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Welcome back to raw food prep class. Today, we’ve got another delicious recipe for you and we’re going to get into some of the liquid feasting, and what do I mean by that? I mean soups, making soups once again, soup making is one of those staple foods.

Everyone eats soup, everyone. Most people know how to make soup. Soup is normally just boiling vegetables in water until it just become soup. What we’re going to do today is make soup, probably faster than you’ve ever made before tastier than you’ve ever seen. Tasted. Well, when you make it yourself tastier than you would have ever tasted before and colorful, amazingly colorful, not losing all of that color in the cooking and we’re going to do that is with using our blender.

🙂 – >FUNFACT: Pumpkin seeds are a great addition to Soups!

Now, once again, I’m going to be using the power blender, but you can use a hand blender with this recipe or you can use a normal smoothie maker with this recipe it will work with that. You might just need to build a little bit longer. The recipe we’re going to be doing is a tomato and red pepper soup. So we’re going to be blending up tomatoes, red peppers and some other ingredients, and literally five minutes.

Your supers done on the table ready to be eaten soup normally as a half day to hold a affair with things slowly simmering and adding spices and getting the flavors right. Will this recipe it’s so easy, just tucking in a blender turning it on and having an awesome soup? So let’s get started you’ll notice. The first thing in the blender is that it’s got some water in it. Now this waters been warmed through slightly.

So that’s a boil: there’s just gotten a bit hot. That way we can have a hot soup and some of you were wondering or cold soups. None about that doesn’t have to be cold. You can have it warm by using hot water as your base. Okay, so we’ve got the hot water in there and now we’re going to get going with the tomatoes first and that’s some great big Tomatoes here start with 3, i’m going to pull off the little green, but that is actually poisonous.

If you have enough of that. Just chopping it into quarters is fine for the blender, so tomatoes are great to eat because they got a lot of something called lycopene in it. What happens with like a penis? It becomes more absorbable available when you’re blending it or you when you’re cooking it. As I’m not partial to cooking, I prefer blending it and using warm water does the same thing, but if you look at it tomato by cutting it open and certain segments of it as well, when you look at it, it’s just got the most beautiful water eNOS.

It’s great for for getting liquid into our systems for higher for making us hydrated, and it’s also particularly good for for the lungs and for the reproductive system with the seeds. Many benefits with tomatoes: okay to more urgently for tomatoes, are in next we go out red peppers. Now these are beautiful. Looking red peppers thing to remember with your red pepper, is that a green pepper is green because it’s not ripe, whereas a red pepper is a green pepper, that’s ripe! So it’s not there’s a different kind of pepper.

It’s just that the ones picked when it’s actually ripe and picking fruit when it’s ripe is much better for your health and picking fruit when it’s not ripe, because the fruit draws up all the nutrients at the end of its ripening period. So that’s when you’re getting most of the flavor developing as well. So it’s had a chance to ripen on the plant to absorb all those minerals in it that your body craves we’re going to chop that up into two squares to blend that through nicely as well.

This is another reason why, when you go to the shops, red peppers are more expensive than green peppers, because it’s quicker to grow something when you pick it not right to letting it grow all the way to being ripe. Okay, now he has an important question: what do you do with that? The seeds of the pepper you take it outside and you throw it in your garden and then it’s going to grow pepper plants, never waste anything out of your garden.

This is how many pepper plants does that maybe 30 or 40 red pepper plants that you can grow and, if you think of how much money that’s going to save you in the long run. Just from planting this, one pepper seeds phenomenal so really get into any of the fruit that you have, if you cut it open and their seeds in it, put it in your vegetable garden. True, okay, let’s do one more I like to add but more of this because it gives the super bit more of a texture to it.

It’s not so watery Tomatoes quite watery, so it does make the soup quite watery excellent, but the peppers in so tomatoes peppers. What else we got? Ah red, onions? Ok, so I use red onions. I prefer red onions to white onions because they’re red now the color in food indicates the antioxidants in the food antioxidants. Remember those things that stop us from rusting from the inside out and the more color it has the deeper the colors.

The more antioxidants are present, so the red onions got plenty of antioxidants in it. I’r just going to need about a quarter of a red onion for this amount of soup. Yeah quarter, rest of your red onion, keep and use that for another soup. Okay, now we’re going to get into some more flavoring aspects. We start off with basil. We’ve got a mixture of purple and green basil once again, purple color amazing, color too there’s so few foods are actually purple.

So if you can get hold of purple basil, excellent, excellent potent strong, smelling and tasting basil, so we’re given these or rinse we’re just going to pop all of that in their mothers or finish its go basil and bezels also incredibly easy herb to grow in your Garden, get a seedling, get some seed, get it growing. It really likes a lot of sunlight, so it’s normally only going to grow in the middle or towards the end of summer.

Okay. What else do we have for flavor? We have a little bit of rock salt, and this is Himalayan rock salt. It’s a type of salt. That’s been laid down, thousands, if not millions of years ago, and it’s a complete mineral salt like sea salt is so yeah. You could choose either sea salt or rock salt. I put a bit of that in this is very different salt to the salt that you get you buy, packets of iodized, table salt iodized table salt is not the same thing.

It’s gone through a process where a lot of the minerals are lost and a lot of toxic things are added to it. So make sure you getting a natural source of salt, either sea salt or rock salt is a thing to go through. Go for okay. What else have we got? Ah now we like to have our soup a little creamy, but I’m not going to use any animal cream in here. So i’m going to use nuts and I’ve got some cashew nuts raw cashew nuts and they’ll, give it a creaminess and slack more of a heaviness to the soup to make it more filling.

So I’m just going to put about a handful of cashews in there. Two more there we go. What else is on the table? We’ve got some olive oil, olive oil again bit of an oil eNOS and taste to you, soup for your soup. So just add in about a tablespoon to two tablespoons in there yeah that’ll. Do it that’ll sink through, and then we have all these ones? Let’s put these and go G berries. Now I talked about go geez all the time, because they’re amazing amazing, amazing food.

They have incredible nutritional values to them, so add them into whatever you can now. The reason I want to put them in the soup, firstly, is the color we’re trying to make a red soup red go G. Berries will make it an amazing red orange color. Second reason I want to add the goji berries is for its thickening properties. Go geez make the soup thick, so it acts as a natural thickness. You don’t have to use any other thickness yea once again, not a handful will be fine for that excellent got the goji zip.

Obviously the main thing the goat cheese are doing is upping the nutrient density of our soups and making it have more nutritional value for us and remember we eat for nutritional value. So you want to keep thinking I’m going to add the nutritional value of this meal. What else have I got our got a little bit of cayenne, pepper now, Kane pepper is a type of chili and I like to add chili pot, especially to the red soup color again, but also that spiciness goes very well with the red pepper and with the Tomato, if you don’t like spicy food, you don’t have to add it and Kane pepper is very spicy, so be careful that you don’t add too much in there.

Nothing i’m going to put in about half a teaspoon, I’m actually looking forward to a bit of spiciness. Today and in winter adding spices to your soup is an excellent way of making it warming to the body. So all our ingredients in you can see. I amazingly had layers other thing: you’ll notice is I’ve laded that the most water content foods are at the bottom. So that means that the tomato has got most water in its at the bottom and then goes.

I have to dry a dryer. That’s so that the blades, when they start spinning, have something to grab onto because if you throw the dry stuff in first it’ll, probably get stuck and then you’ll have to use the tamper to squash it or take it all out and put it back in. So this makes it blend a lot easier. Other things you could add are things like garlic. If you like garlic or any other herbs or aghanim is one that comes to mind, but you can play with flavors there.

But let’s get this blending and see what it looks like ready. You want to leave it blending, so you don’t hear, knocks and things because when it’s knocking the little bits are so solid bouncing around. We want a suit to be completely smooth, so you want to blend it until it’s looks and sounds like it’s completely smooth, so very much depends on what you’ve actually put in the blender okay. Now one of the most important things, obviously is the taste test.

Because have you put enough salt? Did you put in too much spice you’ve got to test all of the stuff and that you really can do only with your taste buds. So a teaspoon comes in handy for that wow. That is quite spicy, but I love it. It is excellent, so I’m going to pull that out into a bowl. You can see the amazing orange color in that. If you wanted a more red, you can add in more cane pepper or more goji, berries that’ll make it more red.

Now you have to garnish something properly and what I like the most is the sprouts that I’ve grown in the kitchen garden sprout errs. These are falfa amazing sprouts. Most people have had our felt at some point: grow them in your kitchen, garden, sprouter and then use a handful of that on top perfect. Now, you’ve got some living green sprout energy in your soup, and that’s it. We’ve made a tomato soup, it’s taken us maximum five minutes, it tastes amazing.

It looks amazing anyone’s going to be impressed and think that you’ve been slaving away at the stove for hours, but all you’ve done is just blended up a few things. So we’re going to tuck into that and enjoy that and try this at home see how it works out. If it’s not going smooth enough, maybe you need to likely steam your vegetables to get it soft enough. Maybe your blender can’t handle the the solidness, but just try it you’ll figure out a way to make it delicious now.

Why is this soup better than buying a soup or four shelf in a supermarket somewhere packaged one a ready made meal? Firstly, you’ve put your own love attention and energy into making it mom’s food always tastes better than any other food, and there’s a reason for that, because she loves to feed her children and in that way, when someone makes it themselves there’s always an energy of love And caring that comes through with that food and that can’t be matched with anything that you’re buying the shop.

