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Trader Joe’s Haul: Keto Friendly

So I figured you know what I got a couple of bags in. So it’s a perfect time to share with you guys right. Some of these are for my kids and then some of them is for me. I am doing the the lazy keto diet, because what I really need to so there are some items that I love to get over at Trader Joe’s so that I can stay on track of my my Kido Kido diet journey.

Alright. Here we go okay, friends, so we have actually four huge bags so right here, all these items – and I am outside because we are – we are tiling, our kitchen backsplash, so there’s a lot of stuff all over the all over the kitchen and plus it’s dark, always Dark in there, so I figured I’d. Take you guys out here really quick, let’s go stop and get started with the first bag, okay, friends. So this is the first bag from my my four bags and just to let you guys know if you’re new here I do get a lot of my staples over Trader Joe’s.

I do have my basic staples of my pantry, my freezer, my refrigerator. My spices kind of thing – and I only get that over at Trader Joe’s because I love the flavor. I love the taste and then also I love the price um, the kids love these granola bars, peanut butter and nutty chocolate Danielle can’t have nuts I’m very picky of the granola bars, because sometimes it has hidden traces of nuts in there that she could be allergic To and this one always works out for me, I got that and then I do have an apple tree and it is blossoming with a whole bunch of apples.

I cannot wait to start making apple pie, apple, fritters or Apple pockets, and my go-to pie crust is over at Trader Joe’s pie crust. This contains two of them. I like this because of the consistency, there’s been other pie, crust that I get. If I can’t make it to the Trader Joe’s – and I feel like it’s like it’s tough, it seems like it’s been there, a while kind of thing. I don’t know, I just preferred this one.

I really this is like my really go to eggs, because I am on the keto keto diet. I cannot do full keto, so I do like the lazy Kido, but I am so egged out, but I always get some eggs and this is the eggs that I get over at Trader, Joe’s the cherry lane and then speaking of eggs. So this is everything but the bagel sesame season bland. It is with sea, salt, garlic and onion, and I believe this is zero.

Carbs yep, zero carbs. So just to let you guys know with keto, you just got to read your carbs and your sugar. Everything else is, like you know, you’re good, to go as far as I know, I’m just starting out, but a quarter of a teaspoon is zero carbs, and I took this over my eggs and it just gives it that nice crunch to it there’s garlic, onion and Then that flavor to it just makes it really good and then also when I saute my spinach, my my dark greens.

I add this on to it towards the end, just to give it a little crunch, like I said, kids love their pickles cookies. So we got two of those and then the deli spicy brown, mustard and love that this one is also for me, part of the keto one gram of carbs per 1/3 cup serving. So that’s really good. This one is really nice I bought this before, but I didn’t do it to room for my keto. It just adds a bit of a flavoring to it, just something different kind of vegetables, because I’m totally truly tired of like the typical dark green.

So it just adds a bit of a variety of acardo’s. I love my avocados, but I think getting my avocados over Costco cos they’re so huge and they ripen all at the same time. So I love these over at Trader Joe’s. I believe this is like 329, but there’s six of them and they’re the teeny tiny avocados they’re perfect one serving after that. I can even share that and then slice black olives. This is for me, this is total.

Carbs is one gram per two tablespoons, so I kind of like to sprinkle this on to my salad, a little bit just slice. It up add that to my salad and and gives it a great flavor. I can’t love this. I love this Trader Joe’s untwine Organic assia puree. Is it called the SIA? I always pronounce a SIA, puree packets and there’s four of them in here. I feel like they’re like four dollars, and so so the kids love this into their smoothies.

But I also like to to have this over, like my my fruits, if I have, if I have Greek non-fat Greek yogurt I’ll, add that in there get a little bit of that packet and get like maybe a quarter, because I believe one packet is how many Carbs six grams of carbs, so it’s not bad when you’re getting just a little bit darker. Here’s the kids love to make their cats ideas. So let me go ahead and grab my other bag all right.

