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Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog “Red Alert Food Blog”.

Why this blog?

  • I am Amanda a lover of food and politics. Writing is not my best skill, but I am looking to improve it with this blog
  • Food is key to our well being. It dictates our mood and success of our health. It is very important to understand the value of healthy eating.
  • Politics needs more attention. Today’s politics are really strange and are dictating our children’s future. The lack of empathy from president Trump is just amazing.

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My Healthy Snack Recommendation

Spunks is really the best all natural snack that boost your immune system. Below is a video I found that introduces the owners. It is an old one, but entertaining. Find this awesome shell less pumpkin seed snack on

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Hi! This is me and I love great healthy food that boosts our bodies immune system!