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2019-09-04 WIEW (Keto Full Day of Eating)

Yes, getting my entire life working on stuff. Already I decided to have some water. I woke up and I was thirsty the first thing in the morning what that that never happened. So I’ve drank this entire thing of water. I am going to stop working in like an hour to force myself to exercise I’m going to be lifting weights, but before then I will be having a zip fist so check back in with me later.

I just wanted to say good morning. I really just wanted to show off my awesome, robe collar, so there’s that, but I am hard at work. Some of you should see some emails coming up from me were to all my patrons, but I am going to get back to it and I’ll see you when it’s time to shake okay guys. It is time to stop one form of work so that I can start another for work and if you can tell that means, I’m just going to start exercising.

That is my other form of work. I got my hashtag wack swag here and I’m going to Roulettes a BAM for punch yeah for puns. It fizz. I love fruit, punch not going to lie four flavors in my roulette. Is it’s too few flavors, it’s not little as too little as too few okay. It’s not enough. Basically, I just I keep we’re letting the same ones. I’m excited to get my additional three flavors of Zipf is in the mail this week, so that I can bring it back up to seven so that there will be a little bit more variability.

I mean fruit punch is nowhere near becoming the newly mown, but still I want some more variance, but from punches delicious. I love it. Let’s get shooting whoa well, that was easy. Okay, fruit punch, alright guys. I hear that fizz! Oh my god. When does the last time you actually took the time to listen to the fence up as if fizz, absolutely alright, guys, let’s get ready to shake it in three two one to a productive short week: okay, guys, I’m currently reorganizing my office, meaning that all the crap That was in my office is now out in my gym area.

It’s only had like a three foot by three foot space to work out, so I’m going to do some weight lifting exercises today, but I’m going to drink this for a little bit and then I’ll get working. Oh, Oh sneezy mix sneeze our sin built-in. What are you doing? Oh Hilton, baby boy, Maddie’s, always a good. Oh Melton, selfish! Oh, you said you sat for mom, okay, you said for mom cuz. You want food, Bubba, okay, okay or you just wanted to block Maddie.

That is rude, but nobody can keep me from my Maddie girl who doesn’t look at the camera. Please Madeline, please Madeline! Okay, okay! Back to the star back to the star, the show, Oh back to the sleepy star. Look at you! Bubby! Look at you Bobby Bobby! Okay, alright, that’s enough! That’s enough! No! I love you, okay, guys. It is time for me to eat it’s just a big plate of food. I have my roasted broccoli and onion that I made it is so good, and then I have my ground beef and it’s just ground beef and, of course, I’ll put some hot sauce on there with that seasoning that I cooked it up with and like this is Just simple and delicious: this is as simple as it can be: vegetables and meat, and it’s delicious mm-hmm.

So I’m going to eat this, then ever come back from uh sweet treats okay guys just in here. I have that chocolate on the milk. I have some coffee. I had to use peer instead of luck and so today, because I am out – and I am devastated, so I’m reordering some – the can tell immediately I have coats for both like Hansel and the preferred chocolate collagen that I put in here as well. I mean it is chocolatey and delicious.

I definitely prefer the like Anto monk, fruit sweetener, but this is great and it’ll definitely do. I also have two of my little chocolate fat bombs. I mean it’s the same ratio as the original recipe which I’ll post right here, but I just flipped the portioning in half, so I can have two instead of one big bar, so I’m going to eat these drink, my beverage and close my window and then might Be back for some jello indoorsy via tonight: okay, guys taking a little break from work cuz.

I got some packages in the back. I have to go to the post office to drop off all the outstanding wack swag orders. So if you order some wack swag be on the lookout this week. Okay, guys the evening is coming to a close for me at five o’clock p.M. Because that’s my life and I’m okay with it. So I am going to drink Mzee BIA and have my jello. I find that some days when I end my eating window at like 1:00 p.

M. By like 2:30 or 3:00 o’clock, I want my Ziva and jello and when I have it, then that’s when I get into trouble later at night. So I think that by waiting till after 5:00, but still like before seven o’clock, because I don’t like to eat anything after seven o’clock regardless. But if I can just wait until after 5:00. That really puts me in a good place, to feel satisfied for the rest of the night, so I’m going to have my sweet treats and I’m calling it a day.

Overall, this whole dairy-free thing is going very well. I think limiting your diet in certain ways forces you to be creative in other ways or even just appreciate things that you might not have appreciated before. So like it’s been a really cool experience. Are you doing any special dietary restrictions or any sort of challenge? For September comment down below, thank you so much for reading this article.

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Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2019-02-24 Keto Meal Prep/ Vlog

Look at you, Maddy say how Mady Mady Mady, oh gosh, you guys. How is it that no matter how early I wake up, I always perpetually underestimate the amount of time it takes me to get ready in the morning, like I woke up an hour early yet here I am running 30 minutes late, but that’s okay, because you know What no matter, how late I am running, I’m always going to make time to shake it.

If I can open this rocket science. Alright, we got black cherry today, which is my number one. So you know that means we got to show out. Oh the suspense jeez. Louise 30 minutes later, alright in 3, 2. 1. Why? Why is it so good, hey guys, just left the gym incline treadmill, feeling great, I’m going to start lifting weights next week and I’m very excited about it. But I have been pushing myself on the treadmill and like I’m here, for the burn okay, so for this year I have decided to do something a little different.

So the week before my weigh-ins, I am going to change my meal prep to only be 20 total carbs instead of net carbs. So last week I calculated my net carbs and total carbs and even though I was only at like 22 net carbs, I was at 75 total carbs and that’s a lot, but between the quest bar and all of the erythritol. You know you can subtract that from net carbs, but it adds up in total carbs. So in order to really kind of pair down for my weigh-in for the first of the month, the last week of every month, I’m doing total carbs.

So that means for this week coming up, I’m doing 20 total carbs. So it’s just going to be really basic. My first meal is going to be eggs and bacon. I might throw some sausage in there to my bulletproof coffee and I do have some salmon already thawing at home. So when I get home and calculate my macros, I’m going to see where I need to add fat, I know I’m definitely not going to have a problem with proteins.

So I’m going to look at the ratios when I get home, but this week is very simple all right off to Meijer. Oh my god. I finally found them. Okay, guys, like I think, I’m done with milk prep unless I’m forgetting anything, but when I whipped up those lazy, scrambled eggs. I went ahead and make myself some to eat and the milk prep guys have blessed us with leftover bacon. So I’m having that so bacon and eggs.