Secondly, you’ve had control over the ingredients, so you know exactly what’s gone in there. You know you’ve put in good organic ingredients and you have not put in any poisons what poisons could be in there. Well, there could be preservatives that could be flavorants. It could be colorants. There could be all manner of poisons present in package soups that you got to be careful of. You have to read the ingredients and then you’ll learn about that.

What else yeah it’s as quick as may be pouring something in and mixing it through. Maybe a little bit longer, but certainly not as long as doing on a stove. So blending is much quicker for that and I suppose also you learning how to feed yourself as opposed to relying on a shop or someone else to do it for you, which is so important to do, knowing what to do for yourself to nourish yourself. Taking that time for yourself to actually honor your body, it’s the only body you have in this life and, if you’re expecting someone else to do it for you, it’s not going to happen.

You’re just going to get inferior grade low nutrient dense foods that are not going to give your body what it needs, which is that nutrient boost. The other thing, of course, is that the extreme processing that a lot of these things go in to go through to get onto the shelf means that it’s been very denatured. So any vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and certainly antioxidants, are probably not even there anymore by the time you end up eating it.

So, what’s the point of eating food, if it’s not actually giving your nutrition we eat for nutrition for nutrients, so you need to make your own to make sure you’re getting the nutrients in that’s enough reasons to start making your own soup and lastly, of course, is A taste amazing, so full flavor, you can add flavors to it. Okay, enough talking make your own okay excellent. Thank you! Sayonara, most of best soup ever yeah.

I think everyone’s going to want to try this come along. We’ve got some more balls back their legs. Oh around 70, a kilo. So if we’re using a hundred grams there’s a lot that normally picking back, I sell these little better. Oh yeah there were people of messenger Larry hands for, like twenty bucks, yeah grams of nuts father kept protein at all protein. Oh no! You want it now teaspoons, but hey. Thank you very yeah.

Oh you got Big Springs. No, I think, there’s no squeeze an asset makes it go long. Hmm, it’s not half an eater, you just hot water, right, hmm, hot soup! That’s man feels so light. It’s like eating light. Hmm, you are eating, like hmm, transform line, hmm lightly, sound mmm, but boiling water. You could you like to see popping on you, don’t have to use boiling water and the kettle has an anomaly. Point2 water does at 70 Celsius.

It doesn’t like going about 70 because that’s where the molecule stop being deranged, when your kettle will go to around it’ll, take most of the Sun would be around 78 I’ll quickly go to 70 and will stay there for about half the time. It’s boiling then, at the very end, for the last say ten seconds: they’ll shoot up 200. So you can stop it’s a 20 seconds before boils and it’ll be a 79 and 100 and your water wouldn’t have deranged and it’s not spoiling.

But my and that’ll burn your mouth 55 will, if you want it really 55 will burn your mouth and it changed their effect or anything. Well. How about people use it for killing germs and such what is it Jim? It’s just bacteria yeah heaviest organ in our body is bacteria right in kilogram of flora, more cells, more from nor organisms back to olin, isms and cells in our body, Oh seriously, something whose body is it it’s more than than they are of us, but I’m certainly There we asked who I’m that which is conscious or Burton someone’s overrun with them parasites and Candida, yeast and mold, which are also just bacteria, which most people are that stuff likes a certain brand of food as its energy, refined, carbs, refined, sugars and processed meat or Meat, so you think about consciousness of all those millions and millions of organisms and your consciousness from your cells, which is fast mall in proportion wise and how many units they are like people think well yeah.

I very well about eating this junk you’re right. It’s the yeast model, fungus, bacteria and parasites that are influencing consciousness to equal Bayless energy like even then. This morning I was hungry after I got super foods coming, I must have eat crap and I bought jungle. Oats pause – I was like sorry juggalos, but like it’s not very healthy, is it is sugar and stuff we’re turning um and, like other when I’ll come home.

There’s like a banana bread like there’s a mango there and there’s banana bread, and I’m like, I know which one’s good for me, but I got ta eat it. I’r feeding the because you who am I feeding bacteria Candida fungus, molds yeast. We have a visitor and because silos hello, I mean the corporation yeah, so she’ll check this outside god. That’s expect the nearest exit. Maybe I’m scared, maybe I’m scared, maybe I’m maybe I’m maybe I’m free and alone.

I maybe I’m scared me happy dreaming of a broken heart since the day we made happened, dreaming of a broken heart and I can’t forehead



My name is Scott, and today we’re talking about food. How food affects mood these top 10 foods, that I’m encouraging you to research and to incorporate into your diet. Ask your doctor again. Do more research, I’m not a nutritionist! I’r not a doctor, just a guy who reads a bit experiments with this body and tries new things to make himself feel better.

That’s all I do that’s it now. This blog is all about attacking depression and anxiety from every possible angle. Seeing what works seeing? What doesn’t throw away the fluff and keep all the good stuff? That’s what this blog is all about. I’r not saying you’re going to eat these 10 foods and feel better right away and that’s put all your eggs in one basket. I’r just going to work on my diet, then that’s it! No, it’s not the way.

I have experienced depression, anxiety and managing symptoms. It’s more attacking memory of every angle, I’m going to try these different foods. Maybe a few, maybe one to see how I feel, but alongside that, I’m going to do some therapy and then how about some medication and then how about some exercise and then meditation on the side attack it from all angles. This isn’t the be-all-end-all okay. These foods are just to spark some ideas for you to do some more research and think about your diet.

That’s it alright! Top 10 foods, I’m encouraging you to try. 3. 2. 1. Go number 1 whole grains. Now, there’s already going to be debate in the comments. Scott whole grains isn’t that gluten gluten is bad for you, isn’t it if you’re celiac, yes like allergic to gluten, yes and there’s all these published books about how how gluten and wheat you know that book, the Wheat Belly about how wheat destroys your brain and eats Away at at your neurons and makes you gain weight well, yeah.

I could see gained weight, cuz, it’s full of carbs and if you don’t exercise yeah, it just turns into fat, but just just hold on okay, just hold on anything from porridge to brown, rice to rye, bread, the thing about whole grains: oh, they have vitamin b6. B12, now b12 s have been studied and proven it’s some degree to help with depression. Okay, so that’s one thing: n vitamin b9, the great thing about whole grains guys is they have a low glycemic index, meaning meaning, if you’re going to have bread in the morning.

It’s not going to spike your blood sugar levels like say a can of coke does, or glass of orange juice. Okay, the lower glycemic index means you’re going to feel fuller for longer and think of just energy trickling through your blood throughout the day. So you stay full and you have that energy to maintain brain function. What happens when you drink a glass of orange juice, which a glass of orange juice can be like? Seven oranges squeezed in there? That’s a shitload of sugar.

It doesn’t matter if it comes from orange and it’s going to rock it that blood sugar level you’re going to feel home. I got jolt and then you’re going to crash great thing about whole grains. Low glycemic index mean you get sustained energy throughout the day. It just trickles in your bloodstream. It’s a beautiful thing. Number two quinoa spelled ke en wuah. No, that’s not how it’s spelt at all, but it should right come on English.

Now the great thing about quinoa and soy is it’s the only vegetarian protein. That is all nine essential amino acids. It’s also very high in copper, manganese, magnesium and magnesium is actually proven to help migraine sufferers. I know it’s funny because my dad has suffered from migraines, since he was 20 years old and just over the Christmas break um, he had a terrible migraine where I’m downstairs.

I can hear him crying and he’s upstairs two floors up and he’s pounding on the ground and it lasted like 13 14 hours, throwing up the whole deal just completely debilitating now. Magnesium doesn’t help that he’s tried. Everything he’s tried everything if you have a migraine cure for my dad and he’s tried everything all types of different therapy and – and he uses a what’s – it called a breathing machine for sleep apnea because he has sleep apnea too um.

Any cures. Let me know number three almonds almonds: you know what sucks about almonds, they’re so expensive. Just like any now we’re going to talk about walnuts in a second and and you cashews, oh my god, I realize you can’t afford these things, but let’s talk about it anyways. So almonds have this magical brain ingredient called phenyl alanine. I could actually google the pronunciation there and it’s an amino acid and it helps the production of dopamine and dopamine.

Is that feel good um neurotransmitter, where you know you’re rewarded with something and it’s like? Ah, that feels good. That’s why, every time you get a text or a like on your Facebook, page, dopamine surge, if you like. Ah, then, you get that tent in your pants and you’re, like no just kidding. Almonds are also very high in vitamin E and also have been proven to reduce your cholesterol or the LDL bad cholesterol.

Number four is pecans, pecans and X. I know they’re all expensive. I’r sorry, I’m sorry. Excellent source of vitamin e actually has 19 vitamins and minerals, also a great source of choline, the chemical precursor to acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter proven to slow down neuron or neuro degeneration, pretty cool the more neurons, the better right as long as you’re. Creating those nice pathways of positivity and not overthinking bad things, and then you get bad pathways.

I don’t know what I’m talking about. Number five didn’t see this one coming: pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds, I don’t like pumpkin seeds, Halloween people take them out of the pumpkin and they roast them in the oven. I don’t I don’t think that’s great, so they put like salt or seasoning on them, but the benefits are they’re very high in zinc, pumpkin, seeds and zinc is said to be used in the hippocampus, which is there for long-term and short-term memory.

The more zinc in there, the better right, eat your pumpkin seeds. They also have a very high amount of omega-3 and Omega those fatty acids. You need those for the brain, the brains, all fat. You need fat in there, sunflower seeds. If you haven’t, eaten sunflower seeds before um, don’t just go for the ones that are taken out of their shells already and put a bunch in your mouth. No, you have to work for them.

