I get asked about it every single day. I don’t know if they just have an affinity for certain bodily fluids. Maybe we should have discussed that in the know, nut november article outside of vampires, the most famous consumption of blood, is probably the Masai tribe.

In Africa they prized the blood and milk of their cattle, as well as the cows themselves in Maasai culture. The size of your herd indicates your status in the community, so accumulating animals, instead of consuming them, is common practice. This is why milk plays a huge role in a traditional Maasai diet in some part, in almost every single meal, whether it be soured milk or butter, they aren’t complete carnivores, though.

What most people fail to mention is that the Masai also eat tubers, honey and forest plants, so by harvesting milk and blood from the animal. The Maasai tribe are able to keep their herd size larger important to their cultural beliefs, but it also makes sense in the context of famine having a steadily available. Food source of blood and milk is better for survival. Then going all-in on a beef BBQ.

We know that most tribes and groups of people did not drink blood for one reason or another. Fishermen try, for instance, or even one that hunts smaller animals. But what, if you did, hunt the larger rumen and animals, you wanted say a bison or caribou? Yes, there might be a pool of blood where you kill the animal where you cut open the animal, but even so the blood would not have been drank by everyone in the tribe.

It would also be very difficult to gather it’s not like the Maasai, where they have a controlled bleeding of the animal, and normally the animal is bleeding all over the place, as you were, hunting it or killing it plus blood coagulates very quickly, making it even more Difficult to store for later consumption right here I have some blood and this one on the left. It has like a gelatinous mass of you know the blood protein and and the plasma is on the outside it just completely separated in this one.

I added some vinegar to it and that prevented some coagulation, but, as you guys could see, there’s still this jell-o blob of blood. In the middle of the jar I had to go down to a live kill market. To get this, I had to buy the whole goat just to get the blood, and this is all of the blood from one entire goat that we controlled the bleeding of, and I don’t know how you would prevent coagulation. Maybe if you just strained out the fibrin using a mesh strainer when you kill the animal, but our indigenous ancestors didn’t have a mesh strainer.

This makes it very unrealistic to be consuming blood. The Maasai tribe did, you, know, stir it as it came out of the animal and they had clay pottery. So you know, logistically speaking, it might be possible, but definitely a rare occurrence in humans in our natural environment, and this is why blood is so hard to access. Now you have to purchase it directly from the slaughterhouse. It’s illegal to sell in most states due to regulation concerns mainly for waterborne illnesses, and it’s like an extra step in the slaughtering process.

Normally they would just kill the animal and bleed it out on the floor now, they’d have to gather the blood, maintain that it’s just not worth it for most lauder houses from a nutritional perspective. Blood is almost entirely protein, so it contains a large amount of the water-soluble B. Vitamins probably has some vitamin C when fresh is an excellent source of sodium, but not so much any other minerals.

Blood is incredibly high in iron and it has some copper as well, but no significant amount of the other elements. There’s some cholesterol and we know cholesterol – is needed for many metabolic functions, especially the absorption of vitamin d3. So, on paper I like blood for two reasons: one is that it has readily available B vitamins just milk does it has a high bioavailability, because it is a liquid high amount of amino acids, very good for methylation.

If you had a headache and drank blood or milk for that matter, it would probably be gone in minutes due to the antioxidant benefits of these foods is that blood is perfect for someone who has anemia. Obviously it has a ridiculous amount of iron, but it also has copper, which is needed to absorb iron in the body. Some people might think that blood has adrenaline, but the half-life of adrenaline is only a few minutes, and even if you did drink blood straight from an animal full of adrenaline, it doesn’t get absorbed by consumption.

Just because you’re putting something in your body doesn’t mean you digest it or absorb it. You would have to physically inject adrenaline into your veins to feel the effects. Any benefits people see from drinking blood would be from easily available B vitamins and the high iron content. Most notably the high bioavailability of the amino acids in the blood, so we could I mean we could try this, I’m not too enthusiastic about this, because this is mostly vinegar and it’s still coagulated.

It’s like Alvin. It’s a. I didn’t put that much vinegar in here. This is an organic red wine, vinegar, a pretty good taste, but you know I put like three tablespoons in here but, as I just showed you guys, there’s like a jello, a jello mass of blood in here. So I don’t know if I’d be like drinking the plasma and not having the blood, but, like you know, the Messiah would eat this like this blood mass, they would eat that, and now this doesn’t really taste that bad.

You know you could. Let me just get a piece of it like you could eat this. I mean it tastes a little bit like vinegar and then on the end. I get that really really metallic irony. Copper tastes like you can really taste that iron and the copper in this blood – and this is super fresh. You know this animal was literally slaughtered yesterday, so this blood doesn’t have that much flavor to it, but you but yeah the vinegar is really overpowering in here.

Not really much to talk about from a flavor standpoint, slightly metallic, as I said, do I see this as something that’s very hydrating? No, you would take a few sips of this and you would not want any more of this. Maybe if you were deficient in iron or anemic, you know you would start shoving this and really crave it. From a hydration perspective, I’ve tried a Massiah diet of blood and milk for a little while it’s just not enough to hydrate yourself, I still needed to drink water, mainly because you know when I drank the blood.

I just didn’t really want to drink that much of it and when I drank the milk you know your body has to process all of the other nutrients in the milk. Milk is very high in calcium, so, depending on your individual genetic capacity to tolerate milk and blood, you might need to drink water. You might not need to drink water if you’re really adept at handling lactose. If you have a very active lactase gene, you might be able to hydrate on just blood and milk, but by no means should you think it’s superior to do so.

Isn’t more natural? I wouldn’t say that you know blood or milk has any less contaminants than our modern water supply that it’s any different for you and it’s definitely more stress on the kidneys on the body to consistently process nutrients, minerals and elements. And then, if you’re, one of those people that you know don’t really have to drink that much fluid on a daily basis, that’s a whole different story and, as we went over from the nutrient perspective, it’s just iron and copper.

You know there’s no significant fat Seibel vitamin content here, although the protein B, vitamins, iron and copper are definitely, you know a welcome addition to any diet. So I guess that’s it. If you guys could please, like the article, you know getting my hands on this blood and dressing up a it’s a little bit of work here and there I spend like 12 bucks on this vampire cape and I’m getting flashbacks from my bartending days, because this is Actually, my my bartending uniform that I had in a couple places for those of you guys asking like: can we get blood on Frankie’s free-range meat, maybe in the future the more support we get from? You guys the more inclined we are to to go out and seek those things, but right now the amount of people asking for blood and how difficult it is for us to get it.

It doesn’t make sense. You know not that many people wanted the price we’d have to charge to get. It is extra nautical. So just keep that in mind guys. That being said, we do have a bunch of nutrient dense animal foods available on Frankie’s free-range meat that are a much better addition to your diet than drinking blood. From a vitamin perspective, if you guys could please subscribe, if you haven’t, I definitely hit that Bell icon and, above all, please share the article.

If you guys would like to support me further, you can also check out Frankie’s Naturals for minimal ingredients, minimally processed hygiene and cosmetic products. Thanks again for joining me guys, if you’d like to reach out to me for consultations, send me an email, Frank, a to Fano at gmail.Com. I know I said I was selling a carnivore doodoo the other day for you vegans, but unfortunately we don’t have any carnivore blood for you.

Guys, though, would make you a lot healthier. You



Caviar is a SUPERFOOD!

Salmon roe is here. There are many names for caviar from fish eggs to roe. Some of you guys might have gone to a sushi restaurant and seen ikura, masago or 2b go on the menu, but caviar is technically supposed to be from wild beluga sturgeon in the Caspian Sea. Now caviar is used as a general term for any salted fish eggs. What they do is they take the egg sac out of the fish.

They separate the eggs from the membrane they lightly salt them, and then they either put it in jars or cans. Freeze, it refrigerate it whatever caviar might just be the healthiest food on the planet. Just like liver, it contains all of the vitamins, minerals, elements and fatty acids. Our bodies need, in their most bioavailable form the animal form. The nutrients in certain plant foods require conversion in the body, whereas the nutrients from animal foods are directly absorbed.

The main discrepancy between liver and fish eggs is that liver has a substantially higher vitamin A retinol content and fish eggs have much higher omega-3 fatty acids. Epa and DHA. The DHA in fish eggs is actually in the phospholipid form, which is said to pass through the brain, much easier and be absorbed better, but that’s never actually been proven. In a study I found out about fish eggs in Weston prices, book nutrition and physical degeneration.

It’s a book about a dentist who explore native people that were still living off of the land, their natural diets. These people actually used fish eggs as fertility and nutrition for pregnant women, nursing women, children during developmental stages for its incredibly high nutrient content. If indigenous groups did not have access to fish eggs, they would always have another high nutrient food, maybe some type of shellfish, fatty insect or organ meat in Alaska.

When food is plentiful, full and bears have fattened up, they actually killed the salmon and only eat the brain and the eggs of the salmon. That’s because those are the two highest nutrient foods on the animal. If you think about it, a fish egg is basically a tiny fish, so it encapsulates the entire nutrition of the animal. It’s like eating nose to tail except you don’t have to eat. You know the whole animal piece-by-piece, regardless of what fish the eggs are from.

The nutrient profile is similar per calorie, that is, salmon eggs, for instance, are higher in fat. They have a higher fat percentage, so the nutrients might be more concentrated, but calorie for calorie all fish eggs are equal, whether it’s cod, roe herring, roe, sturgeon, Roe. All fish roe is a super nutrient-dense food. It’s just the facts of protein ratio varies depending on the species of fish, and we can also assume it matters if the fish is farm raised or wild caught, that will directly affect the nutrients and the omega profile of the fish eggs.

You have to be pretty careful with making sure that the fish eggs, the caviar you’re buying, is not from farmed low quality fish that the fish is on some type of natural diet. So the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio is correct. If we take a look at 100 grams of salmon roe, which is 200 calories, the vitamin profile is literally complete. We have a decent amount of vitamin, A all of the B vitamins, vitamin C vitamin D, vitamin E – and there is definitely vitamin K in salmon roe, because vitamin K is contained in all high quality animal foods.

The test is expensive to conduct, so sometimes they don’t test for it. The vitamin C might actually be misleading because sometimes they add ascorbic acid. As a preservative to fish eggs. Now fish eggs do contain vitamin C, but usually when you salt, the food, it loses its vitamin C content. The anti scorbutic properties of the food are lost, so I have to do some nutrient testing in the future on salmon or get more correct data.

