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Of the time when I am too lazy to cook or too busy to cook I’m just starting my Morning with some green tea, I like to start my morning with a little boost And Before that, I did a really quick, a meditation session and I also wrote in My journal for like 5 or 10 minutes – And I love to start my morning with those Activities because I find I’m so much calmer and less anxious and stressed Than if I start my morning by looking at my phone and checking email and social Media and reading the news, I really recommend you, don’t read the news when you first wake up, it’s very depressing Anyways, I’m going to finish my tea and then Head out for a short workout and I’m keeping it short because I’m coming off a Very long hiatus from exercising like months long, so I don’t want to injure Myself And after my short workout, I will see you back here Alright, so I just got back from my morning workout and I am ready for a hearty and nourishing Breakfast, So this is an instant superfood muesli and I like to make it Because you can have muesli in just a few minutes, you don’t have to wait for It to soak and it’s easy – it’s healthy and it’s packed with superfoods, So we’re Going to start with about 1/2 cup of oats, these are rolled oats And then we’re Going to add this plate of superfoods, We’ve got about 3 to 4 tablespoons of Unsweetened coconut flakes 2 tablespoons of walnuts, 2 tablespoons of Raw buckwheat groats, a tablespoon of chia seeds and about 2 to 3 tablespoons Of raisins To soften the muesli, instead of waiting For it to soak in the fridge, we’re going to add the flesh of one mashed ripe, Banana Once it’s all nice and mashed we’re going To add it to the oats mixture Just get that in there real, sticky and gooey.

So we mixed the banana with the oats and Everything else until it got a nice little texture And then we’re going to serve it on The side of some coconut yogurt, You can also serve it on the side of plant-based Milk, Then we’ll add even more superfoods. This is a tablespoon each of flaxseed meal, pumpkin seeds, cacao, nibs and one more Thing: hemp, seeds, Alright, I’m back home and in the kitchen After breakfast I ran a Bunch of errands and I met a friend for coffee and then I walked home for a Couple miles so I worked up an appetite And we’re going to make a huge, hearty salad and if you think, salads can’t be filling, I think you should try this one out For Lunch we’re going to have a huge salad, it’s basically an everything, but the kitchen Sink salad, I’m going to use all kinds of ingredients that I have in my pantry and in My fridge We’re going to start with about 2 to 3 cups of a coleslaw mix.

This is just Shredded broccoli and carrots it’s from a bag. It saves a lot of time. You can use Any kind of bagged salad you like And then I’m going to add some canned chickpeas, About 1/2 cup to a cup, I just want to make sure I get enough protein since I’ve Been active today And then we’re going to add some nuts and Seeds and raisins: This is about 2 to 3 tablespoons, each of cashews Sunflower seeds and raisins and the nuts and seeds are raw.

Let’s just toss all That in there And then we’re going to add some creamy avocado, This is half of an Avocado and it’s ripe, so it’s going to be delicious For our salad dressing, we’re Going to be doing a tahini maple dressing, which is one of my favorite Dressings and it’s super simple: We’re going to start with t2o tablespoons of Tahini Tahini is just ground sesame seeds into a paste or liquid form and We’re going to add about a tablespoon apple, cider, vinegar, And that will be the acid In our salad dressing, I’m going to add a few pinches of garlic powder, a generous Sprinkling of black pepper, some pink Himalayan sea salt When you’re making your own salad dressing at home, it’s really important to season it.

Properly so that every morsel has a little bit of flavor, Then we’re going to Add about a half tablespoon of maple syrup That sweetness really balances out The acidity from the apple cider, vinegar And that’s about it And we’re just going to Whisk it if I can find my whisk Now that it’s nice and creamy and pourable we’re Just going to taste it to make sure it tastes good And it tastes perfect. So I’m Just going to dress the salad So after I did some work this afternoon, I treated myself to a glass of wine at a bar.

I didn’t show you that, because you Know what a glass of wine looks like, but now it’s almost dinnertime. So let’s Head into the kitchen to show you an easy, quick dinner For dinner, we’re going to Be having some really easy tacos, I love Mexican food, but I don’t really love to Stand by the stove and make refried beans from scratch, or do lots of other Time intensive things when I’m feeling lazy, so this is a really easy.

Five-Minute taco recipe Canned black beans, I’ve just rinsed and drained these Of Course, if you use beans that you’ve cooked that are, you know, dried to begin. With that’s great, but to save time I’m using canned beans And I’m also going to add some canned corn – that I’ve also rinsed and drained Very ripe avocado. As you can see, it’s Perfectly ripe: That’s going to make this salad so much more better! That’s not a thing! So much better! Then we’re going to add some sliced cherry Tomatoes, You can use regular tomatoes as well, Some minced cilantro and one Chopped shallot And I’m using that instead of onions, because I don’t love Raw onions they’re a little too strong for me and with the shallot I can just Use one and that’s all I need for one person, I don’t have to store the rest of The onion in my fridge Now we’re going to make a dressing for this mixture right.

