Simulation | IndieBio #239 Dr. Kishore Nannapaneni, Dr. Patrick Schwientek – Fresh Breath Probiotics

What’S up, everyone welcome to simulation. We are following up on Indy bio demo day. We now have our alte in the studio. I’M really excited to talk to kishore and patrick the co-founders.

What’S up guys remember to bring that good? How are you doing good thanks for coming on to the show, thanks for having us, I really appreciate it yeah. So, okay, this is really important stuff. I’M really excited because it’s actually probably one of the most relatable applicable companies right there in the daily use of people’s lives so or alta and we’ll get a little bit into your histories. And what got you here or alta a fresh breath probiotic so give us, give us a quick taste of the of like fresh breath, probiotics and then we’ll go to history and then we’ll get to the more nuanced later, but give us that fret that little taste Yeah, so the actual taste off the table is a slight minty flavor, its consisting of five probiotic bacteria.

Basically, a consortium of bacteria that is designed to address the root cause of the bad breath, as opposed to the mins and gums and mouthwashes of the world. That just masks the bad breath. Okay, so this what you just said there I want to unpack later getting to the roots instead of masking we’ll get to that later. So that’s that’s the quick bit on or Alton now tell us about you guys. So how do human beings, Indian German? How do you guys figure out I’m going to go into the u.

S I’m going to pursue entrepreneurship, I’m going to do biotech stuff, I’m going to do breath stuff? How did that story unfold? It’S a long story from my side because I started off as a computer science engineer in India, and I did my masters and my bachelor’s in India and I flew into United States to the University of Iowa go Hawks to do my PhD in biomedical informatics in India, I had an thing where, like after your after your 10th grade, you can either choose only math physics or chemistry or biology, physics or chemistry, and the opportunities for math physics and chemistry were much more than biology, physics and chemistry.

But I love math and biology and I could not pursue it. So I had to take math physics and chemistry, and I had this void in me like I always wanted to do biology and after I finished my bachelor’s in computer science and masters in computer science, then I got this. I read this book called genome where they talked about how there are new opportunities opening up in the field of biology for computer scientists, where they need a lot of analyst statisticians computer programmers to understand the the genome projects that are happening currently at various research universities.

In the United States, so I applied to a bioinformatics program, but I could apply the skills as a computer scientist and apply to biology to understand various health and disease concerns of citizens. So that’s got that’s what helped me to apply to United States. I did my PhD there and in my PhD I mostly did cancer genetics and cancer by informatics and some basic bio informatics. And then I got my first graduated from University of Iowa got my first job again in in Pioneer hybrid, which is a plant genetics company and I was doing plant genetics s.

So I made a switch from cancer genetics to plant genetics or plant bioinformatics, and then I moved to Bayer CropScience and that’s where my introduction to microbial by informatics happened and that’s what I ment, Patrick and and Patrick, is an excellent scientist. So we kinda and we both had these entrepreneurial ambitions, and we came up with this idea. But but Patrick will talk a little bit about how we came up with the actual idea.

But Patrick is my colleague and a very good friend when we were in bed. Crop science tell us about the journey as well yeah, so so my background I was born. Germany studied their bachelor masa PhD and, as many know, Germany has not the best weather in the world. So it’s a pretty rainy, especially the University I was at. So that’s. It’S I always say it’s partially. The reason I wanted to go to a really nice warm place after finishing my my PhD and so in DTI.

I came to to California to do my postdoc here in the Bay Area, but also already in Germany, doing my studies. Actually was a co-founder of a startup and, as such you know about San Francisco being the mecca of startups, so that was another big big reason to actually move here. What was that startup? They were doing so. This was in the browser game space. At the time you know if Facebook browser games was a really big and it probably still is yeah, so that was it wasn’t this realm yeah.

So then, here after my postdoc, I joined Bayer CropScience, where then eventually met Kishore and basically of all my background, my studies were all focused on industrial microorganisms, so it’s can be tell us about that. Yeah we’re both doing that industrial microorganisms right. Well, we we were. We are basically doing soil microbiome studies, so we were trying like the way we came up with this idea.

We were working in plant microbiomes, where we were identifying bacteria that make the plants grow better or help them fight fungal diseases. So we realized that you know patrick, has a patent on that and I have some coming up, but we realized ok. If this works for the plants, it should work for humans as well, and you know a we realize that we could rebalance the oral bacteria from a disease to a healthy state by introducing healthy bacteria yeah.