Maybe we’ll do that later this year, the vitamin D and E content are incredibly high for an animal food. These nutrients are usually specific to higher cholesterol, animal foods such as eggs, brains and, of course, fish eggs. Fish eggs are also complete from both a mineral and element perspective as they contain every single one of them in reasonable amounts. It’s worth noting. They have a significant iodine content as well.

So if you’re consuming fish eggs on a daily basis, you probably don’t need to supplement iodine fish eggs even have conjugated linoleic acid, which has been shown to have various health benefits. They contain arachidonic acid as well a fatty acid, specific to animal foods and, just like DHA, our brains require a certain amount of arachidonic acid. Every day. Of course, fish eggs are incredibly high in epa and DHA omega-3 fatty acids.

They are unparalleled, possibly with the exception of animal brains. Of course, I wouldn’t be mr. Salmon roe if I didn’t have some for you guys to taste today. Here we have some red caviar and the beauty of this food is a testament to its nutrient profile. Up close, we see the very pretty red pearls, almost as pretty as me, and when we bring up fish eggs, we have to bring up the conversation of food palatability, how a food tastes in its raw natural state and in the case of fish eggs yeah.

They added a little bit of salt to them, but there really isn’t a tastier food in nature that hasn’t been changed, and if we’re going to look at foods in nature and ones that tastes the best without cooking them, seasoning them fermenting them. They are all animal foods. When you ferment, an animal food, you can increase the palate ability in a natural way, but a lot of the modern things we do from salting to processing to very specific cooking methods.

You know unless you’re just throwing a piece of meat over a fire. You can argue that it’s not too. Naturally, this food palatability is important because, usually how a food tastes in its natural state is an indicator of its nutrient properties. If you were to take bone now, for instance, that had been fermenting in the femur bone of an animal for a couple of weeks, because the Coyotes couldn’t break into it, then it would taste like cheese and the reason these foods taste good is because every single Nutrient in the food reflects in the taste of it.

If a food has certain vitamins, minerals, elements and fatty acids in the food, you can literally taste them in the boot. You can taste, copper, you can taste iodine, you could taste every single vitamin that’s contained in the food and when you have all the vitamins in balanced amounts like we do in fish roe, it makes sense that the food tastes amazing, and not only does it taste. Amazing in its unaltered State it also satiates you very quickly.

If you have a few tablespoons of fish roe you’re going to be full, I would love to see someone try to eat like a pound of salmon or at once. You would get a couple bites in and feel full because it’s so nutrient dense, it’s literally satiating your appetite, although there is little variance in the nutrient profile calorie for calorie the taste of fish eggs varies greatly. That’s why some fish eggs are super expensive, like sturgeon, caviar and salmon.

Roe isn’t really too expensive. The fish eggs will literally taste like the fish they are coming from. So salmon roe is going to taste like salmon when tasting fish, eggs or caviar. I believe you’re supposed to use a plastic or nonmetal spoon because it alters the taste. I’ve never really noticed this, but let’s give some of the ROE a try, there’s so much going on here. You have that cholesterol, richness, that’s specific to foods like eggs and brains.

You have a slight iodine flavor. You have. I know that complex salmon flavor it’s like tasting the ocean in the form of a scrambled egg. That’s how I would describe the flavor. The texture is like a soft pearl that pops in your mouth and then that rich cholesterol, a liquid, comes out. This is like the best food you could feed to a baby or a child. Not only would they love it, it’s like super colorful and approachable.

The salmon roe is tasty. I would give it about an 8 out of 10 from a flavor perspective, but there’s a reason. Sturgeon Roe is so much more expensive. Here I have some hackleback roe. It’s a type of sturgeon. The pearls are black. This is what you think of when you, you know when you see caviar like the black fish eggs, yeah, there’s a reason, there’s a reason. Caviar is made from sturgeon. The flavor is completely different.

It’s buttery it’s more complex. It doesn’t have as much of an iodine flavor, of course, you’re not supposed to eat caviar with the spoon like this, but I mean you’re on a carnivore, a keto diet. This is ensuring you’re not getting anything negative. Now, if you’ve never tried sturgeon roe, it can be on the expensive side, but on Franky’s free-range meat, our goal is to make everything affordable. So we are taking a profit loss and providing it to everyone, so they can experience it.

This is something that maybe I would have once or twice a month on a special occasion: it’s not prohibitively expensive, but it’s expensive enough that you couldn’t really eat it every day, whereas you could eat the salmon or every day. So if you guys haven’t tried sturgeon Roe specifically, I encourage you just for the experience, I’m honestly one of those people who don’t really care about the experience with certain things, but when I ate sturgeon Roe for the first time I was like you know, it truly Is amazing, so if you guys would like to check out Frankie’s free-range meat comm, we are offering salmon roe in that portion, as well as the sturgeon row in the same portion.

This is half a kilo of salmon roe we’re going to be offering it in four containers because having one big container like this is a little ridiculous and the sturgeon Roe is going to come like this. It is in a one ounce container. So, thank you guys for joining me today. If you have any more questions about fish, roe, fish, eggs, caviar feel free to. Let me know down in the comments below, if you guys could please, like the article subscribe hit that Bell icon and share it.

If you can, if you guys would like to support me further, you can check out some of the other articles on my youtube, blog and, of course, place an order with Frankie’s free-range meat. If you guys would like to know more about our mission and the future of Frankie’s free-range meat, you can check out the website Frankie’s free-range meat com, looking to do a bunch of really exciting stuff from providing you guys with raw dairy to custom cuts of meat.

Again, thank you guys for joining me today and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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2019-09-04 WIEW (Keto Full Day of Eating)

Yes, getting my entire life working on stuff. Already I decided to have some water. I woke up and I was thirsty the first thing in the morning what that that never happened. So I’ve drank this entire thing of water. I am going to stop working in like an hour to force myself to exercise I’m going to be lifting weights, but before then I will be having a zip fist so check back in with me later.

I just wanted to say good morning. I really just wanted to show off my awesome, robe collar, so there’s that, but I am hard at work. Some of you should see some emails coming up from me were to all my patrons, but I am going to get back to it and I’ll see you when it’s time to shake okay guys. It is time to stop one form of work so that I can start another for work and if you can tell that means, I’m just going to start exercising.

That is my other form of work. I got my hashtag wack swag here and I’m going to Roulettes a BAM for punch yeah for puns. It fizz. I love fruit, punch not going to lie four flavors in my roulette. Is it’s too few flavors, it’s not little as too little as too few okay. It’s not enough. Basically, I just I keep we’re letting the same ones. I’m excited to get my additional three flavors of Zipf is in the mail this week, so that I can bring it back up to seven so that there will be a little bit more variability.

I mean fruit punch is nowhere near becoming the newly mown, but still I want some more variance, but from punches delicious. I love it. Let’s get shooting whoa well, that was easy. Okay, fruit punch, alright guys. I hear that fizz! Oh my god. When does the last time you actually took the time to listen to the fence up as if fizz, absolutely alright, guys, let’s get ready to shake it in three two one to a productive short week: okay, guys, I’m currently reorganizing my office, meaning that all the crap That was in my office is now out in my gym area.

It’s only had like a three foot by three foot space to work out, so I’m going to do some weight lifting exercises today, but I’m going to drink this for a little bit and then I’ll get working. Oh, Oh sneezy mix sneeze our sin built-in. What are you doing? Oh Hilton, baby boy, Maddie’s, always a good. Oh Melton, selfish! Oh, you said you sat for mom, okay, you said for mom cuz. You want food, Bubba, okay, okay or you just wanted to block Maddie.

That is rude, but nobody can keep me from my Maddie girl who doesn’t look at the camera. Please Madeline, please Madeline! Okay, okay! Back to the star back to the star, the show, Oh back to the sleepy star. Look at you! Bubby! Look at you Bobby Bobby! Okay, alright, that’s enough! That’s enough! No! I love you, okay, guys. It is time for me to eat it’s just a big plate of food. I have my roasted broccoli and onion that I made it is so good, and then I have my ground beef and it’s just ground beef and, of course, I’ll put some hot sauce on there with that seasoning that I cooked it up with and like this is Just simple and delicious: this is as simple as it can be: vegetables and meat, and it’s delicious mm-hmm.

So I’m going to eat this, then ever come back from uh sweet treats okay guys just in here. I have that chocolate on the milk. I have some coffee. I had to use peer instead of luck and so today, because I am out – and I am devastated, so I’m reordering some – the can tell immediately I have coats for both like Hansel and the preferred chocolate collagen that I put in here as well. I mean it is chocolatey and delicious.

I definitely prefer the like Anto monk, fruit sweetener, but this is great and it’ll definitely do. I also have two of my little chocolate fat bombs. I mean it’s the same ratio as the original recipe which I’ll post right here, but I just flipped the portioning in half, so I can have two instead of one big bar, so I’m going to eat these drink, my beverage and close my window and then might Be back for some jello indoorsy via tonight: okay, guys taking a little break from work cuz.

I got some packages in the back. I have to go to the post office to drop off all the outstanding wack swag orders. So if you order some wack swag be on the lookout this week. Okay, guys the evening is coming to a close for me at five o’clock p.M. Because that’s my life and I’m okay with it. So I am going to drink Mzee BIA and have my jello. I find that some days when I end my eating window at like 1:00 p.

M. By like 2:30 or 3:00 o’clock, I want my Ziva and jello and when I have it, then that’s when I get into trouble later at night. So I think that by waiting till after 5:00, but still like before seven o’clock, because I don’t like to eat anything after seven o’clock regardless. But if I can just wait until after 5:00. That really puts me in a good place, to feel satisfied for the rest of the night, so I’m going to have my sweet treats and I’m calling it a day.

Overall, this whole dairy-free thing is going very well. I think limiting your diet in certain ways forces you to be creative in other ways or even just appreciate things that you might not have appreciated before. So like it’s been a really cool experience. Are you doing any special dietary restrictions or any sort of challenge? For September comment down below, thank you so much for reading this article.

If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly milk reps weekly, what I eat: Wednesdays, monthly, weigh-ins, monthly, kiddo, crate unboxing and the occasional product review and recipe. You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and patreon at read autumn Quito thanks and I’ll see you next week.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2017-12-10 Keto Meal Prep/Vlog

I got my pre-workout here, I’m going to drink, so I went to a Brazilian steakhouse yesterday. It’s one of those places where you just sit down and they parade and meats around to you, and it was my second time being in a place like that, and I just don’t get it I mean especially being on the keto diet.