This is three eggs and a tablespoon of butter, and I mean I’m not going to count the pieces of bacon, so that’ll just be between me and the plate here. So I’m going to enjoy this. I got some meetings and things to do and then I will be back to wrap up but like oh, my god, okay guys live taste test for this little fat bomb, concoction that I made so like. I just basically mixed together, some baker’s chocolate, some coconut oil.

Some of that sugar pee syrup – and I just threw some sea salt on there. So, let’s see oh, they just came out of the freezer. I definitely taste the salt. I definitely taste the syrup enos of the syrup. Well, six and a half seven out of ten, but we’ll definitely do in a pinch and it will satisfy my sweet craving since I’m only having total carbs. This week, I used the mocha flavor syrup. Maybe another syrup with results in a different flavor feel free to experiment.

I will leave the recipe in the description box below I’m [ Laughter, ]. Okay, guys, I am done with meal prep for the day. So, let’s see what we got for meal number one. We have delicious scrambled eggs scrambled in butter, so much bacon, uh-huh I’ll, be having three pieces of bacon and then potentially a piece of sausage, I’m not sure yet meal number two is going to be this grilled salmon and some broccoli with tablespoon of butter.

Here we have the little fat bombs that I made and this week I’m going to be relying on jello and I have Powerade zero. You guys look at that. Look what flavor that is! That is great. I just got some on a whim. Last week I was like you know: what do I really hate grape this much? Let me try it and honestly, I kind of liked it and I’m kind of having like a crisis right now because, like I don’t know who I am, if I don’t hate grape flavored things, I don’t know who I am and then, if I have the macros For it I haven’t quite calculated them, yet I might have a hotdog or two.

You saw that I found the slimfast keto fat bombs at the store, even though I won’t be able to have those this week. I was glad to find them and to pick them up. Speaking of picking things up, I went to TJ Maxx today and I got some collagen. This is the collagen. I got this time. It’s called body collagen by whatever brand, like I don’t care about the brand. I just care about the price so for about 20 servings of this this was $ 7.

99. I mean, in my opinion, they’re all pretty much the same, but I have collagen. I do think it has been helping with my fingernails, like I don’t once again. I don’t know if it’s the placebo effect, but my nails are long and strong. I’m so excited I’m going to give myself a manicure tonight, the results of which you can see on this week’s. What I eat Wednesday article, but I bought some halogen and about another syrup.

This is sea, salt and caramel um. For some reason, this bottle is glass and I don’t know if they did that to make it seem like more high-end, but like it just made me a thousand times more nervous carrying it around the store and carrying it home like. Why do we need glass? I break things like plastic. Is your friend also guys if we want to take a look at my shirt, it says Quito yo on it, and I first saw my good friend, kiddo Collin, wearing the shirt and I messaged him and I was like.

Oh my god. I need that shirt. I must have it immediately and he sent it to me in like that just means so much to me, like. I really appreciate this shoutout to Collin. Thank you. So much also people frequently ask if I have a pillbox or an address that you guys can send stuff to like. First of all, your generosity is overwhelming, like I can’t even imagine I’m glad to say that I have finally gotten a mailbox, so the address is going to be right here on the screen and then I’ll also put it in the description box below.

Thank you. So much to anyone that even fathom sending me anything like look, you guys mean so much to me and just the more I can share with you. The happier makes me I think, that’s all for this week, guys so, oh also I’m having bulletproof coffee this week. I mean like we stop talking about food a while ago, but both proof coffee, because that stuff is delicious. Thank you so much for reading this article.

If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly meal preps weekly. Would I eat Wednesdays, monthly, weigh-ins, monthly, keto, crate, unboxings and the occasional product review? You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook at read autumn PETA. Thanks I’ll see you next week.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2019-02-10 Keto Meal Prep/ Vlog

Oh, but look at my haircut, my little haircut boy y’all get on my nerves, beep. Okay, guys! I am done with milk prep for the day, as you saw, I didn’t really even have energy to make a welcome article. This morning I didn’t go to the gym for those of you that don’t know if you don’t follow me on Instagram. I’ve actually been in the hospital for the past few days.

Today is Sunday, and I was in the hospital from Thursday to Saturday, I’ve developed a post-op infection and that is presenting itself in a sharp stabbing pain in my abdomen. Whenever I move and try to lay down so I was in the hospital they gave me IV antibiotics and they sent me home Saturday with oral antibiotics. So I’m going to be taking those for the next week and then hopefully that will resolve that.

But it’s kind of set me back a little bit. It’s made me tired in fatigue, and I kind of feel closer to how I felt when I first got out of the hospital, so I’m just working on resting and and not straining myself and hopefully not having any more complications. So I didn’t go to the gym today. My mom actually drove me to Meijer and I walked around with her and she pushed the cart. That’s how that’s who was filming me in the beginning, and I have to go back and read the tape, but that’s probably why, if you see me putting things in my cart angrily, I was not feeling it this morning I was fatigued.

I was over it. I was in pain and I was right to go, but I got home I laid down for a little bit. I kind of did the staggered mill prep, where I prepared one thing go, lay down for an hour, prepare something else: go sit down for an hour. So, as you saw, I made bacon and burgers. So here are my burgers. The milk plan for this week is buns burgers for meal number one and tuna for meal number two. So you saw me get that chopped up celery and onion.

I just didn’t. Have it in me to chop any celery today, so I got the chopped celery and onion for my tuna and then I’m having a bunless burger. I have those fat bombs. I have some green beans already in my freezer, I’m going to be having some butter. I really want to have a bulletproof coffee this week, like hot coffee – it’s just not in my habit to do, but I really want to try. I like getting in the fats like butter and heavy cream, and I like the taste of coffee, it’s just not something that I do as a habit.

So I’m going to work on that this week, but that’s pretty much. The only thing I’m going to be working on because I am going to be taking it as easily as humanly possible, just because I don’t want to take a chance with any more setbacks. It’s almost 6 o’clock and I am pooped and I want to sit down, so I am done for the day. Thank you so much for reading, if you like this article, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my blog read autumn Aikido.

I make weekly meal preps weekly, what I eat Wednesdays and monthly weigh-ins. You can also find me on instagram at read autumn Aikido, thanks and I’ll see you next week.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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KETO – Grocery Haul – Daisy, Randall’s, Walmart and Big Lots.

We do this. I guess you’re just stretching doing your yoga. You got cute one Daisy, silly girl! It’s raining a lot. I don’t think I’ll make it out anytime soon. What do y’all think guys it’s raining come on. I don’t think I’m getting out today, alright, guys, I’m in the process of unloading, my groceries going to give you a haul in just a second.

