Why sunflower seeds are considered so healthy to have

If you enjoy eating sunflower seeds, nutrition is just an added bonus with this tasty snack, sunflower seeds are delicious and healthy and can be used in a variety of different dishes. To add, crunch and flavor, sunflower seeds come from the center of the sunflower bloom and are encased in that hard black shell.

The shells are edible, but many people prefer to eat the seeds without them. You can purchase sunflower seeds in a variety of ways, from roasted and salted to flavored the healthiest way to enjoy sunflower seeds, raw and unprocessed as all of the sunflower seeds. Nutrition will be intact and you won’t be ingesting added salt, oil and chemical flavorings, sunflower seeds. Pack, a lot of nutrition into their tiny forms.

They are good sources of oils, carbohydrates, protein and more since they contain natural oils. Their calorie and fat content can be high. One cup of raw unshelled sunflower seeds contains calories, 270, saturated fat, two grams, unsaturated, fats, 19 grams, carbohydrates, 9.2 grams, fiber, four grams protein 9.6 grams. Sunflower seeds also contain 13 % of the daily recommended intake of iron and are completely free of cholesterol, whereas toasted sunflower seeds contain calories, 830, saturated fat, 8 grams, unsaturated, fats, 54 grams, carbohydrates, 28 grams, fiber, 15 grams, protein 23 grams.

As you can see raw seeds with their host pack, a lot less fat and carbohydrates, as well as considerably fewer calories, sunflower seeds are a terrific source of vitamin E which acts as an excellent antioxidant. Vitamin E protects cells and membranes from disease and damage and aids. In the fight against heart disease and certain cancers, the B complex vitamins are also present in sunflower seeds, particularly vitamin b1 and b5.

Vitamin b1, also known as Simon, helps to convert sugars into energy. It also helps with muscular and cardiovascular systems, keeping them all functioning. Well, vitamin b5 breaks down fats, protein and carbohydrates. Minerals are essential to the body keeping all systems running effectively. It is important to make sure you get a wide variety of minerals in your diet on a daily basis. The following minerals, along with a brief description of their major functions in the body, are all found in sunflower seeds, calcium, strengthens bones and teeth, copper prevents inflammation and helps the body process.

Iron iron helps in the formation of red blood cells and carries oxygen throughout the body. Magnesium helps the body absorb calcium and aids in regulating blood pressure, manganese aids in forming connective tissue and stabilizes blood clotting. Phosphorus works with calcium to maintain bone strength, aids and liver function, potassium regulates water and acidity controls, blood pressure, selenium antioxidant, promotes cellular health, sodium maintains healthy levels of acidity and water.

Zinc, boosts immunity and aid in digestion. It’s easy to add sunflower seeds to your diet, either alone or as part of the recipe here are some simple ways to enjoy them: grab a handful of sunflower seeds as a snack or add them to a mix of nuts and dried fruits. Sprinkle shelled sunflower seeds over a salad, add seeds to cooked oatmeal for a nutty crunch or stir into yogurt, with some chopped fresh fruit for a tasty breakfast or a snack.

Add a small amount of toasted sunflower seeds over steamed vegetables such as broccoli or asparagus, use them in your favorite, muffin or bread recipes to add a bit of protein and fiber. They can be stirred into the batter or sprinkled over the top of the bread or muffins before baking, sunflower, seeds, taste, great and pack. A nice nutritional punch throw a handful of sunflower seeds into a small container for a portable snack on the go which will give you a quick energy boost.

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