I appreciate it that that the majority of the fare was just like high-quality meat. I really get it, but I’m just still not impressed like give me some 80/20 ground beef and you know some canned chicken any day. You know those places just aren’t my jam. Okay off to the gym, if you follow me on instagram you’ll, remember that I somehow ran over my bluetooth headphones with my car a couple days ago, so kicking it old-school on the treadmill for a while.

I’m not pleased just at home from the gym and Meyer. At the gym did the standard 60 minutes on the treadmill, but I played with the elevation this time. That’s why I was able to see more variance in my calorie burn. It was great. I also signed up for the Triple Crown of running I’m in Louisville Kentucky and that’s where the Kentucky Derby is, though, in horse racing. The Triple Crown is the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness.

I think so in Louisville leading up to the Derby. We have a Triple Crown of running, which is just three races. The first race is a 5k than two weeks later. It’s a 10k, then, two weeks later, it’s a ten-miler, so it’s just a fun way to exercise and get in the Derby mood. So that’ll be happening next year. I did it last year for the first time I didn’t train. I didn’t do anything at all. I was like you know what I feel like running, so I signed up did all of the races, the ten-miler I’m talking about no training whatsoever, and it was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done like it definitely took a toll on my body, not as Young as I used to be, but it was so fun in something that I knew that I just had to keep doing so.

I was excited to see that the signups were back at Planet Fitness. I made sure to get signed up and I’m ready for the new year. Well, I’m just going to put these groceries up. Then I’m probably going to get something to eat, and then I will jump in the meal prep. So this is actually what I decided to have for lunch. It was my lasagna in a bowl from last week, so I just used the ground-up meat and sausage and I added some ricotta and mozzarella and put it in the microwave for a minute.

Now I’m going back on top with some parmesan and there you have it lasagna in a bowl. You really don’t even miss the noodles. This is actual meal prep. So now we’re starting off with the one pound of 80/20, grass-fed ground beef, and this is going to be used for my cheeseburger in a bowl. I make a spice mixture of cumin, onion powder, garlic powder and chili powder, as well as salt, to go on the meat.

Once that’s done. I set it aside and now I moved on to the scrambled eggs that I’m going to have so I started off with 1 tbsp of ghee and now I’m throwing in 12 eggs and I’m doing what I call a lazy scramble, which is where I scrambled them Right in the pan, because I didn’t feel like getting another Bowl dirty so just scramble those on up and set those to the side as well. Next, I’m melting some butter for the keto Connect, gingerbread spice cake, I’m going to melt and Brown that butter and apparently melting butter is difficult.

So I decided to take a water break more specifically a vitamin water break. Now I’m just putting the rest of the spice cake together the gingerbread cake, so we have our coconut flour or with four tall ginger, cinnamon and allspice that we’re going to add to the brown butter can’t forget those eggs and some maple extract. Now, I’m just adding in the dry ingredients to the wet and that’s going to form the batter for the spice cake.

It turned out to be a really good consistency and also taste really good. Instead of making one big cake, I decided to make 24 mini muffins, while those are in the oven. I moved on to chopping up some vegetables, so here we have my onion and we have jalapeno and these are going to be toppings for the cheeseburger salad. Next, I am shredding up some sharp cheddar, and this is twofold. This is cheddar for the eggs in the morning and cheddar for my cheeseburger salad.

Next, I’ve moved on to the keto Connect fudgy cookies, so I’m mixing some powdered, erythritol or swerve with cocoa powder and I’m melting in the butter, eggs and vanilla. I also threw in some peppermint extract to make these mint chocolate cookies. We have the baking powder and then the almond flour comes next, given that a good mix, I sort of just formed them into ten blobs and place them on a silicon mat and put them in the oven.

Finally, we’re bringing up the rear with the cream cheese frosting for the mini muffins, okay, it is 5:20 and I’m done with mill prep for the evening. So, let’s see what we got here, all right so for breakfast or meal, one I’m going to be having the scrambled eggs that I made and some broccoli and cauliflower that broccoli and cauliflower. I just bought those steamed fresh bags from the store. So I literally just put them in the microwave and then once they cooled.

I put them with the broccoli and cauliflower, and then I’m also going to be having two pieces of bacon in the morning as well. So eggs, broccoli, cauliflower and bacon is going to be breakfast. Oh also, that cheese that I shredded right here, that’s going to go on the eggs and then for the second meal. So I do intermittent fasting, so I only eat twice a day. So my second meal is going to be cheeseburger salad, so I just take lettuce.

Take that ground beef that I made top it with bacon and cheese. Oh and that onion, that onion and jalapeno that I cut up will go on top of that as well and then as well as this like chipotle aioli. Usually I just do like mayo and spicy mustard, or something just to kind of give it like a dressing. But that is what I have in the afternoon for desserts this week. I have both keto connect. This is their chocolatey fudge, cookie not going to lie, but once on their website looks so much prettier, but these actually taste really good and I did go ahead and put peppermint extract in there.

So they’re like mint chocolate, cookies and they’re really good. Next, we have the gingerbread cake recipe they just came out with, I decided to make them into little mini muffins, and that was a score as well. We found some dessert winners this week, so that was exciting. So now I’m just going to pack all this stuff up, but in the fridge and chill out for the rest of the night. I deserve it thanks for reading this article, if you want to see more articles like this as well as follow me on my keto and weight-loss journey.

Don’t forget to hit that like button and comment on this article as well as subscribe to my blog read autumn. Keto, you can also add ink that notification Bell to make sure you’re notified every time I post new articles, I post weekly vlog meal preps as well as monthly weigh-ins and sporadic recipes as I come across them. You can also check me out on instagram at read autumn keto as well thanks and I’ll catch you guys next week.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2019-02-24 Keto Meal Prep/ Vlog

Look at you, Maddy say how Mady Mady Mady, oh gosh, you guys. How is it that no matter how early I wake up, I always perpetually underestimate the amount of time it takes me to get ready in the morning, like I woke up an hour early yet here I am running 30 minutes late, but that’s okay, because you know What no matter, how late I am running, I’m always going to make time to shake it.

If I can open this rocket science. Alright, we got black cherry today, which is my number one. So you know that means we got to show out. Oh the suspense jeez. Louise 30 minutes later, alright in 3, 2. 1. Why? Why is it so good, hey guys, just left the gym incline treadmill, feeling great, I’m going to start lifting weights next week and I’m very excited about it. But I have been pushing myself on the treadmill and like I’m here, for the burn okay, so for this year I have decided to do something a little different.

So the week before my weigh-ins, I am going to change my meal prep to only be 20 total carbs instead of net carbs. So last week I calculated my net carbs and total carbs and even though I was only at like 22 net carbs, I was at 75 total carbs and that’s a lot, but between the quest bar and all of the erythritol. You know you can subtract that from net carbs, but it adds up in total carbs. So in order to really kind of pair down for my weigh-in for the first of the month, the last week of every month, I’m doing total carbs.

So that means for this week coming up, I’m doing 20 total carbs. So it’s just going to be really basic. My first meal is going to be eggs and bacon. I might throw some sausage in there to my bulletproof coffee and I do have some salmon already thawing at home. So when I get home and calculate my macros, I’m going to see where I need to add fat, I know I’m definitely not going to have a problem with proteins.

So I’m going to look at the ratios when I get home, but this week is very simple all right off to Meijer. Oh my god. I finally found them. Okay, guys, like I think, I’m done with milk prep unless I’m forgetting anything, but when I whipped up those lazy, scrambled eggs. I went ahead and make myself some to eat and the milk prep guys have blessed us with leftover bacon. So I’m having that so bacon and eggs.

This is three eggs and a tablespoon of butter, and I mean I’m not going to count the pieces of bacon, so that’ll just be between me and the plate here. So I’m going to enjoy this. I got some meetings and things to do and then I will be back to wrap up but like oh, my god, okay guys live taste test for this little fat bomb, concoction that I made so like. I just basically mixed together, some baker’s chocolate, some coconut oil.

Some of that sugar pee syrup – and I just threw some sea salt on there. So, let’s see oh, they just came out of the freezer. I definitely taste the salt. I definitely taste the syrup enos of the syrup. Well, six and a half seven out of ten, but we’ll definitely do in a pinch and it will satisfy my sweet craving since I’m only having total carbs. This week, I used the mocha flavor syrup. Maybe another syrup with results in a different flavor feel free to experiment.

I will leave the recipe in the description box below I’m [ Laughter, ]. Okay, guys, I am done with meal prep for the day. So, let’s see what we got for meal number one. We have delicious scrambled eggs scrambled in butter, so much bacon, uh-huh I’ll, be having three pieces of bacon and then potentially a piece of sausage, I’m not sure yet meal number two is going to be this grilled salmon and some broccoli with tablespoon of butter.

Here we have the little fat bombs that I made and this week I’m going to be relying on jello and I have Powerade zero. You guys look at that. Look what flavor that is! That is great. I just got some on a whim. Last week I was like you know: what do I really hate grape this much? Let me try it and honestly, I kind of liked it and I’m kind of having like a crisis right now because, like I don’t know who I am, if I don’t hate grape flavored things, I don’t know who I am and then, if I have the macros For it I haven’t quite calculated them, yet I might have a hotdog or two.

You saw that I found the slimfast keto fat bombs at the store, even though I won’t be able to have those this week. I was glad to find them and to pick them up. Speaking of picking things up, I went to TJ Maxx today and I got some collagen. This is the collagen. I got this time. It’s called body collagen by whatever brand, like I don’t care about the brand. I just care about the price so for about 20 servings of this this was $ 7.

99. I mean, in my opinion, they’re all pretty much the same, but I have collagen. I do think it has been helping with my fingernails, like I don’t once again. I don’t know if it’s the placebo effect, but my nails are long and strong. I’m so excited I’m going to give myself a manicure tonight, the results of which you can see on this week’s. What I eat Wednesday article, but I bought some halogen and about another syrup.

This is sea, salt and caramel um. For some reason, this bottle is glass and I don’t know if they did that to make it seem like more high-end, but like it just made me a thousand times more nervous carrying it around the store and carrying it home like. Why do we need glass? I break things like plastic. Is your friend also guys if we want to take a look at my shirt, it says Quito yo on it, and I first saw my good friend, kiddo Collin, wearing the shirt and I messaged him and I was like.

Oh my god. I need that shirt. I must have it immediately and he sent it to me in like that just means so much to me, like. I really appreciate this shoutout to Collin. Thank you. So much also people frequently ask if I have a pillbox or an address that you guys can send stuff to like. First of all, your generosity is overwhelming, like I can’t even imagine I’m glad to say that I have finally gotten a mailbox, so the address is going to be right here on the screen and then I’ll also put it in the description box below.

