Honey, Survivalist Superfood. Only Quad-Purpose Superfood that Exists

So ever since there’s no other articles about this on the internet, especially in YouTube that I could find, I thought it’d be credibly important to discuss this topic very quickly. Honey is the only quad purpose. Food on the face of this planet that you should stockpile and use on a daily basis on a daily basis and a limited sense.

Of course, why is honey? The most important thing, the stockpile as either a survivalist food or in general purpose storage honey, is the only food on the planet that does not go bad. Ancient Egyptian honey extracted from the the tomb of King Tutankhamen is still edible. While it has crystallized, it could still be heated up and eaten. There’s no other food out there in the face of this planet that has quad purpose to it.

Why should you stockpile honey and not sugar? Let’s go over that. Okay. Honey is antibacterial. If you buy raw honey, that has not been heated to destroy the antibacterial properties in it, it purifies water and the ancients, and the Vikings and all our ancestors use this for water purification. You know it mead is arm you up in that Russian water purification, honey added to water will purify slightly rustic or meaning a bacterial infection, or, if you’re pulling water out of a creek.

When a shtf, you know what that an acronym means situation happens. If you don’t have water filtration, adding honey to water will kill most of the bacteria in it. The ancients used it to purify water. Honey works better, and I’ve recently tried this due to bicycling accident. I’ve tried it in the past. Honey works better than neosporin and triple antibiotic ointment, in other words, for administering aid to cuts, scrapes and wound treatments, honey works.

Of course, sugar. Does none of this? Actually sugar would cause a festering of the wound. Sugar goes bad. Naturally, remember. Honey does not go bad. Here’s an attribute has already mentioned: honey. Never goes, let’s get on to the third purpose that the honey serves. It cures fishes and meats. Actually, your refrigeration alone. If honey is added, of course, you may not like the taste of honey, drenched, fish and meat, but we’re talking about a survivalist situation here, we’re talking about surviving not actually enjoying your meal about surviving honey cures, meats, the ancient Egyptians and our ancestors use this for Curing meat with no access to refrigeration, honey, soaked, meats and fishes last 30 to 40 times longer than the sheer refrigeration alone, as the fact that very few people know here’s a fourth purpose: you move to a new area: local honey, inoculate, you against the allergies.

You move to a different area. The first thing she do is go out, buy a pound of raw honey that has been unheated and it will inoculate you very quickly against allergies, sugar. Doesn’t none of this, do not stockpile sugar and we think about sugar. We think well, honey is sugar and you know sugar. It leads to fat people. Well, sugar is the quote/unquote Antichrist of food. I mean you know you think of honey.

Most ignorant people equate that with fat in bread, redneck, scum, they’re eating chocolate bars and swilling. On Mountain Dews, the healthiest people that I know they’re, skinny and and and fit – and you know, can literally bend. Steel bars, eat tons of honey, they don’t eat sugar, but they eat raw foods and they eat honey in copious quantities. Everybody should have at least 50 pounds per person of raw honey stockpile on hand.

Remember if you can freeze it, you should freeze it as long as the honey is kept sealed up, honey is hydrophilic, which means it absorbs water. So why don’t you keep it sealed up in some container as long as it’s not a metal container it? You know it will not absorb the water from the from the atmosphere it will last forever, literally by in the comb form, if possible, all experts agree. That’s storing it.

This way is the cheapest and easiest way you need to contact the local beekeeper, usually to get it mass quantities and form by raw honey, only do not by Walmart honey. Why pure honey only means that is actually a hundred percent pure honey. That’s point number one point number two is that Walmart, honey or drugstore honey is heated and it destroys antimaterial properties of the honey. The reason they do that is so they could pour it faster.

The obviously the heart of the honey is the the faster it pours, and so they can jar it quicker, and that course time is money. Drugstore honey’s also cut with high fructose corn syrup ie filth. You know the crud, you don’t want to be eating eating. Ie sugar, high fructose corn syrup and sugar, basically the same thing most idiots out there in the world equate honey, well honey as a sugar, and therefore sugar is bad for you.

Therefore, we shouldn’t eat honey. No as bs table sugar is sucrose is made of two molecules bonded together we table sugar. Our stomach uses its own enzymes and works much much harder to separate the molecules. Apart before we can use the sugars energy honey is extremely different. The bees have added a special enzyme to the nectar that divides our sucrose into glucose and fructose, two simple sugars for our bodies, which can absorb much faster and much quicker.

Okay, one tablespoon, here’s another reason to stockpile honey instead of sugar. Okay, sugar sucrose contains 46 calories per tablespoon. Natural honey is more condensed and in this factor in 1, tablespoon has 64 calories. Okay, sugar obviously doesn’t have vitamins and minerals in it or antibiotics in it. Honey has a much healthier glycemic index than does sugar, honey and sugar are two totally different things.

The common idiot out there does not know this fact does not research. This fact does not know that and material agent honey has potential for treating a great deal of ailments and a bacterial properties and honey result of its low water activity causing us most listen. Chelation is slow release of hydrogen peroxide sugar. Doesn’t none of this? It’s high acidity sugar does not do this. It’s antibacterial activity of methyl gleich methylglyoxal sugar does not do this either.

Okay, like I said by raw honey, only you should have 50 pounds of it stockpile, there’s no other food out there that has more than 2 or 3 purpose. I can only think of one other food that actually has three purposes and barely honey has four. This is some local orange blossom, honey and its raw form, and it’s not heated at all, as simply filtered try to contact a local beekeeper wherever you’re at and I guarantee.

Unless you live in their very far north. You can find a local beekeeper just through a simple google search and try to acquire at least fifty pounds of it. That’s the only survivalist super food that you should have, and you should certainly be stockpiling it over sugar is sugar cheaper! Yes, sugar does not last forever. Honey is the only food that lasts Lillard literally forever, in other words, ten thousand years after you’re dead.

If you have stored honey properly, it will still be edible. Amazing, most people don’t know that fact number water purification honey. Does this sugar does not do this number two cuts scrapes and wounds treatments works literally better than antibiotic triple antibiotic ointment or neosporin. I’ve tried this on several occasions. That’s point two point: three: it cures meats and fishes it’ll last 40 to 50 times longer the refrigeration alone, without refrigeration alone non non refrigeration.

It will cure meats and fishes and keep them for a long time before you can consume them point file X. Then you move the local area, honey. Inoculate, you against allergies, point six! Is that it’s easier and much quicker to digest the body to digest, and is sugar and it’s also more dense than sugar in so far as its calorie count for tablespoon. Therefore, packing around one pound of honey is much better than packing on a pound of sugar.

The sugar is going to go bad, it will rot and ferment and fester – and it does has none of these quote unquote – magical properties that honey has honey. Has the healthy glycemic index sugar does not hang out in health, food stores, meaning Sinise people said you know. Honey is not sugar. I said some of the healthiest strongest people I know, consume massive copious quantities of sugar and they’re, not fat, low, stupid idiots chewing on chocolate bars.

