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KETO – More New Finds at Aldi’s – Grocery Haul – Low Carb Haul

If we have a load of countertop, that means it is a grocery haul and this one from Aldi’s – and I have some new finds for you guys. So let’s go ahead and get started all right, so school is about to start back up again and my boy is going to be heading out to college very soon and I loved my bowls from Walmart so much my microwave of the walls.

Oh gosh say that three times microwavable microwavable bowls guys I love them so much. I purchased these from Aldi’s. It is a set of four guys alright. So let me get an exact rice. I’ve got my receipt right here: the plates $ 2.99 guys $ 2.99, and how cool is that for a set of four? I’m quite sure it was one microwavable Bowl, look guys! That’s a terrible microwavable Bowl microwavable Bowl from Walmart.

I think it was like almost $ 4 for one. I could be wrong because I’m old my memory escapes me quite often anyway, I got two packages. We just spent two minutes trying to say a microwavable bowl few times, yeah, let’s get with it Alma. Let’s just stick to that. What’s important, that’s the details of my haul now so I got ta get like two of those through these bowls look at deep. These bowls are guys these are nice.

This would work really good for ramen, of course, less icky doors. We don’t do ramen, but if you have kids in college that do eat ramen great Bowl for them. Alright, I got home and Matthew was warming up some tacos, and so he got into the cheese already. This is grated. Cheese yummy also picked up four heavy with the creams. These are what a dollar sixty nine each guys in half and half is a dollar sixty nine as well.

Can you believe those prices also got this pepper jack cheese, which is a dollar sixty nine picked up? These is about two dollars. This is the snacking cheese. I think this is new at my Aldi’s. Let me know if you’ve seen it at yours. This is habanero Jack. You know me if it’s spicy, I pretty much, will love it. Macros are really really good. Zero grams of carbs, it is 80 calories ingredients, not horrible there.

We go check it out, so not bad guys pick that up again from Ali’s. I think it was like two six and somewhere around there also picked up this. This is new great from David’s lunch box, so this is collapsible. You can see it would collapse inward okay. This is a for blocking systems, so one on each side and it locks. Then you have three containers neat thing about this: is I’m going to take these out? Make up anything like this? This insert King on the refrigerator, so whatever goes in this compartment guys can be chilled with this little unit.

That would be great for David’s lunch box. Then I got a cauliflower, a dollar sixty nine each picked up some pistachio nuts for Maddie cakes, and these were sick, something I believe, let me see. These were 649 apiece also picked up some oven, roasted almonds for Maddie we got their lovely pork rinds. These are always ninety-nine cents each. I picked up a package of red onions. Look at these poblano peppers.

I got three or four of them. I have some blueberries which athletes already got one babe. I need a record. It’s like mom. I need to eat all right. So we we compromise, he left sounds like a articletape. All right guys in here are my four half and half again. The half of this will go to my house. Half of it goes to my sister toss for my mom and then I got some jalapeno peppers. Look at these green, green, green avocados: these will sit out for a while until they start to turn a manageable, edible, color and then they’ll go into the fridge Raider.

Once they go in the refrigerator, their life is extended for at least a week. Maybe more, I don’t ever buy them only when there’s a screen, but this is all they had. How much would these twenty nine cents apiece guys 29 cents apiece for this lovely avocado love that bell peppers? Here’s some bell: peppers 99 cents for a 3-pack. How incredible is that 99 cents per 3-pack? Here’s another new item that was at my Aldi’s, come and grab it.

This is some flexible, cutting mats and I’d like these because they had this little grip on there. Now, it’s not a great you know gripping system. However, maybe when I get it wet, it might work really. Well, I don’t know we’ll see, but my old ones have seen better days. I thought it was time to go ahead and get rid of them get some new stuff. Then I have some mushrooms. These were a dollar twenty, nine, each chicken add a dollar twenty nine each guys.

If you have an Aldi’s in your town, why haven’t you gone there? They had ground beef today, typically two, twenty nine, a pound on sale manager, special dollar at ninety nine didn’t get any because I just went on a splurge of the Angus beef that Randall’s had on sale. So I had ten of that. Lastly, guys here is the other new find that I had. I believe this was for 49 a package. Let me confirm yeah for 49 a package, and these are from Appleton farms check it out.

