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Keto Grocery Shopping! With NFL Free Agent Isaac Asiata

Isaac is like just so small. I feel like such a giant. Can you please please stop being such a little guy all right, so we are going to grab some grass-fed beef, so this is Isaac’s. First time shopping, fool, Quito right! So we’re going to show you guys, take you along on the journey and show you what to get on Quito, there’s like a lot of little questions that people have so.

The first thing is meat quality because, like how many, how much meat have you been eating? Already Allah, Allah, yes, I was excited, then I was like I’ve way too many rabbis yeah. So, okay, it’s like you’re eating a lot of meat right and which is good. It has like B vitamins and all these nutrients that we need, but if you’re eating sick animals like cows, that have been eating corn and candy for real, like their feet, they’re now feeding, callous candy to fatten them up and to save money.

So they’re these animals are sick and the butchers will tell you they just like they’ll, just cut it out and just like, throw it away and then, like you, eat the rest of that. You get it in your nice. Little package in the grocery still hurt enjoy that cat cancer. You know right so and then they’re they have antibiotics and all those things. I think most people know that right so when you’re eating keto and you’re eating.

So many animals like really need to prioritize healthy animals and the biggest thing is cuz like you’re eating. What kind of steak are you eating like ribeye, right yeah? So let’s subscribe right yeah, you know I’m suffering at Harvard yeah. So he’s he’s even look at stuff. He’s like his wag, you good I’m like yes, wag. You is good right, but so you’re eating fatty fatty meat and like in our bodies, we store toxins and our fat and so do animals so think about that.

If you’re eating all this fatty meat, like you, don’t want to be eating a bunch of toxins, alright, you don’t want to be eating these like sick animals like big toxin filled fat. You want, I can eat healthy one, so we’re going to grab some grass-fed beef. All right so produce so super important to get organic produce because the stuff that’s conventionally raised, there’s like two problems with it.

One is the soils are getting more and more depleted because, like it’s awesome that we can come in this grocery store and get all the food, we want all the time right. But because of that, like the demand is so high that the farmers can’t keep up with like replenishing the soil enough so like like, if you eat a conventionally raised carrot, it literally has way fewer nutrients in it. Then a carrot did like sixty years ago because the soil is depleted right, so organic farmers like make a bigger priority to replenish the soils and then you’re also not eating pesticides so like when you’re in a ketogenic state.

It’s it’s purifying and it’s cleansing. Your healing. Your body right, so you don’t want to be putting in pesticides and things that are going to inflame it when you’re trying to do something good for yourself. So organic super importance we’re going to grab some organic avocado. Let’s just take the whole bag. Well. 1314. Parelle! Yes, I made his meal plan. These things will save your life in Quito, and I really like these little small containers, because then you don’t have like the big container that, like goes Brown halfway through start accruing crazy.

So I like, I always have these in my fridge, so they have spicy ones now or like regular ones, so we’re going to definitely get some of these okay, so butter right. Everybody knows that you should eat butter on keto. So I really like vital farms butter. Its pasture-raised, these are from healthy cows right that eat the right food and live life like they’re, suppose to kind of interesting. We were I sick, and I were just talking about his daughter when she would eat like conventionally raised eggs.

Like some, you know Walmart or something like that. She would have a reaction, but they gave her some eggs from vital farms and if you follow like the vital farms, Instagram account like they’ll go live sometimes, and you can just see the chicken was just roaming around. Like how chickens are sold to be instead of being in factory buildings with crap piled on top of each other, and you know walking around on their own feces, like that’s those eggs that you’re getting at like Walmart, so it’s reality check right.

So it’s very interesting! So she wasn’t getting a reaction when she ate the healthier eggs so kind of interesting. So I love, I love passion, pasture-raised butter from vital farms and then, let’s talk about me for a second so ghee. What ghee is I’m surprised, like some people were like what I’ve never heard of that, and so deep yeah, never heard of G, so V is like taking one step further than butter, and so all the milk solids are out of it.

There’s a it’s actually non-dairy and like Ayurveda, it’s like an ancient system. It’s like the sister science to yoga right. So in Ayurveda he is like the healthiest oil. You can have and I love it and it makes your vegetables taste so freakin good. So cook your vegetables, like crazy, a GI use those every single day so have you ever had like flax? No okay, so I love using this for like mix into like a keto meal replacement or even than a cold brew coffee.

