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30 Day Keto Diet Results – NOT What I Expected

My name is Scott, and today we’re going to talk about the ketogenic diet challenge. I went through four mental health reasons. That’s what those 30 days of vlogs were all about. What I was trying to do is experiment and see. Does food have an impact on my mood now? The answer is obviously it does. Obviously it does, but I was looking for ways that the ketogenic diet would increase.

My energy overall mood how I felt in the mornings and what it did was actually something that I didn’t expect. I’m going to talk about three things that the ketogenic diet basically cured in 30 days. It’s pretty remarkable and then I’m going to talk about what foods. I’m introducing now that I’ve already introduced and what the effect has been so far, because if you follow me on Twitter and an Instagram and stuff, you know I’ve been talking about man.

I just want that coffee. I just want a nice old-fashioned, plain donut: how about a maple dip, how about a vanilla dip? How about an apple fritter? I was craving some of that stuff and well I’m going to tell you what I’ve introduced and what the effect is. But first the three things: oh and also blood, test results too. You can check this article out. I was in the hospital cuz. I fell off my bike and what they do is they take your blood when you’re in the hospital see if everything’s a-okay and it just so happens.

I wanted to do that anyways for the ketogenic diet. So I’m like hey nurse, May please have those test results. Can I have a copy of that now? This doesn’t include like B vitamins and things like that. You need separate tests like for an actual physical to get those, but there’s pretty cool things in this blood test that I think you’ll find very interesting, because the ketogenic diet, man that’s a way different way to eat.

Then I was used to like I was pretty high carbon when you’re doing 70 % fat 20 % protein 10 % carb, I was barely doing 10 % carb there. It was very, very different and the blood tests actually surprised me. So you ready sit back. Relax. Take your pants off if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe. This is a mental health Channel depression to expression where we express ourselves, we freely with confidence all right.

Let’s do this, the first thing the ketogenic diet cured at around day. I think it was around day 15. After the keto flu after I felt terrible, the big cure was my allergies, seasonal allergies. Now I can’t remember a time where I didn’t have seasonal allergies, where my eyes weren’t itchy, where my nose wasn’t running or plugged where my ears and and the roof of my mouth, weren’t itchy, it hasn’t happened and that’s a result that I didn’t know.

I didn’t expect that to happen, and let me tell you going through a summer and not having to sneeze not having to take allergy. Medication was awesome, like I go to bed and I can actually breathe through my nose for all of you who suffer from seasonal allergies. It’s like going to bed and you have to breathe through your mouth and you wake up with the dry mouth the Pastis. This was a treat. This was a real treat and again from an early early age.

I’ve been taking arias, Claridon doesn’t work, for me. Arias is the one allergy medication that I take. That just does wonders I’m spitting everywhere and I was just so surprised by that result, so surprised and so happy. So that’s number one: seasonal allergies gone with the ketogenic diet. Gone number two. This isn’t really a cure, and this was pretty much an obvious thing, because my my calorie intake, I don’t think, was as high when I when you go off carbs as you can see by the vlogs.

If you I’m going to, you know, put a link up here where you can see every single vlog I did for the 30 days, and you can see how I’m pissed off at the beginning, going through keto flu there’s times of depression times of more anxiety times Where I’m just like this diets stupid and then other times where, after the keto flu I get used to things, get used to the habit, you know eating differently, getting used to cooking differently, buying the right vegetables buying meats, finding them on sale.

You get used to the whole thing after just a few weeks, but the one thing was: my calories were definitely lower. At the beginning I had to eat non-stop. I and I was telling Michaela who introduced me to this diet and told me to try it. She was like yeah you’re, going to like be hungry a lot of the time at the beginning, your body’s just not used to it. My body was craving carbs and I’m just like use the fat for energy.

You idiot my body wasn’t listening for a while. So what it did is uh for all you, ladies or gay men, I’m going to show you my stomach now, it’s nothing serious okay, but I had a beer belly before the ketogenic diet, not a beer belly, but I had a kangaroo pouch. I was growing a Joey in there and from the reduced calories, but also you talk to anyone. You reduce carbs, your stomach gets flat man, it gets flat.