Thank you. So much to anyone that even fathom sending me anything like look, you guys mean so much to me and just the more I can share with you. The happier makes me I think, that’s all for this week, guys so, oh also I’m having bulletproof coffee this week. I mean like we stop talking about food a while ago, but both proof coffee, because that stuff is delicious. Thank you so much for reading this article.

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2019-02-10 Keto Meal Prep/ Vlog

Oh, but look at my haircut, my little haircut boy y’all get on my nerves, beep. Okay, guys! I am done with milk prep for the day, as you saw, I didn’t really even have energy to make a welcome article. This morning I didn’t go to the gym for those of you that don’t know if you don’t follow me on Instagram. I’ve actually been in the hospital for the past few days.

Today is Sunday, and I was in the hospital from Thursday to Saturday, I’ve developed a post-op infection and that is presenting itself in a sharp stabbing pain in my abdomen. Whenever I move and try to lay down so I was in the hospital they gave me IV antibiotics and they sent me home Saturday with oral antibiotics. So I’m going to be taking those for the next week and then hopefully that will resolve that.

But it’s kind of set me back a little bit. It’s made me tired in fatigue, and I kind of feel closer to how I felt when I first got out of the hospital, so I’m just working on resting and and not straining myself and hopefully not having any more complications. So I didn’t go to the gym today. My mom actually drove me to Meijer and I walked around with her and she pushed the cart. That’s how that’s who was filming me in the beginning, and I have to go back and read the tape, but that’s probably why, if you see me putting things in my cart angrily, I was not feeling it this morning I was fatigued.

I was over it. I was in pain and I was right to go, but I got home I laid down for a little bit. I kind of did the staggered mill prep, where I prepared one thing go, lay down for an hour, prepare something else: go sit down for an hour. So, as you saw, I made bacon and burgers. So here are my burgers. The milk plan for this week is buns burgers for meal number one and tuna for meal number two. So you saw me get that chopped up celery and onion.

I just didn’t. Have it in me to chop any celery today, so I got the chopped celery and onion for my tuna and then I’m having a bunless burger. I have those fat bombs. I have some green beans already in my freezer, I’m going to be having some butter. I really want to have a bulletproof coffee this week, like hot coffee – it’s just not in my habit to do, but I really want to try. I like getting in the fats like butter and heavy cream, and I like the taste of coffee, it’s just not something that I do as a habit.

So I’m going to work on that this week, but that’s pretty much. The only thing I’m going to be working on because I am going to be taking it as easily as humanly possible, just because I don’t want to take a chance with any more setbacks. It’s almost 6 o’clock and I am pooped and I want to sit down, so I am done for the day. Thank you so much for reading, if you like this article, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my blog read autumn Aikido.

I make weekly meal preps weekly, what I eat Wednesdays and monthly weigh-ins. You can also find me on instagram at read autumn Aikido, thanks and I’ll see you next week.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2018-01-28 Keto Meal Prep/Vlog

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should at read out on pedo you’ll, see that I went to midnight bingo last night I won, which is dope only hundred and fifty dollars. I had to split the pot, but that’s fine. It was a really fun time, but I also had my first unplanned cheat meal, so I knew there was going to be pizza and everything – and I was like: oh no, I’m not going to eat, I’m going to be fine, but as the night went on it Became clear that I was like nah, I’m doing this, I’m hanging with the crew and I’m going to enjoy it.

So that’s what I did. There was Pizza Hut. There was brownies, there was caramel corn, there were fries, I mean, and it was delicious, like you know, hashtag no regrets. The thing is. If you also read my weigh-ins once you should um, you know that I weigh in on the first of the month. So that means February 1st is coming up on Thursday, but I’ve been doing like quasi weigh-ins. You know for throughout the month and honestly, I’m still at the exact same weight like I’ve lost no weight whatsoever, which I mean coming off a 15 pound loss for December.

Like I get it, you know, I’m not too upset weight, loss is linear or weight loss is not linear, I’m still making great progress. So I was just like this. Cheat is not like it’s going to derail any other progress. I’ve made for January cuz. I haven’t made it, you know now it wasn’t ideal, but at the same time you know I’m not letting it faze me. It’s not throwing me off track, I’m right back on today.

I’m going to go really hard today, so Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, see if we can get anything off for Thursday, but I mean even the fact that I’ve been able to maintain this whole month like 178 pounds. That’s a miracle, so I am just super proud. So I’m just going to have to recalculate my macros, you know adjust do what you’re supposed to do when you hit a stall and keep it moving. Super tired right now, only guys about like 5 hours of sleep, but I’m up and at them.

I know I say this every week but like super simple meal, prep, I’m just going to do ground, beef and eggs and like I literally, have no idea what I’m going to do for my second meal. So hopefully, Meyer will give me some inspiration, but I’m headed to the gym right now got my pre-workout and going to get her done. Let’s go Jesus, be free, workout, say no: Oh, okay, it’s a little after 5:00 and I am done with meal prep and I killed it today.

So let’s take a look at what we got. First, we have the scrambled eggs and ground beef, never changing it. Then we just have that random pulled pork and that bacon and cheese fried rice that I’ve just made up off the top of my head, and that is so good. Next we got my trail mix, then we have the keto connect chocolates, like I said I put them into the mini mold, so they come out in like little tabs and they are so good they’re, like my new favorite thing ever in fact, I think I’m just Going to go ahead and eat this one quality control, it’s chocolate in it’s a little salty, it’s a melty! If cold, I love to keep them in the freezer.

Hmm! So happy! Okay! Whoa! I’m done thanks for reading! If you like this article and want to see more, you can subscribe to my blog read autumn. Keto also don’t forget to ding the notification bell. If you want to be notified, whenever I put up new meal prep articles or weigh in articles or anything like that, if you liked this article, give it a thumbs up and comment, let me know what you’re eating for milk prep this week.

Also, have you ever just like randomly made a recipe and it turned out awesome. I kind of feel like I did that today with that cauliflower, whatever that was, I nailed that

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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Keto Meat Prep | What we eat on Keto | Shopping Vlog

If you’re new to our blog, welcome here on two crazy kilos, we do different things like product reviews. We do recipe articles, sometimes we vlog our days. We talk about various keto topics and then every Monday we sit down on the couch for keto on the couch.

We just got ta talk about. What’s going on in our lives for the week, you can find us in different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we have a website which is too busy, keep us calm and that’s going to find all the different recipes. Now we do upload at least five new articles every single week, so make sure you subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to it’s a little belt icon in that way, every single time we upload a new article, you’ll be alerted to it yeah.

I just realized that today is the first time we’re able to vlog in the car, with it’s stationary not have to have the engine on the air-conditioner it feels so nice outside and even though I’m probably like over killing it. Here. With my sweater weather, we got ta get it while the getting’s good, it’s like 70 degrees outside so anywhere else in the country. You know they’re going. Seventy degrees is not sweater weather, it is shorts weather, but it’s what I got and I got to work with it.

So we are going to kind of do a hodgepodge vlog. Today we have a bunch of stuff to do it’s a Monday. I did all my work this morning. I’ve got a turkey in the smoker because we’re going to work on some recipes throughout the week on what to do with your leftover, turkey. What do you do with leftover? Turkey? That’s got a few different ideas. One of them is using my new cross and making like a turkey potpie.

Oh, I can’t wait for that, so that was one of them we’re doing a meal prep. I just did a bunch of ground beef and then, when I get home after we go to the store, we’re going to make some ground beef meal, perhaps okay, and what else we doing we’re going out to eat we’re going out for lunch. We’ve got a lot of food going on yeah turkey, ground beef and going out to eat and going out to eat, and then we’re also going to go to sprouts to get a couple things for our cell, because I noticed they have the horizon heavy whipping cream.

On sale for just $ 2.99, a pint and that’s like cheaper than the non-organic brand and dude, we can go through it, especially with our with Thanksgiving coming out. Yes, should we stock up on our heavy cream? So, let’s get to the store? Oh wait before we do look what came in the mail today in the mail today, I’m so excited about this so found out about this from vivj, and I immediately went ordering it.

This is super coffee, we’re not affiliated with them, but I love super coffee. I’m like living off of this stuff, both the super coffee and the super creamer and you’re. Like the super creamer, my super car, I really like the the creamer, the maple pumpkin one, I’m going to be so sorry to see you go yeah, just under two cases. Left then you’re then you’re in trouble. So this is super coffee. This is like going to the store and buying one of those little Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts one, something like that, but mint chocolate chip is like your groove.

Oh yeah, I’m excited about this. I know they do cost about $ 3 apiece, which I thought was really expensive until I saw that the Dunkin Donuts ones are like 2 dollars and 80 cents. All of these things are expensive and they, the Dunkin Donuts ones, have like 50 grams of sugar in them. So nutrition on this once is it a new flavor any calories in the entire bottle? We got a plane flying over us. I hope they’re going somewhere.

5 grams of total fat, 10 grams of protein, okay, 1 total carbohydrate, not net carbohydrate, total carbohydrate, mind the whole bar ratios. Here’s the ingredients – and this is what’s really nice about it. They don’t even put like a bunch of nasty sweeteners or anything. So you have organic Colombian coffee, whey, protein concentrate or coconut MCT oil, monkford, natural chocolate, flavors, natural peppermint, flavors, natural flavors, potassium phosphate, GLE and gum organic, green coffee caffeine.

So it’s not chocolate chip, it’s mint and measurement. It’s mint chocolate peppermint a white chocolate peppermint. Well, I wouldn’t take a sip for this, so as far as I know, the company’s not actually selling on their website, you have to find it in the store or, I believe down below. I found it on a website called Oasis snacks. Okay, I think I think the thing is, if you spend $ 40 or $ 50, they gets $ 40.

You get free shipping, I, but I think they also don’t ship for free to California for some reason and that OS a snack seems to have like the inside track on a lot of snack food. Again, it is not overly chocolaty, which is really which is good for me. It’s it’s like coffee drink with a hint of mint chocolate, just a hint of mint Wow, just enough yeah that big swig that is good and that coffee is good cuz.

I’m I’m a coffee, aficionado yeah, so I’m going to come in and weigh on on the coffee. Flavor, it’s good. The coffee flavors is really good. Yeah I’ll leave a link for always and snacks, which is the only place that I know that you can get it online again, not affiliated, but we really like these and they have a lot of coupons for that place too. You may have to hide some of those. I only have two cases: let’s go to the store, talker dudes we’re actually going out the together for once these menus are very well loved.