I like to do like a cup or two of this: it’s a little bit of cold brew and it’s so good and it’s it’s really low-calorie. This is look 25 calories a cup right. So it’s really nice. That way. I only have one gram of carbs and I like flax, milk, because it has omega-3 in it so like. Why not get your Omega threes for your brain health fighting inflammation, while you’re getting your you’re like he’d, open replacements? Oh, I love this stuff, alright, so hard-boiled eggs.

These are like the perfect snack on keto and they come with a little salt packet. Super easy, so forget some of these all right. So let’s talk about oils, so the best oils to get on keto, so avocado oil. All the way I like this come from primal kitchen. It’s a first press. First cold-pressed avocado oil. This is a good like multi-purpose oil, because you can cook with it. You can do anything with it.

So avvocato is great, then, like these are really cool. They have. These are super super catered to keto, so beef, tallow and pork fat and duck fat. Thank You, epic, for making these products because, like I always heard that beef tallow was good, a good fat, you know for on keto, but I’m like where you going to get me tallow. So these are great any any. Of these, like animal based. Oils are really really good and then coconut oil.

So there’s all these coconut oils. You want to go for an organic extra virgin, coconut oil right. So it’s it’s really like you get what you pay for, if it cost more, that’s a good time get it so. Mayonnaise, please please make sure that you get a mayonnaise on keto. That’s avvocato oil face if you’re not getting avocados. It’s canola oil swimming oil, which is like corrosive to your body, okay, so avocado oil based Mayo.

I love this to pull a lime, one from primal kitchen. They have a garlic aioli. I think I have every single car yeah. It’s so good, so get some avocado oil based mayo or you can make your own if you can’t find it where you live a fortune. Avocados bone broth super good for you, it’s like healing to your gut lining so, and it also has electrolytes and minerals in it so like. If you do a fast, you could even do a bone broth fast if you’re getting these minerals and also some collagen and your gut to heal your gut.

So it’s really cool so, and it also has protein in it right. So I like kettle – and fire is great – they have all these different bone broth. This one we’re like geeking out does this one has a lion’s mane, which is super cool. I also noticed that there are some new bone broths from epic, which is pretty cool they’re. In glass containers or like that, so look for grass-fed small-batch paleo friendly, like all these, like higher quality bone rough.

So I get asked all the time about protein bars on keto honestly, like I, don’t really recommend them. A lot of them have like a lot of fillers and crap in them, and I found for most people. It will kick them out of ketosis, I mean it could be just the excess protein. It could be. The like artificial sweeteners but they’re just usually not a go on keto, but there are like keto bars stuff, that’s specifically for keto now, but like this, they don’t have.

I don’t think they have them here. So, like protein bars are kind of a no on on ketosis, look for a keto specific bar. If that’s what you want, okay, so electrolytes are so important on keto you can get depleted really fast. The biggest thing is sodium, so just making sure you’re having a good quality salt, but I also like to add, like an electrolyte supplements water plus, I admit I don’t really like drinking water – that much so if I can add some flavor and make it good I’ll Drink it, and then I get my electrolytes in one.

So I like this Ultima, replenish ER is a really good one and then there’s another one on Amazon called centerplex. I really like so electrolytes protein powder. I get asked about this all the time. Make sure that if you’re going to do protein powder, one like you got to test your ketone? So if you go super-high on protein and you’re not getting into ketosis, like probably that’s the first step to like back that now, a little bit I think, he’s going to be.

Fine obviously has like a lot of muscle and a lot of like body to support right, so we are doing protein powder with him. I, like ones that are grass-fed and super clean and don’t have a bunch of fillers and crap, and this one has like four grams of net carbs per serving. So if you’re going to do protein, just make sure you’re testing your ketones to see if it’s you’re actually still seeing it ketosis, but I would say, for most people like especially women, you probably don’t even need it for Isaac and he he needs it.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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I bet you are ready for some regular articles again. The past three articles have all been travel vlogs I figured. I would start it out with a little bit of a grocery haul, for you guys. So, let’s hop it into the article where we hop into the groceries that I got I just kind of want to go over. How I make my grocery lists and how we typically eat my grocery list. I will mostly go off of Pinterest or just like recipes that I know I want to make or the season so right now it’s like supergluing, it’s cold outside.

It is totally fall mode here in Minnesota. So I got things for like soups and like like hot dishes, like warm things, also incorporating lots of keto style of these meals. I do like to keep pretty keto still in the fall anyways, so we like to eat pretty clean and healthy. For the most part. There are some like I do like cheat meals in here for sure, but keto paleo. That is typically how we like to eat.

