What is up my manifesting mamacita’s in my marathon mind and man, it’s been a minute. I had to go on a social media sabbatical and just you know, take on boring. I love y’all, but I love myself more and I needed to take a break. I needed to take some courses. I need to see a healer. I need it to get down on my knees and pray okay, so I am back full recharged and ready to be here for you.

So let’s get into today’s information! Today’S article is all about the yoni. So today the information is going to be about Eleni Ani. Alright, go ahead and close your eyes take a deep breath in release my yoni, my choice, my yoni, my choice, my yoni. My choice go ahead and take a deep breath in release. I didn’t even take a deep breath and I’m just so excited to talk to you guys that didn’t even take a deep breath in alright guys.

So, let’s get into this look okay, so this is from forever 21. These braids are by my girl, Essie. I’M going to leave her her Instagram in the description box. Please, if you are in the New Jersey area, come and get your hair done because and she put the things in it for me, she puts a little like Nefertiti gold accents in it from me. So I’m really happy about that. Can you guys see this blush a little bit this I’m wearing a blush by the mented company, black-owned blush on my face.

So what does your name mean? Yoni? Is the Sanskrit word for feminine power for womb for source? It is all those things while I was away. I got a course called break the grip of patch lovers by healer, Jumana Sophia. When I tell you guys it was a 21-day, eCourse, powerful womb. Changing I mean really look it up from the it was offered through the daily ohm calm, I’m going to leave it all the description in below, and I realize that I haven’t really taken care of my own II.

I really have an embrace it fully. I embrace being a woman during this lifetime. I embrace my femininity but to embrace the womb source, your sacral chakra, that’s where your creativity is. I haven’t become one with that, so this eCourse break the grip of past lovers, really helped me to tend to the yoni and I’m so happy to share it with you guys it was. It brought me a lot of success in connecting with my womb.

So I definitely recommend that, for you guys, I think you know when I was growing up. I had a vagina. Oh my god, I feel like. I can’t say that word on YouTube. I had a yoni and the yoni was part of me. I was a part of it, but not in a like wholesome, wholly honorable way. Right, like I’ve mistreated my own II, I threw her around. She got run over by a truck like just like every part of my body. I love being lotioned up.

Okay, I love being moist okay, so I purchased a few products to help me and my yoni see eye to eye because sometimes she’d be tripping just to put it all out there. For the past four years, I’ve been having a pH imbalance during my menstrual cycle. Before my mentions, like the day before my menstrual cycle, starts and the last three days of my menstrual cycle, I have a pH imbalance. It was causing me a lot of embarrassment.

There was a strong odor coming and I was like Jesus. This is not, I see what you do for others. This is nope, but your covenant with me. So I said you know I I’ve been battling it for four years. I’M like I can’t do this. I can’t do this, so I say that not because I want to like gross anyone else, but I want to be honest and me sharing what I’m going through. I know it’s going to help somebody else, so I purchased a few products to help me balance out.

My yoni now, let’s be clear, the yoni is a self-cleaning organ. Okay, God knows what God did intentionally created the yoni. The yoni is self-cleaning. Amy Schumer has this hilarious joke where she’s like every single day, she takes off her underwear and it looks like she blew her new, her nose in the underwear and I’m like same says same so, and that’s natural. That means that, and if it’s you know when it’s clear when it’s one, it’s whitish slightly yellowish in your underwear, it just means your yoni is cleaning itself, it’s natural anybody who would find that gross.

You need to grow up and you need to honor this body that you have okay, so let’s get into the products that have worked that helped me. Some of them are black owned and I am excited to show you guys my yoni healing 101 Tings all right. Let’S do it, but I thought that that that’s what we going to do every time we have a black on product, we have four products. Um two are black on, so we’re going to get up, but okay for this, this is this is yoni goddess oil.

From goddess body, she is always out of stock of this yoni oil. Now I used to use only yoni oil when I lived in LA the problem with the Union. Oil I used to use was that the herbs were inside of the oil of the container, and I was smelling like chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, with a soda on the side like I, it was very Irby. Okay and your girl was smelling. Like Campbell’s chicken noodle soup for real, so I don’t recommend that brand.

I don’t remember what brand it was and we’re not going to recommend it. So this is, it comes out to $ 30 $ 30, but you guys know most of my money honestly just goes to wellness product so whatever so. This was about $ 30 with tax and shipping and all of that stuff, I believe again, it’s either 19 or 20 for 19 to 24. It’S four ounces and it’s organic artisanal oil. You can use it for it’s meant for the veg, the vulva, so your melon labia minora, labia majora and the opening of the vagina it is for all of that.