So that was what I saw even around week. One flatter stomach and no bloating after eating huge improvement, huge improvement, so I just want to show you like: that’s pretty cool right and I’ll do a little flex like guys, I haven’t done a sit-up in a month a because that accident bruised my ribs right. I don’t know if you can see that that’s my hip, but that was all bruised. My ribs are still bruised here, so I’ve been able to work out, but look at that man that’s crazy.

Now, if I push out that’s the push out, that’s the push out, but you’re never actually going cool like when you’re walking around right. So that’s pretty cool. What do you think I do a little twist. You know it’s all lighting at the end of the day and I’ll have to make this a thumbnail. So I get a click or two but um guys like in all seriousness, not to flaunt or beep, be cocky about how my body looks.

You know, I don’t do that type of thing, but I wanted to show you and you asked for it again. I should have done it before thinking. If I have any pictures of a before, I probably do, but I did lose 10 pounds on the keto diet and the 10 pounds were on. It was honestly in that stomach area. That’s where you know, women get it in the hips and men get it right. In the bellies right in the lower abdomen, so that was pretty cool.

What do you think? That’s pretty cool, so we’re at no allergies. That’s number one awesome number two belly fat, gonzo, number, three headaches headaches! Now: here’s the tough thing! Here’s! The tough thing! I got a pillow about a week and a half into the ketogenic diet, a new pillow, a Casper pillow, but I was sleeping at my parents place. I was sleeping at friends places, so I had different pillows throughout the month and I was still getting no headaches in the morning in the afternoon night.

Never never, and let me tell you I would get headaches often in the morning. Ketogenic diet, no headaches! No headaches. Can you believe that now I want with these three three cures? I’m not I’m not advertising. Any diet like I’m. Never one to be like carbs are bad like to eliminate this or go vegan or go carnivore. Do this and that I’m just sharing my own experiences here and with these three improvements, that’s pretty awesome, that is pretty cool just after 30 days of eating differently.

I don’t know what the long-term effects of keto are well I’ll talk to I’ll talk to you about the foods I’m reintroducing, but that’s so cool that is so cool. Cuz, usually I’ll, have a headache in the morning. Just it feels like inflammation. That’s what it feels like and with the weather to certain certain weather, cloudy weather, I don’t know different pressures in the air. I get headaches for 30 days, not a headache, even during the kedo flu, not a headache.

So that’s cool. Those are the three things. So we have allergies, no bloating and a flatter stomach and no headaches, that’s really cool. So next I’m going to go through introducing my foods and last I’ll show you my blood results. So again, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, all the links are below all the great links to all these cool playlists and what we do here on depression to expression.

It’s all available in the description, but I was craving doughnuts. Carb withdrawal is a real thing and you know people get hangry and maybe people before their morning, coffee, they’re, less they’re, impatient and they’re not fun to be around that’s carb withdrawal. Man like I was feigning for a little bit. I was pissed off. I was really mad about having to eat so much at the beginning, but let me tell you the one thing I wanted more than anything was a doughnut.

I wanted a doughnut and I haven’t had one yet, but what I have introduced slowly but surely, is Mikey Mikey genic diet was different than most because most people stick on the dairy, coz dairies great for fat, a bunch of cheaters, but I didn’t do dairy. I didn’t I had no fruit, not a single fruit. This was meat and veggies. That’s it that’s it oils, of course, oils ruj and water. No coffee either no bullet coffees, no butter in my cup, my coffee.

None of that, because that’s a big thing with keto as well doing the bullet coffees nothing. So what I wanted to introduce first was fruit. I first had a plum waited a day had a banana and a peach waited two more days, no reaction, so good news. Those three fruits like I miss bananas. I would have a banana every single day, at least two bananas and no reaction whatsoever. Fruit, a ok, second beer.

I had a beer and no reaction whatsoever. I waited a few days right. The taste was delicious. I’m trying to think of what beer I actually had no jeez. It was at the wedding, it was a Sleeman, it was a sleeve and yes, I could have chosen a cool, Ontario craft brew or something from Toronto. It was a Sleeman, but it was delicious. It was delicious and it was out of wedding. So maybe I sweat I danced.

I had lots of food. I didn’t eat carbs there during the meal, but the beer success so we’re at fruit beer, a ok haven’t, had a bagel or any bread or anything whatsoever. But the other thing I did have was oh wait. Let me just think, oh right, sorry, the bread that was just a lie. I had a burger with the bun burger with the bun and phone. Please and no reactions whatsoever didn’t feel groggy didn’t feel any adverse effects.

