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So we have some some grapes here, drapes and I will try to make it tropical and put in couple dates dates here. By the way I did wash my hand now we’ll use that use the bigger you can. We do have a bigger one and if you just picked up some fresh mint from my garden here, you don’t have to just stick it in there that give you a minty taste now what we need to do.

Yes, I could put a bit of water we’re just going to put a drop of let’s put a little drop on me. Okay, show me all right: let’s go just open up and see how all right nothing! You bump it up! This lovely lovely, jubbly yeah get a mint still to blend it. There we are, we are, hopefully it should taste absolutely brilliant with doubly delicious lets me head over here, because it’s less, you might have to put it on the table here on our table there, and you can see ya so easy and quick and all the rest Of it, alright, let’s let me know have a little taste to see how it is ah gorgeous absolutely delicious used to try to make it always simple, effective, be real, healthy, don’t put any sugar in a solid sugary, absolutely heavenly taste.

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Classic Cocktails For New Year’s Eve | Martini, Rob Roy, Highball | NYE Cocktail Recipes

Movies, You have everything that is good there with William Powell and Myrna Loy You have loads of style, You have intrigue, You have humor And you have Lots and lots of cocktails Nora “.

How many drinks have you had?” Nick “, This will make six martinis.” Nora “. Alright, will you bring me five more martinis They all line them right up here:.” Waiter, “, Yes, ma’am,.”, So that’s sort of why I wanted to make this article Now, let’s talk about the Drinks First up is the venerable martini. Now there are tons of variables when it Comes to making a martini, including the type of gin you choose, the vermouth and of Course, the proportions Now all of these things are completely a matter of Personal taste, but for this article obviously I’m going to show you what I Like best Gin, My favorite gin for my martinis is Bombay Sapphire for Negronis Different story.

I prefer Beefeater, but I, like my Martinis to be on the smoother side and believe me, I’ve tried many different Kinds of gin Bombay Sapphire is my absolute favorite gin for a martini Vermouth In my martinis I prefer a French vermouth Dolin is my choice. Now, Proportions Now we can have a discussion about this in the comments, but I prefer A two to one gin to vermouth ratio, which is known as a classic dry martini, Modern Versions which are basically a glass full of gin, with just the thought of Vermouth not for me, I tried the 50/50 version, which is half gin, half vermouth Because I feel like it’s more like they were probably drinking back in The Thin Man time, but for me it’s not balanced enough.

The two-to-one ratio is in my Opinion what a martini should be So alright, let’s actually make this drink. First thing you need to do with any cocktail you are making is to chill your Glass You’re going to fill it with ice and add some water. Next we’re going to Build our drink, Two ounces of Bombay Sapphire gin, One ounce of Dolin dry Vermouth Next we’re going to add some ice and stir for about 30 seconds.

Take your Julep strainer and strain the drink into your glass. You can add a garnish if you Like Some people like olives, If I have a garnish, I typically use a lemon peel, but It is perfectly fine if you want to skip the garnish as well. Next up we have the Rob Roy A Rob Roy is very similar to a martini, except instead of gin, you’re Going to use scotch and instead of dry vermouth you’re going to use sweet Vermouth Now for the scotch you do not want to use a single malt.

You want to Use a blended scotch, My favorite for a Rob Roy is Chivas Vermouth Again, your choice of vermouth is very important. It’s a little Pricey, but in this cocktail there is nothing better than Carpano Antica I’ve tried other sweet vermouths, including Martini and Rossi, which isn’t bad, but Carpano is vastly superior Now. Another element you need for a Rob. Roy is Bitters And not just any bitters, You need orange bitters.

The best orange Bitters you can get for this. Cocktail are Regan’s orange bitters First step. Is we’re going to add two dashes of our bitters Now? What is a dash of bitters Aacording to a good bartender friend of mine, a dash of bitters is whatever Comes out of the bottle, So don’t overthink it So like our martini, we’re Going to use two ounces of our base spirit Here, that’s two ounces of blended Scotch, Unlike a martini, you want to favor the Rob Roy a little more towards The spirit side so, instead of one ounce of sweet vermouth we’re going to use Three quarters of an ounce Stir again for about 30 seconds and strain into Your chilled cocktail glass, Alright, this last cocktail, I’m not sure exactly What you call it Growing up, my family call it a highball, and since I associate This with Christmastime and the holidays, I have come to call it the “ Taste of Christmas”, It’s probably the simplest “ cocktail” you’ll ever make Definitely nothing fancy, but that’s not the point.

All you need is Seagram’s. 7 And ginger ale, I don’t even measure this drink. I put a Big piece of ice in a glass pour about this much Seagram’s in and top it off. With some ginger ale and give it a little stir, Cheers So those are three classic cocktails that I enjoy during the holidays. Leave Your favorites in the comments, Let’s argue about the perfect gin to vermouth Ratio for a martini Thumbs up, if you liked this article hHt, that subscribe button And Until next time have a very Happy New Year and stay tailored,

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How to Make a Honeydripper | How to make a Frozen cup | Summer Time Favorite

So today I’m going to be doing summertime favor, I’m going to say really a Florida favorite, because we all love honey jumpers. If you, you know, if you for lose like, oh you know, you know what I’m talking about you know or if you know her new, you yeah all know that the honey dripper laning is in the neighborhood on a candy lady.

It was in the neighborhood and she got the honey girl puts the candied annihilators the chips the cookies but see y’all might not have let alone, because I found a good candidate in a long time, but we do got a honey dripper later. While I go pop down and get them, but I was like this summer, I’m going to go ahead and make my own they really easy to make again they called honey truffles. So you want to make sure you have your sugar sugar, it’s the key! Not you! Don’t want no, no, no sour honey dripper, it’s called honey dripper, so you can taste the honey.

