Natural health benefits of garlic | Superfoods Part 3

Here are some interesting facts about garlic. • In Russia, garlic is called “ Russian Penicillin” • Research shows that garlic contains over 400 different health, enhancing chemical components. And compounds: • Garlic contains a phytochemical called “ allicin”, which is produced when garlic is chopped, minced or chewed.

• This protects your body from ailments. Including bacterial infection and excessive cholesterol, • Garlic reduces cancer risks and can slow down the growth of cancer cells. • Garlic causes abnormal cells to self destruct, making it a anticancer agent • Garlic has been used to treat sore throats warts ear infections, yeast infections, sinusitis Asthma and congestion: • Garlic attacks infections boosts your Immune system, cleanses arteries and veins • Reduces cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.

• Garlic was used as an antiseptic to prevent gangrene during World War 1 and World War. Ii: • The sticky juice within the bulb cloves Is used as an adhesive in mending glass and porcelain, • Garlic has been used as both food and medicine in many cultures, for thousands of Years, • Garlic has spiritual and religious uses, In some cultures, • Some cultures use garlic as a sexual stimulant.

These are just some of the natural health Benefits of garlic, I think we should all eat more garlic on a Daily basis, Medical experts suggest chewing one or two Cloves of garlic a day I know it doesn’t taste great. However, if You weigh out the low cost and the high natural health benefits of garlic. I think it is a Great superfood to include in our daily diet, We can incorporate garlic into our daily lives.

However, it is up to us to choose a healthy lifestyle To learn more about superfoods visit us at Http //rawfoodmadeeasy.Net/power-of-superfoods/



Health Benefits of Mushroom | Superfoods | Top Health Benefits of Mushroom | Basic Science Series

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A mushroom, the fleshy sport bearing fruit body of a fungus typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. Typical mushrooms, are the fruit bodies of members of the order. Agaric ales, whose type genus is the carricus and type species, is the field mushroom agaricus compastris. However, in modern classifications, not all members of the order, agaricals produce, mushroom fruit bodies and many other guilt, fungi collectively called mushrooms, occur in other orders of the class agarico.

My cities, many species of mushrooms, seemingly appears overnight growing or expanding rapidly. This phenomena is the source of many common expressions in the english language, including too mushroom or mushrooming meaning expanding rapidly in size or scope, and to pop up like a mushroom. Alright, let’s discuss the health benefits of mushrooms. Before we start, I want to clarify that although the research on animals showed potential health benefits, however, clinical evidence of efficacy in humans has not been confirmed.

Benefit number one: anti-cancerous properties, proteoglycan isolated from edible mushroom, agaricus, bisporus, activates, natural killer cells, nk cells and induces gene expression of nitric oxide by transcription factor and nf kappa, b, signaling pathway. Further, these activated nk cells means natural killing. Cells may help to kill cancer cells benefit number two anti-diabetic properties of mushrooms, grifola from dosa mushroom, rich in vanadium, shows hypoglycemic activity.

In addition, research showed that the bioactive compound of white button mushroom that is agaricus bisporus decreases. The blood sugar level in animals therefore may be helpful in treating diabetes in humans. However, clinical evidence of efficacy in humans has not been confirmed. Benefit number three mushrooms against cardiovascular diseases. The extract of the agaricus bisporus inhibits the function of angiotensin, which converts the enzymes responsible for cardiovascular diseases in humans, thereby may reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

This study was conducted on animals and there is no concrete evidence for its efficacy on cardiovascular diseases, for humans benefit number four effects of mushroom on immunity. Immune stimulation by edible mushrooms occurs via innate immunity pathways. It is typically done by activating phagocytic cells that helps to strengthen our immune system against, invading pathogens, benefit number five hepatoprotective activity of mushrooms, the liver, plays an important role in detoxification of toxic compounds, and research showed that the secondary metabolites of mushrooms have protective effects against Liver dysfunction, thereby protecting livers from these deadly chemicals.

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Stupid Crap My Fellow Vegans Say: Superfoods

The thing about this is that what makes the superfoods list varies from one source to the next, which is why the whole idea of superfoods in itself is unreliable. How does the idea of superfoods apply to veganism? Well, thanks to the likes of Heather, lounsberry and Kathy Freston, a lot of vegans buy into the idea that food essentially has magical powers, and now we have the high-carbohydrate low-fat movement made up of vegans, who believe we should get most of our calories from carbohydrates.

The line of thinking here is: go vegan, preferably high. Carb, low fat and you’ll never get sick again. Ergo no need for medicine that works anyway. Our doctors, those who’ve, been to medical school and don’t but vegans can still get cancer, for instance, and germ theory still applies to us. The bottom line who does not have magical powers? Yes, he healthy, but understand that doing so will not prevent you from getting sick.

Nor stop your body from being a death trap. Use your head!



2 Superfoods You Shouldn’t Live Without If You Want To Level Up This Year | TFFF Show

I am your host step endl today, i’m going to share with you two things that I honestly feel that you can’t live without you shouldn’t live without to super foods, so I decided that every time I do a show every Monday um the first monday of the Month, i’m going to give you the products that I’m in love with right now, because I’m constantly seeking and searching for the best products to put into my body and put on my skin, and it seems like the more I talk about this everybody.

The more they’re like tell us what you’re coming across, so I thought if my clients are excited about it, you’re probably going to be excited about it too. So you can expect that the first Monday of every month, I’m going to be bringing you new products to try new things that are amazing and delicious, and my goal with that is to always talk to the company’s ahead of time and get a discount code. For you so that you can get it for cheaper, you can use my discount.

So that’s a little bonus for you is just thinking about you in the new year. What I wanted to do and up level for you, because that is my new years ago. So, throughout the show FYI, I’m here live obviously so I’m here for questions. If you have questions about this stuff that I’m talking about, are you want to share with me your new year’s goals? I would love to hear what you have in mind so right now.

The first thing that I want to ask you is: where are you reading from? What’s what state are you in? What country are you in say, hello, I’d, love to see who’s on our Facebook live right now. Ah, everybody is just seeing that it’s popping up – and I know they put a new button on here, so you can hit that little button at the bottom of your screen and hit share share it on your page. So other people can read this too.

They can get a discount code, share the love and they can learn about some great new products to try to the other thing. Facebook you know. Doesn’t let me make the title super long and it was up to me. I would make the longest title ever, but I know that I got ta, keep it short and compact, but the other thing I really am here to talk about today is up leveling. So the reason why I’m talking about up leveling is I had this big.

Aha Tiffany, whatever you want to call it. Oh it looks like Trish’s from Florida, hi Trisha, Kristin, Pennsylvania, whoa whoa. I grew up in Pennsylvania Kristin. I grew up in Bucks County. Where are you in Pennsylvania, Jeffrey ooh, the vortex senza doodles? Yes, how used to live in encinitas? What’s not Jeffrey, I hope your having amazing new year. Actually, I know you are so I had this big epiphany aha moment where I realized that I’m in good shape.

You know I love my body. I have a very healthy in a very fit body. Uh health comes easy to me these days and so does love. My relationship with my fiance is incredible, and so I feel like I am a leader in a master in these things, but but I realized that, although I am at the top of my game in those two areas, I am not even utilizing what is even close To what’s possible for me, so I’m like tapping like the five percent of a hundred percent, and so for me, one of my big things.

2017 is a year that I get to tap. That hundred percent like go further than I ever thought was possible. I think the thing that I wrote down the quarter or down when I was talking to josh the other night I was like I was like laying in bed having these like big. Oh, my gosh, all these good ideas and thoughts coming to me and I said we need to run free, like wild horses like like just like nobody’s ever seen before so in 2017.

For me, it’s up leveling because, although I’m fit and healthy, there’s a whole nother level that I’ve never even gone to, I first started living a healthier lifestyle. I somebody said to neither friend in a triathlon, I’m sure, you’ve heard this story before and I said how I could never do that and as soon as I said, I was like shoot. That’s my challenge. I’r going to do a triathlon and when I first started I could barely swim a lap in the pool hadn’t been on a bike since I was a kid and could barely run a mile.

So I started real basic and I worked my way up slowly. Every single day – and I showed myself what was possible and then when I completed the triathlon I was like that was awesome. What else could I do so? I was like I don’t run half marathon, because I never thought in my wildest dreams. I would run a half marathon that just seemed crazy to me, so I did a half marathon and then I was like wow. That was awesome.

I can’t believe I did that. Let me see what else I can do so I did tough mudder, which was 13 miles in the mud. Like all these obstacles, it was like wow. This is amazing. I was freezing cold. I was in like ice baths and ice water is cold outside and it was incredible and I was like cool. Let me see what else I can do right. So you know how you know what I’m talking about once you start to feel good and you start to see what’s possible, you’re like wonder what else I could do so you start like challenging yourself more and more and more, it becomes really fun and exciting so That was like me like tapping my five percent, so now this year, I’m really, I know what you’re thinking, I hope you’re thinking the same thing, but it’s like, let’s tap into a hundred percent.

Let’s see what a hundred percent looks like so you’re going to see me take and transform what’s possible for me physically to a new level, with my relationship with my fiance Josh, I feel like we have one of the strongest most loving, deep, powerful, passionate relationships that I’ve seen because that’s been a personal goal of mine is to every single morning when we wake up be more in love with each other than the day before so you’re going to see me take my relationship to a whole nother level.

