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HUGE Costco KETO Haul!! Did we buy TOO much?

So pretty much, no dairy, no carbs, no good stuff. You can’t admit it Augusta, no ice cream, no bread, Nana, look all the things that we normally. You can’t have none of that. Okay, but you eat like meats inside there, so it’s actually not bad. So it’s like kind of could give and take relationship with this keto diet, but I’ve heard some good things about it.

Let me know, have you heard anything about it, then? In the comment section below and also let me know how you went on a keto die before and how did it work out for you so before we started article, please for me and my baby make sure you guys go down and, like this article, all right Also, if you’re new to the blog go ahead, subscribe bra, some of the previous articles, you’ve every and yet turn I’ll put some of the case.

Even if I’m going to jump that bad boy, you can’t go to Costco today: okay, okay, no Costco! Today, alright! Look! I like taking places, but I wouldn’t want to see a dog up in the food section and stuff like that way. I’m about to go buy me some food. You scratch you hate to see your dog scratch it over there in the food section when I’m looking at some steaks chicken breast some – I don’t know. Oh, what’s up that boy, you, okay, right! You, okay, look! You can’t go with us! Alright, you can go to get that boy.

He caused me to drop my phone. Hopefully I ain’t break it again. Members last last my I broke it. Three times: listen um! I had to go, get it fixed all three times. So that’s good! So look, you Sandra, went and bought some watermelon. So we can do this challenge so we’re going to see how many rubber bands that does it take to actually pop a watermelon but we’re going to get a bigger watermelons in these ones.

I know, but we’re going to get bigger ones than these ones, alright. So, looking out for that article, alright we’re going to see how look how many rubber bands do y’all think it take to actually bus a watermelon baby, I’m going to say, like a hundred uh hundred, she said I’m going to try to think like a cow okay. So we’re going to go pick up some watermelon, a big watermelon and we’re going to pick up a whole big pack of rubber bands.

So we can do this article for y’all and bring it to you and see I’m so. Hopefully I like, if you like it, then we’ll probably try to do more articles, like that more articles, where we put like a little Tom effort into it man, instead of like blogs all right. So that’s what I’m thinking. Let me know how ya feelin, by turning the conversation below and like I said I would go in the Constitution, all right, so look baby cost all right, so we got see, look look at her red-handed picking out some line.

So no, we didn’t picked up some shrimp. We didn’t pick up. Some ribs either picked up some salmon and some steak. I said I said the shrimp shrimp and steak. So all of this is is a part of the keto diet. So just me, you might want to try to keep our diet actually pretty good. What else we got ta get back. One we got ta get some one guy gone last Estela rose got some fire one. Is it a party Kyodai you guys, but I think you can actually drink wine.

You want a glass of wine or I’m going to keep going. Look it around and see what we find. You got something. Let’s go yeah, look what we came across right here, a little taco, a little platter. No, you can make it on top. That’s pretty dope. Y’All love, Costco, go Cosmo, that’s the best. The best like samples, look, look, look. They got sausages over there sausages back. There. Yo you can get fooled just off the samples come in the Costco and trust me.

They don’t mind. Give you look. You take one two three, I might take four with me. Look some more samples. What’s this huh? Oh, so this is how it look right here and try. Thank you. Those are all right. Oh these samples, don’t taste good all the time but hey they agree make. It was good, though there we go. Okay, yo we’re in the freezer section right now it is breathe, but I don’t know if they can I’m thinking in my smoke.

Look we in the freezer section right now. You know I just the way I like lettuce and like fruits and vegetables and stuff, like that. I saw it anybody, but look she over there picking out something like spring. What what you pick it out? Some spinach boat mix, okay, okey, don’t mix yeah! Look at our basket right now, grocery shop and look everything is kitto friendly, so we got the sausages. You got well, that’s detergent, down there and stuff like that.

We got some like squash and zucchini some asparagus. Oh yeah, look at everything in the best right now. My baby, she bout to start putting one thing right now. I love this and trivedi like me doing it only because she says she goes a lot faster, so I mean it kind of makes sense, though, well with the keto diet in everything that we order. We get nothing that wasn’t on the keto diet. Everything came out.