So we were doing the same thing for the plans. We thought that’s translatable to humans. I mean they’re, already working on God, but nobody’s focusing on the world health. Yes, health is a serious concern and it’s part of the GI tract yeah yeah. Yes, the opening right. Yes, the opening exactly it’s interesting yeah, but um. I just wanted to say along the way, so it started with what adding healthy bacteria to plant eco soil ecosystems, and now it’s like what.

How can that be applied to humans, yeah so and maybe tumors before that, the rhizosphere, which is really the the microbiome of the plant, the what the rhizosphere rises rises? My fear yeah is the soil soil. That’S like the microbiome of the plant. Exactly you mean the first time I’ve ever heard that analogy that spectrum, so the rhizosphere is a much more complex environment than the mouse. Actually, so there are thousands over thousands of microbes known to exist around the rhizosphere.

The human microbiome has an average only like 700 different species at each individual like overall, there are also a few thousands, even the mouth in the mouth, yeah yeah and and so we really thought. Basically, we tackled a more difficult problem in the past when we were working at the rhizosphere. So now, translating all this knowledge – and yes, you know the algorithms we have developed in the past to the oral microbiome would make a lot of sense and actually allow us to be even more impactful with that, because it is a a simpler but still very complex Field so then what was the moment for you to when you were there doing all this? The rise rise of sphere of the microbiome of plants – and you were learning about this, making your own algorithms figuring this out and then how did you guys go? Let’S? Let’S do it, let’s do this, you know how that happened.

Okay, all right so um. So myself, I am sometimes plaque was with cavities, whereas Kishore has like perfect oral health, so you know he wouldn’t even have to brush. He does it, but he wouldn’t have to you know he wouldn’t get cavities, and so the reason is that his oral microbiome is just a very balanced and healthy one, whereas mine seems to be suboptimal. What does a healthy versus an imbalanced world? Microbiome? Look like yeah is that what do you call it? An oil biome, oral microbiome or microbiome, okay, so um? It is not like one specific target state where you have a certain number of microbes.

It’S basically an infinite number of of states that yes could exist, but there are what what the disease states usually have in common is that they are an overabundance of certain detrimental bacteria, whereas we know which ones that is. There are certain strains known, there’s streptococcus mutans, for example, which is associated with tooth decay, but there are various others and this field is not exhaustively known.

Actually so it’s there still research going on as we speak as we take samples of our poop may we also take samples of our world microbiome to figure that out as at the same time, it seems like a good idea exactly and it’s obviously much more accessible And easier for people to donate their samples to to others cause. I will ask you that later I will ask you if you are interested in taking oral as well.

Okay. So then, the moment, though, when you were like, aha, let’s you – you were talking about the oral health differences between you, two yeah right, so so um. I think it was one day I came actually back from a dentist visit and was just a little frustrated about hearing that there might be another cavity here and there, although you know I’m lost and brush and and do everything you possibly can do, and you know We were just sitting over a beer and thought.

Well, you know we do this as a day job to figure out what are the healthy microbes for plants and we put them on the seeds and they grow strong and vigorous and protected. So why are we not doing this for the oral microbiome too? In essence, it was really like self-interest at first. How can I improve my own situation that may be of my family and friends and then very soon? This idea grew grew, much bigger because you know that most people don’t know it, but there are 95 % of Americans who suffer from some sort of oral condition, which is a staggering number and and what would out of the 95 percent that suffer some oral condition.

What are the top oral conditions that people usually suffer from you know, so the top oral conditions are tooth decay and gum disease and bad breath. Okay, now, okay, I think people are familiar with bad breath, maybe not so much the causes, but then the gum disease, people kind of can see the gum lining receding over time and then gum line receding. I don’t think I’ve got to do with I mean we are not sure, but you have gum disease, and that also has some implications in bad breath.

But I would say the like the overarching that there’s three conditions: bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease and then again within gum disease. There is gingivitis periodontitis and there’s like a bunch of things, Wow and and for each thing there is a different microbiome that causes these conditions right, like, for example, Patrick, was alluding to the restrictor caucus mutants that causes Cary’s or tooth decay, but everybody has streptococcus mutans, But there are certain conditions and certain presence of other bacteria that makes it pathogenic, or that have I mean that causes all conscience.

