Know your Superfood QUINOA and its nutritional health benefits

Today I am going to tell you about a superfood which I’m sure and conscious individuals might know a lot while some of you might know nothing about. So do not worry today I’ll introduce you all to this amazing superfood. Luna’s and as it’s important to remember what makes one foot superior to others, but other than you, two quinoa, sometimes the operatic noir going to expel it the way it’s read, but the correct translation is in one key, lock, it’s very common.

These days, you can buy it from any local grocery store. So, let’s see by the end of this article have fun. Will this time you mainly seeds convince you to add it to a grocery list. I like to common believe it’s not a great in reality. It’s a seeds, it’s under super cereal, as instead of greens from grass family. They are seeds of family like spinach, but to make it easier for dietitians, nutritionists and other health experts.

It is considered under grains in size, indigenous to South America. It was extensively consumed by the Inca civilization 3000 years back around 3 to 4,000 BC. They even call it as mother gray. There are no turn tiles and some varieties of Kingma training types are right or preemie red and black right now and do not have pure red and black ones. Red and black ones have an earthy flavor to it and have a slight hard coating outside so well.

Separated ones good I’ll, let the creamy ones which are much family available, while some describe it to have a nutty sweet flavor that I find it neutral and the nice fluffy texture once cooked quinoa has numerous health benefits. One such small article time justify it. So I’ll tell you salient rants about them. Quinoa is the only seed which is considered as complete protein like meat. This falls under turtle muscle building food unusual thing is: it is the only plant source which has all the nine essential amino acids.

By essential I mean which can’t reproduce by our body, so we depend on outside sources. I, like various, are the grains and vegetables which need to be consumed in different proportions for an adequate protein intake, as mostly they are deficient of an essential amino acid. Lysine has put better morality and no quantity of proteins than most greens, so it’s a great choice for vegetarians and vegans as an alternative to meat, fish and dairy products.

One cup of cooked quinoa has eight grams of protein, which is more than an egg. A glass of milk it has 16 % protein compared to rice, which has only 7 %. It has low glycemic index, which means it slowly gets absorbed by the blood which will keep your food for a longer duration and also because it’s a complex, carbohydrate quinoa will keep cravings at B. So those health-conscious individual moments to lose or maintain weight can benefit a lot.

It also regulates. Your body is still possible, so it’s a safer choice for diabetics or those who are prone to get affected for someone like me be careful what they eat and type. These runs in my family as it’s high in fiber. It gives your digestive system intact and healthy, it’s in losing fat and hence weight loss. It lowers cholesterol as well. You will get quarter of daily fiber intake in just one serving which contains 5 grams of fiber.

As it’s a service of vitamins and minerals, vitamins such as folate, b1, b2, b3 b6 and vitamin E beautiful White’s energy to pain and muscle cells, minerals, as manganese magnesium cutter fastest iron, which is good for women, zinc, potassium calcium, more calcium than even milk and sodium Manganese, which is an antioxidant which fights against free radicals and prevents aging and cancer birth, say immune system.

It also assists individuals with mal, green and headaches. Antioxidants help reduce blood pressure and prevents many cavities eases Kim a big meal and sodium makes it further an excellent choice for individuals with high blood pressure by are at risk of developing it run kappa cooked quinoa pasta. Tea person does manganese. It also contains phytic acid, which bind these minerals and prevents its absorption by the body so make sure you serve Kingma prior to cooking sub total absorption of these minerals.

It has not stopped after fatty acids like unsaturated fats, 80 to 85 % of Nasri omega-3, six and nine, along with no cholesterol and trans fats. It is also rich in trace nutrients such as phytonutrients like flavonoids, which are actually plants, antioxidants such as corseting and camphor. All it also has many anti elementary compounds, polysaccharide and sadness. Cybermen attribute to the patellas in akhira, so all the strings it before cooking articles on cooking will be in the path to love tuna, as it’s naturally gluten-free making utah safer and better choice for gluten intolerant individuals.

It’s a good, healthy substitute for white rice as it’s high in protein fiber, healthy fats and exceptionally high in vitamins and minerals. You can see for yourself by including kingdom of your diet. You can significantly improve your health going to it’s amazing health benefits, no matter. Whichever way you have, it make sure to incorporate this new, be in fact protein in your diet. I hope you found this article, informative and yet interesting to know in the next part of quinoa I’ll, show you how to cook quinoa and use it at least until next time.