We stay away from sugar and we try to stay away from gluten things like that, but let’s hopping into the food because there’s a lot of it: okay, so starting out over here, I’m going to start with our meat. I got some sausage patties for breakfast. This is always yummy to go with like eggs or sometimes Mike will make crepes for like kaya. She loves to have these with crepes. We have a pot roast here, pork chops, so the pot roast will be a meal.

Pork chops will be a meal, got chicken. Thighs almost put these in half and that’ll, be two meals, I’m and then we’ve got a pound of hamburger, and one thing we did forget was chicken breasts, which kind of sucks, because it’s make for a lot of our meals, but we’ll go back and get some We’ve got pepperoni because Kyle and I at low to snack on pepperoni, and then we’ve got bacon some pork sausage. Now, with this meat we’ll do like just roast and carrots potatoes for like a normal meal and then we’ll do pork chops with like side of veggies things like that chicken thighs same thing, we’ll do chicken thighs with like rice and a side of veggies, and then This hamburger – I got this specifically for something I’ll have to pull up my me list, for you guys I can go through all the meals but um, and then this is her breakfast and then the pork sausage will be for a soup, making a keto style Tuscan Soup, which is really good so you’ve got whole carrots back here, which will go with the rose to mitosis and with a few other things they are higher in carbohydrates.

But what I like to do is because give me more of that, like potato, a starchy type of like feel taste, I guess you could say with my roast and then I can still do like a keto gravy and keep my carbs down now. This is more like a lazy keto, because when I’m pure keto, I won’t carrots or anything like that. But and then we’ve got a spaghetti squash because spaghetti squash, spaghetti or a spaghetti squash alfredo is really good jalapenos because we love to do jalapeno poppers.

So with fees to cut these in half and then I will fill it with something like this, usually I do like a normal cream cheese, but I found this jalapeno and cheddar cream cheese which looked super good, and that is, you know friendly. We try to stay lower on our dairy, but cream cheese is a yummy add-in once in a while, we’ve got avocados and then we’ve got some salad, some spring mix. Underneath here we really like to have Cobb salads.

My favorite salad. Lately is just a simple just. My greens, all as like maybe some cucumbers, some avocado and then I will do sriracha and Italian dressing. It’s super good at super spicy, it’s kind of like an Asian vinaigrette, I’m a zucchini because we like to slice these in half put them in the oven, sprinkle them with cheese. If you’re going Terry free, you can just leave the cheese off and season them very good.

Getting into some of this stuff for kaya, I will munch on blueberries and strawberries once in a while, but I’ll cut these up. These are really nice to have on hand and for healthy snacks. For Chi we’ve got unsweetened almond milk in the back here I don’t think it’s vanilla. I think this is just regular, unsweetened almond milk, which is really good to have with our iced coffee. You guys know every grocery haul I’ve got iced coffee, unsweetened, iced, coffee and unsweetened almond milk, because that’s my go-to in the morning, then we’ve got bananas back here and then, if we don’t eat all of these, and some of them go bad.

I will make banana bread with them because Mike loves banana bread, we’ve got some frozen mango chunks and these are mostly yeah weaknesses, banana bread, I’ve got frozen mango chunks, and these are mostly for raker. We like to put him in his little mesh thing and he can’t eat on them. He loves these and then I’ve got this mixed berry blend and I plan on doing some smoothies with the unsweetened almond milk and the mixed berries instead of ice cream for kaya.

We’ve got some raw shrimp now my tip to my friends and family, and my viewers is, if you want really good shrimp, make sure that you get the tail on peeled and deveined raw shrimp. Do not get the quick shrimp, don’t get the pink stuff because it’ll be overcooked and gross if you want to like saute it up until like a scandi style, so this will be a good meal. Just this with a side of rice and veggie is super yummy.

Potatoes – and these are mostly for kaya – I might have potatoes once in a while, but mostly for Mike and kaya. I’ve got mixed frozen veggies. So this is something that I don’t normally get, but I was craving the catch icahn potpie, so that will definitely be a cheap meal for me, but I figured maybe tonight or tomorrow night. It would make like a really warm yummy chicken pot pie because it’s cold and rainy outside, so these frozen mixed veggies are for that, along with these grand biscuits that I’ll put on top Mike’s going to have to go back and get the chicken breast for it.