Okay, so I am going to my second bag. We’ve got some fancy shredded Mexican blend. This is for their class ADEA, and it’s also for me over my eggs when I’m having it for breakfast. It’s a nice texture, it’s nice and thin, so they have another cheese over Trader Joe’s. That’s kind of you know it’s a bit more thicker and this one is total carbs one gram. So what keto diet? You go through a lot of cheese, a lot of cream cheese, a lot of like fattening stuff, but yet low on carbs, okay.

So the kids love to get this have started to love this during the summer of getting the plain pizza dough ready to bake. So they have a couple of varieties of different pizza dough. So it’s nice because it allows the kids to just make their own pizza. I get some into the kitchen, my kids, my three big kids, even the little dannika she’s, almost four. She loves to do it so she’s been having fun with that, and then I got some pizza sauce to go with this, so easy peasy for them and then for their pizzas.

It’s just the cheese that I just showed you and then they like it with pepperoni. So we got some of this gourmet pepperoni to put on to their pizza, so I believe this was like two fifty two, forty nine and then this one is so cheap, a dollar a dollar ninety-nine for this ready to make pizza dough. Okay. So, for me, part of my feet: oh the other pepperoni is for myself, so I I’ve been eating a lot of meat, so I like to have these little simple, I’m like deli meat.

I bought a whole bunch of G’s over at the commissary. Then I just put our cheese fries on top of that and then I’m good to go as far as like a quick lunch or my go-to snack. I also delegate because that one needs are 1 grams of one gram of carbo for this one. So my go-to is the smoked turkey, breast and then this one is the oven roasted turkey breast. So we really like that flavor and then for the salad dressing.

So this time I chose the cilantro salad dressing. I’ve had this plenty of times. I love it. It’s total carbs is 2 grams and you can’t beat that. So I add that onto my my salads that one and then the kids love this toasted coconut pancake mix, you just add water. Sometimes I add milk for a bit more flavor. This one is 40 grams of carbo carbohydrates, so that’s just for the kids, and then I got this one, for the kids, too, is the organic low-fat yogurt.

Is that squishers squishers? I love the font, but can barely read it and for cherry for cherry +4 berry. So I never tried this before, hopefully that they like it, but just out of curiosity, I wouldn’t know what the carbs is 10 grams of carb, but it’s the sugar. I bet 8 grams of sugar, not bad for further snack. Ok, so I believe these are all mine, okay, so here’s my salad mix and, of course, I share with the kids to get this one that baby spring mix.

I believe this is just a dollar ninety-nine simple, easy: okay, friends with Kido, you eat a lot of broccoli, but I don’t like broccoli. I do like, though, is the organic baby broccoli from Trader Joe’s this one I’ll eat, but I don’t like to eat the broccoli. Flower is a flower red flower. That kind of thing. So I just think this add some of that seasoning, that I just showed you guys of the everything but the bagel seasoning really good, and then some sprinkle some olive oil in there, good god.

This is the same thing I think with this one is this: is the shishito peppers sweet peppers not sometimes not too sweet just a little bit of kick to it? Carbohydrates is 3 grams or seven peppers. You cannot beat that so then, again, I just steam. This steam put some seasoning in there. Okay for keto diet. We can have berries, we can have blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. So got this over to Joseph $ 2.

99 cream cheese. You can have cream cheese with the keto diet. This is 2 grams of fat per 3 tablespoon. I got some organic sour cream and organic sour cream is 2 grams and 2 grams of sugar 2 grams of carb per 2 tbsp. I don’t know why I’m sure he guys the carbs, but just in case you’re, doing keto along as well. I just wanted to share that with you guys, coconut creamer I have been. I have been trying to get accustomed to my new ways of drinking my coffee, which is just coffee on my Keurig, and then I put strong and then I use whipping cream.