I know what you’re thinking like yeah – maybe I would have, if I did this – maybe for a two-month period or three months like do 90 days and then go back to the original diet um. But I was definitely in ketosis man like oh, it was the best feeling when I woke up one morning and wasn’t starving that happened at around day 26 27. I woke up, and I wasn’t starving like I would get up in the morning and I’d be in pain because I’d be so hungry and after, like you know three weeks, I wasn’t starving.

That was a great feeling, but so I was definitely in ketosis, but the bread didn’t do anything and the last thing that I reintroduce was sauces. So I did catch up and this barbecue sauce that was fairly low sugar. But I I dipped chicken and a burger in there, and that was it now I the way I did the burger was no sauce on the burger, so I could see how the bun is just alone and then reintroduce sauces on their own.

I was very careful about this no reactions whatsoever, but remember this is mental health. I did the ketogenic diet for mental health reasons not to not to lose weight, not to see what my workouts would be like, and energy levels that way pumping iron. Although I, my energy, wasn’t great the whole time, but this was for mental health and as far as anxiety or anything like that or depression, no real benefit with the ketogenic diet, no big benefit, because I was feeling good from the beginning.

Now, as I told you all before, the real test would be going off antidepressants and maintaining the ketogenic diet and that’s something I’m still debating and I’d appreciate your balanced opinion there and don’t go after me about that. But it’s a big decision because I’ve gone off antidepressants before and I’ve almost died and I know the withdrawal effects it’s like well. If you’ve gone through that yeah, I don’t need to describe it.

So last but not least, this is very uncut. Let’s go through the blood results now, as I said before, the nurse was nice enough to give me a copy, I’m trying to figure out how to best share this with you guys they measured sodium potassium chloride, total co2 glucose levels and creatinine. I believe: that’s how you say it: creatine, creatine, NIEM, so sodium perfect and my meals. I added salt on everything since with carbs and breads you’re, getting a lot of salt.

That way, you do need to salt your food with the keto. That’s one thing I learned potassium on the high end, but right on chloride, perfect glucose was on the low end, so they give you a range of four moles per liter 27.8, and I was at four point six. So the nurse did say that was on the lower end, glucose and well, obviously, I’m not getting the carbs so that I think that makes sense or maybe I wasn’t full keto.

I don’t know those experienced or maybe a doctor is reading. Please, let me know creatine, which is creatine. You get all that from meat right. That was at 84 out of 112. So that’s a perfect range. I just want to talk about the things that were high for me. It with this blood test, so red blood cell count, was on the height like it was too high. So they give you a range of four point, three to five point: six e 12 per litre.

Don’t know what that means anyways. It was five point: six for red blood cell count was high, as well as which is cool MP v MP V stands for the platelet volume, the your blood platelets and how large they are – and I was these were big, and if something is again, I was Talking to the nurse MPV, I can tell you exactly what that means mean: platelet volume, average platelet volume calculated measurement of the average size of platelets found in the blood and is typically included in the tests as part of the CBC.

So what this means, if it’s high it says, normally occurs when your body constantly creates new platelets because of a continual loss of existing platelets. This can be caused by things like recent surgery, infection inflammation or from heavy blood loss. So I didn’t lose any blood, but I’m thinking maybe inflammation could have had something to do with this, although with the lack of seasonal allergies, like allergies, it’s a it’s an immune response right, so I’m thinking the inflammation my immune system went down, but who knows, I Know I’m kind of talking out of my ass here because I’m not a doctor and I have absolutely no medical training when it comes to comes to blood tests.

But if you know more about this stuff, please comment below. This is a this is a dialogue. So please help me out a little bit if you find this interesting and the other thing that was high was monocytes ABS monocytes, when they’re high, a heightened percentage in your blood, can be caused by chronic inflammatory disease such as inflammatory bowel disease. So another thing with inflammation: isn’t that interesting, two of the things in my blood that could be caused that are high, that could be caused by inflammation.

That is very interesting, isn’t it so those are the blood results. Blood tests, white blood cell count was perfect again. I talked about the glucose being perfect. I said red blood cell count was perfect and that’s about it, so that was the ketogenic diet. There’s the three cures: that’s the reintroduction of food. So far so good again, I’m not going back to heavy carb anymore. I told you I’d update you on that, I’m not, it doesn’t make sense and I’m definitely not eating dairy again.