Well, it’s like a lunchbox place. Have you’ve never been here? If you guys don’t have a Tucker dunes near you, they have a lot of good burgers. We’ve actually had this burger like before Kate out. Judging from this much marks, a lot of people have tried it yeah. So this is what we’re going to get it’s like. The most keto burger on here at six lights, to make in sunny egg to slice through the American and the cheddar and Tucker sauce get it.

So I know that we are helping the environment with these paper straws, but the things that, like just dissolve in your mouth, while you’re drinking, not my favorite thing. It’s so take a look at what we got here. We both have the same exact thing so into 1/2 cup burner. It has 6 slices of bacon, it has cheddar cheese and American cheese. I mean American cheese, isn’t the greatest I actually forgot to.

Usually, I tell them to likes about each other American cheese and just to all cheddar who wasn’t thinking that we’ve got an egg on top, not Rachel’s favorite super runny, but overall the burger is amazing and I am ready to get started so clearly that was terrible. Yeah we were just a little hungry like that, took less than five minutes to finish that burger finish, so we went to pay and the bill was $ 10 cheaper than is supposed to be, that’s not bad.

So the girl said that, on Mondays, the Mondragon’s were only $ 10 and set up the team, but we have a $ 30 gift card. They have to use the entire thing, so we’re just going to get another one and take it home and split it. For dinner sounds delicious. Okay, we just got two sprouts, we’re going to run in and grab a couple of things that we have coupons for and some things that are on sale and I’m excited that we’re actually going to be shopping on a full stomach.

Yes, we’re not going to buy anything, we’re not supposed to be eating strategy, so we’re here at sprouts and we found this Chompy. So how do you guys keep asking us to review this, but I have to tell you I’m looking at this ingredient label and I’m not super comfortable with it. I mean yes, it is only 66 calories. 2 grams of fat 8 grams of protein 7 total carbs 5 grams of fiber, so it’s only 2 net carbs per slice, but I’m not really comfortable with looking at these ingredients.

You’ve got soy flour, vital wheat gluten wheat, starch, wheat, protein wheat flour and then soybean oil, cinnamon salt, cultured wheat, vinegar, yeast, raisins enzymes. I have really worked hard to get we out of my diet, so this is just a little bit too much wheat for me to consume even for just trying it for the blog. Now we don’t want to completely disappoint you guys, so we are going to pick up these and review these.

These are leg fins and they’re, expensive, they’re $ 5.99, but we are going to review these because I know a lot of people keep asking us about them and I’m comfortable with these ingredients. So take a look at the ingredients: egg white, whole egg, cauliflower powder, olive oil, sea salt, xanthan gum, spices, citric acid, we’re going to get these, try them out and then we’re going to see if we can duplicate them.

How do you know looking at Aikido? Grocery cart in sprouts, you have a ridiculous amount of heavy whipping cream and sausage and eggs. These eggs are on sale $ 2.99 a dozen. Only in this store, the heavy cream is three dollars, and the expiration date is the end of January. I think we’re going to go home and just fill our pool up with it yep then we got some bacon and these are on sale and there were two dollars: two four five.

So we’re going to get a whole bunch of them and stick them in the freezer, especially with the holidays. So you guys know how much I like the KY two super creamer, that is the pumpkin spice, but I’m going to try this one, because I have been drinking quite a bit of the Chi 2 and this is only 15 calories for two tablespoons. So I know it’s good not going to be as creamy, but we’re going to give it a shot.

So I’ve been meaning to try this stuff, I’m so excited they actually have it. This is Death. Wish coffee. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this stuff. It is like supposed to be the world’s strongest coffee on the back and even says it’s highly caffeinated, so we’re going to get this. It is a little expensive, but we never go out for coffee anyway. It’s $ 20 for this bag. Definitely a keto grocery haul.

Joyce meyer would be proud. I put my cart back so, as we have said in numerous articles, if you don’t like the weather in south florida, wait a minute it’s hot out now it’s 80 degrees. When we left the house when we left the house two hours ago, it was 70 degrees. It’s now 80 at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Here’s the worst part is the windows are all open in the house, and the air conditioner is off.

Oh no, we may be going home to a boiling room. The kids are home, though, so maybe they were smart enough to close the windows – Oh probably not doubtful, so I think everybody was looking at us like we were a little crazy. We spent a hundred and forty dollars in sprouts, which sounds like a lot, but I don’t think it’s a lot for sprouts no, and I think that we have enough begin to feed it army yeah.

So, in addition to what you saw at the very last minute, Rachel found they had their canned organic sprouts, brand pumpkin dollar. Here, dollar a can. That was like a dollar a can savings, so we bought 10 cans of it just number one for recipes number. Two to just have throughout the year, because sometimes it’s hard to find canned pumpkin down. Well, we’ve got Thanksgiving coming and I’m sure that mom is going to want a pumpkin pie yeah.

So, in addition to that, we bought six dozen eggs because the eggs were marked from $ 5.99 and dozen to $ 2.99 a dozen. This store only pasture-raised a lot of heavy cream a lot, but the expiration dates the end of January, and it was two dollars off a container and we go through a lot of heavy cream or knows we cook with a lot of heavy cream. We also bought a couple pounds of the sugar free bacon, and then we got that sausage, which is normally like five dollars for like one tube of it, was on sale two for five and it’s really good, because there’s like no chemicals or anything in it, we’re Going to make balls so I don’t think we have to go to the farmers market.

I got what I needed here: cuz we’re going to go home and make a shepherd’s pie as one of our meal prep for the week. So I needed cauliflower and some carrots and I just got the Nerds Browns. So we were going to stop at the store and look at a table. Maybe we can still stop real, quick, we’re not going to be here very long right. They have a lot of heavy cream in here. Well, maybe we should take that back home and then go back out.

Let’s do that, let’s do it. We got a table. Let’s go look at that and then we’ll go over what our meal prep is. So it was a busy day and, like you know, we went out to eat, we went food shopping, we were meal prepping and we decided after we went to like sprouts, let’s go and look for a table because we wanted something for our studio. This is like a really tall, it’s hard to tell with the article and like all the lights and everything, but it was this really cool bar table and it’s even got this cool bench.

Let me show the bench like: it’s got this really cool bench. Do you have pajama pants on now? That’s okay, so we needed a new table because, like we were dealing with like an old little dining room square table and so and we we have like tons of little folding tables to like put junk on. You know when we’re doing articles and for you to like teeter-totter your computer, computers are like piled on top of boxes, which were not sure when we’re live-streaming and stuff.

I guess we were really one of like a long table and we were going to build one like out of like an old door or something like that. Yeah we decide we have. This place was called rooms to go, but they have an outlet center and so Rachel’s like oh, I went with my mom the other day and we saw this table. I want you to see it. It was beautiful, it’s gorgeous, but nice and tall. The price was ridiculous: it was $ 300 for the base for the table and then the benches were $ 300 apiece and we’re like yeah.

We just can’t afford that yeah, even if we just got one bench that was going to be what $ 900 yeah. So what we decided we were going to do was I photographed everything, because I’m super handy and I own like every tool in the world when it comes to woodworking, several routers and how many routers. But we took like every photo from every angle and I’m like I’m going to go home and I’m going to build the table, I’m going to duplicate it with the exception of the iron bar.

That goes around the bottom to your feet, which I really wanted. But yeah, but I’m like I can build that table from a couple hundred bucks. Maybe yeah. You know maybe a little bit more, but it’s going to be some time consuming, but I knew I could do it and like then, we’ll just buy the bench because they had two benches. They had the one that we got, which was 300 and then they had another one that wasn’t as nice for 200.

More like we’ll just buy that bench and he was like if I could just keep the wood budget to 500 bucks. If I could just keep the table budget right at 500, right we’ll be good, we’ll be good as we’re leaving. I was like let’s just look at like they’re scratching, didn’t show room right, not really thinking that we’re going to find much and we were just. We were looking to see if they had any benches or barstools so that, instead of getting the bench, we could get like a couple of bar stools or something like that had we wanted something like table like bar, but we were in like making do right.

Um and there in the middle of the showroom, was our table right, not one like our table the table, the table, they won’t wanted, and I mean the only thing that is wrong with it and I’ll put a picture up right here was the corner of one Of the barstools has a tiny little tear in it but like I can fix that and give a leather repair kit and fix that, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were like the table is five hundred dollars, and that includes two benches and upgraded benches.

So I’m supposed to be like twelve hundred dollars for this whole nice table and everything and we paid 500 bucks. God is good, which I mean it is a lot of money like we have not bought furniture for ourselves in eight years, yeah B. Usually we good – and that was the Big Lots. Yeah like our old dining room table, came from Big Lots like when we got married, and I think that that was like a Christmas present from your mother yeah.

I think it was him, so a lot of our furniture is always like hand-me-down. I think it’s like the first, like new piece of furniture that we bought together, I think possibly because are done, are big. I built right, I’m holding our home master bedroom piece. I built it’s got a nice credenza in the back, what a storage unit the kids beds. I built our entertainment center I built so this has got to be really nice that you don’t have to try to find more time to build something yeah, that’s what I’m excited about because, like we have a lot going and it’s exactly one, so I mean God Really answers prayers, you’re right I mean this is exactly what we wanted and it was the price was, was something we could actually afford.

So yeah great guy – it’s not here, because we have all the lights on and have the air conditioner off. But what was really cool about and we’ll show you we’re going to go? Show you guys the meal prep that we different we can Anthony helped. I actually cuz. We were going back out to get this like. I had him make the shepherd’s pie. I had already brown at the ground, beef and I was like here’s. The cauliflower just make the shepherd’s pie follow the recipe from our website.

He likes cooking, he loves to cook. But what was really cool is again. We only needed one bench. Cameras on that side. We’re sitting on this side road. We need a second $ 300 bench for the bench matches the bar height in our kitchen, perfectly, which we’ve never had bar stools, that are the right had the wrong size, because the barstool we were using matched the table that we were using before for this, which Was like one of those like what does it called counter height yeah like a counter, is laughs that anytime, you were sitting right yeah.

You are always at the kid table because you always were like this little right trying to eat your food, so God just it was awesome home awesome. So look at this. Isn’t this cool look at how this thing perfectly matches the bar height for the kitchen? So you used to only have those two little bar stools. Now we can actually have three or four people even sit here if they’re, like kids or something so come sit down and we’ll sit on this side for once ignore our dirty kitchen, and this is the meal prep.

