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4 Tips for SUCCESS on the Keto Diet!!!

My name is autumn and I’ve been on the keto diet. Since September of 2017, over the past year and a half, I have lost around 80 pounds with keto, and so I just wanted to make this article today to give you four of my tips and tricks for starting and or staying on, the keto diet tip number One is: do your research, I feel like a lot of people just jump into the keto diet and if you don’t really take some time to look into it, you just think oh butter bacon eggs boom.

That’s it and you attempt to do that for a week and it might even work, but then you start to feel burnt out and restricted and then you’re like. Oh, the keto diet, didn’t work for me and it’s not that the keto diet didn’t work for you. It’s just that enough. Research wasn’t done to understand how to make the diet sustainable for you, as a part of that, I would also say be prepared to know what you’re going to eat every day for the first two to four weeks having a plan, especially when you’re starting a new Diet, it gives you something to be accountable to if you’re anything like me, whenever you’re, given the option or whenever you’re, given a food choice, you make the wrong choice.

So the easiest way to not even have to worry about that is to have a meal plan. A 30-day plan of this is what I plan to eat every day for the first 30 days to keep me on track and keep going and keep planning ahead so that you don’t find yourself in situations where you’re out stranded and you don’t have any food and A Cinnabon is looking real tempting and you didn’t prepare yourself. So preparation is key tip number two, and this was something that I really had to learn the hard way start with food that you actually like.

So when you look up, ketogenic recipes, there’s going to be a bunch of stuff like MCT oil and psyllium, husk and xanthan gum, and just all these weird ingredients that you probably have never heard of, and that’s okay, because that’s not as totally optional. There are plenty of lists on the internet of foods that are acceptable on the keto diet. Get that list Circle, the foods that you already like and start with those.

I can tell you from my own personal experience the weekend before I decided to start the keto diet. I went to Sam’s Club and I bought $ 400 worth of food that I had never even thought about eating in the years prior. Just because I knew you could have it on the ketogenic diet, secret Kido confession. I don’t really like avocados and that’s okay, but I knew that avocados were a staple of the diet. So here I go buying all these avocados and guess what they went bad.

I bought a joke of MCT oil for what guess what it is literally still sitting in my pantry unopened a year and a half later I bought chicken meatballs, just a bunch of things that didn’t make sense for me to eat when I know for a fact That I already love butter. I already love eggs. I already love bacon, I already love broccoli and cauliflower and olive oil, and that’s exactly what I ended up eating the first few weeks anyway.

So all that stuff was just sitting in my pantry going bad, because I went right out the gate trying something new. The ketogenic diet is going to be new enough. You don’t need to be introducing new foods while you’re just trying to get acclimated to the diet. Tip number three: no cheats for at least the first 90 days. One of the things that the keto diet has taught me was that there’s just no way around it to lose weight and to get healthier.

You just have to consistently eat properly. That’s it in regular diet, culture we’ve gotten so used to. I can eat well during the week and then go on a two-day binge on the weekend and then Monday. I started all over again and by Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday, I’m going crazy. Like there’s no way around it, if you want to be successful, you’ve got to follow the plan for more than just a week.

You’re never going to be successful. If you don’t have two key things: discipline consistency, that’s all it takes to be successful at anything. So when you’re thinking about that in terms of your diet, be disciplined eat the food, that’s part of your food plan consistently for at least 90 days, and my thought process is in factor ninety days you want a cheat meal or a cheat day or something I’m Personally, okay with those that is something that you’re going to have to reconcile when you do your research and figure out what kind of keto diet you want to do, if you can go longer than 90 days, if you can just go on the diet and not Cheat ever more power to you, that’s even better.

That is optimal, best-case scenario, but if, in order to make the diet sustainable, you do need a cheat meal or a cheat day. I am a huge proponent of those. I have participated in many a cheat day and I’m still successful on the diet because more times than not I’m eating on plan – and so I know so many people that will start the diet and maybe the first week they lose eight pounds and the next week.

They lose six pounds and then the third week, maybe they lose one pound and then the fourth week, maybe they don’t lose any weight and by the fourth week it’s like, oh no, the diet has stopped working for me. Let me quit, and that is not the case. Your body needs time to adjust and it’s going to take longer than four weeks for me personally, the first month I was on keto, I lost eight pounds. The second month I was on keto.

I lost eight pounds. The third month I was on keto, I lost 15 pounds and if I would have looked at eight pounds and thought, oh that’s not enough! This day, I’m not losing quickly enough this diets, not working for me. I might have given up and not really push through to that threshold. That really made me realize that oh wow keto works. If you stick with it and if you’re truly disciplined and I’m really proud of myself – because I was one of those five on two off type people – my entire dieting life.

But I made a plan. That’s why it’s important to make a plan, and I wrote down everything I was going to eat and I prepared it so that when Saturday came when the first Saturday of the ketogenic diet came, I had to actually mentally trick myself and pretend I was still at Work because that’s how we gauge, when it’s time to eat it’s okay, normally if it was 8:30 I’ll, be having a coffee and then by 11:30 I’d be having lunch.

And so I would gauge when I was supposed to eat on the weekend, for when I normally ate at work during the week and that first Saturday in Sunday that I made it through on plan on the diet like that was revolutionary for me, because I had Just never done it before, and that gives you the confidence to go right back into Monday, and you know Monday through Friday is a breeze. We can do that and then the next Saturday and Sunday.

You already know that you’ve done it once before, and you can do it again and you can keep doing it and I did it for 90 days straight and it shows you that you’re not a slave to food you’re, not a slave to your craving. You can make a plan, you can stick to a plan, you can eat delicious food and you cannot feel deprived all right and my last and final tip tip number four find a keto community. If that’s on YouTube on Instagram on Facebook, when people you know in real life, that’s one of the most surefire ways to remain accountable and really understand that you’re, not alone in your struggles, I’ll tell you one thing: you are alone in making sure that you’re doing The work no one’s going to force-feed you keto food.

You have actually got to make the choice to put the correct food in your body every day. No one else can do that for you and in that you are completely alone, but in your struggles and your temptations and your desire for new recipes and your desire to vent, there are tons of people out there going through the exact same thing that you are And to find that and to read that and to really realize that you’re not alone or something’s, not wrong with you, because for 30 days in a row you’re doing great and for day 31.

You just want to flip a table because you have such a bad craving to realize that that’s normal and everybody feels it and just to work your way through it and to let the community know your struggles and it’s also a place for great information. People are always sharing information, recipes tips on fasting tips for exercising, there’s so much information out there and it’s so much more meaningful when it comes from a person that you know is going through the same things that you’re going through so you’re already on your way With step four, if you’re reading this article because you’re already part of my community – and I really really love that and I’m glad you’re here – and I want you to know that if I was successful, if I – the person that tried so many diets Weight, Watchers Jenny, Craig juicing vegan everything I’ve tried everything if I can find something that works for me and make up my mind because that’s all it takes you got to make up your mind if I can finally get to the point where I made up my mind that I Was going to be disciplined and consistent with this diet? If I can do that, anyone can, because I know exactly how it feels to feel hopeless to feel.

Well, I guess I’m just a fat person forever. You know. I guess this is my life now, but to really truly know that that’s not the life you want, but to honestly believe that you don’t have the power to change it. I’m a slave to Donuts, I’m a slave to Doritos. They all taste too good. I can’t do it I’m here to tell you you can do it, you can, but you have to make up your mind and you have to be disciplined and you have to put it into action.

Alright, that’s enough of me rambling! Thank you so much for reading this article. I hope that these tips helped you if you’re just wanting to start the diet or, if maybe you’ve, done the diet for a little bit and you’ve fallen off. Hopefully you can start to re-implement some of these tips. That will help you be successful this time around. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly meal preps weekly.

