I get asked about it every single day. I don’t know if they just have an affinity for certain bodily fluids. Maybe we should have discussed that in the know, nut november article outside of vampires, the most famous consumption of blood, is probably the Masai tribe.

In Africa they prized the blood and milk of their cattle, as well as the cows themselves in Maasai culture. The size of your herd indicates your status in the community, so accumulating animals, instead of consuming them, is common practice. This is why milk plays a huge role in a traditional Maasai diet in some part, in almost every single meal, whether it be soured milk or butter, they aren’t complete carnivores, though.

What most people fail to mention is that the Masai also eat tubers, honey and forest plants, so by harvesting milk and blood from the animal. The Maasai tribe are able to keep their herd size larger important to their cultural beliefs, but it also makes sense in the context of famine having a steadily available. Food source of blood and milk is better for survival. Then going all-in on a beef BBQ.

We know that most tribes and groups of people did not drink blood for one reason or another. Fishermen try, for instance, or even one that hunts smaller animals. But what, if you did, hunt the larger rumen and animals, you wanted say a bison or caribou? Yes, there might be a pool of blood where you kill the animal where you cut open the animal, but even so the blood would not have been drank by everyone in the tribe.

It would also be very difficult to gather it’s not like the Maasai, where they have a controlled bleeding of the animal, and normally the animal is bleeding all over the place, as you were, hunting it or killing it plus blood coagulates very quickly, making it even more Difficult to store for later consumption right here I have some blood and this one on the left. It has like a gelatinous mass of you know the blood protein and and the plasma is on the outside it just completely separated in this one.

I added some vinegar to it and that prevented some coagulation, but, as you guys could see, there’s still this jell-o blob of blood. In the middle of the jar I had to go down to a live kill market. To get this, I had to buy the whole goat just to get the blood, and this is all of the blood from one entire goat that we controlled the bleeding of, and I don’t know how you would prevent coagulation. Maybe if you just strained out the fibrin using a mesh strainer when you kill the animal, but our indigenous ancestors didn’t have a mesh strainer.

This makes it very unrealistic to be consuming blood. The Maasai tribe did, you, know, stir it as it came out of the animal and they had clay pottery. So you know, logistically speaking, it might be possible, but definitely a rare occurrence in humans in our natural environment, and this is why blood is so hard to access. Now you have to purchase it directly from the slaughterhouse. It’s illegal to sell in most states due to regulation concerns mainly for waterborne illnesses, and it’s like an extra step in the slaughtering process.

Normally they would just kill the animal and bleed it out on the floor now, they’d have to gather the blood, maintain that it’s just not worth it for most lauder houses from a nutritional perspective. Blood is almost entirely protein, so it contains a large amount of the water-soluble B. Vitamins probably has some vitamin C when fresh is an excellent source of sodium, but not so much any other minerals.

Blood is incredibly high in iron and it has some copper as well, but no significant amount of the other elements. There’s some cholesterol and we know cholesterol – is needed for many metabolic functions, especially the absorption of vitamin d3. So, on paper I like blood for two reasons: one is that it has readily available B vitamins just milk does it has a high bioavailability, because it is a liquid high amount of amino acids, very good for methylation.

If you had a headache and drank blood or milk for that matter, it would probably be gone in minutes due to the antioxidant benefits of these foods is that blood is perfect for someone who has anemia. Obviously it has a ridiculous amount of iron, but it also has copper, which is needed to absorb iron in the body. Some people might think that blood has adrenaline, but the half-life of adrenaline is only a few minutes, and even if you did drink blood straight from an animal full of adrenaline, it doesn’t get absorbed by consumption.

Just because you’re putting something in your body doesn’t mean you digest it or absorb it. You would have to physically inject adrenaline into your veins to feel the effects. Any benefits people see from drinking blood would be from easily available B vitamins and the high iron content. Most notably the high bioavailability of the amino acids in the blood, so we could I mean we could try this, I’m not too enthusiastic about this, because this is mostly vinegar and it’s still coagulated.

It’s like Alvin. It’s a. I didn’t put that much vinegar in here. This is an organic red wine, vinegar, a pretty good taste, but you know I put like three tablespoons in here but, as I just showed you guys, there’s like a jello, a jello mass of blood in here. So I don’t know if I’d be like drinking the plasma and not having the blood, but, like you know, the Messiah would eat this like this blood mass, they would eat that, and now this doesn’t really taste that bad.

You know you could. Let me just get a piece of it like you could eat this. I mean it tastes a little bit like vinegar and then on the end. I get that really really metallic irony. Copper tastes like you can really taste that iron and the copper in this blood – and this is super fresh. You know this animal was literally slaughtered yesterday, so this blood doesn’t have that much flavor to it, but you but yeah the vinegar is really overpowering in here.

Not really much to talk about from a flavor standpoint, slightly metallic, as I said, do I see this as something that’s very hydrating? No, you would take a few sips of this and you would not want any more of this. Maybe if you were deficient in iron or anemic, you know you would start shoving this and really crave it. From a hydration perspective, I’ve tried a Massiah diet of blood and milk for a little while it’s just not enough to hydrate yourself, I still needed to drink water, mainly because you know when I drank the blood.

