Could Probiotics Improve Your Mental Health

Some probiotics are also being called psycho biotics and they are now found to be a powerful way to improve mental health. Probiotics are widely known as friendly bacteria that help maintain a healthy digestive system. They also boost immunity and many health care. Practitioners recommend you have them daily now.

Researchers think some probiotics can also improve mental health and they have come up with a new term for them. Psycho biotics a review article that was published online in the jun 2013 issue of Biological Psychiatry, says psycho biotics are live organism that, when ingested in adequate amounts produces a health benefit in patients suffering from psychiatric illness, specifically depression, aura their stress-related disorders.

According to alan see, logan a naturopathic doctor and co-author of your brain on nature probiotics help to balance gut microbiota bacteria inside our stomach. These bacteria do a lot, but, most importantly, they protect the gut lining. He says an imbalance of gut microbiota can lead to intestinal permeability. It means parts of the bacteria could pass through the gut lining and into your bloodstream leading to low-grade inflammation, and that has been connected with obesity, disease and mental health problem.

The beneficial probiotic strains and those that are typically found in foods are members of the lactobacillus and bifidobacterium families, says Logan. A 2011 study published in the british journal of nutrition monitored adults who were given either a probiotic product that included lactobacillus and bifida bacteria or a placebo. Every day at breakfast for 30 days, those who consumed probiotics were found to have lowered, stress and anxiety.

The study concluded that gut microflora play a role and stress anxiety and depression and that probiotics may be useful as adjunct therapies and psychiatric disorders. It may be unrealistic to expect that probiotics will replace medications in the treatment of depression. But the message for now is that probiotics not only help you avoid obesity and disease probiotics, taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, may benefit mental health.

Fermented foods provide good bacteria to our guts, says, registered dietician and bh contributor suma plus it may be easier for our bodies to absorb nutrients from fermented foods aim for one to two servings of these foods every day without regular intake probiotics do not survive in the Colon for more than one or two weeks says ma: some of the fermented foods are yogurt butter. Milk kefir can pay miso sauerkraut kimchi kombucha tea.

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Janitorial Services: Probiotics and the Future of Clean

Probiotic bacteria are non toxic to humans, but present a considerable obstacle to the spread of infectious disease such as ecoli or staff. The neutral bacteria consume the same food source as they’re dangerous counterparts, denying them of sustenance and the ability to spread freely, while years of research are necessary to determine the effectiveness of probiotics.

<img src="×1000/47/26/probiotics-good-bacteria-and-microorganisms-for-vector-22324726.jpg” style=”width:500px”>

Promising studies have recently been published of significant note is probiotic disinfectants ability to positively affect bacterial biofilm responsible for 75 percent of human microbial infections. Discover the vanguard, cleaning systems difference, give us a call today in Bakersfield 661, 395, 3009 and Fresno 559. 473. 1790.

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How To Treat Anxiety Symptoms by Treating the Gut

Ruscio. Did you know that many cases of anxiety can Actually be caused by your gut, Let ’ s discuss a systematic review that reviewed All of the available randomized control trials, establishing thankfully, that treatments For your gut can actually improve your anxiety Now here. ’ s! A study by Yang et al., published In the Journal of General Psychiatry – And I ’ ll – put the abstract up here on the Screen entitled “ Effects of regulating intestinal microbiota on anxiety, symptoms, A systematic review.

, ” Again a systematic review, will often review The available randomized control trials and summarize the findings, So this is arguably the highest level of scientific Evidence, Thankfully, what they ’ ve, concluded—as I ’ ll outline here in a moment—is that treatments for the gut can improve anxiety. Very very thankfully. So let ’ s dig into some of the details. To quote “ More and more basic studies have Indicated that gut microbiota can regulate brain function through the gut-brain axis.

And dysbiosis of intestinal microbiota was related to anxiety. However, there is no specific evidence to Support treatment of anxiety by regulating intestinal microbiota. ” Well. I would not agree with that, but this Is what they ’ re trying to rectify, So the aim of their study “ To find evidence Supporting improvements in anxiety, symptoms by regulating intestinal microbiota., ” Now intestinal microbiota is another way.