I taste you in the 19th at 10:17 and I have four thousand four hundred and ninety five step. Let me finish getting everything unloaded and we’ll do our home, hey guys it’s Alma. So here we are another grocery haul guys and I’m just going to kind of talk to you from a budget standpoint. Alright, so here’s the deal guys now I love my pork rinds. I love southern recipe, they’re a little bit more expensive honey plans.

I go to Aldi’s any time soon, which is $ 0.99, and I don’t have plans on going to Dollar Tree, which is a dollar, so meanwhile, I do get these, which are a little more on the high end. Now I also have some with guys you can easily make these yourself in the microwave, but I do need to have easy grab and go things for David that are keto approved and speaking of budget guys way to the grocery store.

Look for the quick, sell meat cook that day or stick in your freezer, so David loved the eros convoy so I’ll be making that today and then here we go so I told you guys. I want to come up with my own recipe. I love Michelle. Rocks recipe the almond meal is about nine dollars, I’m going to try it with the flaxseed meal, which is four dollars so hopefully it’ll work with this. I am very excited. Both of these products are gluten free.

So that’s a good deal funny movies. Then I have egg I purchased. These are on sale. Right now check your flyers, guys these are 79 cents, each 79 cents, each at Randall’s, those the prices that we were getting earlier late last year over at Aldi than early this year, that Aldys now they’re back to like a dollar sixty-nine, each so hey, 79 cents, Apiece yeah I’m on it all right, and then I don’t know if you like gizzards guys.

I did get a lot more response than I thought I would I love them. David fell in love with those fried gizzards, so they had some quick sale so I’ll be buying those. What I’ll do is go ahead and eat those cooked up today and probably have them tomorrow, fried as well as sticking a package in the freezer and then affordable meat is always your liver, whether it be beef, liver or chicken livers, or give me you really don’t Need to be eating every day, but I’m on a kick for some reason.

Right now, and I don’t know – maybe I’m craving iron – I don’t know and then pistachios. This is not necessarily a cheap buy them, but you know check the brands. A great value is cheaper than the planters and or some of the other brands, so just check your check. Your brands check your ounces against the cost and make a good decision. This we’re actually the best ones that were roasted and salted pistachios and FS for Matthew.

Same thing with the cashews, that was the best price point, and then I have been buying the Ivan behind the blocks of cheese, the small blocks of cheese from Aldi’s, I’m virtually out. So I’m going to head pick these up. They’re pre-shredded. This one is because for Matthew he wants some tacos over the next few weeks, so I got that for him and then he also loves the pizza. So I’m going to going to make some pizza bases for him as part of meal prep, and I know guys my oven, but I think what I’m going to do is make it to fit.

My George Foreman insert deep dish insert that way. I can make his pizzas in here versus turning on the oven when it’s 108 degrees. We are rainy this week, so I got a little bit of break from the Sun and I’ll probably go ahead and do some meal prepping today or tomorrow. As far as the pieces are concerned now, so this here is a couple things for Matthew. He asked for some cheez-its for some yoohoo and taco shells.

Those are all Matthew as well as he wanted some honey, bunches votes and so got those from Matthew. Those are obviously none of those are not keto, not keto, not keto. You know, but good, miss that stuff sometimes and then got me some mini peppers. These are great for stuffing. They were actually cheaper at Walmart than they were at Randall’s, so Randall’s. So usually, this bag is for five dollars same ounces.

I also purchased these, which are cheaper by about a dollar and a half, then the holy guacamole is. I got the spicy as well as the mild. It doesn’t have a brand, it’s not great value, so I’m not really sure who it is also got a package of cauliflower. Again, I said David loves that one for us I’ll be fixing that for him again a night while I was at Randall’s, I think there sailed five for ten dollars in the bottled water, 24 count and the milk from Matthew – and I said I was set on Life drinks, but you know what guys on sale.

These are typically about 236, a piece somewhere around there. 248 depends and they’re on sale right now, two for three dollars, so I jumped on it, put those in the fridge and I’ll be good for several weeks now. But yeah, then, here guys, you know I’m off my coffee, but every once in a while when it’s weather like this, we rainy and kind of just overcast I can’t get outside because of the rain. I have some extra time to just chill out in the morning.

I would love to have a cup of coffee in bed, so I went ahead and got one package of coffee. I got ta hide this, a David doesn’t get to it, and then I got some jalapenos. I got this one which doesn’t have any sugars in it. I was really excited to see that, but it said hot on it, so I thought. Well, all opinions are very much look at the draw, so this one specifically says hot. I thought yeah I’m going to get it Matthew and I both love hot.

Well, no family. We all love hot stuff, and then I got this brand, which is our favorite brand, but anyway guys that’s in my favorite jalapenos. So that is my haul for the week guys and also pulled out some things from my freezer. I pulled out some sausage link. I pulled out some more pulled pork and I think that’s oh and some more chicken and so we’ll be eating all of that throughout the week you may have to pick up some more veggies later on the week, but I’ve still got a few things in the Fridge still have to picados from my alley tall two weeks ago and still perfect guys still a perfect, so seriously put it on if you buy avocados and they go bad frequently, stick them in a plastic bag.

Put that little puppy in your fridge and those little babies will last alright. Alright guys hope you enjoyed my haul. Let me know if you any questions, sorry for the non-key two things guys, but I do have my son here. So I’m happy to shop for non keto things cuz. That means he’s here at home. Alright guys have a blessed day: buh-bye, hey everybody. When to pop in real quick, I was getting ready to cook and guess what no cumin so another part of my haul.

I ran out to Big Lots, real quick to get some cumin and while I was there, I found a couple of new finds here are some new pork skins. I have all. The ingredients are very clean, pork skins and salt. The BBQ one does have dextrose in it, not multi dextran, but it does have dextrose so pass on those and then the way I like to torture myself. You saw what I said the other day. I have an issue right now with some flower seeds.

Now these are good they’re, not as good as the Walgreens nice brand, but they’re giant seeds. You can see my fingernail here and see how big they are they’re, big seeds. So I thought maybe I would do better with seeds that aren’t my favorite seeds. Yeah we’ll see how that goes. I also came across this. What I thought was really neat: pecan, a smoked sea salt 250. We’ll give it a try. It sounded really good for my salmon right, I don’t know.

Let me know what you think. Let me know if you’ve tried this also, ok, my ground came in which I needed and then came across these four packs. Look a dollar for track and ingredients are, and it is carbonated water and natural flavors natural flavors can, you know, be questionable, but still not bad and then 0 grams, of course, and four of them for a buck. I thought hey. Why not? David loves drinks like this.

