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How To Meal Prep On The Keto Diet?

If you ever wanted to get organized with prepping meals on the ketogenic diet, then you are in the right place. You are going to be pretty excited about what we are going to discuss and that is the organization organizing yourself. Your kitchen and grocery list will allow you to become more efficient in prepping them all. Step 1 get the right kitchen equipment. Many people are new to the keto diet and looking for an easy, prepping solution doesn’t realize that an ill equipped kitchen can lead to disaster and stop you from deciding what you want to eat.

You will find the following equipment will serve you well for years to come, one-pass putting some money on this is highly recommended. If you will be cooking most of your meals in it, they are a safer option and easier to clean than most standard skillets to night steps. There is no going on hand and Dan like set when you can get a high quality. Chef’s knife for Amazon’s make sure if you are a student and a well branded, we’ll be a great addition to the arsenal of kitchen equipment for slow cooker busy with your life.

You can create a nice set and forget meals by throwing everything into one. What and enjoying it later, it is also great for making broth five food containers being on the go, can be stressful, so make sure to buy instant that you can store food in as in portions step to that think that a dash of coconut oil and a Slab of Romney will be enough to keep you going, but have you thought about how long grab condiments, such as the mixture of spices, sputter, baking powder, Cheetos, sweeteners, coconut flour, olive oil, as these will make you whole eating it serious much more pleasurable, step 3 decide On what you are going to eat, the last and final step is looking at what you are going to eat and those haven’t got a clue.

To be honest, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of meal plans and recipes that you can find over the internet for free. Once you have your list of what you are going to eat. It is time to make a shopping list, take the shopping list and split it into categories, so you are grabbing all the foods you first, if you want to stay away from processed food which is man-made and stick to the wholesome food and there you have it A quick 3-step system for conquering meal prep on the ketogenic diet, and now you know what to do.

It is time to go out and do some shopping if you’re serious about the keto diet make sure to check out this site right there. This site is helping thousands of people that their custom keto lands, and you can check it out instantly by clicking the link. In my article description below

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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Keto Grocery Shopping! With NFL Free Agent Isaac Asiata

Isaac is like just so small. I feel like such a giant. Can you please please stop being such a little guy all right, so we are going to grab some grass-fed beef, so this is Isaac’s. First time shopping, fool, Quito right! So we’re going to show you guys, take you along on the journey and show you what to get on Quito, there’s like a lot of little questions that people have so.

The first thing is meat quality because, like how many, how much meat have you been eating? Already Allah, Allah, yes, I was excited, then I was like I’ve way too many rabbis yeah. So, okay, it’s like you’re eating a lot of meat right and which is good. It has like B vitamins and all these nutrients that we need, but if you’re eating sick animals like cows, that have been eating corn and candy for real, like their feet, they’re now feeding, callous candy to fatten them up and to save money.

So they’re these animals are sick and the butchers will tell you they just like they’ll, just cut it out and just like, throw it away and then, like you, eat the rest of that. You get it in your nice. Little package in the grocery still hurt enjoy that cat cancer. You know right so and then they’re they have antibiotics and all those things. I think most people know that right so when you’re eating keto and you’re eating.

So many animals like really need to prioritize healthy animals and the biggest thing is cuz like you’re eating. What kind of steak are you eating like ribeye, right yeah? So let’s subscribe right yeah, you know I’m suffering at Harvard yeah. So he’s he’s even look at stuff. He’s like his wag, you good I’m like yes, wag. You is good right, but so you’re eating fatty fatty meat and like in our bodies, we store toxins and our fat and so do animals so think about that.

If you’re eating all this fatty meat, like you, don’t want to be eating a bunch of toxins, alright, you don’t want to be eating these like sick animals like big toxin filled fat. You want, I can eat healthy one, so we’re going to grab some grass-fed beef. All right so produce so super important to get organic produce because the stuff that’s conventionally raised, there’s like two problems with it.

One is the soils are getting more and more depleted because, like it’s awesome that we can come in this grocery store and get all the food, we want all the time right. But because of that, like the demand is so high that the farmers can’t keep up with like replenishing the soil enough so like like, if you eat a conventionally raised carrot, it literally has way fewer nutrients in it. Then a carrot did like sixty years ago because the soil is depleted right, so organic farmers like make a bigger priority to replenish the soils and then you’re also not eating pesticides so like when you’re in a ketogenic state.