Two because I’m like imagine how the world could transform if our love becomes even greater, and I don’t even know what that looks like, but I am so excited for it to reveal itself to me. Like who’s probably looks like us getting married because we’ve been engaged for a while now think over a year, we’ve been engaged, which is something that we just kind of decided like the engagement kind of was like yay.

This happened and that it was like cool. We’re. Really focused on our careers and accomplishing things, and I used to plan weddings. So I was like I don’t want stress of planning wedding. I wanted to come easy and all the pieces of the puzzle just come together. So I’ve started to do that and – and I think you’re going to see that in 2017 you might see a wedding from us which would be really great but even on deeper levels, deeper levels of love.

So for me I am putting that out there. I want to talk more about that after I show you these two products that you got ta have and super foods that are going to uplevel your life. We’re going to talk more about that, and I want to hear your opinion and everything on it, but um. Let’s get into the super foods and then let me quickly just say see a shout-out to everybody over here: okay, Miami! Is it warm in Miami it’s freezing in California, right now, outside of harrisburg nice, I went to penn state, so I probably drove through there.

Many many times in my four years of college Stephanie. What’s up hi, how are ya Jeffrey health wealth relationships equals true measurement of prosperity is so true. I am very wealthy and love and very wealthy and health, and I my passion and my reason that I think I’m here on earth is to show everybody else how they can be truly wealthy in health and truly wealthy in love. So you’re going to see a lot of posts that are dedicated to that.

I know Jeffrey year, you’re, very passionate about those same things and you’re rocking it. So without further ado, you guys ready for these products. These are what I’m loving right now. These are the things that I am totally obsessed with using daily totally loveth. Oh the other thing I’m going to put out there. That is so important to me, and I know it’s important to you too, is that whenever I do something like this every first monday of the month, I will never ever ever tell you about a product that i’m not using myself and i’m not totally obsessed with Myself, okay, I promise you that I know that a lot of times companies will approach me with their stuff and they’ll want me to try it and I will literally turn them down.

I think this is important. I don’t know that. I put that out there enough that I am the kind of person that I will never ever use something myself or recommend something to someone else that I do not a hundred percent believe in a hundred percent. You know I I’m very passionate about health, so if there is something even slightly off in that product, I’m not down with it, I’m not going to ever recommend it to you to use um.

I’ve been approached by so many companies over the years being a health coach and they’re. Like you know, can you sell this stuff? You sell this product, this MLM this whatever, and I don’t do it because I Eveleigh heavily research, the ingredients and there’s anything just a little bit off and like no I’m not done with it, I’m not doing it. I will not tell other people have that, because I’m a huge believer that you get your nutrients from eating the right kind of foods, so high super high quality stuff.

I’ve never been somebody who pushes processed things or whatever not down with it. I’r just not its and it’s not something I believe you should have in your body, I’m all about healing your body with food, I’m all about naturally giving your body exactly what it needs. Listening to your body, intuition, um, synthesized, fake things with chemicals or even one natural flavor. No thank you. I will not be eating that and well actually I’m going to take that back, because sometimes I eat things that do have process things in it, because I believe in balance – and I believe that to live a healthy, happy lifestyle, you do, you do indulge sometimes at Least I do – and so sometimes I do have that, but on a regular basis, the things that i’m eating are very clean, very, very, very clean.

That’s the only stuff you’ll ever see in. Like my, I have a seven day charter program in my eight-week programs. I give you food schedules. I have a fit to find love program. That’s starting in January, they’ll get food schedules, but they’re only going to be natural things, natural foods that will naturally just take weight off the body just like them, easy so without further ado. Hi Mike here is product number one that I feel that you cannot live without so chocolate.

Yes, I said chocolate, I’m in love with chocolate. I eat a lot of chocolate. I think it’s very healthy to eat a lot of chocolate because chocolate is cacao. Specifically, is very high in antioxidants, it’s known to produce the happiness hormone in your body, the same feeling that you feel when you fall in love and you’re, just like the world is amazing. Chocolate releases that hormone or cacao. So, let’s be specific here, I’m not just talking about any kind of chocolate.

There’s a big difference cacao specifically raw organic fairtrade, high quality. You want to always be putting the highest and best in your body. There’s one New Year’s Eve. New year’s resolution take away that. I think that you should have its to only put the highest and best in your body and highest and best means organic fairtrade deliciousness. So this one is fresh superfoods obsessed, because this is the only fair trade cacao on the market only one.

So this is also organic. It is delicious if you need an energy boost. Did you know that cacao will give you that? Because if you have like a couple, cacao, nibs and just eat a few of those super bitter FYI, but they’ll give you such a good natural energy burst or if I want something super fast i’ll. Just do like a scoop of this. So if you want to take a look at what it looks like it’s just powdered cacao – and if do you know what cacao is by the way, does everybody know um cacao is a bean that grows on a tree.

So you see the pot on here. So it looks like that when it grows on the tree and when you crack it open, it looks like that it’s got little pods and there’s like this white goo around the pod and oh my gosh. It’s so delicious. It tastes nothing like chocolate, but it’s it to me. It tastes like a sweet tart and you can kind of like suck the goo off of the beam and then the bean you dry it and then then that’s when it starts.

It’s got like the chocolate flavor when it’s dried or baked in the Sun um when Josh and I lived in Hawaii cacao, it grows in Hawaii on the Big Island, so we had a friend who had a couple cacao trees and we always go over there. We’d pick the pods crack them open and we lament in the sunshine and bake them. One time we try to bake them in the oven to we made our own homemade cacao, nibs, which was amazing um.

But that’s what it looks like and that’s what you get and then they they’ll grind it up into this powder, which is, if you were to just eat this super bitter but very delicious um, so to make it taste a little bit more like maybe the chocolate That you’re used to you can put some honey, rolla cool honey or hundred percent pure maple syrup, just kind of mix it in and then it starts to get a lot sweeter.

You can do what my friend lianna Warner grey likes, you, which is the three ingredients chocolate. She taught me this and I just love. I love this recipe. I always make it when i’m just craving a little something so shout out to liana she’s, the author of the earth diet and the new book 10 minute recipes, which is a best-seller and it’s an amazing book. So you guys will love it um. So what I do thanks to liana is, I take a scoop of it, a heaping scoop, because cacao is amazing for you, high in magnesium, to which most people are deficient in magnesium, so a good way to get your magnesium cacao.

Eight more cacao. I’ll put this in my smoothies, but if I’m doing the chocolate you just take a scoop of it and then you also do like a tablespoon of pure maple syrup or honey raw, local honey and then some kind of a what’s called some kind of a nut. Flour, almond flour, um macadamia, nut, flour, coconut flour. Personally, I like the almond flour the best and you just mix it up, and then I do just like a spoonful, because it’s so rich and chocolate that I you’d a spoonful and I’m like that was perfect.

The totally satisfy my sweet craving, I feel great, I didn’t go eat a cupcake or a huge thing of cake and I’m just sweet craving satisfied. So that’s like a cow. You knew a lot with that other than just put in your smoothies, but um we’re making 3-ingredient chocolate. But oh, if you guys are interested, let me know, comment below and I’ll make some baking articles and we can bake together with this amazing cacao.

Oh, if you want this too, by the way, like I said in the beginning, if you weren’t here when we first started anytime, I do the first of the month on a Monday, and I tell you about my favorite things, my favorite healthy things right now. I’r always going to talk to the company ahead of time and see if I can get you guys a discount code like a discount like I would use and see if I can get that available to you.

I created a page on my website so that you can do that easily um, because I know a lot of people have been asking for that lately. So if you go to my website staff handle com, there’s a new tab up there and it says favorite products and that’s where you’ll get the discount this one’s on there right now. I think you saved like three bucks or something but even better Shelley hi Shelly. Even better this one you’re going to save like close to eight dollars on.

So what is this? Have you ever seen this before anybody? Anybody use fresh greens right now. I do I use it. Basically, every single day I started using it when I went to a tony robbins conference in san jose a few months back and they had a whole foods nearby, so seating decent, but just not my normal amount of greens, so I started having this every day makes Such a big difference, but why? Why should you use it? Why should you even care? Because your body has this balance of acid to alkaline and it’s a scale, I’m sure you remember from science class, it’s called a pH balance, so you want to be more alkaline than acidic, but most people are more acidic than alkaline, because here’s some acidic things.

Let me know if you’re having any of these in your diet regularly, so acidic things would be um, alcohol, meat, dairy um, a thing – that’s not food stress stress – is very, very, very acidic for your body. Um sugar is acidic. So, if you’re having a combination of a lot of these things, so if you’re having a calm, a combination of acidic breakfast, acidic lunch, acidic dinner and acidic dessert, then your body is probably very acidic and then, if you’re stressed out just add an extra acid load.

On there, the reason why you don’t want to be acidic is because that’s where disease breeds from you’re, basically making yourself a open blog same disease, come on. Combine me I’m available to you, so you want to shut that down close the door and bring in more alkaline things. That’s how you do that. So some great stuff is alkaline water, making sure your water is really clean and high quality. Another great alkaline thing to do.

Lemons, lemons, are amazing to alkalize your body, but most people think no that’s got to be acidic. Lemons are acidic right. Lemons are alkaline when you digest them so they’re, very, very good, like a glass of warm water with lemon. In the morning, something everybody should do every day, but even better fresh greens, so this is like the most alkalizing mixture ever you’ve got it’s also organic and non-gmo, which is very important to me, and I think, should be very important to you too, but okay.