Here and it’s nothing fancy, There are no measurements, I’m just going to kind of play it by ear Or what is. Is that the phrase I’m just going to hmmm Huh? Alright? So I’m going to add a little Bit of olive oil, this is maybe 2 teaspoons, maybe a tablespoon, Then I’m Going to add some fresh lime juice for the acid for the salad, Then I’m going to add some red chilli Flakes because I want some spice, If I was cooking more, I would add some diced jalapenos or serrano peppers A little bit of ground cumin.

If you don’t like Cumin, you can leave it out. I know some people say it tastes like feet. That’s Unfortunate, I think it’s delicious, Then some freshly, cracked, pepper and Salt and I’m going to kind of mash up the avocado, so it’s kind of like a guacamole Except not because guacamole doesn’t have black beans or corn To go with our tacos We’re going to have a really easy, vegan sour cream. This is a store-bought Greek Style, vegan yogurt, It’s from the brand Kite Hill, It’s made with almond milk and If you can’t find Greek style yogurt, you can use any plant-based yogurt it just Won’t be as thick To this I’m going to add a little bit of apple cider, vinegar, And some lime juice.

You could also use a store-bought vegan sour cream or you can make one at home from scratch. I have a recipe for a cashew sour cream If you’re Interested in that, let me know in the comments below and I will put up a Recipe for that, Then we have our tortillas right here. These are corn, Tortillas they’re made with just white corn, water and lime, so they’re gluten Free as well Since this is a no-cook article, of course, you can just put your Filling onto your tortillas like this, You can also microwave your tortillas, so They’re warmed up or you can char the tortillas for about 10 seconds on the Stove over an open flame.

I know this involves some cooking, so it’s totally Optional So after I finished those delicious Tacos for dinner, I finished my evening by snuggling up on The couch with my best friend Netflix And I had some dark chocolate and dates. For dessert, I hope you enjoyed this. What I ate today, article, If you did let me know, In the comments below hit that thumbs up button and, of course, don’t forget to Subscribe so you get more articles from me.

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



WHAT I EAT IN A DAY for a HEALTHY Weight Loss (vegan)

But it’s really hard because the clouds kidding I mean the Sun gets in and out of the clouds and it keeps getting really dark and it keeps getting really bright and this is really a struggle. You know the Monday morning, Jay King, but yeah, welcome to new weather eat. In a day it’s been a while. I haven’t done one of those today I want to thank life Sam for partnering with me on this article, which is a nutrition tracking app.

If you haven’t seen the latest article that I’ve posted on my blog, I talked about kind of my health problems that I went through during 2019 and I basically told you about my weight gain. I told you about the fact that I lost my natural appetite cues and I stopped intuitive eating for that matter. Anyways like I, really encourage you to check out that article. If you want to know more of why I started tracking what I eat, so I’m so excited for this partnership, because I started using Lifeson before this collaboration.

So it’s just really nice because I get to talk to you about an app that I really really am using and I find really cool. I also told you about this in my latest article, but I am doing a cure of vitamin, and so each morning I’m inside ok with one two three pills: this is a brand that I’ve been using. It’s definitely not sponsored, but it’s just work. This is a probiotic. This is for my liver problems, and this is for my skin.

I just have that with water. That’s the first thing I have in the morning. Is it really a surprise? If I tell you that I have oatmeal in the morning, I think not I have bananas need to be eaten. I think so. I’m going to have one in there mashed, so using a banana is really good because it helps to sweeten the oatmeal without adding sugar blueberries, approximately 70 grams bout, half a cup, a cup blueberries.

This gets really beautiful, nice, nice, nice, adding frozen blueberries, really helps to cool down the preparation, so that is like really good temperature for the tummy to eat. It’s not good to eat frozen food and it’s not good to eat hot food. So this is kind of the perfect temperature, so yogurt tablespoon 10 grams mix. That again together. Look at that. This is where things have been changing from me.

Add just a couple of getting the calash pepitas. This is really really interesting. This is pumpkin seeds, flour and it’s really rich in protein, so I just add, like a tablespoon of it, just adding that tahini teaspoon not too much. If you know I’m ready to have my breakfast now, let’s just see what like some says about this breakfast, I’m going to add breakfast now. I could do one by one everything, but because it’s a meal that I know works really well and is really balanced.

