Acai Smoothie – Start Your Day Packed With Nutrition With A Healthy Smoothie

I drink this a lot and I tell you I’m using frozen blueberries and some acai berries, that’s our main flavor and we’re using lots of other things. I’m going to show you in a minute, but it is just creamy and decadent and delicious.

So I’m rockin Robin and I’m going to show you how to make it right after this, so before we get into the recipe go ahead and hit that subscribe button and the notification bell next to it and that way you’ll be notified. Every week with my new articles come out and we’re always cooking up something delicious and healthy. So here’s what we need for our power smoothie. I have a packet of a cyi puree, which I got it Trader Joe’s.

We need some organic frozen blueberries. I got those at Costco a couple of bananas, I peel them and then toss them in the freezer and freeze them make sure smoothie, nice and creamy. I have some raw pumpkin seeds, raw walnuts. I have some hemp hearts date paste or you can use just regular hold dates. If you have a high speed blender, I have a piece of avocado I’m going to toss in there. It makes this for some good fats.

I have coconut milk with its full fat as well, and I have some almond beverage here that is unsweetened alright, so with the acai packet you’re going to want to hurry up and use this before it melts break it up into pieces because it just makes it Easier for the blender, so I take it out hon to my back porch and I just crack it over the concrete back there and it breaks it up into nice pieces. So you want to just you can see it just kind of breaks up into some pieces, and it’s alright, so I saw is really good for you.

It’s got a lot of antioxidants, a little bit messy here, lots of fiber it just lots of good nutrition and I’m using the of course. The frozen organic blueberries toss. Those in mexico’s my frozen bananas you can put in as much as you want. They make the smoothie nice and creamy now feel free to improvise. Here you can add whatever you want to add to this thing, it’s really simple, but this combination of things works really.

Well, I take a small handful of a saw, hump concedes, and I just I just throw in a few. You can certainly use other nuts. All these would work too. I just like the walnuts just throw in a little handful of that. You get a lot a lot of protein. In this hand, parts I’ve got serving of that which is like 3 tablespoons. Now here’s the date paste. I have just a little bit left on it to make some more I’m just about out.

I have a article that I’ll show you how to make this I’ll leave the link in the description of the article click down there, where it says, show more. So I just throw in a you know: just I’m going to put all this in actually and you can vary it now. If you don’t want to do the date paste, you can throw in some dates. I got mine from Costco and they’re pitted and you can just if you have a high speed blender, you can just toss the whole thing in there and it will.

You know pulverize it. Now. I have some leftover avocado here and I’m going to toss that in for the good fats, and this also makes your smoothie super creamy. Here’s my I have some leftover coconut milk. This is full fat and then the almond milk is just to get the right consistency. So I’m guessing here I put in maybe a third of a cup of the coconut milk, and I’m just going to pour some of this in what I think you need, and it all depends on how frozen all of your fruit was too and then we’ll place.

It on to our blender blend away all right. I want you to have a look at this thick and creamy so happen to have one of these little straw things instead of using paper straws this one’s just kind of you see how that worked. Just kind of came together and it’s reusable of course, and washable, and all of that, and so I’m going to stick it in there and take a taste man that is one delicious smoothie.

It is creamy and just decadent I mean it just satisfies it. Tastes like a milkshake, but it’s got a lot of nutrition and you can cut back on the sugar even more by leaving the dates or the date paste out and just go solely with the blueberry sweetness and the banana and you’re good. So that’s up to you and feel free to mix and match and add things to this and do whatever you want. I stick with the acai and the blueberry is my base flavor.

But what would go really good with this cocoa powder right get some really good. Cocoa powder put in a tablespoon and now you’ve really enhance the flavor of the acai because it sort of tastes like that anyway. So thanks so much for reading, share the article and leave me a comment. I always love to hear from you. So we’ll see you next time,

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.




I’ve been on this waitlist for about a month now, so I’m going to pick up to a variegated string of Hearts and I’m so excited. This has been on my bucket list for for a year now, you excited you thought it’d be so these are what variegated sugar hearts set. The link – oh yes, quite a bit of driving to do very bad, something I’m just going to show them here.

Okay, oh my gosh check out how amazing these two are. This one is more pink and this one is way more white, but the size like in comparison to my finger, look at the size of these hearts. It’s gorgeous so this guy he was really nice. We’ve been messaging on Instagram and he used to have a nursery that was, it was still private, but he doesn’t let anyone go in anymore for now, because they just moved locations yeah.