So here’s some of the stuff we have in here we’re gay parsley: spirulina wheatgrass of grass, barley, grass, alfalfa, grass, spinach, alfalfa, sprout colored powder, broccoli, sprout barley, grass, o grass, chlorella wheatgrass, alfalfa, account so many green things. So many alkalizing things and one of the most a closing things is greens. You know leafy greens for spirulina are chlorella. This is like a big mix of all that stuff together and let me show you something fun.

You probably remember this from science class too, but these are strips that will test your pH to tell you if you’re, acidic or alkaline, and you can see, there’s a chart on the back. It shows you with colors that you can, depending on what color this comes out, you’re, either acidic or your alkaline. So how you do this? You start with it like that, and then you put under your tongue for 15 seconds so we’re up here, I’m not going to talk for 15 seconds.

Okay got entertain yourself, okay right, there’s my color and you hold it up to the back and it tells you so I am oops upside down, so I’m in the balance zone. That’s where you want to be, but it might come out and tell you that you’re really acidic and if it does, then it’s like hold on. I got to get some alkalizing things into my body. Why? Because otherwise, if you’re in the acidic zone – and you stay here for a long as up a long time, you are basically welcoming disease, sickness, illness, things that you don’t want into your body, not a good thing.

You want to be alkaline. Keep your body super alkaline! One of the easiest and best ways I found to do that other than eating your greens every day and drinking your lemon water is having a cup full of that. So you just take a scoop just like this put it in your water and it depends how hard core you are. If you like me, super hardcore, you just put a little lemon in it, but if you are not so hardcore and you’re new to this, then I would say you can mix it.

I’ve heard this mixing it with apple juice. It was really good, but not just any apple juice. Cuz apple just came yet it can get weird, so we’ll mix it with a very high quality like organic apple juice. If you are going to go there, you can just put it right into a smoothie. That would be better. I would I feel, or can do what I’m doing, which is some lemon to go in your fresh greens, and it’s that simple you just drink it, and then you can test your ph right after and then you can see that almost right away, you go back To having a very alkaline body, so I think this stuff is amazing: it’s my travel buddy and it’s also like Josh.

I’ve been drinking it before we go to bed a lot um. I just we wake up and we feel really good and feel really fresh and like ready to go. Maybe you’re waking up very groggy in the morning. This might be a really good thing for you to do you’re, probably a lot of times when you do wake up when it’s hard for you to wake up, you’re, very you’re, too you’re, overly acidic, whether it’s stress or foods or alcohol or whatever you can just Be way too acidic and it can make it challenging to have the energy to do a lot of stuff you need to do, and since 2017 is about up leveling right, then it’s super important that you get your energy in your inspiration levels.

Super high give your body exactly what it needs so that you are ready and raring to get, because you can’t go to your next level if you’re not pumped and you’re, not energized. Okay, I’m going to read a couple comments, all right, Trisha! No but I’ve been looking into it, wasn’t sure which brands cool. I think I forgot which question I asked, but but i’m pretty sure I was asking if you’ve tried french screens so yeah.

If you haven’t check it out girl, I’ve got a discount for you on my website. If you want to try it out for like not the full price um Shelly says: where do you get those so this one fresh means you can buy at the supermarket? Not any supermarket whole foods carries it um this one, I’m not sure if whole foods has it yet it might. If not it’s going to get it in soon, and I know they may be in costco soon, I’m not sure about that they’re, definitely not in there.

Yet but the I have the discount that I’m sharing with you guys it will be you’ll pay a lot less than you would pay in any supermarket or anywhere that you would buy. It so definitely check that out. If you want to tap into that, then you just go to my website, which is steph handle com. I just put up a new tab: it’s called favorite products and we keep all my discounts for all you guys right on there, so that you never have to pay full price because I got it, everybody wants to save a little money wherever they can.

If I can share my own personal discount code with you and why not so yep, that’s where you get them, I’m going to take a sip of this, so you being like a super foods attic over here, I have a taste for very like earthy green things. You notice that, as you eat healthier and healthier your taste buds change. So for me this is like I drink it and I just feel like every cell in my body, just being like yeah, I’m so pumped, I feel so good, so energized so ready to go.

Like thank you for the nutrients. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That’s what I feel um some people drinking it and I, like all tastes like grains, so you might want to just ease your way into it, put it in the smoothie drink it with apple juice. If you have to but definitely ease your way into the water, so you don’t always drink it with apple juice. Mike can I give you kangin water for two weeks and get your opinion Tony drinks that awesome um? I will definitely try it and I’d love to see the info on it before I try it, but yeah it sounds pretty good.

I know my aunt has a kangin water machine and it’s pretty cool. So, let’s see, do you drink it once a day or more, so the fresh screams with these I drink this once a day. If you are very acidic, if you’re eating a lot of acidic things, maybe you’re transitioning to a healthier diet, you would want to drink it more than once a day I think on here it might say I think it’s does to do like 30 for initial alkalizing Use three times a day for seven days, so there you go, but if you’re already eating a pretty healthy, nutritious alkalizing diet, then once a day is good or every time you feel, if you’re really in tune with your body.

You know that your body tells you exactly what it needs, what it needs it I’ll be like sitting on my computer, doing stuff and I’ll just be like I’m just kind of like craving some fresh greens and they’ll think about it’ll, be like wow. I ate a lot of acidic things so far today. I really needed that like alkalizing, so my body’s kind of like downloading to me, like hey FYI, you need something alkaline um, so it just kind of tells me.

But you know, wherever you are in the spectrum of new to this stuff or been doing it for a while. You can kind of feel it out from there, but this is amazing seriously. I’r obsessed with this stuff, you guys my friend he was like. Why don’t you give this a try? He was like just see if you like it just see, and I was like all right, I’ll, try it and now I’m like, I can’t live with all this stuff, everybody who just did the healthy holiday.

My set course it was an eight week course on losing weight and keeping it off during the holiday staying really fit and going in with a new year’s resolution not to lose weight and use resolution to be. You know, just new things: new and higher, better things. Everybody got one of these, which is really cool, so I loved sharing this with them and everybody’s digging it. So, let’s see um, where do you get the color tab? Okay, so to get these strips, you can buy certain strips at.

I think, like drug stores have them um, but this is the fresh greens brand and I will put the discount code for those up there after this show is over. I know that’s it’s not right now, it’s just this and this so i’ll put that one up to, but actually, if you order another just put in body built by love in the coupon code, then you’ll get my discount and then you’ll get a discounted price on That these are more high quality than the ones you get at CVS, but yeah.

These are pretty cool, ph strips. I love it. It’s kind of a fun game and few kids, kids love it. It’s a really good way to educate them on help. Cuz you’re, like okay, you know you want it to be these colors. Try it out. Are you these colors? If you are, then you know you your up line which is healthy and you teach them all about the alkaline acid balance and it’s really cool really really interactive, and for adults too, I’m like a big kid.

So um, let’s see Debbie. Where do you get the the test tabs? I think you’re talking about those, so yeah you’ll be able to get them on my website, which is my name. Steph handle com, there’s a tab on there that says favorite products and it’s I will put this one on there right after the show, if you get to it before. I do just type body built by love into the coupon code and then you’ll get my discount.

So I’m always going to save you guys money, you weren’t here in the beginning, every first monday of the month on the show i’m going to do my very favorite things, and I will never ever ever. Show you something that I’m not using myself and I’m not obsessed with myself. This is always going to be high quality. It’s always going to be amazing, oh and then the other thing that makes this different to that.

Getting these fresh strips instead of the ones at the UM I like the drugstore, is that they have to test boxes. So, as you saw on the one that I used, we got two little things: they’ve changed colors now that it’s been out of my mouth for a while, but see the two boxes, it’s a little bit more accurate, so just FYI pretty cool little bonus. So this is something so good you guys with some lemon in it mmm I got out, see you hold on.

Ok, I’m back so as promised. Now that I’ve told you about my two favorite things right now and this by the way bake with this better. If eaten raw like a raw, cookie dough or a raw um, 3-ingredient chocolate or diet, this is just the bombs high magnesium makes you feel happy amazing. The only kick how you should ever use, don’t use cocoa anymore, throw your cocoa out. It’s 2017 right, clear space for the new.

You got ta clear out the old declare space for the new clear out any cocoa. You have and put cacao this not even worth eating cocoa, because there’s no trans, there’s no bonus to it. No benefits for your body and every time you eat something you should eat it for a reason. You should eat it. For energy, you should eat up for nourishment. You should eat it to improve your brain function. You should eat it to improve your skin.

Your hair, your nails, whatever everything, should have a purpose like that so cacao, not coco fresh greens to alkalize and, most importantly, because stress, is acidic. I’r going to talk to you a little bit right now about how to bring the things you want to you. In 2017, so 2016 great year great great year but 2017, I’m more of a mindset coach by the way. Guys like I started my trading in health coaching and then I got certified as a personal trainer, and I love those things and I love food.

I love cooking, I love being as healthy as I possibly can, but more important. The thing that really has the most power over you is your mind, set your brain, so here’s a brain tip for 2017 because I know you got resolutions. I know you’ve had things that you want to do, let’s make sure they’re, not hopes and dreams, let’s make sure they’re things that are actually going to happen for you and in order to do that, you must must must clear space you think of it as like.

A box – and this is the box for say saying something that you want improve in 2017 – is your relationships. You want to draw love to you, you want to find love or you want to draw a better love to you or a healthier love or you just want more love in your relationship. You have a box, I’d love and in this box of love, you have all these limits and you have all these stories. You have all these beliefs that have happened in the past.

