meatloaf is that it doesn't have much flavor.

It also doesn't look too appealing. There are pretty exciting meatloaf recipes online nowadays. Today you can make meatloaf wrapped in bacon Italian meatloaf stuffed with cheese and pepperoni. The fact is, meatloaf doesn't have to be tasteless and unappetizing anymore. The problem is that baby boomers refuse to give up the tasty old recipes they have always used for decades. Mayonnaise-Based salads with fruit mayonnaise are excellent in tuna, salad, pasta, salad, egg, salad.


What it isn't so good with is a baby boomer, favorite dish, mayonnaise-based salads, broccoli, lettuce, and grapes. They were trendy back in the day, but today it's just a disgusting combination. Baby boomers should probably leave these disgusting salads in the past Jell-O products. Why anybody would ever want to encase a meal and jello is entirely unknown, but baby boomers love to do it, and jello is excellent.

If you have the stomach flu if you can't eat real food but to incorporate jello into you, both dinner and dessert, at the same time that that just doesn't make any sense back in the 70s, though, you could buy mixed vegetables and celery already in jello. What were they thinking? Juice from concentrate is a huge hassle. First, you got to find the tab to reach the top open, not as easy as it sounds.

Concentrated juice

Sometimes after that, you gotta, wait for the juice to thaw, and then mix it with water. And finally, you have to wait a while before you can even drink it. Today you can get freshly squeezed, oh joy, in a carton for a very reasonable price. For some reason, baby boomers just can't seem to let go of the concentrated juice. TV dinners baby boomers grew up reading their black-and-white TVs while eating TV dinners.

TV Dinners

They were incredibly popular back in the day, but today we know that they're not all that appealing. Also, the portions are tiny if you're hoping to fill up on a TV dinner you're going to have to have several of them. There isn't anything too significant about buffets. You can eat all the food you want. That'S high in calories and loaded with crap and honestly. These buffets are cheap. Baby boomers, though, love their meals.

Today there aren't as many of them around thank goodness, but baby boomers will take what they can get. You ever go on to an all-you-can-eat casino buffet. If you have, you know that there are a lot of baby boomers everywhere chain, restaurants that were once popular Applebee's, Chili's, TGI Fridays, Olive Garden, just to name a few of them. Millions of people still lead a chain restaurant, but there's been a significant decline in their popularity over the years, except with baby boomers.

Millennials preferred

Millennials preferred other dining options. Baby boomers are saying goodbye to their favorite eateries because nobody else is patronizing them. Paper napkins or the brainchild of baby boomers, as is the paper napkins cousin. The paper towel paper napkins are not environmentally friendly, and you have to use plenty of them during one sitting. People should start using cloth napkins.

They work better, and they're better for the environment if only we could get Mickey D's to give us a big stack of cloth napkins when in the drive-through baby boomers, they love their cornflakes with all the cereal options on the store shelves. Today they just won't. Let go with the cornflakes honestly, I don't think they taste all that great, and they get soggy, and milk fast. They do leave the roof of your mouth in pain.

If you eat them raw, shredded, wheat, and puffed rice, that would be even better than corn flakes. I don't like either one, but you get what I'm saying. Canned soup was once very popular baby boomers loved the idea of opening a can pouring it into a pan heating it up and then serving it to their families. So it was quick and easy. Today many people are leaving the canned soup behind, and they're making homemade soup can soup is loaded with sodium, and it also has a strange, aluminum taste.

You ever noticed that it's also a significant source of BPA, which well I won't get into what that is. Let's just say: it's not right for you. Baby boomers still love their canned soup, though Millennials are looking for healthier options. Another popular weekly meal for baby boomers was meat and potatoes, yeah. It is a great meal once in a while, but would it have killed them to add a vegetable or two? How about a carrot? Maybe a stalk or two of celery: hey wait a minute.