We haven’t had these before now it’s a bit of a splurge, because it’s only how much it’s only six ounces of protein, so it is extremely ass purged for us, but you know what right now Davis had a hard time putting weight back on. I swear he’s tiny he’s like 180 most days, but he does get hungry at night for snack, and so I wanted to make sure I had something that was good for him, but he could just lay down and eat, maybe grab a little cream, cheese, roll them And be done with it, so that’s! What I might actually do with some of this is is on meal.

Prep just grab these roll, some roll, some cream cheese in it and be good to go here – are the macros on it guys it gives, as well as all the ingredients for each of them. So not a bad deal guys actually pretty good. This would be considered lazy, keto form a quick, keto, easy keto, everyday keto, keeping it real keto guys. Sometimes it’s just what you kind of got ta do make things easy for your lifestyle, so everybody that it um.

There’s not a really going to be a whole lot of meal prep for this, because this is kind of just house necessities. So there we go guys here with me. The recent finds that you found at your Aldi’s that you love that. Maybe I need to pick up alright, Oh guys, show you my Brussels sprouts. Oh, I love these. I shared with you on a previous article, but just as a friendly reminder to my new subs and those of you that are new.

Thank you very much for joining us, so what I typically do each week is. I share with you where I am on my exercise journey. I share with you where I am in my struggle with menopause, which is driving me crazy, but then after I grocery shop. I share with you my haul, then I do a little bit of mill prep from the mill prep. I will make a what’s for dinner type article and expand on the meal. Preparation in case I’m just like cooking the meat initially and then actually creating a meal from it.

So that’s kind of what I try to do each week, giving you different ideas on your keto could look like. I also share with you recipes for my air fryer, which I love there’s my baby right there and she really is a baby guy. So if she started eating the washer guys, I love my air fryer. It’s a teeny, tiny one. I need to invest in a bigger one, so if you have an air fryer and that you love it, what brand share with me, this is a Farber where share with me the size of yours and how much you love it, and your favorite thing to cook In the airfryer other thing is my instant pot and then, of course, my crock pot, so there you go guys that wraps it up for today have a blessed day talk to you soon, bye, bye.

Thank you so much allowing me to spend time with you. If you haven’t already done so, please hit the like button subscribe to my blog and hit that notification button. So you’ll know each time I post a new article. Alright guys have a great day bye, bye, Joyce Wednesday. It’s a need! Oh now, here’s my wife, the teachers pedo for fried pork, fried Martha hydrastar, brighter wah-wah-wah

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It’s going to be partially a haul and then also my first trip to the new Wegmans in Brooklyn New York, which is amazing. The food is so fresh and delicious. So I wanted to share some of my favorites, some of the things that have become staples and just keep you guys a look inside in case there’s a weapons need you.

I got the items from the hall, mainly from Amazon fresh, it’s really convenient cuz. They deliver and a lot of these items are hard for me to find anywhere else, plus the pre brand beef, the grass-fed beef is also grass finish, and it’s one of the most inexpensive ones that I’ve found anywhere and then, of course, I had to go ahead And pick up some eggs because I go through them like crazy eggs are definitely a staple in my keto diet.

I put them in almost everything. You can’t go wrong. I also grab some chicken thighs and wings and donuts to make for meal duck and then got a whole word. Street chicken for grab-and-go eats weak and easy no fuss. I only realize how much I like, sardines and Marco for that matter once on keto, so they have great omega-3 fats and it’s so easy to whip up like a little salad. You know, like you, do, tuna salad, but it’s a nice twist, so I had to grab some of those.

I also got some boneless pork chops just for a little bit of variety. They are higher in protein, but zero carb and 9 grams of fat. So you can make it working in that gross. Remember from my last meal prep article that I love the chicken and maple sausage by applicate Barnes, and I wanted to try them on with sage this time. It did not disappoint. Another recent favorite is the mission brands carb balanced soft tortilla is great to use for BLTs or any kind of Tito’s sandwich wraps and then, of course, had to grab a few avocado because I eat so many of them throughout the week.