Sorts of it makes it pathogenic and causes other disease conditions around in the mouth. So we have to identify what kind of consortium at Korea are causing: health and disease and okay, so yeah, that’s that’s! That’S a key there. Okay, what consortium bacteria caused the the tooth decay and gum disease bad breath and then and then what are the the ones that cause good health, good health? And so then what have been your tools of analysis for that? So Patrick can talk about the tools so so besides, I want to start beside myself there.

We have another team of co-founders, so they’re, four of us in total David Drake and jefra baƱos. They are both long-term professors at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry, both individually have over 30 years of experience in analyzing the oral microbiology of humans, so with with their help, we were able to BC, dig really deep into the literature, and I understand which micro, What is known and which of the known microbes, would act well together.

This is when we started experimenting and then eventually came up with a proprietary solution of five strains that really work with synergistically very effectively to fight bad breath and the five proprietary strains that you came up with to fight bad breath that these fight bad breath and Gum disease and tooth decay, or just just a bad breath, so this all first peroxide, which we were talking about later, I guess, is targeted for bad breath.

So this is specifically designed for bad breath. What does the tongue look like at a microscopic level? It’S like little bristles right with little things the next to each other like this it. So it is a it is a surface riddled with carom crevasses and it’s a very rough surface. This is also why, for example, if you take mouthwashes, you will never be able to or even turn scrapers you will never be able to remove all bacteria from your blog.

They are always hiding down down in the offices and they will grow back from there, especially with mouthwashes. It can be a problem because the tremendous strains tend to grow back faster than have you know beneficial ones, and then you were usually often left off worse than you were before. It’S like. There is a constant state of war in the mouth, so that is different. Think of all these bacterias different tribes and they’re, just fighting for competition in the mouth like they have their own weapons.

They have their own antibiotics to suppress the other ones. So sometimes they work together. They make alliances with other species of bacteria work together for the health of the mouth, but also there’ll be other alliances where they work together for the disease, each state of the mouth, so they become pathogenic, so they recruit other species both for disease and health. So it’s you can think of the mouth as like a war zone.

Yeah we’re like this. There is this good and bad guys constantly at war, and they make alliances and they have different set of weaponry. Some has a better and buy like some more like voracious at you know, eating up all the resources. This sounds like the evolution of humanity exactly and and that that’s constantly happening in your mouth and in the guard in the skin everywhere, even in the house to like.

You know like, for example, if you windows and there’s the reason why. I think you know our elders say open. Your windows is to let the new bacteria come in, so that there’s not one kind of few types of bacteria that is overtaking them, so you’re maintaining a healthy balance of the bacteria and in everywhere like in the mouth. That’S why you brought a fresh oxygen through exactly yeah yeah, but the air comes bacteria, yeah! Okay, you were you were just going somewhere.

That’S why you were saying bread. That’S why you brush it, because you open up new space for new bacteria yeah when you’re brushing the teeth. You are removing the you know. Whatever is on the upper surface of the T there, the tongue and making space for others exactly so you’re, not letting one particular type or a few particular types, just outgrow and and how good are the others and become pathogenic.

So that’s like the physical effect. I mean like physically, you are removing them, so if we use our probiotic, what happens is they are? You know, they’re probiotics, their natural environment is the mouth, so they actually proliferate faster and make sure that the other ones are not coming in and occupying it. The oral space: how did you pick the five or six strains? Eight, like patrick, said, literature, the literature.

We also have two professors: co-founders, yes, who are who have over 30 years of experience in the space, so they helped us with this formulation and the formulation now does the do you a deal list? The you don’t list them here, because that’s the IP right, so they are listed, they are just unlisted in the exact ratios. We designed them to be from the solitary probiotic blend right. Thank you, streptococcus streptococcus, Salif, various that’s great m18 streptococcus, all various k12 lacto lacto caucus lactis will lacto bacillus, rotary and lactobacillus salah verse, and you see that three of those have salivary s in it.

So the natural environment is the saliva, so they found the first found them in the saliva, so so there so, for example, I’m an Indian. I tried better in India right. So the natural environment is the is the saliva, so they grow better than the others. The pathogenic ones, and and they are better at using up the resources in the mouth, the private, the the other pathogenic bacteria – from getting any resources our foothold in the mouth.