Take care, see you again.



Health Benefits of Honey | Superfoods | Top-health Benefits of Honey | Basic Science Series

Honey is produced by bees from genus epis bees produce honey from plants nectar by enzymatic activity and by water. Evaporation honey is collected from wild bee colonies or from hives of domesticated bees. A practice known as beekeeping or apiculture. Honey is a sweet viscous. Food substance made by honeybees honey, gets its sweetness from the fructose and glucose and has about the same relative sweetness as stable sugar, which is sucrose, benefit number one.

Antimicrobial activity, most microorganisms do not grow in honey, so sealed honey does not spoil. Even after thousands of years, honey has long been used as a topical antibiotic by practitioners of traditional and herbal medicine till date. Numerous studies have shown that honey has broad spectrum, antimicrobial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. In simple words, it kills pathogenic bacteria that can make us sick benefit.

Number two relief in coughing honey probably helps at giving relief from coughing honey can be used for cups and sore throats benefit number three wounds and burns. Honey is a popular folk, medicine for burns and other skin injuries. Preliminary evidence suggested that honey aids in the healing of burns at four to five days faster than other dressings, benefit number four antioxidant activity. Researchers have shown that honey possesses antioxidant activity, it squenches free radicals and inhibits lipid.

Peroxidation studies revealed that honey is able to stimulate the antioxidant defense system in the tissues, benefit number five anti-inflammatory effect in cardiovascular diseases. Honey possesses strong anti-inflammatory activity and may plays an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Studies have shown that natural honey reduces total cholesterol, low density, lipoprotein cholesterol, which is ldlc and increases high density, lipoprotein cholesterol, which is hdlc.

In short, it is good for your heart all right that was all about the major health benefits of honey. If you like, the article, please subscribe to the blog, thank you. You



E! News: Are Superfoods Worth It? // Karina Heinrich

They worth the hype, though I need to know what a superfood is. What does that even mean you start? Foods are nutrient dense foods that help us have clear, younger skin, thinner, healthier bodies and maybe even a longer life.

Oh sign me up. I’r done with all that. We hear a lot about CBD yeah. Yes, it’s not legal! In all areas right well, it’s become very popular, we’re just singing xiety, reducing pain, even decreasing acne and apparently celebrating new babies, like Kim Kardashian recently did with her Steven themed baby shower, but CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant but has absolutely no side effects. So you can take it reap the health benefits without any of the hyperox.

I give this to my dog. Would you ever see Beauty to calm her down? I’ve heard that before, and sometimes it doesn’t have THC in it in some cases, so you’re not going to get okay what’s superfood can we add easily, like everybody, seems a little intimidated by it? What’s something we can well is a great one. Rosie huntington-whiteley adds it to anything like her homemade soups, smoothies juices, I’ve added it to my homemade antioxidant chlorella, smoothie, communi, all right so Cheers it really helps the shake nation has 65 percent protein.

All right Anna has more chlorophyll than any other food, oh wow, which is huge. This is very good. You start out right off a teaspoon, and then you can work your way up up to two tablespoons and we’re going to will plug at the end of this or go ahead and do it now. You have a website and it lists all this stuff. Is it the Corinna Corinna method, her all my recipes, so if you could use one superfood, what would that be? What are you hot on right now? Definitely be pollen and Victoria Beckham recently tweeted that she’s obsessed with bee pollen, because it’s so healthy and I would have to agree Koran for Graham bee pollen – can have as much as 50 times more protein than beef really, which is what amazing.

So if you really want a protein, that’s not animal-based, you can add it to salads smoothies juices, oatmeal cereal, it’s crunchy on a salad, it’s a little bit crunchy to add a little punch helps with the immune system, relieve allergies. The list goes on and on it’s a healthy, crouton, okay, so we’re learning what are some superfoods that we can do without that aren’t necessarily as healthy. So I am the bearer of bad news, but we’re seeing a downward trend on coconut products, mainly because they’re so high in saturated fats, 11 grams in just one tablespoon, oh wow, which is we need 10 % total effects.

So two tablespoons of this you’re already maxed out so instead of this use olive oil, okay, so olive oil, /, coconut oil, yeah. Finally, coconut oil, stills amazing for your skin and your hair, we’re talking about injustice, okay, okay and then wheatgrass. There’s lots of great things with the wheatgrass and wheatgrass followers do not miss our daily shot with so many side effects, headaches, nausea digest officially, so instead eat really dark.