This is actually really affordable. I’m going to give it a quick drying, it’s funny, because I hated drinks like this prior to my sugar challenge, and now, when I find them, my taste has really changed regards to the sweets. Let’s check this out guys, alright, guys this wraps it up, have a blessed day polly. Thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with you. If you haven’t already done so, please hit the like button subscribe to my blog and hit that notification button.

So you’ll know each time I post a new article. Alright guys have a great day, bye, bye, choice, Wednesday. It’s so neat! Oh now, here’s my wife to t just eat, Oh for cryin for fries rah, rah rah, far behind carburetors blah blah blah

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2018-01-28 Keto Meal Prep/Vlog

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should at read out on pedo you’ll, see that I went to midnight bingo last night I won, which is dope only hundred and fifty dollars. I had to split the pot, but that’s fine. It was a really fun time, but I also had my first unplanned cheat meal, so I knew there was going to be pizza and everything – and I was like: oh no, I’m not going to eat, I’m going to be fine, but as the night went on it Became clear that I was like nah, I’m doing this, I’m hanging with the crew and I’m going to enjoy it.

So that’s what I did. There was Pizza Hut. There was brownies, there was caramel corn, there were fries, I mean, and it was delicious, like you know, hashtag no regrets. The thing is. If you also read my weigh-ins once you should um, you know that I weigh in on the first of the month. So that means February 1st is coming up on Thursday, but I’ve been doing like quasi weigh-ins. You know for throughout the month and honestly, I’m still at the exact same weight like I’ve lost no weight whatsoever, which I mean coming off a 15 pound loss for December.

Like I get it, you know, I’m not too upset weight, loss is linear or weight loss is not linear, I’m still making great progress. So I was just like this. Cheat is not like it’s going to derail any other progress. I’ve made for January cuz. I haven’t made it, you know now it wasn’t ideal, but at the same time you know I’m not letting it faze me. It’s not throwing me off track, I’m right back on today.

I’m going to go really hard today, so Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, see if we can get anything off for Thursday, but I mean even the fact that I’ve been able to maintain this whole month like 178 pounds. That’s a miracle, so I am just super proud. So I’m just going to have to recalculate my macros, you know adjust do what you’re supposed to do when you hit a stall and keep it moving. Super tired right now, only guys about like 5 hours of sleep, but I’m up and at them.

I know I say this every week but like super simple meal, prep, I’m just going to do ground, beef and eggs and like I literally, have no idea what I’m going to do for my second meal. So hopefully, Meyer will give me some inspiration, but I’m headed to the gym right now got my pre-workout and going to get her done. Let’s go Jesus, be free, workout, say no: Oh, okay, it’s a little after 5:00 and I am done with meal prep and I killed it today.

So let’s take a look at what we got. First, we have the scrambled eggs and ground beef, never changing it. Then we just have that random pulled pork and that bacon and cheese fried rice that I’ve just made up off the top of my head, and that is so good. Next we got my trail mix, then we have the keto connect chocolates, like I said I put them into the mini mold, so they come out in like little tabs and they are so good they’re, like my new favorite thing ever in fact, I think I’m just Going to go ahead and eat this one quality control, it’s chocolate in it’s a little salty, it’s a melty! If cold, I love to keep them in the freezer.

Hmm! So happy! Okay! Whoa! I’m done thanks for reading! If you like this article and want to see more, you can subscribe to my blog read autumn. Keto also don’t forget to ding the notification bell. If you want to be notified, whenever I put up new meal prep articles or weigh in articles or anything like that, if you liked this article, give it a thumbs up and comment, let me know what you’re eating for milk prep this week.

Also, have you ever just like randomly made a recipe and it turned out awesome. I kind of feel like I did that today with that cauliflower, whatever that was, I nailed that

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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Keto and Low Carb Mini Grocery Haul – Walmart Grocery Haul

Hey everybody got a short little mini haul. For you guys I shopped at good old Walmart today I don’t know when I’m going to make it to Aldi’s most likely tomorrow or Wednesday. So we’ll see it’s Monday, the 21st. Here we go guys all right, so I got some line started pulling out lines. I’ve got one red onion one package of mushrooms, I got oh.

This is like becoming a real favorite of ours, guys poblano, peppers, jalapeno peppers and then some serrano peppers, so here’s some fresh produce here then I got this package here yeah then I got some grated: pecorino romano cheese, eight ounces and then check these out. I got there’s new packaging for the wisp containers. I got Parmesan cheese crisps, two of them, then I got their cheddar cheese, crisps, two rows and Asiago and pepper jack cheese.

Crisps, guys out. I have two packages of my lovely Brussels sprouts. Can you package of this? For Matthew to take back to the high school, then these um pepper jack snacks – these – these are really clean. Guys. Look at that pasteurized milk, al opinion, peppers, cheese, culture, salt, enzymes, whereas there’s another package that is string, cheese that has some bad stuff in it. I’ll include a clip here so just because one package doesn’t have any of the food starch, don’t assume the other one.

Well, alright, I asked about rotisserie chicken, I’m feeling lazy today, so it’s lazy, lazy, healthy keto and I’ll be making my yummy chicken and Brussels sprout anew the containers of half of heavy whipping cream. I have young Clausen Spears check that out. I also got this, which is coconut avocado oil luan is not the best bran, but I went ahead and got a little bit of this, which is avocado oil.

I have some egg whites. I got some more dippers. I check out these Mac spicy here the ingredients not terrible guys, I’m not exactly sure the effects of monosodium glutamate, don’t have to look at it, but here’s the ingredients pretty clean and go PT guys, but unsweetened, let’s see what’s in the ingredients, I never looked. What are the ingredients here over here? This tea filtered water, brewed tea, concentrate natural flavors, caramel, color and phosphoric acid.

So I don’t know, but hey it’s still better than the diet and then here’s something new that I saw at the grocery store, don’t get too too too excited guys. This is creepy nee mini egg white thins. They are ready in 15 seconds microwavable, it has eat cold or warm, no dairy, no sugar, no cholesterol. It is one piece per serving, however, guys there is 45 calories in this and there are carbs 4 grams of carbs.

Why? Because they have wheat flour in here, but I thought you know what become an flax meal. I thought it might be kind of neat for me to try to figure out a recipe for these. So here we go egg white thins and the that rat. Oh, what else I get this I’ve never had this before this is a crosscut, shank and 295 quick sell thought I’d, get it see what it tastes like. I don’t know we’ll see, never had it I’ll show you the truth.