I also picked up some of my favorite kilo friendly veggies, like hug flower, Brussels sprouts asparagus cucumber tomato. These I’ve really been enjoying the natural heaven noodles, their only ingredient is hearts of palm, and so I grabbed some of the Rao’s for me tomato sauce into some spaghetti, meatballs and sauce. That sauce is amazing. The noodles are amazing. I highly recommend both and then grab some butter lettuce, because it’s just one of my favorites, along with romaine.

I recently found this Asiago style dressing by three honest homestyle, Caesar Asiago. It is so fantastic. I would highly recommend it love it. I’m also a big fan of the primal kitchen dressing, so I decided to grab some ranch. I was almost out of my friends, red-hot buffalo sauce and I’m definitely planning to meet some buffalo style wings with the wings and drumlin said I’ve got so. I picked up some of that too.

There are very few my halls that don’t include bubbies pickles, because they’re my favorite they’re delicious. I was super curious about how nachos would come out with mission bar balanced wraps. So I grabbed some of the Rotel and Velveeta to make a queso, hey, Sookie, mark great still working on the tortillas comment below and let me know if you’d like to see a keto natural tutorial and I’ll get that out soon.

I’ve been in love with lumi cheese, since I ever tried it it’s a crime, cheese and so delicious. It gets a little bit crispy on the outside and it’s creamy on the inside. I did see it at Wegmans for less than whole foods, so just keep an eye out. I also picked up some fresh mozzarella and Swiss cheese to round out the cheese selection. I can never have enough cheese. Okay, now onto Wegmans, they just opened a brand new supermarket on flushing Ave in Brooklyn down by the dark yards, and this supermarket is amazing.

The people that are so friendly everybody is willing to help all the food looks so fresh. A lot of the prices are great. Some things are pricier than others. You just got to know. You know what to get here or maybe what to get at Trader Joe’s or what to get at Whole Foods and figure that out. But they’ve got some amazing keto friendly options similar to Whole Foods. Wegmans has a really nice little coffee station and then a lot of other pre-made food stations.

Different styles of oats to choose from I found that some of the meats were pretty much on par with the prices at Whole Foods. I think the difference with Wegmans is that you can end up getting organic Wegmans bran for about the same price as conventional foods at hopefulness. They also had a wide variety of cooking and dressing oils, one of which I tried is their wedding ins, basting oil, that I put on wings really good worth trying.

I also notice that, in addition to swerve, which you can find at Whole, Foods weddings has the lock on so sweetener, which is also really good, plus their coconut flour is like 399, which is a great price. Now, don’t get me wrong? Tara clothes still my favorite, but just so you know, weapons does have their own grass-fed butter, and I also found this amazing Amish style butter. I also figured it was just worth mentioning, especially for those people are doing meatless keto, that Wegmans does carry the impossible ground.

Beef they have the beyond beef and they also have to be on sausage, okay, everyone. I hope you guys found this article helpful comment below whether you find the best prices at Whole Foods, Wegmans or Trader, Joe’s or somewhere else, and also comment to. Let me know if you guys would like to see more keto food hulls just like this one until the next one be well bye.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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Keto Grocery Haul and Food Prep 5/13/19

It’s Laurie and I have an Aldi haul for you today this week I go back to work starting Wednesday, so I picked up a few things for that and some convenience food. So I’m just kind of feeling blah today and decided. I wanted some easy cooking. I spent $ 45, but five of it isn’t for me, so I will show you some right on budget. Yes, I picked up a three pack of lip gloss: lipstick lip balm for a dollar ninety-nine, and this is going to be for my trip and one for me, one for my two cousins and then I got the kids, some Australian licorice all-natural non-gmo, no high fructose Corn syrup for the car ride, I got my sweet nerve like I always do.

I got some slice cheese. I picked up a three pack of these now this is 1199, but there are 27 pieces of cheese and meat. It’s really not a bad deal and I’m going to cut these and separate them, so I don’t have to open them all at one time and then eat them. You know for my part-time job. I can take them for breakfast with some hard-boiled eggs and some guacamole. So here’s a 6 mini cup: this is the clean one.