It’s it’s purifying and it’s cleansing. Your healing. Your body right, so you don’t want to be putting in pesticides and things that are going to inflame it when you’re trying to do something good for yourself. So organic super importance we’re going to grab some organic avocado. Let’s just take the whole bag. Well. 1314. Parelle! Yes, I made his meal plan. These things will save your life in Quito, and I really like these little small containers, because then you don’t have like the big container that, like goes Brown halfway through start accruing crazy.

So I like, I always have these in my fridge, so they have spicy ones now or like regular ones, so we’re going to definitely get some of these okay, so butter right. Everybody knows that you should eat butter on keto. So I really like vital farms butter. Its pasture-raised, these are from healthy cows right that eat the right food and live life like they’re, suppose to kind of interesting. We were I sick, and I were just talking about his daughter when she would eat like conventionally raised eggs.

Like some, you know Walmart or something like that. She would have a reaction, but they gave her some eggs from vital farms and if you follow like the vital farms, Instagram account like they’ll go live sometimes, and you can just see the chicken was just roaming around. Like how chickens are sold to be instead of being in factory buildings with crap piled on top of each other, and you know walking around on their own feces, like that’s those eggs that you’re getting at like Walmart, so it’s reality check right.

So it’s very interesting! So she wasn’t getting a reaction when she ate the healthier eggs so kind of interesting. So I love, I love passion, pasture-raised butter from vital farms and then, let’s talk about me for a second so ghee. What ghee is I’m surprised, like some people were like what I’ve never heard of that, and so deep yeah, never heard of G, so V is like taking one step further than butter, and so all the milk solids are out of it.

There’s a it’s actually non-dairy and like Ayurveda, it’s like an ancient system. It’s like the sister science to yoga right. So in Ayurveda he is like the healthiest oil. You can have and I love it and it makes your vegetables taste so freakin good. So cook your vegetables, like crazy, a GI use those every single day so have you ever had like flax? No okay, so I love using this for like mix into like a keto meal replacement or even than a cold brew coffee.

I like to do like a cup or two of this: it’s a little bit of cold brew and it’s so good and it’s it’s really low-calorie. This is look 25 calories a cup right. So it’s really nice. That way. I only have one gram of carbs and I like flax, milk, because it has omega-3 in it so like. Why not get your Omega threes for your brain health fighting inflammation, while you’re getting your you’re like he’d, open replacements? Oh, I love this stuff, alright, so hard-boiled eggs.

These are like the perfect snack on keto and they come with a little salt packet. Super easy, so forget some of these all right. So let’s talk about oils, so the best oils to get on keto, so avocado oil. All the way I like this come from primal kitchen. It’s a first press. First cold-pressed avocado oil. This is a good like multi-purpose oil, because you can cook with it. You can do anything with it.

So avvocato is great, then, like these are really cool. They have. These are super super catered to keto, so beef, tallow and pork fat and duck fat. Thank You, epic, for making these products because, like I always heard that beef tallow was good, a good fat, you know for on keto, but I’m like where you going to get me tallow. So these are great any any. Of these, like animal based. Oils are really really good and then coconut oil.

So there’s all these coconut oils. You want to go for an organic extra virgin, coconut oil right. So it’s it’s really like you get what you pay for, if it cost more, that’s a good time get it so. Mayonnaise, please please make sure that you get a mayonnaise on keto. That’s avvocato oil face if you’re not getting avocados. It’s canola oil swimming oil, which is like corrosive to your body, okay, so avocado oil based Mayo.

I love this to pull a lime, one from primal kitchen. They have a garlic aioli. I think I have every single car yeah. It’s so good, so get some avocado oil based mayo or you can make your own if you can’t find it where you live a fortune. Avocados bone broth super good for you, it’s like healing to your gut lining so, and it also has electrolytes and minerals in it so like. If you do a fast, you could even do a bone broth fast if you’re getting these minerals and also some collagen and your gut to heal your gut.

So it’s really cool so, and it also has protein in it right. So I like kettle – and fire is great – they have all these different bone broth. This one we’re like geeking out does this one has a lion’s mane, which is super cool. I also noticed that there are some new bone broths from epic, which is pretty cool they’re. In glass containers or like that, so look for grass-fed small-batch paleo friendly, like all these, like higher quality bone rough.