Of saying the world of bacteria and fungus and other like organisms in your gut, Let ’ s continue. “ Methods., ” This systematic review of randomized control. Trials, looked through 3,334 articles and only 21 were high-quality enough to be included. In this analysis, with a total of about 1500 patients over the 21 studies, Here, ’ s where things get really exciting. Let ’ s look at the effect of the treatment.

Study “ 14 studies chose probiotics, as interventions ” And “ six chose non-probiotic ways: ” mostly diet, The diet most often used—although, not exclusively—what, Is known as the low FODMAP diet, a diet that helps to starve bacterial overgrowths, which Can be problematic, can cause gut symptoms and inflammation and through the gut-brain Connection can cause anxiety Now regarding probiotics, you ’ ll, hear claims That a certain special probiotic is the best for anxiety or depression, And for years now I ’ ve been saying that Probiotics are not that specific Probiotics are not like drugs that operate On a very narrow pathway or mechanism, Rather probiotics in helping to heal and Rebalance the gut can have a wide array of improvements that they lead to because they Are oftentimes treating the underlying cause gut imbalances of multiple symptoms? This is how we can see different probiotic Formulas show improvements in things like various skin conditions, allergic conditions, Neurologic conditions, as we ’ re discussing here like anxiety There, ’ s also other evidence showing improvements.

In things like depression and the ability to fight various bacteria and fungus in the Gut and improve symptoms of IBS gas, bloating, constipation, loose stools and diarrhea. Thankfully, regarding the probiotics again, A specific special probiotic formula was not needed: Various probiotic formulas from single strain All the way up through multiple strain probiotics all showed benefit. What that tells you is you don? ’ t have to Be highly prescriptive or specific, with the probiotic that you use and you don ’ t have To be held hostage necessarily by marketing claims that you must use only this probiotic Or that probiotic in attempts to improve your gut-brain connection and therefore anxiety Here, ’ s where things get really exciting And I ’ ll quote: “ 56 % of studies could Improve anxiety, symptoms.

” 56 over half of the studies, whether they ’ re, Using probiotic or diet most, namely the low FODMAP diet, showed the ability to improve Anxiety, That is huge If you look at the outcome of many medical Interventions, a 50 % response rate is pretty darn good, especially for conditions that Can be multifactorial in cause as anxiety can Let me now read you their conclusion and I quote: “ We find that more than half of the studies included showed it was positive.

To treat anxiety, symptoms by regulation of the intestinal, microbiota, ” or treating Your gut “, There are two kinds of interventions: (, probiotic, And non-probiotic interventions, ) “ —remember that the most often used, although not exclusive, Non-Probiotic intervention was a diet known as the low FODMAP diet— ” to regulate intestinal Microbiota and it should be highlighted that the non-probiotic interventions were more Effective than the probiotic interventions.

” This makes sense. It makes sense that diet should come first. Before using a supplement, So great “, More studies are needed to clarify this Conclusion, since we still cannot run meta-analysis, so far. ” A little bit of caution there, A meta-analysis would mean that there are Many like studies that can be summarized to give a specific numeric score of the efficacy Or effectiveness of the treatment We ’ re, still short of that, However, for those who are looking to an anti-anxiety Or antidepressant medication or natural therapies, it certainly seems tenable to start at least With a reasonable trial on diet and probiotics, see if your symptoms improve and if not Then consider medication And I would always do this under the guidance Of your doctor and keeping your doctor in the loop But great news here that those who are suffering With anxiety have some great natural nutritional and supplemental options that have at least Some high-level preliminary evidence supporting their effectiveness.

Now, what can you do? Well, we want to improve the health of your Gut or improve the health of your intestinal microbiota, There are really three things. I ’ d recommend Here, specifically, in light of both my clinical experience and what this study has found, One improve your diet. You don ’ t necessarily have to go to the Low FODMAP diet right out of the gate That ’ s a little bit more of a specialty.

Diet, If you haven ’ t gotten sodas sweeteners, Sugars and processed foods out of your diet, of course, start there Focus on cooking all of your own food and Consuming whole fresh foods, Nothing pre-packaged, nothing, processed, Buying meat, vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs Start there. If you ’ re already doing that, then you can Go to a trial on the low FODMAP diet. I will put our low FODMAP diet up here on The screen and also link to it, I believe this to be one of the most up-to-date Low FODMAP diets available because we do follow the research literature here closely.

