Yoga for Back Pain | 40 min for Strong, Relaxed and Happy Back | All Levels Class

The back our spine super important in everything we do and in reality, to work on the back. We kind of have to work on most of the body because it’s all connected, but we will do specific poses that will both help strengthen and release and just follow along the best that you can. One thing I want to encourage you to do is to use your bandas.

If you don’t know what it is check out our article but beyond that, just make sure that you’re lifting a little bit in the pelvic floor and, more importantly, the belly goes slightly in slightly up try to keep that going throughout the class today, because this will Help support the lower back, we have ribs for the upper back and they help stabilize and support it, but in the lower back we don’t have those ribs.

Obviously, this gives us great mobility, which is wonderful, but at a price that if we don’t maintain the engagement of the core, not in a six-pack way, but rather in a lengthening pulling in way, then the back may suffer okay sub. Here we go we’re going to come to the hands and knees just beginning here with a few cats and cows. So, as you inhale drop, the belly lift the chest, look up and, as you exhale belly in chin down, keep going a few more times and see if you can really start to pay attention to your breathing.

Most of us kind of take it for granted. But doing really slow soft deep breathing, as we practice will help you dramatically in the healing in relieving stress, as well as any tension and will allow much faster. Releasing come back to neutral. Take your hips to the left and take your hips to the right hips to the left. Hips to the right now go to the left, cat forward, right cow and so you’re doing what we call the delicious pose you’re going in circles.

It feels like you’re doing some belly dancing and you’re, really massaging your entire lower back area, warming up your hips breathing, all the while and reverse the direction beautiful we’re going to go for downward puppy, which will help open the chest and the upper arms, but will Also be nice for the lower back, so as we lower the chest down, maybe the forehead is down. If that’s easy, bring the chin down always take the option, that’s appropriate for you.

Slowly, coming back to the hands and knees, it’s a bit of strengthening, we’ll take the right leg up behind you, just hip height, try to keep not opening it to the side, but keeping the toes facing down to the ground again, making sure your belly is tucked In your pelvic floor slightly lifted steady, your gaze here hold this for another moment or two. If this feels good for you and you feel steady enough, take the left arm up.

If this is already intense on the back, please don’t do the knee the arm up. We’ll strengthen a bit the core, which is also important, because the core is front and back of the body. So as you exhale curl, everything in elbow and knee in inhale, extend exhale. Two inhale extend exhale three inhale exhale four inhale last one and extend hold for one more breath and release switching sides left leg up again, activating your core right.

It’s like your belly, loves your back and it’s trying to go and give it a kiss foot facing down towards the ground gaze slightly forward space for the shoulders right arm up and as we exhale here, we go curl it in knee and elbow in inhale reach Out exhale two exhale exhale beautiful and hold release nice we’ll try to take a modified downward dog just for a few breaths, so bend the knees. A lot take the feet a little wider and press back.

Your work here is to lengthen the spine as much as possible, so feel how your sitting bones are reaching up to the sky press down with the shoulders, but just gently don’t go too much into the shoulders. If it’s getting easier, you can straighten more the legs, not at the expense of the spine. Look forward bring the right foot forward if it doesn’t quite make it. There use your right hand to help.

It come forward for a low lunge and you can say: what’s the psoas got to do with my lower back. The psoas is the front left eye the part that’s on that upper part feeling like juicy, probably but you’re still as even though it’s connected there. It goes all through your hip and connects to your lower back all the way, even really to your t12 to your lower part of your thoracic of your upper back, and so it’s really important to keep your psoas flexible, because you never never know if this is Actually, what’s pulling on your lower back, you can keep again the hands on the ground on the knee on the hip, whatever feels comfortable for you really allow your hips to sink down connecting with breath, it’s kind of an interesting way of being both engaged right.

The belly is pulling in and at the same time, you’re very relaxed you’re softening it’s like throughout the class. You can just see this white light going and releasing in your lower back we’re almost there beautiful we’re going to straighten the front leg, the right leg. You can lift the toes off the ground, just a gentle for the hamstrings really not too much here but again, like we said everything is connected, so it’s good to keep them slightly released.

We won’t go super deep on the legs for that you’re, going to check out our hamstring and leg class and when you kind of do all of our classes in rotation, you really get the best of all worlds. Beautiful bring the knee back to meet the other. Knee hands forward in front of you barely engaged just we’re going to do a chaturanga within these downs, lower down just a bit or as much as feels reasonable for you then meet the belly and come up to sphinx, pose forearms on the ground.

Elbows right. Underneath your shoulders palms flat on the ground, almost like the palms, are pulling your chest through so you’re pressing your pubic bone down to the ground. You’re pulling your chest through the arms and you’re lifting just a bit in your head. Not too much do not create any stress in your neck. Eyes are soft and steady. Maybe maybe your lips are relaxing a bit or just we’re going to go back to our modified downward dog, so you can take a full downward dog if it feels great for you or bend the knees.