It’S just like lotioning up your elbows right. You want to make sure that your elbows are not actually the same way. You want to take care of your yoni area. You just want to keep it moist. You want to keep it like balance. Okay, go in here, you have a low. The coconut oil you’ve got some boswellia. You’Ve got some Mira, you have even she adds crystals in here, so you’ve got nephrite, Jade rose, quartz and and love like she.

I really like this company I do now. The one thing is that it does take a minute for it to come. Now. It takes two about two weeks for it to come. I don’t the compared to Amazon, that’s a long time, but it takes about two weeks to get here and each bottle. Last six months, so you do want to make sure that you using it up. Okay, cuz the the the ingredients are very natural, so it does not have that long of a shelf life, but what’s great about this, is that it restores balance.

Rids bacterial overgrowth maintain healthy flora, antibacterial antifungal, vaginal toner, natural, lubricant and youthful essence. Now I have been using this for about three weeks. Honestly, I love it. I love lotioning up my vulva. I love like just letting it become an act of self-care for me honestly guys. I also use it on my face. There’S nothing in here that says for yoni. Only no everything in here you can put on your face.

You can put on your hair. It really is an all-around really great natural product and my vagina is taking very well to it, so I’m so happy to be using this yoni goddess oil and obviously guys I didn’t get paid for anything to people. So again, I’m doing I’m telling you what has worked for me on my yoni healing journey and now let’s go into the next product. You have the killer back that yeah. So this is from the company love wellness.

A little bit of backstory love. Wellness was created by Lo Bosworth Lauren Bosworth. Now, if anyone remembers Laguna Beach on MTV, that was my show. I have two of the. I have both season. One, a season 2 DVD set. Try me is a boric acid suppositories for quick relief for yeast infections and BV symptoms. Now, before I stopped eating me before I before, when I used to eat terribly and I used to eat a lot a lot of candy, I was always having yeast infections.

I was having yeast infections, I believe, from latex condoms and I was having yeast infections from just certain partners and just you know not taking care of down there. So this is made from medical grade boric acid, FDA, inspected facility. So we’re not just shoving any old thing up into our holy place right depository I’ll. Let me just show you guys, you take the suppository and you put it up all the way up in as far as it can go into your vaginal canal.

Now, if you like me, are having an imbalance at the end of your period, I would suggest adding a little bit of lubricant. I would suggest a little bit of coconut oil to put it up all the way up there, because you guys know blood can is sticky, especially during the last year’s of your period. You not really like shedding that much of your uterine lining. So my mistake, you guys this blog is all about learning from our mistakes.

Basically, so the mistake I made was trying to shove it up there on one of the last days of my period and that really hurt. So I had to use use my vaginal muscles to push out the to push out the suppository and then I’ll die okay. That really hurt. I’M not going to do that again and then I took a little bit of coconut oil lubricated it and then put it right back up there you’re going to want to do this at night lying down.

So you’ll see that you know it’s best to wear a panty liner while you’re taking the boric acid because it is going to be releasing you know getting you know, just stuff is going to be falling out. So it says that you can use for seven days for chronic irritation and up to 14 days or use as a spot treatment if needed me, I’m I use it as a spot treatment so and it worked okay, let’s with like the point, is that it worked The the last menstrual cycle I had thanks to the boric acid.

I did not encounter a pH imbalance or any odor, or anything like that. So I thank God for that and um. I used one suppository at the beginning and one suppository at the end, and it really just it worked and that’s what it’s about right, like I’m, not going to show you guys something that I haven’t tried out that I don’t stand by that, you know, doesn’t work. It works so I highly recommend it it’s either 19 or $ 24, but just go over to love wellness com.

They are amazing, they’re great. Let them know beany TV sent you and yeah, let’s move on to the next product. So let’s talk about honey pot, but I thought that that so for women by women, black-owned vaginal care company, the name is BIA and basically she was suffering from vegetarian vaginosis. For years and one day, an ancestor came to her in a dream and gave her the ingredients to start the honey pot company they make pads, they make vaginal washes they wipes – and this was the first product that I introduced my yoni to and literally every single Time I use this, I just feel like extra just extra clean and I don’t want to say it that way, because I am against the idea that you have to clean or make your vagina smell.