I mean sugar is not honey. You know the two are not from the same cloth. People see well as sucrose and glucose, and you know it’s sugar. You know: honey, a sugar and sugar sugar, just a different variety sugar, totally, not true. If you want to stockpile something for the shtf, you know what that anachronism means. Remember the only food out there that does not go bad purifies water works better than neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment, for treating treating cut, scrapes and wounds has the attribute of never ever ever going bad cures, meats and fishes and I’ll inoculate you against local allergies is Raw honey: that’s it! How about worrying about something going bad as long as you have it sealed tightly, it will not go bad period, so I try to acquire as much raw honey as you can contact the local beekeeper and do some internet researching they.

Actually, the only quote-unquote I consider of all the hokum, the top there on the internet, the only thing that I’ve actually found that actually does work. As as indicated, the clinical magical treatment is a combination of cinnamon and honey. As far as getting you over flus colds and illnesses, consumptions isn’t owned by the ancient. The ancient Egyptians record in copious numbers of ancient manuscripts, the consumption of cinnamon, stirred together with honey and the consumption of that one sick or helping you overcome diabetes or curing stomach viruses or illnesses.

They do some internet research on cinnamon and honey. It’s fascinating effects anyway. Go out buy as much raw honey as you can. I know this isn’t part of my normal article series, but since there’s nothing out there regarding this on youtube, much less the internet or in very small quantities, I thought it extremely important to do this. Remember. Honey is the only quad purpose superfood and for you survivalists out there, which I am not really one.

This is what you need to be stockpiling, you know talk about rice and beans and nuts – and you know, salt and you know, meals ready to eat. Well, all that crap goes back and none of it has more than two purposes. None of it. Honey has four purposes and two other attributes, one attribute being that it never goes bad and has denser calories and lower glycemic index and is quick early and more quickly.

Digested by the body, then is sugar. Sugar is crap. Honey is what you need. The stockpile. Okay, not sugar. Honey is not sugar. Okay, remember that fact and try to buy as much raw honey as you can remember, not to buy walmart honey, because it’s cut with high-fructose corn syrup and is overheated which kills the antibacterial antimicrobial properties of raw honey and so find a local beekeeper and get raw Honey that has only been spun out of the calm and filtered nothing more hasn’t been heated simply filtered and jarred.

Thank you very much.



Superfoods to Increase Male sex hormone testosterone naturally: Dr. Magesh.T

I welcome you all to this new session. I mean a new topic. The new topic for our today’s discussion is what are the superfoods for male hormones when I say male hormones, you know what i’m talking about right. It’s a male 6 hormones. Male 6 hormones means it’s androgen and testosterone. Okay, so before we uh get into this topic, I want you to you know if you have not subscribed to my blog.

Please go ahead and subscribe to my blog and do leave a comment. If you like this topic, okay, all right, let’s get in there male 6 hormones hormones, basically chemical. It’s uh secreted from your gland and gets into the bloodstream and goes acts on your target organs to complete its function. That’s the journey of a hormone. We have got a lot of common hormones in both male and female right. The hot ones are produced from your many parts.

In your body like glands produce hormones. All the hormones are being controlled by your heart, uh gland in your brain in the hypothalamus. We have a hormone called uh different hormones that are secreted by a gland called pituitary gland. Okay, it’s in the base of your brain that hormone controls the all the other hormones from your body. So when I say male 6 hormones, androgen and testosterone, right androgen is the male sex hormone.

It is responsible for a person becoming a sexually mature adult to reproduce and testosterone is the most important androgen male sex hormone, to have a normal and healthy reproductive and sexual life and function. When I say reproductive on sexual life and sexual function, i’m talking about puberty right. This testosterone is essential for physical changes that takes place at puberty in terms of enlargement of penis or facial, hair and body hair and bone and muscle growth and everything.

Okay, so testosterone is produced from your testis. That is why it is called testosterone right so which cell produces a testosterone, is laggy cells in your testis that produces this testosterone? Okay and these testicles are guarded by your scrotal sac, okay, because these testicles should be kept in a ideal temperature to produce or destroy testosterone, and thereby it increases your sperm count.

See there are certain things are very, very essential and comes to sperm. Sperm volume is very important, and each and every sperm health is important and motility is important, because motility is very important if the sperm’s modulus is not good. If it’s so lazy, if it’s not active, it’s not good right and the validity is important. Okay, so volume health of each and every sperm, motility and availability.

So all four things are very, very important and we have this testosterone, natural testosterone and does all this job. And how are we going to improve it? How are we going to promote the uh further secretion of testosterone, thereby it improves your sexual life under sexual production and other things right? We’ve got some super foods here. Number one on the list is what we have. This is dark chocolate, this dark chocolate.

You know many women love dark chocolate eating doctor. They keep eating dark chocolate every day. Many women love that and this dark chocolate contains l-arginine l-arginine is considered to be uh one of the most important factors or to promote of uh nucleic, acid synthesis and uh. This is a sperm motility and a virility so consider eating a dark chocolate before you hit the bed at night. Instead of going for a nice dessert, have some dark chocolate? Okay, so that will help your motility of your thumb and what we have on the list.

Next is eggs eggs, one of the uh one of the complete foods? What we have right eggs contain almost everything in in a minimal amount. It contains some vitamins, minerals and trace elements in trace elements. Zinc is uh considered as one of the most important trace elements for sexual and reproductive function and sexual reproductive health. Third is a berries when it comes to berries, each and every berry is important and among those berries, goji berries is considered to be one of the most important berries for increasing your sperm volume, and it also.

It is also rich in antioxidants when any fruits or when any dry fruits are seeds rich in antioxidants. You can consider this antioxidants is going to be fighting against his free radicals. Free radicals are very bad. Okay, they are going to kill your own cells, so these antioxidants kill these free, radical scavengers and protect your sperms. Okay. So go remember this goji berries in your mind and the fourth is the most common one.

Is a bananas? Bananas contain a vitamin b magnesium and an enzyme called bromelain when i, when it comes to trace elements, zinc, magnesium and selenium are all very essential for uh for for sperm production and motility. Okay, you also need to have a good volume and the healthy sperms and motivity and variability if one has got enough volume and not uh, not a healthy barriers or not motel barriers.

It’s equal to you know almost nothing right. So that’s why i’m saying so focus on these fruits, okay and number five. What we have is a garlic. Garlic is not a fruit, but uh just have to mention it here. Garlic is um. Many people use garlic for lowering a blood cholesterol and thereby reduces first of all. Garlic contains some addison and selenium, as I mentioned before, this allison is one of the antioxidants and it fight against his free, radical scavengers and promotes and promotes the uh temperature that is required for the testicles to produce testosterone so that it indirectly promotes the uh, promotes The development of sperm and the volume of sperm as well, okay and we have spinach anything appears green, is very.

Very healthy. Spinach is rich in folic acid and again in turn. Folic acid is very, very essential for uh this nucleic acid metabolism, dna and rna. This folic acid, you need this folic acid for cell development and cell maturation and that’s where it comes uh for us sperm, maturation. Okay, when the sperm is mature, it can go out and actually do its job, okay and the list. What we have is asparagus.

Many people, you know, don’t eat asparagus, but asparagus is a plant. It’s a it’s packed with a vitamin c. Vitamin c is very essential for uh in this process of stone, production volume and motility, and virility and uh and maintaining ideal temperature are on the scrotal side and of course we have as walnuts walnut is rich in omega-3. So anything any good facts or are are good for uh, testosterone, secretion, okay and then turn your sperm function and we have hosters as oysters.