Maybe that's why they ate Jell-O. Perhaps they counted that as a vegetable. It can be green, processed cheese products. Maybe boomers created everything they could to make it cheap and easy. These foods might seem too right to be true because well, they are processed foods like cheese; they're loaded with chemicals and ingredients to keep them edible. Unfortunately, they are not healthy, with Millennials being so health-conscious these days.

Processed cheese

The sale of processed cheese products is on the decline. Baby boomers drank soda on summer days, rainy days, holidays; okay, they drank it all the time; they also started America's addiction to pop. Thank you. Boomer's baby boomers were huge fans of Italian food. Unfortunately, spaghetti meatballs and garlic bread aren't authentic. Italian foods still come on. Let'S give him a break; it's delicious stuff.processed cheese

I love the Italian light. Beer Millennials, have zero interest in drinking tasteless cans of beer. Today light beer sales are down because Millennials prefer craft beer, wine, and mixed drinks. The only ones drinking a light beer are the baby boomers. Ketchup is great on a burger or maybe on some fries, but baby-boomers took the ketchup craze a bit too far. They doused their eggs, home fries, and other foods and ketchup, rather than using spices to improve the taste so the next time you're out eating. You order eggs and the waiter or waitress asks if you'd, like ketchup with that, you can blame that on the baby Boomers, nothing, absolutely nothing is appetizing about Vienna, sausage, they're processed meats, doused in a disgusting sauce.

Baby boomers love them for some reason, but you can't pay most other people even to try them nowadays. Today, people prefer grass-fed beef and free-range chicken tuna noodle casserole, a regular meal in the home of a baby boomer. This fishy dish had egg noodles, condensed soup, and frozen peas. It'S a disgusting concoction that should have been considered child abuse back in the day. Most families now have left tuna noodle casserole in the past, where it belongs, but some baby boomers still try to resurrect it.

Boiled vegetables. Vegetables are delicious. They're good for you, and they're great broiled, braised, grilled fried baked my personal favorite steamed veggies are even great raw. The one method, the one purpose of cooking vegetables – that's disgusting – it was a popular method with baby boomers. They loved to boil their vegetables. Not only does boiling give your veggies little to no flavor. It also kills the nutrients butter.

Mints. Baby boomers still love these things. You can't say that you've never gone to your grandparent's house only to find a bowl of butter myths sitting on the coffee table. Yeah, they are delicious baby boomers, won't let them go margarine. There are only two kinds of people who, like margarine, baby-boomers, and fans of Paula Deen, larger ones loaded with hydrating oil and tons of fat. There are many healthier options out there, causing a decline in margarine sales, Watergate salad, also known as shut the gate salad.

It was a popular dish for baby boomers, and it is an abomination. The recipe is a mixture of jello pistachio pudding, canned pineapples, marshmallows, and topped with walnuts. Some people added cherries to the top of it. It's one dish that should never see the light of day. Just like its namesake Watergate meat, pate Wow, I mean, if there is an award for the ugliest baby boomer food, it would have to be meat pate.

It was a versatile food. You could serve it hot cold in a loaf as a pie with gravy on bread. Just because there were plenty of ways to help the food, though, did not mean it was okay to serve. It smoked sausage gift platters. These used to be one of the baby boomers, favorite gifts to give and receive during Christmastime and years ago. They even had an entire catalog dedicated to these platters. Fortunately, they are not quite as popular today.

That said, even though I'm not a boomer, if you would like to send me a sausage and cheese tray, I will not turn it down. Baby boomers loved their ham, salad, ground-up ham, and globs of mayonnaise were a popular dish. Decades ago. Today, people prefer lean meat, sandwiches with a slice of avocado glazed carrots. Carrots are supposed to be healthy for some reason. Baby boomers thought it'd be an amusing idea to cover them in brown, sugar, and call them glazed.