I just didn’t really want to drink that much of it and when I drank the milk you know your body has to process all of the other nutrients in the milk. Milk is very high in calcium, so, depending on your individual genetic capacity to tolerate milk and blood, you might need to drink water. You might not need to drink water if you’re really adept at handling lactose. If you have a very active lactase gene, you might be able to hydrate on just blood and milk, but by no means should you think it’s superior to do so.

Isn’t more natural? I wouldn’t say that you know blood or milk has any less contaminants than our modern water supply that it’s any different for you and it’s definitely more stress on the kidneys on the body to consistently process nutrients, minerals and elements. And then, if you’re, one of those people that you know don’t really have to drink that much fluid on a daily basis, that’s a whole different story and, as we went over from the nutrient perspective, it’s just iron and copper.

You know there’s no significant fat Seibel vitamin content here, although the protein B, vitamins, iron and copper are definitely, you know a welcome addition to any diet. So I guess that’s it. If you guys could please, like the article, you know getting my hands on this blood and dressing up a it’s a little bit of work here and there I spend like 12 bucks on this vampire cape and I’m getting flashbacks from my bartending days, because this is Actually, my my bartending uniform that I had in a couple places for those of you guys asking like: can we get blood on Frankie’s free-range meat, maybe in the future the more support we get from? You guys the more inclined we are to to go out and seek those things, but right now the amount of people asking for blood and how difficult it is for us to get it.

It doesn’t make sense. You know not that many people wanted the price we’d have to charge to get. It is extra nautical. So just keep that in mind guys. That being said, we do have a bunch of nutrient dense animal foods available on Frankie’s free-range meat that are a much better addition to your diet than drinking blood. From a vitamin perspective, if you guys could please subscribe, if you haven’t, I definitely hit that Bell icon and, above all, please share the article.

If you guys would like to support me further, you can also check out Frankie’s Naturals for minimal ingredients, minimally processed hygiene and cosmetic products. Thanks again for joining me guys, if you’d like to reach out to me for consultations, send me an email, Frank, a to Fano at gmail.Com. I know I said I was selling a carnivore doodoo the other day for you vegans, but unfortunately we don’t have any carnivore blood for you.

Guys, though, would make you a lot healthier. You


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KETOGENIC DIET Meal Plan – 7 DAY FULL MEAL PLAN for Beginners . 😍

What is a good diet plan? Make sure that you hit the minimum calorie requirement for most people. This is about 1200 calories per day, but it can go up or down, depending on your current weight and weight-loss goal.

Make sure that you get all the macronutrients in the micro nutrients that your body needs to function normally make sure that it is filling and does not. Leave you hungry in craving for food allows you to lose weight by creating a calorie deficit. How to plan a good diet? 1, a basis for the diet plan is the number of calories you will be allowed to eat per day and the breakdown of calorie intake calculate this first before you start writing out the diet plan to include supplements like multi vitamins, calcium, etc.

When you plan your diet, however, it is important to consult your doctor before taking these a doctor can guide you well and make sure that there is no harm in taking the supplements. 3 cut out sugar from your diet completely. An occasional treat like a dessert or a chocolate is fine. If you do not over indulge, however, carbonated drinks and juices with a lot of sugar should be eliminated from the diet.

Sugar is a very simple form of carbohydrate and one of the first things that get converted and stored in the body as fat if taken in excessive amounts. Therefore, eliminating it completely from the diet will automatically kickstart your weight loss by not adding any excess weight for include fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, grains cereals and healthy fats like nuts and foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, in your diet, as per the macronutrients that Your diet will allow you 5 plan your meals well in advance, while planning your diet.

It is prudent to make grocery shopping lists and collect recipes that you will be using. This planning will help you stick to your goals and diet without being tempted to give up and junk six include food rich in soluble fiber. It makes you feel full and satisfied and reduces your craving for junk food. Examples include green vegetables, oats, quinoa, millets lentils, etc. Seven, every meal should be a balanced one and include one source of protein, one fat and one carbohydrate.

In addition to being rich in micronutrients eight, your diet should be planned in a way such that it allows small meals every two hours. This will keep the hunger pangs away and keep the metabolism high. Besides eliminating problems like hyper, acidity and gas formation 9. It is beneficial, though, not compulsory, to have days where you would fast, with an intake of about 500 calories, mostly through vegetables.

This will help in detoxifying the digestive system and increase your metabolic rate 10 include spices such as turmeric, chillies, cinnamon, cloves, etc into your diet. The easiest way to do this would be to add them into recipes. Spices boost your metabolic rate and help in cleansing the body 11 drink plenty of water. A well-functioning, kidney and liver can give a boost to your metabolic rate and help make your diet more effective, 12 cut down on caffeine to prevent your body from being overstimulated and avoid stomach issues.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!