But that’s okay, some veggies for the side, we’ve got broccoli and then we’ve got broccoli and cauliflower, so one of these bags will be a side to a meal in here. Like I said, we do a lot more hot dishes and things like that during the winter time. So I’ve got like a bunch of corn here for Tater Tot hot dish which to make it keto. I just take the tater tots off so that it’s just that’s. What the ground beef is for.

That’s there we go Tater Tot hot dish and I’ll just get the tater tots off, so that it’s just corn, hamburger and then cream of mushroom soup in there with a little bit of cheese. On top again, it’s not super healthy, but it’s a good like lazy, keto meals. I’ve got Rotel because I am making enchiladas, which we got gluten-free tortillas this time for the enchiladas. We do like a salsa verde style enchilada, so I’ve got roads, help for that and another can of Rotel back here for right here for like a taco soup, which is good yep, so diced tomatoes we make salsa out of these diced tomatoes and there’s a seasoning Somewhere in here and we’ll get to it eventually, if I can find it, but there’s a seasoning that we use for our salsa, we make our salsa ourselves.

I just have some beef bullion here, and this is what I use in a lot of like soups, and I use this for my roast super good. It’s like a good, not a cream style, but it’s not powdered, it’s more of like a liquid form of bullion. It’s really good. I get a chicken one like this, too cream of mushroom and cream of chicken in here for miscellaneous, the crewmen chicken is for it, the chicken pop hi and then per chicken divan.

I make the good a lazy, keto style, chicken divan and it is fairly low carb, since it’s spread across so many servings. Oh here is that hot sauce mix – this is what we use for our salsa. This is something local to our area. I don’t know if this is something you guys can get on like anywhere else besides within like the Midwest area, but this is super good and die screen Chili’s for the enchiladas.

I’ve got some for cheese, Rosa Alfredo for half the spaghetti. Squash will be used for alfredo half of it will be used for spaghetti. I’ve got some fresh garlic back here or just like diced garlic back here. Let’s see what else is in here, ketchup for kaya because always need ketchup, veggie chips for kaya, because she’s been loving, Pringles lately and I’m trying to find a better alternative. I did find so.

This is totally going to be a cheat, because this is super processed. This is super process, it’s really going to be a cheat, but it looked super yummy, the carbs on it there’s like eight grams of carbs per five serving or per serving in those fights it rings. So it is a little bit higher in the carbs, but it looks so good. The Thai curry chicken yeah. It looks so good and then we’ve got some almonds back here: pups for Ryker baby food for Ryker kya.

This is her treat. I tried to get the Stonyfield organic, but it was literally like three times the price of these were on sale. These are not healthy and I don’t like to get these for kaya very often, but I do like to show you guys that, yes, we are human and we still get like regular, kids food so and then we get this apple juice for kaya. It’s a pure pressed, that’s why it looks so dark and it’s like not clear it’s because it’s not from concentrate it’s really good another treat for kaya.

She was just tossing things in the cart this time and I had no willpower to tell her. No, I don’t even know what this is. It is fruit. Snacks we’ve got some gogo squeeZ, some apple strawberry, a cup from I don’t know, got some oranges. Please little hick come in sighing, hello, guys. We always get these every grocery shopping trip. I’ve got mini bagels. No, these are for kaya for breakfast in the morning, she’s been having like new to green bars, and I do I don’t know.

I wanted to switch it up a little bit for her but she’s very hungry in the morning. So we’ll have these on hand for her breakfast got some bread because Mike and kaya do like to have bread they like to have toast in the morning, so I’m not going to deprive them from it completely. So I’ve got this oat nut bread and then here we’ve just got some ramen again ramen chicken nuggets. These are like things that I like to have on hand for kaya.

If she’s not eating anything else. I at least like to put something in her tummy, and this will do the trick and I might even have one of these for like a cheat meal which is awful but ROM and there’s something about ramen, that I just love but again, not healthy, but nice. To have on hand for the kids, I might even give right here some noodles too. If you make a cup and then I’ve got some. This is like the Uncle Ben’s rice.

It’s just the Target brand got garden vegetable, Spanish style, wild rice and then a whole grain blend with lentils and quinoa. So it’s like brown, rice, lentils and quinoa, and this looks super good, tater tots for Decatur hot hot dish. Again, if I’m going to eat it all these potato tots off of my portion and then hash browns for the kids or hash browns for Kai, I make in the morning once in a while I’ll.