Look at this is our carb splurge for Thanksgiving. You look like a pumpkin, it’s a kabocha squash. Oh my gracious. We have been looking for this forever. It’s not like zero carb, but it’s not ridiculous, but I’m going to try it and we’re going to have that for Thanksgiving. It looks like it thinks it’s an avocado, yeah, okay, so here’s what we got! First of all, we have a turkey finishing up in the oven.

I had it on the smoker and then I’m just finishing up in there, because I turn the smoker off, because I was out of pellets, so we have over here the taco pie, which is a fan. Favorite fan favorite. This is a shepherd’s pie, sort of using ground beef. We didn’t use ground lamb because we bought five pounds of our six times around beef at Costco, and then we have everybody’s favorite, cheeseburger casserole casserole and we just grabbed some a bag of the Costco bacon bits that are already cooked for this one.

Only because we had the bacon, we bought the bacon at sprouts, but since we were running around buying a table and everything else tract, I didn’t feel like baking anything so that is our meal preps. We have these three things. Each one of these has eight servings. Then we have an entire turkey. It was like a 16 pound turkey that we got at Walmart for $ 8.00. It was like and it wasn’t even a bad brand.

I don’t remember, was it butterball, it was and that’s the thing with the turkey like the value is awesome. When you touch them on sale, they were selling it for 50 cents, a pound or like how do we know we bought two of them and like we’re? Not even making one for Thanksgiving we’re just like we want some turkey now is the time of year to get it, and it’s going to stretch so far I mean in the past.

We used to go to all these like the day after Thanksgiving when they clear them all out and there’s taken like eight dollars off and you pay like five dollars. A turkey we’d buy six or seven yeah and stick them in the freezer, because a lot of people don’t know like we learn that from because we knew people that worked in the warehouses, yeah and those turkeys are in the freezer. At the like grocery store warehouses.

For two or three years anyway, I couldn’t believe that but yeah, it’s true, so keep it frozen. It’s been frozen, yeah. So for the rest of my mail, you saw what we ate for lunch. You ate some breakfast right. I paid a couple of eggs, so you had some eggs and stuff and then right before we left. I had four leftover wings from Saturday when we had those wings stopped, because I didn’t eat all my wings and then I’m going to finish off.

I’ve got about 3/4 of a pound of ground beef. If you can see there, I’ve got two tablespoons of the Rao’s tomato tomato sauce on here uh-huh. Then I’ve got two tablespoons of ricotta cheese because I had some left over from making our recipes and stuff way down. Then I’m going to eat some keto brick. This is a cookies and cream one and your coffees over there and I do coffee. You know it’s not a o’clock at night, where I’m coffee is this: the new County at the firm’s yeah, that’s and then I’m having a cup of coffee with one serving three tablespoons of the tie to the cream, one, the sweet cream.

So this is really good. It’s nowhere near as creamy, obviously as the the Chi maple pumpkin, one yeah, but it’s not as many calories, either 15 calories. What is it one serving two serving this two tablespoons? It’s one carb yeah. It was one color yeah, so you know not quite as good, but it’s another thing. If you were going to have multiple cups of coffee like rachel is per day, we figured we try it.

It was the same price, so I think you actually got it on sales. Just five bucks. I probably usually lean more towards the Chi, especially if you can get it on sale, so I did want to mention real quick before we close this vlog out. We keep talking about the Oasis snacks, which is where I’ve been getting the super coffee from, because sometimes it’s cheaper than buying it directly from Chi, which is really weird and they’ve had all of the new flavors.

While right, we were getting ready to close this out. I actually got an email for a coupon code that they’re having for I guess kind of like Thanksgiving Black Friday, but it’s effective now and I’m going to put it right here, cross them on the screen, because other members, like thanks something. So it’s right here across bottom screen, I’ll leave a link down below it’s 15 % off your purchase. Hey that’s going to save a lot of money again, we are not affiliated with them at all.

We don’t make any money off of them. I do not all pedo products, but they do have some keto products, but I found them looking for the super coffee, so I’m passing it off to you guys yeah, so so that is today’s vlog. I know it’s not quite as interesting as some of our other gloves, but it’s just been a hectic day, so I think we’ve gotten a lot accomplished because we don’t have to do any cooking for the rest of the week.

You know maybe a little bit of vegetables and some eggs or something like that, but the main meal for the boys are done. It’s just nice to know it’s over yep and we can do some filming. We have some product reviews to do. We’ve got some recipe. Articles we’re going to do this week and we got ta get ready for Thanksgiving. I know I’m so excited well. That is the end of our article for today. Please do it’s pretty, but hit that, like button down below, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and hit the little bell icon in that way.

Everything time we upload a new article, you’ll be alerted to it.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2019-06-09 Keto Meal Prep/ Vlog

Look at me. Love me, I’m Your Mother sit sit, sit, sit good boy, finally, boy you’re, so bad you’re, so bad. Why do I put up with you I’ll put up with you? Oh, my god morning guys, I am up and Adam and time to go, and that means it’s time for a zit fizz. Let’s see what we got here today, Oh orange soda, who loves orange soda zit fish. Who do you know if you don’t know the answer to that, we’re all my 90’s kids at calming down below who loves orange soda zit fizz comment down below.

I don’t dislike this, it’s just not my favorite. You know it’s not my least favorite. It’s not great. Hmm, so let’s go ahead and get this going so that we can get going. It does smell good, though all right guys, let’s get ready to shake it in 3, 2. 1 to the week ahead. Oh wow, I mean it’s a very strong orange flavor. Like I mean okay, guys, I’m drinking this, I’m at the gym today, it’s a long day, I’m doing 60 minutes because we’re moving into the last two weeks of the cut down to quito, conch allenge and I’m very excited I’ll talk about what I’m eating later spoiler Alert, I just have to keep just taking fun things out of my diet from week to week, but that’s okay, cuz, it’s a challenge and we got this okay guys.

I am done at the gym like if you want. To be honest, that’s sucked! Okay! I did not want to do that, as you saw. It was 60 minutes and, like literally by minute five I was like I’m over this. I don’t I don’t want to do it, but you know what I did it for 60 minutes. I show it up. I just powered through turned on some pop music of my choice, and I got it done so like you guys it’s not always sunshine and rainbows and like oh I’m so motivated, oh I’m winning.

Sometimes it’s like you have to make yourself do the things you don’t want to do, because you know that they’re in your best interest and that’s discipline, ladies and gentlemen, and so I’m proud of myself for exhibiting that and I’m very glad that it’s over cuz, like Wow, that was horrible, speaking of horrible. You guys we’re moving in to week three of the cut down to Kyoto, Khan challenge and, like I’m, not doing horrible, like I’m doing great, I’m kicking this challenges ass.

If you want to be honest, but what is horrible is that I’m going down to 1,300 calories and 10 total carbs. So like it’s going to be rough this week, but it’s okay, because I can do it and what that means basically is. I am pretty much eating the same amount of well, I’m eating the same food that I ate last week I just got to cut out the vegetables. I have to cut out the vegetables so for my second meal, with the kielbasa I’m having another egg, so meal 1, 3 eggs and 1/2 tbsp of butter, 2 slices of bacon a piece of sausage and then for a snack, I’m having 3 cheese sticks and then Oh, my god that chocolate cream – you know that’s not going anywhere.

So that’s going to be awesome. Also moving into these last 2 weeks, I’m going to be depending a lot on beverages to keep me full, so I am going to integrate some coffee into my diet. I don’t know if it’s going to be bulletproof or anything just like another flavorful drink. That is not sweetened with sucralose and then for my meal, I’m having a little bit more kielbasa, because I have room for the proteins and fats I just had to remove the carbs, so I’m having a little more kielbasa than I had last week.

So I think, like two two and a half ounces, and then I am having a fried egg with it. So I think I get some butter on there as well. They think I’m a jello, then I got mozzie via so like honestly, it all tastes, delicious and and honestly, when I went to Costco last week, I pretty much bought everything. I have barely anything to get a Meyer this week, which is pretty awesome. So I’m feeling good about it.

I have a lot of work to do at the shop today, so I need to finish meal prep super early and then spend my life doing other stuff hashtag. You know I got goals. I also want to go to sleep you. It’s okay, it’s okay reel it back in, but you guys, let’s do it. Let’s get to the store me! Okay, guys, like I’ve, been done with milk prep for like two hours, milk prep literally took an hour from start to finish like oh, that’s, the good thing about eating these simple Kido meals.

It’s like they take no time to make whatsoever. No fancy recipes, not a bunch of ingredients like just basically fry up some eggs in meat and like it’s so simple, but it’s so delicious. So now I have to go to the shop for a few hours, I’m going to try not to stay there for a long time, but I’m going to go work and then I’m going to come show you my super simple, easy, delicious meal. Prep, hey guys! I’m back home from the shop and I have a special guest yeah everyone, it’s my twin sister, amber amber, say hi to the people, hey people, oh my gosh.

I’ve got to get you like it’s starting to be a normal thing right, I’m sensing, some! No okay! So I did I don’t I am a guy I literally had since autumn. It’s a thing for Tet. I have a thing for texts too, but I also have a thing for piercing other things we’re going to sing and automates it. I hate it. I’m just caught off guard. You got holes in your body like when I didn’t see any pixelation way to get more with the hoop when I’m in the normal tutelage.

I want to talk to the people, Neil that you guys have been graced with my presence. I need you guys to get in the comments and tell me how much you enjoy are currently enjoying the macro calculator right but like, and that was so much fun putting it together and I’m just so glad about the comments are received on that article about you Guys being able to use it, it just makes me so happy how many lives is it saving has saved? Will they save saving the macro? Calculator is saving what I’m just saying, because god I can 100 % attest to the fact that before this existent I would have her manually like I would beg her just like you guys had before in the past hey autumn.

How do you calculate calculate your macros? I would do the same thing for whatever diet. I was on at the time, so now that I have. This definitely saves her some time so and actually what some are having to bother me and asked me to do people kind of hop in and be in the way, yeah just being the way guys. I mean okay, guys milk prep. Today, it’s just super simple, which I mean might be boring, but, like I actually kind of love it, so I want to show you what we have this week.

It’s basically last week, some stuff, but still, let’s take a look all right. First of all, we have our classic breakfast three eggs, two slices of bacon, one piece of sausage: I’m loving this for snacks, we have three cheese sticks, so I’m having two of those and one of those whoa another snack, dessert, snack, I’m having heavy cream with the Cocoa powder and the liquid monk fruit like this is all amazing.