I don’t miss it. Do not miss dairy, I don’t miss cheese. I don’t miss milk, I don’t miss yogurt, don’t miss butter. None of that. So excuse me, dairy, is something that I’m fine with missing out on. That’s a big inflammatory thing I guarantee. If I reintroduce dairy allergies would come back. I could probably experiment with that for sure, but I just have to go. Buy dairy. I don’t really want to buy stuff and then the blood cell or sorry the blood tests all seems good right, except for the the high the high parts, but the nurse said.

That’s like honestly, nothing to worry about we’ll see if I’m dead within a week. Please call for help now. That’s so that’s the 30-day challenge. Everyone Kido I’d, highly recommend it if you suffer from seasonal allergies. If, if you want to try something different for anxiety for depression right for for any kind of physical illness that you have um, I’m all about just trying everything attacking something that you suffer with from every different possible angle and see what works and diet for the Most part is something that people don’t really think about and that we don’t experiment with which is actually pretty nuts.

Let me tell you it wasn’t fun for the first two weeks, but it’s two weeks out of your life man. It was definitely worth it as an experiment and I’m going to change the way I eat for the rest of my life a burger here, and there is great, but as far as heavy passes and dairy sauces and cheeses and candy, it’s just not worth it anymore. It doesn’t do anything for me so like I would keep this diet altered version where you know I can have.

I can still have fruit, which is fantastic, but I do it just from the seasonal allergies point of view and the headaches pretty awesome and I’m pretty excited. So I hope this gave you some motivation to to try this yourself. I know a lot of people who are following the vlogs everyday, we’re doing their own challenges. Please comment. Let me know how your 30-day challenge went. I know a lot of you were getting rid of refined sugar.

Some of you stopped drinking coffee. Other people were doing meditation for a month every day. Let me know that went and I hope you enjoyed the new backdrop for all the articles. I love reading musics, a form of expression and I love nature. This is like my mental health toolbox right here, so I hope you like the brighter background, because brighter days are ahead for all of us, stay strong, keep being you and don’t forget to express yourself.

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A GUT REACTION TO HIV: How the gut microbiome influences progression to AIDS

Inflammation is the body’s way of protecting Itself from harmful agents or heal itself from injury, But when inflammation is sustained, it can Irritate the body and be harmful in this case by supporting the progression to AIDS. So where could this inflammation come from? Well, one interesting theory points to the Gut The wall of our intestine protects us by preventing harmful substances in our intestine From entering the bloodstream, A sea of immune cells prevents this from happening.

Some of the things that reside in our intestine Are actually bacteria, In fact, you may be surprised to hear that Our bodies are actually made up of more bacterial cells than human cells. All of the bacteria that live in our intestine Are part of the gut microbiome, which plays very important roles in maintaining our health, So this immune barrier keeps the bacteria In the intestine, where they have a beneficial role in our health, But upon HIV infection, this barrier is weakened.

And harmful substances, as well as the bacteria of the gut microbiome, can enter the blood Once the bacteria leave the gut and enter The bloodstream they can travel throughout the body and cause body-wide inflammation. Which can damage the body? Scientists think this may be a major cause. Of the body-wide inflammation that is characteristic of HIV and that contributes to AIDS, But we’re not really sure exactly HOW this Barrier gets damaged in HIV.

The types of bacteria that live in our gut Influence how healthy the immune barrier is. So the scientists of this paper were interested In seeing if there were any differences in the types of bacteria that reside in the gut Of patients with and without HIV, Their findings are published in Science, Translational Medicine in July 2013, in their article titled “ Dysbiosis of the gut microbiota, is associated With HIV disease progression and tryptophan catabolism.

” published by the McCune and Lynch lab at the University of california in san francisco, The scientists took patients that had HIV But were never treated with antiviral drugs and patients that were HIV-negative and examined. Their gut microbiome What the scientists found was that everyone Had the same overall number of bacteria, but the TYPES of bacteria that were present in Both groups were VERY different, Some species of bacteria were increased and Some were depleted upon HIV infection, BUT overall the gut microbiome from HIV-positive Patients contained many of the bacterial species that have been shown in other contexts to Cause disease on their own (, pictured in red here ).