They do have two different ones at Aldi. This one here is just avvocato and Benj. So that’s the ideal one. If you’re trying to stay clean, there’s, not any preservative, sugars, searches. I got some butter. I purchased purchased, purchased three cream one for work, two for home, some coffee which is upside down, but I can’t reach it and that’s okay to take to work some pork rinds, three dozen eggs I’ll boil up a dozen have two to cook with the blackberries were $ 0.

99, so I grabbed two pints. I probably should have got more and I may go back for more later. Um we’re going to freeze them and I’ll show you how I freeze my fruit strawberries, which I’m going to clean and prep and eat this week, and then I’m trying my bow down my me get this out of the way cold-brew to try some tea. I had in my cap toner no in my cabinet, this mango tea. I picked up in the Caribbean and I’m cold brewing it just some cold water.

The tea leaves and I’ll put it in the fridge overnight, and this is mango team and it would just make iced tea, I’m going to try and see what it tastes like. Alright, so that’s it for my haul, like I said it was about 45 dollars, but the licorice was to 79 and the chapstick was two dollars, so I’m really under budget or on budget. This week I have plenty of meat in the freezer and yeah. I just was really hungry for some fruit and some easy just grab and go foods, so I will have you come along with me while I prep between today and tomorrow, be right back we’re prepping.

I have my containers for the strawberries. My blackberries right now are rinsing or they’ve been rinsed they’re draining in the sink and, as you can see here, I have separated I’m going to separate these cheese and meat containers into three. I don’t want to open them all, because there’s no way I’ll be able to eat them all before I go bad necessarily, but so yeah they don’t open. They don’t separate.

So I’ve got one there and then I’ll go down this one here, which is not always easy with these, it’s brace on, but I’m sore today, so I’m kinda going to leave it on for a while. So there we go now in my little fridge container caddy. I’ve got my three meats and cheese and then my guacamole, and then what I’ll do is boil some eggs and take like a harp of egg couple pieces of meat and cheese that won’t fit a couple pieces of meat in cheese and a guacamole for breakfast or Work when they start back so I’ll, just open these one at a time, so this is going to go in a branch on my shelf that I put my leg snappy work fit now.

I want to boil some eggs, but not right this. Second, I bought my eggs three dozen halftime, so these definitely need to be utilized for sure, and then I take these out of the fridge and there’s a couple reasons one I like the aesthetic so what it looks like, but these are terrible and I cannot tell You how many times I have spilled eggs onto my floor and they’ve broken, because when I went to grab this container it fell in hands.

These eggs are like 88 cents a dozen and I eat a fair amount of hard-boiled eggs put away. So that’s my my whole egg trap and now just put these in the fridge until I’m ready to boil my dozen, but that works perfectly. My blackberry containers goes in the trash we don’t recycle here, which I wish we did, but I’m going to contact some friends and see if they have chickens if they need egg crates. So what do I do to freeze my fruit or very specifically, ryntsyn’? I don’t even not here to dry for a little bit longer they’re, still a little moist, and I it’s just like a flash.

I say flash freeze, it doesn’t go any faster than a regular freeze, but if you freeze them individually, you can then bag them, and when you want just a small handful, you can just reach in the bag and they’re, not one solid clump of fruit. I do this with lots of stuff for my freezer, but I love blackberries. Oh, I wonder 99 cents a pound or a pie. That is when it’s time to purchase them so I’ll, let them air dry a little longer and then that one, my freezer, put my cheese away and then the first thing I’m going to do is rinse my strawberries, real, quick and then we’re going to cut them Up so I have them in the fridge prepared because again and the strawberries, where think of dollar 49, which I think is fair in a very reasonable price.

Now you can do the same thing with the strawberries, then we’re doing with the blackberries and the reason I’m not leaving it all out is there’s no way I can eat all of this before they go bad because of the carbohydrates in them. This little containers help this keeps them from sitting down in their own juices and kind of rotting early, and they got these at the Dollar Tree in the early spring. I have not seen them since, but they come back fairly regularly.

I think during their deal days or something oh, my gosh shell bug mmm so tonight I have to go to work at my part-time job. So what I’ll do is take some meats and cheese. Some berries, probably strawberries since they’re out and that’ll, be my dinner and then I’m not tempted to buy something that I really shouldn’t have I mean I can literally have anything. I want it’s not good for me. I don’t feel well, and I won’t I’ll – just fall right off the wagon, so we won’t be having any of that.

