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2018-01-28 Keto Meal Prep/Vlog

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should at read out on pedo you’ll, see that I went to midnight bingo last night I won, which is dope only hundred and fifty dollars. I had to split the pot, but that’s fine. It was a really fun time, but I also had my first unplanned cheat meal, so I knew there was going to be pizza and everything – and I was like: oh no, I’m not going to eat, I’m going to be fine, but as the night went on it Became clear that I was like nah, I’m doing this, I’m hanging with the crew and I’m going to enjoy it.

So that’s what I did. There was Pizza Hut. There was brownies, there was caramel corn, there were fries, I mean, and it was delicious, like you know, hashtag no regrets. The thing is. If you also read my weigh-ins once you should um, you know that I weigh in on the first of the month. So that means February 1st is coming up on Thursday, but I’ve been doing like quasi weigh-ins. You know for throughout the month and honestly, I’m still at the exact same weight like I’ve lost no weight whatsoever, which I mean coming off a 15 pound loss for December.

Like I get it, you know, I’m not too upset weight, loss is linear or weight loss is not linear, I’m still making great progress. So I was just like this. Cheat is not like it’s going to derail any other progress. I’ve made for January cuz. I haven’t made it, you know now it wasn’t ideal, but at the same time you know I’m not letting it faze me. It’s not throwing me off track, I’m right back on today.

I’m going to go really hard today, so Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, see if we can get anything off for Thursday, but I mean even the fact that I’ve been able to maintain this whole month like 178 pounds. That’s a miracle, so I am just super proud. So I’m just going to have to recalculate my macros, you know adjust do what you’re supposed to do when you hit a stall and keep it moving. Super tired right now, only guys about like 5 hours of sleep, but I’m up and at them.

I know I say this every week but like super simple meal, prep, I’m just going to do ground, beef and eggs and like I literally, have no idea what I’m going to do for my second meal. So hopefully, Meyer will give me some inspiration, but I’m headed to the gym right now got my pre-workout and going to get her done. Let’s go Jesus, be free, workout, say no: Oh, okay, it’s a little after 5:00 and I am done with meal prep and I killed it today.

So let’s take a look at what we got. First, we have the scrambled eggs and ground beef, never changing it. Then we just have that random pulled pork and that bacon and cheese fried rice that I’ve just made up off the top of my head, and that is so good. Next we got my trail mix, then we have the keto connect chocolates, like I said I put them into the mini mold, so they come out in like little tabs and they are so good they’re, like my new favorite thing ever in fact, I think I’m just Going to go ahead and eat this one quality control, it’s chocolate in it’s a little salty, it’s a melty! If cold, I love to keep them in the freezer.

Hmm! So happy! Okay! Whoa! I’m done thanks for reading! If you like this article and want to see more, you can subscribe to my blog read autumn. Keto also don’t forget to ding the notification bell. If you want to be notified, whenever I put up new meal prep articles or weigh in articles or anything like that, if you liked this article, give it a thumbs up and comment, let me know what you’re eating for milk prep this week.

Also, have you ever just like randomly made a recipe and it turned out awesome. I kind of feel like I did that today with that cauliflower, whatever that was, I nailed that

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2019-06-09 Keto Meal Prep/ Vlog

Look at me. Love me, I’m Your Mother sit sit, sit, sit good boy, finally, boy you’re, so bad you’re, so bad. Why do I put up with you I’ll put up with you? Oh, my god morning guys, I am up and Adam and time to go, and that means it’s time for a zit fizz. Let’s see what we got here today, Oh orange soda, who loves orange soda zit fish. Who do you know if you don’t know the answer to that, we’re all my 90’s kids at calming down below who loves orange soda zit fizz comment down below.

I don’t dislike this, it’s just not my favorite. You know it’s not my least favorite. It’s not great. Hmm, so let’s go ahead and get this going so that we can get going. It does smell good, though all right guys, let’s get ready to shake it in 3, 2. 1 to the week ahead. Oh wow, I mean it’s a very strong orange flavor. Like I mean okay, guys, I’m drinking this, I’m at the gym today, it’s a long day, I’m doing 60 minutes because we’re moving into the last two weeks of the cut down to quito, conch allenge and I’m very excited I’ll talk about what I’m eating later spoiler Alert, I just have to keep just taking fun things out of my diet from week to week, but that’s okay, cuz, it’s a challenge and we got this okay guys.

I am done at the gym like if you want. To be honest, that’s sucked! Okay! I did not want to do that, as you saw. It was 60 minutes and, like literally by minute five I was like I’m over this. I don’t I don’t want to do it, but you know what I did it for 60 minutes. I show it up. I just powered through turned on some pop music of my choice, and I got it done so like you guys it’s not always sunshine and rainbows and like oh I’m so motivated, oh I’m winning.

Sometimes it’s like you have to make yourself do the things you don’t want to do, because you know that they’re in your best interest and that’s discipline, ladies and gentlemen, and so I’m proud of myself for exhibiting that and I’m very glad that it’s over cuz, like Wow, that was horrible, speaking of horrible. You guys we’re moving in to week three of the cut down to Kyoto, Khan challenge and, like I’m, not doing horrible, like I’m doing great, I’m kicking this challenges ass.

If you want to be honest, but what is horrible is that I’m going down to 1,300 calories and 10 total carbs. So like it’s going to be rough this week, but it’s okay, because I can do it and what that means basically is. I am pretty much eating the same amount of well, I’m eating the same food that I ate last week I just got to cut out the vegetables. I have to cut out the vegetables so for my second meal, with the kielbasa I’m having another egg, so meal 1, 3 eggs and 1/2 tbsp of butter, 2 slices of bacon a piece of sausage and then for a snack, I’m having 3 cheese sticks and then Oh, my god that chocolate cream – you know that’s not going anywhere.

So that’s going to be awesome. Also moving into these last 2 weeks, I’m going to be depending a lot on beverages to keep me full, so I am going to integrate some coffee into my diet. I don’t know if it’s going to be bulletproof or anything just like another flavorful drink. That is not sweetened with sucralose and then for my meal, I’m having a little bit more kielbasa, because I have room for the proteins and fats I just had to remove the carbs, so I’m having a little more kielbasa than I had last week.

So I think, like two two and a half ounces, and then I am having a fried egg with it. So I think I get some butter on there as well. They think I’m a jello, then I got mozzie via so like honestly, it all tastes, delicious and and honestly, when I went to Costco last week, I pretty much bought everything. I have barely anything to get a Meyer this week, which is pretty awesome. So I’m feeling good about it.

I have a lot of work to do at the shop today, so I need to finish meal prep super early and then spend my life doing other stuff hashtag. You know I got goals. I also want to go to sleep you. It’s okay, it’s okay reel it back in, but you guys, let’s do it. Let’s get to the store me! Okay, guys, like I’ve, been done with milk prep for like two hours, milk prep literally took an hour from start to finish like oh, that’s, the good thing about eating these simple Kido meals.

It’s like they take no time to make whatsoever. No fancy recipes, not a bunch of ingredients like just basically fry up some eggs in meat and like it’s so simple, but it’s so delicious. So now I have to go to the shop for a few hours, I’m going to try not to stay there for a long time, but I’m going to go work and then I’m going to come show you my super simple, easy, delicious meal. Prep, hey guys! I’m back home from the shop and I have a special guest yeah everyone, it’s my twin sister, amber amber, say hi to the people, hey people, oh my gosh.

I’ve got to get you like it’s starting to be a normal thing right, I’m sensing, some! No okay! So I did I don’t I am a guy I literally had since autumn. It’s a thing for Tet. I have a thing for texts too, but I also have a thing for piercing other things we’re going to sing and automates it. I hate it. I’m just caught off guard. You got holes in your body like when I didn’t see any pixelation way to get more with the hoop when I’m in the normal tutelage.

I want to talk to the people, Neil that you guys have been graced with my presence. I need you guys to get in the comments and tell me how much you enjoy are currently enjoying the macro calculator right but like, and that was so much fun putting it together and I’m just so glad about the comments are received on that article about you Guys being able to use it, it just makes me so happy how many lives is it saving has saved? Will they save saving the macro? Calculator is saving what I’m just saying, because god I can 100 % attest to the fact that before this existent I would have her manually like I would beg her just like you guys had before in the past hey autumn.

How do you calculate calculate your macros? I would do the same thing for whatever diet. I was on at the time, so now that I have. This definitely saves her some time so and actually what some are having to bother me and asked me to do people kind of hop in and be in the way, yeah just being the way guys. I mean okay, guys milk prep. Today, it’s just super simple, which I mean might be boring, but, like I actually kind of love it, so I want to show you what we have this week.

It’s basically last week, some stuff, but still, let’s take a look all right. First of all, we have our classic breakfast three eggs, two slices of bacon, one piece of sausage: I’m loving this for snacks, we have three cheese sticks, so I’m having two of those and one of those whoa another snack, dessert, snack, I’m having heavy cream with the Cocoa powder and the liquid monk fruit like this is all amazing.

You guys I actually have a code for like ant. Oh I’ve been meaning to tell you for weeks. I have a code, it’s whack, 15 w8k 1/5 for 15 % off. I’m going to put that in the description down below, because I’m definitely going to be ordering some more of this liquid monk fruit. It has been a lifesaver also you guys. I have some cashew milk here only because I might be making some coffee. Let’s look over there.

Oh, I might be making some coffee, so I have that cashew milk to mix it in in case. I do I’ll, probably end up doing that for my what at you Wednesday and then my dinner guys not going to lie, looks pretty sad. It is about two and a half ounces of that kielbasa and a fried egg. You guys, why do I love fried eggs? Now I don’t even know who I am they’re so delicious and I’m actually super good at making them, and then we just have Sevilla and jello for my desserts, alright guys.

So it’s all about choices. Does my second meal look kind of sad? Yes, it does, but do I have to spend 200 calories on a whipped cream dessert? No, I could use some of those calories that maybe have like another egg, some more butter, some more meat. Maybe I could put some that cream in a bulletproof coffee like it’s all about how you want to move around your macros, but like I’m, satisfied with this, and I know that that whipped cream is going to give me everything that I need.

I’m excited for the week ahead. I’ve been doing great on the cut down to Kido Khan challenge. How are you doing in the challenge comment down below and I think that’s it for me today. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly meal preps weekly, what I eat: Wednesdays, monthly, weigh-ins, monthly, q2, crinum boxing’s and the occasional product review and recipe.

You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook at read autumn keto thanks and I’ll see you next week you

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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What we eat on Keto | Keto shopping at Sams Club

What’s up family, I’m Rachel and I’m Joe, and we’re two crazy Kita’s. If you’re new, to our blog, welcome here on to crazy kilos, we do different things like product reviews. We do recipe articles, we’ve got about various kyouto topics and then every Monday we sit down on the couch for tea, though, on the couch we just kind of talk about.

What’s going on in our lives for the week, you can find us in different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we have a website which is too crazy, Kiva’s calm and that’s trying to find operative in recipes. Now we do it for at least five new articles every single week, so make sure you subscribe to our blog and don’t forget to hit the little bell icon in that way. Every single time you upload a new article, you’ll be alerted to it yeah.

So it is January 2nd number two and we are on day two of our 30 days or 31 days, actually of Quito, ciao and Quito. Brick. Only now we’re doing this actually not as a challenge. It’s actually a fast for us. We do a fast forgot. Every single January, so this year we decided no food, just quito Chow in Quito Bronx, so we need butter yeah. We made a bunch of Quito Chows to get us started, but I’m out of butter, so we’re going to head to Sam’s Club because I don’t think we’ve ever done a Sam’s Club haul, no or key doubt because in addition in eating butter, we still have to Get some food to do some meal prep for the boys, and I think the easiest thing is to buy a bunch of sleeves of burgers and cook them ahead of time.

Heck. Yes, and this way they could just kind of grab them out of the you know refrigerator whenever they want grabbing it. Speaking of the refrigerator, I actually cleaned and rearranged our refrigerator. What, in anticipation for having to have a whole bunch of keto Chows made up? Usually, it’s really scary in there, it’s really scary and loaded with a bunch of stuff. I found a lot of stuff that I just tossed like.

Why do we have condiments that are like 5 years old? Let’s take a look at their fridge. Ok, so take a look at that we have taken over the inside fridge how much less scary than usual. So all the condiments are over here and pretty much. Every condiment in our house is keto friendly, with the exception of Anthony’s, barbecue, sauce and Anthony’s. Maybe cereal and he’ll never use so, but this is Anthony’s favorite ketchup and this is absolutely cute.

Oh we’ve been getting that at sprouts, but he’s got his heavy cream. We’ve got some waters and lots of keto Chows and then down there. We have a keto chili. The kids are eating and those are our leftover wings from New Year’s Eve that we can’t eat but they’re going to enjoy now here’s what we did with the keto child, because Rachel and I are on two different sets of calories. All of them are the same.

Every one of them is made with three and a half tablespoons of butter, and then what I’m going to do is when I need to drink one, I’m just going to grab it melt down another tablespoon or two tablespoons of butter and add it in this way. We don’t have to worry about which one is Rachel’s and which one is mine. Well, the chocolate talk is Rachel’s. Well, that’s the other thing I did not label them, so it’s kind of like grab one and guess what you’re drinking hope is not like chicken.

When I’m expecting chocolate, there are some chicken ones in there. One of the things about coming over here, I forget, is that there are all of these fast-food restaurants in this complex, like there’s a taco boat here and there’s all way of Tropic all over here, and it just makes me realize like. When is the last time we went in to talk about we used to like live in Taco Bell, I remember one New Year’s Eve.

We ordered the entire menu. That’s right. I remember that actually said. Let’s just order the whole man we ate the entire menu. That was pretty bad few years glad you didn’t do that we used to like live and Taco Bell, and I can’t even think of the last time we had that kind of stuff. Well, it was cheap. We were in our minds, feeding a family of five, but it was garbage and as soon as they aged 15 minutes later they were hungry again yeah and now there are some key dough options at Taco Bell.

