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Apart from the rich magnesium, manganese, copper protein and zinc pumpkin seeds, mg SEL also contains plant compounds and antioxidants. Phytosterols flying free radicals helping to improve your health. One pumpkin seeds contain magnesium to help keep the heart healthy. 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds contain half the amount of magnesium should be taken daily, as recommended nutrition.

Magnesium is involved in a number of important physiological functions, including the generation of ATP, add an assigned triphosphate, the body’s energy molecule and the synthesis of RNA and DNA. Magnesium has been shown to be beneficial for your blood pressure and help n wanted prevented sudden cardiac arrest. Heart attack and stroke two pumpkin seeds contain zinc immune support. Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc.

An ounce equivalent to 28 grams of pumpkin seeds contain more than 2 milligrams of this beneficial mineral zinc is important for your body in many ways, including immunity, cell growth and division, sleep mood, taste and smell eyes, and health of skin regulate, insulin and male sexual function. 3 pumpkin seeds provide omega-3 vegetable fats, bran nuts and seeds, including pumpkin seeds, are one of the best sources of omega 3.

Vegetable oil alpha linolenic acid oral are all of us need a la Sol pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of Allah, are necessary source of good omega-3 fats for the body for pumpkin seeds. Improved prostate health pumpkin seeds have long been considered a natural food important for men’s health, partly thanks to the high content of zinc in pumpkins. This is an important factor for prostate health.

Research shows that both pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seeds can be particularly useful in supporting prostate health, 5 pumpkin seeds prevent diabetes, mellitus. Animal studies suggest that pumpkin seeds may help improve insulin resistance and help prevent diabetes complications by reducing oxidative stress 6 pumpkin seeds benefit postmenopausal women pumpkin seeds are rich in natural phytoestrogens, and studies have shown that it can significantly increase the good HDL cholesterol level, along with Lowering blood pressure, reducing hot flashes, headaches, joint pain and symptoms.

Other menopause for postmenopausal women, 7 pumpkin seeds are good for heart and liver health. Pumpkin seeds, rich in healthy fats, antioxidants and fiber are beneficial to the heart and to the liver, especially when mixed with flax seed, 8 pumpkin seeds contain tryptophan to help sleep. Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of tryptophan, an amino acid that the body converts into serotonin, which in turn is converted into melatonin.

The sleep hormone eating pumpkin seeds is a few hours before going to bed along with carbohydrate foods as a small piece of fruit that helps to sleep 9 pumpkin seeds, anti-inflammatory, it has been found that pumpkin seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties. An animal study has even identified it as an anti-inflammatory drug in Thomas, a scene used in the treatment of arthritis to preserve the healthy fats found in nuts pumpkin seeds should be eaten raw.

If you choose to buy seeds from a large bucket, make sure to smell fresh, not moldy, broken or old, organic pumpkin seeds are preferred because they are not contaminated with pesticides or other toxic chemicals.

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie. With walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Pie “For man”. And tasty and healthy.

Mixer Klop met een, mixer gedurende 5, tot 7 minuten Op volle snelheid Dat is wat ik, heb, Val nu in slaap meel en Ik mix alles Voeg nu de pompoen met wortels toe En ik meng alles goed Giet het afgewerkte mengsel in een, vorm Afneembare, vorm 26 cm Perkament, onderaan gelegd Papier Mijn, oven, bakt, zwak Daarom is het. Formulier met de test. Ik stopte er een uur in Bij een, temperatuur van 180, graden Ik, controleer de paraatheid, Met een, tandenstoker, Kookroom, voor, Taart Hele Pompoenpitten Met schil 2-3 eetlepels Walnoten geschild 2 eetlepels Zure room, Natuurlijk, rustiek, 2 lepels met een, glijbaan, Zeef, Hulpcapaciteit, Koffiemolen, Om pompoenpoeder te verkrijgen Zonnebloempitten we gebruiken een koffiemolen Giet in een zeef en zift Dus het zonnebloempoeder Komt in de beker En de schil van de zaden blijft in de zeef, Je moet malen in een, koffiemolen 20 seconden Kijk naar de kleur van het poeder in de zeef, Groene zaden En de schil is wit Door de kleur van het poeder in een, zeef Het kan gemakkelijk worden geïdentificeerd Bepaal alle zaden gezeefd of niet Ik giet de zaden in zure room En hak de noten Geschilde Noten Ik aard de noten Nu mix ik Chocolate Chocolade is beter, om, donker Bitter te gebruiken solide, Rasp op een, fijne rasp De cake is klaar.