We ended up coming to his house where he does have a lot of plants, but this is amazing, can you believe honey? Isn’t it gorgeous, and you know how long I’ve been wanting one of these heart down some nail down now, we’ve got precious cargo trying to hold on to it, so it doesn’t get announced around because it’s pretty fragile, ah windy, and I also forgot to mention that For my giveaway on YouTube, my last article that I was giving away the Barracuda monstera I announced the winner today, I will probably have some giveaways in the future.

I like doing it a lot on YouTube because it was way more manageable than insert giveaways. To be honest because with Instagram giveaways I had like thousands of entries and then on YouTube. It was like a hundred and sixty something so yeah. Now we are headed home. It is quite a while later since we came back from getting those America nation of Hearts. I have been editing my YouTube article that went out before this one about those work pants.

Now I’m going to make my vegan pumpkin scone cookies, even though they’re vegan, they don’t taste me at all. I was asked a lot on my Instagram whenever I post them for the recipe and that’s why I’m recording this. I have a lot of my favorite recipes this book from Target. I don’t remember where I got this recipe from, but I think I altered it. I’m pretty sure he did. I think I took out some sugar and then changed a few other things.

I think I’m vegan. I said I don’t think it was initially vegan, but I haven’t written in here. Let’s go ahead and get started actually so simple. I probably should have started by getting the ingredients on set. I was turning on the camera. The farmers literally might have a camera right now, and the camera is sitting on a whole bunch of Tupperware. So this is kind of a sketchy situation. I just got ta get all the ingredients and I’ll be right back.

Okay, I gathered all of the ingredients and I guess my question now is: are you guys one to prep everything as an measure out everything beforehand and put them all out or do you just do it as you go, and I definitely do it as you go Kind of person I’m going to start by making my flax egg first, let’s egg, it’s just one tablespoon of flax and three tablespoons of water, and then you mix it up and you kind of let just let it sit, and then it gets all gelatinous.

I’m going to get three tablespoons of water, it’s sitting in here and I’m just going to let it sit. While I do the rest of the ingredients and then I’ll put that in later, I am going to give out any mixing bowl. I’m going to sift the flour with this: it’s not to make some chia seed pudding. I’m still on that cake. My husband and I are using that every day. Still so, I’ve been making it once a week like a big batch when we actually finished it all guys, like taking articles, I don’t know I’m just trying out some good things on this blog plants are fun.

I love plants clearly, but I like a lot of other things too, and I read not only plant articles. I read a lot of different types of articles, mostly blogs, so I don’t know I like seeing what my favorite youtubers do in everyday life. I guess not that I’m interesting at all: okay, two and a half cups of flour; okay; okay, that’s two and a half one teaspoon of each baking powder and baking soda, just one two teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice.

I love pumpkin pie spice before there became pumpkin flavored everything I used to eat pumpkin every single day. I was basic before it was basic. Two teaspoon, I’m going to do 1/2 of a teaspoon of some salt just looks so cute in these containers. I went shopping. A lot and I went to sprouts the employees were so mean about me bringing my own containers, even though it’s supposed to be allowed, they had to subtract the weight of my container and they weren’t happy about it 1 and 1/4 cup of sugar.

I care about both be charming and all of that, but I get stressed out about it, which is really stupid because of those experiences anyways the thing about uses. So it’s like a scone, but when you bite into it, it’s like a little cloud of pumpkin. So if any of you guys make this recipe, please tag me on Instagram, because I’ll be excited to see that I am just sifting it through all. I did a sip tea in this bowl.

Now those were all of the dry ingredients. So what I’m going to do now is mix the pumpkin, and I made this not long ago, so this is like half a can of pumpkin, and so I’m going to use the rest of this. The amount pumpkin that you need is a cup of pumpkin. So it’s going to be a little bit less than I need, but it’s fine, the second batch, what the leftover pumpkin is always not as good as the first cuz, it’s not enough, but I’m not going to open another can of pumpkin for it.

I am going to mix this with my flax egg I made earlier so my water and flax don’t want to spill it, but it’s right there and then I am also going to mix in some vanilla. Yes, I am making some scones interrupting. Now I am going to start using the KitchenAid mixer that’s over here. This is my roommates. A lot of our stuff is still packed up because we don’t want to unpack when we have to move again to our new place, which is hopefully in three months yeah.