Would I eat Wednesdays, monthly, weigh-ins and monthly keto Craig reviews? You can also find me on instagram at read autumn pedo, thanks and I’ll talk to you later.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2019-07-21 Keto Meal Prep/ Vlog

Nelson sit, sit, okay, plop down Milton plop down Madi girl, Maddy Madeline Madeline, look up! Look at your mother, Madeline sit Madeline, look at your mother, hmm! Okay! Now you plop down what just happening morning guys it’s a little later than usual, but that’s okay. I’ve already been super productive today. First thing I did was wit to go, take the recycling out and then I went to Costco today.

I only bought that same ground beef that I bought last week, because I’ve decided I’m having the exact same thing that I had last week like so I did intermittent fasting last week. I did a 20-hour fast and a 4-hour eating window, and that was tough, but it was also very amazing, like it was very. I don’t know what word I’m looking for. The only thing I can think of is calming. It was just calming to know that there were strict rules about when I could eat so I had to shut my mental crybaby up and it was 11:30 and it’s like wow, I’m hungry, but it’s like no girl, you’re, not eating till 2:00, so get over.

It focus on something else and move on, and that’s precisely what I did and I was successful every day and I was really proud of myself so this week, I’m just having pretty much the exact same thing. I’m going to have some cheese sticks and then bacon and hot dogs which were just amazing and then I’m going to have some ground beef. But this time I am in the mood for like cabbage. I don’t I’d, have no idea why? But I’m going to FRA me up some cabbage to go with it.

I am very excited about that and then just some bulletproof coffee that preferred keto collagen was amazing. The chocolate kind, at least the vanilla, didn’t really taste like anything, and I was just like I mean I’m okay with that, but the chocolate is delicious, so I’m going to have some more bulletproof coffee and then some more whipped cream and some more jello like that’s. It I am reintegrating Devia back into my plan.

Okay, guys it is time zip fish shake, but before that I want to open up, I had a package in the mail from Shelley Shelley. Thank you so much I’ve been kind of feeling around and I’m just like. It’s the zip is because I don’t want to Roulettes um zip is, if I got some in here. I would much rather use this, so I am going to open this thing up and see what it is. Oh, it’s a car. Oh I love cards. Oh Shelley! Oh Shelley, Oh suspected, oh my god! Not only is it big each peach mango? Oh my god, Shelley already.

Thank you so much I’m about to read your card, but thank you so much. I knew I knew it was in here. I telepathically knew that that was what was in here. I am so happy that I waited because you know I’m having this today. You know I’m having this right now autumn. I just appreciate you your time and your humor just want it to say Hague and send you some bum peach mango Zipf is in three two one. Thank you so much I’m about to shake it.

I am about to shake it right now, with my peach mango zip is now the peach, the mango. Alright, everybody get ready to shake it like you’re, shaking a flavor that you know you love in three two one Shelly, it’s so good Shelly. Thank you so much. If you ever want to send me something which once again just blows my mind, my address is always in the description box below all right guys I am going to enjoy my peach mango Zipf.

Is I’m going to go to the gym? I’m still going to go to my er, that’s where I’m going to get a majority of my stuff and then we just have a busy day as usual. Let’s do it hey guys in true fashion. I am at work because what is a weekend, you know, I technically hit 20 hours at 12:30 p.M. Today. I stopped eating really early yesterday, so my eating window technically opened about an hour ago, but I’m not hungry, so I decided not to eat.

You know leaving the house, I was thinking like. Oh my eating windows open like I could grab a couple. Cheese sticks and you know and eat them technically like within the rules, but I was like I don’t want to break my fast for some cheese sticks and I’ll tell you. That’s contributed a lot, a lot to the Xero app. I know a lot of you have heard of it, but it is an app that tracks your fasting Brooke.

This turns the whole thing into a game, as you can see, it’s green because I’ve hit over 20 hours. This is really neat. It really helps me become accountable and you know, as you’re, seeing the little dial fill up and you’re seeing the countdown you’re just like you know what I can make it. Those extra 20 minutes 30 minutes like so I really like this app. It’s called 0ze ro. So I’m just going to get to work for a little bit and then I will eat when I get home.

Okay, guys, I am done with meal prep. I really didn’t want to do it today, so I am very proud of myself for powering through and it turned out great it’s delicious, so I’m so excited to show it to you. First of all, just look at all these meats right here – oh my goodness. Okay, so first we have zip is, and then we have our cheese sticks. Next we have coffee with all the fixings. So that’s going to be this cashew milk, the Kido of chocolate collagen and some butter right there and then there’s.

My sweetener also sweetener for the heavy whipping cream, the chocolate heavy cream and then for my meals, I’m going to be having some hot dogs and bacon with some mustard and then the main attraction. Oh, my goodness, this ground beef again, but this cabbage you guys I just fried that up in like three tablespoons of butter and oh my word, it’s so delicious. All I add it with salt and pepper like I am very excited about that.

But each serving is six total carbs. So, like that’s what you get for eatin vegetables, but like hash tag worth it and then I’m going to be covering my beef in sour cream and some more butter winning overall today was a great productive day. I am happy to be sitting down relaxing for the evening, I’m probably going to put together more furniture cuz, like the furniture never ends, don’t forget to check out my what I eat Wednesday article to see how I put this all together.

Okay comment down below what are your thoughts on cabbage like for some reason I just literally had a craving for it. I think you know what I want to learn some cabbage. How do you feel about cabbage? I feel it’s kind of controversial because of its cousin. The Brussels sprout: are they cousins? Are they like, like mom and baby? I don’t know our Brussels sprouts just baby cabbages like if that’s the case, I mean, regardless that big head of cabbage is delicious, and I also like Brussels sprouts to comment down below team cabbage team, Brussels sprout team like thicker, green or just like not fan, I’m Cool, thank you so much for reading this article.

If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly meal preps weekly, what I eat: Wednesdays, monthly, weigh-ins, monthly, keto, Kratt unboxings and the occasional product review and recipe. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook at read autumn Quito thanks and I’ll see you next week.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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Trader Joe’s – Top 5 Keto Finds!!

I got a mom behind the camera, let’s head in there. I know of a couple things I want to get all ready, but I’m excited to see what else they have Cisco the thing of it, like I don’t really understand about Trader Joe’s is like as like healthy of a food store supposed to be like they don’t Have any good low, carb, bread or tortilla options like they just plain, don’t and that’s disappointing Trader Joe’s pancake bread, though a twist on a buttermilk shortstack, sweet amazing that is not of the Lord habanero hot sauce.

This might be bought organic rice, cauliflower! That’s wonderful! Wait! A minute vessel Deanie, oh yes, what does that mean? Oh game, changer? No, we were talking about the price. Oh, I know yes, a dollar 99 name organic orange! Oh yes! Yes, do you speak there? You can yes or do you wish? Not there. You go hot and spicy dill pickle chips, FTW check out the nut butter Mecca. We have here. Okay, look at this mixed nut butter spread, we have here sounds interesting, sounds like it has sugar in it.

Oh, I know what type? Let’s take a look. It’s loaded with potassium and sugar, where is the real star of the butter spread right in front of you, Christina cookie butter, pie, mmm, [, Laughter, ]? Those are definitely not top 500. That’s what we’re doing. I say we, you know we’re kidding it wow, that’s so funny, all these hours, sorry mom in Flour, mama yeah, I know, but something like now almond flowering enough.

No footage we’re getting got stock footage right now limited the stock market yeah, but I you okay yeah cornball, here’s the section everyone raves about, and it is the spice section. Okay, now I’m personally a fan of some of these. I have this chili lime seasoning. This new, when everyone is talking about this umami, I haven’t had it, but it says it’s like mushrooms and we all know how I’m you I know I’m just not as into mushrooms as I want to be, but they’re.