You know many indian people don’t eat oysters, but in people in western countries they do like oyster and the oyster is a damn good source of glycogen and taurine, and it has also got a zinc and selenium as well. As I said before, antioxidants you know. Do this miracle and fight against these free, radical scavengers and improve the motility volume of sperm under virility as well? Okay and uh we have next is ashwagandha this ancient the the great uh aphrodisiac they have been using this in cooking process since ages is ashwagandha and uh.

What they claim is that uh, this improves uh sperm motility more. If, if this is given to someone who has got a low sexual low sex drive under the libido, who have a low sex trial, this astro gandha improves their sex drive and indirectly improves the sperm quality and motility as well. And next we have. What we have is pomegranate pomegranates again it it increases your sex drive, it can be uh taken as juice or you can eat a raw fruits.

It’s insane pomegranate uh. This has got uh, antioxidant properties, antioxidants when the sperms are and sperms are produced when the sperms are out in these um, when the support is out when they go and try to reach the egg, it needs a penetration right. So for that we need the reality. Is very important, pomegranates improves the variety of sperms, okay and that’s why pomegranate is very, very important in sexual life, pumpkin, seeds, pumpkin seeds.

Of course it has this rich in antioxidants, phytosterols and amino acids, and boost your sperm health and virility and uh, and it helps uh. It helps each uh. It helps its sperm to penetrate the layer of eggs to get in there. We have millions of sperms attack. One egg and finally, one sperm succeeds to get in there. Okay and this pumpkin seeds are really really helpful in in this process and what we have on the list.

Next is carrots. Carrots are filled with beta, carotenes and antioxidants and helps in this uh process of uh, helping more sperm volume, health, health of each and every sperm and motility okay. I have given you some information on this topic. I guess guys i’ll see you in my next article with more information. Okay and it’s bye, bye, dr mahesh i’ll, see you in the next article. Alright, then take care guys stay safe, stay home, bye,



Plant-based Vegan Pantry Tour | Vitamins, Supplements, Superfoods, Grains, Beans & More!

So I recently did a vegan fridge tour and I had asked you guys if you’d be also interested in seeing what is in our pantry and there was a resounding yes. So today that’s what we’re going to do and while we don’t exactly have a pantry per se, I’m going to show you where we keep all of our bulk dragons, alright guys. So here it is in all its glory.

So we’re going to start down on the bottom drawer and work our way up. So this bottom drawer is where we keep all of our supplements and our superfoods, so any type of powder or supercede we might add, into a smoothie or nice cream and then daily supplements that we use to fill in any gaps nutritionally and for max as well. So these are the supplements that we grab and use daily. This is a vitamin d3 from Mary Ruth’s that we give to max just three sprays of that this b12 we take daily and give him just a teeny, tiny drop, and we take that every day as well, and then this is the new vitamin.

D3, we’ve been trying just to kind of change it up and it’s also summertime. So we don’t have to use a whole lot of it, but we’re really liking that right now and then these are dusty and eyes. Multivitamins, I’m still breastfeeding at 18 months. Max is a year and a half old, so I’m still taking just one of these prenatal prenatal multis every day I love, love it and dusty has immense multi. Some of our favorites here dusty, loves ashwagandha.

This is an adaptogen that he adds into his protein shakes. We’ve got some dried dragon fruit powder that makes your smoothie bold extremely pretty in pink. If he wants something, that’s going to go a little bit further than that frozen variety, a cow powder: this is a favorite of ours, we’ll add that to make chocolate, nice cream, coconut flakes to top our smoothie bowls with or to bake with turmeric.

This is one of the best anti-inflammatory powders to add to your smoothies. You can also make turmeric lattes with it blueberry powder, extremely extremely high in antioxidants matcha. So I have this organic green tea matcha powder that I sometimes like to drink. If I want a little jolt of energy, I’m not a coffee drinker, neither is dusty, he doesn’t do any caffeine, chia seeds, so this is probably the most used bag in this whole pantry.

So that’s why we have a giant bag of it. We always add this to smoothies we make chia pudding, we’re always grinding it and sprinkling it on Max’s meals, maca powder. So this is something we phase in and out of our smoothies. This one is a great adaptogen for hormonal balance, as well as energy, and sleep really love this taste and smell of it as well, particularly this kiva brand. We’ve got it on our amazon store, camu, camu, extremely high in vitamin c yeah, seven hundred and sixty percent vitamin C in just one teaspoon.

So if you’re feeling like you need a little boost during cold and flu season, that’s a great one. Acai, everybody knows acai powder. This is one of the highest sources of antioxidants. Of any berry on the planet also has healthy, Omega threes in it, which is kind of interesting, vanilla bean powder. So this is typically what I use to bake with or blend with in place of, vanilla extract, they’ve a lot more whole in pure, it’s just straight from the vanilla bean, and this would be our other most used other than the chia seeds is daily green boost.

I put a tablespoon of that in our smoothies every morning and it has a ridiculous amount of vitamins and minerals, especially folate vitamin K, four hundred and ten percent. It’s got lots of iron, manganese and all kinds of other good stuff, so super high in minerals, very alkalizing and anti-inflammatory. So, if you’re interested in trying out daily green boost, which is just a barley, grass juice powder, you can use eat, move rest and get a discount and for everything else, honestly, we buy mostly on Amazon, Prime, so we’ll have it linked below.

In the description on our amazon store moving on to the second drawer, this is the bulk of our pantry pun intended. So this is where we keep all of our bulk purchases. Keep in these mason jars, because it’s just a lot easier and cleaner for us. That being said, with Kovan 19, the bulk bins have been wiped clean. I think they’re trying to prevent the spread of germs. So it’s been really difficult to find bulk things, so we’ve had to buy more plastics and again, like I said in the refrigerator tour, we have a lot of plastics but we’re doing our best.

We use our reusable bags, whatever we’re able to, but things are a little bit bumpy right now so go easy on us, so you can see that I got to use my handy dandy label maker here, though I’ll walk you through some of our top used grains And legumes and beans over here on the far side, we have split red lentils, so these are definitely our most used. They’re super high in protein and super high in iron, they’re, really great for thickening up curries and soups and stews quinoa is actually not a grain.

It’s a seed and it is a complete protein. We use that one, a ton, it’s very versatile brown rice, use that a lot as well steel cut oats. I love to use to grind up into flour for baking these are not white rice. This is green lentils. Those are great for making like a mock meat kind of like taco meat dish or a lentil Bolognese we’ve got oat groats. These are one step above steel cut oats. So again, usually all I use those for is blending into flour.

I’ve got red kidney beans. Those are great for chilies, more lentils, more lentils, and these usually, I have garbanzo beans dried in here, but right now I actually have buckwheat. This is another seed that is a complete protein like quinoa and usually what I like to do is soak and sprout it and then I’ll dehydrate it. So it’s kind of like a crispy crunchy smoothie ball topper. It’s really really good.

Here. We’ve got our canned beans. This is kind of just as a backup for those lazy days when cooking from dry isn’t really an option. So we’ve got black beans, cannellini beans, canned pumpkin – I like to make things for max with that and bake with it. We’ve got coconut cream, so fun fact. Instead of buying light, coconut milk or even just regular, coconut milk, buy coconut cream and dilute it with water yourself, it’s the same exact thing: this is just more bang for your buck.

