CBD for Mace Training with Jambo Superfoods Review

They call it their daily ritual and I’m also going to go into the effects of CBD and why? It’s so good for mace training, alright! So let’s get into that right! So yeah, let’s go ahead and start with the review. This specific product that I have by jumbo superfoods has 50 CBD milligrams in this bottle.

Okay, so it’s not like you’re getting 50 milligrams every! Let’s see every teaspoon ethey know every tablespoon you’re getting about two milligrams I think hold on give me a second you’re getting about yeah there. We go you’re getting about two milligrams per tablespoon. Alright, so don’t think you’re going to get like 50 milligrams of CBD per tablespoon. That’s not the case. It’s just in total in the product I’m going to go ahead and talk about why I actually like this product.

I love that I can wake up in the morning, and you know one of my one of my own and it’s cool that they call it daily ritual. My kind of daily ritual every morning is to have what some might call bulletproof coffee, so Dave Asprey has a whole book series. He has a lot of products as well and I really got hooked on that. But I’d say like three years ago, I actually started following day mastery when he was actually taking smart pills.

It was around the time where I was getting really into nootropics, so I’m not really into nootropics anymore. I’ve had my bad cases of experiences, but I got hooked to the coffee and I stayed there. So one of my daily ritual things is to have coffee in the morning and some of the best coffee. I recommend bulletproof coffee and you know before the only option. I really and was the brain often or the the xct oil, but now Jambo super foods came up with this daily ritual supercharged butter and I was so excited to see something like this on the market, because I’m a big fan of cd/dvd products this year and I was just so happy that I could have CBD, MCT oil and then grass-fed, like that’s awesome yeah, so you get like the whole shenanigan in one bottle.

So that’s what makes this product really cool, now taste wise, you’re, probably wondering what the hell does it taste like it, really just tastes like butter. Let’s just say you know you’re going to have it you’re going to cook with it or you’re going to have it in your coffee in the morning dude. You really can’t taste it to be honest unless you’re like super picky, and you have like a chef’s palette, then maybe, but I really haven’t, had a problem with the taste.

I love it in my morning. Coffee I feel like it gives me like. The yin yang effect where I have my relaxation, but I also have my like caffeinated coffee, like my uppity, energetic side right, so it’s kind of like the balance between them and I’m I’m really really enjoying this product. Just overall, I say hell. Yes, I recommend this product go check them out, I’m going to add the link below if you’re, on my youtube.

If you’re on my blog article, the links below, if you are by any chance anywhere else, you will find the link trust me. Maybe I’ll go check out jumbo super foods. That’s really my review on it. I absolutely love it. They also have chapstick they have drops, they have, I think they have a pet product so which is awesome. I’r pretty sure. I need to get some from my German Shepherd soon, so that’s a plus right pet product, but anyways.

Yes, still mace warrior approves okay. So now, let’s get into what is CB d. Let me tell you what it’s not. It is not THC. You are not going to get high off of CBD; it only has CBD only has all the health effects of the plant – okay, so there’s no teach in it and if there is THC for any reason at all, it’s so menu that trust me. It’s not not going to like pop out on a drug test, and it’s definitely not going to give you the psychoactive, the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

Okay and again, it’s not coming from the actual marijuana plants coming from the hemp plant most likely now something that I’ve heard you know or that I research is that CBD works better with THC. So if you can get it combined, that’s great, but I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not looking for the psychoactive effect. If that was the case, I would just smoke the blood and I would definitely do it before.

Bed, the you know, someone who’s training with the mace. I definitely don’t want to feel asleep or my energy really low. Okay, so that’s something that haven’t experienced with CBD, at least depending on the dosage that you take so at night I’ll have like a dosage. That’s a little higher and in the mornings. If I feel like it’s going to be really stressful day or I feel like my body needs to recover like on a recovery day, then my dosage will be especially in the morning.

It would be a little lower just because I don’t want to feel tired or or just kind of like sleepy, because that could happen depending on your dosage, so you have to personally. Like I know, a lot of people are like okay. Well, what dosage should? I take so most of the bottles, at least in the bottle that I own and I’m talking about the drops by the way, I’m not talking about the actual jambo superfoods right now.