Okay, you get a bag spits. I have I actually have spits I have spits hold on hold on. I have spits check this out, so these are cracked pepper. Some go with the salt, some go with the plain and you get you load a bunch in your cheek anyways suck on them and you really got work for a feed. Oh yeah, there’s one you’re bringing to the side. Let me chew that one and then you work on the cheek. It’s it’s an amazing thing: avocados mmm they are delicious.

I love putting them in salad. People do the the toast and then cream cheese and avocado, that’s disgusting, or am I getting that mixed up anyways? I just haven’t been like salads, you can eat them on their own. You can put them in a smoothie delicious, yes, expensive. Yes, they are expensive. Everything. That’s good, for you is expensive in the price of food, at least in Canada is increasing. Fresh food is increasing, fresh produce government, you got ta, do something you got ta farmers excellent job, keep doing what you’re doing but like you want to eat healthy, and it’s very hard to do so anyway.

So avocados very high in unsaturated fat, which increases blood flow, decreases blood pressure, great for hair health, skin health and actually wrote this down because I don’t know how to exactly pronounce this. But the Aztecs named the avocado tree. Aha doh a HUAC ATL, a hawk cattle, a ha cattle or in English testicle tree, and they named it that because avocados increase your libido, so the Aztecs were horny all the time.

If your libido is a little down, you have a have a quarter of an avocado. Let’s see what happens. Number eight eggs. I bet you didn’t see this one coming now for those vegans, I’m sorry, I am sorry and eggs are not essential. Just like all meat and animal products aren’t essential there, many healthy vegans out there eggs. You don’t got to do. Okay, fish, you don’t have to do. You just have to supplement and get get your omega-3s and protein and vitamins elsewhere.

Okay, but eggs, also high in choline, which we talked about tryptophan, which we also talked about, has everyb vitamin and and high in protein, and protein is essential for muscular growth and brain development, and we all know that and number nine green tea cannot stress this enough. If you don’t like the taste of green tea, you can learn to love it. You can. You can force yourself to eat foods and then, finally, like it, that’s what I did with olives, I hated olives.

I ate one a day for like three weeks now. I love olives. It’s interesting right. You can do that. Try with green tea, try what I do with green tea. Is I steep it for so long that it gets bitter, and I love that bitter taste and after I have a cup I actually am more thirsty. After drinking it than before, but I love green tea, the cool thing about green tea has antioxidants, called polyphenols would actually regulate your glucose levels and increase dopamine, and we talked about dopamine how that’s that reward neurotransmitter get a text.

Well, this time have a sip of green tea feel good, feel real good. Alright, try green tea! If you don’t like the taste at first, try putting it a bit of honey, put a bit of it, put a bit of honey in there and see how you like it number ten last but not least, dark chocolate. Can you believe it can you believe it now? I just let me read this here that I printed off again doing a bit of research, I’m doing research for all of you.

Thank you for supporting the blog. Thank you. The cocoa bean was referred by the Mayans and Aztecs as its scientific name. Theobroma cocoa means food of the gods. That’s amazing, very cool. Now this is interesting. There’s magnesium, a lot of magnesium and dark chocolate. 50 % of people in industrialized countries, meaning US and Canada, are magnesium deficient. I don’t know about that. Obviously depends on you drive, but 50 % of people magnesium deficient.

That’s a little. That’s a little hard to to believe that was really the only good thing about the dark chocolate other than it has those antioxidants as well and can also lower blood pressure with dark chocolate it just I don’t like milk chocolate anymore. It feels too waxy and sugary. I, like the high cocoa, like 78 80 %. Those were the 10 foods that I would recommend trying. Now again, I’m not a nutritionist doctor.

I don’t know a lot about this stuff. Maybe you have suggestions and research you want to share with me. Please comment below and and share some different foods that may have helped you maybe different supplements. I know we’re talking about Omega 3s and B vitamins and choline as a vitamin as well. You can take please. Let me know please like please share again the point of this blog. It’s sharing man sharing is caring.

It’s all about spreading the word of mental health, helping each other through tough times, helping us feel better, be more content with our lives. A lot of that’s psychology with the food, some of its diet and biology. That’s what it comes down to brain chemistry. Things like that! So, let’s, let’s be nice to each other in the comments have an awesome day. Don’t forget to subscribe! Take care!



Rough Hawkbit Identification – Wild Edible Superfoods

My name is owen fox from higher self herbst calm and on fox org, and today I want to show you ruf hawk bit. It’s a wild green, edible, a wild, green superfood. It’s something has like dandelion looking flowers, but right now is this early spring. So it hasn’t come up, but its main, it’s totally edible. It’s men, it tastes friendly. It’s like fairly nice enough. The main difference between this and dandelion is, first of all, look at the shape the leaves they have like almost like a knife like very soft, like badges.

Second of all, has hairs. So if you look carefully anything feel it has hairs, so it’s perfectly edible. I’ve already eaten a few, you Scott hairs, underneath and also on top, and of course you can see. The striations are like the dagger type like knife type of em. Look to here beside you can see, plantain leaves like longleaf, plantain, ribbed and stringy, and here is down the line down. The line is like totally different, as you can see and no hairs and it’s smooth so all right.

I hope to help so I’m checking my links below for my higher self curbs web shop and you can get my wild green superfood blend and order things like order and foraging articles. You you



Superfoods Peru (eng)

An 84 of the plan is 103 life zones. Blue has domesticated over 4500 native species and also adopted all those that reach our land from the limits of the planet, thus making Peru a country of great of a cultural diversity.

Oh Bruce fertile fields, valleys mountains, Amazon planes and even deserts growing harmony with environment, mangoes, avocat, various vegetables, grains, cereals, cocoa and many other plants that are a treasure of foods for mankind, novel era, cultural techniques allowed to trace promise, Alondra productive chains and provide equality and Food security, certifications required by markets, thus leading to sustain experts, growth, more markets, demand, new flavors and techniques, and better foods for investors, have chargin a local agribusinesses and accomplish remarkable results.

Superfoods Peru,



Sister Circle | Superfood Vegetable Soup For The Soul with Chef Ahki | TVONE

What do you like it or not? Listen. It is cold and flu season, but there’s nothing more than a soothing healing cup of hot soup, which I need right now and to hear to anoint us with some healing powers of hers. Vegetable soup is the beautiful chef key chef. Please help us out like it was a struggle for me to read through that yeah people hurt me always happy to be here with you guys.

What do you have today? I got some vegetables, I’m going to hook. You up today miss quad, so I’ve got a what I call mommy’s nourishing soup and I caught that because it’s actually one of the recipes and my latest book super foods for the modern baby. The babies are modern these days, that’s right, so this is for mommies infants and toddlers and mothers to be oh right. So it’ll take you through that whole phase of nourishing yourself yeah.

This is a nourishing soup that I made when me and my son took a trip and we both got sick, oh wow, and we both caught the flu, and it just happened again this season, where everybody in my house is sick yeah. So I had to crank out the seaweed soup. This is really nourishing because it’s got all the vitamins and minerals from wakame. So I just want to walk you through these ingredients and you can actually dump that on yes right here here we got it now.

That is, seaweed called wacom, a it’s block of vitamins and full of minerals. So you, when you get sick, you don’t want to eat, but you still need to be nourished yeah. It’s just strengthening! So that’s very important if you could put some scallions on give it. Some flavor love that we’re going to throw in a little bit of ginger. Okay, and what is the ginger helps you in terms of important it’s going to really help it, your lungs we’re just going to put half of that in it.

There we go okay, it’s good for the lungs, it’s good for your entire bronchial systems, yes, flush out all that mucus, yeah, very, very bright! Now! Yes, we need that. We’re going to add some zucchini i’ma turn my flame up just a little bit. Okay and we’re going to add some zucchini to that again, we want some nourishment a little bit of onion powder. Okay, we’re going to add a something really amazing called dulse again another seaweed.

This is a seaweed seasoning. It kind of gives your soup almost like. I’r an Asian type of flavor like looks like a fishy flavor like if you would use fish sauce, so it’s almost like making a, but not it’s so not as strong or salty ya know. Sometimes I fish sauce could be a little salty, but it can’t be salt. It is now this is coconut aminos. You know, I always use this. Yes, soy sauce and I add a little bit of sesame oil and some wine.

Okay and that’s really it that’s all. Yeah now I’d like to braise it ask, for this only takes about 10 minutes to stew up, and if you want to really like make it a little more hearty you can by adding in I, like bok choy a little bit about you in there and then A soup for me, I got you, I got you quiet, I’m also going to put some noodles in there just to kind of give us a little bit of hardiness. Okay.

These are kamut noodles, because you really want to stay away from starches. Why you’re sick? So this doesn’t have all that gluten in it. So what about in terms of the content effect with those last week and uh? You know four pounds. Oh No! Well, we listen. I got sick recently and I lost about two pounds and I kind of enjoyed that. But now I want to put it all back on so you’re not going to get a lot of fat from these noodles.

But you are going to get a lot of nourishment. Okay, I’m going to give it a start. So do we go ahead and put some of those in yeah? Actually we can put some of that in now. Am I throwing a little bit of bok choy and we’ll be ready to go yeah and you can honestly for adults? I would add a little bit of cayenne pepper. I love it. You can add a little turmeric to it if you want, which is wonderful as well, and I honestly, if my son is like really Restless I’ll, add a little bit of CBD oil turn.