So I get asked all the time about protein bars on keto honestly, like I, don’t really recommend them. A lot of them have like a lot of fillers and crap in them, and I found for most people. It will kick them out of ketosis, I mean it could be just the excess protein. It could be. The like artificial sweeteners but they’re just usually not a go on keto, but there are like keto bars stuff, that’s specifically for keto now, but like this, they don’t have.

I don’t think they have them here. So, like protein bars are kind of a no on on ketosis, look for a keto specific bar. If that’s what you want, okay, so electrolytes are so important on keto you can get depleted really fast. The biggest thing is sodium, so just making sure you’re having a good quality salt, but I also like to add, like an electrolyte supplements water plus, I admit I don’t really like drinking water – that much so if I can add some flavor and make it good I’ll Drink it, and then I get my electrolytes in one.

So I like this Ultima, replenish ER is a really good one and then there’s another one on Amazon called centerplex. I really like so electrolytes protein powder. I get asked about this all the time. Make sure that if you’re going to do protein powder, one like you got to test your ketone? So if you go super-high on protein and you’re not getting into ketosis, like probably that’s the first step to like back that now, a little bit I think, he’s going to be.

Fine obviously has like a lot of muscle and a lot of like body to support right, so we are doing protein powder with him. I, like ones that are grass-fed and super clean and don’t have a bunch of fillers and crap, and this one has like four grams of net carbs per serving. So if you’re going to do protein, just make sure you’re testing your ketones to see if it’s you’re actually still seeing it ketosis, but I would say, for most people like especially women, you probably don’t even need it for Isaac and he he needs it.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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Keto Grocery Haul and Meal Plan for one! Bonus Cooking!!

It’s Laurie, and today I have my Kido for one grocery haul and meal plan, thought I would show you what I picked up and when I’m planning on cooking for the week. Alright, let’s get to it first we’ll go over the grocery haul and then I will show you what I bought or what I’m making. I spent about 35 dollars between Aldi and Target, and let me show ya: I got my sweetener $ 2.

99. 5. Every week, 3 creams that’s going to be part of my dinner. I got a dozen eggs, they were 88 cents, um two bricks of cheese. These were a dollar 69. They get cut up with the salami. I bought another one of these, I’m really liking. These guacamole singles and the thing for me, I’m going to spend a little more, but I have less waste making my own, which I totally could do. It doesn’t stay fresh as long and so I end up wasting money in the long run.

So these little six mini cups stay fresh in my fridge, so I grab some more of those ones. I really liked them. Pork rinds for breading from one of my meals and eat with the guacamole. I picked up some vinegar. Actually, the Dollar Tree for cleaning. I picked up some Parmesan cheese for part of my dinner. I got two radishes this week. I think I’m going to cut them up and just eat them rather than really craving like raw veg, some ibuprofen buck 99 400 tablets from my shoulder, because that’s what you do when you hurt right and a small spaghetti squash to go with my dinner as well.

Now my big deal of the week, I’m so excited actually there’s two, but one is already cut up in the freezer at Target. I got a whole smoked ham $ 11 ham, four or five dollars with a cartwheel offer. So I cut that up into three portions and that’ll be talked about here in a minute and then yesterday I picked up these cuts thin sliced chicken breast. This is vegetarian, fed no animal by-product race on other page free, no hormones, no steroids, no antibiotic.

This is some very clean chicken. I paid 71 cents for this package and I paid 71 cents for this package $ 1. 31 am a dollar nine, so less than five dollars and I’ve got about four pounds of organic chicken breast family slice. So what I’m going to make with this is some chicken parm I’m going to bread them with some ground, pork rind and add some ground up, Parmesan cheese to it and some spices and seasonings and bake it and then serve it over spaghetti squash with a little Bit of tomato sauce that I already have on hand, so that’s one of my meals for the week.

Let’s pull this out sorry, my arm is hurt today, alright, so my meal plan hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, along with sausage and egg bait, which is at the bottom, I’m going to cut up the cheese and have salami and cheese for my part-time job too. I like to take that I’m going to make cheesy rice, too cauliflower with ham chopped up in it and make like a casserole out of that and then the chicken parm with spaghetti squash.