They further went on to show that some of These bacteria may be directly weakening the gut barrier. That’S interesting By weakening the gut barrier. These bacteria May be allowing all kinds of other bacteria to go through and travel in the body and cause Inflammation…, However, this evidence is not direct and needs. To be confirmed in this context, Interestingly, the scientists also studied One individual that had HIV for over 21 years but was never treated and never progressed.

To AIDS This is very rare and when the scientists Looked at the gut microbiome of that individual, it looked JUST LIKE the gut microbiome of A person without HIV This again provides evidence that the composition, Of the gut microbiome may be linked to the likelihood of disease progression to AIDS. So what did this study show? This study showed that the gut microbiome Or the community of bacteria that live in the intestine of HIV patients is very different.

From that of uninfected patients And individuals with a more disease-associated Microbiome also had more inflammation and more advanced disease. This can be explained by the fact that the Microbiome from HIV patients contained lots of species here in red that may, along with Other factors weaken the gut barrier. This could then open the door for a whole Range of other bacteria to cross into the bloodstream and cause body-wide inflammation.

So what does this mean for you? This article provides a very interesting theory. That the composition of the gut microbiome could be linked to the development of AIDS. From HIV infection by being a major contributor to the inflammation But important questions remain, IS the “ disease-associated Bacterial community” actually damaging the immune barrier in HIV. Individuals in this Specific context in humans, with HIV infection and in the intestine, And how does this community grow out in an Hiv infected person.

Nevertheless, this study leaves much to fantasize About We can envision a scenario where, instead of Killing the HIV virus, we could slow the development of AIDS simply by changing the bacterial community. In their gut to that of an HIV-free person in order to prevent body-wide inflammation, This will likely be difficult, but it’s an Interesting way of approaching the problem,

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Probiotics Reduce Inflammation – Scientific Proof

Russo. Let’S talk about probiotics and inflammation, you hear a lot of claims about probiotics. Some are true. Some are not true. What’S nice about a recent study that was published is it gives us very high-level scientific proof that probiotics do in fact help reduce inflammation, specifically an inflammatory marker, known as C reactive protein now I’ll put this study abstract up here on the screen.

This study was what’s known as a systematic review with meta-analysis. What this means is a group of researchers look to perview all the studies on probiotics and inflammation and come up with a summary of what all the scientific evidence shows. So a systematic review with meta-analysis is like a summary of all of the scientific data. So it’s a it’s a great way not to be mislead. You can find one study showing something good in other studies showing something bad that isn’t necessarily super helpful.

But when you look at all the studies now you get a good gauge as to what the majority of the data shows. So in this study, 20 clinical trials were summarized and it was found that probiotics do in fact lower inflammation. Specifically this inflammatory markers c-reactive protein. Now, what else is very interesting is that it wasn’t necessarily one probiotic in particular because of these 20 different studies, the probiotic hues in each study wasn’t the same, so it seems, as a general class probiotics tend to have a ability to reduce inflammation.

So that’s a very important, very encouraging finding and I’ll just quote the conclusion from the researchers here. This meta-analysis suggests that probiotic administration may significantly reduce serum c-reactive protein again c-reactive protein being a marker of inflammation that your doctor can usually run as a blood test. So why is it that probiotics can reduce inflammation well a few thoughts? The gut is a very common source of inflammation and probiotics have been shown to help here, Liggett and therefore they can help reduce inflation point.

One point to your immune system is a major contributor to inflammation. In fact, the way your immune system acts to kill stuff that shouldn’t be there is through inflammation. You can think of your immune cells as having these little inflammatory guns and what the immune cells use to kill things that shouldn’t be. There is actually inflammation. So when there’s problems in the immune system or when the immune system is, is maladjusted or overzealous or what-have-you.

The immune system can cause lots of inflammation. We see this and things like food allergy. When people are reacting, the food is that they shouldn’t the immune system is, is inadvertently or inappropriately attacking food, and that causes inflammation now probiotics have been shown to help with the health dekat, where the highest density of immune cells reside. So if the immune cells are a major source of inflammation and the highest density of immune cells in the body resides in these in the intestines and probiotics help heal the intestines.