Interesting and then the this is a hundred and three milligrams of the probiotic blend. And then what percentage of the entire probiotic supplement is that hundred and three milligrams do we know how much is each one? So why are you asking about the weight of a single weight yeah like what percentage of the actual tablet is just the probiotic blend, and then what percentage of it is xylitol microcrystalline cellulose actually are the top of my head.

I don’t know we had that data, of course, but of course yeah I don’t know the season this is this is my job is to is to ask these questions and now you’re like I’m, going to know that so interesting now, can you so the ones that Don’T say: salivary salivary, Asst, lactis greater ii right. What are what are those so the the naming oftentimes suggest their origin? Not not always so these all these strains are what’s in the industry called grass, so that means generally generally recognized as safe, so they all originate from.

You know healthy human subjects, not all of them have been named sella various because similar strains have been found in other environments before and then you name them after the next closest species or strain, and that’s why the names are not necessarily all ending. Instead of areas and then how do you know that, having how many times have you now tested these five versus adding a sixth one versus taking one out yeah? So there were several iterations through which we’ve we’ve went.

So not all not all probiotics, and you know synergize very well together. You know some might even antagonize themselves, so we found that this. This combination is the most efficacious let in me, and that might also be true for different populations of people, as in my oral microbiome, the difference someone across the world right so or alta might have to come in different for different cultures.

Different of people very possible yeah, so you talking bigger you’re, sketching now on a surf topic. That’S really interesting! So the microbiome of every individual is basically like. I finger vibes percent different right. It’S like a finger parfaits! It’S really unique to you, but it just the the difference with the fingerprint is that it’s really it’s staying for the life of you for your lifetime, the the microbiome is actually constantly also evolving and changing.

So if you eat one day, if you drink hot tea, you sample before and after drinking hot tea, you will probably get different results even worse. If you take an antibiotic because of some other condition after you’re taking the antibiotic, you rapidly change the microbiome in your mouth and your gut, so wherever it comes in contact with and other things are in, impacting your microbiome, like, obviously your eating habits, your oral hygiene Routines, yes, even if you have things like you open it, you sleep with an open mouth if it changes like various things, if you do a lot of sport exercises how much water you drink if you’re smoking alcoholic all these things rapidly impact in microbiome yeah, that’s Like it does in variables right there that are right, which you know which kind of then the next question would be.

Oh, so, how do you know this works for most people, yes and and the answers this was designed specifically to target the strains that are known to cause bad breath. So if you have bad breath most likely you contain strains. You have strains that these strains that we provide target or fight so, regardless of a kind of condition, you have yeah and there’s a high probability that this consortium of bacteria is going to be efficacious against your condition.

How does one measure if they have bad breath, because when everyone wakes up in the morning, don’t we all have bad breath yeah so that there are various reasons for bad breath and we also want to distinguish clearly bad breath from you know: eating food that causes Bad breath, because of the food being sold, so we’re not we’re not addressing that. This is like a temporary condition. Garlic, if you eat garlic, you smell like a so we’re not going to do anything about that, but we’re really focusing us account of the chronic halitosis.

So yeah people have constantly and also when they wake up in the morning. So one other thing to touch up on what you said is regards to like how the dynamic the microbiome is, but for each disease condition. We also believe there is a core microbiome in a sense like there is certain certain set of consurtio bacteria that definitely occur in a certain disease condition. So if we address and target those bacteria, we will be with that with our own consortium and we will be able to do that right.

But for the rest, you know that’s the core microbiome and there’s the core second Saoirse bacteria that cause that particular condition. So if we can target them, we will be able to mitigate that condition, but there will be a lot of other species of bacteria floating around in the mouth. I got nothing to do with the condition so back to the war analogy. Are you sending soldiers in to combat the bad? Is that kind of the yeah we’re sending the soldiers in, but also that’s their that’s their home, so we’re sending the soldiers in to their own country to their own country and and and then what they’re doing is they’re kind of taking out the bad actors in The country, okay, and once I know it’s the gum, disease tooth decay, bad breath and then proliferating, bleeding out bleeding the others out, breeding and out convenient for resources.

So then, so then the this has to be taken twice a day. It’S chewable tablet daily and then take it twice a day morning evening avoid food and drink for 30 minutes. So let it dissolve in your mouth so over the period of time, and then is this a: when is this available for the market and what kind of testing do you have to go through FDA, right, yeah, food and drug? So so your first question is: when is it when is it available right? So it’s going to be available to answer them in Reverse, so the testing first yeah yeah, okay, testing battery balance, yeah, okay, so you’re asking whether you have to be tested in order to take those yeah.

