How To Make A Hummingbird Frozen Cocktail | Drinks Made Easy

Oh awesome, we should do that yeah. No, that’s that’s a that’s a wasp’s nest. He never listens to build the hummingbird you’ll start with half a banana. Now, if you can freeze your bananas ahead of time, this will allow you to cut back a little bit on the ice. Next, we’ll add two strawberries and a quick little trick for these.

If you just use a plastic straw, you can hold them out and you won’t have to worry about any of the bits that aren’t super flavourful in the strawberry. Getting in your drink next you’ll add one ounce of gold rum, one ounce of coffee, liqueur, one ounce of rum cream and 1 ounce of cream we’re going to cap that off and blend it all together. Once everything’s combined we’re going to add 2 cups of ice.

Now, as you’ve probably heard me say before, you can always add less ice, if you don’t tend to like you’re frozen cocktails to be quite a slushy or add more, if you really like them, really icy cap, it off and blend until integrated, pour it into the Glass of your choice and we’re going to garnish with a strawberry and a fun umbrella straw, and there you have the hummingbird frozen cocktail. I think that was good yeah.

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