One of these here is the star of the show everything but the bagel seasoning, oh yeah, legitimately everything, but but the bagel. Oh, my God, look coconut oil packet for all your coconut oil needs on the go more stock footage yeah. You know I’m getting them packs already shredded hanging in it. You get up. You got a great throne, cheese, no, but I’m just saying so. I need to Experian comment down below.

If you remember my rule number, one of shredded cheese comment right now: how about the goat cheese? So thank you. I mean apparently people like it, but man. Why do I genuinely think she’s hilarious? Oh here it is cheddar with jalapeno puff cheese. Okay, I said they had a limited egg selection, a limited selection. You know well that was good. That was, that was good. I get it. Thank you. Mama girl, boo, okay, guys, so we’ve been all over the store and I got my number one, which is this rice, vegetable medley.

Honestly, it’s like the entire vegetable prepackaged vegetable section in general. I’m a fan, but this rice vegetable medley, is a blend of cauliflower broccoli. Carrots, green onion and yellow onion, like I think this adds just like a nice little flare on the rice cauliflower. The net carbs aren’t too many more either alright number two. I know my mom’s going to kill me, but yes, she is organic rice, color, flour like I was like.

Okay, these bags of rice cauliflower only a dollar. Ninety-Nine, like you, got ta look on what you’re getting you only getting twelve ounces, which I mean it’s not bad, it’s quite standard but organic though for a dollar ninety-nine like that’s a deal, I’m stocking up on these so number two. First, we have the fresh rice vegetables. Now we have frozen like Trader Joe’s is clearly your rice vegetable destination.

All right guys, number three is a section. It is the spice section of Trader Joe’s like it might only be like you know one little shelf, but boy. Does it pack a punch more specifically, I’m going to go with the chili lime seasoning and where is the 21 seasonings salute? I mean these are just a good-quality, generally low sugar sugar-free seasonings. That like could go on anything. They can literally go on anything.

So I would say the star is the whole section, but I’m calling out the chili lime everything, but the bagel seasoning and the 21 seasonings salute oh yeah, and I’m going to pick up this school mommy. Fine. Just because like why not like it adds apparently like an earthy, savory flavor to things, then why? Wouldn’t I want my finger City yeah Turkey and Sara theme paper yeah, so like spice section number three, okay guys, even though they moved them and they thought they were slick, at least in this Trader Joe’s that I’m in my next one is like the nut section.

So more nuts about it more specifically, let’s look down her well hot darn. Maybe they don’t have them? Oh okay, and this is why you just take time. People here they are here. Are my beautiful disclaimer macadamia nuts like once again price really just might be comparable to Aldi like it, you know, nuts or nuts, no matter what, but like nuts section, always come here for some macadamia and number five.

You guys, like I’ve, never had this before, but I would go out on a limb and say that I love it already. I’m going to go with this cheddar with jalapenos pub cheese like oh, the possibilities are endless. Also, I mean Trader Joe’s sounds like a legit dip section. This cheese is going home with me, so my number 5 is this cheddar jalapeno pub cheese for 399 number, one avocados. Let me get for 396, now, Ottomans.

Already over 29. This looks yeah. Yes, I know: humor Adam has already reported that she doesn’t like avocados and I know I gave birth to her one delicious so number one avocados I mean you can’t go wrong with avocado. You can do go very wrong. No okay! I don’t know number two guys. I know she did the cheese section, but I’m like I’ve never like, bought and grated my own cheese. Oh, this is going to be amazing.

I got ta, but I have to get a grater. It is crater Joe’s Trader Joe’s. I’m ace all man, you guys honorable mention the green dragon. How could I forget? Oh now, this is once again another hot dipping sauce for like taco balls or something Oh legit. Okay, number three, this roasted sesame dressing now that hold that parmesan wing sauce treat you Sam. Look at the texture. Look at all this, oh the world, but number four.

I hate my daughter call it’s like hey. Okay, remember this organic rice cauliflower I mean she is right. However, I’m all right, you saw her. I said you’d see at first, but I mean I feel like we’re going to to fight this out yeah, but literally going to have a brawl right, fellas right, so organic rice cauliflower get it talk. Whenever is this comment below and you used to read the supermarket sweep put hands back, but you know much we could get for these at the counter.

We’d win. Okay, number five is like meat. I mean some of this meat has a lot of sugar in it. So don’t get that the barbecue sauces, but the actual might claim roasted meats. Then this the word roast just the word meat off to the checkout. Okay guys. So we are out of Trader Joe’s yeah mom. What did you think I was wonderful? How to enjoyment? Have you ever been to Trader Joe’s? No, actually, I’m not so.

This is a unique, first-time experience for me and it was really nice yeah. They have a lot of my stuff and it is very well priced. I know I was like because I always hear about Trader Joe’s. I’m thinking like all this, especially one one-of-a-kind type clays then, like I said, is going to be ridiculous price. That’s it no, and I mean it was that it was comparable to all did. But you know why do you know Trader Joe’s, an Aldi or the same company like real? Like true story? They were all the same company and like these two brothers were like feuding or something like that and like brother number ones like, I don’t want to take the store in this direction and brother number two’s like I want to do this with the store, so they Split the stores down the middle and one became Aldi and one became Trader Joe’s, but they’re the same store, they’re, the same store, the same story but you’re Joe you’re, a traitor.

No, that’s not how that went I’ll be take my business over here. No overall, like I really like shopping at Trader Joe’s, I mean we got here basically as soon as the store open and that sucker is packed, but we only have, but we only have one in the city. So I could understand that kinda. Yes, the only one in the city, but they do have good prices and a good selection on like health food, like all those rice, cauliflower, all the vegetables, all things like that they have excellent selection.

I will say the trainer pros gets into the just because it says organic on it. It’s like organic chocolate chip cookies. I know it’s that, like organic cane sugar, it’s still sugar, though you know, so exactly so, just because it’s like a health food and they package it in a real artisanal. You know sorta way it’s like. Oh, this must be healthy and it’s like nah nah bruh demonstrate cookies, exact.

So but overall I think that’s it yeah. I mean I had a good time. Ok, awesome! I love my choices. My purchase, ok, so be sure to. Let us know the comments below which store we should go to next. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly meal preps weekly. What I eat: Wednesdays, monthly, weigh-ins, monthly, keto credit unboxings and the occasional product review and recipe, and sometimes I go to places with my mom and we just talk about all the keto stuff we find there.

You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook at read autumn. Keto thanks. You we’ll see you next time see ya.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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We were there all the time anyway. So this list will include over 60 items over $ 800 with the product of the things that we pick up at Costco, and I think it might find that it helps you if you’re not familiar with some of these products or if you don’t go to Costco.

Very often, or if you’re, not even a member, a lot of these things, you can get on Amazon, believe it or not, so you know me I’ll be linking some stuff in the description below anyway yeah. So, stick around see what all the things that we buy are and they’re, certainly even more than that at the store it’s just. This is a list of the things that we use, and this was what three trips right: three trips, three different trips and we’re combining it all into one.

Let’s take someone to talk a little bit about the store itself. We’ve been extremely busy it’s hard to film. In our warehouse one because I work there and everybody wants to chat with me, a lot of the members know who I am so it makes it very disruptive. So we’ve chosen not to actually film while were there, but we did take pictures of the products and price cards when we could, I think, we’re missing one.