I actually take some drops from the CBD distillery. I’ll add a link to that below too, but just note that Jamba also carries the drops. Now. I think at the time they didn’t have the drops. I didn’t order any, but you can check them out too. There’s a lot of great CBD products out there. Maybe I’ll do another article on that comparing them or something, but for now I’m just going to keep it as the brand that I’m using it’s called CBD distillery and anyway, so I drop.

You know what I feel you know like. I I feel it you know. I have my dosage, but it depends on your body, so I can’t tell you what your dosage is, but you know if you read the bottle, it says three to four drops under the tongue: that’s how it gets into your bloodstream and anyway, so definitely start off With three drops to see how you feel and then you can work your way up, so one of the things that I like so that I can sleep better at night I like to up the drop so I’ll go between four to five drops.

So I can sleep really deep and just have that recovery effect because, okay, you didn’t know if you’re trading, with the maze or any type of fitness, okay recovery happens in your sleep. So that’s definitely one of the CBD benefits is that you get some really awesome. Sleep and you wake up the next morning feeling pretty awesome. To be honest, if I, if I go back, that’s why I like the Jama superfoods going back to the product, I love the Jama superfoods, because I can have CBD in very small amounts, two milligrams and with coffee.

So now I’m not like lethargic or sleepy, or you know, with low energy because that’s you know that’s kind of like the effect of CBD. It’s very therapeutic, very relaxing which there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s a time for that, and so I’d rather have that in the evenings when I’m winding down right or maybe before a yoga class right. So if you do yoga CBDs fantastic right, because it’s close, you know, but I like to have it with my coffee.

Specifically, the Jambo one just so that I can have the energy for the day, because I don’t just do mace. I also do articles like this and I’m constantly like being an entrepreneur and doing all sorts of stuff. So I need like an upper in the morning and a you know downer in the evening, so the first one is that it reduces pain. So, instead of popping Advil, you can now pop some CBD. That’s out there a little, but CBD is more natural.

You know advil has some side effects and obviously I’m not going to go into that here, because you know I’m not a big, I’m not big on on on telling you what not to do and telling you the bad stuff. Okay, I just want to keep it positive, so yeah, so you can take CBD instead of Advil. Now it’s great for pain. So if, for some reason your Saurus and you want to recover dude CBD is great for the recovery process on your recovery day is you can take some CBD all right, so the the second benefit to CBB would be it reduces inflammation.

So let’s say that now it’s not the recovery purposes. Now it’s for the sake of an injury. So let’s say you had had a past injury. It’s bugging the out of you like for me. I have had problems with cost coke and Rytas. That’s really one of the reasons I was drawn to CBD. I didn’t want to take Advil. My doctor gave me a leave and it made me feel pretty sick to my stomach. So I was like I can’t take the for the rest of like it’s cold most.

It’s a little chronic when it comes to my Costco kinetise over the over the past year, though I have found so many ways to control my pain levels, and it’s honestly, I almost feel like it’s. It’s almost gone with all the training, all the club training, the CBD products, it’s a combination of things, but CBD definitely was part of that. So I’m a big believer that CBD will reduce inflammation in your body.

So if you have an injury, that’s constantly nagging CBD. Might be for you and it will help you with mace training. So let’s say you have this injury and it’s like affecting your mace training. Cbdu could help with that now. Obviously, if it’s hurting too much, she probably shouldn’t be using amazing whatsoever. But if it’s not that that that bad right and you are looking for an alternative CVD is great for reducing inflammation in your body overall and by the way CBD isn’t just for mace training or for a mace athlete.

It can also be used for several other things. It has so many benefits and it could be used for arthritis. It could be used for depression. It could be used to reduce your anxiety. It could be used for any type of chronic condition. So I just want to make that know that you know it goes beyond mace training, but you know using it along with you know the maze it can do a phenomenal job in making a healthier you, okay.

So let’s talk about the third benefit of CBD for mace, so the third benefit would be that it can get you ready for your sports performance for your competition day. So, as you know, competition is growing pretty big in the United States for mace and I think it’s growing in other parts for sure. So, if you’re competing in mace is this would probably be a really good product to take. Like I said before, you know, CBD can be taken in the day without you feeling sleepy.