That’s perfectly awesome and we’re going to bring the left foot forward between the hands again if it didn’t make. It use your left hand to help right knee down if the right knee needs a cushion underneath. That’s fine! Your version of low lunge hands down, maybe they’re at the knee, maybe maybe at the hips. It’s also interesting when I use the bandage. It always feels like i’m, actually lengthening the spine a bit more and so there’s two way: movement here right, both the hips going down sinking as well as the chest lifting and when you constantly have this two-way movement, you’re.

Creating space for the lower back, if you haven’t ever checked our banda article, please do that because that’s really one of the key ingredients for sustainable back throughout your life relaxing into your breath. Here we go we’re going to straighten the front leg, howdy hamstrings, usually at the beginning of class. For me, it’s pretty tight, but you know sending them love, sending them a feeling of support of like wow.

I’r so happy we’re releasing you today, uh. Here we go slowly coming up, releasing again one more chaturanga on the knees hands down so before we go to the chaturanga just notice. Here your lower back and some of us kind of drop the belly completely and overarched in the lower back, which we call lordosis. Some of you are doing too far up which we call kyphosis try to find that neutral space right and the belly is really.

You can feel it coming in to help your lower back. So now, really all that’s happening is the bending of the elbow a bending, a bending, a bending, bring the chest and chin down to the ground, ashtanga pranam knees and then slide forward, we’re taking a very low baby, cobra, so you’re on the ground, you’re lifting the Chest and you can see you can lift the hands up and now you’re, using your back, i’m actually pressing the tops of the feet to the ground: hands back down, lift up to medium cobra, really just gentle gentle.

If it starts to feel achy, don’t press through it, but a little bit is okay and press it back to a wide knee child’s place. Let everything release making your way again into the downward dog and just simply walk the feet to the front. Take the feet. Apart, we won’t do a long hold and again, if your back is hurting, I really recommend you bend the knees just hang out here, allowing gravity to help you right.

There’s no effort right now the head is falling down. My knees are bent quite a bit and the more you strain the legs, the more intensity it gets in the hamstrings and even if you don’t feel a lot in your back. This is super good for your back, because you’re in a way reversing the way the vertebraes have to take the load right now, they’re kind of falling freely towards the head side, whereas throughout the day they’re constantly following falling towards the hip side, bandas are still active Release the hands, bend the knees, a lot and slowly roll up to stand, beautiful, shake it away for a moment open your feet, a tiny bit, and this is really hips, but it’s super important for us as we go through everything else we do in the back.

I mentioned it earlier, the lordosis right when we really stick the bad out, and I sometimes call it sexy. Butt syndrome is a joke or when we go into kyphosis when the pubic bone goes in and I call it the drunkard kind of pose right. But we want to find that happy neutrality between the tailbone and the pubic bone and then lock it there with the bun. Does this really helps support the back, and even now, as we’re going to go for a side stretch, we want to try and keep this not to go forward or back so lock, we’ll call it your hip neutrality, lock, your lower back in place right arm lifts Inhale and with an exhale go ahead and stretch move over to your left side contain the breath.

Inhale come up, exhale right arm down, inhale, left arm up, exhale side stretch, inhale, come up and exhale release beautiful, just bend the knees a bit and go in slow motion knees forward. Hips forward belly chest again a little bit of the wave. It usually feels good to do a bit of these. Just go gentle slower than we normally go, creating a bit of movement in the spine one more and I will do hip circles again, just go a little.

We usually just move the hips in circles this time. What i’m going to offer us to do is to move it a little bit deeper since we’re kind of warmed up hands are on the hips and, as you start, you’re really going to go and move the chest forward. So you’re adding a bit of weight on your back just do as much as you can really go sideways as much as you can with your upper body, then go back into a little bit of a back bend and then go to the left and then forward Again and then you’re going to reverse the direction to the left, moving back over to the right and to the front so go a few more on your own trying to go pretty slow, really bringing your entire awareness to the back.

It’s got a little more intensity than when we just move the hips, so please be careful, but also a bit more strengthening thanks to that closing up this one going back to the front and hallelujah all good shake it all away. Beautiful feet are apart: we’re going to come up maybe to the tippy toes, maybe not starting to lower down towards the ground. Okay, we’re going to lower down all the way heels, maybe down, maybe not you’re in a squat position, and I find that releasing the hips.

Many times helps solve many many back issues. Um i’ve had a student of mine that just ended up rolling um his buttocks on the ball for a while, and that really helped. So you never know where it is. It sometimes projects onto the back, but it’s not there unless we will do some hip openers today in a safe way, while you’re here pressing the elbows to the inside of the thighs, really elongate the spine as much as you can beautiful.