I didn’t hear yes, mozzarella, cheese, snacks and I think that wraps up all of my hello guys, and so it is Monday, the 21st. I did ten point nine miles on my feet on the trail. I’m tired nice busy day. All right guys have a blessed day. Bye-Bye thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with you if you haven’t already done so, please hit the like button subscribe to my blog and hit that notification button.

So you’ll know each time I post a new article. Alright guys have a great day. Bye bye, joy, Wednesday, it’s so neat! Oh now, here’s my wife to D just eat. Oh pork, fried pork, rinds, rah, rah, Martin Heinrich carburetors, blah blah blah. Oh

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2019-06-09 Keto Meal Prep/ Vlog

Look at me. Love me, I’m Your Mother sit sit, sit, sit good boy, finally, boy you’re, so bad you’re, so bad. Why do I put up with you I’ll put up with you? Oh, my god morning guys, I am up and Adam and time to go, and that means it’s time for a zit fizz. Let’s see what we got here today, Oh orange soda, who loves orange soda zit fish. Who do you know if you don’t know the answer to that, we’re all my 90’s kids at calming down below who loves orange soda zit fizz comment down below.

I don’t dislike this, it’s just not my favorite. You know it’s not my least favorite. It’s not great. Hmm, so let’s go ahead and get this going so that we can get going. It does smell good, though all right guys, let’s get ready to shake it in 3, 2. 1 to the week ahead. Oh wow, I mean it’s a very strong orange flavor. Like I mean okay, guys, I’m drinking this, I’m at the gym today, it’s a long day, I’m doing 60 minutes because we’re moving into the last two weeks of the cut down to quito, conch allenge and I’m very excited I’ll talk about what I’m eating later spoiler Alert, I just have to keep just taking fun things out of my diet from week to week, but that’s okay, cuz, it’s a challenge and we got this okay guys.

I am done at the gym like if you want. To be honest, that’s sucked! Okay! I did not want to do that, as you saw. It was 60 minutes and, like literally by minute five I was like I’m over this. I don’t I don’t want to do it, but you know what I did it for 60 minutes. I show it up. I just powered through turned on some pop music of my choice, and I got it done so like you guys it’s not always sunshine and rainbows and like oh I’m so motivated, oh I’m winning.

Sometimes it’s like you have to make yourself do the things you don’t want to do, because you know that they’re in your best interest and that’s discipline, ladies and gentlemen, and so I’m proud of myself for exhibiting that and I’m very glad that it’s over cuz, like Wow, that was horrible, speaking of horrible. You guys we’re moving in to week three of the cut down to Kyoto, Khan challenge and, like I’m, not doing horrible, like I’m doing great, I’m kicking this challenges ass.

If you want to be honest, but what is horrible is that I’m going down to 1,300 calories and 10 total carbs. So like it’s going to be rough this week, but it’s okay, because I can do it and what that means basically is. I am pretty much eating the same amount of well, I’m eating the same food that I ate last week I just got to cut out the vegetables. I have to cut out the vegetables so for my second meal, with the kielbasa I’m having another egg, so meal 1, 3 eggs and 1/2 tbsp of butter, 2 slices of bacon a piece of sausage and then for a snack, I’m having 3 cheese sticks and then Oh, my god that chocolate cream – you know that’s not going anywhere.

So that’s going to be awesome. Also moving into these last 2 weeks, I’m going to be depending a lot on beverages to keep me full, so I am going to integrate some coffee into my diet. I don’t know if it’s going to be bulletproof or anything just like another flavorful drink. That is not sweetened with sucralose and then for my meal, I’m having a little bit more kielbasa, because I have room for the proteins and fats I just had to remove the carbs, so I’m having a little more kielbasa than I had last week.

So I think, like two two and a half ounces, and then I am having a fried egg with it. So I think I get some butter on there as well. They think I’m a jello, then I got mozzie via so like honestly, it all tastes, delicious and and honestly, when I went to Costco last week, I pretty much bought everything. I have barely anything to get a Meyer this week, which is pretty awesome. So I’m feeling good about it.

I have a lot of work to do at the shop today, so I need to finish meal prep super early and then spend my life doing other stuff hashtag. You know I got goals. I also want to go to sleep you. It’s okay, it’s okay reel it back in, but you guys, let’s do it. Let’s get to the store me! Okay, guys, like I’ve, been done with milk prep for like two hours, milk prep literally took an hour from start to finish like oh, that’s, the good thing about eating these simple Kido meals.

It’s like they take no time to make whatsoever. No fancy recipes, not a bunch of ingredients like just basically fry up some eggs in meat and like it’s so simple, but it’s so delicious. So now I have to go to the shop for a few hours, I’m going to try not to stay there for a long time, but I’m going to go work and then I’m going to come show you my super simple, easy, delicious meal. Prep, hey guys! I’m back home from the shop and I have a special guest yeah everyone, it’s my twin sister, amber amber, say hi to the people, hey people, oh my gosh.

I’ve got to get you like it’s starting to be a normal thing right, I’m sensing, some! No okay! So I did I don’t I am a guy I literally had since autumn. It’s a thing for Tet. I have a thing for texts too, but I also have a thing for piercing other things we’re going to sing and automates it. I hate it. I’m just caught off guard. You got holes in your body like when I didn’t see any pixelation way to get more with the hoop when I’m in the normal tutelage.

I want to talk to the people, Neil that you guys have been graced with my presence. I need you guys to get in the comments and tell me how much you enjoy are currently enjoying the macro calculator right but like, and that was so much fun putting it together and I’m just so glad about the comments are received on that article about you Guys being able to use it, it just makes me so happy how many lives is it saving has saved? Will they save saving the macro? Calculator is saving what I’m just saying, because god I can 100 % attest to the fact that before this existent I would have her manually like I would beg her just like you guys had before in the past hey autumn.

How do you calculate calculate your macros? I would do the same thing for whatever diet. I was on at the time, so now that I have. This definitely saves her some time so and actually what some are having to bother me and asked me to do people kind of hop in and be in the way, yeah just being the way guys. I mean okay, guys milk prep. Today, it’s just super simple, which I mean might be boring, but, like I actually kind of love it, so I want to show you what we have this week.

It’s basically last week, some stuff, but still, let’s take a look all right. First of all, we have our classic breakfast three eggs, two slices of bacon, one piece of sausage: I’m loving this for snacks, we have three cheese sticks, so I’m having two of those and one of those whoa another snack, dessert, snack, I’m having heavy cream with the Cocoa powder and the liquid monk fruit like this is all amazing.