That will be plenty for the week for breakfast lunches and dinners, and it was all plus what I have on hand for about $ 35. I’m adding on the backend of this article and a cooking that idea, which I’m not sure, I’m kind of in a rush for time today, but also I did a little test to see how sucralose, which is Splenda, affects my blood sugar and that gets added to The end of this as well, but there’s my fall for today, guys I’ll be back alrighty we’re going to do a little cooking out of my Kido living day by day book.

I love this book. I had it spiral-bound at Staples, but we’re going to make some creamy and fredo sauce to go with rice, cauliflower and some ham, but this hammock target it was five dollars for an entire huge ham that I broke up into smaller, manageable portions. I’m going to make a big serving of it and then take care of things from there. I’ve got some eggs back here boiling for breakfast this week, so we’re getting our prep on.

So let me readjust the camera and I will show you what we’re making pretty and here I’ve got 3/4 of a cup of heavy whipping cream 2 ounces. Let me bring you a little closer here: 2 ounces of cream cheese and a stick of butter, and this needs to melt you’ll. Add your kind of over low heat. You do not want it breaking, then I’m going to add garlic, salt, pepper and nutmeg, and then once all that comes to temperature, I’m going to add 5 ounces of Parmesan cheese and that’s one whole container of this.

I get at Aldi and what this will do is make basically a key, though version of an operator sauce, super clean and then the right. Now I have the cauliflower back here my rice collie to bag 12 ox bags, I believe, cooking, because I don’t want to bake this. I don’t have time today. Normally, I could put it in frozen or whatever put it in the oven, but not necessary, and so once it’s cooked able, combined with the sauce in the ham.

But this sauce has a little way to go because I do have it on low and then what I do. I have these containers from the Dollar Tree. I portion it out into. However many servings I can get depending on what I’m cooking now, you can either eat it all week for lunch, which is probably what I’ll do or part of my cook a head plan, as I make something large since I’m cooking for one portion it out, and Then stick it in my freezer and then, if I you know thinking ahead enough I’ll have plenty of options in the freezer and I can just grab what I feel like that day.

I did heat through all of my freezer cooking. When I was out on my surgery – so I don’t have a bunch of stuff in there to choose from this week, which is fine, I’ll, eat this, and then I’m going to make the chicken parms, which I’ll cook for you another day and then I have hard-boiled Eggs in the back for breakfast with some cheese, so let me get all this melting. I need this cream cheese block to melt I’ll, bring you back and show you when I add the rest of the ingredients, whoo-hoo guys.

It is time for the magic to happen in this sauce. Sorry for the metal sound. I just I have to whisk and I don’t have a plastic one. Okay, so that’s in here I’m putting a garlic calls for a teaspoon, that’s sort of a teaspoon. I mean somebody’s brought, I’m sure that’s a teaspoon. I love garlic not going to lie. That’s teaspoon of the garlic in there we need pepper, and I like lots and lots of pepper in my alfredo sauce.

That’s me ugu salts and again it needs some salt. There’s not a whole lot going on, although the hand will be salty and so will the parmesan okay done. We need some nutmeg use whatever you don’t have to put nutmeg in here. I prefer so I do, and this is a nutmeg actual nut and the microplane. You can use it what you got if you have a brown girl ready. I just happen to have this: you don’t need a whole lot, just a couple scrapes of it.

It helps with white sauce. For whatever reason I don’t know, the answer. Look at that and now the cheese and all we want is for this to melt. My cauliflower looks them, but you see what’s happening if it will take a few minutes. I’ll get a different spoon out here in a sec, takes a few minutes for all the cheese to melt into the cream. In this situation I don’t know if I would use the powdered. I guess I’ve never used the powdered.

I buy this parmesan at all these and it was a dollar ninety-nine. But again this is going to make me several meals, so that’s kind of where I save the money, because cooking for one is expensive. You know I’d the way I’m frugal is I buy what I can buy. I try not to waste food very much so so I cook what it is portions, if I can break it down. You know free some, like I did with the ham. That’s perfect, but if I can’t – or you know I just make enough – I make whether it’s in the package and then I portion it out, see eat it.

So I don’t waste right Kimmie what you doing over there. These cats are crazy. Alright, so it looks like the cheese is almost all melted in look at that now, if you like it a little thinner, you can add some stock to it. I prefer it like this, I’m adding in a ham – and this is not quite a third of that him, but again, there’s no growth measurements here, things like cheesy potatoes with hangouts, that’s what I’m kind of going for, but it’s call sour and the ham is fully Cooked now my cauliflower going here, I’m draining it in a colander and you want to really try to get as much of the water how, as you can yeah all righty and then once I have it all together.