I stay on plan spam, all right I’ll, be back when I cook something else all right. We’re back to some more food trap today for the next few days turn the oven on get that warmed up. These are my blackberries, as you can see: they’re frozen solid, but they’re not stuck together, which is what I want. That’s why I freeze them on a tray and put them back in my trees, er and then, when I want them I’ll take out.

You know probably my pack, my lunch five or six blackberries would be a serving put them in the fall before I get to my lunch time and if not I’ll just sit them on my desk, but those batteries that’s $ 2 worth. I think. That’s a great deal, one went flying, I don’t know where it went. I don’t you, but I have decided I’m going to make some cheesy bread for lunch and then I took out my chicken wings for dinner, so I grabbed another freezer.

I really this worked out. Well, timing, wise for me I have two pizza crusts left and I go back to work in two days. So really I feel, like I get a good job planning ahead. I suppose yeah, what I’m going to do. This is frozen, but I got the oven. Warming up to 350, I’m going to put some olive oil down and some cheese and bake it with some garlic powder on top as well, and just make some cheesy garlic, bread and then I’ll dip it in pizza sauce just something different.

But I wanted some olive oil on it and salt and pepper. So there’s that, and I just used one of these, like rubber silicones, babe basters, there we go at that time. I have to go get some garlic out of the cabinet, but first put my cheese in the oven, hasn’t warmed up yeah, which is fine. I mean, obviously I can make pizza, but I just felt like something a little different and then a little parmesan.

Then I want to bake it and I will be back and I’ll show you what it looks like when it comes out of the oven, all righty my breadsticks are out. I put a little garlic and herb on top I’m not pushing with my left arm. I’m just holding the knife, so it doesn’t go flying and I have let it cool Pam. These look like my little plate and it’s just cheesy bread, I’m going to dip it in some marinara mmm delicious, and that is lunch today and then later I’ll have to fall out.

My chicken wings, I’m going to cook those up and today is Sunday and you’ll, see this on Monday. All right, everybody I’ll bring you back. If I make something else, okay, guys. I know it’s not a cooking article, but I’m going to end the blog today with the back, I’m going to show you what I do for my eczema tub, because I am breaking out. I use some Epsom salt and I use a fair amount of this. Like a half a bag which is about a cup, actually my it’s bad today, we’re going to use it all so he’s one little bag of Epsom salt and then I have a vemos skin relief, moisture back, that’s going in here and that helps moisturize the Epsom Salt helps with the dry skin and then I’m going to use a hibiscus, pink clay mom, which I have to open.

It’s in plastic and plastic all right. What I like about these is they’re clear, so there’s no dye in them, so we’ll throw it in. This is my downstairs bathroom like my guest bath, but it is a deep tub. So that’s it! I’m getting my tub rate, I’m going to soak and you have a great week talk deal here. Bye,

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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KETO – Walmart Grocery Haul – Low Carb Haul

I’ve got my haul to share with you now guys. This is kind of a car be haul. In regards to. I have lots of fruits and vegetables, but that’s alright guys. It’s all in moderation right so today is Tuesday. The 12th 12 days of my challenge and I’ve not failed yet notice. I said yet anyway, yeah sixteen thousand four hundred and twenty two steps.

I did seven point two one miles on the trail, so that was very exciting and now then I went grocery shopping, and Here I am now putting away the groceries want to share what I got with you. Alright, and some just some of this is for meal. Prep, some of this is Matthews my college boy who’s home for the summer, and so let’s go through it. Alright guys I got some spinach baby spinach. This is for a recipe that should be posted, probably tomorrow.

I also had I also picked this up. It is quick, so lemon pepper chicken for Matthew, I’m not a big fan either traditional. I don’t really care very much for Lynde pepper in general. I then I got some Tomatoes. I got some more Lipper’s that I have this wonderful packages of strawberries. Yes, I’m going to use those today, but very limited quantities, guys berries you can use just make sure you’ve got it in your macros, make sure you have a space for to do macros.

