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I bet you are ready for some regular articles again. The past three articles have all been travel vlogs I figured. I would start it out with a little bit of a grocery haul, for you guys. So, let’s hop it into the article where we hop into the groceries that I got I just kind of want to go over. How I make my grocery lists and how we typically eat my grocery list. I will mostly go off of Pinterest or just like recipes that I know I want to make or the season so right now it’s like supergluing, it’s cold outside.

It is totally fall mode here in Minnesota. So I got things for like soups and like like hot dishes, like warm things, also incorporating lots of keto style of these meals. I do like to keep pretty keto still in the fall anyways, so we like to eat pretty clean and healthy. For the most part. There are some like I do like cheat meals in here for sure, but keto paleo. That is typically how we like to eat.

We stay away from sugar and we try to stay away from gluten things like that, but let’s hopping into the food because there’s a lot of it: okay, so starting out over here, I’m going to start with our meat. I got some sausage patties for breakfast. This is always yummy to go with like eggs or sometimes Mike will make crepes for like kaya. She loves to have these with crepes. We have a pot roast here, pork chops, so the pot roast will be a meal.

Pork chops will be a meal, got chicken. Thighs almost put these in half and that’ll, be two meals, I’m and then we’ve got a pound of hamburger, and one thing we did forget was chicken breasts, which kind of sucks, because it’s make for a lot of our meals, but we’ll go back and get some We’ve got pepperoni because Kyle and I at low to snack on pepperoni, and then we’ve got bacon some pork sausage. Now, with this meat we’ll do like just roast and carrots potatoes for like a normal meal and then we’ll do pork chops with like side of veggies things like that chicken thighs same thing, we’ll do chicken thighs with like rice and a side of veggies, and then This hamburger – I got this specifically for something I’ll have to pull up my me list, for you guys I can go through all the meals but um, and then this is her breakfast and then the pork sausage will be for a soup, making a keto style Tuscan Soup, which is really good so you’ve got whole carrots back here, which will go with the rose to mitosis and with a few other things they are higher in carbohydrates.

But what I like to do is because give me more of that, like potato, a starchy type of like feel taste, I guess you could say with my roast and then I can still do like a keto gravy and keep my carbs down now. This is more like a lazy keto, because when I’m pure keto, I won’t carrots or anything like that. But and then we’ve got a spaghetti squash because spaghetti squash, spaghetti or a spaghetti squash alfredo is really good jalapenos because we love to do jalapeno poppers.

So with fees to cut these in half and then I will fill it with something like this, usually I do like a normal cream cheese, but I found this jalapeno and cheddar cream cheese which looked super good, and that is, you know friendly. We try to stay lower on our dairy, but cream cheese is a yummy add-in once in a while, we’ve got avocados and then we’ve got some salad, some spring mix. Underneath here we really like to have Cobb salads.

My favorite salad. Lately is just a simple just. My greens, all as like maybe some cucumbers, some avocado and then I will do sriracha and Italian dressing. It’s super good at super spicy, it’s kind of like an Asian vinaigrette, I’m a zucchini because we like to slice these in half put them in the oven, sprinkle them with cheese. If you’re going Terry free, you can just leave the cheese off and season them very good.

Getting into some of this stuff for kaya, I will munch on blueberries and strawberries once in a while, but I’ll cut these up. These are really nice to have on hand and for healthy snacks. For Chi we’ve got unsweetened almond milk in the back here I don’t think it’s vanilla. I think this is just regular, unsweetened almond milk, which is really good to have with our iced coffee. You guys know every grocery haul I’ve got iced coffee, unsweetened, iced, coffee and unsweetened almond milk, because that’s my go-to in the morning, then we’ve got bananas back here and then, if we don’t eat all of these, and some of them go bad.

I will make banana bread with them because Mike loves banana bread, we’ve got some frozen mango chunks and these are mostly yeah weaknesses, banana bread, I’ve got frozen mango chunks, and these are mostly for raker. We like to put him in his little mesh thing and he can’t eat on them. He loves these and then I’ve got this mixed berry blend and I plan on doing some smoothies with the unsweetened almond milk and the mixed berries instead of ice cream for kaya.

We’ve got some raw shrimp now my tip to my friends and family, and my viewers is, if you want really good shrimp, make sure that you get the tail on peeled and deveined raw shrimp. Do not get the quick shrimp, don’t get the pink stuff because it’ll be overcooked and gross if you want to like saute it up until like a scandi style, so this will be a good meal. Just this with a side of rice and veggie is super yummy.

Potatoes – and these are mostly for kaya – I might have potatoes once in a while, but mostly for Mike and kaya. I’ve got mixed frozen veggies. So this is something that I don’t normally get, but I was craving the catch icahn potpie, so that will definitely be a cheap meal for me, but I figured maybe tonight or tomorrow night. It would make like a really warm yummy chicken pot pie because it’s cold and rainy outside, so these frozen mixed veggies are for that, along with these grand biscuits that I’ll put on top Mike’s going to have to go back and get the chicken breast for it.

But that’s okay, some veggies for the side, we’ve got broccoli and then we’ve got broccoli and cauliflower, so one of these bags will be a side to a meal in here. Like I said, we do a lot more hot dishes and things like that during the winter time. So I’ve got like a bunch of corn here for Tater Tot hot dish which to make it keto. I just take the tater tots off so that it’s just that’s. What the ground beef is for.