And update continuously our low FODMAP diet, as new evidence becomes available regarding The FODMAP content in various foods So basic dietary changes. If you ’ re already, there low FODMAP diet And you only need a couple weeks to start Seeing improvements from this diet, if it will work for you Now, if you ’ ve, given this diet a few weeks And you ’ re not noticing any movement of your symptoms, any improvement.

Then you can Go on a probiotic protocol Again, the probiotics are not highly specific. However, I have found it very effective to Try a well-rounded probiotic protocol. Some people will not fully respond to just One probiotic or one strain of probiotic because they need more of a litany of healthy probiotics. That is why I ’ ve developed the three-category System which ensures that you ’ ll, have one good probiotic formula from the three major Categories – I ’ ve linked you all the information here.

Essentially when we look at the probiotic Research, we see that, amongst all the hundreds of studies we can organize most probiotics Into one of three categories, You want to try all three of these categories: In combination to help give your gut the broadest healthiest probiotic stimulus possible, This can be the difference between success. And failure for some people, You also want to make sure that you ’ re using A quality probiotic, Of course, some companies will cut corners.

And not put very much bacteria in there. They ’ ll, put a lot of filler in there to Be able to have a very cheap probiotic, however, you ’ re, getting what you pay for That! ’ s, also, not to say that the most expensive Probiotic is the best. There is a balance here to be struck and I think we ’ ve, really achieved that in the three-category probiotic protocol that we Recommend, In close, if you have anxiety, fortunately, There ’ s some very high-quality preliminary evidence showing that various treatments for Your gut—most, namely a low FODMAP diet and probiotics—can, be effective and improve.

Your anxiety, If you are suffering with anxiety, don, ’ t Suffer another day Take some steps to perform these simple interventions. That cannot only improve your anxiety, but if you let ’ s, say, have constipation or Abdominal pain and anxiety, these dietary changes or probiotics could help with all Of those symptoms, When we use natural medicines that treat the Cause we oftentimes see side benefits rather than side effects, and you are positioned.

To reap all the rewards of that Again, this is Dr. Ruscio reporting in on A very exciting systematic review on the power of the gut-brain connection and how you can Use this to improve your anxiety, I hope this information helps you get healthy. And get back to your life

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Bacteria in digestion | Physiology | Biology | FuseSchool

In this article, we’re going to focus on the role of bacteria in digestion, many different types of bacteria are found in the gut. In fact, scientists estimate that the gut contains between 300 and 1000 different types of bacteria, and the total number of bacteria in one person’s gut could be anything between 100 and 1000 trillion.

That’S a lot of bacteria. So what are they doing inside our digestive system? The most common in important bacteria is the lactobacillus species which lives in our small intestine. When undigested carbohydrates enter the intestines, lactobacillus helps digest them, otherwise, they’d be lost from the body and unused lactobacillus also helps digest sugars found in dairy products when lactobacillus bacteria anaerobically respire, they produced lactic acid as a waste product.

Although lactic acid, in our muscles hurt lactic acid in our gut, is actually very useful because it keeps the pH of our gut acidic, which means pathogen bacteria, so bad bacteria cannot thrive. This helps protect us from bacterial infections. Lactobacillus also helps prevent too much yeast growth. In our guts, which, if it spreads out to the rest of our body, can cause yeast infections too many yeast cells can also cause problems with our digestive system, as well as aiding digestion.

Scientists have discovered that the bacteria in our gut can also influence our immune system metabolism and the production of essential bio compounds. There’S even research showing that some cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and obesity are associated with changes in our gut bacteria, but back to our gut bacteria and digestion. What happens if our doctor prescribes us antibiotics, antibiotics worked by killing bacteria or preventing them from reproducing? Does this harm on digestion and all the other wonderful things that gut bacteria do some antibiotics are targeted as specific types of bacteria, and so our doctors will try and target only the nasty pathogenic bacteria.

However, often antibiotics will also kill our good digestion bacteria too, but if you’re ill – and you need the antibiotics, then this is just a side effect that we have to handle. There are a few things we can try and do to help our good bacteria re-establish healthy gut populations. Probiotics are live, bacteria and yeasts that are found in some foods. It is thought that eating probiotics can help restore the natural balance of good bacteria in our guts.