This person did this to me. This person said this to me. This is how love is all the good ones are taken or I’m just not deserving of that or all the many store these are. You know I dated this person once and they told me that I am not pretty enough, and so now I think I’m not pretty enough for anybody. You know these are all stories that we’ve created about love over time and they’re all filling this box.

This box is overflowing, like you can barely stuff another thing into it, so there is no room for the love that you want no room. So as you got ta do, is you got to open the box up? You got ta dump it out. You got to burn that stuff because that stuff no longer serves you know, and it’s not good for you, it’s not worth being in your life burn. It keep the box and now it’s open, and now you have all this room in there all the space where what you want can come in what you want cannot come in unless you clear space, for it, there’s only so much space there so take out all The things that were once limiting you and another thing for 2017 forget the past.

The past is gone and the more you focus on the past, the less you can create what you want in the future. So look staring at the past and saying this is how it was before, or this is how it is, Sir. This is so what this person told me – or this is how it’s always been and how it always will be. You cannot create any space for something new that you want, so you got ta say bye, pass you happen, but by I’m not going to think about you anymore.

You’re. Great thanks see you later focus on the future focus on none of that stuff. Don’t let that carry with you, because this can be this beautiful masterpiece that you get to paint whatever amazing us. You want you, an amazing body, paint that on there possible you want amazing love relationship, paint it on there that’s possible for you. You want wealth. Beyond your wildest dreams paint that on there, but you can’t have wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

If you’re still holding on to a story over here about how you have to work, really really hard for lots of money and just don’t want to work that hard or you hang it onto a story that says you know, I’m working a job that couldn’t ever Pany tons of money – I’m stuck – these are all stories because there’s somebody many people in this world who had your same story, you’re, saying lifestyle, but they’ve got all this right.

How did they make it happen? They don’t have an extra 24 hours in the day. Everybody’s got the same 24 hours, they have different beliefs, they have a different mindset. Maybe they have this same job that pays them the same amount of money as you do, and they’re capped, but they’re, open-minded to all the other ways that money comes into their lives. I can tell you right now that this morning I said to myself: okay, I clear I clear any um any loose money blocks that might have been there from 2016 clear them out of the way now money finds me instead of me seeking money when he finds Me and then guess what happened to me all day so far, random muddy just starts showing up right.

This person forgot to pay me for something here. You go extra hundred. Oh, this person wanted to take me out to lunch oops more money. For me, like all these things just all day long today, they’ve been like just coming to me, my name is coming without me chasing it finds me. So that’s a different mindset right and this is the thing about you might just say, whatever staff you can. You can’t just change your mind and then all this stuff comes to you, but the truth is when you start thinking different thoughts.

Your brain starts working in a different way and when your brain starts working in a different way, you start coming up with concepts and ideas and ways that you would have never thought of in the past of things coming to you. So I’m just saying and here’s the other thing too, you just ask for it and you put it out there and then you let it go the second that you start to have all this past. Limiting beliefs start to come in.

That’s when this goes away. So this is here: this can’t come in. You have to clear it out you’re, going to clear out all the things that say: yeah but yeah, but this yeah, but that yeah. But this person said this about me. That’s that means I can never blink. You kind of cleared out have all of this. 2017 is going to be your year. It’s set up to be your year of the most abundance that you’ve ever had, but you must let go of all of that in order to have it otherwise you’re going to get to 2018 you’re going to be like crap and do any of those things.

I said I wanted to do and I want you to have all that stuff. I really want you to have it just waiting for you. It’s not like some rocket science. It’s simple and that’s what I created my 55 love course on. So if you, if love, is one of your things that you want to bring into your life in 2017, fit to file, of course, is exactly for you, because it is going to not only integrate how to get healthier and beep and prepare your body.

In your mind, for love but attract love to you, so it’s clearing away. This is what the course is all about clearing away all of this about old stuff, old patterns, old beliefs that you aren’t deserving of it worthy of it. The things that somebody said to you one time that made you think that you are unlovable or maybe you’re lovable, but only for a short amount of time or you know unattractive or any of these things that are keeping love from finding you, because what you seek Is seeking you and, if you’re out there seeking love it, there’s literally the love of your life, looking for you right now, right the second they’re looking for you, but they can’t find you.

If all that’s remember the box. If the box is too full, they can’t find you so you got to clear the box. Yeah open the box, dump it out, burn it burn it burn it burn it, and now you have a new box ready to go ready to bring that stuff in. So, if that’s what you want in 2017, fit to find love courses, awesome is starting next week on Tuesday January 10, you can sign up for it on my website. Stefano calm, it’s going to be awesome.

I’r also going to teach you how to get in great shape, while doing it. You’ll have a nine minute work out with me every single day, you’re going to have healthy recipes with good things that are going to make white just strip off of you easy and I’m going to be up leveling everything myself and as I up level, of course, I bring you with me, so that’s also a big part of it. So, let’s see Shelly says this is super informative good.

That makes me so happy. That’s why I do these Monday shows now every Monday, 3 p.M. Pacific time, 6 p.M. Eastern time, i’m going to be here. Bringing you good info mike says. I like how simple you keep things. Thank you. Simplicity is one of my biggest elements of my life. In my business must keep it simple once it starts to get complicated, it’s like no, no thanks. It’s got to be fun and it’s got to be simple.

Otherwise, you’re not going to do it and you’re not going to do it consistently right. So it’s got to be a mindset and a lifestyle for a lifetime. I want, like my concern, cuz, I told you guys, like I’m, never going to share something with you that I wouldn’t use myself and I don’t believe in. I will never ever give you something that is going to be a quick fix, I’m not into quick fixes if you want a quick fix go to somebody else.

That’s not me, I’m not here, for that. I give you a lifestyle of health, something that you can keep for a lifetime, which is why, in a great mindset into everything, I do so. If you want to uplevel in 2017 with me right. Yes, where ry below and let me know, because I’m ready to go to a hundred percent on all these things, and I would love people who want to do that too to join me, i’m good doing it solo, but if I have people with me, awesome, let’s Make a team effort of it.

So, let’s see what’s possible for to us in 2016 and every area oops 2017 in every area of our lives, health, wealth, career relationships, lifestyle, everything, let’s go see what a hundred percent looks like, not just five percent, not just good phenomenal outstanding. Let’s see what outstanding looks like on us right, it’s going to be great anyway glad you guys join me. You can get all my previous episodes on my you, too blog, which is youtube com, backslash, steph, Hendel, keeping it simple across all my social medias.

It’s all Steph handle um. You check out my Instagram, I’m constantly doing inst of stories. Today I went taco to the local taco place. Amazing. You got to check it out if you’re over here um facebook, I’m on, like all the time, really really always putting out inspiring posts for you. Um, let’s see mike says, sounds great good and I think that’s it yeah youtube for these articles. Instagram, facebook, oh and my websites, if handle calm, bit, to find love and get your products over there check it out.

Let me know how you like them, and then next month, i’ll be doing another one first of the month, yay thanks for joining me today, guys it’s been really fun and I know amazing, great things are coming for you so lets up level. In 2017 you



Best Superfoods for Fatigue

Fatigue is a term used to describe the state of physical or mental weakness. It should be noted that fatigue is not an ailment or disease. It is a condition of body and mind that affects everyone at least once in their lifetime. The symptoms of fatigue include exhaustion, weariness, tiredness lack of concentration, irritability, dizziness, moodiness, etc.

Sleepy and drowsy are also. The signs of fatigue. Fatigue is caused by many factors in our life, including lifestyles like excessive use of alcohol or caffeine. Poor sleep, unhealthy diet, deficiency of physical activity or excessive activity. Nowadays, plenty of natural ingredient are available to quickly get rid of fatigue, which are not only easy to find around your house or groceries, but also inexpensive and have no advanced effects.

Here are top ten superfoods you can make use of when it comes to fatigue. One spinach: it contains a high nutritional value, including vitamin C B, magnesium, potassium iron, etc. Spinach is able to increase the production of red blood cells, boost the oxygen transportation throughout the body as well as the metabolism. Accordingly, your body will always feel lively and vibrant and have no worry about fatigue to red, bell-pepper vitamin C.

A powerful antioxidant is an essential substance for a strong immunity as well as adrenal system. You can get this vitamin presence, largely in red bell, pepper. Besides the content of other vitamins and peppers, along with fiber and folic acid, actively assist the vitamin C to help the body deal with fatigue. Three bananas bananas are the fruit, packed with a huge quantity of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Like vitamin B C potassium fiber, o meter 3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, this enables the fruit to fight against symptoms of fatigue like tiredness, dizziness, etc. For green tea, green tea is another beverage you can use to combat fatigue, increase energy and mental concentration. The key to the mechanism is the polyphenols in green tea, which has great impacts on mental condition like reducing stress ease in come to mind.

It is extremely good for your health and mind. 1/2 cups of green tea per day is advised to keep you fresh and awake. Five pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds, are believed to be a perfect snack used to enhance immunity, boost energy and reduce symptoms of fatigue, keep a handful of pumpkin seeds in your pocket so that you can have this snack during the day six oatmeal. It has been confirmed in various studies that oatmeal has the ability to get rid of fatigue.