I have the same one, but it mines a lot bigger. I was baking ever since I was in elementary school. I guess, and my mom got me one. I brought that all the way across the country with me when I moved, I am going to use 1/2 a cup of some coconut oil. I use coconut oil a lot in baking, so I have this giant. Costco drop that in the mixer. That’s a half a cup of coconut oil that just went in there and crap.

I hope I have enough sugar in here there’s stevia, though so I can just replace what some of that 1 and 1/4 cup of sugar is going to be going in. Ok. So that’s what I had so pretend this is 1 in 1/4 cup of sugar. The rest of it is going to be stevia. I don’t know, though, even the weight of stevia is just so different mix, that up so once that’s fully mix, I’m going to add the rest of the skin of pumpkin, 2 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and then the flax egg that I made earlier in actually Supposed to go to the gym, I can’t even eat it right after I make it I’m just waiting.

My husband is reading the game right now, so I’m really just killing some time teaspoon of vanilla. So this is what the wet ingredients look like, and now I need you screeching down the sides and then I am going to add the dry ingredients that a mix earlier in that other mixing bowl. My goal with this part now is some people to pour this. In without getting it everywhere, so I’m going to pour in like half a bisque, let’s try mixture first and then I’m going to mix this a little bit.

There’s flour, my camera – and you know one hour – makes us because then I can get pretty tough. Nobody likes a tough cookie, slash scone, I’m just going to pour in the rest of this and hopefully not spill it everywhere. Right. When it’s well mixed, I’m going to stop it. I just earned a preheated the oven because I normally don’t preheat the oven, depending on how long I take on I’m making the recipe, because I don’t fret my ingots beforehand, like I said so, I don’t want to waste energy, so I am just going to go Ahead and oil, these I’m going to use coconut oil for these, I’m just going to make them this size and plop them down, I’m just trying to be a little consistent with the size.

This is what it looks like before, putting into the oven just pop them. In the oven, and now I am going to put the timer for 15 minutes, so while I wait for things to be baking in the oven, I do two things. One of them is washing dishes. This nobody wants a giant mess, but with this recipe I have to make something else, so I’m going to make some glaze get some powdered sugar. I never measure. This part is easy thing to do.

I just put that much in it. I mean even eyeball. This part, if you google, any powdered sugar glaze recipe, it’s all going to be the same pretty much except I’m, adding a few more things. I’m going to throw in some pumpkin pie spice like that much the pumpkin pie spice and the maple syrup are totally optional. All you really need for glaze is water and powder. That’s how easy it is so never felt like a little splash little spot ish.

I mean whatsoever in there that you totally can’t see. Maybe a tablespoon I’m just to put a little bit of water in at a time and keep mixing until it’s a nice glaze. Consistency want to overdo the water because can’t take water out. It always a little bit of water at a time as I wait for the scones to be done baking, the second I am done with them. I just do this and drizzle on top the second they come out, and then I wait and maybe set glaze on top, but now I have to wash the dishes now that I’ve got some out of the oven.

It looks a little bit different because I used the stevia since I’ve been out of the sugar, not drench it with some goalies like so. Here is the final product yay. I am going to do a taste test of this new stevia one. I really wish I had the regular sugar, but I’m going to do taste us of this after I get back from the gym, so I’m going to head out to the gym right now with my husband and I’ll be back later to end this vlog.

We are back from the gym now and I’m going to try. The pumpkin is going mmm. So with the stevia Tito, I think it’s the stevia that made it not as moist as it usually is you make this definitely make it when normal sugar or not stevia. I wouldn’t have done that if I had sugar and what she just came back from the grocery store and that’s it get some more sugar anyways but yeah. I definitely stand by this recipe, just not with stevia in it, but still good.

Instead of like the usual clouds of pumpkin, this tastes more like a pumpkin muffin, I’m not mad about it. It’s still good, I’m still yeah. Okay! That’s it! Thanks for reading right!

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



WHAT I EAT IN A DAY for a HEALTHY Weight Loss (vegan)

But it’s really hard because the clouds kidding I mean the Sun gets in and out of the clouds and it keeps getting really dark and it keeps getting really bright and this is really a struggle. You know the Monday morning, Jay King, but yeah, welcome to new weather eat. In a day it’s been a while. I haven’t done one of those today I want to thank life Sam for partnering with me on this article, which is a nutrition tracking app.