Let me turn the stove off I’ll paste. It again salt and pepper or whatever, and this will definitely make five lunches for me, maybe more and then I just like, I said, freeze it then have it another day. So I basically make my own clean, keto frozen dinners that my friends is cheesy, cauliflower and ham. I guess that’s what I’m calling it I mean that it is delicious. I can’t take. It needs more pepper, mmm shut the front door.

That is so good, and I know for a fact that it will heat up well and it also freezes well. So if you want to make this ahead, put it in the freezer, take it out, put it in the oven, bake it up. You can put a little more Parmesan cheese on top and, if you’re not keto, some bread crumbs on top. If you are key, though some pork rinds on top, but that my friends is delish all right well, thank you. So much for reading have a good one and I will talk to you later.


Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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Keto Grocery Haul, Meal Plan and Keto Bagels!

It’s Laurie and today I’ve got my keto grocery haul for ya. Look how much I spent oh, but it’s all good target. I spent seven dollars and seventy cents wait to hear about that deal. Amazon’s 22 dollars gets to come off of here. It’s for my sweetener, this monk fruit sweetener back here, and I don’t count that as part of my regular grocery. This is part of my life. I mean, I guess it is, but I have a separate budget for my baking for keto and then at Aldi.

I spent my 37:33. I didn’t need a lot of stuff this week, so I kind of bought some special things and then some other stuff, but I’ll go over it all with you and my meal plan for the week. So 60 703 is what I spent now for seven dollars and seventy cents at Target. Look at that now, the chicken this is the Perdue. Basically everything free. I got three packages of thighs in one package of breast. All this chicken was seven dollars and 70 cents.

After coupons and then I spent 20 get five, so when I’m going to do this week, is I’m going to get ready and get my grill going? I’m going to barbecue up all this chicken I’m going to portion out my lunches pour. I may make some with this some grilled chicken, salad for dinners and then I’ll freeze whatever I don’t think I’m going to eat this week already cooked. So when I need it, I can just pull it out of the freezer to make salads or whatever.

So this week’s going to include a lot of grilled chicken and different incantations, but again I can free some and then just use it already cooked the reason that these coupons are on here. This was sell by yesterday, but it’s a sell by date, neither used by. So if I wasn’t cooking it today, I would have frozen this, but I’m cooking about here in a minute. So it’s perfectly fine when I hit these that are a $ 5 off is when I get super excited okay, then I grab some more of my guacamole I’m really into this and is very clean Quito.

This one is the home style. It’s a medium. They were out of the classic, which is mild. That’s okay, I’ll be fine. I was out of coffee flavors, so I grabbed one for work, one for home, so I got a hazelnut in the French vanilla for snacking. I just grabbed a block of cheese I’ll Cuba. Blueberries, oh, I left fresh fruit, a dollar ninety-nine. I didn’t think that was a bad deal for those I grabbed like.

I do every week my box of sweetener and I was out of mozzarella, so I grabbed mozzarella. I’m part of my meal plan for the week is I’m going to make some bagels and I’m going to record making the bagels. So I needed mozzarella, it calls for all Aussie hago, but I got Gruyere and some parmesan and cream cheese and then, with my grilled BBQ, I’m going to make twice baked cauliflower for breakfast this week, I’m making bagel sandwiches.

So I grabbed sausage I’ll make little sausage patties that are the same size as my bagels and some cheese and I’m a fry, an egg we’ll see and then because I wanted to try these. This is Polish sausage. I’m always looking for food on the go. Travel food things that are handy, that don’t need refrigeration, and these are super clean ingredients and less than one carb. Something like this, like I’m going on a trip in July, so I may, if I like it I’ll, go back and grab a couple.

More and they’ll. Be great in the car they’ll be great on the go next year, we’re getting ready to plan a trip to Ireland, and this is stuff I would bring to throw in my bag for on-the-go eating. So I want to try them if I like it and you know what all do and they have like specialty stuff, you got ta eat, you know, buy it up. These were 279, which isn’t bad. You get one two, three, four five meats.