You guys I actually have a code for like ant. Oh I’ve been meaning to tell you for weeks. I have a code, it’s whack, 15 w8k 1/5 for 15 % off. I’m going to put that in the description down below, because I’m definitely going to be ordering some more of this liquid monk fruit. It has been a lifesaver also you guys. I have some cashew milk here only because I might be making some coffee. Let’s look over there.

Oh, I might be making some coffee, so I have that cashew milk to mix it in in case. I do I’ll, probably end up doing that for my what at you Wednesday and then my dinner guys not going to lie, looks pretty sad. It is about two and a half ounces of that kielbasa and a fried egg. You guys, why do I love fried eggs? Now I don’t even know who I am they’re so delicious and I’m actually super good at making them, and then we just have Sevilla and jello for my desserts, alright guys.

So it’s all about choices. Does my second meal look kind of sad? Yes, it does, but do I have to spend 200 calories on a whipped cream dessert? No, I could use some of those calories that maybe have like another egg, some more butter, some more meat. Maybe I could put some that cream in a bulletproof coffee like it’s all about how you want to move around your macros, but like I’m, satisfied with this, and I know that that whipped cream is going to give me everything that I need.

I’m excited for the week ahead. I’ve been doing great on the cut down to Kido Khan challenge. How are you doing in the challenge comment down below and I think that’s it for me today. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly meal preps weekly, what I eat: Wednesdays, monthly, weigh-ins, monthly, q2, crinum boxing’s and the occasional product review and recipe.

You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook at read autumn keto thanks and I’ll see you next week you

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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KETO – New Finds at Aldi including Low Carb Ice Cream – Keto Haul

All these be patient with me guys it’s a new thing to Texas. Certainly a new thing to our town, all right so check these out guys good morning, a slow-cooker breakfast I mckormick. How cool is this can’t believe he didn’t give me the receipt, so I can’t give you prices on there, but I will add: the prices is the next time I go I’ll check everything out, don’t think these were much though so check these out.

This is a slow cooker. Breakfast is the ultimate egg casserole for your slow cooker and check out the ingredients there. You go nothing terrible in there guys and it is three grams of carbs, but you do have the onions and stuff like that and there. So I’m assuming that between the tomatoes, the bell peppers and the onions and you’re saying Alma just put the real stuff in there. I know, but sometimes this is nice to have when you don’t have the fresh stuff on hand so check it out.

I got three of those now this isn’t exactly new, but I did want to get this something to be making some pizzas. So I got this and let me tell you, I saw some the other day. I can’t remember it was, but it was chorizo and mozzarella. Oh divine now here is a gourmet, spreadable cheese. This one is bacon and cheddar. I did not check all the ingredients guys. This is for my son who’s coming up for game day, so I thought he might enjoy this and I got some onions, taco style, cheese for the egg casserole and so typically guys shred shred shred.

If you can, I’ve tried to get a lot better about doing that, and then this is her David. His skin that’s been really sensitive lately, so I picked this up. It is a cheese. I know this was $ 7.99 and this is their baby laundry detergent hypoallergenic. So we’re going to try and high efficiency so we’re going to give that a try, also some cleaner. You guys saw this on a recent haul, pick these up again some spicy cheddar grilling cheese.

If you haven’t checked out my article out on the review check them out big score ginormous, this is a package of four again for 399 and then yes, certainly my at least I’ll. Try to get the pricing on this guys but check it out. A nice mint chip, chocolate and vanilla bean. Let’s go ahead and look at the macros check it out alright, so it is 13 grams and 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of sugar alcohol, so 13-7 yeah not bad guys.

I’m not terrible. My bad! This one is 13, 4 & 4 same thing virtually, and this one is 12 3 & 4 right yeah, so, depending on where you are guys, if you’ve got a spare 6 7 grams of carbs or you just have a sweet tooth check it out Aldys, I Think these are like Oh 399, turn around there. I wish I ain’t checked I’ll see if I can find prices for you, alright guys. I forgot this part. The tailgate rub check it out guys.

This is for your wings. They had like 5 trim, flavors um, the ingredients are not bad at all. Ingredients are not terrible, but you will notice. There is no multi dextran. Yes, I’m thinking go ahead and grab some sour cream or some mayonnaise add some of this, and you got a dipping sauce and I tasted it delicious guys whoa anyway guys there you go quick huh have a blessed day. Thank you so much allowing me to spend time with you if you haven’t already done so, please hit the like button subscribe to my blog and hit that notification button.

So you’ll know each time I post a new article. Alright guys have a great day bye, bye, choice, Wednesday, it’s a Neto, now here’s my wife to tea just eat, Oh for crying for Christ, rah rah rah. Far behind his barber eiders wah wah wah, Hey

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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2019-02-17 Keto Meal Prep/ Vlog

Okay, I’m doing something a little different! This morning yesterday, when I was at Aldi, I bought a chuck roast. You guys. I have no idea what to do with this. Well, I’m making a Mississippi pot roast because I just looked at recipes on the Internet, but funny thing when I was in the hospital one of the meals that they served me that I really liked was the pot roast and I was like okay, if I think Hospital pot roast tastes good, then, like imagine what I could do in the luxury of my own kitchen right.

So, according to everything I’ve read, you should take a pot roast. It puts the right seasoning some some gravy seasoning, some pepper Ragini’s in a crock pot. If you guys look, here’s the crock pot, I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I used a crock pot like this is opening up a whole new world to me. So I have my pan on I’m about to put a tablespoon of butter in there and then I’m just going to sear this thing on each side for a few minutes, and then I put it in the crock pot: okay, everyone, the roast, looks crusty and seared And I’m, oh, I’m really excited about it.

Already: okay, packet of ranch packet of a Jew seasoning, not the cleanest ingredients, riddled with maltodextrin, but I figure since it’s all going to like soak off in the juices and whatnot, I’m probably going to count three quarters of the carbs in these. This whole packet is 16 carbs. This whole packet is 12 carbs, so I mean that’ll still bring me out to 3 or 4 carbs of serving which is okay, but let’s sprinkle and set it and forget it.

I have 60 grams of pepper, a Cheney and a little bit of a juice and then four tablespoons of butter, all right, I’m turning my crock-pot on to low, and I will check on this in about six hours, okay, guys getting a late start this morning. I am just now on my way to the gym, meaning that it is Zippy’s time today we are having blue raspberry again. This is exciting. So what I do is whenever I buy all my zip fizzes, I take them out of the package.