If you haven’t seen the latest article that I’ve posted on my blog, I talked about kind of my health problems that I went through during 2019 and I basically told you about my weight gain. I told you about the fact that I lost my natural appetite cues and I stopped intuitive eating for that matter. Anyways like I, really encourage you to check out that article. If you want to know more of why I started tracking what I eat, so I’m so excited for this partnership, because I started using Lifeson before this collaboration.

So it’s just really nice because I get to talk to you about an app that I really really am using and I find really cool. I also told you about this in my latest article, but I am doing a cure of vitamin, and so each morning I’m inside ok with one two three pills: this is a brand that I’ve been using. It’s definitely not sponsored, but it’s just work. This is a probiotic. This is for my liver problems, and this is for my skin.

I just have that with water. That’s the first thing I have in the morning. Is it really a surprise? If I tell you that I have oatmeal in the morning, I think not I have bananas need to be eaten. I think so. I’m going to have one in there mashed, so using a banana is really good because it helps to sweeten the oatmeal without adding sugar blueberries, approximately 70 grams bout, half a cup, a cup blueberries.

This gets really beautiful, nice, nice, nice, adding frozen blueberries, really helps to cool down the preparation, so that is like really good temperature for the tummy to eat. It’s not good to eat frozen food and it’s not good to eat hot food. So this is kind of the perfect temperature, so yogurt tablespoon 10 grams mix. That again together. Look at that. This is where things have been changing from me.

Add just a couple of getting the calash pepitas. This is really really interesting. This is pumpkin seeds, flour and it’s really rich in protein, so I just add, like a tablespoon of it, just adding that tahini teaspoon not too much. If you know I’m ready to have my breakfast now, let’s just see what like some says about this breakfast, I’m going to add breakfast now. I could do one by one everything, but because it’s a meal that I know works really well and is really balanced.

I have saved it to my favorite and this is a premium feature, but basically I just go to meals and it’s called the perfect oatmeal. This is not the calories, it has. The perfect oatmeal one serving has everything that I’ve just put to my oatmeal track, and if I come back, okay done there, it is 430 calories, I’m actually going to add some chia seeds. That’s not in my recipe. I have added seven today: five, not even four grams: that’s it total breakfast, perfect, healthy, liver protein, healthy liver clubs, healthy little fat, rich in fiber calories and track everything’s.

In tracked, honestly, I was very surprised when I started using this app and I was inputting my normal breakfast. I thought that was really healthy, but I realize how unbalanced it was, and I have enough protein and the facts were way too high. And so I’m really happy because I think of it with the app and see like what breakfast would taste good and be very well-balanced, and this is it. This is a perfect oatmeal, so yeah.

I really encourage you to download this app and just check if your current breakfast is like balanced lunch time. I kind of want to try a new recipe today and see if that works out. I have something in my mind, but I don’t know if it’s going to work, but if it does, I think it’s going to be a good recipe. I want to do the idea of an omelet but obviously vegan, I’m going to use a potato carrot. Some broccoli, some cauliflower and then I’m like the doll ways: chickpea, flour, rice, flour, so meal, something like that in dough.

So that’s the plan. Now, let’s do it expectations vs. Reality? Oh well, it’s definitely not what I wanted yeah. This is my lunch. So basically, all I did was editing articles on my computer. It’s pretty gloomy outside it’s pretty cold. It’s pretty moody, doing a little break out of the computer. I am going to make myself some chai latte with soy milk, very simple recipes that I have my ebook and after that I think I’ll just work a little bit more, my computer and then I will work out and then what do I have planned? Yes, I need to think about a new class for the week yoga class for dinner.

I decided to make a recipe out of the remaining things that I had in my fridge, which were vegetables and some red rice that I had cooked a few days ago. So I start to chop my shallots, my mushrooms, everything that needs to be chopped, and I start to heat that up in a pan using no oil, because I don’t find that it’s really useful. I use a little bit of curry, spice mixed that well and when it started to cook I add the zucchini again mix that well and then once it’s reduced a little bit, I add my cooked rice, not too long.

This is really the last step of the recipe I add a full can of coconut milk, and that makes it really creamy. It’s like a little risotto, but obviously very short in time, and I finish with the greens, broccoli, because greens really don’t need to be cooked for a lot of time. As I mentioned, this recipe makes two serves, so what I did is I split it in half and on the ad I entered my new recipe for two serves.

What I really like is this little feature. You can scan pretty much anything. It finds everything it’s incredible and then I added the remaining ingredients and I also decided to top it with some nutritional yeast dinner is served, so it smells amazing. I love it. I’m going to check with you so the app basically says I’ve eaten a bit too much fat and that’s just basically because of the coconut I’m going to put that down before it.