Oh yeah yeah. I was putting it together before we did this article to talk about each of these items. So we’ll jump right into it copy draw, let’s start with my favorite cheese, cheese in more cheese and more cheese, that’s Stacey’s department, absolutely I’ve, always loved cheese. Since I was a little kid, we started off with our mozzarella cheese. This is a must-have in our household. At any given time it’s the basis of our Fathead pizzas, you know one of our favorites that we like to do and we did a how-to article.

That’s done very well for us, it is tapas. I usually mix up an egg with a little bit of nacho cheese for a trifle real, quick, absolutely the other staple that we like is the queso chihuahua cheese, chihuahua cheese, it’s about Wawa, cheese, yeah, Greg and Stacey. Kgp dough turned this on to that cheese and it’s definitely been a winner for Stacey. She loves that cheese and then we do taco bowls with it.

Yes are those taco bowls. We use that Kiesel yeah yeah, it’s good cheese, good, good, spicy, cheese. The Mexican cheese is another one. We love to do our tackle shows with the chocolate bowls with the flat breads with yeah. I’ve even seen, Stacey use a mission, carp shell, to make a quesadilla out of that and put it a little bit of jalapeno. Yes, yes, the next one is cheddar cheese, sugar. I can handle cheddar, you can handle again Bill likes to put cheddar on top of his chili yep.

I also put it on my broccoli and I love to make broccoli cheddar soup, with their cheddar cheese. Nope can’t go wrong with that. Can’t go wrong with each other, one of the other, quick and simple snack ideas that I always use as well as our daughters, love are. The mozzarella sticks now, don’t why are they great for snacking they’re great for homemade mozzarella sticks yeah, yeah radio. For that too Parmesan cheese, shakey cheese.

I call it. He always calls it’s tricky because you shake it. Okay, I mix this in with a couple of different recipes that I use even with the flat breads. It just gives a different texture to it, meatballs to the meatballs, and I love it with the parmesan crusted, pork, chops, cheese and texture of crust. That’s what she likes crunch is where it’s at crunches, where it’s at Thursday’s. So now it’s time to talk about the meats.

The one nice thing with Stacey working at Costco is she can get the prime picks of the rib eyes. I know everybody yeah, so we’ve gotten a couple batches of the rib eyes that have just been oh, my gosh perfection. They taste amazing. I even just did a article on how I make my rib eye steak. It’s wonderful! It’s a great treat now and then yeah. Absolutely he always asked after I buy them. He says how’d, it feel like a steak.

Yes – and I love me, the other thing I get from Costco is the chicken thighs they have the boneless chicken thighs and there’s no skin on them. I do grab some from the store that have skin on them as well with the boning, but the ones from Costco are just really nice package. You get a couple in in each package, so I don’t feel like I’m eat wasteful. I can pull out what I need and those chicken thighs are fantastic.

Another thing we get from there is regular ground beef. Now, instead of just getting a regular package of ground beef, we get the tube of ground beef, which is ten pounds. I believe yes just knock on the window, and anybody in the meat department can help you out with the tuba ground beef. It saves you money. Yeah, you get a better price per pound. We had to do the two tube they get into being 30.

40. 50 cents less per pound to do that to so, the tube is definitely worth looking into. If you’re, making a large amount, we tend to cook up that whole tube and put it into snap where and then we put it in the freezer when we pull it. When we want tacos – and we pull it when we want to make something, we also pick up the organic beef from Costco. That’s what I use when I’m going to make our meatballs hamburger patties.

They just definitely are just a really good tasting meat. I love a homemade hamburger for a quick meal bill tends to do for him and Julia the. I think it’s 1/3 pound beef, patty yeah that are possible from casco just fast and easy yeah. I like the home, cooked ones. Another thing that goes along with the meat very well is the rails, marinara sauce. We use that for our meatballs. We use it for all kinds of things.

Actually, I’ve even just made ground beef and put some rails and some shaky Parmesan cheese on it and just eat it like that, because that’s just how I roll sometimes it’s true, but the rails is great for a treat now and then, and we did pick up Recently here the beef pot roast it’s got a gravy in it and it’s got the beef in it. Oh my gosh, that’s a really nice little treat now and then to pick up.

This doesn’t really like that, but I love it. Next would be the roasted garlic sausage, it’s kind of like a Polish, a little bit like a hot dog. Oh my gosh, they’re, so good. I use them on the COS ass, a little spinning thing that cooks them up and gives them a nice crust. Love that thing another thing I always grab when I go in as a treat now man, maybe once a month I’ll, grab a rotisserie chicken, it’s already pre-made, I just strip it out.

I like to eat the thighs Stacy likes the chicken breast part, so she’ll tear that up and put it on a salad or something I just like the taste of it. I know that some people have issues with that, so I don’t do it very often, but I do like it chicken strips oh, my gosh. These are great. We use them without fredo sauce. We mix it in with a little bit of like ground, pepper and some garlic and some onion powder, because Stacy doesn’t like expiry things and it makes for a wonderful meal Stacy likes.

This is already precooked too, so you could throw it on top of the salad fast and easy just measure out a couple ounces, throw it on top that alfredo chicken is fantastic. Absolutely. I also like to do a couple ounces, usually about two ounces of the chicken strips and I’ll. Just do like a ranch dressing or Caesar dressing as a dipping sauce and I’m good to go, gives you a meal because you got a protein yeah and of course, you can’t go to Costco without buying bacon right bacon.

I buy the four packs of bacon a times. That’s the magic word of the article bacon yeah, you know we buy the four packs of bacon from Costco and Nightrain ration knows out to about once a week. The other thing for a bacon I use is the crumbles. The little crumbles I use those mainly in salads if we ever do make like a little quesadilla with that Mexican cheese or queso cheese, I’ll, throw some bacon bits in with that, of course, on the fat head pizzas, he has bacon and I do have it on The fat head – pizzas, yeah, that’s a staple got bacon, got ta, have the bacon absolutely oh and then add words to build omelets yeah.

I forgot about that yeah I put some bacon crumble, sometimes in an omelet, real, quick. This me it turns out. You know what happens is I start an omelet and it ends up being scrambled eggs. So you know he always eggs yeah. So that’s how that works, and last time I meet list would be tail off fruit. I love this stuff. I throw some of the pan with some vegetables a little bit of olive oil, so some of that gee use teriyaki sauce mix that all up cook it up.

Oh my gosh, it’s amazing! Next to a steak or a piece of chicken, it’s just fantastic! You! You owe it to yourself to try. These almonds happens to be one of my absolute favorites. I love them by themselves, but I actually really like to pair the almonds with extra sharp cheddar cheese, see that just doesn’t sound like a good combo, and I like both of those things. I just don’t think I want them together.

You know, and the funny thing is I would have never eaten them together, but I think my taste buds have changed slightly. Walnuts is another thing that we always have here at the house. I do a lot of baking with the walnuts our Kido mug cake has walnuts. Peekytoe moose has walnuts. You can’t go wrong with two ounces of walnuts in your hand, yeah. We always have 200 snack bags of walnuts and almonds in the and sometimes of academia TIFF.

We have them yeah and in the refrigerator, so there’s like a grab and go back for any of us that need to grab something to go. Yes, keeps you keeps you honest now the macadamia nuts. I have to be careful with those because our youngest daughter – yes, she tried it for the first time at Gregg and Stacy’s with Kazu Kido, I had to keep taking the bag away from her about Mike stop yeah she’s just sitting there eating them like it’s popcorn, Yeah and they’re like leave her alone, let her eat them.

I’m like no okay, it’s back to me now and these little beef sticks I find are fantastic for on-the-go. I actually grabbed the big pack. I think there’s 28 in the pack and – and I throw a couple of my car for a couple because you don’t have to refrigerate them even and and I always grab a big handful of them. And I give my daughter at college because I wanted to have something in their backpack between classes or one, not if she’s in a rush and then just they taste, wonderful and they’re, just so convenient in their own little packages.