That we lose from taking antibiotics only certain types of live bacteria make it through our acidic stomach and they need to be in very high doses. Prebiotics are essentially food for bacteria. They stimulate certain bacterial populations to multiply and survive in the gut probiotics can be found in these foods amongst many others. So, while our bodies are brilliant at digesting food, it turns out they need a little help from friendly bacteria to get the job done to catch.

Any undigested food and to maintain a suitable pH that we stay healthy amongst many other great things. If you liked the article give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe, comment below, if you have any questions, why not check out our first graph as well until next time,

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TREAT DIABETES NATURALLY – Keep probiotic population and variety high

Today’S subject of discussion is about population of probiotics, as well as variety of strengths. Of these healthy bacteria probiotics possess powerful. That MIT is fighting features. Two things influence the extent to which probiotics are effective number one, the population of bacteria and secondly, diversity. Studies have found healthy people to have a high count of healthy bacteria, as well as extensively diverse strains of bacteria.

So it’s always important to ensure a high population of highly diverse, friendly bacteria. Friendly bacteria are important for suppressing the population and effectiveness of disease-causing bacteria. So when the amount of healthy bacteria is too low or the growth of harmful bacteria follows what happens? Is that these harmful bacteria starts to eat on the wall of the digestive tract, making the wall highly porous a condition commonly referred to as leaky gut? This allows harmful bacteria and other contents to leak out through the walls of the digestive tract.

Now a leaky gut is really really bad for diabetes and health in general, because it tends to worsen systemic inflammation and insulin resistance, the root causes of diabetes and other health problems. A leaky gut also seriously weakens the immune system, which is a very concerning outcome, because diabetes itself has an adverse impact on immune function, so the combination of diabetes and a leaky gut can lead to infections and other problems related to poor immune function.

Now probiotics are important for production of vitamin k2 an important nutrient for heart health. A low population of probiotics may mean in adequate amounts of vitamin k2. This is bad news, because heart health is a top health concern among people with diabetes, so eating probiotics on a regular basis is a very important factor for achieving a high volume of friendly bacteria. In the gut. A highly diverse ecosystem of gut flora is important for optimal function of friendly bacteria.

These microorganisms appear to work better as a very diverse collection of different strains, rather than when the variety of these trends is. Small studies have found highly diverse gut ecosystems to produce very good health outcomes, whereas no diversity of microorganisms residing in the gut is linked to an increased risk for diabetes, obesity, colon cancer and other health problems. Eating different probiotic foods is important for diversity, as each probiotic food contains.

A unique combination of strains of prebiotics are important nutrients needed for maintaining probiotics. There will be covered in the next lesson. Don’T miss today’s lesson is that probiotics function optimum when population and diversity are high. Please remember to subscribe comment and like thank you once again see you next time.

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Supplements for Dogs: Probiotic Live | JustFoodForDogs

That’S made of all these microorganisms that help the digestion of your food that help the absorption of nutrients and moisture and everything else, and we are just only beginning to understand how important the balance of these organisms are in the intestinal tract in American diets for humans.

We tend to eat diets that promote bad bacteria and that kill off the good bacteria. Likewise, dogs that have been on overly processed foods have microorganisms in their bacterial tract. That are bad. You can switch your dog to whole food nutrition, and but it will still take years to rebalance the microorganisms that are in there. Bacteria that are in their intestinal tract probiotic is a way to add these beneficial organisms purposely on a daily basis and allow better absorption of nutrients and also can promote healthy weight and prevent some chronic disease, or at least we think.

We believe that it can help to prevent the development of some chronic diseases. I think in 10 years we’re going to hear so much more and learn so much more through sites, that’s currently being conducted, experiments that are currently being conducted both in animals and in humans. But I, if I could convince you a one thing to do, for your own health and for your own, your dog’s health, is please take a quality probiotic supplement on a daily basis.

I think it’s going to revolutionize our health and our animals moving forward.

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What Are Probiotics Good For?

Janine crafts here – and I am going to talk about what our probiotics good for today so common question. I get from a lot of my patients, so I’m going to break it down for you. The big deal with probiotics is that they help us to break down the food that we consume and in particular they also help us to be able to unlock the nutrients from the food that we consume. All too often in my office, I’m seeing that people are deficient in vitamin b12 and vitamin D, and also a lot of their minerals, such as calcium, selenium and magnesium.