Have these too when I’m doing keto. Like I said, I went on doing lazy keto, I’m mostly just like comp my total cards for the day and make sure that I’m under 50 and that will still get me into ketosis and just maybe not lose as much weight as I could have doing it. A hundred percent put in the fall we like to divulge a little bit, get some casseroles and some soups and some warm things in our tummies but yeah.

This is an overview of all of the food that we got. This is about 240 ish dollars, 230 ish dollars, including all the meat so – and this will last us typically about like 10 to 12, maybe 2 weeks worth of food. All right, you guys, I am going to wrap up the article there for today. I just wanted to include a couple of more comments like I said we based all of our groceries around our meals, our meals.

For this time we’ve got Tater Tot hot dish. We’ve got chicken divan and we’ve got pork chops and veggies roasted veggies chicken breasts and veggies chicken enchiladas chicken pop hi. Let’s see what else do I have a with spaghetti squash, spaghetti, spaghetti squash, Alfredo two meals worth of chicken thighs and then shrimp and veggies? So we’ve got lots of really good things and we’ve got some fish left in the freezer, so the family that we need to eat up.

So this is what we’re going to be eating for the next couple of weeks. All right guys! Thank you. So much for tuning into today’s article. I hope you enjoyed this grocery haul and this meal planning with me, and I will see you guys in a couple of days for the next article. Okay, bye, guys

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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My mommy got on the keto wagon. When I got on the keto wagon and then she fell off the keto wagon. So we’re headed in my eyes, watering we’re heading in to do some. Cheetos go shoe shopping now there is, I want to make the keto eggnogs. I found a recipe, so we already get the proper kind of milk.

So when you’re on keto you shouldn’t drink, regular milk, almond milk, cashew, milk, coconut milk, you can drink all those non-animal milk, but sipping have ghee over. Here they have D. That would be really good, there’s different kind of genes, but I thought it might be on on. Excuse me, sir. Do you, okay Ricky, oh okay, so mommy? If you don’t get ghee, you can use there, we go don’t go because this is farm raised, grass-fed breastfed.

Okay, so that’s the butter that they refer prefer on keto and there’s another brand, but all the rest of these are kind of like no no’s. You could also do Greek yogurt, but it has to be playing so plays nothing with sugar in it. Greek yogurt plain: let’s see you with the nutrition facts, it’s 8 grams of carbs 7 grams of sugar in here is there any vet has no juicers mother, no honey. You can do almond butter with low sugar you’re.

Looking for the geebo, what I found is bone broth is really good for you too. This is why people can’t succeed because they won’t change their mentality, obviously like in one shop liking. What you like they’ve, been doing, you right, but mommy. You can do pasta sauces. You can do alfredo sauce Alfredo. She is with these. I don’t like pick one that you like and look at the Nutrition Facts. Something like we don’t want nothing like no less fat when you want the facts: 8 grams of fat, 2 grams of carbs, no sugars in this Ford cheese, Alfredo ragu okey right here, for he did not say for here’s.

Oh, I can’t bend yesterday yeah, so he butter. This has 14 grams of fats, zero, carbs and clearly, no sugars, stevia you want the liquid con or the pastime. I personally like the drop. So she wants the package so stevia. It is like an almond flour or coconut flour. All the healthy stuff is always right next to each other. The thing that you’re really looking for as a flower there’s a less carbs because saris are going to have a lot of fat, but if she do eat less carbs and regular flour, 28 grams of carbs 28 grams of time, zero, sugar cy.

We read nutrition facts. All the front of them make it look all nice and cute negative. What this almond flour does: 5 grams of carbs, but 3 grams of fiber, so that makes 2 grams of net carbs and one gram of sugar with 15 grams of fat baby. To me that sounds better then, what’s really would chase you prefer more is flour. No, I mean this is coconut flour, I’m they’re going to taste different, but I need to get some of the swerve.

They say. Swerve is the best like sweetener to like bake with them. This is $ 15 for some flour, three pounds of flour. I don’t think so. Stop mommy all right. Get your coconut flour. Let’s keep pushing. Okay! Let me brush Sheila’s, because we only have one two. Three. Four: five: six, seven things in this carton we’ve been in here for like 30 minutes, nothing, don’t even go down out because that’s just temptation I’ll get on the beer.