I don’t use any sugars any sweeteners just whipping cream, so I wanted to try this one, because I know that I can have coconut and it says total carbs one gram per one tablespoon so going to check this out. Okay, Jonathan already opened this, so this is the Vietnamese coffee, flavored caramel. We like this. This is a good treat, but of course I can’t have it – I’m not even going to look at the kerbs on that one, but um Jonathan picked that out.

He loves them. So, red wine and oil vinaigrette – this is a classic Italian dressing and I get this because the girls like this but carbs all zero carbs, pretty good okay, so that is for me as well: okay, both Samak vinegar. I like this I’ve gotten this before so carbs. On this, one is six grams, and I just I use this to add a bit more flavoring onto onto my meals. You can put this into everything you put this under salads or your vegetables, or even your meat like sometimes I’m just meat out, because I have to get a lot of protein into my um into my Kido.

So I just sprinkle a little bit of this, and then it just gives it a little bit of a kick and flavor okay. This set should is just for my kids, but I wanted to show you guys. I went to the frame, so these are little cheese that I got over at my commissary, so they have the for the pepper jack, which is really nice, not too spicy, and then I got the herb and garlic jack doan. I don’t think I opened it up not yet this is the tomato and basil jack, and what I do is this.

I get my deli meat, whether it’s this one or the pepperoni, and then I just don’t get this like put it in four and then I put one or two cheese per you know for deli meat into a nice plate survey. I feel like I’m getting like a sophisticated snack, so I wanted to show you guys that, okay, now for the kids, they love pineapple juice over Trader Joe’s. I don’t know what it is. I’m always sharing this with my friends Trader Joe’s is the only one I bought the grocery store that I can find pure pineapple juice into the refrigerator.

I know they sell the doles in the little towns kind of thing with the big can but Trader Joe’s is the only one that has just plain pineapple juice. So I’m wondering how much carbs I know this has a lot of sugar. Carbs is 30. Oh, my gosh, 30 grams and sugar is 26 grams. Okay, damn definitely just for the paper on that one, so they also like these mini beef. Tacos, look at the carbs on that one Dan.

If I loves these hold the cone, I believe this is just $ 2.99, so I always get a couple of that. The girls love these Japanese style fried rice. Again, these are my go-to. These are my standards so hungry, and then this one as well imagine orange chicken is one of the number-one projects or Trader Joe’s as far as like they’re frozen food, this one they said it’s just similar to the Panda Express, and I agree with them.

I love this okay, mac and cheese. I’ve got three of this. This is the American cheese go-to for the kids, actually flavor, I’m wondering how many carbs 42 grams of carbs. I believe that okay, so this one, these two are mine. So I love to use this one, the cocoa powder unsweetened and look at the carbs three grams of carbs for one tablespoon, which is pretty a lot. What is the sugar? No sugar, but you know what, when you’re, making a dessert, especially for kiddos or what I do.

I’ve made this once I use whipping cream. What is this one turn acog zero. So this is the whipping cream from Trader Joe’s and then it is zero grams of carbs. So you do a whipping cream. You do cream cheese, you can do sprinkle it with cocoa powder and then I use like a stevia sugar, not the regular sugar. Whatever sugar, you, you choose, not sugar, but sugar alternative, and then you got yourself some nice dessert.

Sometimes I do want the the taste of the chocolate. So I get this or dark chocolate as well. All right, let’s go on to our last bag. Okay, we are down to our last bag and this one is a super super, quick one that I’m going to go through. So this section is for the kids, so Jonathan was with me: he picked out the cinnamon sugar. This is perfect if you have little ones, so I got this one for the kids, cinnamon sugar, muffin and baking mix.

I love getting these kind of box treats for the kids, because the instructions is so far super easy for the kids to follow. So I got that one. I think I bought that one before I know they like that one they can easily get it with the marinara sauce Organic and then make their own like little steady, steady pasta put some cheese on it, they’re good to go. Refried pinto beans got this for the kids as well organic.