I don’t know if everybody’s starting to use CBD, but in my household we are using really high quality CBD and I’ve been in the lab. You guys ever since I released this book and I am working with some of phenomenal people on getting some high quality CBD oil in the kitchen, so stay tuned for that see maybe daeho’s in the kitchen. Yes, just to help with it. Just relaxation and anxiety, which I think we all experience and when you’re sick you just want to rest so excess CBD is great for insomnia.

It’s wonderful just to help you to relax. So I’ve also been using that in my culinary stuff – and you give it to the baby. Yes, absolutely you can. It is safe to do this all pull through a little black chewy in there and just be done about five minutes that soup soothes us so much when we’re sick or not feeling well or when it’s like wintertime. It’s just something warm right, yeah. It just feels good on your throat and you know and you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need without overdoing it and getting making yourself feel more heavy.

It’s just so nourishing. If you put the right things in it, it’s going to do the trick and get you well, but also you can add herbs. You can even start to add different things like citrus fruits. Grapefruit juice is really wonderful as well, and you can also just really get hydrated as much as possible, while you’re sick rest get hydrated, maybe steam. Those things can really help so stay well. During this this season, you guys I was going to add more noodles and on my car you really need to brah.

So don’t yeah don’t do too much yeah you can that looks really good. How nice this is you see how the sea we just kind of took on all that broth? Yes, nice, beautiful yeah, and I’m going to let everybody have a taste of this. I’r going to get up just a little bit more broth awesome just because I need it in my life, yes and it smells so amazing, a little pinch of salt, a pinch, a side: okay, little Himalayan situation, pinch of Himalayan stuff; okay, I’m going to just truly Drink this, as if I would, if I was going to age and rest, I’m going to taste it like this.

Let me know what you think absolutely amazing. I feel better already with this amazing soup of many other delicious recipes. You want to follow her on social media at chef, Haji,



What is leaky gut, and how do you prevent it?

Stephen gondry, here you may have heard people in the health world talking about something called leaky gut. It’s a very hot topic right now, but there seems to be some confusion about what it is. So let me clear things up right now by showing you exactly what leaky gut is how it happens and how to prevent it. You see when you eat food. It goes down to your stomach to get broken down. This process unlocks the nutrients in the food and then the broken down food travels to your gut, where the unlock nutrients gets absorbed through the intestinal wall, but there’s other stuff in the food that shouldn’t get absorbed, such as pathogens, contaminants and other bad stuff.

You don’t want in your body. This is where your gut lining comes in also known as your intestinal epithelium. This lining acts as a filter, letting good stuff through and keeping bad stuff out, but when your gut lining gets weak, which happens on many modern diets, little holes start forming in the lining and bad stuff gets through kind of like this. Here’s the lining of your gut and there’s leaky gut, so this is actually what’s happening in your gut and this condition is called leaky gut for a very good reason now, the stuff that makes it through these holes triggers a cascade of unhealthy immune activity in your Body the result is serious damage to your health on all fronts.

Digestive trouble, heart problems, faster aging weight gain, you name, countless health conditions can be traced back to leaky gut. So how do you prevent it? Well, what modern diets are often missing is a special kind of fiber known as prebiotic fiber dietary sources of prebiotic fiber include Jerusalem, jokes Tiger nuts, Belgian endive chicory parsnips and a lot of others. So when you eat prebiotic fiber, it goes down to your gut and helps your microbiome, protect your gut lining and control what your body absorbs.

So this is a blend of prebiotic fibers that my company Gundry MD, makes it’s called pre bio tribe. Let’s see what it does inside your gut, so I’m going to take pre bio thrive and I’m going to put it on the lining of your gut okay. Now that the gut has prebiotic fiber, let’s do the leek test again and again. This is real. Pre bio thrive here comes. Oh my gosh. Look at that absolutely no leak. The truth is prebiotic.

Fiber does more than just plug the holes. It feeds friendly bacteria in your gut your microbiome. These bacteria then use the fiber to make butyrate, which nourishes and strengthens your gut lining. Strong gut lining means no more leaky gut. This means better digestion, better health and a longer happier life so make sure you get your prebiotic fiber every day and say goodbye to leaky gut. This is doctor Gundry, i’m always looking out for you we’ll see you next time and thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading click, the circular blog icon to subscribe and make sure you don’t miss a single article, click on the left to read another great article and don’t forget to visit my website for more of my best tips, because i’m dr Gundry and i’m always looking Out for you,



CBD for Mace Training with Jambo Superfoods Review

They call it their daily ritual and I’m also going to go into the effects of CBD and why? It’s so good for mace training, alright! So let’s get into that right! So yeah, let’s go ahead and start with the review. This specific product that I have by jumbo superfoods has 50 CBD milligrams in this bottle.

Okay, so it’s not like you’re getting 50 milligrams every! Let’s see every teaspoon ethey know every tablespoon you’re getting about two milligrams I think hold on give me a second you’re getting about yeah there. We go you’re getting about two milligrams per tablespoon. Alright, so don’t think you’re going to get like 50 milligrams of CBD per tablespoon. That’s not the case. It’s just in total in the product I’m going to go ahead and talk about why I actually like this product.

I love that I can wake up in the morning, and you know one of my one of my own and it’s cool that they call it daily ritual. My kind of daily ritual every morning is to have what some might call bulletproof coffee, so Dave Asprey has a whole book series. He has a lot of products as well and I really got hooked on that. But I’d say like three years ago, I actually started following day mastery when he was actually taking smart pills.

It was around the time where I was getting really into nootropics, so I’m not really into nootropics anymore. I’ve had my bad cases of experiences, but I got hooked to the coffee and I stayed there. So one of my daily ritual things is to have coffee in the morning and some of the best coffee. I recommend bulletproof coffee and you know before the only option. I really and was the brain often or the the xct oil, but now Jambo super foods came up with this daily ritual supercharged butter and I was so excited to see something like this on the market, because I’m a big fan of cd/dvd products this year and I was just so happy that I could have CBD, MCT oil and then grass-fed, like that’s awesome yeah, so you get like the whole shenanigan in one bottle.

So that’s what makes this product really cool, now taste wise, you’re, probably wondering what the hell does it taste like it, really just tastes like butter. Let’s just say you know you’re going to have it you’re going to cook with it or you’re going to have it in your coffee in the morning dude. You really can’t taste it to be honest unless you’re like super picky, and you have like a chef’s palette, then maybe, but I really haven’t, had a problem with the taste.

I love it in my morning. Coffee I feel like it gives me like. The yin yang effect where I have my relaxation, but I also have my like caffeinated coffee, like my uppity, energetic side right, so it’s kind of like the balance between them and I’m I’m really really enjoying this product. Just overall, I say hell. Yes, I recommend this product go check them out, I’m going to add the link below if you’re, on my youtube.

If you’re on my blog article, the links below, if you are by any chance anywhere else, you will find the link trust me. Maybe I’ll go check out jumbo super foods. That’s really my review on it. I absolutely love it. They also have chapstick they have drops, they have, I think they have a pet product so which is awesome. I’r pretty sure. I need to get some from my German Shepherd soon, so that’s a plus right pet product, but anyways.

Yes, still mace warrior approves okay. So now, let’s get into what is CB d. Let me tell you what it’s not. It is not THC. You are not going to get high off of CBD; it only has CBD only has all the health effects of the plant – okay, so there’s no teach in it and if there is THC for any reason at all, it’s so menu that trust me. It’s not not going to like pop out on a drug test, and it’s definitely not going to give you the psychoactive, the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

Okay and again, it’s not coming from the actual marijuana plants coming from the hemp plant most likely now something that I’ve heard you know or that I research is that CBD works better with THC. So if you can get it combined, that’s great, but I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not looking for the psychoactive effect. If that was the case, I would just smoke the blood and I would definitely do it before.

Bed, the you know, someone who’s training with the mace. I definitely don’t want to feel asleep or my energy really low. Okay, so that’s something that haven’t experienced with CBD, at least depending on the dosage that you take so at night I’ll have like a dosage. That’s a little higher and in the mornings. If I feel like it’s going to be really stressful day or I feel like my body needs to recover like on a recovery day, then my dosage will be especially in the morning.

It would be a little lower just because I don’t want to feel tired or or just kind of like sleepy, because that could happen depending on your dosage, so you have to personally. Like I know, a lot of people are like okay. Well, what dosage should? I take so most of the bottles, at least in the bottle that I own and I’m talking about the drops by the way, I’m not talking about the actual jambo superfoods right now.

I actually take some drops from the CBD distillery. I’ll add a link to that below too, but just note that Jamba also carries the drops. Now. I think at the time they didn’t have the drops. I didn’t order any, but you can check them out too. There’s a lot of great CBD products out there. Maybe I’ll do another article on that comparing them or something, but for now I’m just going to keep it as the brand that I’m using it’s called CBD distillery and anyway, so I drop.

You know what I feel you know like. I I feel it you know. I have my dosage, but it depends on your body, so I can’t tell you what your dosage is, but you know if you read the bottle, it says three to four drops under the tongue: that’s how it gets into your bloodstream and anyway, so definitely start off With three drops to see how you feel and then you can work your way up, so one of the things that I like so that I can sleep better at night I like to up the drop so I’ll go between four to five drops.

So I can sleep really deep and just have that recovery effect because, okay, you didn’t know if you’re trading, with the maze or any type of fitness, okay recovery happens in your sleep. So that’s definitely one of the CBD benefits is that you get some really awesome. Sleep and you wake up the next morning feeling pretty awesome. To be honest, if I, if I go back, that’s why I like the Jama superfoods going back to the product, I love the Jama superfoods, because I can have CBD in very small amounts, two milligrams and with coffee.