But to me like Mexican food means tortillas. It means enchiladas and all of that stuff is obviously no good. You got a stitch like the salads, the fajitas stuff, like that. Well, I like wrapping taco meat inside of the cheese wraps. Yes, what will you see as soon as you walk in? It’s definitely the first of the year, because it’s all meal replacement look at that protein shake slimfast, keto premiere protein in sure acting quest bar and keto hydrate.

What is this? Look at that 12-pack, zero, sugars per bottle, BHB salts away? Second, so it’s got bh bees in it; where’s the ingredients in this filtered natural spring water, citric acid, malic, acid, natural flavor, BHB salts Wow, at least $ 20.00. It’s three total carbs per bottle. It’s a really cool thing: good cook! It’s a 120 piece meal. Prep set $ 25 $ 25. Look at all that stuff. You get you get these different bowls, divided ones, three divided two divided single ones and then the round plates.

That is a great deal if you’re getting stove on keto and you want to start like meal prepping and making sure everything is ahead. 60. You know 60 containers, 60 lids reusable up to 10 times. Maybe this they’re, even selling toilets in Sam’s Club, now look wait till it’s something we don’t have to buy anymore. You don’t know more fabric, softener balls, lots of balls, so this is meal prep container I like, because my kids cannot always be trusted to bring it home, so I don’t want to buy expensive meal prep where and then never see it again.

So this is some disposable ones. Just nine dollars for 25 pack cannot stand plastic silver, with the exception of a really heavy-duty spoon like that. Those I like Chipotle, has the best disposable spoon on earth. So this is something that’s needs by the kids really like spaghetti. Noodles but we don’t buy spaghetti noodles, traditional spaghetti, noodles anymore and keep them in the house, but these are just nice grabbing the zucchini and yellow squash spiral.

The ingredients are only zucchini and yellow squash total carbs 3 grams dietary fiber 1 gram. Let’s get some of those because, even though we’re not eating we’re still not buying or preparing non keto food, look what we found it structurally! Oh and it’s on sale, look at chef, Jimmy gourmet butter, pick 3 and save you get three of them for $ 20. One of these things are not like the other ones. Obviously we’re not going to be eating honey butter, another one, this strawberry, honey butter, love that one we can have that one look at this one.

This one is actually really really good. Okay, so we’re going to give them some burgers we’re going to get a bag of these sirloin beef patties. These are 85 1516 dollars, so it’s less than a dollar a burger and then Chris from Kyoto Chow said these things are really good, especially when you put them on the smoker. So you get 15 burgers with the cheddar and bacon and it’s 16 bucks. So we’re going to get these chicken vests it’s $ 19 for 10 pounds of the Tyson chicken bus, but since they’re on sale we’re going to get these they’re like antibiotic free chicken breasts they’re $ 3.

50 off. So it’s twelve point: eight for five pounds a little bit more money, but they’re, no antibiotics ever and they’re individually wraps that’ll be really good for them Rachel’s. In luck, they have Scott toilet paper. Here you go. You can wipe your butt again. Here’s what we came for butter, it’s a little bit more money than BJ’s or Costco. Actually, it’s like a dollar more, but we’re here. So we’re going to get we’re going to need a lot.

So let’s get the wheat packages, that’s a lot of butter! So here’s where you want to be a little bit leery of convenience products, so these are chicken fajitas. It’s like it’s just the meat. But if you take a look at the ingredient, there’s boneless skinless chicken, breast with rib meat, water, but then there’s also potato starch. Yeah and dextrose, so it’s just chicken fajitas, but it’s three carbs per serving and there’s 11 servings in this bag.

So he says: there’s only three ounces who’s only eating three ounces of chicken. I just recently bought these in all these and it is a lot cheaper, but these parce some awesome pickles. If you want something on the go, so here’s some convenience chicken I can get behind. It is a little pricey at $ 10, but they’re already cooked six. Fully cooked chicken breasts and look at the ingredients, just boneless skinless chicken breasts water, and then it contains 2 % or less of the following vinegar, salt and natural flavors.

So Wow take a look at this. This is four pounds of bacon $ 19, which actually is a really good price. However, we paid $ 25 to make nine pounds of bacon, and ours doesn’t have sugar in it. Look Rachel, it’s a single serving for blue cheese for us. Sam’s Club has stepped up their game with the lunch meat. Take a look at all of this. I think we’re actually going to get some of this turkey breast and we’re going to make a keto lasagna.

That’s actually a really good price for like non grass-fed grass-finished, but two dollars and 30 cents a pound and it’s 80 percent. Usually you see that kind of price, and it’s for the 75 25. Oh here we go Rachel. Take a look at this. Do you know that is not something I went. Oh, it’s a beef toss. It’s a tongue, they have beef tongue, they have tripe, they have ox tails. This is awesome. I would just like to say thank you, God with her fast Rachel.

While they have Waterloo and that’s actually a really good price – seven dollars in eighty eight cents for twenty four cans. So that’s like what three fifty a 12-pack a little bit more than that, but you have to drink strawberry yeah! I’m not a big fan of strawberry sparkling water, but they also have this. This is a new one. Maybe we should try this one twelve. Ninety eight for a 15 pack for 16 ounces a little bit expensive, but they have watermelon blackberry and pineapple its water infused with fruit essence and the ingredients are purified water and natural flavors and there’s nothing in it.

So the only thing is: that’s not sparkling water. It’s regular water. They also have lots of other sparkling waters. They got Stan Pellegrino. They got bubbly another one, though look at this you’re going to have to deal with the raspberry which not a big fan of the raspberry 788. They have Lacroix. So they’ve got a good collection here. Bing look at this. None of the other wholesale clubs have this.

They have bang and it’s actually two out of my three or four flavors and two of them are my favorite. I love sour heads. I love the blue Roz. The cherry limeade is really good too: the Purple Haze, I’ve, never I’ve actually tried and that’s a great price 3398 for 24 cans. It’s a dollar forty to a can churros heard of a heart healthy breakfast! So take a look at this, so you have this version, which is the members mark, and this is you know, obviously the sam’s club brand of peanut butter, eight total carbohydrates, two grams of dietary fiber, and I believe that this one has sugar in it.

Doesn’t yeah? Look at that roasted peanuts, sugar, palm oil and sea salt, but then you’ve got Smuckers natural, peanut butter, 190, calories, seven, total carbohydrates, three grams of dietary fiber, two grams of sugars, which is just coming from the peanuts. But the ingredients are just peanuts and salt. What are you looking at? What we used to feed our children all the time, Chef Boyardee, look at these look at the little ingredients.

I have totally given this to my children. Modified corn starch soybean oil, dehydrated onion, caramel, color, high-fructose corn syrup Wow. That list is ridiculous: 33 carbohydrates in one cup and our kids used to eat like five cups in a sentence maybe spam, they got some spam over there, I loved it in the ingredients. It says mechanically separated chicken, it’s almost like they want to emphasize like this hurts it hurts it chicken to make this well.

This is pretty good look at this. They have Buffalo Wild Wings, they have the sauces, they have the parmesan, garlic and the honey barbecue. Unfortunately, we can’t eat the honey barbecue because it is 17 total carbohydrates in a serving, but you can have the parmesan garlic on keto. It’s only three total carbs in a two tablespoon serving look. How much because blueprint is so much better. They can’t keep it in stock once you upgrade, though we used to actually buy this stuff and eat big giant cans of this nacho cheese sauce right now, this is nacho cheese.

I can’t even believe it take a look at the list of ingredients. This is obviously before we ever looked in ingredients. Look at that list of ingredients for cheese wow. This is so disappointing. I saw this. I was like avocado ranch. Yes right, right, look! Look water, soybean oil. Obviously this is not a hava kado ranch dressing. I don’t even need to look at the recipe ingredients, I’m not buying it when the second ingredient is soybean oil.

This is something we like to have in the house just for, like emergencies, when you’re making a quick recipe that needs some crumbled up, bacon bacon emergency, but we don’t buy it a lot because it is expensive at $ 10 for this 20 ounce bag – and it’s Simple to make your own, but it’s not a bad thing to just keep in your house for, like that occasional point where you need something quick. While this is awesome, sam’s club is carrying organic spices.

They have organic garlic, organic ginger, organic onion, ground pepper. They have cumin cinnamon. This is really really good. So this is a really good price on avocado oil. It’s this blue D re, and this is cold-pressed at its $ 7.99 for a liter, that’s actually a really good price. So unfortunately they have a big beef. Jerky selection, but the only one, that’s any good. Is this Dukes? The good news is there’s three bags inside of here for just 870 once it’s on clearance.

That is really good. I’m seeing something else over here, though, I think we need to get these to make our own look at that pickled egg frightening. I still want to try to make them how’s the pickled sausage. What’s the ingredients in pickled sausage, mechanically separated chicken, pork, pork parts, water, soy, protein, concentrate salt, flavorings, sodium phosphate, sodium are with rob a paprika and sodium nitrate.

There’s only one carb, but I’m seriously afraid this used to be one of my James. I never lies there. Rachel there’s something that you won’t eat. Even if you weren’t Kido, I worked in a day care center and we ate so many goldfish crackers. I can’t eat them anymore, even the smell of them. That’s really good! 16:48 for his book. That’s really awesome over a hundred healthy and delicious ketogenic recipes.

Oh my gosh! We should get this for kids church. That would be awesome. Let’s get that tossed the kitchen in there and teach him right meat and Jesus. That’s what’s good for ya! So we just finished up in Sam’s Club spent a hundred and sixty dollars, but we are back in business when it comes to butter. We got lots of butter, but it’s good. We got a bunch of burgers for the boys, we got the chicken to make it super easy, so nobody has to do a whole bunch of cooking toilet paper.

We got toilet paper, so we can wipe our butts again but as we were checking out, I never noticed this before. I don’t know if you can see this, but I saw my picture on my Sam’s Club card. I will put a copy of it up. There. Take a look at that. Oh, my goodness, look how fat I was when I got this membership card. It’s like Santa wow. I was fast, so we got home from Sam’s Club yesterday, after a very respectable hall, I think yeah.

I think we have a good Hall they’re, starting this stuff up their game a little bit when it comes to the keto game. We haven’t visited sam’s club and quite some time, and I think that in 2020 we may be frequenting there, a little bit more. At least yeah, they definitely are not as good as Costco, but it’s starting to come up a little bit, especially considering Rachel found out that they sell free punch, only zip vests okay.

So that made me super happy and they’re right next to a whole thing: yeah, because we only go to that area when I have to get a whole food. So, at least maybe if we go to Whole Foods, will kind of just go right next door and run into Sam’s Club there’s also a mall there. Yes, so we got home from Sam’s Club and then we decided the last minute Rachel had some shipping today shipping and we decided hey.

Let’s do a live stream which I’m so glad we did, because I missed everybody yeah. That was a lot of fun, but in the midst of all that we forgot to wrap up this vlog, so you know Friday we’re actually getting ready to go to a wedding, I’m not wearing this wearing a dress for some friends of ours. So we’re going to head to the wedding, but we wanted to wrap up this vlog you’re, not wearing that. No, I’m not wearing this, although this is a cool shirt that I got from readiness, let the hunger games begin and it’s basically a shirt for fasting for a 72 hours, fast Wow I’ll be doing a 72 hours fast.

They are doing one this month and I may do that in the midst of ya know our keto chow only challenged. I like it so for dinner. Yesterday, like when we got home, I ended up having a raspberry cheesecake, keto Chou um, and I had 50 % of a cinnamon crunch, ki Tobruk. That was what I ate yesterday. Well, I had chocolate mint delicious. I love that. I don’t have to wait from a shamrock shake until March.

You can have it right now. We need to make some work. You know jobs, though, because when you’re doing 3 a day you go through them very quickly, so I’m having like 15 of them made up is not lasting, very long yeah because we’re not going through three day we’re going through six right by day. I didn’t want to say got these. This was actually when I had so we showed it on our live stream, but if you didn’t see our live stream, these are red and salt bricks, and these are really really helping me not eat.

So whenever I feel like eating or just get the urge to have something in my mouth, you just kind of lick on it, I can tell you what they’re addictive they are really really addictive. Now I have one in a little baggie in my purse and I love it that thing’s going with me everywhere and when you first put it in your mouth, it’s a little sweet and then you hit the saltiness. But it kind of weird like as soon as it hits your tongue, it’s like sweetness and then some saltiness.

Well, when you don’t have contaminated, you know: ancient sea, salt right, it’s delicious yeah, you know, and just they last a long time. So just you know this little brick that I’ve got here. I’ve been working on this one for over two weeks, Wow, so they last a long time, but redmond finally has released him so that you guys can get them as well, and this is what it comes. Like it’s a big bag, I don’t even know how much this bag weighs, but it’s pretty heavy.

Oh it’s right! On the front. It’s 26 ounces of salt. You can take a little hammer like I did, and just chip off one you don’t have to like carry around this giant thing like I like having this thing, because I don’t know just fits in your hand well, but they’re, all different sizes, like here’s one in This bag – this is a bag. Here’s one here have mine concealed in my purse. There’s a big giant one like this, so it literally just big pieces.

Look at this one, just big pieces of salt. I actually think they’re beautiful if you’re somebody that enjoys looking at like quartz yeah, it’s gorgeous right and it’s kind of cool. When you look at this one and look at the one that I’m not licking on. So you look at all the minerals and stuff, and that’s not amazing – and we learned something recently from Chris from Peter Chao – is that if you’re using pink salt, if you want to know if it’s real pink salt that you’re really using a good mineral salt, put It in water and if, when it dissolves, if there’s no stuff in the bottom, like pieces of sand and grit and that kind of stuff – and it was a faker and it’s a fake, so it’s a real mineral salt.

Are you telling me that my TJ Maxx and Dress for Less pink Himalayan salt, maybe like lying to me, possibly it’s possible, I’m not going to say that for sure, but it’s possible we’re doing a scientific study. So, there’s a link for this, I’m going to put it down in the description. I’m also going to put a link on our website and it’s right now. It’s $ 14.99, a bag which I think is it’s going to last you forever again.