We’re going to start with the belly, so we’re going to come hands down, step it back and simply lower down to the belly, bring the arms forward in front of you and then bring the right leg up hold here for a moment again, if there’s too much On the back, you can bend the right knee. That may be a little easier if it’s okay go right away straight leg, if you’re still feeling great lift the left hand up left arm up palm facing inward to have a good rotation for the shoulder and protect your neck.

Blue jay breath release down move your hips, a tiny bit from side to side to release, and here we go left leg up right arm up optional release down. You can place the hands underneath your head, move your hips, a bit from side to side, go ahead and bend the knees and move the feet from side to side. Beautiful, relax the legs, one more we’re going to bend the right knee! You can keep the head on the hands or sideways whatever feels comfortable for you.

Just try to lift the right leg, lift it as high as it will go. Just stay there for a few moments. This may feel a bit of pressure on the lower back, especially on the left side. Maybe just try to press both sides down just a couple: more breaths and release the right leg down left knee bends left leg up, slowly, release lower the leg down, move your hips again, one more time side to side slowly coming up to one more baby, cobra Or medium cobra see how feel how it feels for you lift up to the place and then just move a bit heads to one side and center and then to the other side.

You can do this one more time beautiful, lift up to downward dog lower down to the knees coming to the front. I’r going to do a gentle variation of uh back bend today here, just really lift up in the belly and just lean back keep the hands on the hips. Just lean back a tiny bit, i’m really barely going. I can already feel the back and then bring the head down to the ground and try to reach your hands towards the heels around the back in the opposite direction.

A hair pose a rabbit, pose, come on up one more time, lift up now. This time, your choice, you can stay with the same thing if available for you to do one side. I find this really yummy, on the spine hand, can go onto the heel or onto the tucked toe if that’s a little easier or even skip it on the hip, now you’re going to go with the left arm. My right hand is towards the heel left arm up and i’m actually going to almost like a little twist here.

My left hand is going towards my right heel, and so i’m stretching back and side of the spine and uh whether you have any back injury or not. This usually feels super delicious, so my hips are moving a bit to the left. My hand is moving a bit. My left hand is moving a bit towards the right foot, the opposite direction of the hips inhale coming up you all doing. Okay, here we go second side right arm up left hand goes to the heel or to the toes tucked under.

If you need to right hand, moves a bit across hips, move a bit to the right, yummy yummy, slowly coming up and take a widening child’s pose. Elongate the spine as you lower down beautiful, simply coming up we’re going to lay down on our back. Do a few releases for the for the folds a little bit of hip opening. So we’ll start with the hip opening and we’ll go into the figure four or thread the needle, so right, ankles on the left, thigh bring the left eye in.

You can either hold behind the left eye. If you can reach take the left chin. Otherwise, you can even hold the strap if all of them are too far. Try today a little more than normally to keep your tailbone your lower back on the ground and then work on bringing the left thigh a little closer to your belly and chest. It doesn’t have to go very far, just whatever feels reasonable for you. Hopefully, you feel your right hip a little bit any knee tenderness.

Please flex your feet here, slowly, release! Let’s take the other side, please again hold wherever you feel comfortable, whether you’re holding a strap behind the thigh or eventually holding the shin trying to keep the tailbone the coccyx down, trying to bring the right thigh towards the chest, some of us even strain in the Neck here a bit, so maybe it feels like, if you can, you lengthen the neck by bringing the chin a little closer to your throat, and this creates a little more space for the neck once more to protect the knees.

You’re welcome to flex the feet and then, once you have your position, just really make sure you relax into it. So yes, there’s a bit of effort with the arms pulling there’s a lot of release. Your face is completely relaxed. A hint of a smile comes to your face in gratitude. Slowly, release place both feet on the ground and move the knees from side to side in the next pose. We’ll do a tiny bit more back bend.

Ideally, you would have a block. So if you have a block or a few books, that’ll be great. If you don’t, you can do it also without so either way is fine. Um dan will put a block underneath her lower back. Oh, and I guess thank you, I have one too so i’ll show you within without a block the block just as a secret um. It’s a well-kept secret has three different heights. So when you lift up your hips, you can decide right if your back is very tender, go on the lower side of the block and just place it there.

But I would say most of us will be happy with the medium size of the medium height, and some of you will even be able to go with the highest height of the block right and then once you’re up there just release your hands, keep the knees Bent for now – and this is really lovely for the back – some like kasha like to straighten the legs a little more and when you straighten the legs, it’s back, but you also sometimes get to feel a bit and the upper thigh in the connection to the hips.