I have saved it to my favorite and this is a premium feature, but basically I just go to meals and it’s called the perfect oatmeal. This is not the calories, it has. The perfect oatmeal one serving has everything that I’ve just put to my oatmeal track, and if I come back, okay done there, it is 430 calories, I’m actually going to add some chia seeds. That’s not in my recipe. I have added seven today: five, not even four grams: that’s it total breakfast, perfect, healthy, liver protein, healthy liver clubs, healthy little fat, rich in fiber calories and track everything’s.

In tracked, honestly, I was very surprised when I started using this app and I was inputting my normal breakfast. I thought that was really healthy, but I realize how unbalanced it was, and I have enough protein and the facts were way too high. And so I’m really happy because I think of it with the app and see like what breakfast would taste good and be very well-balanced, and this is it. This is a perfect oatmeal, so yeah.

I really encourage you to download this app and just check if your current breakfast is like balanced lunch time. I kind of want to try a new recipe today and see if that works out. I have something in my mind, but I don’t know if it’s going to work, but if it does, I think it’s going to be a good recipe. I want to do the idea of an omelet but obviously vegan, I’m going to use a potato carrot. Some broccoli, some cauliflower and then I’m like the doll ways: chickpea, flour, rice, flour, so meal, something like that in dough.

So that’s the plan. Now, let’s do it expectations vs. Reality? Oh well, it’s definitely not what I wanted yeah. This is my lunch. So basically, all I did was editing articles on my computer. It’s pretty gloomy outside it’s pretty cold. It’s pretty moody, doing a little break out of the computer. I am going to make myself some chai latte with soy milk, very simple recipes that I have my ebook and after that I think I’ll just work a little bit more, my computer and then I will work out and then what do I have planned? Yes, I need to think about a new class for the week yoga class for dinner.

I decided to make a recipe out of the remaining things that I had in my fridge, which were vegetables and some red rice that I had cooked a few days ago. So I start to chop my shallots, my mushrooms, everything that needs to be chopped, and I start to heat that up in a pan using no oil, because I don’t find that it’s really useful. I use a little bit of curry, spice mixed that well and when it started to cook I add the zucchini again mix that well and then once it’s reduced a little bit, I add my cooked rice, not too long.

This is really the last step of the recipe I add a full can of coconut milk, and that makes it really creamy. It’s like a little risotto, but obviously very short in time, and I finish with the greens, broccoli, because greens really don’t need to be cooked for a lot of time. As I mentioned, this recipe makes two serves, so what I did is I split it in half and on the ad I entered my new recipe for two serves.

What I really like is this little feature. You can scan pretty much anything. It finds everything it’s incredible and then I added the remaining ingredients and I also decided to top it with some nutritional yeast dinner is served, so it smells amazing. I love it. I’m going to check with you so the app basically says I’ve eaten a bit too much fat and that’s just basically because of the coconut I’m going to put that down before it.

It’s just because of the coconut milk that I put a lot off. I don’t eat coconut milk every day, so that’s totally fine. Overall, I think the day is pretty balanced and for now I just think that this will fill me up and I won’t be hungry after. If I really feel the need to eat, I will eat. I will not like let this app dictate my eating, but it’s a really good way for me to kind of realize what I’ve been eating and I like that.

The focus is not just on calories, and it gives you a lot of tips on how to make your meals more balanced. It gives you recipes and stuff. If you go premium, you have like a lot more choice and also it’s great because it tracks the activities that I have in my Apple read so yeah. It kind of puts it into the calories that I kind of need for my day, which is great. You see like I am really fine using that kind of app and I’m like I’ve, never had an eating disorder.

I just want to say – and I probably should have said that at the start of this article, but I just want to say that I don’t think it’s healthy to track what you’re eating. If you have trouble with food, if you have some sort of eating disorder, as I told you in the previous article, I’m trying to lose weight, and I’m also trying to regain my natural appetite, because I lost a sense of what each food bringing me.

Because of our mental issues, and so for me, it’s really helpful. I think it teaches my body again what’s the value of each food and it teaches me a lot about how my meals are actually balanced or not, but yeah. I know that I’m able to take some step back from it all I wanted to say I really don’t want to promote something that would make your health indenter otherwise like if you’re fine with eating, and you just have a like a little goal or you just Want to eat healthier.

I think this is a really really good way to do it. It’s very easy to use didn’t take a lot of time. It’s really nicely integrated, but yeah. This is my day of eating. I hope you enjoyed and I will leave all the recipes in the description box below. I can’t wait to eat this and I’ll see you guys really soon. Bye,

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.