Oatmeal has been known as an ample source of carbohydrates, which are essential for human brain and muscles activities. Make oatmeal you favorite breakfast so as to provide energy for your body to use all day long 7 watermelon. It is known as a perfect summer fruit for its rich content of water and electrolytes, which quickly reduces dehydration and makes people fresh. This interesting fact also makes watermelon a good choice for not only a hot summer day, but also when you feel tired and irritability, eight walnuts being rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

The walnut is a trusted ingredient for fighting fatigue owing to the content of fiber, proteins, magnesium, iron, copper and other minerals. Walnuts are used after a workout to gain back. The energy and repair muscles damages nine beans being a good source of numerous healthy elements. Beans will never bring you down when it comes to fatigue in detail. Beans possess an impressive amount of carbohydrates, protein, minerals etc, which provide energy and prevent fatigue.

Ten yogurt, whenever you felt tired, exhausted or any other symptoms of fatigue, take a break and have some yogurt. This will significantly help you improve the condition eat at least one serving of yogurt on daily basis to benefit your health and prevent fatigue. Thank you for reading health info talk. Please subscribe to our blog for regular updates and knows and do like our FB page WWF ace book, calm health info zone follow us on Twitter at health info talk 1



Wellness Routine + Healthy Habits

They have everything from like nutrition bar new protein powders, pink hair. To make up the things everyone talks about, but you’re kind of like where the heck do you get that’s where so I will have all the products that I specifically talk about linked below as well as I are the site, it’s a really great resource. This is like a lot of info know that you can always pick and choose which habits you want to incorporate.

You don’t have to do all them. You don’t have to do any of them. Yeah. If you guys haven’t already subscribed. Please hit the subscribe button. It would mean a lot to me and also go ahead and follow my Instagram if you’re interested, so what the first product category that I wanted to mention was essential oils, and I’ve talked about these recently in some of my articles. But I’ve been absolutely love.

Oil diffusing also, you can use essential oils in other ways as well. Those are two that I picked up for. My herb are the eucalyptus and teacher oil, which I love to diffuse throughout my phase II as they’re, both very calming and earthy cents, but they can also be used on their own use, tea tree oil as a spot treatment for my acne. If you guys have been following me for a while, you know that I really struggle with acne.

I know it doesn’t seem like it, I’m wearing a ton of makeup. To be honest, so teacher oil actually works as a spa trip, but you don’t want to use it all over your face. I have this written down, excited onna pronounce it, but it unblocked the sebaceous gland acts as like a solvent. So, since teacher oil is an oil, don’t go in and kind of break up the dirt and lift and remove it away. It’s like a natural antibacterial, disinfectants, anti-inflammatory as well, and then eucalyptus is amazing.

It’s very calming to me. It feels like a spa like you. Can also mix it with like a little bit of lip balm and put it underneath your nose if you’re feeling sick, it’s like a natural decongestant, so those are my two favorite essential oils. I also love lavender and a bunch of other blends, but you can find like pretty much every essentially on. I are checking with the oil trials on some facial oils that I love incorporating into my skincare routine.

So the first one is rose Hedy Doyle, it’s packed with vitamin A and C which are like two of the best ones to use for your skin. It’s also filled with antioxidants and fatty acids, so it really helps to like firm and plump the skin, and it also helps with acne scar fading as well as acne in general and oil that I wanted to talk about. Omers, cocoa butter formula, multi effect perfecting facial oil, I’m obsessed with this stuff.

I love this Palmer’s cocoa butter brand. I use their coconut body lotion as well as their coconut oil. This oil particular also smells amazing a little bit more like sweet almond oil in it. So I’m assuming that’s where it’s coming from skin perfecting ingredients, its cocoa butter, which is a protective plan to extract retina, which I always look for products with retinol, because it increases cell turnover.

It’s really good for anti-aging, as well as acne vitamin C, which brightens complexion in tone and then vitamin E which helps prevent cell oxidation and then there’s also 9pr oils. I usually do the rosehip seed oil at night and then the perfecting facial oil in the morning and at the skincare Department. I also picked up a face mask and I love face max face mask. Why can I not speak for the purpose of yes? They are good for your skin, everyone smile, but also to me they’re such a self-care thing like putting on a face, mask and really calming and relaxing to me.

I love a good clay mask. I know my roommates are a really big fan of the one that you mix with apple cider, vinegar. I think that one’s a little bit too harsh for me, I’m trying out this one. It is the French green clay, facial treatment. I love a clay mask, though really good for tightening and firming and drying out impurities, easy it just mixed with water, and it’s made of a 100 % French green clay.

I am can’t smile or move my face. Get next topic on. My list is daily vitamins. My recently incorporated two new vitamins, which I want to talk about magnesium and b12. These pill container, like your parents, have these, but once I got one of these and actually started to take this seriously, it’s like such a lifesaver that magnesium is written down, density, a better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and it regulates kind of like all of your Bodily functions in terms of vitamins I do it is best to get your vitamins from your Whole Foods, so foods that are also high in my museum or to dark leafy greens see the nuts dark chocolate and avocado.

It can never hurt to supplement on the side neck by teaming that I wanted to talk about the 12. So this is a fully active b12 again from dr. E fest with an increasing mood. Is it’s linked to serotonin and then it also improves energy levels, levels cell production in skin, hair and nails, and red blood cell nation and red font cells, bring oxygen to all of your different organs throughout the body.

So, when they’re not moving properly, that’s when you feel weak and fatigued also what’s cool about these ones is these are actually vegan and b12 is something that a lot of vegan are missing, because the main sources of b12 are found in animal from one we’re still Talking about supplementing my favorite way to incorporate superfoods are in smoothies. I take this tip from be well by Kelly. I will link her instagram down below which Gigi talks about like the Fab Four, which is protein greens, fiber and healthy fats and they’re.

Just basically like the key components to a healthy diet or most famous things, is the fat for smoothies after you drink one of these green smoothies. You feel like one of those memes, that’s like you drink like or you eat broccoli. It’s like I’m, the epitome of health, like that’s how I feel after one of these smoothie is super great way to incorporate all of these superfood powders that you may not be getting in your diet.

I’ve been doing the green superfood by amazing girl, wheatgrass barley, grass, spirulina spinach beet carrot, hace, broccoli and other supplement. I like to add to my smoothies as organic maca root powder. This stuff actually tastes. It smells kind of good and caramel e, something it also helped. Your athletic endurance, great as like a pre-workout meal, I’ll list, the greens with people in the description she will give it a try.

It’s like my favorite thing right now. I wanted to talk about another type of juice that I’ve been doing, which LRU juice all your juice for about two amazing for your digestive system, verifying your bloodstream as well as like purging your body of toxin. Do it is first thing in the morning, so your body can absorb all of the nutrients and then just have plain celery juice. Don’t add anything to it, so highly recommend the dark chocolate – and this is the primal chocolate eating evolved.

Crunchy caramel made with organic coconut sugar. I’ve been looking for chocolate that don’t have a sugar in them just cuz. For me, sugar triggers something in my brain that makes me just want to eat unhealthy and more sugar a little over four dollars on the iron site, whereas many of these, like paleo, coconut sugar or maple syrup off the bars, can go up to like eight or Nine dollars, like I love little kitchen ones, but they’re so expensive.

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to crave your sweet tooth, this one is really good. I’ve already eaten the bar, of course. My last and final habit is tongue scraping, and this is an error’ Vedic. I think I’m pronouncing that probably wrong. I actually learned about this from the skinny confidential we’ve talked about before she swears my tongue scraping. What you want to do is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning is: go wash your face, brush your teeth and scrape your tongue as you sleep your mouth and face build bacteria.

The first thing that you want to do before you drink any water and take all that bacteria back into your system is get it out, and I’m literally just about to pack this to go home to Minnesota with me, helps with bad breath. So if you’re struggling with that, I’m honestly a huge proponent of dental hygiene love this right, I think I’m officially done. I think I’ve talked about every health thing that I’ve been doing lately it.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this article. Please give it a thumbs up. If you did I’ll leave any questions, I would love to chat more with you guys about all these subjects and if you have any old things that you’ve been working on, I would love to hear that I will see you guys in my next article. Give us a thumbs up if you liked it, I will see you guys very soon.



Fertility Boosting Superfoods

I wrote it years ago for Yahoo voices and and it’s focusing on the fertility, boosting food, mostly for advanced women, of a man’s maternal age, and I said basically, I started here by saying how I boosted fertility at age 40 and 43 and 45, and for those Of you that don’t know a little background, I had six healthy girls in a row from 30 to 40 and then I had five miscarriages in a row which was devastating.

You know, but that you know that happened, that 41, my egg quality and my digestion and everything like that was starting to wane, even with good fertility which I did have it will you know Wayne because everything starts to slow down your digestive capability, your which isn’t, If your digestion is, is compromised, you’re not going to have as much nutritional uptake as you did when you were younger, which means your eggs aren’t going to be as vibrant and envir and strong.

So I did that mostly through food, because I felt guided by that through prayer I felt guided. I was seeing visuals and gardens and bright foods, and things like that. So I started focusing on my food at the at that age too, because it’s raw foods and you know plants are highly. You know bioavailable very easy to absorb and that’s important as you age. I think I’ve said that in probably a lot of my articles and articles, it’s kind of a mantra I talk about, because that is what you need is that they easily absorbed food because your digestion isn’t compromised and it’s a ha.

It’s a holistic synergistic effect that you, you know you’re you’re, looking to improve so um. Also, it’s a lot cheaper than fertility treatments and the doctors will tell you that you know you’re going to have only a 25 % chance of getting pregnant even with their methods. But it’s a lot cheaper to do this and just eat well and amp up your your your general health, so that your eggs can thrive again and then you know become pregnant successfully, so the the biggest way.