So now I’m not like lethargic or sleepy, or you know, with low energy because that’s you know that’s kind of like the effect of CBD. It’s very therapeutic, very relaxing which there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s a time for that, and so I’d rather have that in the evenings when I’m winding down right or maybe before a yoga class right. So if you do yoga CBDs fantastic right, because it’s close, you know, but I like to have it with my coffee.

Specifically, the Jambo one just so that I can have the energy for the day, because I don’t just do mace. I also do articles like this and I’m constantly like being an entrepreneur and doing all sorts of stuff. So I need like an upper in the morning and a you know downer in the evening, so the first one is that it reduces pain. So, instead of popping Advil, you can now pop some CBD. That’s out there a little, but CBD is more natural.

You know advil has some side effects and obviously I’m not going to go into that here, because you know I’m not a big, I’m not big on on on telling you what not to do and telling you the bad stuff. Okay, I just want to keep it positive, so yeah, so you can take CBD instead of Advil. Now it’s great for pain. So if, for some reason your Saurus and you want to recover dude CBD is great for the recovery process on your recovery day is you can take some CBD all right, so the the second benefit to CBB would be it reduces inflammation.

So let’s say that now it’s not the recovery purposes. Now it’s for the sake of an injury. So let’s say you had had a past injury. It’s bugging the out of you like for me. I have had problems with cost coke and Rytas. That’s really one of the reasons I was drawn to CBD. I didn’t want to take Advil. My doctor gave me a leave and it made me feel pretty sick to my stomach. So I was like I can’t take the for the rest of like it’s cold most.

It’s a little chronic when it comes to my Costco kinetise over the over the past year, though I have found so many ways to control my pain levels, and it’s honestly, I almost feel like it’s. It’s almost gone with all the training, all the club training, the CBD products, it’s a combination of things, but CBD definitely was part of that. So I’m a big believer that CBD will reduce inflammation in your body.

So if you have an injury, that’s constantly nagging CBD. Might be for you and it will help you with mace training. So let’s say you have this injury and it’s like affecting your mace training. Cbdu could help with that now. Obviously, if it’s hurting too much, she probably shouldn’t be using amazing whatsoever. But if it’s not that that that bad right and you are looking for an alternative CVD is great for reducing inflammation in your body overall and by the way CBD isn’t just for mace training or for a mace athlete.

It can also be used for several other things. It has so many benefits and it could be used for arthritis. It could be used for depression. It could be used to reduce your anxiety. It could be used for any type of chronic condition. So I just want to make that know that you know it goes beyond mace training, but you know using it along with you know the maze it can do a phenomenal job in making a healthier you, okay.

So let’s talk about the third benefit of CBD for mace, so the third benefit would be that it can get you ready for your sports performance for your competition day. So, as you know, competition is growing pretty big in the United States for mace and I think it’s growing in other parts for sure. So, if you’re competing in mace is this would probably be a really good product to take. Like I said before, you know, CBD can be taken in the day without you feeling sleepy.

You just have to do like a lower dosage, rather than getting a really big one, because remember the bigger the dosage, probably the more sleepy you’re going to get it’s kind of like Silicon Valley, their micro, dosing and LSD to kind of get like a different type Of benefit, I just I’m just making kind of like a comparison. How you know lower dosages can have better or greater effects than larger ones, and in this case, for sports performance before competition we get generally xiety.

We get. You know the common things we get a little nervous right, so this will help you mellow down, get focused, get relaxed and get into that flow state of mind. Obviously, that’s a practice in itself, but it can help you perform better for your competition, okay and finally, the fourth one is that CVD will help you with weight loss. Now there have been Studies on this and we think probably well.

Marijuana makes you fat because it gives you the munchies right. So then there’s truth in that. Okay, it’s obviously that’s the truth. That’s out there, but CBD works differently, and this is my opinion. You know I’ll link the the study below for the weight loss part, but in this case I’m just going to give you my opinion. The reason why I think CBD would help you with weight loss. One of the benefits for CBD is that it relaxes you alright.

Sometimes one of the main reasons why we won’t lose weight is because our cortisol levels are so high when your cortisol level, which is a stress hormone, is so high. It prevents you from losing weight. So if you’re, you know dosing on CBD and has that benefit of you know healing depression, anxiety, bringing your stress levels down. I can imagine that it would work for weight loss because of that reason alone you know taking your your CBD in the mornings and the evenings will bring your stress levels down, will kind of slow you down in a world where we’re just fast, fast, fast, cortisol, Bulls are Horsell levels are high, we’ve got to go to work, we got ta, get to pick up the kids at school.

We have to. You know this whole list of chores that we have to do all day, which honestly it’s very hard to change this. Your lifestyle right, you could make changes, that’s fine, but let’s just say right now you just can’t make changes in your cortisol levels or spike you’re not going to you probably have a harder time. Okay, I’m not saying you’re not going to lose weight, but you’re going to have a lot harder eat up a lot harder time doing that so with CBD in in the house CBD in the house.

Now we can start to bring those stress levels down and allow the body to kind of like relax and and just start to lose weight. Okay, so that’s my opinion on it. If you have a different opinion on that leave your comments below, or maybe you agree with me – I want to know more about why you think CBD would be good for weight loss alright guys. So this would be the drops that I take. It’s called CBD, distillery, CBD drops.

I get the 250 milligrams again. I use them this way because I, like lower dosages. I don’t like to feel super like tired or whatever. Just because you know I’m a fitness trainer, I’m constantly doing Fitness, I’m an enthusiast as well. At heart, I’m a student and I’m I’m just constantly like exercising and like being active right, I’m constantly active, so I like getting lower milligrams on these drops, but this is what I use.

It’s called CBD distilleries see the CBD drops and then I also recommend. Obviously I recommend the daily ritual jambo superfoods supercharged butter, time cuz. It really is a super charts. Remember it has as the grass-fed ji Yi it has the those MCT oils. Okay, we all know good fat, fantastic for your body and then we have finally the CBD. Alright, so guys go check it out I’ll, add links to both of these companies in the description.

Thank you so much for being here and – and you know, I’ve had so many positive reviews lately for the podcast for the YouTube articles that I’m putting out. I am so glad that I’m reaching you guys and I’m doing a pretty pretty good job. Obviously, according to you guys, if you guys want me to discuss anything else, any more free content, you know I’m all about that. I love giving go ahead and leave a comment below for that too.

I like to know what you want me to talk about when it comes to me also. I just want to kind of put it out there, I’m going to have a mace 101 section on my website soon I’ll. Let you guys know that I’m also still working them up on my 14 days. Mase challenge so, and it’s actually going to be an email-based challenge. So every day, I’m going to send an email out to you and you get to do a workout with me, obviously on the computer or on your iPad or on your iPhone, whatever you’re, using whatever device.

I will be there every day for 14 days, so I’m working on that as well. I have not forgotten about it. I just want to make it. I just want to make it perfect so guys. I hope you enjoyed this article about CBD from a straining. The review on jambo, if you use any CBD products, leave that below. I want to know what CBD products you’re using you know, there’s there’s tons of them out there. I would love to know your experience with it.

Anyways guys don’t forget that I have a patreon page where you can support this YouTube. Blog, there’s, definitely tons of really cool stuff on there. I also have a store where you can buy t-shirts with really cool designs on them all mase orientated. I know you will like the design and lastly, please don’t forget, subscribe to my podcast subscribe to this YouTube by subscribing you’re, letting me know that I’m doing a fantastic job and that I should continue doing this for you guys, alright.

So, thank you so much. My name is coach Victoria islas and I am still mace warrior. I’r out in the universe always flow with you.



African staples gets an upgrade to Superfoods

What are African superfoods the super, because they’re rich in multi vitamins, antioxidants and everything else to keep your body fit and healthy. Some have even taken superfoods to a new level. Today we talk to Antonio de Luca at the leafy greens, cafe and she’s, going to take you through a gastronomic taste sensation, so superfoods. The idea of superfoods is that they are foods that are highest.

In particular, nutrient density of an entire group of foods. Moringa grows on a tree in southern Africa. It’s a really small little leaf. The leaf is dried at low temperatures, usually in the Sun, then it’s crushed up or or put into a for earn a form. That’s very fine like a powder and then that Moringa can be added to your smoothies and things which we are going to do today, but Moringa would be the highest in certain vitamins or minerals in the net food category.

Let’s talk a little bit about Bayer babe. These little white, almost dried pups inside and what we do is we take that powder into a nice fine powder form and that baobab is very, very high in calcium. In fact, it’s got three or four times the amount of calcium than that milk cacao chocolate in its purest purest raw organic form is a definite superfood and yes, chocolate is good for you. This has been known to be more valuable than gold in ancient cultures.

So a wonderful, wonderful, superfood then kale kale is is a green, a dark, leafy green vegetable somewhere between spinach and cabbage, quite christopher’s, quite quite a hearty vegetable down in a blender which we are going to do today in our smoothie or it can be cut into Really small pieces or torn into tiny little pieces and then, in fact, massaged with a little bit of citrus to break down that cellulose and kale is extremely extremely high in iron and protein vitamin K all different vitamins.

It’s such a wonderful, wonderful superfood. We all know spinach, wonderful, dark, green leafy vegetable and also can be used in the smoothies. We also add that to our green juices and obviously – and we know how to cook cook spinach and use that then tamarind is also another wonderful superfood tamarind is a pod and you use it in recipes to get that. Amami, flavor and tamarind is wonderful. To add to you too dressings and it can be added to smoothies, but a beautiful, beautiful super food in hibiscus.