You don’t even drink beer, baking Grammys, so mommy doesn’t eat a lot of red meat. So chicken, turkey, pork, you can basically have any type of protein really, but these are going to be some of the healthier. I know that yes, protein you’re only having about 20 % of protein a day. Where does that break down? I don’t know to winglets three winglets. What are we talking to here? I’m just you asked me the question shopping with your mother.

Oh and you really don’t want that lean stuff, because that has less fat. Let’s grab some bacon, so no flavors I’ll have sugar. It’s probably that maple that I like that good, they got 19 grams effect. Oh yeah, these little Jimmy bean things, but you can take those easily mommy’s going to try intermittent fasting, also so about 12 o’clock, she’s already gone from the house. So unless she starts cooking and bringing it with her these little Jimmy bean things, I’ve actually never tried them, but on all the keto like websites and blogs and blogs, who are always ranting about these and less than one gram of sugar in it.

So that’s not bad they’re two for five. She hasn’t gotten used to them in a fast and because I’m not even hungry, yet Yolo just give your body some time. You know what you can buy, cauliflower crust pizzas and make you some pizzas with. I guess I’ll. Fredo some foods – you don’t like red sauce miracle noodles, see that’s what he asked the people in the store cuz. I know. Oh, Oh, these are that okay yeah.

This will work too. Thank you. Yes, either way. So this is what it looks like this. Isn’t the one that I you just left? That’s the one! That’s on that picture you put up already but see when you’re making. You can’t really you don’t really cook it, because it’s it’ll get real soft. So you want angel, hair yeah or you want fettuccine. The thicker or spaghetti I’ll try one package. First yep, I might not like it.

I don’t think that’s enough for both of us, I’m a big girl I like to eat so the miracle noodle zero grams of fat, one gram of carb with two grams of fiber. So that makes it a negative one: gram of carb in zero sugars, miracle noodle quinoa, the quinoa Siwon – has 34 grams of carbs in it. Even though quinoa is very healthy for you on the keto diet, it defeats the purpose. So the key to produce and vegetables is anything that grows under the ground is a no-no if it grows above ground grace of all carbs cauliflower, that’s very interesting! So if you want mashed potatoes, if you want some rice, if you want it all you just get some cauliflower and fake it till you make it purple cauliflower.

What is okay, that’s very interesting, but yeah. So color flower rise. I look, don’t know how they all do we go above her under the ground flower. Let’s see what we can go home and spruce up, alright guys we’re back from the grocery store and it’s time for the reason of the season Bible verse. So today is Isaiah. 9:6 and 7 for unto us a child, is born unto us a son is given and the government will be upon his shoulder and his name will be called wonderful, counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, Prince of Peace of the increase of his government and peace.

There will be no end upon the throne of David and over his kingdom to order it and establish it with judgment and justice from that time forward, even forever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this 8 men, so I am about to go in this kitchen and try and whip up some keto friendly eggnog. I had a major craving for eggnog after Thanksgiving and I googled a keto recipes. So since I’m home today with some downtime, let’s go get in the kitchen, alright y’all, so I just want to adjust a few questions, not too many before I started.

Thank you for everybody that readed bug mistake, number three or four for well. I’ve been say number four, with the fashion show. I appreciate all your comments. Thank you. Thank you thank or el dia Dyer. I think I’m saying that right um keep the dress. I think. Thank you. Thank you great job on keto intermittent fasting. How close were you to your goal weight so first question: how close the mind to my go away? I still have 10 pounds to lose and they have been the hardest ten pounds.

Hmm can other airline employees use your shuttle to the airport? No, not with ID not with anything but American Airlines does have not American Delta Delta has a shuttle that they use also in the Kew Gardens area. I don’t believe American does and those are really the only three airlines that you see in the area unless there’s some regional airlines that are over there to which there are, but you know their uniforms all look the same talking over to most most of their uniforms.

Like this thing, Christopher Hennessey, sorry, I’ve seen this question and I just keep forgetting to answer it. You you’re asking what is the name of the Christmas song that plays at the start of the article and the music that has been that has been playing in my articles is from this website called epidemic sounds, and it’s like a subscription that you used. I think it’s $ 9.99 or $ 14.99 a month and I get to use all the music that’s on there.

I think some of the songs you can find on itunes or Apple music or SoundCloud or whatever. I think some of them you can find on there. But the ones that I have looks more outside of on epidemic sound, I can’t find anywhere so I’m not really sure how it works, but these are songs that I get from that website and I pay a monthly subscription to use them without being copyrighted. So the name of that song is tell me Santa.