It’s 26 ounces. A lot of salt, it’s super fun, though it’s fun to just work on, especially if you’re into fasting. If you just want to have something to kind of get rid of some of those cravings and stuff just suck on that. Well, I have a bad habit of either putting my fingernails in my mouth or I chew a ridiculous amount of gum, and so I’m trying to not have them work on your gums and I think that will definitely occupy my mouth yeah.

So 14.99, a bag. You can use the code to crazy Keita’s, that’s going to get you another 15 % off and you’re going to have to follow the link down below because so far as I know, it’s not available in any stores and there’s also no Maine direct link on their Website like, if you go to the website, at least as of a couple of days ago, there was no link. It’s a little bit of mission. Important Oh wear it.

You have to have the link directly to that page. He got you so it’s down below in the description. You got them again, it’s 49, but it’s going to last you a long time. I mean it’s just if you’re looking for like something for fasting or something like maybe trying to get rid of the gum habit or somebody mention our live stream last night, a cigarette habit if you’re yeah, having that hand to mouth action just trying to cut it, Put this on their mouth instead, and that should help a little bit and at least you’re getting some good sodium yeah.

So that is our vlog. For the day, our trip to Sam’s Club was fun. Let us know down in the comments section some of the other stores and that you would like us to go to absolutely we’ve been talking about like in the new year. What are some different things where we want to take the blog 4 to crazy kiddos? So let us know, eat some of the different stores that you’d like us to go to some of the different types of content that you’d like us to see.

Snowdown on the comment sections. This is their Channel. That’s right! Not ours, that’s right! So that is our article for today. Please do us a favor and hit that like button down below and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and hit the little bell icon in that way, every single time we upload a new article, you’ll be alerted to it until next time, bye,

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2018-01-21 Keto Meal Prep/Vlog

That’s not pink! For once. I have a really simple meal. Prep it’s going to look similar to last week, but I really enjoyed what I had last week. So if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I will catch you guys along the way off to the gym y’all. It is 1 o’clock, I’m just now getting home from the gym in the grocery store, and I am annoyed at life all because of these things like I needed some more low-carb, tortillas and so mired and have the brand.

I was looking for the mission that normally has three grams of net carbs, so I went to buyer and they didn’t have them oh into Walmart and then finally, I had to go to Kroger and I don’t know if they changed the formula or whatever. But now they’re 4 grams of net carbs and we used to call it a 10 pack. Now they only come in an APEC. This was $ 5. I am so annoyed right now, but I needed these I’m going to have to reevaluate my use of tortillas.

From now on, because I am over it, but I’m just about to eat something and read TV and try to relax, and then I got a short milk wrap today. First up we have bacon, I’m not going to lie. I still don’t feel like. I have the art of making bacon down so this week I tried it in the oven and I’m going to say that it’s probably my favorite way to make it from now on. So there we have it next, as usual, scrambled eggs.

I make these with a tbsp of ghee, so it’s a dozen eggs with some ghee in the pan, and I found that I like making them low and slow it takes longer, but it really makes them creamy and delicious and that’s the way I prefer them now. This is the spice mixture that I use for my meat. It is a teaspoon of garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, a teaspoon and a half of salt and two teaspoons of chili powder, and I also throw some red pepper flake in there as well, because I can never have it spicy enough.

So I just grind up my beef this week the cheese of choice is mozzarella, so I found that I like to buy it and grade it myself and next up. We have jalapenos so here on building my Pete Cydia, so it’s a quesadilla but with pizza. So I start with the tomato sauce half of the cheese, a serving of pepperoni. Next we have that jalapeno, my favorite pizza of all time is pepperoni bacon. There you go in jalapeno, so I decided to replicate that on a tortilla next, the remaining pizza sauce and the rest of the cheese, and then I pop it into the oven and hope it turns out: hey guys, it’s 4:30 and for some reason I am just Like mentally and physically exhausted, not my best work today, I will tell you um for breakfast, just scrambled eggs and ground beef.

I really liked that last week for lunch, I made pizza DS I’ll. Let you guys know how those work – it’s basically a quesadilla, but with my pizza filling, so I’m actually really excited about that, even though you might not be able to tell right now. I haven’t even worked on the desserts yet but like I have to take a break like I don’t know what’s going on, but I just can’t be in the kitchen anymore: I’m going to be making the keto Connect, peanut butter or ice cream, Snickers fat bomb and Just the peanut butter and just the chocolates that I made last week so the keto Connect chocolate bar both really good, and I made you that today I may do that tomorrow morning, like unless I get a second wind or something I’m done.

I might just like crawl into bed. I have no idea what’s going on. I really think this, like tortilla gate 2018, like really put a damper on my spirit, so I’m going to try to get a second wind, but regardless I just want to let you know that I finished most of the meal prep, so thankfully I did get that. Second, wind, so I was able to move on to the keto Connect chocolate bar. I am chopping up the dark chocolate, as well as the cacao butter and then adding the coconut oil once that comes out of their microwave.

I hit it with a little bit of sea salt and a splash of vanilla, give that a good stir to make sure that all the fat mixes with the coconut oil. Next, I hit it with a tablespoon of swerve and I like to pour this in slowly, because, if not, it will all clump in the bottom of the cup. So now I’m putting just about a teaspoon in each of the 24 mini muffin tins. While that’s in the freezer, I moved on to the ice cream, Snickers fat bombs by Aikido Connect.

The first layer is peanut butter, protein powder and I use water and stevia. I put that in the freezer and moved on to the next layer, which is peanut butter. Butter and sugar-free syrup that next layer, after it comes out of the microwave, looks really caramely and you’re supposed to wait until the first layer hardens. But I was tired and over it and I decided to just clump it in with the first layer still not being set all the way, but it actually turned out pretty good.

Next, I take a handful of peanuts and just put a couple in each fat bomb to give it some extra crunch not going to lie. I ate the rest of the peanuts, in my hand, put it back in the freezer, and the third layer is two tablespoons of butter and two ounces, or one ounce of dark chocolate. After that comes out of the microwave I hit it with about 20 drops of stevia. I, like it, spicy and I like it, sweet finally spooning that on as the third layer after they come out of the freezer, as you can tell I’m not even making sure that the bottom is completely covered.

I am just trying to get done and the second wind she did find. I sat down for a little bit now. I feel a lot better. As you can see, I knocked out the key to connect chocolates. I’ve made them into like little chocolate tabs using my mini muffin, silicone, mold and they’re amazing, and that’s probably my favorite way to make them from now on. Also, you saw, I got really lazy with the peanut butter or the Snickers fat bombs um.

The good thing is, even though they look horrible they’re going to taste good. So that’s all that matters, but I am really done now and I’m just going to sit down and relax. Thank you for reading. If you like this article, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my blog read autumn keto. Also don’t forget to like me on instagram at read autumn pedo catch you later. You

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2019-02-17 Keto Meal Prep/ Vlog

Okay, I’m doing something a little different! This morning yesterday, when I was at Aldi, I bought a chuck roast. You guys. I have no idea what to do with this. Well, I’m making a Mississippi pot roast because I just looked at recipes on the Internet, but funny thing when I was in the hospital one of the meals that they served me that I really liked was the pot roast and I was like okay, if I think Hospital pot roast tastes good, then, like imagine what I could do in the luxury of my own kitchen right.

So, according to everything I’ve read, you should take a pot roast. It puts the right seasoning some some gravy seasoning, some pepper Ragini’s in a crock pot. If you guys look, here’s the crock pot, I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I used a crock pot like this is opening up a whole new world to me. So I have my pan on I’m about to put a tablespoon of butter in there and then I’m just going to sear this thing on each side for a few minutes, and then I put it in the crock pot: okay, everyone, the roast, looks crusty and seared And I’m, oh, I’m really excited about it.

Already: okay, packet of ranch packet of a Jew seasoning, not the cleanest ingredients, riddled with maltodextrin, but I figure since it’s all going to like soak off in the juices and whatnot, I’m probably going to count three quarters of the carbs in these. This whole packet is 16 carbs. This whole packet is 12 carbs, so I mean that’ll still bring me out to 3 or 4 carbs of serving which is okay, but let’s sprinkle and set it and forget it.

I have 60 grams of pepper, a Cheney and a little bit of a juice and then four tablespoons of butter, all right, I’m turning my crock-pot on to low, and I will check on this in about six hours, okay, guys getting a late start this morning. I am just now on my way to the gym, meaning that it is Zippy’s time today we are having blue raspberry again. This is exciting. So what I do is whenever I buy all my zip fizzes, I take them out of the package.

I take them out of the box, they come in and I put them in just a regular container. I mix them all together, so it’s almost like zip fizz roulette every time I just reach in there and I grab one and I don’t know what flavor I’m going to have for the day. So blue raspberry is my jam. You guys, I don’t know where my oh, my god, here’s my opener right here ask and ye shall receive, haven’t used it in a while, okay still scary, oh, yes, okay still taking the plastic off because I’m not a heathen.

Okay, everybody! You know what I’m about to ask you to do. Okay, so look around see if there’s anybody in your immediate vicinity, you know, maybe you want to stand over to the side a little bit or maybe you want to get in everybody’s way, cuz in five. Four. Three two: oh, that sounds very Janet Jackson, but let’s do it. You know it feels good. You just plain. Oh, it feels good all right, taste test.

I love this stuff, whoa all right off to the gym. Okay, guys, I am done at the gym. It just feels really good to be active and to be moving so funny thing. I actually went to Meijer last night like for some reason. I was sitting at home. It was 7:30 at night and I was like I’m super bored, but I have a lot of energy, so let me just put on some music go to Meijer and dance through the aisles and just live my best life and I was getting it.

I was a rock star: each aisle was my runway. Also, I’m calculating my macros this week. You guys that is my pledge to myself. I am up some weight from being in the hospital, and so my goal is weight loss and if you want to lose weight, you have to know how much you’re eating at least I have to know how much I’m eating. So I’m going to get home, throw some things together, see what my macros are looking like and then that’s what’s going to determine what I cook this week.

So let’s do it, as you saw. I whipped up that bacon, so I cooked my bacon on two sheet pans at 375 for 14 minutes and then what I do is I open the oven to let some of the heat out and then I close it and then I bake it for one more Minute so it’s 15 minutes total, but at the 14th minute I let some heat out and maybe that’s just like superstition or placebo effect, but I really think it helps to cook the bacon but not burn it.

And while the bacon was cooking, I sat down and I made my meal plan. So the first thing I did was, I shouldn’t see. I just use pencil and paper, so I wrote down all the ingredients of all the different recipes that I’m going to make. So I’m making protein waffles and then I’m making the goodies peanut butter mix and they not have all the ingredients of my Mississippi pot roast. So I get all of the macros for a serving of each of those and then on my next page.

I incorporate those into my total meal plan so now I know that when I’m eating during the week, I am eating on plan to help me reach my goal, and this helps me to stop from snacking and to say: okay, maybe I’ll sneak in a handful of Nuts, here, maybe I’ll, sneak in something there. It’s like! No, because if it’s not on the list, it doesn’t help me achieve my goals. So now that that’s done, I’ve made a delicious omelet.

I use the tablespoon of butter, 3 eggs and the leftover bacon that I had you guys, I’m at nine slices of bacon total today and like I do not care. Okay, I just put those cookies in the oven and, of course the best part is like eating. The dough that’s leftover in the bowl ioannis this don’t taste like the exact middle of a Reese’s Pieces like this straight decadence. Well, it looks like the spoon has done all the Kin now time for nature spoon you might be asking autumn come on now.

It’s just scraps, have you no shame the answer’s? No, I’m going to shame this is my house. Let me look like shank. You look down lip this ball right in front of your face. Oh my gosh, look at this. Can you see it? I don’t know. I don’t care, I think you can really taste the spicy ranch. I am here for you ranch packet I make roast now I am a roast person. That’s all she wrote. That’s all she wrote.

Somebody comes get me. I am done today bye, okay, guys, I’m done with meal prep and I am elated number one, because it’s so early in the day and number two look. What I have meal number one is going to be this mound of protein waffles. I have enough for one waffle in one segment, so that’s going to be in total five segments of protein waffle, I’m going to be using this sugar-free syrup. It has aspartame, it has a skein, I don’t really care, and then I have two slices of bacon.

So waffle and bacon is meal number one and then my first neck is going to be a quest hero bar also don’t forget: I have enough room in my macros for a bulletproof coffee. Oh these protein waffles are very easy. You guys. Okay, here is the quest protein powder that I used one scoop of protein powder, 1 egg 1, tablespoon of butter, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and then as much liquid as you would like to thin it out, and that is it put that in a waffle maker And flat out there, you go meal number two look at this roast.

Can you see the texture? You guys I am spazzing out because it looks good and it tastes delicious and I’m going to be having some microwave green beans and a tablespoon of butter and then for my snack number, two I’m going to have these goodies peanut butter cookies and they look so Good and then, of course, I’m always going to be having jello Zvi, I String Powerade like any sort of those beverages that I want with some water, I’m going to be drinking water this week, but like this is the most excited.

I’ve been about a milk rat, and so long and everything turned out exactly great, and I cannot wait to show it to you in more detail on my what I eat Wednesday. Okay, guys, I’m done for the day, I’ve readed some TV I’ve relaxed. I made a delicious bulletproof coffee: let’s see: 12 ounces of coffee 1 tablespoon of butter; 2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream 1 ounce of sweetener, 1 tablespoon of collagen and 1/2 cup of milk, and that’s it so I’m just chilling for the rest of the night.

Overall. Today was a great day like the thing that lets me know that I can do keto forever. Is that I can still get excited about the food a year and a half into it. I can still make something and be like. I cannot believe I get to eat this on the diet you know, like my roast, is such a success. Those peanut butter cookies like just to genuinely love the food that I eat like that, is just so awesome and I’m just so grateful to have the keto diet in my life.

Thank you so much for reading this article. If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly meal preps weekly, what I eat Wednesdays and monthly weigh-ins, also monthly Quito crate unboxings. You can also find me on Instagram and read autumn Quito. Thanks and I’ll see you next week. I had it cinnamon this time like game-changer, Oh bubby, Oh Bobby, Oh tiki-tiki,

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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30 Day Keto Diet Results – NOT What I Expected

My name is Scott, and today we’re going to talk about the ketogenic diet challenge. I went through four mental health reasons. That’s what those 30 days of vlogs were all about. What I was trying to do is experiment and see. Does food have an impact on my mood now? The answer is obviously it does. Obviously it does, but I was looking for ways that the ketogenic diet would increase.

