Only Baby Boomers Still Eat These Nasty Foods

Baby boomers are the people who were born between the years 1944 and 1964. That makes them nowadays, somewhere between 55 and 75 years old. One thing we know about most baby boomers is that they are very set in their ways. Many boomers have routines, and well, that includes what they eat. Unfortunately, many of the food choices are disgusting and mainly bad for you. You can thank the farm bill for that.

baby boomer favorite foods

It no secret that baby boomers still eat these nasty foods, and a lot of us are kind of wishing that they just let this food go once and for all. It's kind of obnoxious, saying Millennials, post pictures of the avocado toast, but baby boomers are worse. They're obsessed with plain toast on boring, sandwich bread, but would it kill you to add a little bit of peanut butter or we're going to tell it of that? This is during their younger years.

Miss Used Spices

Baby boomers loved their missus seasoning. Yeah, I had some pretty good stuff, but there are plenty of other spice options out there. There is a section in the supermarket loaded with new and exciting spices. It takes up an entire aisle. You could try any of those, but no baby boomers just don't want to give up on good old missus meatloaf was a weekly meal in most baby boomers homes. A problem with meatloaf is that it doesn't have much flavor.

It also doesn't look too appealing. There are pretty exciting meatloaf recipes online nowadays. Today you can make meatloaf wrapped in bacon Italian meatloaf stuffed with cheese and pepperoni. The fact is, meatloaf doesn't have to be tasteless and unappetizing anymore. The problem is that baby boomers refuse to give up the tasty old recipes they have always used for decades. Mayonnaise-Based salads with fruit mayonnaise are excellent in tuna, salad, pasta, salad, egg, salad.


What it isn't so good with is a baby boomer, favorite dish, mayonnaise-based salads, broccoli, lettuce, and grapes. They were trendy back in the day, but today it's just a disgusting combination. Baby boomers should probably leave these disgusting salads in the past Jell-O products. Why anybody would ever want to encase a meal and jello is entirely unknown, but baby boomers love to do it, and jello is excellent.

If you have the stomach flu if you can't eat real food but to incorporate jello into you, both dinner and dessert, at the same time that that just doesn't make any sense back in the 70s, though, you could buy mixed vegetables and celery already in jello. What were they thinking? Juice from concentrate is a huge hassle. First, you got to find the tab to reach the top open, not as easy as it sounds.

Concentrated juice

Sometimes after that, you gotta, wait for the juice to thaw, and then mix it with water. And finally, you have to wait a while before you can even drink it. Today you can get freshly squeezed, oh joy, in a carton for a very reasonable price. For some reason, baby boomers just can't seem to let go of the concentrated juice. TV dinners baby boomers grew up reading their black-and-white TVs while eating TV dinners.

TV Dinners

They were incredibly popular back in the day, but today we know that they're not all that appealing. Also, the portions are tiny if you're hoping to fill up on a TV dinner you're going to have to have several of them. There isn't anything too significant about buffets. You can eat all the food you want. That'S high in calories and loaded with crap and honestly. These buffets are cheap. Baby boomers, though, love their meals.

Today there aren't as many of them around thank goodness, but baby boomers will take what they can get. You ever go on to an all-you-can-eat casino buffet. If you have, you know that there are a lot of baby boomers everywhere chain, restaurants that were once popular Applebee's, Chili's, TGI Fridays, Olive Garden, just to name a few of them. Millions of people still lead a chain restaurant, but there's been a significant decline in their popularity over the years, except with baby boomers.

Millennials preferred

Millennials preferred other dining options. Baby boomers are saying goodbye to their favorite eateries because nobody else is patronizing them. Paper napkins or the brainchild of baby boomers, as is the paper napkins cousin. The paper towel paper napkins are not environmentally friendly, and you have to use plenty of them during one sitting. People should start using cloth napkins.

They work better, and they're better for the environment if only we could get Mickey D's to give us a big stack of cloth napkins when in the drive-through baby boomers, they love their cornflakes with all the cereal options on the store shelves. Today they just won't. Let go with the cornflakes honestly, I don't think they taste all that great, and they get soggy, and milk fast. They do leave the roof of your mouth in pain.

If you eat them raw, shredded, wheat, and puffed rice, that would be even better than corn flakes. I don't like either one, but you get what I'm saying. Canned soup was once very popular baby boomers loved the idea of opening a can pouring it into a pan heating it up and then serving it to their families. So it was quick and easy. Today many people are leaving the canned soup behind, and they're making homemade soup can soup is loaded with sodium, and it also has a strange, aluminum taste.

You ever noticed that it's also a significant source of BPA, which well I won't get into what that is. Let's just say: it's not right for you. Baby boomers still love their canned soup, though Millennials are looking for healthier options. Another popular weekly meal for baby boomers was meat and potatoes, yeah. It is a great meal once in a while, but would it have killed them to add a vegetable or two? How about a carrot? Maybe a stalk or two of celery: hey wait a minute.

Maybe that's why they ate Jell-O. Perhaps they counted that as a vegetable. It can be green, processed cheese products. Maybe boomers created everything they could to make it cheap and easy. These foods might seem too right to be true because well, they are processed foods like cheese; they're loaded with chemicals and ingredients to keep them edible. Unfortunately, they are not healthy, with Millennials being so health-conscious these days.