You guys I actually have a code for like ant. Oh I’ve been meaning to tell you for weeks. I have a code, it’s whack, 15 w8k 1/5 for 15 % off. I’m going to put that in the description down below, because I’m definitely going to be ordering some more of this liquid monk fruit. It has been a lifesaver also you guys. I have some cashew milk here only because I might be making some coffee. Let’s look over there.

Oh, I might be making some coffee, so I have that cashew milk to mix it in in case. I do I’ll, probably end up doing that for my what at you Wednesday and then my dinner guys not going to lie, looks pretty sad. It is about two and a half ounces of that kielbasa and a fried egg. You guys, why do I love fried eggs? Now I don’t even know who I am they’re so delicious and I’m actually super good at making them, and then we just have Sevilla and jello for my desserts, alright guys.

So it’s all about choices. Does my second meal look kind of sad? Yes, it does, but do I have to spend 200 calories on a whipped cream dessert? No, I could use some of those calories that maybe have like another egg, some more butter, some more meat. Maybe I could put some that cream in a bulletproof coffee like it’s all about how you want to move around your macros, but like I’m, satisfied with this, and I know that that whipped cream is going to give me everything that I need.

I’m excited for the week ahead. I’ve been doing great on the cut down to Kido Khan challenge. How are you doing in the challenge comment down below and I think that’s it for me today. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly meal preps weekly, what I eat: Wednesdays, monthly, weigh-ins, monthly, q2, crinum boxing’s and the occasional product review and recipe.

You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook at read autumn keto thanks and I’ll see you next week you

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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What we eat on Keto | Keto shopping at Sams Club

What’s up family, I’m Rachel and I’m Joe, and we’re two crazy Kita’s. If you’re new, to our blog, welcome here on to crazy kilos, we do different things like product reviews. We do recipe articles, we’ve got about various kyouto topics and then every Monday we sit down on the couch for tea, though, on the couch we just kind of talk about.

What’s going on in our lives for the week, you can find us in different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we have a website which is too crazy, Kiva’s calm and that’s trying to find operative in recipes. Now we do it for at least five new articles every single week, so make sure you subscribe to our blog and don’t forget to hit the little bell icon in that way. Every single time you upload a new article, you’ll be alerted to it yeah.

So it is January 2nd number two and we are on day two of our 30 days or 31 days, actually of Quito, ciao and Quito. Brick. Only now we’re doing this actually not as a challenge. It’s actually a fast for us. We do a fast forgot. Every single January, so this year we decided no food, just quito Chow in Quito Bronx, so we need butter yeah. We made a bunch of Quito Chows to get us started, but I’m out of butter, so we’re going to head to Sam’s Club because I don’t think we’ve ever done a Sam’s Club haul, no or key doubt because in addition in eating butter, we still have to Get some food to do some meal prep for the boys, and I think the easiest thing is to buy a bunch of sleeves of burgers and cook them ahead of time.

Heck. Yes, and this way they could just kind of grab them out of the you know refrigerator whenever they want grabbing it. Speaking of the refrigerator, I actually cleaned and rearranged our refrigerator. What, in anticipation for having to have a whole bunch of keto Chows made up? Usually, it’s really scary in there, it’s really scary and loaded with a bunch of stuff. I found a lot of stuff that I just tossed like.

Why do we have condiments that are like 5 years old? Let’s take a look at their fridge. Ok, so take a look at that we have taken over the inside fridge how much less scary than usual. So all the condiments are over here and pretty much. Every condiment in our house is keto friendly, with the exception of Anthony’s, barbecue, sauce and Anthony’s. Maybe cereal and he’ll never use so, but this is Anthony’s favorite ketchup and this is absolutely cute.

Oh we’ve been getting that at sprouts, but he’s got his heavy cream. We’ve got some waters and lots of keto Chows and then down there. We have a keto chili. The kids are eating and those are our leftover wings from New Year’s Eve that we can’t eat but they’re going to enjoy now here’s what we did with the keto child, because Rachel and I are on two different sets of calories. All of them are the same.

Every one of them is made with three and a half tablespoons of butter, and then what I’m going to do is when I need to drink one, I’m just going to grab it melt down another tablespoon or two tablespoons of butter and add it in this way. We don’t have to worry about which one is Rachel’s and which one is mine. Well, the chocolate talk is Rachel’s. Well, that’s the other thing I did not label them, so it’s kind of like grab one and guess what you’re drinking hope is not like chicken.

When I’m expecting chocolate, there are some chicken ones in there. One of the things about coming over here, I forget, is that there are all of these fast-food restaurants in this complex, like there’s a taco boat here and there’s all way of Tropic all over here, and it just makes me realize like. When is the last time we went in to talk about we used to like live in Taco Bell, I remember one New Year’s Eve.

We ordered the entire menu. That’s right. I remember that actually said. Let’s just order the whole man we ate the entire menu. That was pretty bad few years glad you didn’t do that we used to like live and Taco Bell, and I can’t even think of the last time we had that kind of stuff. Well, it was cheap. We were in our minds, feeding a family of five, but it was garbage and as soon as they aged 15 minutes later they were hungry again yeah and now there are some key dough options at Taco Bell.

But to me like Mexican food means tortillas. It means enchiladas and all of that stuff is obviously no good. You got a stitch like the salads, the fajitas stuff, like that. Well, I like wrapping taco meat inside of the cheese wraps. Yes, what will you see as soon as you walk in? It’s definitely the first of the year, because it’s all meal replacement look at that protein shake slimfast, keto premiere protein in sure acting quest bar and keto hydrate.

What is this? Look at that 12-pack, zero, sugars per bottle, BHB salts away? Second, so it’s got bh bees in it; where’s the ingredients in this filtered natural spring water, citric acid, malic, acid, natural flavor, BHB salts Wow, at least $ 20.00. It’s three total carbs per bottle. It’s a really cool thing: good cook! It’s a 120 piece meal. Prep set $ 25 $ 25. Look at all that stuff. You get you get these different bowls, divided ones, three divided two divided single ones and then the round plates.

That is a great deal if you’re getting stove on keto and you want to start like meal prepping and making sure everything is ahead. 60. You know 60 containers, 60 lids reusable up to 10 times. Maybe this they’re, even selling toilets in Sam’s Club, now look wait till it’s something we don’t have to buy anymore. You don’t know more fabric, softener balls, lots of balls, so this is meal prep container I like, because my kids cannot always be trusted to bring it home, so I don’t want to buy expensive meal prep where and then never see it again.

So this is some disposable ones. Just nine dollars for 25 pack cannot stand plastic silver, with the exception of a really heavy-duty spoon like that. Those I like Chipotle, has the best disposable spoon on earth. So this is something that’s needs by the kids really like spaghetti. Noodles but we don’t buy spaghetti noodles, traditional spaghetti, noodles anymore and keep them in the house, but these are just nice grabbing the zucchini and yellow squash spiral.

The ingredients are only zucchini and yellow squash total carbs 3 grams dietary fiber 1 gram. Let’s get some of those because, even though we’re not eating we’re still not buying or preparing non keto food, look what we found it structurally! Oh and it’s on sale, look at chef, Jimmy gourmet butter, pick 3 and save you get three of them for $ 20. One of these things are not like the other ones. Obviously we’re not going to be eating honey butter, another one, this strawberry, honey butter, love that one we can have that one look at this one.

This one is actually really really good. Okay, so we’re going to give them some burgers we’re going to get a bag of these sirloin beef patties. These are 85 1516 dollars, so it’s less than a dollar a burger and then Chris from Kyoto Chow said these things are really good, especially when you put them on the smoker. So you get 15 burgers with the cheddar and bacon and it’s 16 bucks. So we’re going to get these chicken vests it’s $ 19 for 10 pounds of the Tyson chicken bus, but since they’re on sale we’re going to get these they’re like antibiotic free chicken breasts they’re $ 3.

50 off. So it’s twelve point: eight for five pounds a little bit more money, but they’re, no antibiotics ever and they’re individually wraps that’ll be really good for them Rachel’s. In luck, they have Scott toilet paper. Here you go. You can wipe your butt again. Here’s what we came for butter, it’s a little bit more money than BJ’s or Costco. Actually, it’s like a dollar more, but we’re here. So we’re going to get we’re going to need a lot.

So let’s get the wheat packages, that’s a lot of butter! So here’s where you want to be a little bit leery of convenience products, so these are chicken fajitas. It’s like it’s just the meat. But if you take a look at the ingredient, there’s boneless skinless chicken, breast with rib meat, water, but then there’s also potato starch. Yeah and dextrose, so it’s just chicken fajitas, but it’s three carbs per serving and there’s 11 servings in this bag.

So he says: there’s only three ounces who’s only eating three ounces of chicken. I just recently bought these in all these and it is a lot cheaper, but these parce some awesome pickles. If you want something on the go, so here’s some convenience chicken I can get behind. It is a little pricey at $ 10, but they’re already cooked six. Fully cooked chicken breasts and look at the ingredients, just boneless skinless chicken breasts water, and then it contains 2 % or less of the following vinegar, salt and natural flavors.

So Wow take a look at this. This is four pounds of bacon $ 19, which actually is a really good price. However, we paid $ 25 to make nine pounds of bacon, and ours doesn’t have sugar in it. Look Rachel, it’s a single serving for blue cheese for us. Sam’s Club has stepped up their game with the lunch meat. Take a look at all of this. I think we’re actually going to get some of this turkey breast and we’re going to make a keto lasagna.

That’s actually a really good price for like non grass-fed grass-finished, but two dollars and 30 cents a pound and it’s 80 percent. Usually you see that kind of price, and it’s for the 75 25. Oh here we go Rachel. Take a look at this. Do you know that is not something I went. Oh, it’s a beef toss. It’s a tongue, they have beef tongue, they have tripe, they have ox tails. This is awesome. I would just like to say thank you, God with her fast Rachel.

While they have Waterloo and that’s actually a really good price – seven dollars in eighty eight cents for twenty four cans. So that’s like what three fifty a 12-pack a little bit more than that, but you have to drink strawberry yeah! I’m not a big fan of strawberry sparkling water, but they also have this. This is a new one. Maybe we should try this one twelve. Ninety eight for a 15 pack for 16 ounces a little bit expensive, but they have watermelon blackberry and pineapple its water infused with fruit essence and the ingredients are purified water and natural flavors and there’s nothing in it.

