Healthy Blueberry Pancakes Recipe (The Plant Paradox-Approved)

You know something sweet and decadent and a little over the top, and you shouldn’t miss out just because you’re eating the Gundry way. That’s why I came up with a plant paradox friendly version of everyone’s favorite indulgent breakfast blueberry pancakes. Now my oven, baked blueberry pancake is a little different for one. It’s not made of wheat flour and it’s not slathered in maple syrup.

It’s kind of a cross between a pancake and a cake, and it’s perfect for this time of year when blueberries are actually in season, but you can make it all year round. Just leave out the blueberries, no matter what it’s still delicious. It’s got loads of flavor on its own thanks to the lemon, the vanilla and the coconut, and since you make it in a blender you’re only going to get two dishes dirty making breakfast the blender and a pie tin.

So then you’re going to lightly spray. A pipe in with some olive oil spray or some coconut oil spray and be ready to use that okay. So now we’re going to take all of our ingredients and we’re going to put them in a blender. So we’re going to take some coconut oil that we’ve already melted and we’re going to take some vanilla extract. Please use the real stuff we’re going to throw in some salt we’re going to use aluminum free baking powder, we’re going to use baking soda and about six drops of stevia.

I love the sweet leaf brand and a couple of pastured or omega-3 eggs. Then we’re going to take some coconut yogurt plain coconut yogurt. If you can’t find it, please feel free to substitute goat, yogurt or sheep yogurt, but please don’t use American yogurt or Greek yogurt. It’s got casein a1. Then we’re going to add our dry ingredients. We’re going to take some coconut flour and some almond flour and some tapioca.

Now I actually prefer cassava, which is more coarse than tapioca, but they’re both from the same root and we’re going to put all that in our blender. Okay. So we’ll put that in and we’re just going to pulse it for a little bit and then take spatula, scrape it down. Okay. Now the other thing once you’ve got that blend you’re going to grate a lemon and just get a grater gets kind of the coarse grater.

You don’t have to be perfect about this. Please get your fingers out of the way. I don’t want to have to see you in the emergency room, so we’re going to take that zest and and we’re going to cut the lemon in half use a juicer cuz. A lot of our lemons, particularly here in California, if you’re coming out of the yard or full of seeds – and you don’t really want seeded blueberry pancakes, okay, so we’re going to throw that and the zest back in and if you want to do this as part Of the first step, that’s fine with me, and in goes the zest, don’t be afraid of the zest, believe it or not.

There’s an amazing component in lemon peel called lemon and that I’ve talked about before it actually contains is a really cool compound. So it’s great for you every day: okay, back we go around boy and we’re ready to go and that’s really all you need. This is going to be fairly thin. Looking and that’s going right into our pie pan and then what I like to do is sprinkle the blueberries on top and we’ve got some blueberries fresh from the farmers market they’re.

Actually, in season now and we’re just going to put not too many but a good handful of blueberries – remember fruit is a treat you have to treat it like candy, okay, we’re ready to throw this in the oven and away we go. So you want to bake your pancake until it’s golden brown around the edges and firm in the center takes about 25 minutes. You know it’s really the perfect amount of time to set the table wash the dishes and feed the dog.

So when the pancake is done, you want to remove it from the oven and let it cool to room temperature before serving it’ll feed 2 to 3 people easily. You know it’s really that easy blend bake and serve so the next time you want to feed someone. You love a special breakfast feed them, something that loves them back, I’m dr. Steven and Gundry, and I’m always looking out for you. But right now I’m going to look out for myself, fantastic thanks for reading click, the circular blog icon to subscribe and make sure you don’t miss a single article.

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