Leafy greens like kale and spinach easy fat. This is your second time here. Come back and I’m going to sprinkle that on my dinner table, make sure you guys again check out the korrina method rule book. It’s on our website right there, the korrina method, dot-com



Aphrodisiac breakfast in bed | Vegan

Welcome to my blog I’m Natalya Levy, and I will be your guide through today’s article, which is fascinating. It is all about aphrodisiacs, a breakfast and bed. Now aphrodisiacs are a controversial topic. The scientists have been fascinated by the idea to find a remedy that can help men and women enhance their sexual performance.

Now, while the data on this is still limited, we can still fantasize about the idea that certain foods contain ingredients that can help us spice things up in the bedroom and make them more exciting. And so I did some research to see which foods come up. That are called aphrodisiacs that can help us put together a delicious and fun breakfast that you can serve to your Valentine or just to show your love.

So the list of the ingredients that I have come up with is chilies watermelon, pumpkin, sea seeds and figs. Now, let’s see what we’re going to be putting together today and what it is is a chili lime, watermelon, salad and beautiful muesli. Okay, let’s get started so we’re going to start with a muesli, and I wanted to show you that there are two different ways to make them you sleep one is I actually bought this muesli already prepared mix from Trader Joe’s and what it is.

It’s rolled oats mixed with raisins and rice crisps and pumpkin seeds and coconut dried apples and sliced almonds. So if you have an opportunity to purchase pre, pre-mixed muesli in your grocery store, you can do that or you can actually make your own in the what to do that I’ll post the recipe in comments. I would make a mixture of your oats with some seeds and nuts and some almonds I love. So we have pumpkin seeds and we have sunflower seeds the more nuts the better.

So I will post the recipe for the muesli that you can make at home down below in comments, and meanwhile we can start putting together our muesli using this Trader Joe’s muesli mix. Okay, so it’s super super easy. You will be really surprised, so we start by. I have a pretty organic red apple, so just grate itself, it’s going to be a really delicious and very easy to make. I’m sure you dyed your Valentine or somebody that you love will really appreciate you’re putting this together.

Okay, so we have one apple graded. I have two figs that I’m just going to quickly roughly chop the figs go in the bowl with the Apple. Now to the bowl. We add one cup of proof of the muesli mixture. We have 3/4 cup of yogurt. Now I use dairy-free coconut yogurt, but you feel free to use whichever yogurt you have handy the way that I’m preparing this muesli now it is actually vegan and I have a quarter cup of orange juice.

Okay, now all we do is mix this together and it’ll. Be ready, who doesn’t like a breakfast that you can whip up in a few minutes, so we’re going to set this aside now and get started on our chili lime, watermelon, salad, all right! So we are going to cut up some watermelon salad. So I just bought watermelon trunks already pre-cut and all we’ll do here is just kind of make them a little bit smaller and a little bit tighter small cuts, little cubes so that they look cute and pretty, for our Valentine may want to trim the edges and Whatever you trim, don’t throw it away, save it and put it into a smoothie all right.

Let’s see that should be about enough for a serving I’m going to toss some blueberries in there with this just a little bit of color and some mint as well. I’m going to save one of these tops for garnish. Okay, so I have a couple of mint leaves that I’m going to chop into our salad, it’s going to be so pretty and so fragrant, and just like that, we have a little serving platter. I’m going to well we’re having escaping well great and put it out on the little plate and then I’m going to show you the secret weapon, the seasoning that’s going to go on this, and then what I found is this chili lime, seasoning bland.

This is from Trader Joe’s so that chili, that spiciness of the chili will really bring out the flavor of the watermelon and the mint and the blueberry just a little sprinkle and, of course, use as much or as little as you want. And now we’re just going to garnish this with our mint sprig and there we go. So this is our chili lime, watermelon, salad and then siffredi we’re going to put it on a beautiful tray that we have going on here.

We’re going to take our Bowl and put the muesli in this for service and what you can garnish this muesli with. Is we garnish it with either a couple of apple slices? You know we have an apple in here or we can even garnish it with an orange slice. It’ll look really cute. Okay, can you show us take a little orange slice stack this in here, and here we are. We have our beautiful, delicious, healthy aphrodisiac breakfast in bed or absolutely insanely, delicious muesli and the chili lime watermelon salad, that’s fresh for the mint.