My energy overall mood how I felt in the mornings and what it did was actually something that I didn’t expect. I’m going to talk about three things that the ketogenic diet basically cured in 30 days. It’s pretty remarkable and then I’m going to talk about what foods. I’m introducing now that I’ve already introduced and what the effect has been so far, because if you follow me on Twitter and an Instagram and stuff, you know I’ve been talking about man.

I just want that coffee. I just want a nice old-fashioned, plain donut: how about a maple dip, how about a vanilla dip? How about an apple fritter? I was craving some of that stuff and well I’m going to tell you what I’ve introduced and what the effect is. But first the three things: oh and also blood, test results too. You can check this article out. I was in the hospital cuz. I fell off my bike and what they do is they take your blood when you’re in the hospital see if everything’s a-okay and it just so happens.

I wanted to do that anyways for the ketogenic diet. So I’m like hey nurse, May please have those test results. Can I have a copy of that now? This doesn’t include like B vitamins and things like that. You need separate tests like for an actual physical to get those, but there’s pretty cool things in this blood test that I think you’ll find very interesting, because the ketogenic diet, man that’s a way different way to eat.

Then I was used to like I was pretty high carbon when you’re doing 70 % fat 20 % protein 10 % carb, I was barely doing 10 % carb there. It was very, very different and the blood tests actually surprised me. So you ready sit back. Relax. Take your pants off if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe. This is a mental health Channel depression to expression where we express ourselves, we freely with confidence all right.

Let’s do this, the first thing the ketogenic diet cured at around day. I think it was around day 15. After the keto flu after I felt terrible, the big cure was my allergies, seasonal allergies. Now I can’t remember a time where I didn’t have seasonal allergies, where my eyes weren’t itchy, where my nose wasn’t running or plugged where my ears and and the roof of my mouth, weren’t itchy, it hasn’t happened and that’s a result that I didn’t know.

I didn’t expect that to happen, and let me tell you going through a summer and not having to sneeze not having to take allergy. Medication was awesome, like I go to bed and I can actually breathe through my nose for all of you who suffer from seasonal allergies. It’s like going to bed and you have to breathe through your mouth and you wake up with the dry mouth the Pastis. This was a treat. This was a real treat and again from an early early age.

I’ve been taking arias, Claridon doesn’t work, for me. Arias is the one allergy medication that I take. That just does wonders I’m spitting everywhere and I was just so surprised by that result, so surprised and so happy. So that’s number one: seasonal allergies gone with the ketogenic diet. Gone number two. This isn’t really a cure, and this was pretty much an obvious thing, because my my calorie intake, I don’t think, was as high when I when you go off carbs as you can see by the vlogs.

If you I’m going to, you know, put a link up here where you can see every single vlog I did for the 30 days, and you can see how I’m pissed off at the beginning, going through keto flu there’s times of depression times of more anxiety times Where I’m just like this diets stupid and then other times where, after the keto flu I get used to things, get used to the habit, you know eating differently, getting used to cooking differently, buying the right vegetables buying meats, finding them on sale.

You get used to the whole thing after just a few weeks, but the one thing was: my calories were definitely lower. At the beginning I had to eat non-stop. I and I was telling Michaela who introduced me to this diet and told me to try it. She was like yeah you’re, going to like be hungry a lot of the time at the beginning, your body’s just not used to it. My body was craving carbs and I’m just like use the fat for energy.

You idiot my body wasn’t listening for a while. So what it did is uh for all you, ladies or gay men, I’m going to show you my stomach now, it’s nothing serious okay, but I had a beer belly before the ketogenic diet, not a beer belly, but I had a kangaroo pouch. I was growing a Joey in there and from the reduced calories, but also you talk to anyone. You reduce carbs, your stomach gets flat man, it gets flat.

So that was what I saw even around week. One flatter stomach and no bloating after eating huge improvement, huge improvement, so I just want to show you like: that’s pretty cool right and I’ll do a little flex like guys, I haven’t done a sit-up in a month a because that accident bruised my ribs right. I don’t know if you can see that that’s my hip, but that was all bruised. My ribs are still bruised here, so I’ve been able to work out, but look at that man that’s crazy.

Now, if I push out that’s the push out, that’s the push out, but you’re never actually going cool like when you’re walking around right. So that’s pretty cool. What do you think I do a little twist. You know it’s all lighting at the end of the day and I’ll have to make this a thumbnail. So I get a click or two but um guys like in all seriousness, not to flaunt or beep, be cocky about how my body looks.

You know, I don’t do that type of thing, but I wanted to show you and you asked for it again. I should have done it before thinking. If I have any pictures of a before, I probably do, but I did lose 10 pounds on the keto diet and the 10 pounds were on. It was honestly in that stomach area. That’s where you know, women get it in the hips and men get it right. In the bellies right in the lower abdomen, so that was pretty cool.

What do you think? That’s pretty cool, so we’re at no allergies. That’s number one awesome number two belly fat, gonzo, number, three headaches headaches! Now: here’s the tough thing! Here’s! The tough thing! I got a pillow about a week and a half into the ketogenic diet, a new pillow, a Casper pillow, but I was sleeping at my parents place. I was sleeping at friends places, so I had different pillows throughout the month and I was still getting no headaches in the morning in the afternoon night.

Never never, and let me tell you I would get headaches often in the morning. Ketogenic diet, no headaches! No headaches. Can you believe that now I want with these three three cures? I’m not I’m not advertising. Any diet like I’m. Never one to be like carbs are bad like to eliminate this or go vegan or go carnivore. Do this and that I’m just sharing my own experiences here and with these three improvements, that’s pretty awesome, that is pretty cool just after 30 days of eating differently.

I don’t know what the long-term effects of keto are well I’ll talk to I’ll talk to you about the foods I’m reintroducing, but that’s so cool that is so cool. Cuz, usually I’ll, have a headache in the morning. Just it feels like inflammation. That’s what it feels like and with the weather to certain certain weather, cloudy weather, I don’t know different pressures in the air. I get headaches for 30 days, not a headache, even during the kedo flu, not a headache.

So that’s cool. Those are the three things. So we have allergies, no bloating and a flatter stomach and no headaches, that’s really cool. So next I’m going to go through introducing my foods and last I’ll show you my blood results. So again, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, all the links are below all the great links to all these cool playlists and what we do here on depression to expression.

It’s all available in the description, but I was craving doughnuts. Carb withdrawal is a real thing and you know people get hangry and maybe people before their morning, coffee, they’re, less they’re, impatient and they’re not fun to be around that’s carb withdrawal. Man like I was feigning for a little bit. I was pissed off. I was really mad about having to eat so much at the beginning, but let me tell you the one thing I wanted more than anything was a doughnut.

I wanted a doughnut and I haven’t had one yet, but what I have introduced slowly but surely, is Mikey Mikey genic diet was different than most because most people stick on the dairy, coz dairies great for fat, a bunch of cheaters, but I didn’t do dairy. I didn’t I had no fruit, not a single fruit. This was meat and veggies. That’s it that’s it oils, of course, oils ruj and water. No coffee either no bullet coffees, no butter in my cup, my coffee.

None of that, because that’s a big thing with keto as well doing the bullet coffees nothing. So what I wanted to introduce first was fruit. I first had a plum waited a day had a banana and a peach waited two more days, no reaction, so good news. Those three fruits like I miss bananas. I would have a banana every single day, at least two bananas and no reaction whatsoever. Fruit, a ok, second beer.

I had a beer and no reaction whatsoever. I waited a few days right. The taste was delicious. I’m trying to think of what beer I actually had no jeez. It was at the wedding, it was a Sleeman, it was a sleeve and yes, I could have chosen a cool, Ontario craft brew or something from Toronto. It was a Sleeman, but it was delicious. It was delicious and it was out of wedding. So maybe I sweat I danced.

I had lots of food. I didn’t eat carbs there during the meal, but the beer success so we’re at fruit beer, a ok haven’t, had a bagel or any bread or anything whatsoever. But the other thing I did have was oh wait. Let me just think, oh right, sorry, the bread that was just a lie. I had a burger with the bun burger with the bun and phone. Please and no reactions whatsoever didn’t feel groggy didn’t feel any adverse effects.

I know what you’re thinking like yeah – maybe I would have, if I did this – maybe for a two-month period or three months like do 90 days and then go back to the original diet um. But I was definitely in ketosis man like oh, it was the best feeling when I woke up one morning and wasn’t starving that happened at around day 26 27. I woke up, and I wasn’t starving like I would get up in the morning and I’d be in pain because I’d be so hungry and after, like you know three weeks, I wasn’t starving.

That was a great feeling, but so I was definitely in ketosis, but the bread didn’t do anything and the last thing that I reintroduce was sauces. So I did catch up and this barbecue sauce that was fairly low sugar. But I I dipped chicken and a burger in there, and that was it now I the way I did the burger was no sauce on the burger, so I could see how the bun is just alone and then reintroduce sauces on their own.

I was very careful about this no reactions whatsoever, but remember this is mental health. I did the ketogenic diet for mental health reasons not to not to lose weight, not to see what my workouts would be like, and energy levels that way pumping iron. Although I, my energy, wasn’t great the whole time, but this was for mental health and as far as anxiety or anything like that or depression, no real benefit with the ketogenic diet, no big benefit, because I was feeling good from the beginning.

Now, as I told you all before, the real test would be going off antidepressants and maintaining the ketogenic diet and that’s something I’m still debating and I’d appreciate your balanced opinion there and don’t go after me about that. But it’s a big decision because I’ve gone off antidepressants before and I’ve almost died and I know the withdrawal effects it’s like well. If you’ve gone through that yeah, I don’t need to describe it.

So last but not least, this is very uncut. Let’s go through the blood results now, as I said before, the nurse was nice enough to give me a copy, I’m trying to figure out how to best share this with you guys they measured sodium potassium chloride, total co2 glucose levels and creatinine. I believe: that’s how you say it: creatine, creatine, NIEM, so sodium perfect and my meals. I added salt on everything since with carbs and breads you’re, getting a lot of salt.

That way, you do need to salt your food with the keto. That’s one thing I learned potassium on the high end, but right on chloride, perfect glucose was on the low end, so they give you a range of four moles per liter 27.8, and I was at four point six. So the nurse did say that was on the lower end, glucose and well, obviously, I’m not getting the carbs so that I think that makes sense or maybe I wasn’t full keto.

I don’t know those experienced or maybe a doctor is reading. Please, let me know creatine, which is creatine. You get all that from meat right. That was at 84 out of 112. So that’s a perfect range. I just want to talk about the things that were high for me. It with this blood test, so red blood cell count, was on the height like it was too high. So they give you a range of four point, three to five point: six e 12 per litre.

Don’t know what that means anyways. It was five point: six for red blood cell count was high, as well as which is cool MP v MP V stands for the platelet volume, the your blood platelets and how large they are – and I was these were big, and if something is again, I was Talking to the nurse MPV, I can tell you exactly what that means mean: platelet volume, average platelet volume calculated measurement of the average size of platelets found in the blood and is typically included in the tests as part of the CBC.

So what this means, if it’s high it says, normally occurs when your body constantly creates new platelets because of a continual loss of existing platelets. This can be caused by things like recent surgery, infection inflammation or from heavy blood loss. So I didn’t lose any blood, but I’m thinking maybe inflammation could have had something to do with this, although with the lack of seasonal allergies, like allergies, it’s a it’s an immune response right, so I’m thinking the inflammation my immune system went down, but who knows, I Know I’m kind of talking out of my ass here because I’m not a doctor and I have absolutely no medical training when it comes to comes to blood tests.

But if you know more about this stuff, please comment below. This is a this is a dialogue. So please help me out a little bit if you find this interesting and the other thing that was high was monocytes ABS monocytes, when they’re high, a heightened percentage in your blood, can be caused by chronic inflammatory disease such as inflammatory bowel disease. So another thing with inflammation: isn’t that interesting, two of the things in my blood that could be caused that are high, that could be caused by inflammation.

That is very interesting, isn’t it so those are the blood results. Blood tests, white blood cell count was perfect again. I talked about the glucose being perfect. I said red blood cell count was perfect and that’s about it, so that was the ketogenic diet. There’s the three cures: that’s the reintroduction of food. So far so good again, I’m not going back to heavy carb anymore. I told you I’d update you on that, I’m not, it doesn’t make sense and I’m definitely not eating dairy again.

I don’t miss it. Do not miss dairy, I don’t miss cheese. I don’t miss milk, I don’t miss yogurt, don’t miss butter. None of that. So excuse me, dairy, is something that I’m fine with missing out on. That’s a big inflammatory thing I guarantee. If I reintroduce dairy allergies would come back. I could probably experiment with that for sure, but I just have to go. Buy dairy. I don’t really want to buy stuff and then the blood cell or sorry the blood tests all seems good right, except for the the high the high parts, but the nurse said.

That’s like honestly, nothing to worry about we’ll see if I’m dead within a week. Please call for help now. That’s so that’s the 30-day challenge. Everyone Kido I’d, highly recommend it if you suffer from seasonal allergies. If, if you want to try something different for anxiety for depression right for for any kind of physical illness that you have um, I’m all about just trying everything attacking something that you suffer with from every different possible angle and see what works and diet for the Most part is something that people don’t really think about and that we don’t experiment with which is actually pretty nuts.

Let me tell you it wasn’t fun for the first two weeks, but it’s two weeks out of your life man. It was definitely worth it as an experiment and I’m going to change the way I eat for the rest of my life a burger here, and there is great, but as far as heavy passes and dairy sauces and cheeses and candy, it’s just not worth it anymore. It doesn’t do anything for me so like I would keep this diet altered version where you know I can have.