Let’s look at the macros, they have 12 grams of and eight protein. So that’s not too bad for a snack for Aikido yeah. So we’ll try that up and I will bring you back. It’s 10:30, I got ta, go, get my grill ready and then I’m going to start cooking and I will bring you along while I prep my meals and food for the week. I know all right I’ll be right. Back, hey everybody! We’re getting ready to make the bagels it’s a two-part process, not my recipe to share, so I can’t unfortunately do that, but what I can do is let you walk through the process.

With me, I’ve got two ounces of cream cheese, softened three tablespoons of bacon fat. I need 2 ounces of parmesan, so what I’m doing here is, I have my scale set up and I just zero it out in between and then we’re going to say, okay. Well, we need 2 ounces of this more and my grill is almost ready. It warmed up fast today: okay, 2, ounces of the Parmesan cheese and then 5 ounces of this. So what I do is I hit zero again and then you can measure and this recipe is from cooking or keitel gatherings by dr.

Chrissy Sullivan. That’s the book I’m using to do this recipe and it says it will make 12 bagels, okay, whatever five ounces of the mozzarella and then for egg whites. Well, half a cup which is four. It came out to four for me in that container and then here I have three tablespoons of psyllium husk. I need three quarters of a cup of whey protein isolate quarter on the inside, then I’m going to get the mixer out beat all this together.

I won’t make you listen to that whey. Protein isolate is zero carbohydrate and it the carbs have been removed with the milk process. So that’s why you want isolate. So that’s about three quarters of a cup of that and I keep it in the container in my refrigerator, like you do so. We’ve got mozzarella, parmesan, cream, cheese, egg, whites bacon fat, and here we have whey protein psyllium husk, a teaspoon, a half of baking powder, which you know you need since there’s no flour in here baking soda.

It doesn’t have really anything to react to it on its own, so teaspoon and a half of baking powder, a half, a teaspoon of salt. You don’t want to skip the salt, especially if you’re fully keto. You need your salt quarter of a teaspoon of garlic powder. I think this is garlic salt, but I’m okay with that and then I’m going to need a half a cup of hot water. Okay, so I’m going to whip all this together and back here you won’t! You can’t really see it, but I’m cooking, my cauliflower! So yeah I’m going to get the blender out with all this up, and I will show you how I love the pans with this recipe right, everything has been mixed up, it’s pretty thick part of it is the psyllium husk absorbs um and that’s for texture.

Now. What I have here is a pastry bag and I’m going to step full of this bagel mixture. You do not have to do this. You just want to into a doughnut slash bagel, pin, which I have over here and I’ll. Show you what I’m going to do, but I would prefer to get it in here tidy and neat. We are just going to load her up with all of this batter and there’s a lot of cheese and egg which, if you don’t think about cooking keto she’s an egg.

That’s your binder! Since we don’t have the gluten in flour, so what’s fun or for those of you who have, you know, maybe gluten intolerant folks in your life. If you follow a ketogenic diet, you’re in essence gluten free you’re not going to get gluten because gluten has carbs. So if you’re eating a good, clean, carb free diet, you’re going to be gluten free too, just like the folks just a little different all right.

So what we’re going to do hope you can see what I’m doing here all right. I am just piping. My bagel mixture into this pan and I’m going to make sure everybody has some and then they’ll come back and top everybody else off. So I want to make sure I get my 12 that’s a serving now. These are going to be smaller, bagels for sure, smaller bagels, because this is a donut pan, not a bagel pan, but I’m okay with that, I’m going to make breakfast sandwiches which I’ll bring you back for.

I won’t. You know I’m going to make my sausages here shortly. You let my arm rest a little bit. It’s sore okay, so I have plenty left so we’ll just go back and do just a little bit in a couple that look less and then I’m going to bang the pan down again, I won’t make you listen to me banging that’s the other thing when you’re Cooking key, though especially baking, things don’t tend to spread like they do when you’re baking with flour.

You really, you know, like I’m, going to go back with my finger here and mush everything down and get it nice and flat. If I don’t, my bagel will be bumpy. That makes sense, I think so all right, I’m going to finish even in these off they’re going to go in the oven, I’m going to pull them out right before they’re done, but still moist and sprinkle my everything, but the bagel seasoning on the top they’re going To grow my chicken, which is already out there and it’s on and then when this is ready, I will show you how I make a bagel sandwich for breakfast.