Also, we found a new product at Costco called the keto snack mix. This is something great to sit down with a small bowl if you’re going to read like TV or something and you kind of Miss having that little snack, this will fit the bill perfectly. Also, these little cheese wisps are pretty darn good in a little Bowl. If you want a little snack, too kind of an indulgent thing, just sit down with little balls.

Those just measure him out follow the basics. Yeah next are the folio wraps. Everybody was talking about these before Costco had them, and the buzz was just crazy online about it. When we finally got him, I said: oh, we got to get them, who got trying well I’ll, tell you what the texture of them they’re very slick and smooth is not for me. I tried to do a tack on them. I tried to do some lunch meat in them.

They’re. Just not my thing: they don’t taste horrible they’re, just it’s a texture thing and I normally wouldn’t say I’m a texture person, but Stacy ate them now onto the baking stuff. For me, at any given time, we always have at least a couple dozen eggs in the house a couple dozen. What are you talking about six to eight dozen in almost any time, so maybe a few dozen more than a couple yeah we buy the organics and that’s what I use when I’m doing omelets in the morning, primarily for truffles and omelets, I use the organics any Baking thing I do the arena cakes as well.

Now I do buy the regular eggs, our youngest daughter and our old Center love Excel. It now eats up eggs right yeah. Whenever I’m making excelled, I’m usually using eight to ten eggs and they both love. It Carrie gold is another. One of our staples Billy says Kerry gold, probably more than I do yeah I do every morning for ages. I use Terry gold. He hasn’t done it in the coffee, yet he can’t have to do that boy yeah! I don’t do that stuff at Costco as well as I always have the unsalted butter.

We have quite a few recipes that call for the unsalted butter, so it’s ready yeah. So I always make sure I have that on hand and ready to go Philadelphia, Cream Cheese. An absolute staple in the house why go ahead be took dad had pizza, that’s the only thing. I know we use it for there’s a couple other recipes, but also call for the Philadelphia Cream Cheese, but the fact that is the majority of our cream cheese.

So another two bags table that we have in our house is almond flour. Many many many recipes call for the almond flour, so we always have at least two bags on and at any given time. The other thing that we keep on hand is the baking cocoa you’ve done a couple different articles with that the mug cakes things of that nature, so it’s always good to have for a sweet treat the one thing that surprised me is every time we would go To Kroger or somewhere she’d say pick up some vanilla extract and that little bottle was like nine dollars, twelve dollars, something like that right well, Tosca might be a little more expensive on the initial purchase, but what you get for that price? Amazing! Let me tell you it’s 30 bucks and after the vanilla extract yeah, I figure out how many asks you.

37. 28 bucks yeah. It definitely is a game changer when it comes to purchasing vanilla, especially if you’re going to use it for more than one recipe. The birch benders keto pancake mix is amazing. Let me tell you when we buy that stuff at the store we get a lot smaller bag and it costs eight or nine dollars. This thing is like three times the amount for just a little bit more. So definitely if you use that product, this is the way to go, get it at Costco.

Another thing we buy in bulk, obviously at Costco is my broccoli. I have five ounces of broccoli next to a piece of meat, probably at least four times a week. I, like this stuff, super easy, throw it in the microwave I split it up, and then I have a few meals. I do meal prep in containers and I set it all aside and then I eat that for the next couple days. The broccoli is awesome and then I steal the broccoli to put in with my chicken in alfredo sauce, even for your soup and for my soup.

Yep another thing to put next to a piece of chicken in the afternoon, for me at least, is the Caesar salad kit. Now I don’t use the Cutrone’s, I do use those the dressing experian there, but I really like their Caesar salad kits. Stacy does too so when we open the back, we get about three to four servings out of that bag, so we’re in the produce department of Costco you’ll notice. Everything is a little bigger.

I really like their mushrooms there I cut those up. I wash them. I cut them up, I throw I want to p.M. A little olive oil man, they’re they’re, just awesome, and the next thing on the list here is we grab and we’re going to try hava kado again, I don’t know we’ll do another article of it, but we’re Going to try them again, because I know that there’s some great benefits too, you know and they say your taste buds changed and they say your taste much change, so we’re going to give it another.

Try one more try, but there won’t be a article this time. I also grabbed a baggie, these mixed peppers now and then I just wash them up cut them up and again fry them up in a pan, real quick, so tasty so good for you really good stuff. We just tried this bag of cauliflower rice. I have not made it yet. My intention is to use a little bit of soy a little bit of teriyaki, sauce and fry it up in a pan with some butter and see.

If I can replicate something close to a fried rice, it might be disgusting. I don’t know, the other thing you can do is throw some salt, pepper and butter on it and try and eat it as a side dish and again haven’t done it yet. So let me know in the comments if you have and what do you think of it or the best way to make it. Everybody knows we’re not doing sugar on keto right. So the monk fruit from LA canto is is a great substitute.

It’s kind of like swerve to Stacie uses in her recipes mm-hmm. Everybody knows I have a sweet tooth, so I tend to do more of the sweet treats so that I don’t feel like. I need to go away from quito when I want something sweet yeah and that be used a little bit of coffee here, and there too, I actually use the monk fruit drops as well. Yeah so see there, either or depending on what we have most of at that time.

Now, with the avocados remember how we talked about trying the avocado skin, which we will do, but we do use the avocado oil and we do use the avocado spray yeah. What kind of oil I’m used for vegetables sometimes instead of olive oil and the avocado spray I use for things? I don’t want to stick like if I put some parchment paper down or some foil down and I’m going to make something in the oven like the tortilla chips or I don’t know anything, I could spray a little bit of the avocado spray and nothing sticks and That kind of replaces those old canola sprays that we used to use all the time.

Oliver can’t go wrong, use the heck out of it. I use it a lot. I do it mainly for vegetables, I’ll, put vegetables and mix them up with some garlic and stuff love. Love, love the stuff. Yes, and I use it when I do the crispy chicken or the parmesan crusted pork chops and coconut oil ain’t bad either. I’ve tried some of that in the pan and mixed up some things. It doesn’t really have like a super strong, coconutty taste to it.

To me it is pretty good and you used it for fat bombs. Yeah I’ve tried a couple of fat bombs with the coconut oil. They always call for a dark chocolate. I’m not a fan of dark chocolate, so I’m I found I haven’t, found a really good fat bomb for me with that. Quite yet, but we’ll see cilantro lime, crema, this stuff is awesome again. Greg and Stacey turned us on to this from kzp dough. We were out there in Kalamazoo doing something and we were making taco balls.

I think that day – and you know goods like hey, have you tried this so no haven’t tried, it tried it and guess what we’re buying it a pretty regular basis. Every time we make anything, it has a type of meat or type of bass with a taco ball, I’m putting that stuff on it. I love the taste. True story, true story, I see, I see we do use a lot of spices. I now make my own taco seasoning mix yep in Julie labels and Bill.

Does his chicken rub, so we always have a ton of spaces. We try to get the big bottles when we can. Paprika is one of the big ones that we can get from Casco. We use paprika often the pure sea salt is something we always have on hand and goes in almost everything that we cook a lot of the recipes that we do and definitely a staple. In pepper. We use a lot of pepper in this house. We are not afraid of pepper, not afraid of pepper.

So if I make pigs in the morning, I’m putting pepper and salt every day, yes, but lots of pepper, definitely in a lot of recipes yeah. The other thing is the pink Himalayan sea salt. We have it on hand, then you have quite a few recipes that will call for that too adds a different flavor to it. So that’s pretty good as well, not my favorite honestly, but I know it’s good for you and we do use it yeah in the recipes.