So the only thing is: that’s not sparkling water. It’s regular water. They also have lots of other sparkling waters. They got Stan Pellegrino. They got bubbly another one, though look at this you’re going to have to deal with the raspberry which not a big fan of the raspberry 788. They have Lacroix. So they’ve got a good collection here. Bing look at this. None of the other wholesale clubs have this.

They have bang and it’s actually two out of my three or four flavors and two of them are my favorite. I love sour heads. I love the blue Roz. The cherry limeade is really good too: the Purple Haze, I’ve, never I’ve actually tried and that’s a great price 3398 for 24 cans. It’s a dollar forty to a can churros heard of a heart healthy breakfast! So take a look at this, so you have this version, which is the members mark, and this is you know, obviously the sam’s club brand of peanut butter, eight total carbohydrates, two grams of dietary fiber, and I believe that this one has sugar in it.

Doesn’t yeah? Look at that roasted peanuts, sugar, palm oil and sea salt, but then you’ve got Smuckers natural, peanut butter, 190, calories, seven, total carbohydrates, three grams of dietary fiber, two grams of sugars, which is just coming from the peanuts. But the ingredients are just peanuts and salt. What are you looking at? What we used to feed our children all the time, Chef Boyardee, look at these look at the little ingredients.

I have totally given this to my children. Modified corn starch soybean oil, dehydrated onion, caramel, color, high-fructose corn syrup Wow. That list is ridiculous: 33 carbohydrates in one cup and our kids used to eat like five cups in a sentence maybe spam, they got some spam over there, I loved it in the ingredients. It says mechanically separated chicken, it’s almost like they want to emphasize like this hurts it hurts it chicken to make this well.

This is pretty good look at this. They have Buffalo Wild Wings, they have the sauces, they have the parmesan, garlic and the honey barbecue. Unfortunately, we can’t eat the honey barbecue because it is 17 total carbohydrates in a serving, but you can have the parmesan garlic on keto. It’s only three total carbs in a two tablespoon serving look. How much because blueprint is so much better. They can’t keep it in stock once you upgrade, though we used to actually buy this stuff and eat big giant cans of this nacho cheese sauce right now, this is nacho cheese.

I can’t even believe it take a look at the list of ingredients. This is obviously before we ever looked in ingredients. Look at that list of ingredients for cheese wow. This is so disappointing. I saw this. I was like avocado ranch. Yes right, right, look! Look water, soybean oil. Obviously this is not a hava kado ranch dressing. I don’t even need to look at the recipe ingredients, I’m not buying it when the second ingredient is soybean oil.

This is something we like to have in the house just for, like emergencies, when you’re making a quick recipe that needs some crumbled up, bacon bacon emergency, but we don’t buy it a lot because it is expensive at $ 10 for this 20 ounce bag – and it’s Simple to make your own, but it’s not a bad thing to just keep in your house for, like that occasional point where you need something quick. While this is awesome, sam’s club is carrying organic spices.

They have organic garlic, organic ginger, organic onion, ground pepper. They have cumin cinnamon. This is really really good. So this is a really good price on avocado oil. It’s this blue D re, and this is cold-pressed at its $ 7.99 for a liter, that’s actually a really good price. So unfortunately they have a big beef. Jerky selection, but the only one, that’s any good. Is this Dukes? The good news is there’s three bags inside of here for just 870 once it’s on clearance.

That is really good. I’m seeing something else over here, though, I think we need to get these to make our own look at that pickled egg frightening. I still want to try to make them how’s the pickled sausage. What’s the ingredients in pickled sausage, mechanically separated chicken, pork, pork parts, water, soy, protein, concentrate salt, flavorings, sodium phosphate, sodium are with rob a paprika and sodium nitrate.

There’s only one carb, but I’m seriously afraid this used to be one of my James. I never lies there. Rachel there’s something that you won’t eat. Even if you weren’t Kido, I worked in a day care center and we ate so many goldfish crackers. I can’t eat them anymore, even the smell of them. That’s really good! 16:48 for his book. That’s really awesome over a hundred healthy and delicious ketogenic recipes.

Oh my gosh! We should get this for kids church. That would be awesome. Let’s get that tossed the kitchen in there and teach him right meat and Jesus. That’s what’s good for ya! So we just finished up in Sam’s Club spent a hundred and sixty dollars, but we are back in business when it comes to butter. We got lots of butter, but it’s good. We got a bunch of burgers for the boys, we got the chicken to make it super easy, so nobody has to do a whole bunch of cooking toilet paper.

We got toilet paper, so we can wipe our butts again but as we were checking out, I never noticed this before. I don’t know if you can see this, but I saw my picture on my Sam’s Club card. I will put a copy of it up. There. Take a look at that. Oh, my goodness, look how fat I was when I got this membership card. It’s like Santa wow. I was fast, so we got home from Sam’s Club yesterday, after a very respectable hall, I think yeah.

I think we have a good Hall they’re, starting this stuff up their game a little bit when it comes to the keto game. We haven’t visited sam’s club and quite some time, and I think that in 2020 we may be frequenting there, a little bit more. At least yeah, they definitely are not as good as Costco, but it’s starting to come up a little bit, especially considering Rachel found out that they sell free punch, only zip vests okay.

So that made me super happy and they’re right next to a whole thing: yeah, because we only go to that area when I have to get a whole food. So, at least maybe if we go to Whole Foods, will kind of just go right next door and run into Sam’s Club there’s also a mall there. Yes, so we got home from Sam’s Club and then we decided the last minute Rachel had some shipping today shipping and we decided hey.

Let’s do a live stream which I’m so glad we did, because I missed everybody yeah. That was a lot of fun, but in the midst of all that we forgot to wrap up this vlog, so you know Friday we’re actually getting ready to go to a wedding, I’m not wearing this wearing a dress for some friends of ours. So we’re going to head to the wedding, but we wanted to wrap up this vlog you’re, not wearing that. No, I’m not wearing this, although this is a cool shirt that I got from readiness, let the hunger games begin and it’s basically a shirt for fasting for a 72 hours, fast Wow I’ll be doing a 72 hours fast.

They are doing one this month and I may do that in the midst of ya know our keto chow only challenged. I like it so for dinner. Yesterday, like when we got home, I ended up having a raspberry cheesecake, keto Chou um, and I had 50 % of a cinnamon crunch, ki Tobruk. That was what I ate yesterday. Well, I had chocolate mint delicious. I love that. I don’t have to wait from a shamrock shake until March.

You can have it right now. We need to make some work. You know jobs, though, because when you’re doing 3 a day you go through them very quickly, so I’m having like 15 of them made up is not lasting, very long yeah because we’re not going through three day we’re going through six right by day. I didn’t want to say got these. This was actually when I had so we showed it on our live stream, but if you didn’t see our live stream, these are red and salt bricks, and these are really really helping me not eat.

So whenever I feel like eating or just get the urge to have something in my mouth, you just kind of lick on it, I can tell you what they’re addictive they are really really addictive. Now I have one in a little baggie in my purse and I love it that thing’s going with me everywhere and when you first put it in your mouth, it’s a little sweet and then you hit the saltiness. But it kind of weird like as soon as it hits your tongue, it’s like sweetness and then some saltiness.

Well, when you don’t have contaminated, you know: ancient sea, salt right, it’s delicious yeah, you know, and just they last a long time. So just you know this little brick that I’ve got here. I’ve been working on this one for over two weeks, Wow, so they last a long time, but redmond finally has released him so that you guys can get them as well, and this is what it comes. Like it’s a big bag, I don’t even know how much this bag weighs, but it’s pretty heavy.

Oh it’s right! On the front. It’s 26 ounces of salt. You can take a little hammer like I did, and just chip off one you don’t have to like carry around this giant thing like I like having this thing, because I don’t know just fits in your hand well, but they’re, all different sizes, like here’s one in This bag – this is a bag. Here’s one here have mine concealed in my purse. There’s a big giant one like this, so it literally just big pieces.

Look at this one, just big pieces of salt. I actually think they’re beautiful if you’re somebody that enjoys looking at like quartz yeah, it’s gorgeous right and it’s kind of cool. When you look at this one and look at the one that I’m not licking on. So you look at all the minerals and stuff, and that’s not amazing – and we learned something recently from Chris from Peter Chao – is that if you’re using pink salt, if you want to know if it’s real pink salt that you’re really using a good mineral salt, put It in water and if, when it dissolves, if there’s no stuff in the bottom, like pieces of sand and grit and that kind of stuff – and it was a faker and it’s a fake, so it’s a real mineral salt.

Are you telling me that my TJ Maxx and Dress for Less pink Himalayan salt, maybe like lying to me, possibly it’s possible, I’m not going to say that for sure, but it’s possible we’re doing a scientific study. So, there’s a link for this, I’m going to put it down in the description. I’m also going to put a link on our website and it’s right now. It’s $ 14.99, a bag which I think is it’s going to last you forever again.

It’s 26 ounces. A lot of salt, it’s super fun, though it’s fun to just work on, especially if you’re into fasting. If you just want to have something to kind of get rid of some of those cravings and stuff just suck on that. Well, I have a bad habit of either putting my fingernails in my mouth or I chew a ridiculous amount of gum, and so I’m trying to not have them work on your gums and I think that will definitely occupy my mouth yeah.

So 14.99, a bag. You can use the code to crazy Keita’s, that’s going to get you another 15 % off and you’re going to have to follow the link down below because so far as I know, it’s not available in any stores and there’s also no Maine direct link on their Website like, if you go to the website, at least as of a couple of days ago, there was no link. It’s a little bit of mission. Important Oh wear it.

You have to have the link directly to that page. He got you so it’s down below in the description. You got them again, it’s 49, but it’s going to last you a long time. I mean it’s just if you’re looking for like something for fasting or something like maybe trying to get rid of the gum habit or somebody mention our live stream last night, a cigarette habit if you’re yeah, having that hand to mouth action just trying to cut it, Put this on their mouth instead, and that should help a little bit and at least you’re getting some good sodium yeah.

So that is our vlog. For the day, our trip to Sam’s Club was fun. Let us know down in the comments section some of the other stores and that you would like us to go to absolutely we’ve been talking about like in the new year. What are some different things where we want to take the blog 4 to crazy kiddos? So let us know, eat some of the different stores that you’d like us to go to some of the different types of content that you’d like us to see.

Snowdown on the comment sections. This is their Channel. That’s right! Not ours, that’s right! So that is our article for today. Please do us a favor and hit that like button down below and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and hit the little bell icon in that way, every single time we upload a new article, you’ll be alerted to it until next time, bye,

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!