So the reason you don’t have to do this is a dietary supplement, so it is not a drug and and as such you know it is yeah. It is supplementing your regular diet and is healthy. I make cookies and I want to sell them at Whole Foods. I’D literally just have to bring my cookies to the buyer at Whole Foods, so yeah. So then, similarly yeah, okay dietary supplement, so it is a is a acknowledged class of the FDA.

It is not a drug, though so yeah there’s really a class of products called dietary supplements, but then the FDA does have certain like measurements on like the meat at the grocery store right. They have. These. Certain foods get make sure that they’re safe at the grocery store yeah. That kind of goes back to what I mentioned earlier, so that the data remains that the. But if you have probiotics in there, they need to be generally recognized as safe, so grass approved.

If you will – and so obviously our strains adhere to that – and there are some other, there are some other regulations when it comes to. You know the supplement label, certain things that are written on the on the bottle needs to need to be compliant, and then the we do want to see this then, on the on the checkouts right next to like the tic tacs and all that other kind of Bug gums and the gum and all that other kind of stuff, so like what’s the distribution, when is it available yeah all that good stuff, too yeah, so it will be available in December, we are directly launching through our website.

Oh people will be able to buy at wwlp.Com from December onwards, got ta love that a 6 character domain name yeah, that’s so good yeah exactly enough to get in get the dot-com domain as well yeah and then we’ll have to keep some or alta on our On our shelf of product with all the other ones, and so we’ll pass it all off to the different people that walk in through the door. Yes, Ember, that’s quick, yeah, yeah, he’s coming down in December, and and and also to actually reiterate what patrick said it.

So it again comes back to the walk type of scenario, so there’s like few concerts of bad actors that are common across all the people that have bad breath and we have a concern of bacteria that will fight these consurtio bacteria that cause bad breath. So so it you know it will. It is efficacious for the majority of people, so it will work for most people yeah. Well I mean it. Does it takes some time to dissolve in your mouth yeah.

That’S fine! Okay! How long does it usually take to dissolve like 5-10 minutes? That’S fine! When I, when I try, you know I used to do it like every day and it took it. Took me three minutes. Maybe I have too much saliva in my mouth. You have lots of lots of saliva in your mouth, let’s show as well as we can, what seeing again, here’s our alta and then here’s what the cool nice pop it in it’s a cherry, limeade favor that you have, I guess cherry limeade great, but our our First Cheryl I mean xylitol right yep, it has, it has a little is a sugar, but our first batch has only mint flavor in it.

We don’t okay, so there’s no cherry, lemon or orange or anything. We tried these three things, but our first product, that’s launching mm-hmm. This December is just I mean flavors so, but you are what you are trying right now is cherry limeade, which 2019 at some point will be on the website. Yeah I, like the model of distribution through website. Is there also interest in the 711s and the Costco’s and whatnot of the world yeah? So so subsea like first will be selling through our website and trying to build a strong brand.

You know strong dtc brand and after that we want to go to amazon and subsequently go to all these retail pharmaceutical changes. We have quite a bit of interest right now. We will probably go that route, but not in the next few months yeah. So we have a lot of retail pharmaceutical chains that have approached us to actually to see if we would be interested in placing on their shelves. We haven’t – I mean you know we’re talking to them, but it won’t happen in the next few months.

What do we expect the a 60 capsule bottle to retail for on your website, so it cost $ 39.97, 40 bucks, 30 bucks, so like 65 cents, a tablet or something chewable tablet. Something like that cool around that: okay, but yeah. That’S like 2 bucks a day or a buck a 50 a day or whatever yeah yeah. But the thing is a lot of people who don’t have bad breath, don’t realize it, but bad breath is a serious issue.

It affects people’s social, personal and professional lives. You know, like you, only know it if you experience it, you know it causes severe self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Yes, it has a strong psychological effect too mm-hmm. I think what I looted too early is also pointed that is important to understand that this is not a mint or a mouthwash, or something that temporarily masks your bad breath yep.