I can still have fruit, which is fantastic, but I do it just from the seasonal allergies point of view and the headaches pretty awesome and I’m pretty excited. So I hope this gave you some motivation to to try this yourself. I know a lot of people who are following the vlogs everyday, we’re doing their own challenges. Please comment. Let me know how your 30-day challenge went. I know a lot of you were getting rid of refined sugar.

Some of you stopped drinking coffee. Other people were doing meditation for a month every day. Let me know that went and I hope you enjoyed the new backdrop for all the articles. I love reading musics, a form of expression and I love nature. This is like my mental health toolbox right here, so I hope you like the brighter background, because brighter days are ahead for all of us, stay strong, keep being you and don’t forget to express yourself.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


586 616600


We were there all the time anyway. So this list will include over 60 items over $ 800 with the product of the things that we pick up at Costco, and I think it might find that it helps you if you’re not familiar with some of these products or if you don’t go to Costco.

Very often, or if you’re, not even a member, a lot of these things, you can get on Amazon, believe it or not, so you know me I’ll be linking some stuff in the description below anyway yeah. So, stick around see what all the things that we buy are and they’re, certainly even more than that at the store it’s just. This is a list of the things that we use, and this was what three trips right: three trips, three different trips and we’re combining it all into one.

Let’s take someone to talk a little bit about the store itself. We’ve been extremely busy it’s hard to film. In our warehouse one because I work there and everybody wants to chat with me, a lot of the members know who I am so it makes it very disruptive. So we’ve chosen not to actually film while were there, but we did take pictures of the products and price cards when we could, I think, we’re missing one.

Oh yeah yeah. I was putting it together before we did this article to talk about each of these items. So we’ll jump right into it copy draw, let’s start with my favorite cheese, cheese in more cheese and more cheese, that’s Stacey’s department, absolutely I’ve, always loved cheese. Since I was a little kid, we started off with our mozzarella cheese. This is a must-have in our household. At any given time it’s the basis of our Fathead pizzas, you know one of our favorites that we like to do and we did a how-to article.

That’s done very well for us, it is tapas. I usually mix up an egg with a little bit of nacho cheese for a trifle real, quick, absolutely the other staple that we like is the queso chihuahua cheese, chihuahua cheese, it’s about Wawa, cheese, yeah, Greg and Stacey. Kgp dough turned this on to that cheese and it’s definitely been a winner for Stacey. She loves that cheese and then we do taco bowls with it.

Yes are those taco bowls. We use that Kiesel yeah yeah, it’s good cheese, good, good, spicy, cheese. The Mexican cheese is another one. We love to do our tackle shows with the chocolate bowls with the flat breads with yeah. I’ve even seen, Stacey use a mission, carp shell, to make a quesadilla out of that and put it a little bit of jalapeno. Yes, yes, the next one is cheddar cheese, sugar. I can handle cheddar, you can handle again Bill likes to put cheddar on top of his chili yep.

I also put it on my broccoli and I love to make broccoli cheddar soup, with their cheddar cheese. Nope can’t go wrong with that. Can’t go wrong with each other, one of the other, quick and simple snack ideas that I always use as well as our daughters, love are. The mozzarella sticks now, don’t why are they great for snacking they’re great for homemade mozzarella sticks yeah, yeah radio. For that too Parmesan cheese, shakey cheese.

I call it. He always calls it’s tricky because you shake it. Okay, I mix this in with a couple of different recipes that I use even with the flat breads. It just gives a different texture to it, meatballs to the meatballs, and I love it with the parmesan crusted, pork, chops, cheese and texture of crust. That’s what she likes crunch is where it’s at crunches, where it’s at Thursday’s. So now it’s time to talk about the meats.

The one nice thing with Stacey working at Costco is she can get the prime picks of the rib eyes. I know everybody yeah, so we’ve gotten a couple batches of the rib eyes that have just been oh, my gosh perfection. They taste amazing. I even just did a article on how I make my rib eye steak. It’s wonderful! It’s a great treat now and then yeah. Absolutely he always asked after I buy them. He says how’d, it feel like a steak.

Yes – and I love me, the other thing I get from Costco is the chicken thighs they have the boneless chicken thighs and there’s no skin on them. I do grab some from the store that have skin on them as well with the boning, but the ones from Costco are just really nice package. You get a couple in in each package, so I don’t feel like I’m eat wasteful. I can pull out what I need and those chicken thighs are fantastic.

Another thing we get from there is regular ground beef. Now, instead of just getting a regular package of ground beef, we get the tube of ground beef, which is ten pounds. I believe yes just knock on the window, and anybody in the meat department can help you out with the tuba ground beef. It saves you money. Yeah, you get a better price per pound. We had to do the two tube they get into being 30.

40. 50 cents less per pound to do that to so, the tube is definitely worth looking into. If you’re, making a large amount, we tend to cook up that whole tube and put it into snap where and then we put it in the freezer when we pull it. When we want tacos – and we pull it when we want to make something, we also pick up the organic beef from Costco. That’s what I use when I’m going to make our meatballs hamburger patties.

They just definitely are just a really good tasting meat. I love a homemade hamburger for a quick meal bill tends to do for him and Julia the. I think it’s 1/3 pound beef, patty yeah that are possible from casco just fast and easy yeah. I like the home, cooked ones. Another thing that goes along with the meat very well is the rails, marinara sauce. We use that for our meatballs. We use it for all kinds of things.

Actually, I’ve even just made ground beef and put some rails and some shaky Parmesan cheese on it and just eat it like that, because that’s just how I roll sometimes it’s true, but the rails is great for a treat now and then, and we did pick up Recently here the beef pot roast it’s got a gravy in it and it’s got the beef in it. Oh my gosh, that’s a really nice little treat now and then to pick up.

This doesn’t really like that, but I love it. Next would be the roasted garlic sausage, it’s kind of like a Polish, a little bit like a hot dog. Oh my gosh, they’re, so good. I use them on the COS ass, a little spinning thing that cooks them up and gives them a nice crust. Love that thing another thing I always grab when I go in as a treat now man, maybe once a month I’ll, grab a rotisserie chicken, it’s already pre-made, I just strip it out.

I like to eat the thighs Stacy likes the chicken breast part, so she’ll tear that up and put it on a salad or something I just like the taste of it. I know that some people have issues with that, so I don’t do it very often, but I do like it chicken strips oh, my gosh. These are great. We use them without fredo sauce. We mix it in with a little bit of like ground, pepper and some garlic and some onion powder, because Stacy doesn’t like expiry things and it makes for a wonderful meal Stacy likes.

This is already precooked too, so you could throw it on top of the salad fast and easy just measure out a couple ounces, throw it on top that alfredo chicken is fantastic. Absolutely. I also like to do a couple ounces, usually about two ounces of the chicken strips and I’ll. Just do like a ranch dressing or Caesar dressing as a dipping sauce and I’m good to go, gives you a meal because you got a protein yeah and of course, you can’t go to Costco without buying bacon right bacon.

I buy the four packs of bacon a times. That’s the magic word of the article bacon yeah, you know we buy the four packs of bacon from Costco and Nightrain ration knows out to about once a week. The other thing for a bacon I use is the crumbles. The little crumbles I use those mainly in salads if we ever do make like a little quesadilla with that Mexican cheese or queso cheese, I’ll, throw some bacon bits in with that, of course, on the fat head pizzas, he has bacon and I do have it on The fat head – pizzas, yeah, that’s a staple got bacon, got ta, have the bacon absolutely oh and then add words to build omelets yeah.

I forgot about that yeah I put some bacon crumble, sometimes in an omelet, real, quick. This me it turns out. You know what happens is I start an omelet and it ends up being scrambled eggs. So you know he always eggs yeah. So that’s how that works, and last time I meet list would be tail off fruit. I love this stuff. I throw some of the pan with some vegetables a little bit of olive oil, so some of that gee use teriyaki sauce mix that all up cook it up.

Oh my gosh, it’s amazing! Next to a steak or a piece of chicken, it’s just fantastic! You! You owe it to yourself to try. These almonds happens to be one of my absolute favorites. I love them by themselves, but I actually really like to pair the almonds with extra sharp cheddar cheese, see that just doesn’t sound like a good combo, and I like both of those things. I just don’t think I want them together.

You know, and the funny thing is I would have never eaten them together, but I think my taste buds have changed slightly. Walnuts is another thing that we always have here at the house. I do a lot of baking with the walnuts our Kido mug cake has walnuts. Peekytoe moose has walnuts. You can’t go wrong with two ounces of walnuts in your hand, yeah. We always have 200 snack bags of walnuts and almonds in the and sometimes of academia TIFF.

We have them yeah and in the refrigerator, so there’s like a grab and go back for any of us that need to grab something to go. Yes, keeps you keeps you honest now the macadamia nuts. I have to be careful with those because our youngest daughter – yes, she tried it for the first time at Gregg and Stacy’s with Kazu Kido, I had to keep taking the bag away from her about Mike stop yeah she’s just sitting there eating them like it’s popcorn, Yeah and they’re like leave her alone, let her eat them.

I’m like no okay, it’s back to me now and these little beef sticks I find are fantastic for on-the-go. I actually grabbed the big pack. I think there’s 28 in the pack and – and I throw a couple of my car for a couple because you don’t have to refrigerate them even and and I always grab a big handful of them. And I give my daughter at college because I wanted to have something in their backpack between classes or one, not if she’s in a rush and then just they taste, wonderful and they’re, just so convenient in their own little packages.

Also, we found a new product at Costco called the keto snack mix. This is something great to sit down with a small bowl if you’re going to read like TV or something and you kind of Miss having that little snack, this will fit the bill perfectly. Also, these little cheese wisps are pretty darn good in a little Bowl. If you want a little snack, too kind of an indulgent thing, just sit down with little balls.

Those just measure him out follow the basics. Yeah next are the folio wraps. Everybody was talking about these before Costco had them, and the buzz was just crazy online about it. When we finally got him, I said: oh, we got to get them, who got trying well I’ll, tell you what the texture of them they’re very slick and smooth is not for me. I tried to do a tack on them. I tried to do some lunch meat in them.

They’re. Just not my thing: they don’t taste horrible they’re, just it’s a texture thing and I normally wouldn’t say I’m a texture person, but Stacy ate them now onto the baking stuff. For me, at any given time, we always have at least a couple dozen eggs in the house a couple dozen. What are you talking about six to eight dozen in almost any time, so maybe a few dozen more than a couple yeah we buy the organics and that’s what I use when I’m doing omelets in the morning, primarily for truffles and omelets, I use the organics any Baking thing I do the arena cakes as well.

Now I do buy the regular eggs, our youngest daughter and our old Center love Excel. It now eats up eggs right yeah. Whenever I’m making excelled, I’m usually using eight to ten eggs and they both love. It Carrie gold is another. One of our staples Billy says Kerry gold, probably more than I do yeah I do every morning for ages. I use Terry gold. He hasn’t done it in the coffee, yet he can’t have to do that boy yeah! I don’t do that stuff at Costco as well as I always have the unsalted butter.

We have quite a few recipes that call for the unsalted butter, so it’s ready yeah. So I always make sure I have that on hand and ready to go Philadelphia, Cream Cheese. An absolute staple in the house why go ahead be took dad had pizza, that’s the only thing. I know we use it for there’s a couple other recipes, but also call for the Philadelphia Cream Cheese, but the fact that is the majority of our cream cheese.

So another two bags table that we have in our house is almond flour. Many many many recipes call for the almond flour, so we always have at least two bags on and at any given time. The other thing that we keep on hand is the baking cocoa you’ve done a couple different articles with that the mug cakes things of that nature, so it’s always good to have for a sweet treat the one thing that surprised me is every time we would go To Kroger or somewhere she’d say pick up some vanilla extract and that little bottle was like nine dollars, twelve dollars, something like that right well, Tosca might be a little more expensive on the initial purchase, but what you get for that price? Amazing! Let me tell you it’s 30 bucks and after the vanilla extract yeah, I figure out how many asks you.

37. 28 bucks yeah. It definitely is a game changer when it comes to purchasing vanilla, especially if you’re going to use it for more than one recipe. The birch benders keto pancake mix is amazing. Let me tell you when we buy that stuff at the store we get a lot smaller bag and it costs eight or nine dollars. This thing is like three times the amount for just a little bit more. So definitely if you use that product, this is the way to go, get it at Costco.

Another thing we buy in bulk, obviously at Costco is my broccoli. I have five ounces of broccoli next to a piece of meat, probably at least four times a week. I, like this stuff, super easy, throw it in the microwave I split it up, and then I have a few meals. I do meal prep in containers and I set it all aside and then I eat that for the next couple days. The broccoli is awesome and then I steal the broccoli to put in with my chicken in alfredo sauce, even for your soup and for my soup.

Yep another thing to put next to a piece of chicken in the afternoon, for me at least, is the Caesar salad kit. Now I don’t use the Cutrone’s, I do use those the dressing experian there, but I really like their Caesar salad kits. Stacy does too so when we open the back, we get about three to four servings out of that bag, so we’re in the produce department of Costco you’ll notice. Everything is a little bigger.

I really like their mushrooms there I cut those up. I wash them. I cut them up, I throw I want to p.M. A little olive oil man, they’re they’re, just awesome, and the next thing on the list here is we grab and we’re going to try hava kado again, I don’t know we’ll do another article of it, but we’re Going to try them again, because I know that there’s some great benefits too, you know and they say your taste buds changed and they say your taste much change, so we’re going to give it another.

Try one more try, but there won’t be a article this time. I also grabbed a baggie, these mixed peppers now and then I just wash them up cut them up and again fry them up in a pan, real quick, so tasty so good for you really good stuff. We just tried this bag of cauliflower rice. I have not made it yet. My intention is to use a little bit of soy a little bit of teriyaki, sauce and fry it up in a pan with some butter and see.

If I can replicate something close to a fried rice, it might be disgusting. I don’t know, the other thing you can do is throw some salt, pepper and butter on it and try and eat it as a side dish and again haven’t done it yet. So let me know in the comments if you have and what do you think of it or the best way to make it. Everybody knows we’re not doing sugar on keto right. So the monk fruit from LA canto is is a great substitute.