Let me just carbs 28 grams of carbs of my goodness. I used to think like doing other diets. I used to think that, like you know, organic black beans is like really good for you and I can really overdo my beans but love 20 grams for half a cup. That’s a lot of carbs, okay, so those are for the kids, and this is for me. So I got coconut cream organic coconut cream. I think this is like two dollars over at Trader Joe’s and total carbs is one gram for two tablespoons, so I use this in a lot of ways like, for instance, like bet my veggies, if sometimes, if I’m so tired of my veggies of just sauteing with Olive oil, or or steaming, if you saute it with olive oil.

You put this towards the end. You got yourself a little creamy, creamy veggie, that’s like an Asian flair to it. So got that then. Finally, you step on my organic virgin, coconut oil. I use this for so many things. I have a article here of like what I use it for my for my like personal hygiene kind of thing. I have one upstairs into the bathroom. I have one in the pantry, so one is designated for for the other.

I use this to soften up my as far as the personal hygiene I use this to soften up my hair. I do like a hot oil treatment with it. I do it for my son lotion for my skin when the kids like have bad eczema. I know some people can’t use coconut coconut oil for eczema because they’d say they flares up. Well, that’s not how it is with my kids. It doesn’t make them flare up, so I use this as well. So it’s not always the the medicine, but then also for your for your feet.

After a shower put, some of the coconut oil onto your feet put socks over. It go to sleep and the next time. The next morning, when you wake up. Oh, my gosh, your feet is so soft and so great that you could actually like slide onto your floor literally okay, so but for the kitchen wise, I use it for everything and then I like to use the mince garlic over Trader Joe’s. What is the carbs of this total carbs? One gram easy-peasy? So don’t I don’t? I hate mincing garlic, I hate peeling garlic and then just squishing it because all the peels start coming off.

I don’t know one of my pet peeves. I guess okay, so I’m trying this really not having sugar, but when I do bake like the the one that I told you guys about with the whipping cream and the cream cheese you can put with that, you can put chocolate shavings or the cocoa powder, but You can put also like a pumpkin puree like a tablespoon or two of the pumpkin puree, with apple spice, for the fall put some of this as a sugar, alternative, whipping cream and the whipping cream and then the cream cheese.

That’s your dessert really really good. Okay, I bought this this time, which is the pack of line. This is like a dollar ninety-nine or maybe two dollars, but I like to just squeeze lime onto my water. That makes me drink a lot more water put slices of lime in there into my water. As well, but also I like to squeeze the lime onto my salad, with just olive oil or avocado oil, and I’m kind of good to go so like that and then underneath up over that and then also use it.

It’s like a marinade for my my chicken chicken tenders or anything that I I grow and then you guys know you guys know. I love my wasabi roasted. You can eat that. Oh my gosh, so this is a perfect snack. It gives you 1 gram of herbs for half the packet. We believe that so I got two of those alright, that’s it! That’s it! That’s all I got for my Trader Joe’s. I hope you guys enjoyed my Trader Joe’s.

I shared with you guys the carbs and then some of the sugar intake, just just for those that’s reading that wants to do the keto diet or are doing the keto diet, I’m going to add into the description of keto friendly as well. This is part of my family meal and then part of for myself to do this journey of taking care of my body. I hope you guys enjoyed this article. As always, I do appreciate you guys visiting a simply simple life.


Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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Keto Grocery Shopping! With NFL Free Agent Isaac Asiata

Isaac is like just so small. I feel like such a giant. Can you please please stop being such a little guy all right, so we are going to grab some grass-fed beef, so this is Isaac’s. First time shopping, fool, Quito right! So we’re going to show you guys, take you along on the journey and show you what to get on Quito, there’s like a lot of little questions that people have so.