So this is really going to the source of the problem and trying to naturally shift your oral microbiome towards a healthy state. So that also means, if you know, for a day, don’t take it. You don’t see a difference and you still have good breath because the microbes live in your mouth. They actively cover all surfaces and prevent the bad bacteria to adhere and busy start growing again, and this effect you know, depends on the person might last several days.

Two weeks, so it is it’s a very different concept than just buying a box of toys or something yes. Yes, no one else is going at the source of the bad breath with a chewable tablet. Is that right? No one else is doing that. Yeah, that’s exactly right. I thought this was great. I just tried it. I thought it was fantastic yeah. Thank you, yeah! It’S a good formulation, your job, so I think we covered a pretty good amount of what we needed to talk about something.

I guess that I thought was was interesting. To mention to you guys to ask you guys about. Is the like the further future for our alte? What does the this? You know the further further future. Look like how many is this. You know what are the other or all two products that you expect to make yeah. What’S your roadmap look like for a little more, so our you know our first product for bad breath, which isn’t right in your hands is, is launching direct-to-consumer in december, and we are working on another probiotic for gum disease which we’ll be launching in q1 of 2019 And the third one for tooth decay, which we’re launching in q2 of 2019, but what we’re also has different chewable tablets they’re having different compositions of the healthy exaggerations that is correct, but but what we are also trying to do is we’re also trying to build an Oral de AI platform, so some select customers who buy through our website, will get an option of sending their saliva samples what we do in a mailer.

So if they send us the saliva samples back, we do any sequencing of their saliva samples and send them their reports, so the advantage of for them was exactly so advantage for them to sending us a saliva samples is a custom formula. No, no there’s not custom formula yet right so they’d be down the wine, maybe so we’re doing free oral microbiome analysis for them completely free yeah, exactly Oh yep, so and we’ll do a free oral microbiome analysis for them.

But there’s some select customers that don’t bite through our website. Oh okay! So once your customer for a bit, you can get a free survival, microbiome yeah! So there’s an option like let’s say you are a customer right, you’re buying through our website and and we’ll do an option to send their saliva samples and know more about the role of microbiome. So so you are, as you do, a lot of science podcast.

You might be interested in knowing how your oral microbiome is, so they have the gut sequence exactly so so we will send you a salawa sampling kit and you can send your saliva samples to us. We sequence your saliva samples and then what we do is we send you back the reports, so you have this and this particular species of bacteria and over emergence and and the other species in less abundance and and what we, what we’ll do eventually, is you know We build a database of this samples and also the sequencing of the microbial profits of the samples, and what we want to do is eventually use this database to design new therapeutics and refine existing probiotics.

This will serve as the core of our future products. So right now we have these three things coming out from the experience of the two other co-founders, Jeff and David, but all the future products will be designed by this AI platform that we are building so and what and yeah go ahead just a few things to Add on, we also want to want to learn a little bit more about the people who would send us survival samples, because, what’s really important, is not only their microbiome and in terms of DNA sequencing results, but also what are their habits? Looking like you know, what is their oral hygiene habit, what their eating habits you know do they have? Maybe certain you know conditions that in the long run, we can correlate with a imbalance of oral microbiome bacteria so that we can relieve correlate health status and habits with microbiome data, which then really allows us to fine-tune and even develop more targeted probiotics to help.

As you, for example, earlier said, different ethnicities or you know various other sub sectors, and so that they will have much more efficacious probiotics, then maybe possibly, which is currently possible. And there is also a recent body of evidence that suggests the link between oral microbiome and systemic diseases like Alzheimer’s. You can and also preterm births cardiovascular disease, so this database will help us.

You know connect all the starts so how the oral microbiome plays a role in system and diseases as well. Yeah. Hmm now give me one more time with all of the oral microbiome that you will have all that information, then you can target to help people of different ethnicities of different compositions of different met. Bad bad oral microbiomes are even geographies because, like for example, in India, there will be probably more vegetarians versus here right, so they might need a little bit different probiotic verses, enable in United States.

Okay is there? Is there something else wait? I also realized. I can’t drink water for 30 minutes now. So what’s the reason you need it to sit set into you don’t want it to wash down. You want yeah right um, so, ideally, what we recommend as people after their regular oral hygiene routine in the morning and evening, take the tablet. Let it dissolve and then try to go sleep right away. Let basically the good bacteria rehydrate, as they are in a dormant state right now.