I don’t know if I’ll do all of them. I mean I might I’m not working at my other job this week. So I have time in the evening to pack my lunch, but yeah they go guys on keto. What and clean that’s the key for me. Is it’s clean bagels, alright, we’ll be back. Okay. Guys here is everything I made for the week. I have some sausage grilled chicken, my bagels look how they turned out. I have mashed cauliflower and then I made some chicken salad and peanut butter cookies.

So that is all the things for the week. I hope you enjoy thanks for reading bye.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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KETO Meal Plan & Sams/Walmart Grocery Haul

So, on Monday we are going to have chicken thighs and cauliflower rice and I’m not sure if we’re going to have leftovers on Tuesday of that or not so what? If we don’t have leftovers, we will have loaded chicken with bluem sauce, which is in my Kido for foodies cookbook.

We will have leftovers of that and then we are going to have our Fathead dough pieces. Sorry, I’m looking at my phone. I have it in my notes: well ever Fathead, Oh Pizza, and then we will probably one night have wings from Wing Stop. So that is our short little meal plan for the week. It’s very short. I usually only plan out Monday through Friday, just because on the weekend I never know like what we’re doing, and you know if we’re going to go like girl out at my parent, and I just we kind of just like fly by the seat of our pants.

On the weekends, so I really only plan out like Monday through Friday, so that is it. I will be if we do have leftover chicken thighs, which I think we should we’ll have like. I said the cauliflower rice on Monday and then the next day, like a Caesar salad with the chicken thighs, and then we also got her out. We got radishes in our grocery haul. That you’ll see. So I think I’m going to have that as a side when we have the loaded chicken I’m going to find a recipe for like roasted radishes or something.

I remember trying radishes like when I was a kid when I lived up in Michigan. I remember my grandma making that I don’t know if I like them or not, but we’re going to give it a try, so yeah, let’s get into the grocery haul. Okay, this is everything that we got from Walmart. We got some thick-cut bacon for a recipe. I’m going to be trying radishes out this week. I think I like radishes. They used to happen when I was a kid, I believe, a lime, for I want to make cilantro lime rice a lemon for a recipe, some horseradish, no sugar, add a ketchup, Rao’s marinara.

Some sugar-free whipped heavy cream heavy whipping cream. We got the Land O’lakes this time, some cilantro Colby jack cheese, two of these splendid zeroes. This is what we put in our coffee. I got one for the house and one for my car. Whenever I go get Starbucks, I like to keep one in my purse, some oregano leaves and what is this time? Unsweetened coconut flakes for a fat bomb recipe, rice cauliflower, and then we just got some mark down meat.

We got some boneless skinless chicken thighs and then we got some flat iron steak for like tacos, or something like that. I got some unsweetened vanilla, almond milk for like a chocolate, shake recipe, and I just got these were on sale. So just got those, and then I got some of these clear American. What is this? The cherry flavored? We really like those and then back here. We just have some of the bottles.

We have orange cream white grape cherry limeade and blackberry lemonade, and that is everything that we got at Walmart this week. Okay, so we just got back from Sam’s and HomeGoods. The only two things I got at HomeGoods was this cold brew. This is what I use in the morning for my coffee, so I got two of those at HomeGoods and the rest is from Sam’s. We got this as it fit. I have liked the last three times: we’ve gone, I’ve looked at it and I haven’t picked it up, so I got this combo pack.

This time we just tried the orange, and it is very, very good, some free-range eggs, some avocados, because avocados at Walmart we’re not very good. So we just got some Sam. This Caesar salad kit, I always just buy the Caesar salad kits and then toss the croutons. This huge thing of mozzarella cheese. We use a lot of this for, like our fat head, dough, pizza and stuff, so we always get the huge five-pound bag and then just some a chicken breast, because this whole thing was 1051 and at Kroger for a little like three breasts, and they were a Lot smaller, it was like seven dollars so decided to get the chicken at Sam’s.

We also got some toilet paper, but yeah. This is everything we got for groceries this week. I do need to go back to Walmart and get some cream cheese and rosemary. I forgot the rosemary when we went to Walmart and then I thought they had cream cheese at Sam’s, but I guess they don’t or we couldn’t find it today, so I’ll have to go and get that. So that is everything that I got from walmart and Sam’s.

Let me know what your meal plan is down below for the weak link, some recipes or something that you are trying. I always love finding new recipes and if you would like don’t forget to join my Quito Club Facebook group, it will always be linked down below. Thank you guys so much for reading, and I will see you in my next article

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