So your choice – you can do this or you can do this. Both are wonderful, mostly breathing. If you didn’t get a block, you can just even take the bridge and just hold yourself up here. You won’t stay very, very long to protect the back in general. In back bends, it’s important to keep the feet parallel, not letting the toes play out to the side and the knees moving in a bit towards each other. You can feel it if you take the toes out and you put your hands on your buttocks.

It gets really strong while, when you kind of turn the knees in it’s still working, of course, but a little less, and this prevents putting too much pressure on the lower back slowly release once we’re moving the knees from side to side we’re going to go for A supine twist now so take your arms out to a t, move your hips over to the right and either knees together or wrap the right leg over the left as an eager legs take the knees over to the left side.

You may want to place the left hand on the right knee or not, and you may want to take your gaze, your dristy over to the right side with each and every exhale. You feel a surrender of the right shoulder to the ground and a softening in the spine. Sometimes I even take my left hand. This is what I normally give hands on assist to other people, and I try to press in my inner thigh or my hip away from my head to elongate a bit.

So just do this once or twice if you like, because I want it to still be a relaxing pose, but it sometimes feels like it creates a bit of extra space in the back and then either stay there or relax completely slowly coming up we’re going to Do the other side uncross the legs move the hips over to the left side, either knees together or left leg wraps over the right for eagle legs. Taking the twist and again, your gaze will go over to the left.

Your hand can be on the left leg. Your right hand on the left leg or, if you want it, can help you a little bit creating that land come back to center. Slowly, bring the right leg up, keep the left knee bending and try to take the right foot either with your big toes or with a strap, bring the right foot slightly closer to you and if that’s working for you without bending a lot in the right knee, Go ahead and straighten the left leg down to the ground.

If your right knee is bending a lot, please keep your left knee bending as well. It’s a little bit of a hamstring stretch, but it’s also very much protecting and releasing in the back we’re going to go ahead into a different variation of a twist. So if you haven’t straightened, your left leg go ahead and straighten it. Now, if you’re holding a strap, take your strap with the left hand or take the left hand to the outside of the right foot and go across your leg, may not reach the ground and that’s perfectly fine.

It doesn’t need to you’ll feel behind the leg. But you may also feel the hip and even into the lower back. This is really important release I miraculously lend it up landed on a block. So if you have a block or a few books there, you can also rest your leg on whatever support you may have take the gaze in the opposite direction of the leg inhale slowly coming back up and simply and shake the legs a tiny bit and then Go ahead, bend both knees again, take the left leg up, take hold of either a strap or your foot.

Whatever works for you check and see. Maybe both legs are not the same, whether you feel flexible enough to straighten the right leg. If that adds too much stress, please keep the right knee bent again to elongate your exhales, and here we go straighten the right leg. If you haven’t already and we’re going across, taking the left leg over again, you can hold the strap or the foot whatever works, for you try to keep the left shoulder moving towards the ground and the gaze will go over towards the left side slowly.

Coming back up to center and release bend the knees, bring them to the chest, give yourself a nice, loving hug and from here we’re going to go into a happy baby, so you can hold anywhere along the legs that you can reach. Even the thighs. If you got the feet great hold the maybe outside of the feet, you can roll a bit from side to side if it feels good on your back, try to maintain the lower back on the ground and release we’re going into a savasana so straighten the legs.

Relax the arms close your eyes if you find that this is a bit uncomfortable for you on the back, please bend the knees or you can lay down with a bolster or some pillows, underneath your knees, elevating the knees, helps release and, as you follow your breath Here just notice it moving up and down the spine as if, when the breath goes up through the spine, it can clear up any stuck energies. It’s like a beautiful light, coming up and washing away any impurities, any tension all the way up to the neck and head every time you exhale, you find a sense of softness of ease and go ahead and just really focus with your breath on the lower back.

Sending healing your cells around the back have little antennas and they’re really looking to hear from you and from the environment, and if you send them messages of love of health of healing of appreciation, they are much more likely to come to a place of happiness and Health of recovery, when they feel there’s no other danger, there’s no other big stress happening. They can take the time and do the long-term repair that is needed, go ahead and bring the knees to the chest and really hug yourself with a feeling of gratitude.

A bit of a smile towards the little cells with antennas in your lower back that are now saying, hey. Thank you. Thanks for taking care of us we’ll take care of you go ahead and roll onto your right side for a moment, knees bent and rest. Your head on the right arm, if it feels good for you slowly making your way up to sit hands to the heart. Thank you all for your practice with us here. Maybe you can fill your hearts with gratitude.

Leave us a comment below tell us how this felt for you, please make sure you subscribe and also share this with a few other people. Why not share the gift from the duron yoga and zen center in guatemala? Thank you all. So very much for your practice. See you soon, namaste