In particular. In fact, magnesium is one of the most efficient minerals and all of the folks that I see, and so where do we get it from well we’re breaking it down those probiotics break down all of our minerals B, vitamins, vitamin A & D and allow us to Be able to utilize those nutrients, and so if we do not have sufficient amounts of beneficial bacteria, we don’t get those nutrients, and so we might be eating as healthy as we possibly can.

But if we are deficient in the sufficient amount of probiotics of beneficial bacteria, we are not getting any of those good minerals and vitamins from our food, and so we have to supplement and that’s unfortunate because definitely you’re spending the money on the food you might as Well, get something out of it: probiotics also help us to produce something called short chain fatty acids. These are what we use for energy for cellular energy and, what’s quite cool about short chain fatty acids, is that they also help with signalling to tell us if we’re fall or or not, and so you know, if you’re constantly walking around going, I’m hungry, I’m hungry.

I just can’t get full it could be because you are lacking on the beneficial bacteria that help you to create short cave chain fatty acids, and so that’s one reason that it’s not necessarily your fault, that you’re always hungry, and this will palette or thing be a Fundamental issue that’s happening in your belly and has nothing to do with your primary brain cuz. I always called the belly. The second brain, and so the short-chain fatty acids, are a key component here, along the same lines with the short chain fatty acids in the production of energy for our body.

We also have this connection between the gut and the brain access. This concept is the connection between the nervous system, the endocrine system in our immune system and it’s a complicated intertwined system of communication that we’re only beginning to differentiate and figure out. And at this point it’s quite cool in terms of how our gut really is. Our second brain and how a lot of what goes on in terms of what types of beneficial bacteria you have in your gut, have everything to do with your body size with your communication skills, with your ability to be able to think clearly a lot of patients Come into my office and say I’m just so brain thought, my brain isn’t working my brains broken and a lot of times, there’s nothing wrong up here, it’s all in the gut and so oftentimes.

This is where I tell folks it’s really important to consider doing some stool testing. Why? Because that’s going to tell us what type of bacteria you have in your gut and what we need to work on replacing the other side of this is looking into okay. How many different types of environmental toxins are you being exposed to during the day, looking at your job, looking at all of the different home care products that you use and working on, getting everything switched over to non-toxic items? The other side of this is how many medications you are.

You on medications will reap havoc with your gut flora. Also, how much stress are you under stress has a huge component and it’s a huge component of causing trouble with, what’s going on with the balance in your digestive system floor, we’re taking off a lot of the beneficial soil bacteria no granite. The other side of this is is that our soil is probably quite toxic, especially where I live here in washington state near tacoma.

The our soils really damage where I used to live in colorado. Lots of damage because of all the mining and things of that nature, and so you’ve got to be careful, of course, in terms of your environment and what you’re growing your foods in. But you know what just bypass it go and take some soil based bacteria, so you’ve got that now. The other thing is a spore based probiotics. I love those as well, why they’re kind of the babies to the probiotics and they last longer through the digestive system, and then they just release some starting up a little seed and then they start their neighborhoods and families.

And so I like to have people rotating through all of those, then after you get a little bit established with your portfolio there, then you can start to eat the fermented foods, the sauerkraut and all of those things, because for a lot of people, if you just Hit that hard and start that out, you’re going to have a ton, more gas and bloating and digestive upset, and so today my big thing that I wanted to express everybody is that probiotics are absolutely useful to help you to break down your food, but also they’re, Useful for you to be able to get key vitamins and nutrients in your diet and they help with your brain function and who doesn’t want a sharper brain.

My goodness, I want to be sharp up until 115, and so, if you are looking for all of that, then you need to make sure you get on your probiotics start. Slow ramp-up read some of my other articles that give you tips on how to ramp up on the probiotics. Thank you for reading. I’M dr. King across

Spunks pumpkin seeds are great for boosting your immune system! Below is a great video about the benefits of this great pumpkin seed snack!