It’s kind of like swerve to Stacie uses in her recipes mm-hmm. Everybody knows I have a sweet tooth, so I tend to do more of the sweet treats so that I don’t feel like. I need to go away from quito when I want something sweet yeah and that be used a little bit of coffee here, and there too, I actually use the monk fruit drops as well. Yeah so see there, either or depending on what we have most of at that time.

Now, with the avocados remember how we talked about trying the avocado skin, which we will do, but we do use the avocado oil and we do use the avocado spray yeah. What kind of oil I’m used for vegetables sometimes instead of olive oil and the avocado spray I use for things? I don’t want to stick like if I put some parchment paper down or some foil down and I’m going to make something in the oven like the tortilla chips or I don’t know anything, I could spray a little bit of the avocado spray and nothing sticks and That kind of replaces those old canola sprays that we used to use all the time.

Oliver can’t go wrong, use the heck out of it. I use it a lot. I do it mainly for vegetables, I’ll, put vegetables and mix them up with some garlic and stuff love. Love, love the stuff. Yes, and I use it when I do the crispy chicken or the parmesan crusted pork chops and coconut oil ain’t bad either. I’ve tried some of that in the pan and mixed up some things. It doesn’t really have like a super strong, coconutty taste to it.

To me it is pretty good and you used it for fat bombs. Yeah I’ve tried a couple of fat bombs with the coconut oil. They always call for a dark chocolate. I’m not a fan of dark chocolate, so I’m I found I haven’t, found a really good fat bomb for me with that. Quite yet, but we’ll see cilantro lime, crema, this stuff is awesome again. Greg and Stacey turned us on to this from kzp dough. We were out there in Kalamazoo doing something and we were making taco balls.

I think that day – and you know goods like hey, have you tried this so no haven’t tried, it tried it and guess what we’re buying it a pretty regular basis. Every time we make anything, it has a type of meat or type of bass with a taco ball, I’m putting that stuff on it. I love the taste. True story, true story, I see, I see we do use a lot of spices. I now make my own taco seasoning mix yep in Julie labels and Bill.

Does his chicken rub, so we always have a ton of spaces. We try to get the big bottles when we can. Paprika is one of the big ones that we can get from Casco. We use paprika often the pure sea salt is something we always have on hand and goes in almost everything that we cook a lot of the recipes that we do and definitely a staple. In pepper. We use a lot of pepper in this house. We are not afraid of pepper, not afraid of pepper.

So if I make pigs in the morning, I’m putting pepper and salt every day, yes, but lots of pepper, definitely in a lot of recipes yeah. The other thing is the pink Himalayan sea salt. We have it on hand, then you have quite a few recipes that will call for that too adds a different flavor to it. So that’s pretty good as well, not my favorite honestly, but I know it’s good for you and we do use it yeah in the recipes.

It kind of hides it a little bit right. No, I wouldn’t put that in my eggs just personally but yeah. It’s not bad when she puts in their recipe and all you did that way, sneak it in minced garlic. We use the heck out of this stuff. We do almost all the meats that we make. We use the minced garlic and on our fat head Pizza, vegetables. All kinds of places every time you turn around pulling out the mince garlic so now onto some of the drinks, we have an RO system here at home and I love it and we’ve added some minerals and some other things into that, our own filtering system.

So I tend to drink a majority. That’s a eight! Even ninety percent of my drinking is water and I drink a lot. But when we go to Costco we splurge occasionally we buy like the propel zero. I love that stuff and I really like the way that that comes in a variety pack, so you don’t get tired of one flavor. You grab one this day and you grab another one a different day and another drink we’ve tried. It recently was the I believe they call it.

Bai Bai they’re, pretty good too. They have a different taste to them, but it’s just something to throw into the refrigerator and have as a an offering or a different taste. If you just want to grab and go with something last time, the drink list is, if is, if you haven’t tried these, give them a try. Costco sells a variety pack and they’re, really pretty good. Yes, I’ll grab my drink of water, I’ll grab a bottle of water.

Take a few drinks first put, the zip is in shake it up. Trust me trust me if you have never done this before take a few drinks first put. The zip is in then put the cap on and shake it up, because if you don’t get him a mess like I did so just you know, take care of ice before key Tori needs to be a really heavy milk drinker. Yes, you do every day every day had to have my milk, but I had stronger bones.

That’s true! So now I always have a little bit of almond milk on hand great for recipes and just to have a sip of milk, so in the health beauty in pharmacy area of Costco. Two of the things that I use are the apple cider, vinegar capsules. I like those because just kids teased about the cider vinegar, so I’m trying to get the outside the vinegar in in a different form in a capsule form, so I’m trying to do good right and the other thing I use from that area is super beet complex.

I take that every day as well. For me, I use the nature’s bounty, hair, skin and nails. I’ve been using that for about six months and definitely notice the difference. Yeah, you are having some trouble of hair loss in the beginning. I think right yeah. However, I find out now that it’s pretty menopause causing the hair loss, not Kido – oh geez, sorry, but it does help your hair skin and nails alright, but it does okay, a few staples that we have that I used almost every time I do any baking is Parchment paper are usually yeah, can’t have enough parchment paper, it’s great.

So, when you’re rolling out the dough’s yeah, it’s not sticking to your rolling. Pin it’s not sticking to your hands. That’s sticking to the counter! It comes right off when you’re done baking. I’ve even used it to make bacon yeah deep, well sheet. Aluminum, foil is also something that we keep on hand it’s great when you have to let something set up, and we want to cover it when you put it in the refrigerator, and it’s also really nice to store things with as well.

Yep. Their foil is thicker. Next, on my list are the vinyl gloves bill makes fun. I don’t like to touch raw meat so, but he’s the final whoops and it works well for me, are you sold now read means I don’t like to touch the meat, it’s a texture thing, but I will tell you garbage bags. We go through a ton, more garbage bags because we’re cooking all fresh now, cooking at home and cookie, more real foods, yeah yeah, definitely stead throwing on a McDonald’s bag, we’re making all this food and then all the waste of that food or the XS or the Skins or whatever all goes in the garbage, absolutely there must have yeah, and I like that.

Garbage bag safer, archaeans well and we just go through so many of them and they were so economical compared to just going and buying a smaller package or get ripped off with us at the store. She knows that’s one of the reasons I do love Kasich. Oh, hey, it’s flu season, guys and also everybody’s all worked up about this coronavirus stuff too, but basically it is flu season. Don’t forget that? Yes, so we go through a lot of tissue in this house with the kids and everything and then when Lauren comes home she takes some tissue back to the dorms.

I think she feeds everybody else to eat it, but we do go through a lot, so we buy in bulk at Costco. We use the heck out of it and I really like it. Yeah Clorox wipes goes right along with that we’re always sanitized and everything whitening things down doorknobs. When Julie comes home from school, I cringed to think of all the things that she’s touched along the way, and I want her to wash her hands when she comes home from school.

I know that might be a little crazy, but then I grab a clerics clock and I’m getting the door knobs and anything else is she talks before she came in okay, just because I’m kind of weird like that and don’t forget to wake your fridge handles the Last two things on the list for today are not Kido but definitely staples in the household we use everybody’s advice, household, the tide and UNSTOPABLES cuz you’ve got us no good yeah.

You got ta smell, good and here’s the thing you get more for your money, more volume for the price, I believe at least at Cosmo. So when we do know, we pick up the tide, we pick up the downy or the fabric sheets. So that’s the majority of the things that we buy when we go to Costco. Hopefully you got some new ideas. You know we did quite a few items here on these last three trips that we shared with you guys.

So maybe in the comments below, let us know what your favorite things from Costco are. If we didn’t cover one of them, let us know, because I’d like to look for it and start using it, possibly absolutely yeah. So that’s how we all learn. So thanks for joining us and keep it keto, you

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2019-08-18 Keto Meal Prep/ Vlog

I’ve had such a busy day. So far I went to take the recycling out. I already went to Meijer. I wanted to have roast this week. I have no idea why so I came home and I put some roast in the crock-pot I used to chuck roast. Then I covered it in four tablespoons of butter and then I used a packet of audio gravy mix and spicy ranch like you guys.

That is so like dirty and I’m sure, just like riddled with matha dextran like I know there are cleaner versions, but I’m all about convenience today, because I have to get ready to leave we’re going to the Kentucky State Fair. So I am going to have a great time, but I’m not going to eat because I’ve already eaten. Today I ate the last of my meal prep that delicious pizza casserole and that fat bomb.

I had a CVS, so I’m just going for the good time. So I’m probably just going to take my water bottle, but it’s not just going to be filled with water, though guess what I have BAM. This is pink lemonade. Oh my gosh and it matches my hair. Yes, I didn’t roulette’ this. I wanted pink lemonade. So I’m about to get my shake on. So let’s do this guys! Don’t forget! The swag store is open. You can get a bottle opener! You can get your Blender Bottle anything else that comes in the swag.

Kid is now available at http://www.Iowadnr.Gov a guys. Let’s get ready to shake it in 3, 2, 1 to a good day. It’s always going to be a good day when you’re rockin with the pink lemonade. Zip is oh, my gosh. This is so good. I didn’t go to the gym this morning because I’m planning on getting it at polar throughout steps at the fair, so I’ll bring you along I’ll. Show you if there’s anything interesting that roses in the crock pot.

I literally have no idea what else I’m having for meal prep this week. So when I get back, I’m going to sit down and plan out my macros and see what I can have I’m going to get to the fair I’m going to be enjoying this and then I’ll come back and let you know when I finally decide what I’m Going to have – oh, my god, okay guys, I’m back from the fair. I have not thought about making anything else or mil planning to figure out what else I’m going to have.

So I’m going to end up doing a two day meal prep. So I am done for the night. My roast is in that crock pot right there and boy. Is it delicious? So I’m going to let that finish, cooking and cool down, and then tomorrow, which is Sunday, I will sit down figure out what I’m having and then I’ll share that with you. So happy Saturday see you on the other side: hey guys, I’ve had such a busy day so far.

So the good thing is, I have figured out what I am having for food but like, and those fat bombs are included, read out a article for those are coming up tomorrow. Yeah, oh and it’s so good so but I haven’t made them yet. So I’m still going to make the fat bombs and I still have to go to the shop. I have to go right now, I’m going to the airport to pick up my sister, so it’s just like it’s going to be a family day all around, but that’s I shouldn’t say how my mom is here.

Truth, I believe hi I’m about to leave and I’ll catch you later. Yes, okay, guys it has been a hectic weekend and a hectic day, but I am finally done with the meal prep. Let me show you what I came up with. Okay, you guys here we have that crock pot roast for some reason. I just want it roast and I cannot explain it so I’ll whipped me up some roast using that butter, pepper, a Cheney that jus mix and that spicy ranch mix.

It is just so simple and so delicious, but that didn’t quite fill out my macros, so I can actually have one hot dog with one slice of American cheese wrapped up in two of these egg fins. I got these from Costco. I don’t know how they’re going to taste at all, but I am really excited to make like a little hot dog in a blanket here, so I’m going to have cheese and mustard and then also I’m going to have my bulletproof coffee, coffee, cream, almond milk.

I have my LeConte, oh and I have my chocolate key. No collagen, don’t forget. I have coats for both lacan’s, oh and the keto collagen. I will put those in the description below you can say: 15 and 10 % respectively and then finally, those delicious fat bombs that I made last week. I made them again, except this time I made them in bricks and, oh my god. These are amazing and the recipe article comes out tomorrow and then for dessert.

We got jello, we got Sevilla. The usual suspects be sure to read my what I eat Wednesday article to see how it all comes together. I mean this meal is random, but I am very excited it’s going to make an awesome one meal a day, because I’m sticking with Oh mad – and I am loving it – have you tried these kripp peeny, Craig beanie egg fins. Let me know what you think if you have in the comments down below.

Thank you so much for reading this article. If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly meal prep so week see what I eat: Wednesday’s monthly weigh-ins, monthly, keno credit boxing’s and the occasional product review and recipe. You can also find me on instagram and facebook at read autumn keto thanks and I’ll see you week, you

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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Best Keto foods at Sprouts | Best keto foods at sprouts.

What’s up family, I’m ray and I’m Joe, and we are two crazy kids. If you’re new, to our blog, welcome here onto crazy heroes, we do different things like product reviews. We do recipe articles, we talk about various keto topics and then every Monday we sit down on the couch for keto on the couch. We just kind of talk about.

What’s going on in our lives for the week, you can find us in different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we also have a website which is too crazy, ketones calm and that’s we’re going to find all four different recipes. Now we do upload at least five new articles every single week, so make sure you subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget the little bell icon in that way.

Every single time we upload a new article, you’ll be alerted to yeah. So it’s Wednesday we took the day off because I actually had to leave early morning prayer this morning dude. So you were out early yeah. I’ve been up since 5:00 a.M. Wow and I was going to vlog when I first woke up and I’m like yeah. That’s not happening so it’s now like 9:30, but we’re going to vlog anyway. We’re going we’re doing this.

I actually slept in later than normal this morning, because it’s Wednesday and Monday, my mom had cataract surgery on one of her eyes and we had to be like at the doctor’s appointment like really early, and then we had to follow up on Tuesday. Again, we had to get up like really early. So today I was like I pushed that snooze button like 50 times. What is the point of the snooze button? You don’t know it gives you like that false little sense of like reward reward.

I don’t get the snooze button at all to me. It’s the most annoying thing in the world. It goes off at five o’clock. You hit the snooze button at 5:05. It goes off again by the time you finally fall back asleep. That stupid thing is going off again, it’s it’s just a procrastination like adrenaline rush that you’re like okay, I’m getting away with something I’m getting away with something you’re really not because then you wind up having to like race for the rest of your day.

Let us know down in the comments section: are you a snooze button person or are you not a snooze button person? Usually I’m pretty good about not hitting the snooze button, but today it was Danny. Personally, I’m not even an alarm person. I just tell my body: hey: you need to get up in the morning 99 % of the time I do get up, or I just don’t go to bed the night before so when Caleb said like hey, are you ready to like head out? I was like oh, my gosh.