Are they a side dish then? Or maybe it's a dessert because it has brown sugar well today, most people are just leaving the glaze off and eating them without a glaze. So there's no confusion. Also, a lot healthier are any of these items, something you still like. Even if you're, not a Boomer, tell us in the comments and subscribe for more you

What you should be eating

Whole foods like my favorite seed snack! Spunks – Pumpkin seeds with a kick! The video below explains all the benefits of pumpkin seeds.




CORONAVIRUS | Business, political parties unite in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

I would like to thank, I take this opportunity to thank the leaders of political parties who are represented in our Parliament for coming through on a Sunday to give their thoughts and express their views on the challenge that is facing the country. Right now, this is a continuation of the consultative process that we had in Cape Town, and some of the leaders had not at the time had an opportunity to speak and to express themselves and this being a national challenge.

All political parties must be seen to be working in unison, together in ensuring that we address this challenge collectively as a nation, and this has then given rise to this opportunity and after they have spoken, we will also have an opportunity to get business Leaders who we have also been meeting to also put their thoughts and their views across. We are fortunate as a nation that we've got a lot of people who mean well for the people of our country and our country.

Indeed, at this trying and challenging time who want to put forward views and thoughts and also the support that they would like to give to the government, as the government is leading this very, very difficult process of making sure that we safeguard the lives of our people. From coronavirus spreading throughout the country, so I allow inter delicata, who is the new right in front of an action, Philip South Africans.

This is the time for patriotism. Patriotism is about the love of your country, the love of your people, whether they vote for you or not vote for you is irrelevant. We want the people of our country to survive and we want to add our voice to what the president announced on Tuesday. It was a decision that having been everything having been considered, the president had the mandate and support from all of us to say he must say the things he said you can see.

When you look in on Sky CNN, you look at other countries, you can see United action by the peoples of different countries and we just want to add our voice. Let us carefully consider what the president has said and let every one of us try to the best of our ability to implement in keeping with those directions. Thank you from the IFP. Thank you very much. We as the IP to support our president for Estonian services provided in this matter together, the Minister of Health and we appealed to all people of South Africa not to panic because our government has all systems in place to make sure that we respond positively to this Pandemic and our play is to Avis, an African to cooperate and to everything that the president has said that we must do and also like to appeal to every sin of this country.

Those who have domestic workers to adopt families of those workers and make sure that they've got sanitizers they've got gloves the cotton mask. That is our colony, our very small way, to make sure that together, we fight this pandemic and on to conclude by saluting our women in white, our doctors, our nurses, health care workers. Those have put themselves at the forefront of this work to protect the signal of this country.

We are together in this. It's time for us to unite as a country. God bless Africa. Honorable, sir

Kima, thank you very much on behalf of the National Freedom Park. Me, let me start by congratulating the government on the initiative that they have put together. Yes, indeed, we have serious challenges in a company and various challenges we are dealing with the matter. It has been brought to the attention of government the expectation in terms of the high levels of pricing in the country, non-compliance with a large number of people attending different gatherings, but these are matters that are receiving attention.

We want to urge all South Africans to come together as one United family while the economy is having a downturn as a result of what is happening. You can still deal with that, but if you start losing tens of thousands of our people, we cannot deal with that. So we want to urge every one of us. Let'S work together, good government. If we do not comply, we are going to be forced to have a shutdown in the country and we need to avoid that.

So, on behalf of the national freedom party, we went to thank the government and all of us here – let's work together in the interests of the company country, and I want to urge all public servants, all those that are represented in all spheres of government, to come together. United, all municipalities to ensure water is provided to our citizens. Their electricity is provided no evictions to take place currently because our people are going through a difficult time.

Thank you very much, and since our commander, in chief President Cyril Ramaphosa, issued orders on Wednesday, we have been telling the people within our structures to go out there and warn the people about this. Underneath. However, the museum believes that to succeed in combating this, this disserve virus we need to have or be guided. Our plan should be guided by three principles or more, that is first discipline, a clean environment, speed and control.