ศัพท์วิทย์กึ่งสำเร็จรูป – โปรไบโอติกส์ (Probiotics)

Do we need an outside corner, just hop in the car? When you know tymek, we can do my probiotics probiotics. Could you linseed he me by your boss, superpower, Kong, see me she with him, and I said you do I mean I very much mimicking Hanukkah didn’t see Ronnie car in 10 years. Bacteria, no ship are bacteria. He could it got like stick Negroponte underbrim. She would come on lactic acid bacteria.

Like me: spending some County, China, corn, canned ham behind Mac, Nintendo 302 yogurt, my heart converge on Gotham Zachary died in come cousin. I Kong please Apollo, knew you are probiotics near to me by your to a native of Canada, Hong Kong rod. What about cap I remarried hung ban how I can he could die, can’t except your angkong under a ham hymnal consider around Omaha system, Leonia conn-young.

Many call me when you team attack, no, we tried hip and knowing and bronchitis an Absolut hunk of cotton, a la única, the younger cousin, won’t come here Simon and away bacteria like she need me and me pay your knuckle meat horn mechanical. Now, I’m in a car thank the record of math and heart, O God to me that key really what tool in seek help you do it abroad mark my to support native of time during a hand, swing bacteria love me, because a lifetime behind man the one Hand, it was a pop wet long, the car token Manya Romita mooing cell bacteria, and they rank.

I hung around my quads, I’m doing cell rank. I come round to six how to be on a car till in Salani a minute in to enjoy a hand. Hello, dr. Chu, I sang with a meat mallet head out now Josh way. Punkin Rory read with Otsuka, tooling stitch knit he at home, he co-wrote nine. Aha, sync, some kangaroos. Can you took some doing kita hum hai bacteria utility Lani. You room can died on me. Son come down here, ow Pelican guard me to some loony bank buying a car person on Youku, Maggie ha hee, chai bacteria spankin, but a to me by your beak of controlling River at diameter, Ally, chronic anemia heart some Rabbani Khar hot dog like and sub within The network of can read over 16 Tony Turner got my laminate.

Ah so what you

Spunks pumpkin seeds are great for boosting your immune system! Below is a great video about the benefits of this great pumpkin seed snack!




That kind of reminds me of a berry cider. It is so delicious and it is so nutritious it’s incredible for ensuring that you’re restoring good gut bacteria into your body. Now 80 % of our immune system is formulated in our gut, which means we actually need to pay attention to it.

So I actually got started on the whole probiotics kick back when I was actually trying to heal the last part of my acne. I don’t know if you know if you’re new to the blog I used to have acne look. You can check the article out right here, so I had a lot of redness left over from my acne. I used to be sensitive to avocado nuts and seeds, and caffeine was another one as well whatever I would have liked a green tea.

I literally would feel like I’ve just snorted a line of coke. It was crazy. My head was spinning around and I was just like very rattled so since taking keffiyeh, which I have done. Oh my gosh over three years now on and off, I’m not always consistent, but I need to learn to get better. I’Ve noticed massive improvements within my body and I just feel amazing. Obviously this is needs to be incorporated with a holistic health point of view.

You can check out all my other series on my playlist that will support what I’m talking about, but I’m all about you know doing the very best you can with the knowledge and understanding that you have at the time. So without further ado, I want to show you how simple this fabulous recipe is. It’S my favorite, my my old favorite was my lemon and ginger one which got over like 20,000 views. It’S still amazing, but the berries are even better rate of BlackBerry’s because they were on dr.

Gregers list as a part of the daily dozen. He talks about BlackBerry’s in particular having the highest level of antioxidants when you measure it per unit, and you can find out more about blackberries on my how not to die series. Oh my gosh, it’s just so amazing and it’s tasty. It’S not like. Oh it’s good! For you so drink it, it’s honest to god. Super duper tasty. It takes no time at all. I’M going to show you step-by-step how to do it.

I hope you enjoy if you make it. Please tag me on instagram you’ll find me at all my social media at Melanie cake love. I would love to see what you’ve come up with and you know what did you think about the taste because it’s delicious it is alcoholic. I just need to make a quick disclaimer about that. Yes, by having just a little bit, you will find the light headedness depending on the level of which you consume alcohol I rarely drink.