It kind of hides it a little bit right. No, I wouldn’t put that in my eggs just personally but yeah. It’s not bad when she puts in their recipe and all you did that way, sneak it in minced garlic. We use the heck out of this stuff. We do almost all the meats that we make. We use the minced garlic and on our fat head Pizza, vegetables. All kinds of places every time you turn around pulling out the mince garlic so now onto some of the drinks, we have an RO system here at home and I love it and we’ve added some minerals and some other things into that, our own filtering system.

So I tend to drink a majority. That’s a eight! Even ninety percent of my drinking is water and I drink a lot. But when we go to Costco we splurge occasionally we buy like the propel zero. I love that stuff and I really like the way that that comes in a variety pack, so you don’t get tired of one flavor. You grab one this day and you grab another one a different day and another drink we’ve tried. It recently was the I believe they call it.

Bai Bai they’re, pretty good too. They have a different taste to them, but it’s just something to throw into the refrigerator and have as a an offering or a different taste. If you just want to grab and go with something last time, the drink list is, if is, if you haven’t tried these, give them a try. Costco sells a variety pack and they’re, really pretty good. Yes, I’ll grab my drink of water, I’ll grab a bottle of water.

Take a few drinks first put, the zip is in shake it up. Trust me trust me if you have never done this before take a few drinks first put. The zip is in then put the cap on and shake it up, because if you don’t get him a mess like I did so just you know, take care of ice before key Tori needs to be a really heavy milk drinker. Yes, you do every day every day had to have my milk, but I had stronger bones.

That’s true! So now I always have a little bit of almond milk on hand great for recipes and just to have a sip of milk, so in the health beauty in pharmacy area of Costco. Two of the things that I use are the apple cider, vinegar capsules. I like those because just kids teased about the cider vinegar, so I’m trying to get the outside the vinegar in in a different form in a capsule form, so I’m trying to do good right and the other thing I use from that area is super beet complex.

I take that every day as well. For me, I use the nature’s bounty, hair, skin and nails. I’ve been using that for about six months and definitely notice the difference. Yeah, you are having some trouble of hair loss in the beginning. I think right yeah. However, I find out now that it’s pretty menopause causing the hair loss, not Kido – oh geez, sorry, but it does help your hair skin and nails alright, but it does okay, a few staples that we have that I used almost every time I do any baking is Parchment paper are usually yeah, can’t have enough parchment paper, it’s great.

So, when you’re rolling out the dough’s yeah, it’s not sticking to your rolling. Pin it’s not sticking to your hands. That’s sticking to the counter! It comes right off when you’re done baking. I’ve even used it to make bacon yeah deep, well sheet. Aluminum, foil is also something that we keep on hand it’s great when you have to let something set up, and we want to cover it when you put it in the refrigerator, and it’s also really nice to store things with as well.

Yep. Their foil is thicker. Next, on my list are the vinyl gloves bill makes fun. I don’t like to touch raw meat so, but he’s the final whoops and it works well for me, are you sold now read means I don’t like to touch the meat, it’s a texture thing, but I will tell you garbage bags. We go through a ton, more garbage bags because we’re cooking all fresh now, cooking at home and cookie, more real foods, yeah yeah, definitely stead throwing on a McDonald’s bag, we’re making all this food and then all the waste of that food or the XS or the Skins or whatever all goes in the garbage, absolutely there must have yeah, and I like that.

Garbage bag safer, archaeans well and we just go through so many of them and they were so economical compared to just going and buying a smaller package or get ripped off with us at the store. She knows that’s one of the reasons I do love Kasich. Oh, hey, it’s flu season, guys and also everybody’s all worked up about this coronavirus stuff too, but basically it is flu season. Don’t forget that? Yes, so we go through a lot of tissue in this house with the kids and everything and then when Lauren comes home she takes some tissue back to the dorms.

I think she feeds everybody else to eat it, but we do go through a lot, so we buy in bulk at Costco. We use the heck out of it and I really like it. Yeah Clorox wipes goes right along with that we’re always sanitized and everything whitening things down doorknobs. When Julie comes home from school, I cringed to think of all the things that she’s touched along the way, and I want her to wash her hands when she comes home from school.

I know that might be a little crazy, but then I grab a clerics clock and I’m getting the door knobs and anything else is she talks before she came in okay, just because I’m kind of weird like that and don’t forget to wake your fridge handles the Last two things on the list for today are not Kido but definitely staples in the household we use everybody’s advice, household, the tide and UNSTOPABLES cuz you’ve got us no good yeah.

You got ta smell, good and here’s the thing you get more for your money, more volume for the price, I believe at least at Cosmo. So when we do know, we pick up the tide, we pick up the downy or the fabric sheets. So that’s the majority of the things that we buy when we go to Costco. Hopefully you got some new ideas. You know we did quite a few items here on these last three trips that we shared with you guys.

So maybe in the comments below, let us know what your favorite things from Costco are. If we didn’t cover one of them, let us know, because I’d like to look for it and start using it, possibly absolutely yeah. So that’s how we all learn. So thanks for joining us and keep it keto, you

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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Aldi Haul – Top 5 Keto Finds!!

The reduction I’ll do really close to my house, and I’ve never really checked it out to see what sort of stuff they have. That would be good for the keto diet. So I got my mom with me who’s behind the camera and we are going to go in and we are each going to pick out our top five favorite keto fine. So let’s go in and see what they got be firuze. This does not say about USDA.

All natural beef with an asterisk shouldn’t have to have an asterisk if it’s natural check out this parmesan garlic, green sauce, I don’t know if I like parmesan and garlic waiting to be good like on a bunless ogre – oh god, mom. No, alright guys! So I’ve been all around the store and I picked out like the five things that I would buy from here. There’s a bunch of actually good pedo options such as avocado tons of other meats, and things like that, but like these are the five things that I would probably buy from here number one.

When I first came in, I was assaulted as nuts and I’m okay with that assaulted. You get it salt, okay, but the first thing I see here, which I really like are these oven roasted almonds because most roasted almonds, for instance, even these roasted almonds they’re roasted with canola oil, and so, if we don’t have to add any of those bad oils. If we don’t have to then that’s best case scenario and then I ran into these oven roasted almonds, which the only ingredients are almonds in sea salt.

So I think it’s really cool that they have non-oil roasted almonds so and they’re for four dollars and 89 cents or 14 ounces. So I’m taking these. Oh okay, guys I don’t know what they thought they were doing. But my number two item that I would purchase here still: nuts put their macadamia nuts. Why are the macadamia nuts in the baking aisle when all the other nuts upfront macadamia are my favorite nuts and they hide them over here in the baking section? Y’All thought I was slick not today, so these macadamia nuts for ten ounces are a 29.

I mean to be honest: macadamia nuts are expensive and that’s just that’s just what it’s going to be like, but all that’s in here is macadamias insult and like these are going in the bag as well. Another thing I was really surprised to find making this mine number three is unrefined coconut oil in a glass jar. So so, as far as I know, you want to get your coconut oil unrefined, cold, pressed in glass instead of plastic, and I mean this is organic and this is for 49.

Don’t get me wrong. You could probably pick this up at like a Sam’s or Costco in like four times as much, for you know just twice the price, but for someone like me who doesn’t really use coconut oil a lot for it to be in the class. I think this is a good deal, but I already have tons of coconut oil at home yeah, also not in my list, but still D, like what teams better heavy at all date. But like I just use butter, I used to use D but like just like butter better, so I’m going to that trying to figure out.

If I would put this in my list, I still got to lift but like I was very surprised to find almond flour here, and this is – and you see here it says – keto friendly, which I’m like okay, technically yes, but so for 16 ounces. It’s $ 5.99 and that’s not bad at all. To only have ingredients almond flour, you know what I actually do need almond. Flour and I went to Sam’s and they didn’t have any so I’m going to go ahead and buy this island.