I take them out of the box, they come in and I put them in just a regular container. I mix them all together, so it’s almost like zip fizz roulette every time I just reach in there and I grab one and I don’t know what flavor I’m going to have for the day. So blue raspberry is my jam. You guys, I don’t know where my oh, my god, here’s my opener right here ask and ye shall receive, haven’t used it in a while, okay still scary, oh, yes, okay still taking the plastic off because I’m not a heathen.

Okay, everybody! You know what I’m about to ask you to do. Okay, so look around see if there’s anybody in your immediate vicinity, you know, maybe you want to stand over to the side a little bit or maybe you want to get in everybody’s way, cuz in five. Four. Three two: oh, that sounds very Janet Jackson, but let’s do it. You know it feels good. You just plain. Oh, it feels good all right, taste test.

I love this stuff, whoa all right off to the gym. Okay, guys, I am done at the gym. It just feels really good to be active and to be moving so funny thing. I actually went to Meijer last night like for some reason. I was sitting at home. It was 7:30 at night and I was like I’m super bored, but I have a lot of energy, so let me just put on some music go to Meijer and dance through the aisles and just live my best life and I was getting it.

I was a rock star: each aisle was my runway. Also, I’m calculating my macros this week. You guys that is my pledge to myself. I am up some weight from being in the hospital, and so my goal is weight loss and if you want to lose weight, you have to know how much you’re eating at least I have to know how much I’m eating. So I’m going to get home, throw some things together, see what my macros are looking like and then that’s what’s going to determine what I cook this week.

So let’s do it, as you saw. I whipped up that bacon, so I cooked my bacon on two sheet pans at 375 for 14 minutes and then what I do is I open the oven to let some of the heat out and then I close it and then I bake it for one more Minute so it’s 15 minutes total, but at the 14th minute I let some heat out and maybe that’s just like superstition or placebo effect, but I really think it helps to cook the bacon but not burn it.

And while the bacon was cooking, I sat down and I made my meal plan. So the first thing I did was, I shouldn’t see. I just use pencil and paper, so I wrote down all the ingredients of all the different recipes that I’m going to make. So I’m making protein waffles and then I’m making the goodies peanut butter mix and they not have all the ingredients of my Mississippi pot roast. So I get all of the macros for a serving of each of those and then on my next page.

I incorporate those into my total meal plan so now I know that when I’m eating during the week, I am eating on plan to help me reach my goal, and this helps me to stop from snacking and to say: okay, maybe I’ll sneak in a handful of Nuts, here, maybe I’ll, sneak in something there. It’s like! No, because if it’s not on the list, it doesn’t help me achieve my goals. So now that that’s done, I’ve made a delicious omelet.

I use the tablespoon of butter, 3 eggs and the leftover bacon that I had you guys, I’m at nine slices of bacon total today and like I do not care. Okay, I just put those cookies in the oven and, of course the best part is like eating. The dough that’s leftover in the bowl ioannis this don’t taste like the exact middle of a Reese’s Pieces like this straight decadence. Well, it looks like the spoon has done all the Kin now time for nature spoon you might be asking autumn come on now.

It’s just scraps, have you no shame the answer’s? No, I’m going to shame this is my house. Let me look like shank. You look down lip this ball right in front of your face. Oh my gosh, look at this. Can you see it? I don’t know. I don’t care, I think you can really taste the spicy ranch. I am here for you ranch packet I make roast now I am a roast person. That’s all she wrote. That’s all she wrote.

Somebody comes get me. I am done today bye, okay, guys, I’m done with meal prep and I am elated number one, because it’s so early in the day and number two look. What I have meal number one is going to be this mound of protein waffles. I have enough for one waffle in one segment, so that’s going to be in total five segments of protein waffle, I’m going to be using this sugar-free syrup. It has aspartame, it has a skein, I don’t really care, and then I have two slices of bacon.

So waffle and bacon is meal number one and then my first neck is going to be a quest hero bar also don’t forget: I have enough room in my macros for a bulletproof coffee. Oh these protein waffles are very easy. You guys. Okay, here is the quest protein powder that I used one scoop of protein powder, 1 egg 1, tablespoon of butter, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and then as much liquid as you would like to thin it out, and that is it put that in a waffle maker And flat out there, you go meal number two look at this roast.

Can you see the texture? You guys I am spazzing out because it looks good and it tastes delicious and I’m going to be having some microwave green beans and a tablespoon of butter and then for my snack number, two I’m going to have these goodies peanut butter cookies and they look so Good and then, of course, I’m always going to be having jello Zvi, I String Powerade like any sort of those beverages that I want with some water, I’m going to be drinking water this week, but like this is the most excited.

I’ve been about a milk rat, and so long and everything turned out exactly great, and I cannot wait to show it to you in more detail on my what I eat Wednesday. Okay, guys, I’m done for the day, I’ve readed some TV I’ve relaxed. I made a delicious bulletproof coffee: let’s see: 12 ounces of coffee 1 tablespoon of butter; 2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream 1 ounce of sweetener, 1 tablespoon of collagen and 1/2 cup of milk, and that’s it so I’m just chilling for the rest of the night.

Overall. Today was a great day like the thing that lets me know that I can do keto forever. Is that I can still get excited about the food a year and a half into it. I can still make something and be like. I cannot believe I get to eat this on the diet you know, like my roast, is such a success. Those peanut butter cookies like just to genuinely love the food that I eat like that, is just so awesome and I’m just so grateful to have the keto diet in my life.

Thank you so much for reading this article. If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly meal preps weekly, what I eat Wednesdays and monthly weigh-ins, also monthly Quito crate unboxings. You can also find me on Instagram and read autumn Quito. Thanks and I’ll see you next week. I had it cinnamon this time like game-changer, Oh bubby, Oh Bobby, Oh tiki-tiki,

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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KETO – Aldi Haul with a few new finds – Shopping for the Family!

Alright! So there’s my personal stats. I have not tested any of my blood Sugar’s today I am still fasted. My meal was around six o’clock last night 6:30.

I am just what five hours away no four hours away from a 24-hour fast, so not bad guys, not sure what time I’m going to eat cuz, I’m actually getting a little bit hungry alright. So what do I have here? Alright, I have my college boy home. Yes, as I go through this hall, guys, I’m going to show you all the new finds at Aldi’s. Alright, so first thing I got from Matthew is some garlic bread, as well as a regular specialty bread, the specialty bread I figured he could use with this strawberry cream cheese spread toasted up in the morning and have a little snack or throughout the day.