So I feel it a lot quicker, but it’s tasty and so tasty and the color is so beautiful and vibrant and it’s kind of like the color in my shirt anyways. My luck, I hope you enjoy remember, continue to make better choices. I’Ll see you soon. Well, they have it my love’s, I hope you have enjoyed how to make this beautiful, berry, flavored, Cathy, ah, it’s so delicious and nutritious. I can’t wait to see how you go when you make it for yourself.

I just wanted to remind you if you are new to the M K, LOVE fam, make sure you subscribe articles every Tuesday and Sunday at 6 a.M. Australian Eastern Standard Time. I make articles about delicious and nutritious food self love, I’d thrown a little bit of activism. I’M into minimalism, I talk about the Kumari method and how it literally changed my life. I have a meditation series. I also have throw in a little bit of Oracle and tarot readings.

I pop her everything. That’S why it’s holistic health and wellness anyways, my love, make sure you hit subscribe. Button click on the little bell, so you are notified each time. I post a article have an amazing day where everywhere in the VAR, a root world, and I will see you at next episode. I love you so much bye.

Spunks pumpkin seeds are great for boosting your immune system! Below is a great video about the benefits of this great pumpkin seed snack!



71 – Allergic to my probiotics? – My lyme disease and rheumatoid arthritis journey

I’Ve got my son at home today because it’s in some holidays and I keep getting interrupted by the phone and by hand so I’ll have to make this really brief. Um I try anyway, okay, I basically um. I think I figured something really important out all this problem. I’Ve been having with my abdomen and not really understand. What’S going on down there, so just discomfort, I suppose you call it, but it’s and also had really bad diarrhea.

When I took my as if timicin for a week as well James go away sweetie, um yeah, so all of that stuff is just a kind of rambling on and I’m I don’t really on some scale. I know I think I figured out that I am allergic to my probiotics. I hope I forgets that I hope that’s what it is, because I could just stop taking them, although on the other hand, it is a bit of a bummer, because it means that I can’t unifies to take antibiotics again.

I would find difficult to find a probiotic that I could tolerate, so it is quite serious, actually very thick valid. Oh my body, you know it’s weird, because the probiotics are formulated so that they, you know they should be tolerable by everybody. They’Re benign strains of helpful bacteria that, like 20 bucks Ellison said, I think, is the lactobacillus in particular. The reason I say all this is because I stopped drinking milk and then like a week ago or something and I mean it was helping, but it wasn’t it wasn’t.

I wasn’t feeling properly better. I think I don’t know it’s really difficult to say and I wasn’t promptly better anyway and then I was thinking about thinking. Well, if I having problem digesting lactose, then maybe lactobacillus, even though that actually helps you digest lactose, because it’s a bacteria and and my body really hates bacteria apparently are including yeast and mold and all forms or forms of bacteria that are benign all or pathogenic um.

You know, maybe that maybe I just I mean the thing is the flare that I’ve been having anything having a really bad arthritis flare. You can see well, I could see anyway, really swollen fingers and been taking one diclofenac a day of my husband’s, which I shouldn’t really do, but I wouldn’t be able to manage otherwise and it’s only a 50 milligram once a days of market, big dose or anything. I’M going to go and see my GP next week, the first point that could get, but nevertheless, this flared that I’ve been having seems to have been coming on.

I think, since I last went to Breakspear, which is when I got this different than I usually use bottle of probiotics. Normally I use a dr. Mercola brand, and this time I’ve got back on and love the name of it. The brakes be around any way that the one that they purchase and a couple was cool anyway, it’s 25 billion units of lactobacillus strains of bacteria. I think some bifida bacteria as well and and that’s like a big dose, but actually the ones are saying before the dr mercola ones – would like 60 billion plus.

So it’s a higher dose now either. This has got some strain in there that my body just really hates, or it won’t the quantity, although it’s lower than it was on the previous or the. The interesting thing is when I started taking dr. McCoy bacteria, because I probiotics rather because I thought that I was you know, I’m not taking enough probiotics, which I probably wasn’t. I was taking like and they’re like 10 billion, or something tops previously by taking severals of several pills a day when I switch the Dutchman, Philip Mudd, I suddenly got my throat is, took a turn for the worse, and I didn’t know why at the time and It might have nothing to do with it for all I know, but it I did questions at time when I’d see my GP, I did say, do you think it’s possible probiotics are making me worse.