Talking about environment you, we must make sure that our immediate environs a cleaned because if something were to happen to come from those areas which are dumping sites, where you have rats which can easily carry out this virus, we must make sure that tell we Coordinate our work and send a strong message to the municipalities and also request the construction companies and those who own trucks to make sure that, during this period, we clean those areas.

Thank you. This is a time where we all need to put our differences aside and come together as a national government will not be able to destroy this virus on its own. It requires citizens to play their part. If you look at the likes of China, how they managed to get control of this virus, it is because the people play their part and they've complied with all of the regulations that were put in place by the government.

So I want to appeal to all of the citizens to listen to all of the calls to all of the regulations as communicated by the government. I merely because if the people do not act, if the people do not comply, then we are not going to win this battle, the likes of Italy. They are having a lot of people that are currently passing away because initially they undermined or they took for granted the dangers of this virus.

Let us not make that mistake in South Africans also. I want to appeal to the business community, the private sector, to also come on board, because we've seen other countries whereby the banks have reduced the interest rates, they've made payment holidays so appealing to the private sector as well to also come on board because this virus Will be able to defeat it if all of the sectors in our society are coming together from the religious community, traditional community, civic society, private sector, all of the set all of the communities in our country? And lastly, I want to appreciate the role that has been played by the religious community by adjusting to their manners of operation.

Due to the instruction of the president, I want to incur the religious community to further pray for the country and make sure that we educate the people about this virus to make sure that all of the citizens are well aware. The dangers of this virus. Would Chico any clean? I knew Kocaeli and you know the laws. Thank you. Bismillah r-Rahman r-Rahim, Mr. President, we're very proud of the swift action that you executed.

The ultimate party supports all your measures and we are ready to support the commander in chief because defend ending that pandemic, that we have we consider to be worse than a war situation. The pandemic has highlighted the inequalities in our health system, and so the NHI should be brought closer. Also, the infrastructure, especially in the rural areas we know, is hampering you from declaring a lockdown, but we hope that you will have the wisdom of Solomon and give more leadership to the country.

Allah knows best. Thank you very much. Thank you call it. Thank you very much for coming on a Sunday to give your support to the president and the government. We are now calling another group. We have just had another meeting. Thank you very much. We are now calling another group we have died. We have just had a meeting with the business as we have had from the president. We will now have Minister Patel speaking to us at that meeting and thereafter we will have a business.

Also responding. The president will remain here. The president won't say much because he has a lot on his plate for tonight, so he won't say much now, Minister Patel first thank you very much colleague and good afternoon to members of the media. Mr. President, we convened a meeting today that the president chaired it was held with a group of representatives from various business organizations like boosts the BBC BLS a Banking Association, the major insurance companies, and it was to consolidate a single approach to the economy.

To ensure that we look after the vulnerable to ensure that we take into account the needs of consumers and our people and what the meeting focused on is, we gave a report on the work that government is doing, work that we're doing in monitoring the impact Of the global slowdown on our economy because we sell goods to other parts of the world, we shared with the business community also the work that we're doing to ensure that these basic stocks of health products in South Africa that they are food and other stocks Available to our people, we provided information on the competition, exemptions and price regulations that have been published in the last number of days.

We also talked about what we can do: the support vulnerable enterprises, particularly small businesses, and and and and reach out to workers that are affected by this. I think what came out of the meeting was excellent ideas, lots of proposals and thoughts that were given, which will now be fit into the Command Council that the president will chair this afternoon and following all of that, the president will, of course, having reflected on all Of this provide a message to the nation India cause later so really what the meeting did was.

It showed enormous convergence of thinking and a real commitment to working together with a belief by the business community and government that we can see our way through that the difficult times we live through. We can do what is right for people and we have got pledges of support of collaboration of cooperation, and that was what we dealt with. Of course, a lot of the detail, his Excellency the president, will be communicating later, and I think the media will understand that these would have covered issues relating to the labor market to different sectors and so on.