Is it? Is it time for school like? Oh, my goodness, I mean he got no breakfast this morning like nothing. Well, it’s like. I said it’s about 9:30. They just opened up a sprouts near us finally, and we had 45 minutes away, so it opened up like the week before the threat of the hurricane yeah, so we’re going to head over there now. Are you super proud of me because my mom visited this? Like a couple of weeks ago – and I didn’t go with her – I was like I’m saving myself for Joe well.

I did look online and saw that there were a couple of things on sale. So I’m glad that you waited to go with me good yeah. All right, let’s do this so Johnson, it uh we made it to sprouts and even though wear my jacket cuz, I know it’s going to be cold in the grocery store, I’m wearing my two crazy Keenan shirt and I’m actually going to be cold. I know somewhere in my sweatshirt, and I am like really pleased with the quality yeah.

These came from Amazon and it is a super good quality. I’m like really really happy with the part they’re not like itchy and weird, and the neck isn’t like choking me like all good things yeah, because before we even like put them up like on to Amazon, to actually sell which we order them for ourselves. So, like. Oh, let’s make sure that it’s good qualities going to be wonky, but no they’re good and they seem to be like true to size, yeah so yeah.

I think you’re wearing this all and it’s the ladies small and then this is the large yeah. So we’re going to head in the sprouts I’m going to drink a little bit more of my bank, I’m like addicted to these things like this is like not a good thing. We avoided them for a long time because people had said that, like once you bring them into your life, you won’t be able to function without them and like yeah yeah I mean there’s, the ingredients are okay.

They’re, not the soup, we’re cleanest, but they’re, not bad. I mean it is sweetened with slick erosive. You don’t like sucrose, you might not want to use them, but also and remember a lot of I see online. All the time people are talking about sucrose label. Sucrose is Splenda. No, it’s it’s not it’s. Splenda has suckler in it, but it also has a bunch of other stuff. I honestly don’t drink them that much just because they’re super sweet, they’re super sweet like almost overly sweet.

You drink one every couple days and the only reason I’m drinking them is because a few weeks ago they GNC had that they were selling them for a dollar a dollar. So we literally like we’re like 8 GS within like three miles of our house. We literally – and it was a limit of like four or something that are six. They have a limit yeah, so we, like literally all of us, were going into every GMC and getting the limit for the day.

So we ended up with, like I don’t like 40 of them. Oh my gracious, but you know yeah. Now I think once they’re gone, I don’t plan on like loading up on them. Honestly, I think, as far as like an energy drink goes, I like the stevia energy, drink or Z via this w bran energy drink, and actually the only place that we’ve ever been able to find them in a store front have been sprouts. Yes route tell them.

We usually get them from Amazon and have them dropship to the house, but I’m hoping that sprouts hasn’t, but maybe they have a different flavor or something yeah. I like the zvo ones. These actually give me too much energy, sometimes yeah, like you’re, like oh, my gosh. What am I going to do? There’s so much ladies, give you the perfect amount of energy. They have done a lot of funny articles about like people punching trees, and I mean just being an idiot like just a jokey one like Caleb was showing me.

One was like bang and like makes me act like a crazy person. Well, I made the mistake the other day, though of I drank one of these and then I was going to my game and I’ve been working outside all day, so I’m like oh, I need to take some electrolytes, so I drank a zip Fez within 15 minutes Of drinking one of the oh, my lord, that was a mistake. Well, I am excited that. Not only is there sprouts here, but there’s also Dollar Tree and across the street, there’s all these, so this is like the perfect shopping hub for me yeah.

So let’s go in we’re going to see, I don’t think I’ll, be able to film in sprouts we’ll see if we can kind of sneak stuff, but it will at least show you what we get when we come out. Yes and then now we’re going to go hit, you want hit dollar treaty we’re going to hit all these, then we’re going to home and film some articles and we’ll show you what guy we’re going to eat for lunch later today. So they have the Petersons brand stuff: we’ve got Peterson’s hot dogs, Peterson’s bacon and Peterson’s sausage.

Patties love it. This is actually a really good price on this premium crab. It’s like grill crabmeat, the claw meat, and it’s only ten dollars talking about doing a article on these fake meat point things they have the beyond me and they have the sausages. They have light light and the light light which I think is really expensive. But at six dollars I don’t know, I think we should try it. You want to do a article on fake meat Rachel.

No, I mean we’re talking like a carb per hotdog. Well, we’re going to get the burger all right, so you’re still looking eight carbs per burger. I know, but we’re going to we have to see. Is this as good as real beef Yeah right? Try these just not make myself pain. What is it six dollars for? Basically, just eggs and cauliflower, I feel like we could make this. What do you think Joe? We have to try? I really want to try them, but they’re too expensive from the line.

This is some of the best coffee creamer. There is, and it’s on sale for 49 – probably the safest way for me to bind that zero $ 0.99 like single, serve things. This way, you don’t overdo it yeah, because I will eat that entire container. Look at this now don’t go nuts soybeans bread. I think we’re getting a little far now, if you can come up with a chocolate D spread Joe, that could have way less carbs than this, because this has 10 carbs for a tablespoon.

Then I feel like we would be very rich people. Chocolate mixed with e sounds delish. Please make this happen. This is our second favorite and butter, and it’s on sale for $ 1 off of time, so we’re going to get something while we’re on and I think we’re going to try there geek. I started to get like really scared, because, like look over here, it was like 849 on sale. I was like is that a dozen? But now we have a that’s an incredible deal 399 for the happy egg company way to achieve it.

The awesome, but we have 12 dozen eggs in our refrigerator right now. I don’t think we need any eggs. What is this one? The farmer’s hen house that looks cute is this true lime, true orange they’re, coming out with seasoning blends lime, garlic and cilantro or orange ginger, get that orange ginger. It comes out hey. We know these guys. They go together like awesome and awesome. They even have the LA cantos chocolate chips.

Yes abou, those you’re interested, I know on the website. They only sell them in like packages of eight or ten you can buy in here now $ 9. It is so nice to start seeing more and more keto products in the stores drop enough, BOM calm. I do think it’s cheaper on the website, though, and we have the a coupon code. It’s too crazy, Cheetos they’re, coming out with, like a coating mix almost like reminds me of like shake and bake.

So they have this one they’re suggesting goes with like coconut shrimp. They have a recipe on the back. This one is if you’re wanting to make pork chops she’s basically shaken though, and this one is for avocado fries. What’s the ingredients almond meal, flaxseed, paleo powder, herbed, salt, free, all-purpose, seasoning, nothing, bad! I think we should try one of these. What is it 3? Total carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber on this one: let’s try this one, because it will do this.

One is 3 and 2. I bet you could do a chicken with this also so excited because cauliflower tortilla was and then I turned it over and a serving size. There’s 22 net carbs in a serving size like I could eat this entire package. But, like ya know, oh my goodness, I know we don’t need any TV. I have a wall of ZD abut. Look at this, so the six packs are on sale for 399, but the 10 packs are on sale for 3 and refine sic├ín.

The best price I’ve ever gotten is 60 cent suggest what see all those 10 packs I’m buying every one of them right now. Vivia wall, so probably joe, is going a little crazy, but this is the best deal on TV we’ve ever seen. We actually even gave a 12-pack to another lady because she was like. Can I have just one so Sacha Inchi is something that you see in a lot of products and it’s got some great macro, so you’re, looking at 13 grams of fat, 9 grams of protein there’s five total carbs and five fiber.

So this is fantastic they’re! Actually, really delicious, but they’re kind of expensive. It’s $ 24 for this jar, which honestly isn’t terrible. I mean, if you buy macadamia nuts you’re going to you know, spend that much. I would get them, but I don’t feel like spending $ 25 right now and as I’m spending all that money on vivia right, the same thing for Mocambo beans. Look at this. It is ten fat. Six protein you’ve got 12 grams of carbohydrates, but nine Dara, Terry dietary fiber and the serving size is 12 of these giant beans, and it’s actually got some great serotonin compounds.

Omega-9 fatty acids, it’s the 30 % fiber. I hope we don’t run out of zviad Joe. They were looking at us a little crazy buying all that dvi-i look at his crazy. However, the deal was so good and it was either what ten, ten four three, ninety three, ninety nine or you could have six for 399, and I was reading people pick up. The six-pack it happened all of the time when I worked at Party City, though they they have a standing deal that you would get like.

If you buy one thing of cups, you got another package for free and all of the time people would be like. I don’t want the free one. I don’t want the second one cuz, I don’t know where I’m going to store it, and it’s like how about like, given to somebody. I don’t know where we’re going to store all the vivia. But how do you think I went down, but I felt bad so, as I’m loading up literally every 12-pack, they have there.

We were shelf coloring. This lady comes up and she’s like. Are you buying them all and on my wall? Oh yeah, I’m like what flavor do you want? She was like just one root beer. I’m like okay! Here you go. I felt bad that that is my favorite, but we don’t want somebody going without well. She was the only smart one that I saw actually buying the 10 pack. She picked up the six pack and then wait wait.

A second is that right. Why would I want to pay the same amount for less? It made no sense, but I readed like four people doing, but I actually was talking to a Publix cashier, and she said that that was something that she saw. All the time to where they’d have like buy one get one free for like toilet paper, and I don’t want the free one and they they were like now I’ll just want the one: let’s go over quickly, what we bought.

So we don’t make this too too long, so we got we’re going to try there cheese, cheese, snacks, cheese bites yeah, they had these cheese bites. They were on sale for two dollars: a bag. Actually, what a try one and we got. What is the day we got cheddar and I think one of that flavor was massive, but these are the just. The ingredients were red, cheddar cheese, which is milk, salt, lactic, acid, microbial rennet, and that’s it and carotene for coloring.

They seem like they’re just slightly smaller and poofier, but it’s a hundred and fifty calories per serving there’s two servings in the whole bag. 12 grams of fat, zero, carbs, 11 grams of protein. Those are good cause, you’re, really good. My grilling up mmm, like some of the best we’ve, had very buttery. Okay. What else we got in that bag? We got yeah. We showed this. That’s our second-favorite butter, it’s about never on sale, but it was until cheaper than carry gold to that.

We got some. Okay, so I bought this air chilled Organic ground chicken. It was on sale for like four dollars off a package, and you know what I’m doing this. Can you guess I’m going to try to duplicate the real good jalapeno poppers, but actually make it so that you can taste the cheese and jalapeno? Oh, if you do that, I will be so happy. That’s what the purpose of this is and then we got look. Some raw shrimp yep, so this shrimp was on sale like seven dollars off a pound, so I bought two pounds of it so that we can make our jambalaya that we’ve been making.

Oh, it’s so good! Then we got some bacon yeah bacon. Did you see this deal on the bacon? I did not five dollars off a pound for the uncured bacon, so I bought two four two two two two two pound packages BAM. So we had four pounds of die and we got some of your creamer. Well, the creamer is kind of for you. We got two of this one, for this is the best creamer. This is the chi-chu ki tu and a serving sizes, three tablespoons and it’s got MCT oil in it.

It’s got some protein in it: 50 calories per serving five total grams of fat, three grams of protein, zero carbohydrates in three grams and three tablespoons, and it is super they have the name right. Yes, super the ingredients in this purified water whey protein concentrate cream, coconut MCT, oil, monk, fruit, natural flavors, now the natural, vanilla, flavor, natural, flavor, potassium phosphate and gle and gum we got one of the haystacks I like that flavor, but I don’t know why.

But I’m not a huge hazelnut creamer fan I should be. This is the same company that makes us super coffees which I’m in love with, but I could never find like less than three dollars and fifty cents in it yeah that’s an invention when we just make our own but yeah this stuff really good. It was on sale like two dollars off and did you see the only reason we bought three of them expires May of 2020? I really feel like we’ll drink it, but so long as you don’t open it it.

Don’t you open it. It’s going to go bad. So the key is: don’t open until you need it, so you know you’re going to use it nope. So I’m interested though what is everybody else’s? Favorite creamer flavor, like I like hazelnut you like vanilla, you like mocha, I like vanilla, I like hazelnut, I’m not a aged mocha, so comment down below and let us know what do you like to put in flavor your coffee with yeah? What else we got? We got a whole bunch of these guys yeah I bought like these were on sale, three four five, which is about 30 cents, 40 cents less than we normally take.

I like to treat myself with them every once in a while. We don’t buy a lot of them, so I think I bought like 10 of them or nine of them. I think I bought. We got some of the good tummy, I think heavy whipping cream. This is I like this one at organic pasture-raised. It doesn’t have any care gained in it, they use Galang gum instead, and so we do sprightly spring for this, especially if we’re making some Aikido Chow ice cream.

It makes a huge difference: d yeah. We got some gooey normally by the oldies key, but this one was on sale. I wanted to try this one, because this is the refrigerated and it’s usually expensive. It’s vital farms. Yeah. Do you wan na? Do this? Oh yeah sausage. We got this sausage. It is so hard to find sausage that doesn’t have sugar or dextrose, or something like that. Usually we just end up dealing with that and now we’ve got to find a whole new sausage place and meat place where our meat place.

Penn Dutch announced yesterday they’re going out of business like today, yeah. Yes, we have to find a new place. I think we’re going to go a lot more to like us wellness and like and a butcher box, because after them that was the next cheapest. The only reason we didn’t do, a lot of stuff from you know, butcher box, and us wellness is because you can heat pan Dutch prices, yeah and and easy access like you walked into the store the same day and got it yeah.

But us wellness and butcher box, their prices actually be Costco prices a lot of times. It’s amazing they’re really good deals it well. I will link down below. You got some oil, oh yeah. We needed some more coconut oil spray. We just use this for, like our waffle makers and stuff, like that, we got some of this new season yeah. We can saw that this season Rachel found this. This looks really interesting, maybe put on some chicken or some steak or something I’m excited to try it.

I almost want to like crack it open and see what it tastes like right now, but it’s orange orange ginger. I bet it’s good. Let’s try it they’re all thinking we’re gross for them for sanitary. Hmm! I don’t need that for food. That is good. It’s uh, curry, good. It is I like some curt stuff, especially if you’re doing like a an orange chicken yeah. That’s what I’m thinking great for our ice cream. It’s good and honestly.