Flour is also not something that I use very often, but when I need it, I want to have it, and this is a pretty good price. So I’m going to pick this up something okay, so I I guess, but I’m not adding it to the list. No wait a minute, it’s a technicality. Another thing I was very surprised to find: is this crunchy peanut butter spread? I don’t like when things have an extra word added at the end like ice cream dessert, but no no.

It should just be ice cream, so peanut butter, spread kinda, makes me feel a little icky, but it has flax, seeds and whole Chia, and this does not have like any sweeteners or anything so dry, roasted peanuts. Flaxseed chia seeds does have palm oil and salt, but overall this is pretty legit. It’s just like white meat. It does not look appetizing at all. No, if you couldn’t see it exactly no, but look at that one right.

There pick that one up like that’s legit disgusting, I mean no, no, no, no! No! No! No! London! All I exactly on everything. Unappetizing, no believe exactly yucky. Okay, guys number four, I’m! Finally getting back to it! It’s just going to be this heavy cream like at this point. This is all about value when you’re looking at heavy cream, you want to check the carb counts and everything like that is generally the cheaper in for lower quality, your dairy, the more carbs they sneak in there, but this has zero carbs on the label Mountain for Every tablespoon of heavy cream that I use, I count a quarter carb just because we all know that it’s not completely car free, but for this to be a dollar and fifty five cents.

This is a great value and it’s my number four okay, something else. I wanted to point out just for regular dozen eggs for 69 cents. That is not bad, like I’m an ex knob, so I personally buy like free-range blah-dee-blah, cage-free, etc. So I’m not picking these up, but if I’m on a budget like great okay. So my last item, which it’s really just more of a section – but I was very pleased with their selection of meats – they got chickens.

Pork, beef just a lot of good quality meats at a really good price. They also even have brass bed and organic options and, like I was really surprised. So what I’m going to do, I’m doing something. I’ve never done and I’m going to try a chuck roast, and this is 2.15 counts for $ 8, so Black Angus USDA choice shut throats. This is going to my slow cooker in South. I’m just going to say that my number five he’s just meats get you.

Some meats here, but I’m going to go with this one – now swing it over to a month, hey I’m over in the dairy section and number one for me: Paul Menton, arrests, the vanilla Ferguson, 30 calories, but we’re talking about carbs. Here it was only parks, preserving which is a compass, that’s pretty good and the price $ 2 69. You can do it good for a snack like, I think, the work snack sticks, turkey, sausage, and it’s only.

What is it less than 1/2 little carp or per stick and there’s only one sticker? F? 3. In a serving and less than 3 car, so position number two number two number two snacks stick turkeys, you guys the bakery section they cost souls and the cinnamon roll somebody help me. Everyone pour some out for the chocolate cupcakes number three. Oh okay, okay, good, like I said autumn, loves the hot stuff, but I’m a mild kinda girl.

Well, like I said this is great. It’s only two carbs. No one of those is fiber, so it’s only one that car per serving say what’s the serving like 30 grams, serving it in a serving size is 31, oh, my god that extra grand makes all the difference. Yeah. Okay, unlike my daughter, I am NOT an egg stop if it’s cheap, so I’m not a snob today in egg cartons and egg, isn’t it and journey zone? Number four: hey, hey guys, number five number five! I mean up soften it up.

It seems like on this thing, they’re super salty though, but this parmesan garlic, green sauce, I mean: do you eat wings? Look I eat with some again. This stuff can go on whatever, so I recommend the parmesan wings sound. Oh my gosh. Okay, we getting that yeah! Hey, I’m winging it she’s literally the worst, that’s where I get it from everybody to the check out. Oh well. What did you think? I mean there were some pretty good deals.

There were some pretty good deals in there see. My only thing about a place like Aldi is that I know that it doesn’t have everything that I would need. So it’s just like one more trip that I’d have to make yeah in addition to an admirer. Sometimes we go to Sam’s, then it’d have to come to all of these. Some just like it just really depends. I have to be in a mood right exactly because they could take up a lot of time to go to different places, but I mean not bad.

It really wasn’t bad from some like a little specialty stuff yeah. It was overall, though it was very pleased the selection was better. Then you know I anticipated. I had a lot of good, specifically Kido. I think you know all these is getting hip to it. I know everyone is but like it’s still good, to see even stores like Aldi. Like you know, those discount stores are still providing high quality stuff yeah.

Yes, they are so I mean I recommend, hey, go shop at all these and you know hope. He’d know good. Baldy, I know I know I’m sorry Aldi. What is it what’s people putting asses on saying Kroger’s? I know like no it’s it’s not just you, but like no Aldi me, they have more than one Aldi making it go. Shalini, maldis, okay! Well, thanks! So much for coming on with this and seeing our top five, what are some of your favorite products from Aldi? Have you ever been? Is there one near you? What should we get the next time we come back? Let us know in the comments all right: bye, no hole, Dios mmm, daddy, always genius, I’m not even going to lie.

I hate you that whistle. Oh yeah, I mean stop it. That was good, okay, thanks so much for reading and we’ll catch you next time. Oh, what store should we try? Next? Yes, let us know yes, okay, this all the outs. No stop is amazing. That’s literally amazing. You

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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Whole Foods – Top 5 Keto Finds!!

So let’s do this hey guys. I don’t care how much you crinkle cut it. Butternut squash is not a fried where the potatoes don’t try to trick me with this crinkle-cut nonsense. I want a potato kale pesto sauce. I mean I feel, like those are just three words that should not go to so giant exactly and also should just be rent exactly that’s something exam yeah.

So but you know even green, like this better be blockable exactly we going to do our Kamali, you see that spicy right there nope not and now avert things. It’s Pisces for losers for loose brain off of know, who don’t want to know exactly no ill fishy. I don’t want my food to have eyes on it. Okay, no! No! No! This thing is very right into my soul. No, but you’re you eat count, count them I, but I don’t see that eyes when I don’t know nope wrong.

No, I’m sorry comment down below yeah. Let’s see, I hate it. Okay, so like the verdict is in, like the letter house nice to see food, I just can’t don’t see. Food is see you. I don’t want to see that they can make a baby can make a fake ass sow, see. That is the solidus situation we got going on there, nice healthy link right there, you guys, if they have the flippin G Hughes, honey mustard. Here I don’t want to lose it okay.

Well, I like to see you lose it, so, let’s find it I’m going to make it I’m a printer label. Okay, guys, we’ve come to like the can fish section like the sardines and things like that and I’m no. They good for you, I know they are. I just can’t do it. I just can’t do it like that is, I feel, like that’s Aikido level, two is when you can just eat sardines and anchovies out of a can. I have not graduated to that level.

You guys pray that it’s Italian so wouldn’t understand. No, I don’t, for Salah, know somebody’s name. You know, like girl, sopressata, going to get all my training outside, usually not just got your hair. Do you know got a really nice G selection over there too gay or not me. I hate you more stocks of it. Oh my god. I’ve never seen moon she’s in real life, I’ll fight. You just get that up behind me.

Look moon, cheese! This stuff! I had this for the first time, aikido con, this stuff is delicious. The cheddar is delicious. That Gouda is so Gouda. You don’t know it’s really good mom. I have to know I’m definitely up to Bobby some of that. Yes, how old definitely have to try some of the more cheese that I buy? Yeah, oh girl. I didn’t have to try some of your munching exactly my favorite. One of these is that one that one that one that one that one that one that one you’re here do that one through naming them all got it is that going to get it.