We’ve got this red curry paste. This is something we always put in, like our red lentil, sweet, potato, veggie stews, it’s kind of like a Thai and or Indian flavor strained Tomatoes. So we even buy this in a glass bottle instead of a jar. This is what we use to make everything from pizza, sauce to pasta, sauce to thickening up our stews you’ll, also see it sometimes in different varieties labeled as tomato puree.

So the reason we like this is because it has one ingredient, organic strained, Tomatoes. A lot of canned and jarred sauces are going to be high in sugar and salt and fat, so instead we just use this and we just season it ourselves. It got a couple of dried bean medleys from Bob’s Red Mill over here that we honestly like never use but they’re great in the winter time amaranth. So this is yet another complete protein.

It’s a seed even smaller than quinoa, and this one is by far the highest and iron. So this is what we’ve been enjoying making for max in a lot of his little recipes to get extra iron in his diet, and then we also found an Emirates flour. So this has been great to add into waffle and pancake recipes, even putting a tablespoon into a shake for extra protein and iron in the far back here. This is the fun stuff, so saltines are basically a firmer feeling under the weather.

There are days where I’ve been sick and all I could stomach was crackers, and then we’ve got some different pastas. Our favorite is Bond’s up. This is all chickpea, pasta and again super high in protein and iron max loves them and they just came out with a plant-based mac and cheese. It is awesome, you guys so check it out and a gluten free brown rice, pasta. We do try to stay gluten. Free as much as possible, personal favorite is this millet and brown rice ramen.

So it’s not flavored or anything. You add your own seasoning, but it is so good and then in the back. We have these for homemade sushi over here on the door every once in a while I’ll find a really cool kind of like infographic thing to print out, and this one is the PB 3 plate from plant-based juniors. So plant-based, juniors and nutritious Vita are my go-to resources for evidence-based toddler and infant nutrition.

So these are just helpful reminders for us as we’re preparing Max’s daily meals, to make sure that we’re meeting his vegan plant powered nutritional needs your drawer up. So this is Dusty’s. Favorite this is our nuts nut, butters and kind of our snack drawer. So we have a lot of dried fruits on this shelf again, a lot of these things go on top of smoothie bowls or we’re just grabbing and munching after meals and they’re all super nutritious.

So this is considered nature’s candy front and center is my personal favorite. We’ve got medjool dates. They are super juicy and delicious right now, so I love to just pick these and pop them in the freezer. For some reason they taste so much better. That way – and I also bake with them so I’ll puree them into date – paste right behind there is dusty and ice other favorite snacks. So these are the broken s.

We’ve got the trail mix, which is so good because it has the sweet crunchy fruit in with the nut, and it’s like a hard crunchy shell, but they’re so good. You’ve just got to trust me on that and then just the plain bucha is really amazing, as well Dusty’s go-to, after-dinner snack is these dark chocolate chips over here we’ve got some unsweetened and no-salt-added almond butter. So, just one ingredient: that’s what you always want to look for with your nut and seed butters, no added oil, salt or sugar.

We’ve got peanut butter, our new favorite and Max’s favorite. Is this raw cashew butter? It’s the highest source of iron of any of these nut butters, so organic coconut butter. This is what we recommend using to flavor up your soups and stews instead of coconut oil for extra fat. If that’s what you’re wanting, because this is just 100 % whole coconut, so it doesn’t have the fat extract it. It’s the whole coconut and it’s got a little bit of a sweet taste and really like to add that to bulk up Max’s recipes right up front.

Probably our most used nut is cashews just simply because they’ll have to soak them and blend them into like a cashew cream or cashew cheese sauce behind that we have rolled oats. So this is something I use again for baked goods. I make a ton of oat flour, that’s basically my go-to for all my baked goods. We also make oatmeal pretty much every other day, dusty and Max both enjoy it so funny story.

I ordered some holy basil on Amazon because, after our Costa Rica retreat, we learned so much about holy basil being like the top of the top as far as adaptogenic superfoods. It’s just great for everything it heals everything literally, so I went on Amazon and ordered some holy basil tea and it showed up in a two pound bag. So we’ve been keeping it in this giant jar we’ve also got almonds and all kinds of seeds.

We’ve got sunflower seeds, pecans pistachios walnuts and even some organic Nebraska grown popcorn. Some of both of our favorite smoothie Bowl toppers are cacao nibs. These are fantastic, so high in antioxidants, white, mulberries and goji. Berries are Dusty’s favorite, typically, dried fruit is also going to be really high in iron. I know I’m talking a lot about iron, but it’s a nutrient of extreme importance when you have infants and toddlers running around.

So we’ve been really focusing on that, and these are my new favorite go-to crunchy munchy for the top of my smoothie bowls they’re, just freeze-dried organic strawberries, they’re, it’s so so good. Last but not least, top shelf is pretty much devoted to all kinds of baking, flours and powders and potions, but over here on the far side is one of our favorite snack crackers Mary’s gone crackers. These are organic.

They are full of just a whole bunch of different seeds, they’re even oil-free, and Max loves them too. We are oil free, but we keep olive oil on hand just to again add extra calories. Healthy fats to Max’s meals is totally fine for toddlers and babies to consume a little bit of oil, and then we’ve got some brewers yeast. So this is something that I’ve experimented with with baking and even blending into smoothies.

It’s supposed to be a galactic OGG. In other words, it’s supposed to help increase your milk supply, so if you’re breastfeeding, you might want to look into Brewers ease so other than b12 and d3. Another nutrient of concern, especially for vegans and vegetarians, is iodine. So we get our iodine from sea vegetables. This is the kind you want to go for is USDA Organic, that’s from the Maine coast, so this is dulse flakes, but it looks like fish food to be honest, but you can sprinkle it on salads.

You can even put it in soups, and this kelp is actually in, like extremely large seaweed pieces. It’s super salty. So if you have a salt craving, it’s good to munch on this best way to make sure that you don’t overdose on iodine would be to actually drop some of this into a boiling water of soup. Last thing over here in the corner is our go-to cereal. So this is by Nature’s Path: organic. It’s called Mesa sunrise.

This is completely gluten. Free, USDA, Organic and honestly dusty has a bowl of this. Almost every night, late night before bed, it’s hilarious and Max has kind of entered the picky toddler stage. So if there’s ever a time where he won’t eat his food and I’m starting to get nervous like hey, you need to eat buddy, then I usually can get his appetite revved up. If I give him some of this cereal and back here, I’m not going to go into too much detail because I rarely use this.

But we’ve got some different, balsamic vinegars and flavorings like that, and then some baking soda cornstarch and different flours, coconut flour, brown, rice, flour, arrowroot powder, buckwheat, flour and coconut sugar, which we very rarely use and that pretty much sums it up so right now, I’m actually Soaking some dry chickpeas that we’re going to pop in our instant pot and use some way shape or form for dinner.

Most likely we’ll make some chickpea patties so over here in this corner of the kitchen, is where we keep more dry goods. This is pretty much just protein powders, you guys know some warrior is our go-to. If you guys haven’t already, we definitely highly recommend checking out the warrior blend, so we love the natural vanilla and the chocolate and they’re super super high in iron again, and you get 20 % off.