Hibiscus is a flower just behind me here. I’ve got a beautiful, hibiscus, iced tea, which we’ve done for our customers. Today, we’ve added a little bit of honey, a little bit of lemon, and these wonderful, beautiful, hibiscus flowers and hibiscus is very high in resveratrol and resveratrol is known to for longevity and to increase one’s shelf life and beautiful, beautiful super food. So smoothies are so wonderful because you get fiber because you’re going to you’ll see we were using the kale and the spinach and so there’s a lot of fiber in the smoothies, which is good for cattle and for digestion and that, but it’s blended.

So it’s in a predigested form, so the body can really utilize all of those wonderful vitamins and minerals that you’re going to be getting from the smoothie, especially when you’re adding all these wonderful superfoods. So let’s put a few pieces of frozen banana in there, but I’m going to put a few pieces of pineapple. It’s a lovely little blender jug, then to sweeten today I’m going to use dates.

These are also grown in southern Africa. They come from a little bit further up, I think northern northern province, then i’m going to take the kale. This is curly kale. This is black kale cavalo Nero and I’m just going to take it off the stem. It’s not vital, but it’s it’s better for for the taste of the smoothie in case you don’t blend that whole stem smooth. So I’m just going to put those leaves right in there.

Then I’m going to take a little bit of the spinach and do the same thing take off that mean main stem, then I’ve got this bear bear powder, looks like a white powder. So again that was very high in calcium, I’m just going to put about a teaspoon and a half in there. Then we’ve got the cacao powder, so this is going to be a bit of a chocolatey drink. So let’s not hold back on the chocolate. Let’s do to keep two teaspoons of the chocolate.

Then we’ve got the Moringa. We don’t want to overdo the Moringa. We only want about a half a teaspoon of the Moringa because it does have direct effects. If you have too much – and we don’t want that today – then we’ve got some almonds – you can use any raw nuts or seeds as a little bit of a fat in your smoothie. So our almonds have been sprouted. What I mean by that is the almonds: have been soaked in water overnight, just to release the enzyme inhibitors that the nuts have inside of them and then they’ve been dried again in a dehydrator at low temperatures, to retain the enzymes so and to activate the enzyme.

So I’m going to put about a tablespoon and a half of almonds in there, then I am going to put a little bit of Mesquite. I haven’t spoken about Mosquitia, either mosquitoes white carob and that also grows in South Africa. Okay, so now I’ve got everything in my blender jug. I do need a little bit of liquid, but look how beautiful that looks. So I’m going to add a little bit of our hibiscus tea, just to get the blender jug going for a minute or so so here we have it a beautiful chocolatey, superfood, smoothie, wonderful way to start your morning very cleansing protein, rich mineral, rich and just totally Delicious variety of the leafy green restaurant.

What better way to spend your money that are Africans absolutely supporting local and enjoying great



Your Brain Is NOT In Your Head (Doctor Explains)

That that’s ridiculous. But in fact, with each passing year and with more and more research we’re beginning to realize that we have two brains, and years ago there was a quite a popular book called the second brain which detailed the fact that there are more neurons.

The cell of the nervous system lining your gut. Then there are in the entire spinal cord, which connects the brain to all the rest of you. So the phrase was coined the second brain, but in fact I’m going to make an argument in the upcoming book. The longevity paradox, then, in fact, your brain up in your head should properly be called your second brain and that your first brain should be properly called your gut.

Now that’s a pretty bold statement, but with the previous lecture we talked about the fact that around 90 % of the cells that make you you are living in your gut and that 99 % of all the genetic material in you is contained in your gut. In your skin, not human cells, and that most likely we have uploaded information processing to our gut for most of the functions that we need to do now when I was in medical school and even up until a few years ago, we knew that we thought that A lot of the hormones that affect our mood among others serotonin and affect our sleep of melatonin.

Initially we thought they were made in the brain, but then subsequent research showed that they we thought that they were made in the neurons in the gut and then sent to the brain. Well now it’s clear that most of the hormones within us are actually made in the gut themselves by bacteria, and if we have the time we’ll talk about one of the amazing effects that roundup glyphosate has had on poisoning our first brain, and I think that has Huge implications on the rates of anxiety and depression that we currently have in in our country and other Western countries, okay.

So the basic concept of how the brain talked to the gut was that there was a very large nerve called the vagus nerve that ran from the the brain down to the heart down to lungs, down the liver and then down to the gut. The intestines and the brain via the vagus nerve would basically tell the gut what to do. It would control the motion of these smooth muscles that don’t otherwise take orders via nerves.

So it’s basically the old idea of cable wiring, your home or even electrical wires or telephone wires, there’s literally a direct electrical signal that goes now. This is actually a fairly fast signal, as anybody who hits a hot plate or a hot fire, you get an instant burning sensation that goes to your spinal cord, actually never gets to your brain and you immediately pull your hand away. So that goes by a cable.

What we were taught is that this is this was primarily a one-way street brain told the gut. What to do now, as I mentioned before, women are much smarter than this, and they long known that the gut tells the brain what to do with a gut sense. And of course, you were right for every one wire going down from the brain. There’s actually nine wires going up from the gut to the brain, and this was one of the first indications that perhaps we had it all wrong as to who was in charge.

And so this is one of the first indications that probably the first, our first brain. Our real brain is down below, and this is an important but second brain now, there’s this cable system or hardwired and whenever I’m doing a podcast or a radio show they always want me to be on a ground or ground link. It cellphones are fairly unreliable, but we have a cellphone system. So the second way that we communicate information is via hormones and hormones, don’t travel via wires.

They travel via, if you will blood vessels or limps or there’s even a suggestion that they travel along meridians of electrical charges. But let’s just say that so the second message is Tech’s missing and they serve and and emails. So this is a believe it or not slower process than the hardwire and it’s more subject to misinterpretation, because you have to have a tower or a cell phone. That is capable of getting a good signal.

And if you remember anything, we talked about how lectins may disrupt signaling is that lectins, among other things, will bind on to a cell’s receptor for a hormone and just stay there and block a hormone such as insulin just giving an example from actually getting the information That it needs to get to a cell, and so both of these systems are very important. We used to think that most of the hormones that we make are made in the gut primarily some in the brain, and they were made probably by specialised hormone, using cells.

But with each passing year as we’re beginning to understand how elaborate the gut population is. The more we’re realizing that it’s actually the bugs in our gut that are responsible for making many of the hormones that communicate to our brain so, rather than a kind of top-down information system of the brain being in control of us. It’s actually at least equal between the gut and the brain, and I think, in terms of our short-term and long-term health, that both the first brain down in the gut is probably the big winner in long term.

I’ll give you an example. I recently was visited by a very famous meditator from Japan, a woman who is actually Deepak Chopra’s a representative in Japan, and she actually translates all his books and she has suffered from severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune condition. And she it’s so bad that she was on to immunosuppressants. She’d already had two knee replacements for her severe arthritis and she had such incredible pain that she really moved around with the help of a wheelchair and a walker, and she firmly believed that she could meditate her way.

Out of this condition – and I think that’s very admirable – but clearly it wasn’t working – she also followed a ru Vedic diet with large amounts of brown, rice and legumes as her principal diet, and she took all the usual suspects. She took lots of anti-inflammatories like tumeric and to no avail, and apparently she was in Vancouver Canada last December, when an acquaintance handed her the plant paradox and she took it home and read it, and I met her in April of this year when she flew to Meet me beautiful young woman, she walked into my office.

She was on no medications, she was pain free and what had happened well as much as her second brain tried to overpower what was happening down in her gut. This was actually the problem and don’t get me wrong meditation and actually works extremely well for a lot of things, but meditation has yet to break into this first brains barrier and so when, when this brain is out of whack, the consequences are severe across her and She’s just one example: let me give you a better example.

We talked there was a question on the last time about good, bugs and bad bugs. So we know that there’s there’s about 10,000 different species of bacteria, so far identified in our gut and there’s probably well over a million different viruses that live in our gut and a nice smattering of worms and fungi and we’re just beginning to figure out what all These guys do we can classify them generally as good guys and bad guys, and you know that I call the good guys gut buddies and the bad guys gang members and the gang members have different food requirements of the good guys and, what’s so fascinating about the Gang members – and this has been worked out very well in animal models and there’s a couple human models that we can talk about.

So the gang members, love, sugars, simple sugars and they love saturated fats, love them. The good guys can’t live on this, and what we now know is that the gang members send text messages up to your brain to your hunger, centers and the text, messages basically say: you’re hungry, we want more to eat and we actually want more of the things We eat and we want more sugar and we want more saturated fats and those of you have seen Little Shop of Horrors, the movie or the play.

The movie had Rick Moranis in it and an all-star cast. But the blood sucking plant that poor Rick Moranis had to take care of, wanted human blood and her name was Audrey and Audrey constantly got bigger and bigger and needed more and more blood, and she constantly said feed me. Seymour feed me and poor Seymour had to go out and get her what she wanted. So we now know that the bugs in your gut, actually tell you to feed them now.

The converse is true: we know that the good bugs actually want these complex, sugars resistant starches in Ulan, which is a complex sugar, and they actually, if you give them what they want over a few weeks time, they will actually kind of drive out the gang members And they’ll start sending messages to your brain to feed them what they want, and I have so many men who are meat and potatoes guys that would never think of even having a salad within two or three weeks.