I did that. How many times do I say this folks, juicing juicing juicing, it’s juicing people here, I I say in my article I say I made a habit of keeping my live food intake at around 80 %. I did this primarily with juicing interesting, provided the quickest way to get a lot of living food at once. You can just many veggies or fruits at once to amp up your life, food intake, plus it’s easily absorbed, and it goes straight to work because, especially if you do not empty stomach, it will it’ll be absorbed right from your small intestines very quickly into your cell Walls – and you know, which is the quickest way to get cell renewal.

You know especially well to all your body, which is going to only help your reproductive system and your eggs, so that was the biggest thing I started doing. You know on a regular basis, um sometimes twice a day. I mean I’d, throw four or five veggies and fruits together and then later on. Do it again or something these days. I only do it in the morning, but okay and then the next thing I focus on is good.

Fat. Good fat is, of course, very good. Fat is what your hormones depend on your glandular system. You know your your pituitary, which sends your follicle stimulating hormones and down to your ovaries, so that you know the follicles can start maturing and, and you know all of that all of those glands need healthy fat. You know say you want to stay away from trans fats, of course, and maybe too much meat, fat and and change your diet to a better quality fat.

And here, in my article from back, then I say changing my diet to a better quality of fat from things like fat, flax, avocado, nuts, seeds and other whole food brought on a change in the quality of well, it’s going to it help your glandular system. It’s also going to help your cervix has plans in it to create the cervical mucus – and here I remember this too – it brought on a change in the quality of my cervix mucus.

It did it made it more more abundant and more pliable. You know I talked about cervix, mucus and and ways to identify your fertility and your your signs through cervix. You know just as physical changes that happen with it, as well as the abundance of fertility that it makes well. Those know that mucus is made from glands in the cervix little ones that okay, so you know good fat, will help that, along with your bio-available food through juicing, so you want to be careful.

You know like Omega fats and fish fish oils, good fat for you and you know they’re, just the plant, fats and stuff nuts and seeds have beautiful fat in it. Also it’s going to work with the calcium. You know the juicing is full of kallen, calcium and Meg, really bioavailable calcium’s, and that’s going to work really good with your fat to to amp up your glandular health, so that you know your eggs can benefit from that.

Then I talked about drinking more water. Well, along with the juicing and the good faggy drink, more water, what is that? It just purifies? You cleans out your liver, because if your livers full of impurities – and you know just a lot of muck from just living anyway, you know um or if you’ve been, you know if you’ve been abusing whatever it is food drugs. Whatever drinking waters, water, along with the juicing – and you know, the good food is just going to cleanse your liver, really good, which will keep you pure, which will then only help your egg quality.

Because it’s you know enough. Full toxin and those eggs get ruined by toxins, so keeping your liver, healthy with more water, juicing and good oils will help you get that direction. Then I talked about food concentrates here. Concentrated food supplements has helped me finally achieve my menopause baby. I said when I couldn’t juice or was rushed in some way and without healthy food or an ear. Juicer I’d often use supplemental food powder like source of life by nature’s plus, it’s a concentrated power of whoo.

It’s like spinach, kale, spirulina, wheatgrass and much more. I used it often as a meal replacement. If I was on a run on the go with the kids, and I heard I’d keep some in there and I just drink it in some water and donut, or you can also use really green food drinks. You know concentrated food drinks like spirulina wheatgrass juices in dry form, if you wan na you know in powder form, if you want to, if you’re going to be busy, but that was what I wanted to focus on today.

All of these superfoods that work together to create fertility boost. So with that I’m going to leave you, and I will see you next time and infertility, sucks dot-com on YouTube and don’t forget to check me out on my blog and infertility sucks com. Thanks have a good week:



Yoga for Back Pain | 40 min for Strong, Relaxed and Happy Back | All Levels Class

The back our spine super important in everything we do and in reality, to work on the back. We kind of have to work on most of the body because it’s all connected, but we will do specific poses that will both help strengthen and release and just follow along the best that you can. One thing I want to encourage you to do is to use your bandas.

If you don’t know what it is check out our article but beyond that, just make sure that you’re lifting a little bit in the pelvic floor and, more importantly, the belly goes slightly in slightly up try to keep that going throughout the class today, because this will Help support the lower back, we have ribs for the upper back and they help stabilize and support it, but in the lower back we don’t have those ribs.

Obviously, this gives us great mobility, which is wonderful, but at a price that if we don’t maintain the engagement of the core, not in a six-pack way, but rather in a lengthening pulling in way, then the back may suffer okay sub. Here we go we’re going to come to the hands and knees just beginning here with a few cats and cows. So, as you inhale drop, the belly lift the chest, look up and, as you exhale belly in chin down, keep going a few more times and see if you can really start to pay attention to your breathing.

Most of us kind of take it for granted. But doing really slow soft deep breathing, as we practice will help you dramatically in the healing in relieving stress, as well as any tension and will allow much faster. Releasing come back to neutral. Take your hips to the left and take your hips to the right hips to the left. Hips to the right now go to the left, cat forward, right cow and so you’re doing what we call the delicious pose you’re going in circles.

It feels like you’re doing some belly dancing and you’re, really massaging your entire lower back area, warming up your hips breathing, all the while and reverse the direction beautiful we’re going to go for downward puppy, which will help open the chest and the upper arms, but will Also be nice for the lower back, so as we lower the chest down, maybe the forehead is down. If that’s easy, bring the chin down always take the option, that’s appropriate for you.

Slowly, coming back to the hands and knees, it’s a bit of strengthening, we’ll take the right leg up behind you, just hip height, try to keep not opening it to the side, but keeping the toes facing down to the ground again, making sure your belly is tucked In your pelvic floor slightly lifted steady, your gaze here hold this for another moment or two. If this feels good for you and you feel steady enough, take the left arm up.

If this is already intense on the back, please don’t do the knee the arm up. We’ll strengthen a bit the core, which is also important, because the core is front and back of the body. So as you exhale curl, everything in elbow and knee in inhale, extend exhale. Two inhale extend exhale three inhale exhale four inhale last one and extend hold for one more breath and release switching sides left leg up again, activating your core right.

It’s like your belly, loves your back and it’s trying to go and give it a kiss foot facing down towards the ground gaze slightly forward space for the shoulders right arm up and as we exhale here, we go curl it in knee and elbow in inhale reach Out exhale two exhale exhale beautiful and hold release nice we’ll try to take a modified downward dog just for a few breaths, so bend the knees. A lot take the feet a little wider and press back.

Your work here is to lengthen the spine as much as possible, so feel how your sitting bones are reaching up to the sky press down with the shoulders, but just gently don’t go too much into the shoulders. If it’s getting easier, you can straighten more the legs, not at the expense of the spine. Look forward bring the right foot forward if it doesn’t quite make it. There use your right hand to help.

It come forward for a low lunge and you can say: what’s the psoas got to do with my lower back. The psoas is the front left eye the part that’s on that upper part feeling like juicy, probably but you’re still as even though it’s connected there. It goes all through your hip and connects to your lower back all the way, even really to your t12 to your lower part of your thoracic of your upper back, and so it’s really important to keep your psoas flexible, because you never never know if this is Actually, what’s pulling on your lower back, you can keep again the hands on the ground on the knee on the hip, whatever feels comfortable for you really allow your hips to sink down connecting with breath, it’s kind of an interesting way of being both engaged right.

The belly is pulling in and at the same time, you’re very relaxed you’re softening it’s like throughout the class. You can just see this white light going and releasing in your lower back we’re almost there beautiful we’re going to straighten the front leg, the right leg. You can lift the toes off the ground, just a gentle for the hamstrings really not too much here but again, like we said everything is connected, so it’s good to keep them slightly released.

We won’t go super deep on the legs for that you’re, going to check out our hamstring and leg class and when you kind of do all of our classes in rotation, you really get the best of all worlds. Beautiful bring the knee back to meet the other. Knee hands forward in front of you barely engaged just we’re going to do a chaturanga within these downs, lower down just a bit or as much as feels reasonable for you then meet the belly and come up to sphinx, pose forearms on the ground.

Elbows right. Underneath your shoulders palms flat on the ground, almost like the palms, are pulling your chest through so you’re pressing your pubic bone down to the ground. You’re pulling your chest through the arms and you’re lifting just a bit in your head. Not too much do not create any stress in your neck. Eyes are soft and steady. Maybe maybe your lips are relaxing a bit or just we’re going to go back to our modified downward dog, so you can take a full downward dog if it feels great for you or bend the knees.

That’s perfectly awesome and we’re going to bring the left foot forward between the hands again if it didn’t make. It use your left hand to help right knee down if the right knee needs a cushion underneath. That’s fine! Your version of low lunge hands down, maybe they’re at the knee, maybe maybe at the hips. It’s also interesting when I use the bandage. It always feels like i’m, actually lengthening the spine a bit more and so there’s two way: movement here right, both the hips going down sinking as well as the chest lifting and when you constantly have this two-way movement, you’re.

Creating space for the lower back, if you haven’t ever checked our banda article, please do that because that’s really one of the key ingredients for sustainable back throughout your life relaxing into your breath. Here we go we’re going to straighten the front leg, howdy hamstrings, usually at the beginning of class. For me, it’s pretty tight, but you know sending them love, sending them a feeling of support of like wow.