That’s there we go Tater Tot hot dish and I’ll just get the tater tots off, so that it’s just corn, hamburger and then cream of mushroom soup in there with a little bit of cheese. On top again, it’s not super healthy, but it’s a good like lazy, keto meals. I’ve got Rotel because I am making enchiladas, which we got gluten-free tortillas this time for the enchiladas. We do like a salsa verde style enchilada, so I’ve got roads, help for that and another can of Rotel back here for right here for like a taco soup, which is good yep, so diced tomatoes we make salsa out of these diced tomatoes and there’s a seasoning Somewhere in here and we’ll get to it eventually, if I can find it, but there’s a seasoning that we use for our salsa, we make our salsa ourselves.

I just have some beef bullion here, and this is what I use in a lot of like soups, and I use this for my roast super good. It’s like a good, not a cream style, but it’s not powdered, it’s more of like a liquid form of bullion. It’s really good. I get a chicken one like this, too cream of mushroom and cream of chicken in here for miscellaneous, the crewmen chicken is for it, the chicken pop hi and then per chicken divan.

I make the good a lazy, keto style, chicken divan and it is fairly low carb, since it’s spread across so many servings. Oh here is that hot sauce mix – this is what we use for our salsa. This is something local to our area. I don’t know if this is something you guys can get on like anywhere else besides within like the Midwest area, but this is super good and die screen Chili’s for the enchiladas.

I’ve got some for cheese, Rosa Alfredo for half the spaghetti. Squash will be used for alfredo half of it will be used for spaghetti. I’ve got some fresh garlic back here or just like diced garlic back here. Let’s see what else is in here, ketchup for kaya because always need ketchup, veggie chips for kaya, because she’s been loving, Pringles lately and I’m trying to find a better alternative. I did find so.

This is totally going to be a cheat, because this is super processed. This is super process, it’s really going to be a cheat, but it looked super yummy, the carbs on it there’s like eight grams of carbs per five serving or per serving in those fights it rings. So it is a little bit higher in the carbs, but it looks so good. The Thai curry chicken yeah. It looks so good and then we’ve got some almonds back here: pups for Ryker baby food for Ryker kya.

This is her treat. I tried to get the Stonyfield organic, but it was literally like three times the price of these were on sale. These are not healthy and I don’t like to get these for kaya very often, but I do like to show you guys that, yes, we are human and we still get like regular, kids food so and then we get this apple juice for kaya. It’s a pure pressed, that’s why it looks so dark and it’s like not clear it’s because it’s not from concentrate it’s really good another treat for kaya.

She was just tossing things in the cart this time and I had no willpower to tell her. No, I don’t even know what this is. It is fruit. Snacks we’ve got some gogo squeeZ, some apple strawberry, a cup from I don’t know, got some oranges. Please little hick come in sighing, hello, guys. We always get these every grocery shopping trip. I’ve got mini bagels. No, these are for kaya for breakfast in the morning, she’s been having like new to green bars, and I do I don’t know.

I wanted to switch it up a little bit for her but she’s very hungry in the morning. So we’ll have these on hand for her breakfast got some bread because Mike and kaya do like to have bread they like to have toast in the morning, so I’m not going to deprive them from it completely. So I’ve got this oat nut bread and then here we’ve just got some ramen again ramen chicken nuggets. These are like things that I like to have on hand for kaya.

If she’s not eating anything else. I at least like to put something in her tummy, and this will do the trick and I might even have one of these for like a cheat meal which is awful but ROM and there’s something about ramen, that I just love but again, not healthy, but nice. To have on hand for the kids, I might even give right here some noodles too. If you make a cup and then I’ve got some. This is like the Uncle Ben’s rice.

It’s just the Target brand got garden vegetable, Spanish style, wild rice and then a whole grain blend with lentils and quinoa. So it’s like brown, rice, lentils and quinoa, and this looks super good, tater tots for Decatur hot hot dish. Again, if I’m going to eat it all these potato tots off of my portion and then hash browns for the kids or hash browns for Kai, I make in the morning once in a while I’ll.

Have these too when I’m doing keto. Like I said, I went on doing lazy keto, I’m mostly just like comp my total cards for the day and make sure that I’m under 50 and that will still get me into ketosis and just maybe not lose as much weight as I could have doing it. A hundred percent put in the fall we like to divulge a little bit, get some casseroles and some soups and some warm things in our tummies but yeah.

This is an overview of all of the food that we got. This is about 240 ish dollars, 230 ish dollars, including all the meat so – and this will last us typically about like 10 to 12, maybe 2 weeks worth of food. All right, you guys, I am going to wrap up the article there for today. I just wanted to include a couple of more comments like I said we based all of our groceries around our meals, our meals.

For this time we’ve got Tater Tot hot dish. We’ve got chicken divan and we’ve got pork chops and veggies roasted veggies chicken breasts and veggies chicken enchiladas chicken pop hi. Let’s see what else do I have a with spaghetti squash, spaghetti, spaghetti squash, Alfredo two meals worth of chicken thighs and then shrimp and veggies? So we’ve got lots of really good things and we’ve got some fish left in the freezer, so the family that we need to eat up.

So this is what we’re going to be eating for the next couple of weeks. All right guys! Thank you. So much for tuning into today’s article. I hope you enjoyed this grocery haul and this meal planning with me, and I will see you guys in a couple of days for the next article. Okay, bye, guys

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