Verspreid nu de cake met room Een, paar woorden over eigenschappen Deze taart En dan zal ik het versieren Pompoenpitten is een. Balsem Voor de prostaat Mannen die regelmatig consumeren Pompoenpitten worden beschermd Beschermd, tegen formidabele Mannelijke ziekten Walnut Dit is een van de sterkste Natuurlijke remedies Het regelmatige gebruik is gunstig Walnoot stimuleert en regenereert Mannelijke potentie En als de dames regelmatig zullen Zijn behandel, je mannen met Zulke taarten Dan zijn hun mannen erg Lang zal niet verliezen Zijn atletisch en seksueel Vormen Ik versierde de geraspte Cake met chocolade De inscriptie op de taart “ For man” Het benadrukt de helende, eigenschappen Deze taart Voor liefhebbers van snoep, kunt U nemen gecondenseerde melk, Voor de basis van de crème, Gecondenseerd nemen melk Belettering of decoratie bovenaan Crème, Je kunt er, je favoriet van maken Jam mannen Besteed, aandacht aan Pompoenpitten en walnoten Ze zijn nuttig voor het vrouwelijk lichaam Nu bovenaan de link, Videolink hierboven met een, Beschrijving van de eigenschappen Hier is de taart klaar Ik neem een stuk Ik zal het proberen Geweldige taart bleek Ik, bijt een, stuk, U-U-Mind, Terrific Superski, heerlijke cake M-M-M.

, Deze top is vooral lekker Cream Grote De cake was zacht ( de stem van de vrouw ) Nou Super Geweldige cake U-U-Mind En het belangrijkste is dat. Het goed is Het, is alsof. Het precies is Dit was niet: genoeg ( stem van vrouw ) Wil, je een, stoofpot zijn Nee dat, doe, ik niet De cake is geweldig Smelt direct in je mond Vandaag zal ik niet stoofschotel Naast deze, taart, voor, mannen Behulpzaam Eerlijk gezegd Ol Ik kan het al voelen, ( stem van de vrouw, ) Seryozha, nou eet, dan

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



A Weird Way To Cook PUMPKIN SEEDS!!

Is it her long, hair good morning, guys? Okay, so we are adult aday and grace is in her car seat and Austin’s going to be in his car and I’m going to be in this car and we were driving to get our oil change. Hopefully, in both cars and we’re hoping it’s not going to be like a huge weight, if not, we might have to mess around walmart for a long time and just see we can get into you, huh pissed, off no babe.

Are we getting chipotle on the way gluten-free? Oh yeah, Mary kept guys, we dropped off Austin’s car at walmart to get the oil changed. This is the one that needs it works. So it’s like an hour and treatments. Is that what they said, yeah yeah, it’s like an hour 20 minute way. You said we’re like you know what let’s not to mind today, maybe when we get back, if we have time or when we go back in, we feel like we still need to do.

Some things we can see him how long it will take so we’re at ok, baby she’s, cheap me, but the other one is this week. I am so hungry and jaboulet sounds so good right now. What I could eat, but grace is asleep. So we’re going to let her sleep a little bit longer because she was not happy to be in the car. You know she was very angry. She was even crying. She was like yeah we’re getting ready to go in just want to update you guys and we always go to walmart to change our oil.

I know some people are like that seems really dumb, because you can just change your own oil. It’s not that we don’t understand how to change your oil or anything like that, but with my car – and I don’t know specifically yours and what was at the normal price – hmm yeah. So it’s sixteen dollars, you guys for 1669 or something like that to change your oil at walmart, which is cheaper than if you buy the filter, the oil and just those things it’s cheaper to just go and get it done.

Have someone else do it? So that’s what we just have someone else to it. So yeah, it’s just a lot cheaper and that way you don’t have to do it yourself. You just drive your car to walmart and then you shop at walmart. Well, your change. We just got our food guys. We’re going to eat really quick, I am so hungry. It looks so good. You want to eat baby to my son. We made it. Oh, yes, we get driving on the way home and we stopped and picked up some stuff at walmart, which we actually have to go through and play, but um yeah.

It was interesting. We, like I said we didn’t get my car down, but we got austin’s to car done, so that was the one that we really needed to do either way we got something done and walmart sucks for food. We were supposed to get especially that one yeah. I trust you that one wasn’t like a supercenter whatever, and so we were supposed to get like a lot more groceries and we got like not even a fourth of what we needed.

It was like just random stuff. Basically, mommy said, I’m sorry, hey one, two one. Two three I’m exhausted, though you guys we have not been getting enough sleep. We have been staying up way too late and just huh there’s not yet enough sleep, but ones update you guys, really quick on how the working out has been um. I’m definitely still doing it. I am definitely still gluten free um going on. I have no clue how many days, but I have yet to have any gluten on purpose that I’ve been aware of, for hey.

Did you guys know of since I started so lot of time? So it’s like a week and a half I think now or something like that. May I help you miss, but yeah, so it has been going good on the gluten part, but I just had this such a lack of sleep that my ability to actually work out has gone down. I’m sure I could still do it, but I just I’m just so tired. I don’t have very much motivation. I don’t know if it’s my eating habits that have changed that or not getting enough food or something I don’t know, but I am still working out, but not like every single day like I was, and I don’t plan to stop working out no matter what I Want to continue what i’m doing, but it has been.

I think, two days since I worked out last and then like I was doing like at least every other day before that and then a lot of times. I would be like two days in a row skip one two days in a row skip one kind of thing, so it’s not bad. I mean i’m still definitely working out doing the same exact routine that I shared with you guys on Twitter. I’m really really just trying to figure out what is best for me in my body and what can make me feel better because I’ve just been struggling with this just this type of deal for far too long, and i’m just i’m ready to start feeling better and Getting healthy and everything alright guys, so we just finished up dinner.