It’s just because of the coconut milk that I put a lot off. I don’t eat coconut milk every day, so that’s totally fine. Overall, I think the day is pretty balanced and for now I just think that this will fill me up and I won’t be hungry after. If I really feel the need to eat, I will eat. I will not like let this app dictate my eating, but it’s a really good way for me to kind of realize what I’ve been eating and I like that.

The focus is not just on calories, and it gives you a lot of tips on how to make your meals more balanced. It gives you recipes and stuff. If you go premium, you have like a lot more choice and also it’s great because it tracks the activities that I have in my Apple read so yeah. It kind of puts it into the calories that I kind of need for my day, which is great. You see like I am really fine using that kind of app and I’m like I’ve, never had an eating disorder.

I just want to say – and I probably should have said that at the start of this article, but I just want to say that I don’t think it’s healthy to track what you’re eating. If you have trouble with food, if you have some sort of eating disorder, as I told you in the previous article, I’m trying to lose weight, and I’m also trying to regain my natural appetite, because I lost a sense of what each food bringing me.

Because of our mental issues, and so for me, it’s really helpful. I think it teaches my body again what’s the value of each food and it teaches me a lot about how my meals are actually balanced or not, but yeah. I know that I’m able to take some step back from it all I wanted to say I really don’t want to promote something that would make your health indenter otherwise like if you’re fine with eating, and you just have a like a little goal or you just Want to eat healthier.

I think this is a really really good way to do it. It’s very easy to use didn’t take a lot of time. It’s really nicely integrated, but yeah. This is my day of eating. I hope you enjoyed and I will leave all the recipes in the description box below. I can’t wait to eat this and I’ll see you guys really soon. Bye,

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.




The meal is very easy to prepare. It’s quick. You can do it in a couple of minutes time. It’s extremely high in protein, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins, and it’s very versatile you can add it to jacket potatoes to pasture. You can have it rolled up in seaweed and it takes on the texture similar to tuna mayonnaise, very easy, very versatile.

You can do tons with it, so, let’s dive into the kitchen and see exactly how it’s made we’re just going to throw all the ingredients into a simple blender here. So it’s very quick and easy to make start with 150 grams of pumpkin seeds. Then 50 grams of cashew nuts, on top of that, then a half a teaspoon of turmeric. This is a great way to get your daily turmeric intake, turmeric super healthy, and it’s a great thing to have in your diet, chili flakes this is optional.

You can have as much of little as you like, I like it quite spicy. So for me, half a teaspoon is good after that you’re going to put in either one tablespoon of nutritional, yeast or 10 mil of apple cider, vinegar, which is typically the lid size of the apple cider, vinegar, bottle. Then half a teaspoon of salt. This is optional. I tend to have a lesson that you can’t have up to that, but I wouldn’t advise having more and then finally one clove of garlic, I put the clove of garlic in last, so its nearest to the blade once actually starts getting ground up and that just Ensures that the garlic is nice and evenly distributed throughout the mixture and then finally 200 mil of water.

Now it can be more, it can be less as well. It depends on the consistency that you’re aiming to achieve what you can do is put less water in roll it up in some nori seaweed, and then you’ve got essentially as raw tuna mayonnaise vegan sushi wrap when you start blending it, if you’re using anything like a Nutri ninja or a nutribullet like I am here. The best thing to do is to post it about three times before you start blending it long term.

The reason for that is, it just makes a solution, bounce up and down and really mixes it up, which is good because if not it’s just going to start blending grinding it all up, and then it’s going to get such a thick consistency at the bottom that It’s not going to grind it further up so by humping it two or three times and even taking the bottle off and shaking it halfway through that’s going to ensure that everything all the seeds and everything get ground up in there, which is going to ensure a Really, nice consistency, whatever you’re having it with add some red grapes, a really nice addition to complement the texture of the men and add a bit of moisture to it and there you have it a wor, healthy, quick and easy to prepare high in protein vegan meal.

That’s perfect for muscle, gain and fat loss all on a vegan diet. Give the article a thumbs up if you liked it try it. Let me know what you think and subscribe for more articles that are coming out like this on a weekly basis and comment in the section below, with what articles you would like to see more of to help you achieve your ideal, vegan body. Let me know: I’ve got tons more coming up I’ll, see you next week you

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.