The meal is very easy to prepare. It’s quick. You can do it in a couple of minutes time. It’s extremely high in protein, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins, and it’s very versatile you can add it to jacket potatoes to pasture. You can have it rolled up in seaweed and it takes on the texture similar to tuna mayonnaise, very easy, very versatile.

You can do tons with it, so, let’s dive into the kitchen and see exactly how it’s made we’re just going to throw all the ingredients into a simple blender here. So it’s very quick and easy to make start with 150 grams of pumpkin seeds. Then 50 grams of cashew nuts, on top of that, then a half a teaspoon of turmeric. This is a great way to get your daily turmeric intake, turmeric super healthy, and it’s a great thing to have in your diet, chili flakes this is optional.

You can have as much of little as you like, I like it quite spicy. So for me, half a teaspoon is good after that you’re going to put in either one tablespoon of nutritional, yeast or 10 mil of apple cider, vinegar, which is typically the lid size of the apple cider, vinegar, bottle. Then half a teaspoon of salt. This is optional. I tend to have a lesson that you can’t have up to that, but I wouldn’t advise having more and then finally one clove of garlic, I put the clove of garlic in last, so its nearest to the blade once actually starts getting ground up and that just Ensures that the garlic is nice and evenly distributed throughout the mixture and then finally 200 mil of water.

Now it can be more, it can be less as well. It depends on the consistency that you’re aiming to achieve what you can do is put less water in roll it up in some nori seaweed, and then you’ve got essentially as raw tuna mayonnaise vegan sushi wrap when you start blending it, if you’re using anything like a Nutri ninja or a nutribullet like I am here. The best thing to do is to post it about three times before you start blending it long term.

The reason for that is, it just makes a solution, bounce up and down and really mixes it up, which is good because if not it’s just going to start blending grinding it all up, and then it’s going to get such a thick consistency at the bottom that It’s not going to grind it further up so by humping it two or three times and even taking the bottle off and shaking it halfway through that’s going to ensure that everything all the seeds and everything get ground up in there, which is going to ensure a Really, nice consistency, whatever you’re having it with add some red grapes, a really nice addition to complement the texture of the men and add a bit of moisture to it and there you have it a wor, healthy, quick and easy to prepare high in protein vegan meal.

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A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.