Let me just tell you, I don’t know if you’ll be able to go, find it anywhere this song right here, the intro and outro song, um yeah, so the name of the song is tell me Santa made of snow. I guess is the name of the album on epidemic sound, but yeah. That’s what I’m getting on my music from so every time. I ask me what the name of a song is, it’s literally from that website and they have all kind of music on there.

Lady legs are also says: first things. First, as I said before it likes, I love your vlogs and I wish they were longer you’re informative and have a great attitude about everything. Thank you. I try. You know it’s easy in my pursuit to be an FA. I really am concerned about my skin genetically. I have good skin and have always have, but I’m concerned about the dryness flying causes key and tell us about your skincare regimen.

What do you use and why and how has it changed since you’ve been plying girl? That is an absolute true concern. I went through a period where my skin was very very dry and I couldn’t figure out why? Because I have a naturally oily skin. So I went through a period of about four months or so going into Sephora and trying all different kind of products, and I finally narrowed it down to a few that, like keeps me really moisturize I’ll, tell you two things that I really really use.

The other is just kind of like skin. The other stuff is just more of like things to clear up my skin and you know get it little marks to go away or whatever, but two things that I use that I really love as a combination that keep me moisturized is the Peter Thomas, Roth, potent-c. Serum it’s expensive, it’s basically a hundred dollars, and I combine that with the so I combined the Peter Thomas Roth potency serum with I put that on my face.

First and then the fresh rose, deep, hydration moisturizer. That thing leaves my face so moisturized for hours and then of course, water, water, water, water, water, water, a lot of people that I thought I wouldn’t do little little spritz. You know refreshers on their face and all that stuff. But once I started combining those two products like my face just was like Juvenal and then I do like my nightly mask and I do a lot of hydration mask overnight and stuff.

You know because, at the end of the day your skin is still really really dry. Like my hands, I haven’t found a lotion that will keep my hands moisturize on that aircraft. For nothing, and I cannot stand it can’t stand it. Oh my abhi says your articles. Always put a smile on my face. Let me heart that Thank You. Angelica diva 1988, hey girl, hey Lexi, Justin baby. Just an idea for vlogmas King do a real estate article.

I want to be a home owner and I’m curious about process thanks, yeah I’ll. Do one um, can you tell me a little more details on what you want to know and I’ll get me and my meter sitting down and kind of chatted up about the home buying process? I’d love to do that. For you, I keep hearing my audios really low, I’m sorry y’all! Sometimes when I’m in like more quiet places, I won’t talk is loud and project my voice, I’m so that makes it you, where you can’t hear me as well.

I am going to get a microphone one of these days. One of these days I’m going to get one so y’all can hear me all right. So that’s going to be all the questions for the day, I’m trying so hard not to be overly long-winded so yeah. Let’s get in the kitchen alrighty, oh time, to get started with the keto eggnog, so the recipe calls for 2 cups of unsweetened milk nut milk. This is unsweetened almond milk, 2 cups of heavy cream 1 cinnamon stick 1 teaspoon of nutmeg 6 egg yolks 2.

Teaspoons of vanilla and then 1/2 2/3 sweeter, all my ingredients, whipping powder it takes. I have to let it sit for six hours or overnight and right now it is it’s 4:13 p.M. So that probably means I have to try it for breakfast in the morning. But I can’t wait, it smells so good, anyways y’all, that is going to be the end of vlogmas day five, five, not ten, five anyways. I hope you all enjoyed it.

It’s just another day in the life of

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KETO – Walmart Grocery Haul – Low Carb Haul

I’ve got my haul to share with you now guys. This is kind of a car be haul. In regards to. I have lots of fruits and vegetables, but that’s alright guys. It’s all in moderation right so today is Tuesday. The 12th 12 days of my challenge and I’ve not failed yet notice. I said yet anyway, yeah sixteen thousand four hundred and twenty two steps.

I did seven point two one miles on the trail, so that was very exciting and now then I went grocery shopping, and Here I am now putting away the groceries want to share what I got with you. Alright, and some just some of this is for meal. Prep, some of this is Matthews my college boy who’s home for the summer, and so let’s go through it. Alright guys I got some spinach baby spinach. This is for a recipe that should be posted, probably tomorrow.