It’S not a logical or not a stretch, to see a mechanism here where, by probiotics, helping to heal the gut and improve the immune system in the gut, we can have a great ability of decreasing the inflammatory burden in one’s body now. The other part of this that’s noteworthy is that probiotics may help to reduce unhealthy bacteria and fungus in the gut and if we’ve talked about the gut as being a major source of inflammation partially because of the immune system acting in the gut.

If you have an unhealthy bacteria or fungus in your intestines, then that is going to cause inflammation, of course, and your immune system is going to be part of what makes that inflammation. Now, if probiotics can help reduce these unhealthy bacteria or fungus, we can reduce inflammation because we’re getting rid of this naked dis of unhealthy bacteria or fungus. That’S causing inflammation, that’s causing your immune system to chronic.

<img src="×1000/47/26/probiotics-good-bacteria-and-microorganisms-for-vector-22324726.jpg” style=”width:500px”>

They react so, for all these reasons, through healing the gut through balancing the immune system and through getting rid of unhealthy or unwanted bacteria and fungus, are a few of the major reasons why it’s likely. This study that reviewed all of the data on probiotics and inflammation has shown that yes, probiotics do in fact help to decrease inflammation. So what does this mean? What did you do? Well, it comes back to something I say quite often, which is start with the gut.

If you’re not feeling well one of the best bang for your buck, if you will, in terms of health interventions that can help, reduce or eliminate the most amount of symptoms, the most quickly is by starting with having a thorough investigation of and optimizing the health of. Your gut, so if you start with the gut, you can help decrease inflammation, get rid of these unwanted bacteria balance your immune system, and what have you now there’s many ways that you can start with the gut, but for someone who is listening to this, if you’re, Not sure where to start starting with a gut is an excellent bet, so again, very high level.

Scientific data, systematic review with meta-analysis of 20 clinical trials, has shown that probiotics do you in fact help to decrease inflammation? So this is dr. Russo and I hope this helps you get healthy and get back to your life thanks.

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TREAT DIABETES NATURALLY – Probiotics and diabetes

Today’S article focuses on probiotics in their relationship to daddies keep reading. I will start by explaining what probiotics are. These are friendly bacteria they are obtained from fragmented foods and they get to reside in the gut. Probiotics are extremely beneficial for health, and these health effects also apply to diabetes. Studies have found a profoundly strong connection between probiotics and diabetes.

One of the greatest benefits of probiotics is production of vitamin k2. This nutrient is known for significantly reducing plaque build up in arteries, and this is such an important process for promoting heart health. Heart health is a top health concern among people with diabetes, so eating a wide range of probiotic foods has an immensely positive impact on heart function. Another way probiotics help with diabetes is by improving glucose tolerance or insulin sensitivity.

When insulin is highly sensitive, it means that only a small amount of insulin is needed to move a certain amount of sugar from the blood into body cells, and this happens within a very short space of time. So this keeps blood sugar and insulin levels in a healthy range. When insulin is insensitive, a condition also known as insulin resistance, it takes more insulin and time to says the same amount of blood sugar.

This, of course, leads to high blood sugar as well as high insulin levels. Now this is really really bad for health. Probiotics also happen to possess potent anti-inflammatory powers. This is extremely beneficial, because chronic systemic inflammation is a root cause of diabetes and other chronic conditions. Probiotics are very important for immune function. Now this property of probiotics is particularly important because diabetes is known to severely impair the immune system, increasing the risk for even more health problems.

So all fermented foods contain probiotics. There are dairy as well as plant sources. Dairy sources include cultured milk and yogurt plant based probiotics include kombucha. Tea, which is fermented tea. Miso is produced from fermented. Soy sauerkraut is from fermented cabbage tempeh made from fermented. Soy natto is another probiotic food made from soybeans kimchi. This is prepared using cabbage and spices.

Then you also have pickles future articles, we’ll take an in-depth look at factors important to probiotics, like the ideal population of probiotics and wide variety of these healthy bacteria matters. Prebiotics will also be looked into these nutrients important for probiotics probiotics play a central role in fighting diabetes and maintaining good health in general. There is more to come about probiotics in studies.

<img src="×1000/48/73/microscopic-probiotics-set-good-bacteria-and-vector-22534873.jpg” style=”width:500px”>

So please remember to subscribe comment. Enlight thanks for your time, see you in the next article

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