We will link it below use our discount code, eat move rest and give it a go. Then down here is the mother lode. So this is where we keep our potatoes and our sweet, potatoes, onions and garlic. We bought some of these tin cans and it works out great for keeping all of these puppies in place. My personal favorite, this red-colored, it’s kind of a reddish sweet potato. It’s called a Japanese yam, it’s white inside and they taste like birthday cake, no joke.

Last but not least, this is our spice cupboard and I would say this is where the goldmine is, if you’re looking to transition to a plant-based or vegan diet, the best way to enjoy your meals is to flavor them. So, of course, salt and pepper is always good, but there are so many other options out there. If you kind of get into ethnic cuisine, like we love to make a lot of Thai foods and Indian foods, you really have to build up your spice cabinet.

Some of our favorites are curry powder and garlic powder Cayenne cumin and for something sweeter and really like to use pumpkin pie, spice and cinnamon. So because we buy in bulk and we don’t have a whole lot of space in our kitchen. We do store excess and extra down in the basement, especially with quarantine, we’re trying to make as few trips as possible to the grocery stores. So we do have a lot of overflow down in the basement.

All right, you guys I’m about to make some overnight oats. I hope you enjoyed the pantry tour. If you haven’t already checked out the fridge tour, I will link that below and make sure that you subscribe to our blog by hitting that subscribe button and clicking that doll to turn on notifications that way I’ll get alerts. Whenever we put out brand new content on our blog leave me some love in the comments below give this article a thumbs up and share it with someone who might be inspired or encouraged by it until next time keep the rest.

Your best bye, guys we’re dusty, Aaron Max and Bo and we’re the stanzas. We aspire to live a plant centric faith forward, healthy lifestyle and welcome all of the adventures that accompany it. Join us every week, as we blend chopped juice, run, lip rides and master our minds in between on the ultimate quest to find better, balanced, deeper connection and true happiness within



Shellfish is a SUPERFOOD

We are referring to crab lobster mollusks like mussels, oysters clams shrimp, any fish with a shell. Essentially so does she is uh that she’s a little cold right now because he just got out of the fridge, but maybe he’ll he’ll spring up a little bit later so shellfish, it really is one of the most nutrient-dense foods we can consume it’s up there with Organ meats, egg yolks, the highest quality offcuts there are.

There are not any foods that to me take value over shellfish from a nutrient density perspective. They are all as valuable as things like liver all the foods that I talked about. Cod, liver oil, any super nutrient-dense food shellfish is up there. The reason I like shellfish, so much is because you are able to purchase a lot of it alive at a much fresher quality than other foods that we have access to.

In addition to that, it is a super approachable food in a sense that you know, people like shrimp, they like clams, they like oysters, whereas things like liver and a lot of the other organ meats that I tend to eat on the carnivore diet. People aren’t really as much of a fan of the main difference between shellfish and other fin fish is, of course, the accessibilty. It’s obviously much easier to go to a beach and pick up some clams or oysters than it is to spear or reel in a fish from the ocean.

So there’s plenty of evidence on various coastal regions for use of seafood and mollusks and mass exploitation of these nutritional resources during the Upper Paleolithic period. There’s also plenty of evidence that Neanderthals use fire to open up these shells and, interestingly enough, they tended to use the shells as decorations, whether as jewelry or kind of status, symbols of the person. So whether or not these foods play role in the actual evolution of humans due to the ease of caloric access, it is safe to say that various indigenous groups did prized shellfish.

They specifically fed these who’s to pregnant woman, a nursing woman, children couples looking to conceive. It was one of the foods that was gathered along with things like fish, roe, liver, very nutrient-dense, animal foods. If we want to talk from a scientific and paper value perspective of what nutrients occur in the shellfish, the main discrepancy is the high preformed DHA content. Normally in a ruminant animal, you can only get preformed DHA from consuming the brain tissue in regards to actual vitamin content of these foods.

They tend to be excellent sources of the B vitamins, as well as vitamin d3. To a lesser extent, these foods have pretty good amounts of all the fat soluble vitamins. You know this shellfish has vitamin A it. Has vitamin E? It has vitamin k2. It’s an amazing source of all the minerals and elements, of course iodine, but the main thing that shellfish has over other foods is specifically the DHA content and, of course, this correlates directly with how fatty the item is in the case of mussels.

Here they have a bit less fat than something like oysters, so oysters would have a higher DHA content per calorie for anyone not confident in the nutritional value of shellfish, there were literally groups of people that subsisted off of shellfish that were in just as good health As any other indigenous group in vilmer steffensen’s, the fat of the land when he examined skeletal, remains of coastal tribes, that subsisted only off of shellfish.

The skeletal structure, the development of the face, all of the markers for optimal health, were the same as groups of Eskimos. That we’re living off of fish mammalian meat, so there’s evidence anthropologically speaking that you can be just as healthy consuming only shellfish versus ruminant meat, and I would argue that some consuming shellfish now is going to be much healthier and get a much higher nutrient density in Their diet, because people tend not to consume those offcuts, those organ meats that are necessary to get complete nutrient density in the context of a whole ruminant animal, and you can imagine the reason being that these shellfish and this seafood is more nutrient dense nowadays, is that It is a complete food when you’re eating a whole shrimp, a whole mussel, a whole clam, a whole Easter that is equivalent to you eating, essentially the whole animal, whether it’s a cow or a pig or a sheep or lamb same thing with eating things like fish, Eggs or fish roe you’re, essentially it would, it would essentially be like shrinking down the entire cow and eating it in one bite to get the complete nutritional profile, but with who’s like mussels and oysters.

That is much more approachable to do now. Obviously, there are pros and cons to shellfish, the pros being it’s a very approachable food. It’s super nutrient dense. The cons are, of course, the concerns with farmed fish pollution in the water and, unfortunately, in this case, when the water is polluted, it can be so polluted and it can affect the taste of the animals so much that you cannot consume it.

In the case of grain fed steak, we can cover up the off accurate taste of grain fed fat by cooking it by putting salt and pepper on it. In the case of oysters, I have literally gotten oysters that have smelled like sewage and I smelled the outside of the oyster and it didn’t smell right. So I was like. Let me open it up. I open up the oyster, it was one of the worst smells. I have ever smelled in my life pure rotten sewage, so one of the major cons is the quality of this shellfish that you’re getting really does correlate with the sourcing of the ocean and that doesn’t really even matter if it’s wild squad or not.

Unfortunately, I can still be in polluted water, so you know one of the main reasons I don’t really consume shellfish as much as I would like to is partially because of that reason, another thing that people don’t really mention is it can be a little bit expensive. You know this crab, it’s like 25 bucks. Just for the crab I mean. Obviously, things like mussels and clams are actually very affordable about things like shrimp lobster.

Crab tend to be on the slightly more expensive side, but at the end of the day, with the amount of money people spend on BS, I don’t think any sort of food budget is going to be too expensive in the right context. So if you guys are looking to increase the nutrient density of your diet in a really approachable and delicious way, this is definitely one of the best ways to go about. I know I spout all the time about liver eat egg yolks, you know eating all these foods like fish roe, but this is an alternative.