I’m trying to get cleaned up awesome just went down really quick just for a minute. Where was all over you, but grace is currently over here, playing in the pots and pans having a good old time mm-hmm and I am making the pumpkin seeds. So I don’t know the actual way that you’re really supposed to do these. But this is like super good, the way that I’ve done it. This is me that my dad’s always done it, but basically I just have this on medium to medium.

Highish really don’t want to come too fast north of come to slow. That’s the tricky part! You don’t be too mean like hard and all that we do in the movies crispy. So I put a bunch of butter in there and then like a little bit of oil just to help make them crispy, and then you just spread them this way. There’s the final guys Oh runaway baby mm-hmm, but I overcooked him a little bit on one side. So that stinks, but they still taste okay and then they take a lot of salt and then I also put a napkin underneath because they’re super greasy with the way.

I cook to them, and I’m sure, there’s many actual wastes and my recipes to do this, but this is just how I do it and is really good this way. Hey. You know myself, what’s good, thank you big yeah. I think they’re going to crispy mm-hmm right. I, like them, crispy all right, hey, I feel like today’s vlog is everywhere. I don’t feel like. We did very good today with flogging what I really was hoping to blog, so I hope it doesn’t suck, but i’m going to go ahead and end today’s vlog with a snap, because I do have one from a very special viewer.

Let’s see here and it is Casey Blanton and she is so sweet and she’s actually one of the frequent people that sends me snaps and I love it so much. But let’s go ahead open up her snap from the day, so cute Casey. I love your costume and I hope that you had a lot of fun and so let’s go ahead and open up my mom’s just for fun. Oh good, sorry, mom, but guys. If you want me to show your snap in the vlogs, all you have to do is snap me and I will open them up and of course we are still doing comment of the day.

So leave your comments down below and we are also doing the thug of the day and you get to be the bug of the day and you get highlighted in our article. If you just simply share our article on Facebook or Twitter super simple, I always post on Facebook always posted on Twitter. In the morning, whenever I first post, the article all you have to do is retweet, and then all you have to do is share on one of the two social medias, and I will definitely call you out and give links to all of your stuff and everything.

But yeah I’ve just been having a lot of fun just trying to interact more with you guys. So that’s what this is all about, and I love the fact that, like with the sharing thing like you’re sharing and by that I’m able to help anybody out there, I know that it takes a long time. I know they’d, like the amount of subscribers that we have is like very, very slim, compared to most on YouTube, but I remember whenever I had around 20 subscribers, so it takes a long time.

So if I can help out somebody who has less subscribers than us and send them our amazing subscribers, you guys are all amazing. I would love to do that so yeah. So with that being said, today’s best bug goes to Briana’s life. She is a youtuber guys. Go check out her blog. I will definitely whoa. I wouldn’t eminently link her down below and go follow. Her social medias will give her lots of love. You guys she has been doing youtube for a little bit now and she just deserves so many more subscribers.

So go check out. Her blog subscribe, give her all the love that you give us because seriously she deserves it so much and thank you brianna for retweeting, our tweet that is so sweet of you so happy to have you and yes, you’re amazing. I think that is all for today’s vlog guys, like I said I hope it isn’t horrible. It might be a quick one on our might just be a little bit everywhere, but I’m hoping to pick back up tomorrow and have a little bit more of a cleaner vlog and then just more going on tomorrow.

But thank you guys so much for reading give us a thumbs up. If you enjoyed today’s vlog, we love you laughs, don’t forget to keep your day full of grace and we’ll see you guys tomorrow.

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



Mummy’s Cooking – Pumpkin and Water Melon seeds Burfi

Pumpkin Seeds, 1/2 Cup, Water, Melon Seeds, 1/2 Cup, Jaggery, 3/4 Cup, Ghee, 1, Tbsp, Pumpkin and Water Melon Seeds are good for prostate health. These seeds have more medicinal values, Take Jaggery in a pan and add 1/4 cup of Water and heat until the Jaggery is completely dissolved, Take a pan, add Ghee and roast Pumpkin and Water Melon Seeds until light Golden Brown Strain the syrup to remove any impurities When Roasted light Golden Brown remove from the stove Add the Jaggery syrup to the same pan Grease a plate with little Ghee Boil until you get a hard ball.

Consistency Leave a drop of Syrup in water to know the right. Consistency Now add the roasted seeds and mix. Well, Pour this mixture onto a greased plate and let it cool Now cut into pieces when it is still warm, Let it cool completely and take out the pieces, Pumpkin and Water Melon Seeds. Burfi is ready. Both seeds are healthy. These Seeds contain host of nutrients. This helps in lowering down sugar level blood pressure and helps in healthy heart.

The power of antioxidants are more. These seeds are good for Prostate Health And also good for Kidney and Hydrocele problems. This contain many micro nutrients Watch Mouth Freshener in our Channel. You can also dry roast these seeds and include in your diet, daily, Try and enjoy this healthy, Burfi Post your comments and Subscribe for more Healthy Recipe, Thanks for Watching

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.