You just have to do like a lower dosage, rather than getting a really big one, because remember the bigger the dosage, probably the more sleepy you’re going to get it’s kind of like Silicon Valley, their micro, dosing and LSD to kind of get like a different type Of benefit, I just I’m just making kind of like a comparison. How you know lower dosages can have better or greater effects than larger ones, and in this case, for sports performance before competition we get generally xiety.

We get. You know the common things we get a little nervous right, so this will help you mellow down, get focused, get relaxed and get into that flow state of mind. Obviously, that’s a practice in itself, but it can help you perform better for your competition, okay and finally, the fourth one is that CVD will help you with weight loss. Now there have been Studies on this and we think probably well.

Marijuana makes you fat because it gives you the munchies right. So then there’s truth in that. Okay, it’s obviously that’s the truth. That’s out there, but CBD works differently, and this is my opinion. You know I’ll link the the study below for the weight loss part, but in this case I’m just going to give you my opinion. The reason why I think CBD would help you with weight loss. One of the benefits for CBD is that it relaxes you alright.

Sometimes one of the main reasons why we won’t lose weight is because our cortisol levels are so high when your cortisol level, which is a stress hormone, is so high. It prevents you from losing weight. So if you’re, you know dosing on CBD and has that benefit of you know healing depression, anxiety, bringing your stress levels down. I can imagine that it would work for weight loss because of that reason alone you know taking your your CBD in the mornings and the evenings will bring your stress levels down, will kind of slow you down in a world where we’re just fast, fast, fast, cortisol, Bulls are Horsell levels are high, we’ve got to go to work, we got ta, get to pick up the kids at school.

We have to. You know this whole list of chores that we have to do all day, which honestly it’s very hard to change this. Your lifestyle right, you could make changes, that’s fine, but let’s just say right now you just can’t make changes in your cortisol levels or spike you’re not going to you probably have a harder time. Okay, I’m not saying you’re not going to lose weight, but you’re going to have a lot harder eat up a lot harder time doing that so with CBD in in the house CBD in the house.

Now we can start to bring those stress levels down and allow the body to kind of like relax and and just start to lose weight. Okay, so that’s my opinion on it. If you have a different opinion on that leave your comments below, or maybe you agree with me – I want to know more about why you think CBD would be good for weight loss alright guys. So this would be the drops that I take. It’s called CBD, distillery, CBD drops.

I get the 250 milligrams again. I use them this way because I, like lower dosages. I don’t like to feel super like tired or whatever. Just because you know I’m a fitness trainer, I’m constantly doing Fitness, I’m an enthusiast as well. At heart, I’m a student and I’m I’m just constantly like exercising and like being active right, I’m constantly active, so I like getting lower milligrams on these drops, but this is what I use.

It’s called CBD distilleries see the CBD drops and then I also recommend. Obviously I recommend the daily ritual jambo superfoods supercharged butter, time cuz. It really is a super charts. Remember it has as the grass-fed ji Yi it has the those MCT oils. Okay, we all know good fat, fantastic for your body and then we have finally the CBD. Alright, so guys go check it out I’ll, add links to both of these companies in the description.

Thank you so much for being here and – and you know, I’ve had so many positive reviews lately for the podcast for the YouTube articles that I’m putting out. I am so glad that I’m reaching you guys and I’m doing a pretty pretty good job. Obviously, according to you guys, if you guys want me to discuss anything else, any more free content, you know I’m all about that. I love giving go ahead and leave a comment below for that too.

I like to know what you want me to talk about when it comes to me also. I just want to kind of put it out there, I’m going to have a mace 101 section on my website soon I’ll. Let you guys know that I’m also still working them up on my 14 days. Mase challenge so, and it’s actually going to be an email-based challenge. So every day, I’m going to send an email out to you and you get to do a workout with me, obviously on the computer or on your iPad or on your iPhone, whatever you’re, using whatever device.

I will be there every day for 14 days, so I’m working on that as well. I have not forgotten about it. I just want to make it. I just want to make it perfect so guys. I hope you enjoyed this article about CBD from a straining. The review on jambo, if you use any CBD products, leave that below. I want to know what CBD products you’re using you know, there’s there’s tons of them out there. I would love to know your experience with it.

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So, thank you so much. My name is coach Victoria islas and I am still mace warrior. I’r out in the universe always flow with you.