The first thing is meat quality because, like how many, how much meat have you been eating? Already Allah, Allah, yes, I was excited, then I was like I’ve way too many rabbis yeah. So, okay, it’s like you’re eating a lot of meat right and which is good. It has like B vitamins and all these nutrients that we need, but if you’re eating sick animals like cows, that have been eating corn and candy for real, like their feet, they’re now feeding, callous candy to fatten them up and to save money.

So they’re these animals are sick and the butchers will tell you they just like they’ll, just cut it out and just like, throw it away and then, like you, eat the rest of that. You get it in your nice. Little package in the grocery still hurt enjoy that cat cancer. You know right so and then they’re they have antibiotics and all those things. I think most people know that right so when you’re eating keto and you’re eating.

So many animals like really need to prioritize healthy animals and the biggest thing is cuz like you’re eating. What kind of steak are you eating like ribeye, right yeah? So let’s subscribe right yeah, you know I’m suffering at Harvard yeah. So he’s he’s even look at stuff. He’s like his wag, you good I’m like yes, wag. You is good right, but so you’re eating fatty fatty meat and like in our bodies, we store toxins and our fat and so do animals so think about that.

If you’re eating all this fatty meat, like you, don’t want to be eating a bunch of toxins, alright, you don’t want to be eating these like sick animals like big toxin filled fat. You want, I can eat healthy one, so we’re going to grab some grass-fed beef. All right so produce so super important to get organic produce because the stuff that’s conventionally raised, there’s like two problems with it.

One is the soils are getting more and more depleted because, like it’s awesome that we can come in this grocery store and get all the food, we want all the time right. But because of that, like the demand is so high that the farmers can’t keep up with like replenishing the soil enough so like like, if you eat a conventionally raised carrot, it literally has way fewer nutrients in it. Then a carrot did like sixty years ago because the soil is depleted right, so organic farmers like make a bigger priority to replenish the soils and then you’re also not eating pesticides so like when you’re in a ketogenic state.

It’s it’s purifying and it’s cleansing. Your healing. Your body right, so you don’t want to be putting in pesticides and things that are going to inflame it when you’re trying to do something good for yourself. So organic super importance we’re going to grab some organic avocado. Let’s just take the whole bag. Well. 1314. Parelle! Yes, I made his meal plan. These things will save your life in Quito, and I really like these little small containers, because then you don’t have like the big container that, like goes Brown halfway through start accruing crazy.

So I like, I always have these in my fridge, so they have spicy ones now or like regular ones, so we’re going to definitely get some of these okay, so butter right. Everybody knows that you should eat butter on keto. So I really like vital farms butter. Its pasture-raised, these are from healthy cows right that eat the right food and live life like they’re, suppose to kind of interesting. We were I sick, and I were just talking about his daughter when she would eat like conventionally raised eggs.

Like some, you know Walmart or something like that. She would have a reaction, but they gave her some eggs from vital farms and if you follow like the vital farms, Instagram account like they’ll go live sometimes, and you can just see the chicken was just roaming around. Like how chickens are sold to be instead of being in factory buildings with crap piled on top of each other, and you know walking around on their own feces, like that’s those eggs that you’re getting at like Walmart, so it’s reality check right.

So it’s very interesting! So she wasn’t getting a reaction when she ate the healthier eggs so kind of interesting. So I love, I love passion, pasture-raised butter from vital farms and then, let’s talk about me for a second so ghee. What ghee is I’m surprised, like some people were like what I’ve never heard of that, and so deep yeah, never heard of G, so V is like taking one step further than butter, and so all the milk solids are out of it.

There’s a it’s actually non-dairy and like Ayurveda, it’s like an ancient system. It’s like the sister science to yoga right. So in Ayurveda he is like the healthiest oil. You can have and I love it and it makes your vegetables taste so freakin good. So cook your vegetables, like crazy, a GI use those every single day so have you ever had like flax? No okay, so I love using this for like mix into like a keto meal replacement or even than a cold brew coffee.