Maybe a month they’ll they’ll come in and see me so doc. This is the weirdest thing I crave salads. I can’t go a date without having a salad. That’s really weird, really weird! Well, it is really weird to think that this brain has more control over what you’re actually seeking you’re, actually seeking foods for whoever is control of this brain, and this brain in turn controls this brain and there’s been some beautiful experiments with germ-free mice, where they’ve taken Germ-Free mice, who don’t have any bugs in their gut and they give them feces from fat rats.

You know the nice thing about working with rats and mice as they love to eat each other’s feces. I have a dog, we won’t go into them and they just love it. So you don’t have to give them enemas, fecal enemas, you just give them the other rat species, so they take the skinny mice who are, and you give them the feces from obese mice. And lo and behold, the skinny mice will become obese, and this is actually in the Lance that a few years ago there was a case report of a woman marathon runner, who I mentioned in the plant paradox who was skinny.

She developed the severe intestinal infection called C, difficile or C diff, which is the ultimate gang member and she got it by getting a lot of antibiotics and it killed off all her good bugs and the gang member took over. So one of the ways we treat that now is a fecal transplant and a fecal transplant is exactly what it sounds like we take feces from healthy volunteers. I was actually one in medical school back in the dark ages at Georgia, where we actually use fecal transplants to cure this problem and once a week they would take around a honey bucket.

We called it and medical students would take a crap in it and then we’d put it in a Waring blender or a Vitamix and modernize it, and then we put it in a bag and shoot it up. One of our patients rear ends. So that’s a fecal transplant, so it’s now actually recognized therapy. So this woman in England had a fecal transplant. We like to try to get a close relative, because it turns out that people who live together share their same microbiome so, and it turns out one of the theories of why fat families are fat is that you all share the same obese, microbiome and skinny.

Families are skinny because you share skinny microbiome and it’s not willpower as it’s you’ve, you’re being controlled. So this woman marathon runner gets fecal transplant. It’s cured of C difficile from a nice. Now her niece was about thirty pounds overweight within a year. The marathon runner, despite returning to marathon running gained 30 pounds, ate exactly the same foods that she did before, because she’s a healthy runner well how’d.

She do all that. Well, it turns out there’s another really interesting twist to the son, and we talk about a lot in the plant paradox. The obese mice are obese, not only because they have bugs that make them seek out other food, but the bad bugs are actually very efficient at extracting food from the things you swallow and, sadly, they’re actually very efficient at passing it on to you. In other words, they’re the gateway, and so even though this marathon runner was eating pretty much the same thing and believe it or not were not.

The skinny mice were being fed the same rat chow that they were getting before they were given the obese mice bacteria. They all gained weight because these bugs were very efficient extracting calories, but then passing it into things that we could have soared now. What’s really interesting is the good guys they actually, if you will, or rather greedy and don’t want to share, and so they take the foods that we give them.

Particularly inulin and Ola go saccharides and they do two things with it. They make more bugs more kids and they make a particular kind of fad that are called short chain fatty acids that are called and the most important one is sorry butyrate now butyrate gets its name from butter or butter gets its name from butyrate. There’s a little bit of butyrate in butter. Now, don’t turn off the set and go running for the kitchen and get some hot buttered popcorn, there’s very little butyrate in butter.

But there’s some there and one of my colleagues has become famous for bulletproof coffee, which has butter in it, and that’s why it’s in there anyhow butyrate it turns out, is the primary fuel for neurons and, more importantly, it’s the primary fuel for the mitochondria. In all of our cells, but in particular in neuro and you’ll, see that the more butyrate producing bugs you have the better, your health and the better, your brain and the better your energy levels, because of what the mitochondria are getting okay.

So these guys take everything you eat, make some butyrate in exchange, oh by the way butyrate. If you listen to the last lecture is essential for the cells that line our gut has their main fuel supply and the more butyrate they get the plumper and healthier and happier they are and the better off you are long-term, the bugs the additional bugs come out. Your rear end, and then you have Terry walls looking down at that giant, coiled snake in her toilet, so they took most of the food you ate and made more of them.

So it’s a win-win. They give you, in exchange this incredible, clean burning fuel source that helps plump up. Your gut makes your brain happy, make sure mitochondria work and they take most of everything and make more bugs and you poop them out, and you stay thin and again. That’s why you could have someone like me, who you know lost 70 pounds doing this or Kelly Clarkson who lost 37 and a half pounds without exercising and people say, that’s a miracle how’d you do that.

Well, she got rid of her gang members by starving them to death. The good guys moved in they ate most of what she swallowed and in return they gave her what she needed to go on, and so what we see with most people is that the weight loss is basically a side effect of getting your gut back into order And it’s a side effect you don’t have to. This is not about deprivation. This is not about. Oh, you know, I’ve got to have willpower.

Will power comes from here? The willpower you want actually comes from here when you’ve got text messages from your good bugs saying you know feed me the stuff I want and the bad bugs are no longer giving you information to seek out the stuff that they want. Okay, now as most of it, so let me actually so good took good time to talk about glyphosate or roundup. Roundup is now ubiquitous in all Americans.

All North Americans, roundup, used to be most people have heard of roundup, is what we spray on our weeds in the garden. The yard, but roundup was originally developed for GMO. Soybeans and roundup is an herbicide. It kills plants, and it does so by blocking a hilarious pathway, called the Shikha mate pathway and it allows plant cells to divide and reproduce it. Humans do not use the Shikha mate pathway, and so, when Monsanto invented roundup, they assured us that roundup was perfectly safe, because we don’t have the sugar make pathway to make cells.

What they didn’t tell us is that bacteria use the sugar made pathway to reproduce, and so roundup initially was sprayed on soybeans subsequently was sprayed on corn canola and sugar beets. Now roundup is sprayed on almost all conventional grain crops as a harvesting agent, and I won’t bore you with details, but it’s much easier to harvest corn or soybeans or wheat or rice or canola. If the plants already dead makes it far easier to separate the seed from the plant, so now roundup is sprayed on conventional crops so that these very expensive harvesters can be at a particular field on a particular day when the crop is dead now, so this is Then so now roundup is on all of these products, its then fed to our animals as fee.

Now nobody goes around with each individual kernel wipes off the roundup. It goes into the animals. It then becomes part of the meat, whether it’s a chicken, whether it’s pork, whether it’s beef, it’s now part of the beef, then it also goes into our feet. It goes into all of our cereal products, all of our bread products, all of our soybean products. It goes into almost everything we goes into all of our corn products, and so we are, it goes into our wine.

Almost all California, wines have glyphosate, including a few of our organic wines, because the fields next to the organic fields were sprayed with glyphosate. In fact, I was talking to Hawaiian maker in Santa Barbara County a couple months ago and we were looking at their biodynamic and organic and was look. We were looking at one map of his field and I said well now how about this one? He said. No, we can’t certify it as Ganic and biodynamic, even though we treat it that way, and I said well, why not? He said one could see this parcel in here at this bar, so they they spray.

You know with with Roundup, and so we know the wind drifts it and we won’t sort of point certified. So what happens now is roundup in almost everything we eat number one kills our microbiome period. Now we now know from some new research from MIT that roundup, in and of itself breaks tight junctions, which we learned about on the last lecture or what separates the outside world in our gut from us, so roundup in itself produces leaky gut.

But what’s worse, is these gut bacteria are essential to take the building blocks of serotonin and melatonin the serotonin, the feel-good hormone melatonin, the chill-out hormone and take those essential building blocks away, and so the gut bugs are gone. They no longer have the building blocks, so they can’t make serotonin and they can’t make melatonin. Now there’s a third compound that some people have heard of called GABA now, gaba, there’s two hormones, the excitatory hormone, which is dopamine.

Anybody who is addicted to a article game is looking for a dopamine charge. Any gambler is looking for a dopamine hit, gaba is the calm down or mo it tells things. The nurse chill out. Gaba we now know, is also made primarily by gut bugs. So is it any wonder that we’ve got an entire multiple generations least two generations of anxiety, depression on edge and and nothing really and nobody can sleep and it’s all because we’ve we were systematically destroy.

This frame is okay so far, but then the next problem happens. Okay, so neurons make connections with other neurons, their social network to exchange information, and they send out all these dendritic processes. I got to stand over here doing it so there’s neurons are so important that they have their own handlers, their own bodyguards and they’re called glial cells or microglial cells and they’re part of the immune system.

They’re, their white blood cells, so they’re specialized, might think of it as the secret service. These guys are so important that they they kind of care from the neuron and they protect them. Okay, so that’s great now, if our gut is leaky or if lectins and LPS’s are getting. If you remember, we’ve got a bunch of neurons down here and we also have our border patrol where most of our immune system is, and the Border Patrol’s job is to alert.

You me our rest of our immune system about a pending attack. So when lectins and LPS’s and bacteria get through our gut wall, helped by roundup text, messages which are called inflammatory, cytokines hormones are sent up to the brain and they say: oh, my gosh, you know we’re down here in the hinterlands. The walls been breached. The hordes are coming protect the neurons at all costs, so we now have some very elegant pictures, particularly from Harvard MIT instead and UCSF, where these defenders of neurons turn into pac-man and they actually eat these dendrites and prune them back, and you can think of it.

As pulling back the troops from the front lines, I like to think of it as pulling up the drawbridge over a moat as the you know, the barbarians are storming the castle, and so they can actually finally get the neuron isolated and then they get so good That they encircle the neuron to protect it and the neuron, just like you, pulled up the drawbridge on the castle. If the Horde surrounds the castle waits them out, the inhabitants will starve because they don’t have anything to eat and what we’re seeing now in dementia and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, is these clusters of dead, neurons surrounded by their bodyguards? Now in Parkinson’s, it has a name.

