Razzmatazz Drink Recipe – Raspberry-Based Cocktail Recipe

What is it it’s? A raspberry based cocktail, excellent drink for for the ladies, especially the ladies drinks, the razzmatazz sounds, it sounds like it’d, be something fun to whip up with your friends on a barbecue on deck, going for a pool, deffos whim.

We we try to run like feature cocktails. Every month, we’re him up with three or four different ones: we’ve got a tall rocks glass. We’ve got some raspberry vodka. We’ve got some double chocolate: vodka, which is really nice, some raspberry puree and some pomegranate cranberry blended juice. Well, there you have it okay, so double vodka looks like yeah half of each go on. Okay, so we’ll, let’s start with ice ice, we’re going to do a half ounce of the raspberry vodka.

You can do more if you’d, like sister, does a double chocolate yeah. She smell the chocolate yeah. It’s really really strong chocolate smell a little bit of raspberry puree and some Dickens of implant, yep that’ll fit sit up a little bit. You got a respite, that’s as simple as that: yep nice and easy. Oh, I guess I’ll see you that a try, so I may not be a lady, but I can definitely appreciate the ladies drinks Wow a chocolate.

The chocolate comes as a bit of an aftertaste yeah it I find that it tastes a bit like like tartufo yeah. Actually does so, as you want to learn a bit more about how to make some interesting drinks subscribe to our blog check out some more of our articles or download our app at half our meals, calm.

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