So I wonder if we could perhaps just allow some of the business people also definitely the paper. Thank You, Minister Patel. The first representative of the business will be Mr. Soman. Thank you. The black Business Council, which was part of this very of grass Mattoon, fully appreciates the role that the president and his executive have played in giving confidence to the nation and in dealing with very critical issues.

There is no doubt in our minds that the sacrifices that businesses as a whole are making I'll continue to make and will be expected to make a full appreciation by the powers that be, and so as a business. We have committed to work with not only with the government but also with other social partners in making sure that Pradesh number one we flatten the curve were faced with an unprecedented sketch, let's flatten the curve, let's honor the social distance protocols and beyond that, we'll Be working together to ameliorate the hazards and the hardships that ordinary working people and ordinary South Africans are experiencing right now.

Thank you. Thank you. Mr. Simmons, the next business rep is Mr. Kingston. Thank you and thank you. President. We had a very constructive meeting this morning where we shared the work that business unity, South Africa and all businesses, including BBC business formations. Individual businesses are doing. We have created an integrated approach. We have offered our support to the president and his executive to work collaboratively with them mobilized very significant resources to look in particular the impact on health care, the labor market and obviously, economic interventions in the immediate short-term in the medium-term and over time.

Because we recognize that this is going to be with us, not just for the next few months, but the ravages of coronavirus are going to be with this country for a long time to come. Therefore, to prepare ourselves not only for the immediate future, about four key interventions taking place thereafter, and we have committed ourselves to work, as I said, on an aligned basis on all key aspects of the economy, particularly mindful of the high levels of unemployment.

The need to address SM, Emmys and Township economies, critical supply chains and other such interventions too. We can ward off the worst aspects of the economy currently. Thank you very much, minister. Thank you. Mr. Kingston, the last uh speaker from the business is Mr. Wayne Wright. Thank you on behalf of the banking association of South Africa. We would like to thank the president for the leadership that he has shown to date and continues to show him and his leadership team, one of which such leadership was the meeting that we hosted today.

I think, as South Africans, in a time like this, we can be extremely proud and confident in our banking and financial services sector, which is globally recognized around the world for its strengths. Our members and the industry is very well positioned to collaborate with businesses, our clients, with governments with our regulators, in helping the nation deal with this crisis that we're facing. We have, to date, already been working extensively through the various ministries and the regulatory bodies to ensure that we play our role, and it is a critical and significant role that we will play as not just banks best financial services companies to help our customers and broader Society in South Africa in dealing with this crisis, I can assure you we are very well positioned to do this.

We are working tirelessly our members over tirelessly, together with our regulators and the various ministries, to ensure that we achieve this. So we expressed a lot of confidence again. We thank the president at his leadership team for the work that has been done to date and we look forward to working with them over the coming weeks and months. Thank you very much. Thank you, cornets. That was the last representative of the business.

As you know, we are now going to a meeting of the National Command concerned led by the president. You'Ll also know that, after that meeting sometime in the evening, the president will speak to the nation. We would let you know at what time, but again a reminder to the media, because we will not have an opportunity to ask the president questions. You will ask us questions tomorrow, at their core, many ministers will be gathered there to further elaborate and take questions on what the president would have said to the nation tonight.

Thank you very much. Sarah

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Iran’s COVID-19 crisis fuelled by politics and religion

The regime would like you to see Beautiful shots of tranquil cities. People lining up in an orderly fashion to have their temperature checked at roadblocks. All images of a situation well in hand Reinforced by the soothing commentary of a designated government spokesman – Not quite Not only did Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, not manage this situation. Well from the beginning, he denied there was any problem.