Let them busy rehydrate start the metabolism and one of the first things they will do Express certain proteins that allow them to adhere to the surface of the mouth and thereby starting to compete right away with the existing bad bacteria and and subsequently they will go through. Other modes of action to you know start fighting the bad bacteria and that just takes some time. So, if you would, for example, just swallow this tablet yeah, you would not get any help anyhow.

This is. This is very different from normal. Most of the time people associate probiotics with gut health, you kind of want a sue around your mouth, even like move it around from the back corners and yeah suggest, and the thing is one thing we observed consistently is the most ideal time would be to take It right before going to bed and that gives them six to eight hours to grow and colonize the mouth, and the thing is, and during that time, when you wake up in the morning, there is no longer any biofilm on the teeth and the tongue, because these Guys who are natural to the mouth are proliferating and growing in the mouth, so you wake up in the morning feeling clean.

Actually that’s a really interesting test. Two is two one. I go to bed take on wake up in the morning and just go yeah. Yes, so what you just did is actually a most people. Do this to try to test their own breath yeah and it’s actually been proven to be very inefficient, so it you just like you can’t really smell your own growth as well. So you know it’s kind of used to the you know. This is not coming out so yeah, so what you really want to do? If you really want to know about your breath on you alone, because the best test is released, you have a significant other or friends smell yeah.

They need to remember from the previous day what it smelled like right, we’re bottle it up. You can do it yourself, a few. So the best thing is you actually lick? Oh it’s a lick like yeah, I’m off your hand here, wait, maybe 20 seconds and then and then smell yeah mine doesn’t smell that good. You could come down to our lab and we’ll do the test for you. So we have something called a Halle meter which measures the volatile sulfur compounds in your breath, and we can tell you how about the threshold or how bad your breath is.

Or how good your breath is, how a mirror halli meter, how a meter which the halitosis halitosis is the is the medical world in front of all you guys at two days ago, the indie bio roast, because I was just you guys say words like this. So yeah halitosis, you know you just see the biotech people are so funny. I actually prefer a bad breath tooth decay and gum disease because it’s better to communicate that way and and people really understand a situation is a gingivitis or they don’t know what you know.

A lot of people don’t understand what it is, but how it ptosis is what again the it’s the bad breath. So it’s the it’s the medical term for by the medical term, for it how interesting halitosis yeah cuz. Sometimes it also makes you feel, like, though I know what those is and then you get the superiority, ego thing and you, if you say bad breath, you get, you know, 95 % people know what that is: Howie ptosis, 1 % of it.

I think in Spanish is called a lamento which is halitosis ala me anta and I think sound interesting. Do you guys did we cover? How is there something else that you thought was important to cover on the show? The direct-to-consumer launch is happening in this December. Please go to WWE and fire exactly and you click on shop and we will get. You will send you the product and just take one pill in the morning.

One pill in the evening and you’ll be able to see the difference in just two weeks. Go ahead and buy and try our product. Maybe we can do like a couple dollar code, maybe like a 10 % off code, something like that yeah. So we will send it to you. Maybe you can add that to your youth person, option will maybe do the code simulation fantage the name and then we’ll add that to the bio as well, cool simulation viewers will get a 10 % discount awesome, that’s cool! You might want to mention that that you can actually already buy the product as a pre purchase.

Oh yeah website right now also – and we have already a few hundred people actually on pre-order perf. So if you want to join that group, that’s good stuff. That would be great, so yeah, we’ll throw the code in it’s already ready for pre-order first batch will hopefully get to people before Christmas. That’S the plan! Definitely before Christmas awesome what a fun time this has been yeah. Do you have another yeah? Well, you bi eating.

All the nice food during Christmas or save yourself, someone get you some fresh bread using our or alte fresh bread, probiotic. Oh, this has been so enlightening. Thank you very much for building what you’re building and for teaching us about it. There’S been a lot of fun. It is if your, if your significant other, has bad breath, ask him to buy this product or alter calm or buy for him. [ Laughter, ], yeah same thing same thing for a gentleman.

If your lady has a son or daughter, if your parent has bad breath yeah, this has been a lot of fun. Thank You, Patrick. What a pleasure thanks! Everybody thanks for tuning in we would greatly appreciate it. Go check out our alte also, if you guys had a good time, give us a comment below they’ll. Let us know your thoughts about what you think about the product service go and build the future go and manifest your dreams and in the world thanks everyone for tuning in peace out

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