I also had I also picked this up. It is quick, so lemon pepper chicken for Matthew, I’m not a big fan either traditional. I don’t really care very much for Lynde pepper in general. I then I got some Tomatoes. I got some more Lipper’s that I have this wonderful packages of strawberries. Yes, I’m going to use those today, but very limited quantities, guys berries you can use just make sure you’ve got it in your macros, make sure you have a space for to do macros.

That’s all I’ve got to say alright, and this is going to be very minimal. Alright it just. I saw a recipe that I was like. Oh my gosh. I need to do this, I’m going to kind of OWL my eyes it, but that’s alright, it’ll be great. It’ll be wonderful for keto and then I picked up my drinks, guys yep panel by the sweet. I don’t buy. The diet go pick anymore. I only buy my love. Sweet’ n go PT yeah, so I have two small bottles to the large bottles.

All of my drinks that I have today should last for the next two or three weeks. All right, then I picked up some Swiss cheese. It was quick sale for sale by the 21st. I believe yeah sale about 21st, some Swiss cheese, two packages of those. For me, David and Matthew, tripe guys if you’re Hispanic like me, you know what tripe is used for. I am NOT making menudo, which is typical, I’m going to try something else with it.

Then I got some bay leaves guys. Tell me, and let me know, have you ever tried menudo, do you like it? Do you like the one with hominy? Do you like someone with that comedy put in the comments? I love menudo love, it love, it love it and not just after a hangover guys. It’s just good in general, alright, so pepperoni minis, then Matthew is on a wing. Kick I shared to see all the wings that I purchased.

This is new one food-wise, your wing sauce. I won’t use this as shooting for him and then this one right – and this is the Franks wing sauce, two packages of sour cream, some Creole seasoning, some sliced, olives, black, olives, garlic, garlic, garlic, oh my gosh driving home, my entire car. It smell like garlic. Some feta cheese for the recipe I’m making some lettuce, I’m holy waka moly, it’s just for grab-and-go.

I keep us avocados. I still have avocados in my fridge from my last haul. At Aldi’s, that’s been one over week and a half guys and they’re still delicious they’re divine. I also got these spicy pickles great value brand. They used to make them by Clausen and they were delicious. They were in the chill section. They don’t have them anymore. I don’t know what happened, but I’m on the pill. Okay, guys on a big pickle, kick guys a little miniature rolling pin.

I had using shampoo guys. I know this is old-school. I use the fancy schmancy stuff, but I’m telling you for being on the trail. Ah, this stuff works the best on the trail. If I don’t, if I have to run an errand afterwards and I’m hot, this will not make my hair all Mady. Looking so yeah, I like it, I like white rain and it’s cheap too, and then I needed some wax paper. I got some berries. I got these microwave-safe plate because mr.

Matthew, oh he’s a handful, I forgot what was like having the 1920 rolled on. Actually he’ll. Be twenty-one twenty year old in the house, latter guard for the microwave again for my lovely son, some cilantro, two red onions, some poblano peppers. Look at these. These are safe drinks if you are doing the challenge right now. This is the vitamin water Lucroy bubbly, and this is the cherry, bubbly and, of course, good old h2o guys and that wraps up my haul.

What are we going to make guys what we’re going to make you’re saying Elma, there’s no protein. I know guys cuz my freezers full of protein, so I’ve already got my bacon cooked and I’ve got the meat that I had prepared. So you’ll see recipes from those coming over the next couple days and then I have all the bacon that I’ve been buying and by the way that bacon is now like. 958. Oh, my gosh crazy good for 48 ounces, three pounds there’s these guys.

I don’t know what this is. It was on clearance and I thought the way that Matthew can down food that they might be good for him David. They could use it with their pork rinds. It says man dip and this one is hella: Pena, pepper, flavored, zesty, pepper macros were pretty good. It was less than one gram of carbs. I believe, let’s see Sugar’s less than one total carb one and same thing for the next one which is buffalo chicken, and so I you know I thought hey.

Why not, let’s give it a try and yeah all right guys. That’s it have a blessed day and stay tuned, we’re going to be making some meals. I know you’re like Elma, that’s not a lot of stuff. How are you making meals? Trust me just wait have a blessed day bye-bye. Thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with you if you haven’t already done so, please hit the like button subscribe to my blog and hit that notification button.

So you’ll know each time I post a new article. Alright guys have a great day, bye, bye, Joyce Wednesday. It’s a need of now. Here’s my wife, the D just Ito for fried pork, rinds rah-rah-rah, our buyers, Barbara Wawa, waaahh,

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