You can have mussels crab lobster. All of these things several times per week. The real crush is going to be sourcing, high quality, wild-caught stuff and figuring out how the nutrient density is going to tie in to your overall diet if you’re not consuming it. To frequently I’m sure some people are going to ask about canned versions of these foods. Canned oysters canned muscles can crab meat, that’s pasteurized.

Obviously the fresh version is far better. It’s going to have a higher vitamin C content. The nutrients are going to be more preserved, but I wouldn’t say I would say, there’s lesser evils. You know you could buy fresh pasteurized crab meat, but that’s going to be way more expensive than the one that has additives in it. You can buy canned oysters or you can buy fresh, packed oysters at an Asian market.

You know you could buy clams that are already shuck. You could buy raw clam meat in certain places. That’s going to be far superior to the canned versions, the smoked versions, especially things that are packaged in oil, so for those of you guys, are asking that if canned food is the only thing you have access to that’s fine. If you guys want to talk about thin fish and things like anchovies and sardines, of course, those are great.

The main reason I’m focusing on shellfish in this article is because of that accessibility reason. You know the access that we would have had to shellfish is much easier than pind fish. So thank you guys for reading. You guys have any additional questions. Please let me know if you guys wan na check on my Amazon shop. There is some canned cod liver oil on there that I view as the nutrient-dense food to achieve some nutrient density in your diet.

If you guys are on Twitter or Instagram, please drop me a follow, and last but not least, if you guys would like to reach out to me in regards to optimizing the nutrient density of your diet, you can shoot me an email, Frank, a Tufano at gmail.Com Or contact me through the form on my website,


News Politics

Baby Boomers, Once Again Fail America! Maybe not?

I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that stimulus cash. Trump just signed the bill into law, but will it be enough to get American’s out of the free-falling economy? Maybe it is something the baby boomers should have realized a long time ago. The economy will be stronger if you give cash to the citizens that move the cash the quickest.

baby boomers tax payers

Sadly, this brings up what I think needs to change about the current baby boomer economic strategy. Which if you look at it. It has been manufactured just to take care of their generation. They love to kick the can down the road, and they are not going to pay for all of the debt that they have put American in. If you do recall, there parent’s generation paid off most of America’s debt.

Taxpayers need to stop investing in corporations

I believe that taxpayers need to stop investing in corporations (trickle-down economics) and start investing in taxpayers (trickle-up economics), for the last 40 years. I have realized that the trickle-down theory is a joke. I am not happy with the results at all, and you should be unhappy as well. Sadly, this is what trickle-down economics has given us.


We have a horrible public school system compared to the world; our medical industry gladly puts most Americans that use it in bankruptcy. Our universities put the majority of students in a crazy amount of debt. Oh, and the kicker for the last 40 years. The majority of Americans’ pay has been stagnant, while the wealthy class has increased an insane amount. The rich have done nothing but take care of themselves and their stakeholders. If we do not take what is ours, then they will continue to bend us over and take what they think is theirs.

Kevin Bacon, in the movie “Animal House,” explains it best.


Only Baby Boomers Still Eat These Nasty Foods

Baby boomers are the people who were born between the years 1944 and 1964. That makes them nowadays, somewhere between 55 and 75 years old. One thing we know about most baby boomers is that they are very set in their ways. Many boomers have routines, and well, that includes what they eat. Unfortunately, many of the food choices are disgusting and mainly bad for you. You can thank the farm bill for that.

baby boomer favorite foods

It no secret that baby boomers still eat these nasty foods, and a lot of us are kind of wishing that they just let this food go once and for all. It's kind of obnoxious, saying Millennials, post pictures of the avocado toast, but baby boomers are worse. They're obsessed with plain toast on boring, sandwich bread, but would it kill you to add a little bit of peanut butter or we're going to tell it of that? This is during their younger years.

Miss Used Spices

Baby boomers loved their missus seasoning. Yeah, I had some pretty good stuff, but there are plenty of other spice options out there. There is a section in the supermarket loaded with new and exciting spices. It takes up an entire aisle. You could try any of those, but no baby boomers just don't want to give up on good old missus meatloaf was a weekly meal in most baby boomers homes. A problem with meatloaf is that it doesn't have much flavor.

It also doesn't look too appealing. There are pretty exciting meatloaf recipes online nowadays. Today you can make meatloaf wrapped in bacon Italian meatloaf stuffed with cheese and pepperoni. The fact is, meatloaf doesn't have to be tasteless and unappetizing anymore. The problem is that baby boomers refuse to give up the tasty old recipes they have always used for decades. Mayonnaise-Based salads with fruit mayonnaise are excellent in tuna, salad, pasta, salad, egg, salad.


What it isn't so good with is a baby boomer, favorite dish, mayonnaise-based salads, broccoli, lettuce, and grapes. They were trendy back in the day, but today it's just a disgusting combination. Baby boomers should probably leave these disgusting salads in the past Jell-O products. Why anybody would ever want to encase a meal and jello is entirely unknown, but baby boomers love to do it, and jello is excellent.

If you have the stomach flu if you can't eat real food but to incorporate jello into you, both dinner and dessert, at the same time that that just doesn't make any sense back in the 70s, though, you could buy mixed vegetables and celery already in jello. What were they thinking? Juice from concentrate is a huge hassle. First, you got to find the tab to reach the top open, not as easy as it sounds.

Concentrated juice

Sometimes after that, you gotta, wait for the juice to thaw, and then mix it with water. And finally, you have to wait a while before you can even drink it. Today you can get freshly squeezed, oh joy, in a carton for a very reasonable price. For some reason, baby boomers just can't seem to let go of the concentrated juice. TV dinners baby boomers grew up reading their black-and-white TVs while eating TV dinners.

TV Dinners

They were incredibly popular back in the day, but today we know that they're not all that appealing. Also, the portions are tiny if you're hoping to fill up on a TV dinner you're going to have to have several of them. There isn't anything too significant about buffets. You can eat all the food you want. That'S high in calories and loaded with crap and honestly. These buffets are cheap. Baby boomers, though, love their meals.

Today there aren't as many of them around thank goodness, but baby boomers will take what they can get. You ever go on to an all-you-can-eat casino buffet. If you have, you know that there are a lot of baby boomers everywhere chain, restaurants that were once popular Applebee's, Chili's, TGI Fridays, Olive Garden, just to name a few of them. Millions of people still lead a chain restaurant, but there's been a significant decline in their popularity over the years, except with baby boomers.

Millennials preferred

Millennials preferred other dining options. Baby boomers are saying goodbye to their favorite eateries because nobody else is patronizing them. Paper napkins or the brainchild of baby boomers, as is the paper napkins cousin. The paper towel paper napkins are not environmentally friendly, and you have to use plenty of them during one sitting. People should start using cloth napkins.

They work better, and they're better for the environment if only we could get Mickey D's to give us a big stack of cloth napkins when in the drive-through baby boomers, they love their cornflakes with all the cereal options on the store shelves. Today they just won't. Let go with the cornflakes honestly, I don't think they taste all that great, and they get soggy, and milk fast. They do leave the roof of your mouth in pain.