He said the outbreak was hoax propaganda from Iran's enemies. Today he acknowledged it was real but likely planted in Iran by the United States. Iranian American Borzou Daragahi covers the ran for the British newspaper, The Independent. He says the regime had first provided two explanations for the outbreak: One is, it was propaganda aimed at besmirching, Iran and China, and so on and the other is that it's some sort of bioweapon And you hear that from people — loonies on all sides around The world, including in Iran, [ Reporter ], But soon there was undeniable evidence from the holy city of Qom, that the outbreak was underway Cell phone article emerged of coffins being hurriedly buried at a cemetery along with allegations that deaths were being covered up [ Reporter ] Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, eventually acknowledged that there was a problem But suggested it was not serious enough to require any quarantine.

He encouraged people to vote in the February 21st elections. The regime was a disaster in the way it handled it. Canadian journalist, Graham Wood, covers Iran for Atlantic magazine. So if it had early on just said, the city of Qom needs to be contained. You have to practice extreme social distancing and please please do not go out in the street to vote. Then they would have probably slowed down the epidemic and maybe bought themselves some time to not be completely paralyzed by it Then came the infamous scene with Iraj Harirchi, Iran's Deputy Health Minister, trying to play down the outbreak while coughing and sweating on camera.

It was soon revealed that he had contracted COVID-19 and that gave people an indication that maybe the government doesn't have this in hand. If the person who is responsible for fighting the virus is standing there, coughing on his colleagues sweating around them and probably involved in a super spreader event himself on camera. Trita Parsi is the founder of the National Iranian American Council. When you have a government at a time of crisis at a time of a pandemic and there isn't public confidence and trust in what they say and what they do, then that just makes the pandemic and the crisis around it all the more dangerous [ Reporter ] Sure enough, the virus started spreading through the upper ranks of the Iranian government, including Vice President Masoumeh Ebtekar, who sat just feet from the president at a leadership meeting.

Then a very senior member of the council that chooses the Supreme Leader died of the virus and before long, the list of the infected and the dead in the upper ranks of the government became astonishingly large. And so I think, there's also a case where a lot more people in Iran have it, but the ones that stand out are the ones who get the test and the ones who tend to get the test and go to the front of the line.

To get the test are the political elite. Over the years, there has been a distinctive characteristic of Iranian society that makes it especially vulnerable to a pandemic The devotion of intense religious believers on display at local shrines, And this is almost perfectly what you're supposed to do during a contagious epidemic. That is touching your face, touching pieces of metal that other people have recently been touching, And so the rituals that have been enacted for hundreds of years.

There are unfortunately well designed to spread a virus like this, so there have been some Imams, some Ayatollahs who have said keep on doing this, Keep on doing this, God likes it and he'll protect you. The government announced it because of the pandemic. The religious shrines would be closed. The local Imams would have none of it. This is tremendously dangerous. We have now a study from a leading university in Iran that says that if these precautions are not taken seriously, then this can lead to a pandemic inside of Iran.

That would leave three and a half million people dead. True believers recorded themselves licking the gates of a shrine supposedly to clean off the coronavirus. It shows I think, the danger of fundamentalism in Iran, as well as you know, other places where extremists feel the need to assert themselves. The government put out propaganda images showing men with fogging machines, supposedly disinfecting entire streets, which most experts regard as useless in fighting this virus.

Meanwhile, horrific articles began appearing on Iranian social media showing the real depth of the crisis In this one recorded in the Qom morgue. The dead are piled up in body bags on the floor because there is no place to put them This week. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that, despite the pandemic, the United States was increasing sanctions against Iran. Many see that as a grave mistake that could hurt the rest of the world If this virus is allowed to fester and grow in any other country.

The risk of that spreading elsewhere is significant, Very very significant. Now we know quite clearly that in this globalized world, with this amount of interaction, that the spread of the virus anywhere actually constitutes a threat to humanity everywhere, Iran marked the Persian New Year on Friday, An occasion that usually involves family celebrations. Perhaps a visit to the cemetery to honor departed loved ones.

Instead, the celebrations are canceled and trips to the cemetery are reserved for new burials of family members. Today, the Iranian death toll reached 1685 Terence Mckenna, CBC News Toronto.

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