We got a lot of this cute or dieting and cheese, oh, except for the wine, except for the wine. Everything came out. 388. 40. So this keto diet ain’t cheap. But if you want to get right, you want to get in shape. You guys sometimes got paid. Oh my random little puns in order to get there. So that’s what we’re doing right now. I’d probably try to Hakkasan just show you how a whole of everything that we got as far as the keto diet.

Now let me go ahead and help her put everything in the car yeah I’ll get it. I mean I got to put peaches in the car, so that’s good, so we are back at the house and it’s time for me to show you guys what we got at Costco. So, like Kevin said it was around 388, almost almost $ 400. Now this is probably the big grocery shopping that we do like at the beginning of the month and we get a lot of meat. So a lot of those needs.

We deep freeze and then use throughout the month and then throughout the month. If we need to pick up any extras, then we’ll just hit up like the local grocery store and just grab little things here and there our grocery list, let’s based off of the keto diet. The keto diet is like no carbs, no sugar and just a lot of foods with fat in it, and let me go ahead and show you guys the meat we picked up some pork belly so Kevin makes some really good.

Pork belly ends that I cannot wait until we make. We got some ribs, you can definitely eat ribs. We also got some rib eye steak and, as you can see, we got a big pack, so we’re definitely going to freeze some of this some shrimp and some Selman, as well as some bacon for like breakfast, we usually like to eat like bacon and eggs, and Then, for a dinner or like for lunch will either have like a salad like we could either make like a steak, salad, a Salomon solid.

We could even eat some shrimp, veggies shrimp with veggies some steak, some state yes and staking asparagus. You could do that ribs and asparagus. Pork belly ends, and I don’t know we’ll just figure some stuff out. We can also eat sausages, so we picked up some sausages. These are so good. You guys, if you are near a Costco, if you have a membership pick. Some of these up, these are so good. We’ve picked up some little cheese to snack on some butter.

Butter is always good to have as well as pistachios. Last month we picked up some pistachios, but we had to crack them open. They were in their shells, and then I seen this today and I was like what this is definitely save us some time we picked up this time around some squash, some yellow squash and zucchini. So maybe we can use this as a side with our meats, some asparagus. We got some spinach some watermelon.

I picked these two mini watermelons up at sprouts the other day, and then we picked up this big ol water well in today, at Costco, onions isn’t really. Okay to eat on the keto diet, they tell you to avoid heaven and I love onions and we just cannot live without them. I think the only thing we’ll probably do is eat them in moderation all right. So then we got some peaches and these aren’t all the way ripe yet, but we can definitely let them sit out and let them get a little bit more right.

So I picked this up. This is a keto collagen protein powder, so it’s a collagen protein powder. I’ve been trying to do some research, and they say collagen is very good for you, which it really is. It’s good for your hair, your nails, it’s good for your skin, it’s good for anti-aging, it’s just all-around, really good for you. It also helps with like joint pain if you you’re having joint pain, there’s a lot of benefits to putting collagen into your daily intake.

However, it is pills protein. However, you want to take it. I decided to go ahead. Do some research and I wanted to get a collagen powder, but then I seen that which is with protein powder – and I don’t have protein powder right now and I think that is one thing I am missing since I’ve been working out a lot and I need To go ahead and add a protein powder into my daily intake like either after a workout or I can use it as a meal replacement.

So I seen that our Costco I’m definitely going to try it. Hopefully, it’s good one more thing: we did pick up some wine, some Stella Rosa peach peach and we picked up this one tropical mango Moscato and, of course, that’s not under the keto diet. This probably has a lot of sugar, but, like I said it’s okay at the end of the week, to have a glass of wine definitely treat yourself here and there it’s all about having a balanced diet and that’s what I’m all about all right, you guys so That is the end of the article.

Thank you guys so much for reading our article and, if you liked, if you would like to see more of these types of articles, make sure you hit that like button comment down below. Maybe let us know if you would like to see us do a article where we show you will be cook for a night cook for dinner cook for lunch just comment down below. Maybe we could do that if you are new to the blog, make sure you subscribe and hit that Bell for notification, so you get notified when we upload aiming article and thank you guys so much for reading.

We love you guys and next time, peace.

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