I also got him a little bit of trail mix, some cherries. I might actually have a couple of those we’ll wait and see cuz. I won’t be able to sneak any berries in during my June challenge. Then I also got these. These are like $ 0.99, guys great little price for a snack for Maddie cakes and I got the milk chocolate covered as well as a white fudge. Those are for Matthew, pretzels. Alright, I also got more happy news.

There were sixty nine cents, a pound. Two of these packages of peanut butter for Matt and look at these avocados, ten of them, thirty three cents, apiece guys remember, put these back in your plastic bag, stick them in your fridge and they will keep for a good two weeks. Promise you a good two weeks: alright got some bay scallops. You know what that means. I’m I’m making some fried rice at well. Fried Collard rice.

I’ve got two packages of chicken thighs got plans, for that is our recipe that you guys have not seen. I’ve never made, I don’t think I’ve seen anything on it and fingers crossed it works out all right, then. I also got this for Matthew, which is some chocolate-covered almonds, and trust me. These snacks, here that I have gotten from Matthew, will probably last him at the entire summer between the trail mix, this the peanut butter, and this would probably last him all the way through.

I guess I won’t have to be buying much more because he would actually prefer fruit, so don’t think I’m just shoveling junk food in my child. Really, I really don’t this isn’t new that these individual ones are and the fact that they’re refrigerated I meant to get one out, so I could drink it on my drive home and I forgot to so, but anyway, these are the better black tea and no artificial Sweeteners, no, nothing zero calorie, all right, and then I got David some of these cherry tomatoes.

He loves cherry tomatoes, and here are some new finds at Aldi’s at least at my Aldi’s. They now are carryin chia seeds. These were about 369. I think for this package really good, affordable price there, guys, along with this new, find another fun, is brown flaxseed Sky’s whole brown flaxseed, that’s a new find, as well as the milled ground flaxseed. Now I won’t be using a lot of this for me, but I’ll probably make it some recipes for David that will be using the flaxseed, but another new fine guys check this out.

Look at this kosher Spears of fresh packed, my yeah. We love pickles in our house. I’ve just bought some but Matt’s here, so I’m sure he will go to town on these as well. All right also picked up some pistachios for Matt and David. These are with sea salt. I got some more of the air days. Walking Bali salsa, I needed some more Himalayan salt, so I got that I picked up two heads of cauliflower: one of these heads are going to be used with this chicken dish and the other one is going to be used with a nother chicken casserole dish that I’ve made in the past David just loves it guys, so I will put a link to that recipe up a pregnant corner, since that recipe will also include these lovely broccoli heads all right.

In addition to this, I got some sour cream. I got some feta and this feta is a little bit different. This is brand new. This M has tomato and basil. Doesn’t that look good so excited to try that I got some of my standards, which are the pepper, jack, pepper, jack, pepper, jack, Cole guy? So you noticing something: no cheese, no Jesus, then I got my favorite. You guys have seen this. They had a garden blend as well as a tomato basil, but I picked up the pepperoni marinara, oh good stuff and then some goat cheese and this one is far like an herb.

Then here are some more new items that I found at Aldi’s. Yours may carry this definite are keep in mind is a new store. It just opened up in what October. I think I think it was October anyway. This is new. The sunflower oil I’ve not read a whole lot about this guys. If you can tell me the benefits of sunflower oil, but be great, if not well the next time, I make something that has it I’ll share it with you, so we got that also previously they did not carry any avocado oil.

So I picked up some pure avocado oil. Yes, I picked up some in my last haul at Walmart, but I went ahead and got some more cuz. I go here’s this hadn’t seen these either. I hope it tastes good. This is extra virgin olive oil, chilli and garlic flavored. I got plans for this just wait and see guys, wait and see. So I got two of those and one of their balsamic, so hopefully we will enjoy those. These were like three a little over three dollars.

They were really great. Then I picked up some Duke’s mayonnaise Duke’s does not carry sugar in it. It does have soybean oil oil in it and if your thyroid suffer, you really shouldn’t use it. Six packages of pork rinds guys, that’s a constant, my house. We love our pork rinds. These are the Clancy brand from again Aldys do not buy their flavored, one guys has a motto dextran in it, and this one here guys you’ll see it is fried.

Pork skins and salt clean, clean, clean serving so let’s check it out. Seven servings for this tiny little bag. What are they talking about? The crazy seven servings yeah? I could put that bag away in a day, but I digress, twenty-nine cents, a package, twenty-nine cents for this guys, look at that twenty-nine cents. The great deal on broccoli crowns. Those were 79 cents, each guys for this package, 79 cents such a great deal, half and half.

I do not get the heavy whipping cream because you saw I got that over at my lovely Walmart. Then I have two packages of blueberries it was limit to, and I think these are like a dollar 49 yeah a dollar 49 each. I got some mushrooms. I got some more Brussels sprouts, a pineapple for Maddie, cakes cuz. He loves it and cilantro. So I’m going to get this put away and show you a few more things and I got be right back guys, so I put away most of the perishable items.

So here is the rest of my home. I have three: can three packages of water? This is their purified water with minerals, added forte. Add it’s BPA free, so I got three of those I think these weren’t dollar, eighty, nine or, and then lastly, guys I got some of these silicone. Such you can use these on top of food dishes that have been prepared and or when you get to the microwave, to keep any splatter off.

Then I got these. These are actually ice trays silicone. However, I’m going to use these to make a dessert for David and that dessert I’m going to use one day to test my blood Sugar’s and maybe see what it does on my scale as well, and I’ve been wanting one of these forever. Look at that. A cherry pitter, yes, yes, hello friend, can them a little meat, masher? Okay, they call it a chopper. I call it a masher mash away mate and that my friends wraps it up.

Alright have a oh one, more thing. Lastly, guys I have a little gadget. I had a return at Walmart and I grabbed some of these, so mine are disappearing. I’ve told you guys I sweat, sweat, sweat when I walk on the trail, so I always have a hanky and they usually match what I’m wearing. So I got a camo. I got this lovely little guy, I got Alabama roll tide roll and then this pretty one and they were on clearance $ 0.

50. Each spent a whopping $ 2 at Walmart today, but that now wraps up my haul guys have a blessed day, bye, bye. Thank you. So much for allowing me to spend time with you if you haven’t already done so, please hit the like button subscribe to my blog and hit that notification button. So you’ll know each time I post a new article. Alright guys have a great day, bye, bye, Joy’s Wednesday, here’s my wife, the D just ito for fried pork, rinds rah, rah, rah, Barba, starboard, wah, wah, wah,

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!