I use this when I want to be more heavy-handed with a creamer like a latte, because this is it’s a serving sizes. Eight fluid ounces. Now, I’m not going to use eight fluid ounces in a coffee, but I might want to have more than a tablespoon or two in a coffee, and this is one carbohydrate total and one fiber, so zero carbs. This is, you know, really fun memories. This is really good if you want a latte, if you miss Starbucks right and you want a latte where it’s 3/4 milk, like we usually use like 14 or 18 ounce mugs yeah 8.

Ounces of this add in your coffee. Maybe a few drops among fruit sweetener. If you want this is our favorite one from them. This is the coconut almond milk. They also have almond milk unsweetened. I was going to say you got ta check the label on the back. They also had a couple of flavored varieties, they all have sugar and it all has sugar in them and then they also came out with a creamer yeah. They shelf-stable like a creamer, but I looked on the back and the carbs weren’t great on that.

So I would stick with this if you’re interested this is pretty much we use. We’ve walked away from by buying the almond, milks and stuff like that, because again, there’s no cure gain in this, and the KeyArena seems to like be funny with us, sometimes cuz. I love the the super coffee. I love the creamer, it’s delicious, but sometimes I want I want to. I want a long run, a lot you know, or I have multiple cups of coffee, as we well know like a ton, so I can’t afford to have you know two or three tablespoons of heavy whipping cream 14 times a day right now.

This is lunch. Lunch / dinner, so we’ve always gotten the Whole Foods one. So I figured let’s try the sprouts version. Yeah bacon Halep got a two bacon, jalapeno cheeseburgers mmm, and then I got two of this was the cowboy burger, oh yeah, blue cheese, cowboy burger. That’s what I want: no, no, no we’re not doing that. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to make one of each one today, okay, then we’re going to split it, so we each get a half and then we’ll have the other ones tomorrow, because I need to be able to taste both yeah and we Have hard time sharing? Yes with it’s like hey, that’s your dinner.

You know we kinda have a buddy there’s nano, so I think that is everything that we got we ended up. Are you ready? I know Irene want to say it out loud. We spent two hundred and thirteen dollars, which is a lot of money for us to go grocery shopping, but we haven’t been grocery shopping in like since the last time we did a article. I almost think we went with you guys last time, yeah, it’s been at least a month yeah.

You know I mean there. We may spend like just buying some like little stuff here and there maybe 20 to 30 dollars a week, but we pretty much stockpile stuff in our freezers whenever something’s on sale or like zeebee, or something like that. Because of all of this money that we spent. I think like sixty eight dollars of it was just on the cbs-tv Imani, but we’re good on TV for a long time. One would hope I would well we’re good on my flavors, but Maria tells God I 50 % of what we bought.

There are Rachel’s flavors yeah. Well, when the lady said like can I have a root beer and I was like you want ginger, ale and she’s like no root beer, ginger ale, it’s like no root beer. Do I think you want ginger ale, it’s delicious! That’s Rachel’s! Favorite flavor great beer, so we’re going to go home, we’re going to unpack we’re going to make our launch and then we have some filming some other articles to do including a keto chow ice cream yeah.

Well, we got home from sprouts and I went to make the burger is that way, bah and we remember, we have chicken wings. I completely forgot that we went to Buffalo wallings. We actually treated ourselves for dinner last night. Yes, well, they actually have like a deal going on, but you have to eat there in the restaurant yeah, so they’re dealing with buy-one-get-one-free wings is you have to eat in the restaurant but of course we’re Rachael and gentleman we always find a way around it.

So we order like an alarming amount of wings at once, and then we just take you know a bunch of at home, but it always scares the waitress a little bit well, we ordered like two larges in two mediums, knowing that we were only going to eat Like eight or nine wings, apiece like how hungry are you and then we brought them home because we usually like to crisp them up more. They never can cook them as crispy as we want them anything we’re weird but yeah.

I like I’m crunchy. We tell them extra, crispy and they’re still not crispy enough yeah yeah, so we brought home wings. So we have wings so we’re going to eat these and then we’ll probably eat those burgers later on for dinner sounds good and since we haven’t eaten, we may also have the keto Joe as well. Yes, so see how we have to figure out our macros for the day, because we are in like day three of our reverse diet, so we got to make sure we hit all our macros right.

So I did want to say before we wrap it up, though, in the vlog, when we were in sprouts, we showed you guys that I forgot the name of it that other meat not to beyond me, but the other one that they had there. We were going to get that and sample it and tell you guys what we thought, but it had way too many carbs. The beyond me only has like three carbs in a serving, but they didn’t have the burgers.

Well, they didn’t have the burgers and it wasn’t on sale. They only had it like the one-pound tub yeah and it was like ten dollars. So we’re going to wait and as soon as we can find the beyond me on sale, we are going to sacrifice our bodies and eat a non meat, burger, hey even dr. Barry said he was going to at least try it there’s no way, I’m ever giving Up meat for beyond me: well we’re going to try it anyway.

I feel like Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. Where he’s like, were they heavenly kind of a contest between, like you know, not meat and a hamburger, and this guy is like trying to elevate it with all of these different flavors and toppings and things it’s like everybody’s, like yeah, hamburger, wins yeah, so yeah we’re Going to look for that on sale as soon as we get it, we will definitely do that and in the meantime, what we should probably do is go try one of those Burger King ones, yeah like the impossible Burt.

I think it’s called the impossible burger. So we’ll see if our Burger King has that that’ll be another article coming up awesome. Well, I’m ready to eat. We got a set of wings here. The other sets in the air fryer, but we’re going to start here yeah. So that’s going to end today’s article. Let us know down in the comments section what your favorite store to get some of the better quality products is that Whole Foods is it Lucky’s sprouts? Is it sprouts? Is it Trader Joe’s yeah, which one do you have near you or, if you’re fortunate, to have them all? Let us know what your favorite one is down below, because I am really enjoying sprouts, but I learned very quickly with sprout you’ve got to know your prices.

Yes and shop, the sales you have and you have to shop the sales because I noticed like with their vivia. We got an awesome deal today, but their normal price on GBA was $ 6.99. A six-pack compare that to the $ 4.99 at Whole Foods yeah. So you’ve really got to know your prices with these places, but let us know down in the comment section what your favorite place is. So that is our article for today.

If you like, what you saw, do its favor hit that like button down below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and hit the little bell icon in that way, every single time we upload a new article, you’ll be alerted to until next time. Why

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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4 Tips for SUCCESS on the Keto Diet!!!

My name is autumn and I’ve been on the keto diet. Since September of 2017, over the past year and a half, I have lost around 80 pounds with keto, and so I just wanted to make this article today to give you four of my tips and tricks for starting and or staying on, the keto diet tip number One is: do your research, I feel like a lot of people just jump into the keto diet and if you don’t really take some time to look into it, you just think oh butter bacon eggs boom.

That’s it and you attempt to do that for a week and it might even work, but then you start to feel burnt out and restricted and then you’re like. Oh, the keto diet, didn’t work for me and it’s not that the keto diet didn’t work for you. It’s just that enough. Research wasn’t done to understand how to make the diet sustainable for you, as a part of that, I would also say be prepared to know what you’re going to eat every day for the first two to four weeks having a plan, especially when you’re starting a new Diet, it gives you something to be accountable to if you’re anything like me, whenever you’re, given the option or whenever you’re, given a food choice, you make the wrong choice.

So the easiest way to not even have to worry about that is to have a meal plan. A 30-day plan of this is what I plan to eat every day for the first 30 days to keep me on track and keep going and keep planning ahead so that you don’t find yourself in situations where you’re out stranded and you don’t have any food and A Cinnabon is looking real tempting and you didn’t prepare yourself. So preparation is key tip number two, and this was something that I really had to learn the hard way start with food that you actually like.

So when you look up, ketogenic recipes, there’s going to be a bunch of stuff like MCT oil and psyllium, husk and xanthan gum, and just all these weird ingredients that you probably have never heard of, and that’s okay, because that’s not as totally optional. There are plenty of lists on the internet of foods that are acceptable on the keto diet. Get that list Circle, the foods that you already like and start with those.

I can tell you from my own personal experience the weekend before I decided to start the keto diet. I went to Sam’s Club and I bought $ 400 worth of food that I had never even thought about eating in the years prior. Just because I knew you could have it on the ketogenic diet, secret Kido confession. I don’t really like avocados and that’s okay, but I knew that avocados were a staple of the diet. So here I go buying all these avocados and guess what they went bad.

I bought a joke of MCT oil for what guess what it is literally still sitting in my pantry unopened a year and a half later I bought chicken meatballs, just a bunch of things that didn’t make sense for me to eat when I know for a fact That I already love butter. I already love eggs. I already love bacon, I already love broccoli and cauliflower and olive oil, and that’s exactly what I ended up eating the first few weeks anyway.

So all that stuff was just sitting in my pantry going bad, because I went right out the gate trying something new. The ketogenic diet is going to be new enough. You don’t need to be introducing new foods while you’re just trying to get acclimated to the diet. Tip number three: no cheats for at least the first 90 days. One of the things that the keto diet has taught me was that there’s just no way around it to lose weight and to get healthier.

You just have to consistently eat properly. That’s it in regular diet, culture we’ve gotten so used to. I can eat well during the week and then go on a two-day binge on the weekend and then Monday. I started all over again and by Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday, I’m going crazy. Like there’s no way around it, if you want to be successful, you’ve got to follow the plan for more than just a week.

You’re never going to be successful. If you don’t have two key things: discipline consistency, that’s all it takes to be successful at anything. So when you’re thinking about that in terms of your diet, be disciplined eat the food, that’s part of your food plan consistently for at least 90 days, and my thought process is in factor ninety days you want a cheat meal or a cheat day or something I’m Personally, okay with those that is something that you’re going to have to reconcile when you do your research and figure out what kind of keto diet you want to do, if you can go longer than 90 days, if you can just go on the diet and not Cheat ever more power to you, that’s even better.

That is optimal, best-case scenario, but if, in order to make the diet sustainable, you do need a cheat meal or a cheat day. I am a huge proponent of those. I have participated in many a cheat day and I’m still successful on the diet because more times than not I’m eating on plan – and so I know so many people that will start the diet and maybe the first week they lose eight pounds and the next week.

They lose six pounds and then the third week, maybe they lose one pound and then the fourth week, maybe they don’t lose any weight and by the fourth week it’s like, oh no, the diet has stopped working for me. Let me quit, and that is not the case. Your body needs time to adjust and it’s going to take longer than four weeks for me personally, the first month I was on keto, I lost eight pounds. The second month I was on keto.

I lost eight pounds. The third month I was on keto, I lost 15 pounds and if I would have looked at eight pounds and thought, oh that’s not enough! This day, I’m not losing quickly enough this diets, not working for me. I might have given up and not really push through to that threshold. That really made me realize that oh wow keto works. If you stick with it and if you’re truly disciplined and I’m really proud of myself – because I was one of those five on two off type people – my entire dieting life.

But I made a plan. That’s why it’s important to make a plan, and I wrote down everything I was going to eat and I prepared it so that when Saturday came when the first Saturday of the ketogenic diet came, I had to actually mentally trick myself and pretend I was still at Work because that’s how we gauge, when it’s time to eat it’s okay, normally if it was 8:30 I’ll, be having a coffee and then by 11:30 I’d be having lunch.

And so I would gauge when I was supposed to eat on the weekend, for when I normally ate at work during the week and that first Saturday in Sunday that I made it through on plan on the diet like that was revolutionary for me, because I had Just never done it before, and that gives you the confidence to go right back into Monday, and you know Monday through Friday is a breeze. We can do that and then the next Saturday and Sunday.

You already know that you’ve done it once before, and you can do it again and you can keep doing it and I did it for 90 days straight and it shows you that you’re not a slave to food you’re, not a slave to your craving. You can make a plan, you can stick to a plan, you can eat delicious food and you cannot feel deprived all right and my last and final tip tip number four find a keto community. If that’s on YouTube on Instagram on Facebook, when people you know in real life, that’s one of the most surefire ways to remain accountable and really understand that you’re, not alone in your struggles, I’ll tell you one thing: you are alone in making sure that you’re doing The work no one’s going to force-feed you keto food.

You have actually got to make the choice to put the correct food in your body every day. No one else can do that for you and in that you are completely alone, but in your struggles and your temptations and your desire for new recipes and your desire to vent, there are tons of people out there going through the exact same thing that you are And to find that and to read that and to really realize that you’re not alone or something’s, not wrong with you, because for 30 days in a row you’re doing great and for day 31.

You just want to flip a table because you have such a bad craving to realize that that’s normal and everybody feels it and just to work your way through it and to let the community know your struggles and it’s also a place for great information. People are always sharing information, recipes tips on fasting tips for exercising, there’s so much information out there and it’s so much more meaningful when it comes from a person that you know is going through the same things that you’re going through so you’re already on your way With step four, if you’re reading this article because you’re already part of my community – and I really really love that and I’m glad you’re here – and I want you to know that if I was successful, if I – the person that tried so many diets Weight, Watchers Jenny, Craig juicing vegan everything I’ve tried everything if I can find something that works for me and make up my mind because that’s all it takes you got to make up your mind if I can finally get to the point where I made up my mind that I Was going to be disciplined and consistent with this diet? If I can do that, anyone can, because I know exactly how it feels to feel hopeless to feel.

Well, I guess I’m just a fat person forever. You know. I guess this is my life now, but to really truly know that that’s not the life you want, but to honestly believe that you don’t have the power to change it. I’m a slave to Donuts, I’m a slave to Doritos. They all taste too good. I can’t do it I’m here to tell you you can do it, you can, but you have to make up your mind and you have to be disciplined and you have to put it into action.

Alright, that’s enough of me rambling! Thank you so much for reading this article. I hope that these tips helped you if you’re just wanting to start the diet or, if maybe you’ve, done the diet for a little bit and you’ve fallen off. Hopefully you can start to re-implement some of these tips. That will help you be successful this time around. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly meal preps weekly.

Would I eat Wednesdays, monthly, weigh-ins and monthly keto Craig reviews? You can also find me on instagram at read autumn pedo, thanks and I’ll talk to you later.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!