I like to do like a cup or two of this: it’s a little bit of cold brew and it’s so good and it’s it’s really low-calorie. This is look 25 calories a cup right. So it’s really nice. That way. I only have one gram of carbs and I like flax, milk, because it has omega-3 in it so like. Why not get your Omega threes for your brain health fighting inflammation, while you’re getting your you’re like he’d, open replacements? Oh, I love this stuff, alright, so hard-boiled eggs.

These are like the perfect snack on keto and they come with a little salt packet. Super easy, so forget some of these all right. So let’s talk about oils, so the best oils to get on keto, so avocado oil. All the way I like this come from primal kitchen. It’s a first press. First cold-pressed avocado oil. This is a good like multi-purpose oil, because you can cook with it. You can do anything with it.

So avvocato is great, then, like these are really cool. They have. These are super super catered to keto, so beef, tallow and pork fat and duck fat. Thank You, epic, for making these products because, like I always heard that beef tallow was good, a good fat, you know for on keto, but I’m like where you going to get me tallow. So these are great any any. Of these, like animal based. Oils are really really good and then coconut oil.

So there’s all these coconut oils. You want to go for an organic extra virgin, coconut oil right. So it’s it’s really like you get what you pay for, if it cost more, that’s a good time get it so. Mayonnaise, please please make sure that you get a mayonnaise on keto. That’s avvocato oil face if you’re not getting avocados. It’s canola oil swimming oil, which is like corrosive to your body, okay, so avocado oil based Mayo.

I love this to pull a lime, one from primal kitchen. They have a garlic aioli. I think I have every single car yeah. It’s so good, so get some avocado oil based mayo or you can make your own if you can’t find it where you live a fortune. Avocados bone broth super good for you, it’s like healing to your gut lining so, and it also has electrolytes and minerals in it so like. If you do a fast, you could even do a bone broth fast if you’re getting these minerals and also some collagen and your gut to heal your gut.

So it’s really cool so, and it also has protein in it right. So I like kettle – and fire is great – they have all these different bone broth. This one we’re like geeking out does this one has a lion’s mane, which is super cool. I also noticed that there are some new bone broths from epic, which is pretty cool they’re. In glass containers or like that, so look for grass-fed small-batch paleo friendly, like all these, like higher quality bone rough.

So I get asked all the time about protein bars on keto honestly, like I, don’t really recommend them. A lot of them have like a lot of fillers and crap in them, and I found for most people. It will kick them out of ketosis, I mean it could be just the excess protein. It could be. The like artificial sweeteners but they’re just usually not a go on keto, but there are like keto bars stuff, that’s specifically for keto now, but like this, they don’t have.

I don’t think they have them here. So, like protein bars are kind of a no on on ketosis, look for a keto specific bar. If that’s what you want, okay, so electrolytes are so important on keto you can get depleted really fast. The biggest thing is sodium, so just making sure you’re having a good quality salt, but I also like to add, like an electrolyte supplements water plus, I admit I don’t really like drinking water – that much so if I can add some flavor and make it good I’ll Drink it, and then I get my electrolytes in one.

So I like this Ultima, replenish ER is a really good one and then there’s another one on Amazon called centerplex. I really like so electrolytes protein powder. I get asked about this all the time. Make sure that if you’re going to do protein powder, one like you got to test your ketone? So if you go super-high on protein and you’re not getting into ketosis, like probably that’s the first step to like back that now, a little bit I think, he’s going to be.

Fine obviously has like a lot of muscle and a lot of like body to support right, so we are doing protein powder with him. I, like ones that are grass-fed and super clean and don’t have a bunch of fillers and crap, and this one has like four grams of net carbs per serving. So if you’re going to do protein, just make sure you’re testing your ketones to see if it’s you’re actually still seeing it ketosis, but I would say, for most people like especially women, you probably don’t even need it for Isaac and he he needs it.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!