I wrote to dr. Michaels website and they said no, probably not you know people don’t have a problem with this, but of course most people aren’t allergic to bacteria. So it’s entirely possible that the worst thing that I had then that’s like two years ago. I think, and the worst thing I’ve had recently is my body having to either get used to a new strain of bacteria that it really doesn’t like all the sheer quantity itself and, of course, when I tried to beat vas a few weeks ago.

That’S when I noticed the same day, not just a bad hoax, where I was twitching and obviously the exhaustion and everything that goes with it. The nausea, but also a really bad arthritis flare, and I thought maybe it would just pass. It would be like a hurrican and then after a couple of days, I’d feel better in and then I tried taking the big vest like a couple more times and again it triggered this arthritic flare and in the end I just poured it away.

I thought you know, I just don’t know whether that’s a positive thing, that’s going to ease off there. I use it or whether that’s just like me having an allergic reaction to it and it’s possible that, because there’s like it’s just crammed full of lactobacillus, I think big fast. I think its culture from away culture, which is like off milk, which also, of course at lactobacillus, it’s possible that I primed my body to be really really allergic to it or as it previously.

It was more tolerant of it by doing that. I so often do this. I go and do something extreme in an attempt to heal myself fix myself and in the process on you know, uncover or reveal the reason why I’ve been reacting well or badly, something in the first place and it’s it’s kind of its like two steps forward. But like 15 steps back, but you know, knowledge is power and knowledge is the thing and if I, if I can trigger out that, maybe maybe I can take probiotics, but I need to take smaller amounts.

Perhaps or I need to take strains that I can tolerate. Maybe I don’t have it the absolute, not certainty that I’m right on this by the way, so I this this could well change. In a few days, I, the last to that I haven’t taken my friend rhotic for three days now and the first day didn’t know so much of a difference, but the last two days my guts have been just lovely fine, so um fingers crossed I’ve got this Right but like I say, it’s kind of a just goes to show that this this allergy to to bacteria is a serious, serious thing for me and even having the bacteria mine in in my vaccine injection.

Presumably, that’s got some strains in it, but not all of the ones that are in my probiotics. I guess so. I need to talk to dr I’m about that at brix me when I go back and just ask her what strains are in it and you know, maybe if I can find a probiotic that just contains those strains or something I don’t know it’s rich. It’S all deeply frustrating you know I just want to. I want to go back two hours.

I not doing this flare. I did the thing about the flowers is if it was just pain, it wouldn’t be so bad, but um you know pain is paying pains annoying, but it’s it’s just pain. He said I mean, but the real problem with arthritis flares is that they make you exhaust it, and that is when you can’t function, I mean with ice. It really depends how bad the pain is. Obviously, but when you’ve got in a moderate pain, then you can just sort of do less.

Maybe but you kind of you just force yourself to do it, but with with exhaustion, though it means you can’t think, and you are, you can’t be bothered and to you you’re not taking as much pleasure and everything, because it’s it’s all wearing you out and at The end of every day, at the minute, i’m suffering myself in bed, just it’s also kind of enough energy to read or do any of the things I enjoy.

You know bring autumn it more television the last week, because I just or not much actually, but you know more than I would because it’s it’s that needs less my brain to do it. I don’t know this is what I hate about. My arthritis is: is that the full body information? It’S not just like it’s in your joints, it’s in your brain as well, yeah anyway. So if enough of the Phoenix home for myself but but if I could figure is that, if I could, if I this reaction, having is if it’s a reaction to the probiotics and I can stop taking probiotics and reduce the inflammation in my bowel.

Hopefully, hopefully it will reduce the inflammation in my joints to I, it could be that I’ve just had a virus as possible. They no one else in my family did so I don’t doubt that and it’s possible that the bad bells were a result of these. As a meissen, that’s possible too, and then we kind of doubt thats well, I think maybe I just really annoyed my immune system with that big fast and I just made it so that it where is it it’s barely tolerating they like to eric cells before now? It really really ain’t going to flying like I can’t have it anymore, not in quantity.

Anyway. I think how serious this is for me. I don’t know x at 0. Anyway, I grow up buddy, okay, I’m rambling that and yep. That’S it that’s it hopefully, hopefully onwards and upwards. Hopefully I can

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