It is so good. Hopefully, it’ll put you in the mood now, I’m speaking in poems happy Valentine’s Day. Love. Please give my blog some love subscribe to it, and I wish you a deliciously healthy life.

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



Liz Does Cocktails: Sex On The Beach (Best Summer Drink!!!!!)

I know I usually release my articles on a Friday, but like last week there is something very exciting happening in Los Angeles. I need you guys to know about this. Is my dear friend Karina, hey? She has a one-woman show coming up and I just need you guys to know about it because it’s awesome the head. Thank you. It’s called Karina from lap dance to Sundance, based on my journey of working as a stripper in Austin Texas for seven years to pay for acting classes and headshots, because what I mean, let’s be real achtung is expensive, raises so much shit, it ain’t cheap and they Don’t pay it first, Joe you pay and you pay you pay to play so no yeah.

All right. Where can I go? Make the most money? Okay in the strip club actually is where I met a girl who led me to my first acting teacher, who led me to my first agent, who got me a huge film audition for a SAG feature that I booked the lead in and we got into Sundance. So I went and it was on HBO that looks for a little bit NAPLAN. Yes, so I won from Watkins and literally and that’s the name of the show you guys got ta check it out I’ll I’ll, make sure to link all the information for tickets directions.

All that, in the show notes below for today’s cocktail, we’ve been doing popular strip club drinks last week was a buttery nipple. It’s my first time happy and good. It was really good surprise. This week we’re going to be doing sex on the beach, which is another cocktail. I’ve actually never happened. No, no. Never! This cocktail we’re going to be needing one and one: half ounces of vodka 1/2 ounce of peach, schnapps, 2 ounces, cranberry juice and 2 ounces orange juice.

We can start by adding some ice to our glasses. Wait a minute. That’s two fingers or you don’t just 2 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Yeah perfect, feel the burn peach schnapps. What I guess like 1/2 ounces, 1, 2, 3. 4, 5 yeah. You can add some cranberry juice orange juice, which I know that looks like sex on the beach smells good. Oh my god. Oh I forgot to say in the ingredients, don’t forget to cut up some orange slices for garnish.

You can take an orange slice. Oh that’s! Pretty Boombah fancy sex on the beach Cheers. It’s part, but it’ll start so good. You can’t hit any alcohol on the food. These are dangerous, is so dangerous you’re, not so good, it’s so refreshing mmm. This is really good for a summer barbecue or something yeah. This is delicious if you guys have a good sex on the beach twist. Let me know in the comments down below, if you haven’t already give this article a thumbs up hit that notification belt.

You know every time I release a new article and subscribe. If you haven’t already, thank you guys for joining us,

I highly recommend any drink with Spunks! Awesome pumpkin seeds with a kick!



Pumpkin Seed, The Homemade Healthy Cookies From Surabaya

Movimento do dólar valia nada e estou, sendo claro pela green da italiana ganhou campeã vai pulando estamos exercitando, interesse, também, querem ficar me entender da línea então, a sair com, os surdos hábito de guardar cabe, a ele pra ganhar do tópico aqui pior sob a marca da Copa: airlines [ Música ], lá, estou cá me dão, a alinhar se ao life país atravessa hoje, universalmente dizia, a data, a organização preferia totaliza uma fase, inicial por duas comissões do bando mas a cantora camila bilac [, Música ]

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



How Pumpkin Seeds went from the Bird Feeder to the Kitchen – Food Trends TV

We usually think about pumpkin and pumpkin seeds when we think about Thanksgiving and he’ll being, but a pumpkin seeds, especially the green ones, also known as pepitas are turning up in our cooking and in snack products and as a snack themselves.

More and more frequently and there’s a couple of good reasons for that, mostly it’s because they’re delicious they have crunch they’re, pretty color and they’re, not nuts. So as more and more food manufacturers try to avoid having allergens such as nuts listed on their ingredient panels. Switching to seeds, the duplicate, simply hegemony of the enjoyment experiences of nuts makes perfect sense. What does that mean for 2016 means we’re going to see more and more green pumpkin seeds, turning up as garnishes on our salads and as ingredients in our snack foods and in recipients that we read online and in cookbooks? So tell me about your favorite way to use green pumpkin seeds.

Mine is in granola. I love to stir turns to green pumpkin seeds into my granola and then add that to my yogurt in the morning adds an awesome crunch and a wonderful toastiness. So tell me in the comment section below what you do with green pumpkin seeds and please subscribe to food trans TV so that we can talk again soon.

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.