If you eat them raw, shredded, wheat, and puffed rice, that would be even better than corn flakes. I don't like either one, but you get what I'm saying. Canned soup was once very popular baby boomers loved the idea of opening a can pouring it into a pan heating it up and then serving it to their families. So it was quick and easy. Today many people are leaving the canned soup behind, and they're making homemade soup can soup is loaded with sodium, and it also has a strange, aluminum taste.

You ever noticed that it's also a significant source of BPA, which well I won't get into what that is. Let's just say: it's not right for you. Baby boomers still love their canned soup, though Millennials are looking for healthier options. Another popular weekly meal for baby boomers was meat and potatoes, yeah. It is a great meal once in a while, but would it have killed them to add a vegetable or two? How about a carrot? Maybe a stalk or two of celery: hey wait a minute.

Maybe that's why they ate Jell-O. Perhaps they counted that as a vegetable. It can be green, processed cheese products. Maybe boomers created everything they could to make it cheap and easy. These foods might seem too right to be true because well, they are processed foods like cheese; they're loaded with chemicals and ingredients to keep them edible. Unfortunately, they are not healthy, with Millennials being so health-conscious these days.

Processed cheese

The sale of processed cheese products is on the decline. Baby boomers drank soda on summer days, rainy days, holidays; okay, they drank it all the time; they also started America's addiction to pop. Thank you. Boomer's baby boomers were huge fans of Italian food. Unfortunately, spaghetti meatballs and garlic bread aren't authentic. Italian foods still come on. Let'S give him a break; it's delicious stuff.processed cheese

I love the Italian light. Beer Millennials, have zero interest in drinking tasteless cans of beer. Today light beer sales are down because Millennials prefer craft beer, wine, and mixed drinks. The only ones drinking a light beer are the baby boomers. Ketchup is great on a burger or maybe on some fries, but baby-boomers took the ketchup craze a bit too far. They doused their eggs, home fries, and other foods and ketchup, rather than using spices to improve the taste so the next time you're out eating. You order eggs and the waiter or waitress asks if you'd, like ketchup with that, you can blame that on the baby Boomers, nothing, absolutely nothing is appetizing about Vienna, sausage, they're processed meats, doused in a disgusting sauce.

Baby boomers love them for some reason, but you can't pay most other people even to try them nowadays. Today, people prefer grass-fed beef and free-range chicken tuna noodle casserole, a regular meal in the home of a baby boomer. This fishy dish had egg noodles, condensed soup, and frozen peas. It'S a disgusting concoction that should have been considered child abuse back in the day. Most families now have left tuna noodle casserole in the past, where it belongs, but some baby boomers still try to resurrect it.

Boiled vegetables. Vegetables are delicious. They're good for you, and they're great broiled, braised, grilled fried baked my personal favorite steamed veggies are even great raw. The one method, the one purpose of cooking vegetables – that's disgusting – it was a popular method with baby boomers. They loved to boil their vegetables. Not only does boiling give your veggies little to no flavor. It also kills the nutrients butter.

Mints. Baby boomers still love these things. You can't say that you've never gone to your grandparent's house only to find a bowl of butter myths sitting on the coffee table. Yeah, they are delicious baby boomers, won't let them go margarine. There are only two kinds of people who, like margarine, baby-boomers, and fans of Paula Deen, larger ones loaded with hydrating oil and tons of fat. There are many healthier options out there, causing a decline in margarine sales, Watergate salad, also known as shut the gate salad.

It was a popular dish for baby boomers, and it is an abomination. The recipe is a mixture of jello pistachio pudding, canned pineapples, marshmallows, and topped with walnuts. Some people added cherries to the top of it. It's one dish that should never see the light of day. Just like its namesake Watergate meat, pate Wow, I mean, if there is an award for the ugliest baby boomer food, it would have to be meat pate.

It was a versatile food. You could serve it hot cold in a loaf as a pie with gravy on bread. Just because there were plenty of ways to help the food, though, did not mean it was okay to serve. It smoked sausage gift platters. These used to be one of the baby boomers, favorite gifts to give and receive during Christmastime and years ago. They even had an entire catalog dedicated to these platters. Fortunately, they are not quite as popular today.

That said, even though I'm not a boomer, if you would like to send me a sausage and cheese tray, I will not turn it down. Baby boomers loved their ham, salad, ground-up ham, and globs of mayonnaise were a popular dish. Decades ago. Today, people prefer lean meat, sandwiches with a slice of avocado glazed carrots. Carrots are supposed to be healthy for some reason. Baby boomers thought it'd be an amusing idea to cover them in brown, sugar, and call them glazed.

Are they a side dish then? Or maybe it's a dessert because it has brown sugar well today, most people are just leaving the glaze off and eating them without a glaze. So there's no confusion. Also, a lot healthier are any of these items, something you still like. Even if you're, not a Boomer, tell us in the comments and subscribe for more you

What you should be eating

Whole foods like my favorite seed snack! Spunks – Pumpkin seeds with a kick! The video below explains all the benefits of pumpkin seeds.




Authoritarianism: The political science that explains Trump

I, like people, who weren’t captured. Ok, I hate to tell you. ” The 2016 Republican presidential nominee disregards the norms of adult behavior. He disregards the norms of American democracy. As we know it, it should be heartbreaking to every American. That we have a president who suggests there will be a religious test for anybody that wishes to come to our shores.

His unusual rhetoric at times. So Extreme that political experts and commentators were blindsided by his rise. We better be ready for the fact that he might be leading the republican ticket.” I know you don’t believe that”. How did Donald Trump attract such broad support? Within the Republican party, And what does it mean for the US beyond this election, And it turns out that this is a question that can be answered to a really surprising extent via this niche field of political science, It developed a theory about what’s called authoritarianism.

Authoritarianism not a dictatorship

We are not talking about dictatorships here, Authoritarianism is a term political scientists use for a worldview that values, order and Authority and distrusts outsiders and social change. And when authoritarians feel threatened, they Look for strongman leaders. Leaders who are punitive, who target out-groups and have a simple, forceful leadership style that makes them feel strong. And if You were going to grow that candidate in a lab. You would have Donald Trump.

“I’m, going to bomb the shit out of Them.”, that’s Donald Trump. When you get these terrorists you have to take out their families, they care about their lives. Don’t kid yourself, But they say they don’t care about their lives. You have to take out their families. Authoritarianism is not in an of itself. Necessarily a partisan issue For most of this country. History, authoritarians. Are likely divided between the two parties, But now only one of the parties really appeals.

To them, What happened was the Republican party Started to embrace what it referred to as traditional values and it stood against a Series of major social changes in this country, After initially supporting civil rights, Republicans Began courting southern white voters who opposed racial integration. They turned against the Equal Rights Amendment denounced abortion and later fought against same-sex marriage.

Our nation must enact a Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage in America More recently, foreign threats like terrorism, Have become major political issues with Republicans taking positions that align with authoritarian Fears and preferences 2002 headline Republicans get a bonus from War on Terrorism, So Marc Hetherington and Jonathan Weiler, Two political scientists: They tracked data over several decades and they found that Authoritarian voters were shifting into the Republican Party, So that means that when Authoritarians become scared when they become activated by a particular social change or Issue, the Republican Party can ’ t, ignore them And they are a ready-made constituency.