That’s my BOB fate. I mean for real, but my really honest, favorite one is that one that one that one, that what you’re doing is still naming on that one, that, with all Z via all the time. But you know what, even though they have a large selection, they never have strawberry like. I only had strawberry one time when I was in Atlanta and it was delicious and I’ve looked everywhere and it must just be a regional thing because they don’t have it.

So many different types of almonds: where are the ones? Oh, my gosh, these dill pickle almonds. You guys there almonds what these are so good, so many different types of nuts here, oh my gosh and then I’d be remiss. If I didn’t bring it over to this side to the bar section, you guys grab a seat of the bar cauliflower cauliflower. What I bet that has flour in it, though I bet that is misleading a.M.

Okay. Look, let’s flip this over 18 carbohydrates! That is a gall darn. Shame, yes, a3 is fiber, but no, not total 9 grams of sugar. Oh see, where is the halloumi? Okay, guys? We are ready to start naming our top five finds. My number five is the meat section. I mean look at all these sausages. They have so many different pre, flavored pre done things and pre done options for you that, like you, just can’t go wrong.

This is all high-quality stuff and it’s all readily available number five in each section, all right guys, number four, the nut section I mean there are just so many different options. They have so many that are salted unsalted unroasted roasted you have your flavor kind, like the dill pickle almonds like when you’re in the mood for a crunchy snack. You want to have a lot of options like this is the place to go, so I’m calling number four uh cashews, I’m calling number four, the nut section number three.

All things to Lilly’s chocolate like this stuff is so good. It is by no means the only Kido chocolate bar out there, but it is, I would say, one of the most readily available. You can go to any Whole Foods. You can find the largest variety and all these flavors are delicious. Now we’ll say you got to be careful like don’t eat this whole bar cuz, better rip their towel in there. Let’s go mess with you, tummy a little bit.

Okay, so you know you know practice your portions but like in terms of just like a sweet treat on hand. This is the best way to go. Number three lillies chocolate number: two: it’s going to be the ice cream section! Okay, the thing I love about Whole Foods is that they have a bunch of different brands of low carbon kiddo ice cream. They got slim twin, they got enlightened, they have halo top, which has a lot of good keto friendly options, and then they also have the varieties that I can’t get at like a Kroger or a Meijer like what is that strawberry cheesecake? What enlightened? What so? I really like that you can come here to get the flavors that you can’t really find anywhere else so number two, the ice cream section, all right, guys and number one at Whole Foods hands down, has to be the cold and the hot bar.

Okay, like this is just one of the places you can come to make a salad to get you some there’s, always keto options on the hot bar. There’s some pulled pork right over there. You got some eggs and bacon over there. You can always stop in and get a high quality healthful option and either hot or cold, and it is delicious all the time I’m going to say the number one best thing at Whole Foods are the bars number five for me is a Moo cheese.

I can’t wait to try so much about moon cheese. I hear it’s out of this world, so it’s delicious and well. Well, that’s you have to be seen, but hey, I’m number five out-of-this-world Moochie! My number four is vegetables for reading those sugar edits medium heat. So I’m going to try to up, like I said, I’m going to try to blow these literally. What are you going to put that on? No, this was so good.

Like I said good edit of just a few. Do the crumble beat for a little bit on it, give us a play with chunko old, sour cream on it, don’t be hating my game? No! That’s! Okay! You’re! Not alright! For my number three four four, two, three, yes and it just like these, please still writes it up everything I mean the rice is right. Not the price is right. We have brussel sprout Cavs, rice and broccoli.

I mean that’s amazing. This one say you cannot with keno and at Whole Foods. You cannot say there aren’t any options. Okay, guys we’re back. I know you recognize this area. The number two for me is this number two for me now. I hate copying off of her, but that’s what happens so she gets to go first, but actually the bars are amazing. The food selection fresh is me number two. Definitely is the cold bar, alright guys.

My number one is Lily chocolate. I made the variety and again my favorite one, bad one, bad one: that’s not how that works. There, you go, will the chocolate by number one? Okay, mom, so overall, what did you think about Whole Foods? It was pretty good. I liked it. It is a very large store, yeah, that’s what I like about Whole Foods. It’s it’s like the largest specialty food store that you’re going to find.

Oh and therefore you’re, going to have a lot of options and the options is right. There were so very many. I will say that you know just like Trader Joe’s and a lot of these other stores. They have fresh organic natural stuff. That’s still all sugar lean is so you definitely want to like read out, but overall you know you’re going to be able to find any item that you find. I feel like you’re, going to be able to find the the majority of the options at Whole Foods.

So you have Lily’s bars, maybe you have one or two flavors at another grocery store at Whole Foods, you’re going to find seven, you know ice cream, one or two flavor somewhere and hopefully you’re going to find pretty much variety. Yeah! That’s right! It’s variety! So I mean, depending on what you buy, it’s not that expensive. You know some people coin Whole Foods like whole paycheck yeah, they do cuz, you go there and you can spend you got good.

Depending on the specialty items you buy like we saw. The lilies are comparable to what they are at other grocery stores. The Ziva is compromised so for those specialty items and actually is still it lines up pretty well. Alright, it does. I made it exactly. The options were there, they do have sales as well. So you catch them on sale, so you’ll be able to get some of those things too. It was great.

I can’t wait who to try my snickerdoodle ice cream. Oh my gosh, but is going to be delicious. I, like I said I’ve never seen that flavor. So you know like I see it lightened all over, but I’ve never that I’ve never saw that strawberry cheesecake. So, like just all of the different options, I am I’m excited to try those lilies, peanut butter, cups, Ryan about the job are those peanuts. So I’m excited about that as well.

Okay, guys comment down below what are your favorite finds at Whole Foods? Is there anything that we missed? I mean we saw the cheese’s. We saw a whole bunch always going to gravitate toward the sweets. My favorite, no matter what start go to put the hotbar to the bars are also, I think what said oh yeah. Oh yes like she said, pull up a stool. Those boats we’re amazing. Yes, amazing, okay! Well, that’s it until next time, bye,

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PROBIOTICS Benefits – Weight Loss, Digestive Health, Men & Women

Probiotics are the good and helpful kind because they help keep your gut healthy. You can find probiotics and supplements and some foods dozens of different probiotic bacteria offer health benefits, but each addressed different health conditions. Each group comprises different species, and each species has many strains because of this choosing the right type or types of probiotic is important.

The most common groups include lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Lactobacilli is a species of bacteria commonly used in foods and supplements they’re thought to support the immune system, limit growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines and help break down lactose into nutrients. The body can use the bifida bacteria species produces lactase. The enzyme that breaks down lactose these bacteria also produce lactic acid lactic acid, helped control the population of bad bacteria.

It also serves as muscle fuel and increases the body’s absorption of minerals. Probiotics are widely researched for their effects on digestive health. Strong evidence suggests that probiotic supplements can help combat irritable, bowel syndrome, reducing gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and may fight. Other infections as well. People who are obese have different gut bacteria than those who are lean.

Many scientists believe that your gut bacteria are important in determining body weight. Some other probiotic health benefits include reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels, enhancing the immune function and healing acne, rosacea, eczema and other skin disorders. Maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut is extremely vital to your health.

Probiotic supplements offer a wide range of benefits with very few side effects. So, if you’re interested in improving your gut health check out some of these high quality probiotics offered at the professional supplement Center ultimate flora, max 50 billion by Advanced Naturals provides 50 billion, live beneficial, intestinal microorganisms per capsule and is formulated for critical care needs. Megaspore biotic by microbiome labs, patented probiotic strain that produces antioxidants in the gut broad spectrum, probiotic and prebiotic by prescript assist offers 28 multiple strains of soil based organisms.

If you have any questions, please call visit or email the professional supplement center and one of our knowledgeable supplement specialists will be happy to assist you

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