I’r so happy we’re releasing you today, uh. Here we go slowly coming up, releasing again one more chaturanga on the knees hands down so before we go to the chaturanga just notice. Here your lower back and some of us kind of drop the belly completely and overarched in the lower back, which we call lordosis. Some of you are doing too far up which we call kyphosis try to find that neutral space right and the belly is really.

You can feel it coming in to help your lower back. So now, really all that’s happening is the bending of the elbow a bending, a bending, a bending, bring the chest and chin down to the ground, ashtanga pranam knees and then slide forward, we’re taking a very low baby, cobra, so you’re on the ground, you’re lifting the Chest and you can see you can lift the hands up and now you’re, using your back, i’m actually pressing the tops of the feet to the ground: hands back down, lift up to medium cobra, really just gentle gentle.

If it starts to feel achy, don’t press through it, but a little bit is okay and press it back to a wide knee child’s place. Let everything release making your way again into the downward dog and just simply walk the feet to the front. Take the feet. Apart, we won’t do a long hold and again, if your back is hurting, I really recommend you bend the knees just hang out here, allowing gravity to help you right.

There’s no effort right now the head is falling down. My knees are bent quite a bit and the more you strain the legs, the more intensity it gets in the hamstrings and even if you don’t feel a lot in your back. This is super good for your back, because you’re in a way reversing the way the vertebraes have to take the load right now, they’re kind of falling freely towards the head side, whereas throughout the day they’re constantly following falling towards the hip side, bandas are still active Release the hands, bend the knees, a lot and slowly roll up to stand, beautiful, shake it away for a moment open your feet, a tiny bit, and this is really hips, but it’s super important for us as we go through everything else we do in the back.

I mentioned it earlier, the lordosis right when we really stick the bad out, and I sometimes call it sexy. Butt syndrome is a joke or when we go into kyphosis when the pubic bone goes in and I call it the drunkard kind of pose right. But we want to find that happy neutrality between the tailbone and the pubic bone and then lock it there with the bun. Does this really helps support the back, and even now, as we’re going to go for a side stretch, we want to try and keep this not to go forward or back so lock, we’ll call it your hip neutrality, lock, your lower back in place right arm lifts Inhale and with an exhale go ahead and stretch move over to your left side contain the breath.

Inhale come up, exhale right arm down, inhale, left arm up, exhale side stretch, inhale, come up and exhale release beautiful, just bend the knees a bit and go in slow motion knees forward. Hips forward belly chest again a little bit of the wave. It usually feels good to do a bit of these. Just go gentle slower than we normally go, creating a bit of movement in the spine one more and I will do hip circles again, just go a little.

We usually just move the hips in circles this time. What i’m going to offer us to do is to move it a little bit deeper since we’re kind of warmed up hands are on the hips and, as you start, you’re really going to go and move the chest forward. So you’re adding a bit of weight on your back just do as much as you can really go sideways as much as you can with your upper body, then go back into a little bit of a back bend and then go to the left and then forward Again and then you’re going to reverse the direction to the left, moving back over to the right and to the front so go a few more on your own trying to go pretty slow, really bringing your entire awareness to the back.

It’s got a little more intensity than when we just move the hips, so please be careful, but also a bit more strengthening thanks to that closing up this one going back to the front and hallelujah all good shake it all away. Beautiful feet are apart: we’re going to come up maybe to the tippy toes, maybe not starting to lower down towards the ground. Okay, we’re going to lower down all the way heels, maybe down, maybe not you’re in a squat position, and I find that releasing the hips.

Many times helps solve many many back issues. Um i’ve had a student of mine that just ended up rolling um his buttocks on the ball for a while, and that really helped. So you never know where it is. It sometimes projects onto the back, but it’s not there unless we will do some hip openers today in a safe way, while you’re here pressing the elbows to the inside of the thighs, really elongate the spine as much as you can beautiful.

We’re going to start with the belly, so we’re going to come hands down, step it back and simply lower down to the belly, bring the arms forward in front of you and then bring the right leg up hold here for a moment again, if there’s too much On the back, you can bend the right knee. That may be a little easier if it’s okay go right away straight leg, if you’re still feeling great lift the left hand up left arm up palm facing inward to have a good rotation for the shoulder and protect your neck.

Blue jay breath release down move your hips, a tiny bit from side to side to release, and here we go left leg up right arm up optional release down. You can place the hands underneath your head, move your hips, a bit from side to side, go ahead and bend the knees and move the feet from side to side. Beautiful, relax the legs, one more we’re going to bend the right knee! You can keep the head on the hands or sideways whatever feels comfortable for you.

Just try to lift the right leg, lift it as high as it will go. Just stay there for a few moments. This may feel a bit of pressure on the lower back, especially on the left side. Maybe just try to press both sides down just a couple: more breaths and release the right leg down left knee bends left leg up, slowly, release lower the leg down, move your hips again, one more time side to side slowly coming up to one more baby, cobra Or medium cobra see how feel how it feels for you lift up to the place and then just move a bit heads to one side and center and then to the other side.

You can do this one more time beautiful, lift up to downward dog lower down to the knees coming to the front. I’r going to do a gentle variation of uh back bend today here, just really lift up in the belly and just lean back keep the hands on the hips. Just lean back a tiny bit, i’m really barely going. I can already feel the back and then bring the head down to the ground and try to reach your hands towards the heels around the back in the opposite direction.

A hair pose a rabbit, pose, come on up one more time, lift up now. This time, your choice, you can stay with the same thing if available for you to do one side. I find this really yummy, on the spine hand, can go onto the heel or onto the tucked toe if that’s a little easier or even skip it on the hip, now you’re going to go with the left arm. My right hand is towards the heel left arm up and i’m actually going to almost like a little twist here.

My left hand is going towards my right heel, and so i’m stretching back and side of the spine and uh whether you have any back injury or not. This usually feels super delicious, so my hips are moving a bit to the left. My hand is moving a bit. My left hand is moving a bit towards the right foot, the opposite direction of the hips inhale coming up you all doing. Okay, here we go second side right arm up left hand goes to the heel or to the toes tucked under.

If you need to right hand, moves a bit across hips, move a bit to the right, yummy yummy, slowly coming up and take a widening child’s pose. Elongate the spine as you lower down beautiful, simply coming up we’re going to lay down on our back. Do a few releases for the for the folds a little bit of hip opening. So we’ll start with the hip opening and we’ll go into the figure four or thread the needle, so right, ankles on the left, thigh bring the left eye in.

You can either hold behind the left eye. If you can reach take the left chin. Otherwise, you can even hold the strap if all of them are too far. Try today a little more than normally to keep your tailbone your lower back on the ground and then work on bringing the left thigh a little closer to your belly and chest. It doesn’t have to go very far, just whatever feels reasonable for you. Hopefully, you feel your right hip a little bit any knee tenderness.

Please flex your feet here, slowly, release! Let’s take the other side, please again hold wherever you feel comfortable, whether you’re holding a strap behind the thigh or eventually holding the shin trying to keep the tailbone the coccyx down, trying to bring the right thigh towards the chest, some of us even strain in the Neck here a bit, so maybe it feels like, if you can, you lengthen the neck by bringing the chin a little closer to your throat, and this creates a little more space for the neck once more to protect the knees.

You’re welcome to flex the feet and then, once you have your position, just really make sure you relax into it. So yes, there’s a bit of effort with the arms pulling there’s a lot of release. Your face is completely relaxed. A hint of a smile comes to your face in gratitude. Slowly, release place both feet on the ground and move the knees from side to side in the next pose. We’ll do a tiny bit more back bend.

Ideally, you would have a block. So if you have a block or a few books, that’ll be great. If you don’t, you can do it also without so either way is fine. Um dan will put a block underneath her lower back. Oh, and I guess thank you, I have one too so i’ll show you within without a block the block just as a secret um. It’s a well-kept secret has three different heights. So when you lift up your hips, you can decide right if your back is very tender, go on the lower side of the block and just place it there.

But I would say most of us will be happy with the medium size of the medium height, and some of you will even be able to go with the highest height of the block right and then once you’re up there just release your hands, keep the knees Bent for now – and this is really lovely for the back – some like kasha like to straighten the legs a little more and when you straighten the legs, it’s back, but you also sometimes get to feel a bit and the upper thigh in the connection to the hips.

So your choice – you can do this or you can do this. Both are wonderful, mostly breathing. If you didn’t get a block, you can just even take the bridge and just hold yourself up here. You won’t stay very, very long to protect the back in general. In back bends, it’s important to keep the feet parallel, not letting the toes play out to the side and the knees moving in a bit towards each other. You can feel it if you take the toes out and you put your hands on your buttocks.

It gets really strong while, when you kind of turn the knees in it’s still working, of course, but a little less, and this prevents putting too much pressure on the lower back slowly release once we’re moving the knees from side to side we’re going to go for A supine twist now so take your arms out to a t, move your hips over to the right and either knees together or wrap the right leg over the left as an eager legs take the knees over to the left side.

You may want to place the left hand on the right knee or not, and you may want to take your gaze, your dristy over to the right side with each and every exhale. You feel a surrender of the right shoulder to the ground and a softening in the spine. Sometimes I even take my left hand. This is what I normally give hands on assist to other people, and I try to press in my inner thigh or my hip away from my head to elongate a bit.

