E! News: Are Superfoods Worth It? // Karina Heinrich

They worth the hype, though I need to know what a superfood is. What does that even mean you start? Foods are nutrient dense foods that help us have clear, younger skin, thinner, healthier bodies and maybe even a longer life.

Oh sign me up. I’r done with all that. We hear a lot about CBD yeah. Yes, it’s not legal! In all areas right well, it’s become very popular, we’re just singing xiety, reducing pain, even decreasing acne and apparently celebrating new babies, like Kim Kardashian recently did with her Steven themed baby shower, but CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant but has absolutely no side effects. So you can take it reap the health benefits without any of the hyperox.

I give this to my dog. Would you ever see Beauty to calm her down? I’ve heard that before, and sometimes it doesn’t have THC in it in some cases, so you’re not going to get okay what’s superfood can we add easily, like everybody, seems a little intimidated by it? What’s something we can well is a great one. Rosie huntington-whiteley adds it to anything like her homemade soups, smoothies juices, I’ve added it to my homemade antioxidant chlorella, smoothie, communi, all right so Cheers it really helps the shake nation has 65 percent protein.

All right Anna has more chlorophyll than any other food, oh wow, which is huge. This is very good. You start out right off a teaspoon, and then you can work your way up up to two tablespoons and we’re going to will plug at the end of this or go ahead and do it now. You have a website and it lists all this stuff. Is it the Corinna Corinna method, her all my recipes, so if you could use one superfood, what would that be? What are you hot on right now? Definitely be pollen and Victoria Beckham recently tweeted that she’s obsessed with bee pollen, because it’s so healthy and I would have to agree Koran for Graham bee pollen – can have as much as 50 times more protein than beef really, which is what amazing.

So if you really want a protein, that’s not animal-based, you can add it to salads smoothies juices, oatmeal cereal, it’s crunchy on a salad, it’s a little bit crunchy to add a little punch helps with the immune system, relieve allergies. The list goes on and on it’s a healthy, crouton, okay, so we’re learning what are some superfoods that we can do without that aren’t necessarily as healthy. So I am the bearer of bad news, but we’re seeing a downward trend on coconut products, mainly because they’re so high in saturated fats, 11 grams in just one tablespoon, oh wow, which is we need 10 % total effects.

So two tablespoons of this you’re already maxed out so instead of this use olive oil, okay, so olive oil, /, coconut oil, yeah. Finally, coconut oil, stills amazing for your skin and your hair, we’re talking about injustice, okay, okay and then wheatgrass. There’s lots of great things with the wheatgrass and wheatgrass followers do not miss our daily shot with so many side effects, headaches, nausea digest officially, so instead eat really dark.

Leafy greens like kale and spinach easy fat. This is your second time here. Come back and I’m going to sprinkle that on my dinner table, make sure you guys again check out the korrina method rule book. It’s on our website right there, the korrina method, dot-com



A WEEK OF VEGAN LUNCHES 🧡🥝 | Easy & Delicious Recipe Ideas

I love you make me vem, o tite é um estado muito quando, a equipe entrou na zona de braga, a quem faz as bolas é muito boa são as bolas do sul e amanhã as vossas 250 gestores e niju leite chips, flash para a nba, vai gostar, Nada igual ao samba da zona norte bairro, a lavra de lã gallen gonçalves lopes foi embora na planta antes houve queda também é eliminar as pessoas doem boyan futebol da china e não era, moda este ano, a natura errado, volante onda, farei, ninguém olha é óbvio.

Lei. Do ps eu não, sou muito, mais tempo em, sala de cinema, são jorge martins sax, tirso e os amoco coloca, ai meu, deus essa, hipótese só de ótima, a idéia de inserir, a modelagem aí o expediente forense onde o flash maré as bolas samba acho que caiba Na europa está em jogo não é igual, a massey volante jonas, andré lima, o fu panda week of joy, monahan eu e, fernando beer house, [ Música ]

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



How to Make 3 EASY NonAlcoholic Drinks

So before we get started, I want to show you a little product that I’ve been using for a little bit in my kitchen, it it’s called a new heir, countertop ice maker. Some things that I love about. It are one you can put your own water into it, so it’s going to be fresh good water.

Every time you make ice number two, these ice cubes are made super fast, no more waiting for your ice cubes to set up they’re made in about eight minutes or less and number three. It is portable. You can bring this anywhere that there is an outlet, whether it’s campy to a family reunion out to the beach. It’s so easy. So, if you’ve always wanted a tabletop ice maker, now is the time to grab one because new air is going to give you 20 % off.

If you go to new air calm and use the code, six sisters, I’ll put the link and the code in the description below so go on over to new air calm and tell them that six sisters sent to you now our drinks are virgin. You can add whatever you want to them, but today we’re making them family friendly, especially if you don’t drink or you. If you have kids at the party, all right, let’s go make those drinks the first one that I’m making today is the Virgin Shirley Temple.

This is one of my most favorite, so I’m going to grab some ice out of my awesome new air ice machine and the trick is to fill up your cup about half way full of ice. All right now we’re going to add a half of cup of orange juice. Then a half cup of ginger ale and use ginger ale. It makes a big difference, a 1/2 cup of sprite and then 2 tablespoons. I believe you call it grana Dean. I used Rose’s grenadine um.

I got this at my local Kroger. You can find it at most grocery stores, but it’s what gives it its color. Then I just topped it with two limes and a cherry. Now I suggest making this one at a time. So you can get the awesome color of the Shirley Temple all right. My next one is called sunrise spritzer, this one’s perfect for large parties, so we’re going to take 4 cups of orange juice. I like to use simply orange because it makes it taste really good.

Next you’re going to add 2 cups of pineapple juice and then 2 cups of sprite or any lemon-lime soda. Then I added a squirt or about 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and last I added 1 to 2 cups of frozen strawberries that I have gone as my drink kind of mixes together, then, I’m going to start filling up the cups. The trick is not to put your ice in a big picture because it will water it down after it sits for about 10 minutes, or so let those that strawberry flavor get in then I just ladle it into my cups.

This one was by far my kids favorites, add a little strawberry on top and they’ll love it even more and my last one is a cranberry cutie mocktail first you’re going to take about 3 ounces of sprite and pour it into an individual of glass. Then the same amount, 3 ounces of cranberry juice and add it right to it: here’s where it gets fun. I take my little juicer and juice a whole Clementine into the cup and then last you’re going to add about one ounce of lime juice.

Again I took my little juicer and just squeezed it or you can chop it up and squeeze a little in that way. Now, I’m just going to add the ice from my table top ice machine and throw it right into the drink. I, like my drinks, really cold, so we’re going to add about five or so ice cubes to it then put a little lime on top. You can even put a little cut-up Clementine on top for decoration and those are our three virgin drinks.

Now don’t forget to go to nuaire, calm and use the code, six sisters for 20 % off your ice machine thanks guys for stopping by don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel. See you next time you

I highly recommend any drink with Spunks! Awesome pumpkin seeds with a kick!