Good, no, like God, was like the yoni, is going to smell this way and it’s going to be a self-cleaning machine, so anything that promotes like taking away odor, I’m not for it, but I will say that again. This is a sin sitov wash, which is exactly what I need and again it’s just part of my self-care. I love taking showers. I love lotioning up. I love taking baths and to add that extra step in my self-care routine, especially such an intimate beautiful part of my body like why not so this is $ 8.

99. You can find it at Target as well as the honey pot. Oh, my favorite thing is that it contains colloidal silver, which is known to just be antifungal, antibacterial and all-around. This product just gets you back on. It gets you back in balance with your your your yoni is natural, so it is foamy and it doesn’t smell. Like anything, I got the one that yeah it doesn’t smell like anything. This is again the sensitive wash has lavender villain der villain, der lavender, vinegar and calendula.

I love being able to support black businesses and even if you’re, not black, you should still be supporting black businesses because they’re just as good as any other business. So if you purchase this product, I know you’re going to like it and I use it everyday. I use it every day, gentle sensitive, sometimes I’ll, skip a day, but I use it every day and when you buy this product, not if, but when you buy this product, let them know Dean ETV sent you.

We’Ve got good girl, probiotics, bye, again, love wellness. We already talked about them with the killer. Now you guys know I’ve been using probiotics too, with my for my vaginal health for a couple years months now, and I love it, my body loves it, so I’m going to keep doing it. So these are the Google probiotics stay balanced down there or get back on track after an infection or irritation. I do not take this every day.

I probably should, but I don’t. I heard it’s really good to take this on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning again, I don’t – but I do take this when I am on my period to keep things balanced, your gut, your stomach, what you eat your digestive system is your second brain. Everything that you put into your digestive system affects everything in your body. Really it should be the first brain, but your gut is the second brain.

If you eat a lot of candy, it affects your vagina. If you eat a lot of sugar or cheese’s or meat products, all of it is affecting your yoni so be mindful. One of my friends was saying, like you know, it’s really important to eat a lot of vegetables the week before your period, so that you’re not cramping as much so that you’re not if you’re a heavy bleeder. It alleviates a lot of bleeding so being mindful and let your but your let your menstrual cycle be a harmonious situation, even when you’re PMSing call it out and be like.

Alright, I don’t feel nothing. I see you PMS come on. Let’S go on this ride. You know what I mean like be in control of what is going to be happening to you until you’re, like in your fifties and sixties. You know enjoy the ride while you can now when I got this, I was like. Oh, that is some strong good probiotics bacteria. That’S some good bacteria. They have to put two like three or four car dogs in here, because the smell is so strong, but that just means that it’s good bacteria, so my only thing about this is that the capsules are gelatin.

Gelatin comes from pigs in the body and instead of vegetable capsules. I do hope that they one day I switch to vegetable capsules. So if you’re a strict vegan, this really isn’t the product for you. But if you’re not a strict vegan and you don’t mind the gelatin capsules, then this is for you, so I thank you guys so much for tuning in to this yummy health. 101. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me.

At beanie TV on Instagram send me an email at beanie TV yo at gmail.Com, I’m sending you and your yoni, so much love and goodness and awesomeness and beauty and healing wherever you need it. For the month of September, I am going to be giving my 1-hour Soul Sessions for free, ok, so DM me email me if you would like to book a session. Basically, it’s just going to be us talking and, and I’m going to give you practical spiritual practices to assist you in whatever we decide to cover during our consultation and I’m also giving away the first book in my self-development eCourse – and I am so excited to be Giving y’all this because I know that it is helpful, or I know that it’s amazing and it’s powerful, and I just want you guys to feel amazing and powerful.

Also, I am selling shea butter and if you would like to butter, go ahead and DM me on Instagram, I love you guys. I miss you guys for all of my yo knees out there. We got this and we have to talk more about imbalances. Odors. You know understanding that if one person is going through it, someone else is going through it and by sharing the kind of embarrassing things we can help each other make it not so embarrassing, because it’s not like it’s actually not embarrassing and it’s not gross.

We just live in a patriarchal society that makes us believe that our you know, yo knees are supposed to smell like roses like no, my own is going to smell how it smells and it’s a self cleaner, we’re not going to fall for any of that. We don’t need extra fragrance, we don’t need anything actually causing more imbalance in the yoni. We don’t need any of that. So, thank you guys so much when you probably when you purchase these products, tag me on Instagram or Facebook or whatever, and let me and the the honey part and love wellness and goddess body.

Let them know that I sent you to them. Okay, thank you guys. So much for tuning in and I’ll see you guys next article peace,

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