For a candidate like Donald Trump, Are you going to have a massive deportation force? “You’re, going to have a deportation force, bring back waterboarding and I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” Testing people for authoritarianism is a bit Tricky. You can’t just ask people, you know, Are you really freaked out by social change? Do racial differences unsettle you? Do you support strongman leaders? Because Those are very sensitive questions and people won’t necessarily answer them honestly.

So instead political scientists ask people About something more neutral, their parenting preferences, Please tell me which one you think is more important for a child to have independence or respect For elders, Obedience or self-reliance, These questions seem like they ’re about. Raising children, but really what they ’ re asking people is how much they value order. And authority So when political scientists tested these 4 parenting questions against the behaviors They knew authoritarians exhibited, they found out that the correlation was very close.

It was very predictive, at least for white voters Using this 4-question test. Vox worked with Morning, Consult in February to poll a large sample of likely voters. Our results yielded a few really interesting things. The first one was that yes scoring High on the authoritarianism questions was very predictive of support for Trump A political science PhD student named Matthew, Macwilliams has found similar results.

He’s done 2 polls, both of which found that authoritarianism is not only strongly Predictive of Trump support, but that it seems to do a better job of predicting it than virtually Any other factor We also looked at what authoritarian voters Are afraid of On things like gun, violence or car accidents or prescription drugs? There wasn’t a huge difference between authoritarians and non authoritarians, But when it came to threats associated with people, and particularly foreign people, authoritarians Were much more afraid And we identified policies that authoritarians Were more likely to support So authoritarians were much more likely to say, for instance, that the United States Should use force rather than diplomacy when dealing with countries that threaten our interests? Overseas And they were much more likely to want to sacrifice civil liberties in exchange.

For safety “, I want surveillance of certain mosques. Ok, If that is ok, I want surveillance.” It’s a set of priorities that doesn’t. Always align with the Republican establishment. They don’t seem to have that much. Interest in small government – And they definitely don’t – seem particularly interested in shrinking entitlements like Social Security or Medicaid. This theory, doesn’t fully explain the Trump Phenomenon, — researchers will probably study this election for decades, But what it tells us is that he’s benefited from a larger shift in this country, one that goes beyond any One candidate, Trump isn’t just a fluke: He is, not somebody who is just doing well because he had name recognition or was a famous TV star.

My Opinion

The president has a large group of people that believe in him, but not over 50% of the United States of America. They want these things and they ’re, going to be looking for politicians, Who can give it to them? And that means that Donald Trump could be just the first of many Trumps in American politics. How freaking annoying. However, with the economy taking a dive and his failing manage tactics of COVID-19. He may be out as quick as he can in. His daily speeches are annoying and really show how he has a lack of empathy!

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Food Healthy life style

Top Healthy Foods!

Your body is a temple.

You are what you eat!

— General Belief

In today’s food post I will be writing about some of the healthiest foods. For this list we picked the essential super foods that have shown to significantly improve people’s health and well-being. While there are many things that can be incorporated into a healthy diet, this list focuses on things that can be eaten and are readily accessible to most people.


Healthier avocado is rich in oleic acid, which lowers the risk of heart and inflammatory diseases. It also enhances the body’s absorption of carotenoids, essential nutrients, found in leafy greens and red or yellow vegetables, add avocado to a salad, and you actually amplify the nutritional value of virtually everything else in the bowl and don’t be afraid of the avocados high fat content.

It’s what makes it creamy delicious and incredibly nutritious, plus it’s good fat number nine kale, while all leafy greens should be part of a healthy diet, including spinach. It’s kale that packs the greatest punch rich in various essential vitamins, a cup of kale actually matches and sometimes surpasses a cup of milk in terms of calcium content. It’s complex chemical composition can help to fight cancer and can actually repair DNA in damaged cells, sauteed or steamed pureed, or boiled this hearty veg its nutritional content, regardless of preparation.

Spunks is a Healthy Snack!

Check out this great healthy pumpkin seed snack! Order them up on amazon today!

Sweet Potatos

So if you think you don’t like kale, just try preparing it another way: Sweet, potatoes, trumping, even the carrot as a primary source of beta-carotene, the orange fleshed sweet potato, provides a variety of health benefits in one simple to cook easy to eat package. The popular root vegetable helps to balance blood glucose levels, while also raising blood levels of vitamin A essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and eyesight best serve steamed or boiled.

Blue Berries

You can optimize its nutritional benefits by drizzling on a small amount of a healthy fat like olive oil, to enhance your body’s nutrient absorption. Blueberries jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber. This we bury might actually improve memory and slow down or postpone certain cognitive disorders related to aging as fruits go. The blueberry is relatively low in sugar and can help maintain a healthy glycemic level when eaten on a regular basis cheaper and more readily available than the recently lauded goji berry.

The blueberry also maintains its nutritional value when frozen, which means you can reap benefits of this sweet and tangy fruit. All year round number six almonds delicious and versatile. This much-loved nut is actually a seed whose high fat content can satiate a craving while simultaneously improving your overall health almonds are rich in monounsaturated fat, which reduces unhealthy cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of heart disease.

The Almond

A great source of vitamin E, the almond, can help improve overall cardiovascular health and is thought to reduce certain signs of aging want to feel good and maybe even look a little better start snacking on some almonds number five apples. Yes, it’s true an apple a day. Will actually keep the doctor away a good source of vitamin C and soluble fiber Apple’s, improved blood, glucose and cholesterol levels, their antioxidant properties promote the production of collagen, which strengthens veins and capillaries and helps to maintain fresh youthful looking skin a versatile fruit that comes in A variety of types, red, green or gold – this popular snack, has some pretty powerful health benefits.


Salmon, rich in b12 vitamin D and with one of the highest concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids of any food wild or organically farmed, is really your best bet when it comes to this fish. Recent studies suggest that eating salmon helped improve cardiovascular functions and might even help to reduce depression and boost learning capabilities, the ultimate brain food when it comes to a healthy diet.

This oily fish is really a no-brainer number three oats. Whole grain. Oats are a great source of soluble fiber and can significantly lower cholesterol, while also preventing heart disease. Some types of breast cancer and colon cancer and sure we know these whole grains might be a little bit boring, but they’re cheap, easy to cook and really really good. For you boost flavor, with a few berries, throw in some almonds and enjoy your body will.


Thanks to garlic, a staple ingredient in virtually every type of cooking, an ancient remedy whose medicinal properties stand the test of time. Garlic can improve a meal just as easily as it improves your health, with a variety of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic boosts your immune system, helps with metabolic functions and has been shown to have certain cancer preventative properties.

The key to keeping its health benefits. Let’s sit after chopping or crushing and never overcook the key to enjoying garlic with friends breath mints before we dig into our number-one healthiest food here are a few honorable mentions number one broccoli eat your greens. Broccoli helps to detoxify the body systems, reduces inflammation and is rich with antioxidants, making it one of the best things you can eat to maintain health and possibly prevent certain types of cancer.

The key to healthy broccoli is preparation. Overcooking not only makes the veg soggy and well gross. It also destroys all nutrient value lightly steaming. It will maintain its texture, flavor and it’s incredibly powerful health benefits. You’ll just have to deal with the taste.

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