Processed cheese

The sale of processed cheese products is on the decline. Baby boomers drank soda on summer days, rainy days, holidays; okay, they drank it all the time; they also started America's addiction to pop. Thank you. Boomer's baby boomers were huge fans of Italian food. Unfortunately, spaghetti meatballs and garlic bread aren't authentic. Italian foods still come on. Let'S give him a break; it's delicious stuff.processed cheese

I love the Italian light. Beer Millennials, have zero interest in drinking tasteless cans of beer. Today light beer sales are down because Millennials prefer craft beer, wine, and mixed drinks. The only ones drinking a light beer are the baby boomers. Ketchup is great on a burger or maybe on some fries, but baby-boomers took the ketchup craze a bit too far. They doused their eggs, home fries, and other foods and ketchup, rather than using spices to improve the taste so the next time you're out eating. You order eggs and the waiter or waitress asks if you'd, like ketchup with that, you can blame that on the baby Boomers, nothing, absolutely nothing is appetizing about Vienna, sausage, they're processed meats, doused in a disgusting sauce.

Baby boomers love them for some reason, but you can't pay most other people even to try them nowadays. Today, people prefer grass-fed beef and free-range chicken tuna noodle casserole, a regular meal in the home of a baby boomer. This fishy dish had egg noodles, condensed soup, and frozen peas. It'S a disgusting concoction that should have been considered child abuse back in the day. Most families now have left tuna noodle casserole in the past, where it belongs, but some baby boomers still try to resurrect it.

Boiled vegetables. Vegetables are delicious. They're good for you, and they're great broiled, braised, grilled fried baked my personal favorite steamed veggies are even great raw. The one method, the one purpose of cooking vegetables – that's disgusting – it was a popular method with baby boomers. They loved to boil their vegetables. Not only does boiling give your veggies little to no flavor. It also kills the nutrients butter.

Mints. Baby boomers still love these things. You can't say that you've never gone to your grandparent's house only to find a bowl of butter myths sitting on the coffee table. Yeah, they are delicious baby boomers, won't let them go margarine. There are only two kinds of people who, like margarine, baby-boomers, and fans of Paula Deen, larger ones loaded with hydrating oil and tons of fat. There are many healthier options out there, causing a decline in margarine sales, Watergate salad, also known as shut the gate salad.

It was a popular dish for baby boomers, and it is an abomination. The recipe is a mixture of jello pistachio pudding, canned pineapples, marshmallows, and topped with walnuts. Some people added cherries to the top of it. It's one dish that should never see the light of day. Just like its namesake Watergate meat, pate Wow, I mean, if there is an award for the ugliest baby boomer food, it would have to be meat pate.

It was a versatile food. You could serve it hot cold in a loaf as a pie with gravy on bread. Just because there were plenty of ways to help the food, though, did not mean it was okay to serve. It smoked sausage gift platters. These used to be one of the baby boomers, favorite gifts to give and receive during Christmastime and years ago. They even had an entire catalog dedicated to these platters. Fortunately, they are not quite as popular today.

That said, even though I'm not a boomer, if you would like to send me a sausage and cheese tray, I will not turn it down. Baby boomers loved their ham, salad, ground-up ham, and globs of mayonnaise were a popular dish. Decades ago. Today, people prefer lean meat, sandwiches with a slice of avocado glazed carrots. Carrots are supposed to be healthy for some reason. Baby boomers thought it'd be an amusing idea to cover them in brown, sugar, and call them glazed.

Are they a side dish then? Or maybe it's a dessert because it has brown sugar well today, most people are just leaving the glaze off and eating them without a glaze. So there's no confusion. Also, a lot healthier are any of these items, something you still like. Even if you're, not a Boomer, tell us in the comments and subscribe for more you

What you should be eating

Whole foods like my favorite seed snack! Spunks – Pumpkin seeds with a kick! The video below explains all the benefits of pumpkin seeds.




By Amanda Leerow

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14 replies on “Only Baby Boomers Still Eat These Nasty Foods”

And then you have Gen X (they’re the best)…we eat it all! Not stuck in our ways like the Boomers, and not coddled like the Millenials, just latchkey kids turned adults that learned how to take care of themselves and make dinners out of whatever we could find in the house while our parents worked!


True true….. So much bad food and worse combinations….. But I’m afraid that no matter how good they are I’m not eating anything called Spunks…..! ! I know its good to have a Spunky attitude but it also has another meaning…. Someone didn’t do much research when putting that name forward……


Yup. Us Baby Boomers are set in our ways. Hamburgers, hot dogs, KD and donuts. Yum. And don;t forget Hawkins Cheezies…..But there is also vegetarian Ethiopian and Lebanese food, home-made Levain bread, no fruit juice at all, garden fresh beets, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce, fresh ground roasted coffee beans and oh so much more. Like Millennials, we are not all the same. Just at a cabin in the mountains and we ate 7 different home cooked dinners from 7 different ethnicities. Life is to short to eat what our parents ate. Now, those folks were stuck in a rut….. Ha Ha


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