So just do this once or twice if you like, because I want it to still be a relaxing pose, but it sometimes feels like it creates a bit of extra space in the back and then either stay there or relax completely slowly coming up we’re going to Do the other side uncross the legs move the hips over to the left side, either knees together or left leg wraps over the right for eagle legs. Taking the twist and again, your gaze will go over to the left.

Your hand can be on the left leg. Your right hand on the left leg or, if you want it, can help you a little bit creating that land come back to center. Slowly, bring the right leg up, keep the left knee bending and try to take the right foot either with your big toes or with a strap, bring the right foot slightly closer to you and if that’s working for you without bending a lot in the right knee, Go ahead and straighten the left leg down to the ground.

If your right knee is bending a lot, please keep your left knee bending as well. It’s a little bit of a hamstring stretch, but it’s also very much protecting and releasing in the back we’re going to go ahead into a different variation of a twist. So if you haven’t straightened, your left leg go ahead and straighten it. Now, if you’re holding a strap, take your strap with the left hand or take the left hand to the outside of the right foot and go across your leg, may not reach the ground and that’s perfectly fine.

It doesn’t need to you’ll feel behind the leg. But you may also feel the hip and even into the lower back. This is really important release I miraculously lend it up landed on a block. So if you have a block or a few books there, you can also rest your leg on whatever support you may have take the gaze in the opposite direction of the leg inhale slowly coming back up and simply and shake the legs a tiny bit and then Go ahead, bend both knees again, take the left leg up, take hold of either a strap or your foot.

Whatever works for you check and see. Maybe both legs are not the same, whether you feel flexible enough to straighten the right leg. If that adds too much stress, please keep the right knee bent again to elongate your exhales, and here we go straighten the right leg. If you haven’t already and we’re going across, taking the left leg over again, you can hold the strap or the foot whatever works, for you try to keep the left shoulder moving towards the ground and the gaze will go over towards the left side slowly.

Coming back up to center and release bend the knees, bring them to the chest, give yourself a nice, loving hug and from here we’re going to go into a happy baby, so you can hold anywhere along the legs that you can reach. Even the thighs. If you got the feet great hold the maybe outside of the feet, you can roll a bit from side to side if it feels good on your back, try to maintain the lower back on the ground and release we’re going into a savasana so straighten the legs.

Relax the arms close your eyes if you find that this is a bit uncomfortable for you on the back, please bend the knees or you can lay down with a bolster or some pillows, underneath your knees, elevating the knees, helps release and, as you follow your breath Here just notice it moving up and down the spine as if, when the breath goes up through the spine, it can clear up any stuck energies. It’s like a beautiful light, coming up and washing away any impurities, any tension all the way up to the neck and head every time you exhale, you find a sense of softness of ease and go ahead and just really focus with your breath on the lower back.

Sending healing your cells around the back have little antennas and they’re really looking to hear from you and from the environment, and if you send them messages of love of health of healing of appreciation, they are much more likely to come to a place of happiness and Health of recovery, when they feel there’s no other danger, there’s no other big stress happening. They can take the time and do the long-term repair that is needed, go ahead and bring the knees to the chest and really hug yourself with a feeling of gratitude.

A bit of a smile towards the little cells with antennas in your lower back that are now saying, hey. Thank you. Thanks for taking care of us we’ll take care of you go ahead and roll onto your right side for a moment, knees bent and rest. Your head on the right arm, if it feels good for you slowly making your way up to sit hands to the heart. Thank you all for your practice with us here. Maybe you can fill your hearts with gratitude.

Leave us a comment below tell us how this felt for you, please make sure you subscribe and also share this with a few other people. Why not share the gift from the duron yoga and zen center in guatemala? Thank you all. So very much for your practice. See you soon, namaste



Know your Superfood QUINOA and its nutritional health benefits

Today I am going to tell you about a superfood which I’m sure and conscious individuals might know a lot while some of you might know nothing about. So do not worry today I’ll introduce you all to this amazing superfood. Luna’s and as it’s important to remember what makes one foot superior to others, but other than you, two quinoa, sometimes the operatic noir going to expel it the way it’s read, but the correct translation is in one key, lock, it’s very common.

These days, you can buy it from any local grocery store. So, let’s see by the end of this article have fun. Will this time you mainly seeds convince you to add it to a grocery list. I like to common believe it’s not a great in reality. It’s a seeds, it’s under super cereal, as instead of greens from grass family. They are seeds of family like spinach, but to make it easier for dietitians, nutritionists and other health experts.

It is considered under grains in size, indigenous to South America. It was extensively consumed by the Inca civilization 3000 years back around 3 to 4,000 BC. They even call it as mother gray. There are no turn tiles and some varieties of Kingma training types are right or preemie red and black right now and do not have pure red and black ones. Red and black ones have an earthy flavor to it and have a slight hard coating outside so well.

Separated ones good I’ll, let the creamy ones which are much family available, while some describe it to have a nutty sweet flavor that I find it neutral and the nice fluffy texture once cooked quinoa has numerous health benefits. One such small article time justify it. So I’ll tell you salient rants about them. Quinoa is the only seed which is considered as complete protein like meat. This falls under turtle muscle building food unusual thing is: it is the only plant source which has all the nine essential amino acids.

By essential I mean which can’t reproduce by our body, so we depend on outside sources. I, like various, are the grains and vegetables which need to be consumed in different proportions for an adequate protein intake, as mostly they are deficient of an essential amino acid. Lysine has put better morality and no quantity of proteins than most greens, so it’s a great choice for vegetarians and vegans as an alternative to meat, fish and dairy products.

One cup of cooked quinoa has eight grams of protein, which is more than an egg. A glass of milk it has 16 % protein compared to rice, which has only 7 %. It has low glycemic index, which means it slowly gets absorbed by the blood which will keep your food for a longer duration and also because it’s a complex, carbohydrate quinoa will keep cravings at B. So those health-conscious individual moments to lose or maintain weight can benefit a lot.

It also regulates. Your body is still possible, so it’s a safer choice for diabetics or those who are prone to get affected for someone like me be careful what they eat and type. These runs in my family as it’s high in fiber. It gives your digestive system intact and healthy, it’s in losing fat and hence weight loss. It lowers cholesterol as well. You will get quarter of daily fiber intake in just one serving which contains 5 grams of fiber.

As it’s a service of vitamins and minerals, vitamins such as folate, b1, b2, b3 b6 and vitamin E beautiful White’s energy to pain and muscle cells, minerals, as manganese magnesium cutter fastest iron, which is good for women, zinc, potassium calcium, more calcium than even milk and sodium Manganese, which is an antioxidant which fights against free radicals and prevents aging and cancer birth, say immune system.

It also assists individuals with mal, green and headaches. Antioxidants help reduce blood pressure and prevents many cavities eases Kim a big meal and sodium makes it further an excellent choice for individuals with high blood pressure by are at risk of developing it run kappa cooked quinoa pasta. Tea person does manganese. It also contains phytic acid, which bind these minerals and prevents its absorption by the body so make sure you serve Kingma prior to cooking sub total absorption of these minerals.

It has not stopped after fatty acids like unsaturated fats, 80 to 85 % of Nasri omega-3, six and nine, along with no cholesterol and trans fats. It is also rich in trace nutrients such as phytonutrients like flavonoids, which are actually plants, antioxidants such as corseting and camphor. All it also has many anti elementary compounds, polysaccharide and sadness. Cybermen attribute to the patellas in akhira, so all the strings it before cooking articles on cooking will be in the path to love tuna, as it’s naturally gluten-free making utah safer and better choice for gluten intolerant individuals.

It’s a good, healthy substitute for white rice as it’s high in protein fiber, healthy fats and exceptionally high in vitamins and minerals. You can see for yourself by including kingdom of your diet. You can significantly improve your health going to it’s amazing health benefits, no matter. Whichever way you have, it make sure to incorporate this new, be in fact protein in your diet. I hope you found this article, informative and yet interesting to know in the next part of quinoa I’ll, show you how to cook quinoa and use it at least until next time.

Take care, see you again.



How to make the 12 superfoods that better your health

Do you know what they are if you’re reading this, then you already have some knowledge of how important good nutritionist I’m a big advocate of you – are what you eat, meaning what you put in your body largely determines what you look like on the outside and if You make a serious effort to improve your eating habits. You will notice a positive change in how you look and feel it’s not about perfection, though thrive, to make small changes to your diet over time and you’ll eventually be amazed at the willpower you develop.

There are 12 foods that you should be eating on a regular basis, all have their own unique health benefits and if you mold your diet around the majority of these foods, you’ll notice an improvement in your health. The list is as follows: 1, almonds and other nuts. A great source of good fat to beans and legumes, a great source of fiber and protein 3 spinach and other green vegetables, a great source of phytonutrients and antioxidants for low fat, dairy, a great source of calcium and protein 5 oatmeal, a great source of fiber and Protein 6 eggs, a great source of vitamin E and protein 7, Turkey and other lean meats, a great source of protein 8 natural peanut butter.

Yes, this can be included under number 1, but natural peanut butter makes eating nuts easier because you can spread it on wheat, bread, bananas, celery, etc, 9aa Lavoie, alag rate source of good fat 10 whole grain, breads and cereals, a great source of fiber 11 extra protein. A great source of protein 12 raspberries and other berries, a great source of antioxidants, all 12 foods above have a high nutritional value and should be incorporated into your daily snacks and meals.

I personally bring the list with me food shopping and you might want to consider doing the same if you like my articles, please don t forget to subscribe. My blog suffer black ice.