It’s called a Lewy body and this is a characteristic finding of Parkinson’s disease. You know these Lewy bodies occur in a part of the brain. I love this word, the substantial nigra, it’s just a great word and that’s the motor control area of the brain and that’s where all the dopamine cells in the brain are and so the substantial nigra. We see all these Lewy bodies and, oh by the way. Besides text messages, we know that lectins climb the vagus nerve up to the brain and attack the head in head for the substantia nigra.

This has been proven in animal studies, but it’s also been proven in humans, where a number of humans used to have an ulcer operation where we cut their vagus nerve to cure their alter, and it worked pretty well actually. But these people have been followed for years and years and years and people who have had their vagus nerve have about a forty to fifty percent less chance of having Parkinson’s than people who don’t have their vagus nerve, interesting, okay, so, finally, tying it all back together.

So Lewy bodies are the hallmark of Parkinson’s, dead, neurons, surrounded by goji, berries, goji, berries, glial cells, Kouji berries, you evil got that in so researchers neurologists were wondering why Parkinson’s patients had bad constipation, they do and they said well. It must be because the vagus nerve doesn’t tell the gut to move right well, they did some animal experience and said you know we should look at the neurons in the gut because there’s lots of neurons and they got in there and control the movement.

So they started doing biopsies in animals with a model of Parkinson’s and lo and bold down here in the gut, were the dead, neurons, surrounded by glial cells, Lewy bodies, they’re down here in the gut, what the heck are they doing down there they’re supposed to be Up there, so then they took early Parkinson’s patients and do what are now called trance. Colonic biopsies, where you take a colonoscope and lots of people have had a biopsy of a polyp, but they go all the way through the wall of the Cole and bite off.

Some tissue just beyond and lo and behold in human guts of early, Parkinson’s, there’s the Lewy bodies. So what we now know is that Parkinson’s begins in your first brain in your gut and then that information is communicated to your second brain, that the war is on and protect the troops up here. So the more we learn about the first brain, the more and this important brain gets relegated. So, lastly, Alzheimer’s everybody knows about amyloid plaque.

It turns out that amyloid plaque doesn’t start in the brain. Guess where it comes from. Amoy comes from the gut and it goes to the brain. So the reason we’re having this epidemic of dementia of anxiety and depression and sleeplessness, it’s all, because our first brain has been destroyed and under assault, and our second brain is suffering for it. Questions two reasons: almost all the dinosaurs on the market.

You have an artificial sweetener that causes gut dysbiosis. It actually makes bad bugs flourish and good bugs go away. Perhaps equally as important is you have no sugar receptors on your tongue? You have sweet receptors and they’re. There, two-thirds of your tongue are sweet receptors, they’re there to tell your brain that you just hit a fruit tree and that it’s summer and the brain ought to be ready for a bunch of sugar because you just ate it.

So when you taste something that doesn’t have any sugar, the brain says: ok, I’m waiting for the sugar. It should be here any second. Now, hmm it didn’t arrive. You got cheated, go back and get some more because I know the next time. You’ll get it right. So it makes you want more sugar or another diet drink. That’s why I was addicted to diet coke. I was drinking eight diet cokes a day. In fact, there’s pictures of me throughout every Hospital of ever been in making rounds with a diet, coke, and I mean it was my signature and actually I was addicted to it by the professor who trained me.

He was a tab addict, but so your your brain never gets the message. I mean you keep saying what Sam and go get some more go, get some more and that’s what addicts you okay! Well! Thank you all very much appreciate it all right. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to visit my website linked in the description box below for more of my best tips. If you haven’t already click the circular blog icon to subscribe and make sure you never miss another article, because I’m dr.

Gundry and I’m always looking out for you,



Lyfe Nutrition | The Benefits of Superfoods

This is simply just my opinions, based on my research to benefit my life and my fitness today, we’re going to talk about superfoods. We all know that I’m going to help kick. We all know that I’m trying to lose weight and live a healthier life.

In order to do that, I have to look out for my nutrition. I told you in an earlier vlog that I actually had high blood pressure. Alright, my elevations were really high and I was in a lot of trouble now. One of the reasons why I was able to lower my condition is through proper foods. Now you have to realize that what you put in your body is what you’re going to get out of there and took a longer time of eating nothing but junk food, late nights, early mornings, that’s a college life, but that college life stayed with me even into My adult life, so the reason why I’m starting this particular series on nutrition is to help you learn from me not make the same mistakes that I made so today.

What we’re going to talk about is the superfoods themselves, the things that help me lower. My blood pressure, alright, so the first thing we’re going to talk about is kale kale is among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Kale is loaded with powerful antioxidants. Kale can help lower cholesterol and can play a significant role in preventing cancer. Let’s talk about garlic, garlic and combats thickness, including the common cold garlic and reduced blood pressure.

It improves cholesterol levels and contains powerful antioxidants. Athletic performance can truly be improved with garlic supplementation. So, let’s talk onions, the phytochemicals and onions improve the work and production of vitamin C in the body there for gifting you within improve immune system. Onions can help regulate your blood sugar levels. Therefore, if you’re diabetic, this is the food of your choice.

Raw onions can also encourage the production of good cholesterol in your body. My name is gavage free radicals and therefore contain high antioxidants. Onions can play a huge, significant role in preventing cancer in the body. Now, let’s talk about ginger, the active ingredient in ginger can help fight infections. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory. Therefore, if you’re working out in stressing out those joints, you want to make sure that you’re taking in a lot of ginger to help you fight that ginger may drastically lower blood sugar levels and improve heart disease risk factors.

Ginger may lower cholesterol on all levels. Ginger can play a significant role also in preventing cancer and as a bonus ladies ginger may significantly reduce minstrel tanks. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Let’s talk apples, I’m not just talking any apples, we’re talking green apples, green apples can increase energy levels significantly. Now, if you’re going to be working out, this is probably the foods you should eat before you go.

Green apples can act as an appetite suppressant green apples are loaded with antioxidants. Green apples can reduce liver problems and can help with digestive tract issues. So we’re going to talk, celery celery reduces inflammation. It regulates the body’s alkaline balance, meaning your pH levels in your blood. Celery reduces bad cholesterol in your body. Put the lime in the coconut. So, let’s put the lime in the drainage lines can help you out come on your body’s pH as well and bring your balance.

You’ve heard that one celery limes are ripped with antioxidants which helps you neutralize. Free radicals lines have powerful antibacterial properties. They contain vitamin P, which can strengthen blood vessels. Limes contain 22 anti-cancer compounds. So, if you’re dealing with any kind of cancerous issues in your body, this is your best friend and to help you prevent cancerous problems. This is your best friend alright, so we’ve talked about all of these super foods that I have on this table now.

One of the cool things is that you can create shakes out of these, so if you’re not attractive, lose weight, if you want to better your life, if you have some health issues, these super foods can help you alright. So what I’m going to do is going to take all of these ingredients here, I’m going to put it in this nutribullet and we’re going to make a really cool shape. Now, I’m not saying that it’s the most delicious thing in the world, but these ingredients help you combat a lot of issues that are going on in your body and can help you when you’re putting your body through huge, demanding work out, let’s get started so I Have my trusty nutribullet here? What I usually do is I start out with making sure this is clean.

Of course, then I usually add some kale how’d. I get that Kayla here. Alright, then usually add some onions. Add some celery. Now you can add, as many or as little as you want to. I pretty much have an understanding of what I like and how I like it to taste. So you may want to tweak and play with this form in a little bit so that you can get it to the way that you, like it add some ginger. I, like a lotta ginger all right, then apples, I usually add a good bit of Apple, so break it up, so that either your nutribullet ninja or your blender in general is able to get to it then usually just squeeze in some life.

This will really help with the taste. I promise you so the last thing is you got to add water, don’t add any juice or anything like that. Stick to water, because we’re trying to make this sugar free. I know you saw that it’s okay, I makes mistakes. All right, then you just put in the nutribullet and away we go. That’s it so afterwards. Unscrew this give the support all right so bottoms up. Now, if you remember oh, I got me a monster tree.

Sorry as it gives you a little bit of a mustache, so now, if you remember I went on a cruise, I came back from the cruise. I came like six pounds. I know very talked about this and I went on a detox diet. This was my king. Talk today, I did eat normal foods. I just ain’t better. I eat more salads, just like I could now, but what I included was this remedy here this, how it we significantly reduced weight.

It actually aided and helping me further reduce my cholesterol, which I didn’t have a huge issue with cholesterol. When I had a further test done from our job, I actually found out my cholesterol is lower and it helped me with my blood pressure again. I actually feel really good. I haven’t felt this good in a long time, so give this a try and you’ll see. This is a good detox solution for you everyday life.

Now, if you’re trying to lose weight drinking this two or three times a day, might be very beneficial for you, if you’re really healthy, you may want to do this once a day once a week. What I’m telling you this truly detoxifies your body. There is a bit of a downside, you may smell like garlic. Sorry, that’s just the way it is and hey. This is a small sacrifice for several days to benefit your overall.

By so guys this is life Riley. I appreciate you checking out my blog. I appreciate you looking at life, nutrition and you’re, going to get this every second saturday of the month, just one segment in the overall series of life life. So I hope you enjoy so alpha life demands results. So what do your results about? You put that mustache