That’s all I’ve got to say alright, and this is going to be very minimal. Alright it just. I saw a recipe that I was like. Oh my gosh. I need to do this, I’m going to kind of OWL my eyes it, but that’s alright, it’ll be great. It’ll be wonderful for keto and then I picked up my drinks, guys yep panel by the sweet. I don’t buy. The diet go pick anymore. I only buy my love. Sweet’ n go PT yeah, so I have two small bottles to the large bottles.

All of my drinks that I have today should last for the next two or three weeks. All right, then I picked up some Swiss cheese. It was quick sale for sale by the 21st. I believe yeah sale about 21st, some Swiss cheese, two packages of those. For me, David and Matthew, tripe guys if you’re Hispanic like me, you know what tripe is used for. I am NOT making menudo, which is typical, I’m going to try something else with it.

Then I got some bay leaves guys. Tell me, and let me know, have you ever tried menudo, do you like it? Do you like the one with hominy? Do you like someone with that comedy put in the comments? I love menudo love, it love, it love it and not just after a hangover guys. It’s just good in general, alright, so pepperoni minis, then Matthew is on a wing. Kick I shared to see all the wings that I purchased.

This is new one food-wise, your wing sauce. I won’t use this as shooting for him and then this one right – and this is the Franks wing sauce, two packages of sour cream, some Creole seasoning, some sliced, olives, black, olives, garlic, garlic, garlic, oh my gosh driving home, my entire car. It smell like garlic. Some feta cheese for the recipe I’m making some lettuce, I’m holy waka moly, it’s just for grab-and-go.

I keep us avocados. I still have avocados in my fridge from my last haul. At Aldi’s, that’s been one over week and a half guys and they’re still delicious they’re divine. I also got these spicy pickles great value brand. They used to make them by Clausen and they were delicious. They were in the chill section. They don’t have them anymore. I don’t know what happened, but I’m on the pill. Okay, guys on a big pickle, kick guys a little miniature rolling pin.

I had using shampoo guys. I know this is old-school. I use the fancy schmancy stuff, but I’m telling you for being on the trail. Ah, this stuff works the best on the trail. If I don’t, if I have to run an errand afterwards and I’m hot, this will not make my hair all Mady. Looking so yeah, I like it, I like white rain and it’s cheap too, and then I needed some wax paper. I got some berries. I got these microwave-safe plate because mr.

Matthew, oh he’s a handful, I forgot what was like having the 1920 rolled on. Actually he’ll. Be twenty-one twenty year old in the house, latter guard for the microwave again for my lovely son, some cilantro, two red onions, some poblano peppers. Look at these. These are safe drinks if you are doing the challenge right now. This is the vitamin water Lucroy bubbly, and this is the cherry, bubbly and, of course, good old h2o guys and that wraps up my haul.

What are we going to make guys what we’re going to make you’re saying Elma, there’s no protein. I know guys cuz my freezers full of protein, so I’ve already got my bacon cooked and I’ve got the meat that I had prepared. So you’ll see recipes from those coming over the next couple days and then I have all the bacon that I’ve been buying and by the way that bacon is now like. 958. Oh, my gosh crazy good for 48 ounces, three pounds there’s these guys.

I don’t know what this is. It was on clearance and I thought the way that Matthew can down food that they might be good for him David. They could use it with their pork rinds. It says man dip and this one is hella: Pena, pepper, flavored, zesty, pepper macros were pretty good. It was less than one gram of carbs. I believe, let’s see Sugar’s less than one total carb one and same thing for the next one which is buffalo chicken, and so I you know I thought hey.

Why not, let’s give it a try and yeah all right guys. That’s it have a blessed day and stay tuned, we’re going to be making some meals. I know you’re like Elma, that’s not a lot of stuff. How are you making meals? Trust me just wait have a blessed day bye-bye. Thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with you if you haven’t already done so, please hit the like button subscribe to my blog and hit that notification button.

So you’ll know each time I post a new article. Alright guys have a great day, bye, bye, Joyce Wednesday. It’s a need of now. Here’s my wife, the D just Ito for fried pork, rinds rah-rah-rah, our buyers, Barbara Wawa, waaahh,

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!