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Dr. Gundry’s Plant Paradox on the Go

But how can you make it work when you’re out and about you know? It may surprise you to hear it’s not that hard, but it does take some smart planning and careful preparation. So today we’re going to get into the plant paradox on the go, but first I want to know. Is there anything you’d like to learn more about? If, yes, please do me a favor and let me know in the comments below I’m making this blog for you after all, so I want to make sure your health questions get answered.

In fact, this article is actually inspired by one of our viewers who wrote in wondering how to help her husband stay healthy on the road. He travels a lot for work and it’s something that’s been on my mind, a lot, because I’ve got a few really big trips coming up myself and, in my opinion, traveling is just better if you’re feeling your best, whether you’re on the road for work or for Pleasure so let’s get right to it.

First of all, I understand if you’re on the road a lot eating in restaurants, every night is a drag so Wow I’ll briefly talk about restaurant strategy. At the end of this article today, I want to focus on snacks, lunches and other meals. You can pack at home and eat on the go first snacks. Now, if you’ve been with me for a while, you know that one of my favorite snacks on the planet is nuts they’re high in protein and healthy fat, and they keep you full for a long time.

But they can get boring, especially if you’re on the road. For a while, so I like to mix them up a little by tossing them in herbs and spices, try, garlic and rosemary at freaka and salt, or even a bit of cinnamon and vanilla, stevia for a sweet tasting treat. But I understand that can get boring on its own. We all need options. So if you have a refrigerator access on your trip or at least a well insulated lunch bag, consider making a batch of guacamole and bringing some celery jicama sticks or Belgian endive dipping.

You can also stock your fridge with healthy cheeses like buffalo mozzarella. You know, Costco sells them in individual vacuum pack servings. It’s really super convenient now or try some celery and jicama with almond butter. Instead, another great snack option if you’re browsing the grocery store shells are those little seaweed chips, basically just dehydrated seaweed with salt and seasonings, but read the label to make sure there aren’t any sneaky ingredients in with your healthy seaweed.

Now, if you’re on the road a lot, I think it’s handy to get a big plastic container and fill it up with shelf-stable pre-portion snacks like seaweed chips, nuts, the single serving packets of almond butter, bittersweet, chocolate or even jicama or coconut chips. That way, if you’re on the road for hours at a time – and you feel a little craving coming on, you know you’re taken care of and remember if you aren’t prepared those long trips are a great time to play around with intermittent fasting.

It’s great for your health, it’s way better than stopping at a gas station for a bite and as long as you’re staying well, hydrated you’ll probably get used to it fairly quickly and start feeling great fast. If not, there’s always lunch. Now it’s easy enough to find a plant paradox’ friendly meal at most restaurants and, like I said I’ll talk about dining out at the end of this article. But if you want to pack a lunch on the go, there are a few things you can do to make sure your lunch is delicious and not a soggy mess at lunch time.

First, you know that plastic container, you’re filling with snacks, throw in some sea salt. Some pepper, good quality, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. That way, you can stop anywhere for salad, greens and you’ll, be able to dress your salad and top it with some nuts for extra crunch, always handy right now, when it comes to packing a sameday lunch, your possibilities are pretty darn limitless, though, unless you’ve got access To high-quality, lectin free bread, traditional sandwiches are off the table.

If you want something hot and don’t have access to a stove or microwave, I suggest heating up something like a stew or a soup until it’s piping hot, then transferring it into into a thermos and sealing it tight, it’ll cool a little. But if you really heat your food up at the beginning of the day, it should stay until lunchtime and if you have access to a microwave but not a fridge, consider packing frozen soups and stews and glass jars they’ll start to thaw throughout the day, then just Unscrew the jars and warm them up now, if you’re more of a salad person, I suggest either packing your salad undressed and using that oil and vinegar I mentioned earlier or if you don’t, have access to a fridge during the day, and you want the convenience of A pre dressed salad, ditch the delicate greens and make your meal with hearty ingredients like broccoli, slaw, kale, chopped radishes and shaved asparagus.

Not only will it make your cell a little more delicious and exciting, because it’s not your average lettuce you’ll avoid that end of the day. Soggy green thing too, but if you are someone who craves leafy greens, make your salad upside down, put your dressing in the bottom of the container, followed by the heavy ingredients like animal protein. Avocado and chopped veggies then put the greens at the very top when you’re ready to eat just invert, the container onto a plate and you’ve got an instantly dress, salad and not a soggy green insight bonus if you’ve got refrigerator access and are packing multiple meals.

At a time, you can make a lot of salads this way at once. I find that a actually keeping 5-6 days in their fridge just like this, that’s not bad or you could also just make a meal of snacks. Some nice goat cheese, a little prosciutto plenty of leafy greens, maybe a figure to think of it as a plant paradox’ cheese board. Now, if you’re staying in a hotel first thing you should do, is ask for a refrigerator.

Most hotels have them, though they may charge a small deposit, but that way you can keep things like salads and sparkling water cool for when you’re hungry, and you can stash coconut yogurt, hard-boiled, eggs and pre chopped veggies inside when you want an easy breakfast or a Snack and also if your room comes with a hot water heater by a pack of miso paste, you’ve got everything you need to make miso soup, which is fantastic any time of the day.

They actually eat it for breakfast in Japan, but when you do need to go out and eat first and foremost check out the nice long article I made about doing the plant paradox at restaurants. It’s right here on this blog, but also remember these simple tips, one when in doubt just get a salad with oil and vinegar. Most restaurants will have some version of even fast food places and diners just make sure to pick off the croutons and tomatoes and go ahead.

Pay extra for that avocado. Your health is worth it check out the appetizers. I’ve been seeing lots of Buffalo cauliflower sautéed Brussels sprouts and fennel salads on menus, most of which are perfectly compliant skip the meat make your dinner vegetarian salads, roast veggies, even a nice baked sweet potato with a little Parmesan or all delicious options and they’re great for You too, plus, when you skip the meat, you can rest assured you’re, not getting all the lectins that come from grain and corn-fed animals, so you’re keeping your body safe, like I said life’s too short, to stay at home, but traveling for work or for fun should Not be a reason to let your healthy habits slide.

In fact, I think you’ll agree when you feel your best. Those trips are even more enjoyable because I’m doctor Gundry and I’m always looking out for you – warrior

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