You won’t define it to be at the top in everything, honey, sugar that we came up. You know it’s just like you know that do at the top, but that’s what you wanted to talk and do you want to turn that thing go, but you want to scoop it out. Yeah say you want to taste good and not a say for the dive. It’s the same for the top, it is if you, if you do want to have one you might can have one of you, but how much I got how to make these for real, so birthday.

First, this is a shoe yeah. I’ve seen it sugar y’all need some shut-eye sure. Look it’s the key is the key to success, we’re making these kind of John’s baby and kool-aid to this. I can make cool it, but I probably I put a little less sugar in it, making cool it. Cuz you’re going to be drinking this. You know sugar like that in kool-aid, so I’ll put a little bit less sugar in this, what I mean whatever y’all want me to show y’all the article making kool-aid.

I let me know I love the blog which I’ll go ahead and do that anyway also check out miss baby. That’s mother! I have inspirational articles on there and cooking articles on there too. So y’all check that out. I probably put it in the car somewhere I’ll, see you soon. So I’m just going to pineapple juice to stop. We love, you love, you, kids, all their delivery. I want us one of the kids in the article sometime.

It ain’t disable to come in, and I’m going to try to be able to comment on the article if you want to add a little bit of water to this partner. This is a joke want to Tyson just, and I just put some water in Hey. That’s kind of where I played that’s kind of where I play the water in their yard. I don’t know I said honey Drupal, but this one just this straight pineapple, give me the kool-aid whoo yeah, you know hold.

Oh, hey, don’t stop. How are you guys doing? Alright, okay, you die tomorrow, okay, so there you have it, how you make that’s summertime baby and it’s called a little okay, I’ll read him mommy all right, all right, you guys! So there you have it a summer, favorite, okay, right the girl anyway, when they freeze. I will let y’all see the finish. Products or y’all will definitely send on the thumbnail.

Y’All are definitely going to try this again.

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Mummy’s Cooking – Pumpkin and Water Melon seeds Burfi

Pumpkin Seeds, 1/2 Cup, Water, Melon Seeds, 1/2 Cup, Jaggery, 3/4 Cup, Ghee, 1, Tbsp, Pumpkin and Water Melon Seeds are good for prostate health. These seeds have more medicinal values, Take Jaggery in a pan and add 1/4 cup of Water and heat until the Jaggery is completely dissolved, Take a pan, add Ghee and roast Pumpkin and Water Melon Seeds until light Golden Brown Strain the syrup to remove any impurities When Roasted light Golden Brown remove from the stove Add the Jaggery syrup to the same pan Grease a plate with little Ghee Boil until you get a hard ball.

Consistency Leave a drop of Syrup in water to know the right. Consistency Now add the roasted seeds and mix. Well, Pour this mixture onto a greased plate and let it cool Now cut into pieces when it is still warm, Let it cool completely and take out the pieces, Pumpkin and Water Melon Seeds. Burfi is ready. Both seeds are healthy. These Seeds contain host of nutrients. This helps in lowering down sugar level blood pressure and helps in healthy heart.

The power of antioxidants are more. These seeds are good for Prostate Health And also good for Kidney and Hydrocele problems. This contain many micro nutrients Watch Mouth Freshener in our Channel. You can also dry roast these seeds and include in your diet, daily, Try and enjoy this healthy, Burfi Post your comments and Subscribe for more Healthy Recipe, Thanks for Watching

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.




So today I’m going to be doing a very, very requested article honestly, I’ve been super duper excited to film this, oh, I called you. I just said y’all, so if you aren’t already subscribed to my blog, please do click the subscribe button to join my lovely family. I love you all so so much I upload every Wednesday and every Sunday.

Please do click the Bell button, because if you don’t YouTube’s been playing up, you know you maybe miss out one of my articles so it’ll be really really nice if you could click the Buy button we’ve all that said, let’s get on into the article today, I’m Going to be showing you how to make an iced latte and not only an iced latte but the best, and also the easiest one ever like it’s so simple, quick and easy.

I didn’t used to like coffee and I’m hooked now, like I love it. So much so, if you don’t like coffee, try this out, you will probably like it so just stay tuned. If you want to know how to make the best iced latte over. So the first thing you’re going to need is some coffee and a mason jar with just a plastic straw. I use reusable straws just because it’s so much better for the environment, so you’re just going to want to take two teaspoons of instant coffee and put them in your mason jar.

You can add more or less, depending on how strong you want it once you’ve done, that you’re going to want to add either some syrup or if you want to be healthier, I’m honey, but I don’t really care. So I’m just going to add some honey and I normally add about a teaspoon or a dessert spoon. I think this might be called about that amount. My cat is really curious. My cat is a little bit too curious, but once you’ve added your syrup or honey you’re going to add the boiled water.

So I just add a few centimeters to the bottom read out about that. Much isn’t she the cutest little cat, she’s pregnant, so she’s really fat. So all you’re going to do now is mix all of that together and obviously, if you want your iced coffee to be a bit more sweet, just add some more syrup or honey. So now we’re just going to pop this in the freezer for about 10 to 20 minutes. The reason why I put it in the freezer is just because I want to make it cooled down faster once your coffee’s been in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

You just get a little bit of ice in a cup, so after I’ve added ice about halfway, maybe a little bit less. I will add some oat milk. If you did enjoy this article, please do give it a thumbs up. So I know that you like it and also comment something down below. Maybe let me know if you try this out and if you do try this out, please please do tag me in it on Twitter or Instagram or whatever. I always love chatting to you guys on there and yeah here are the shoutouts for today’s article.

I love you all so so much and I’ve also got my YouTube play button. It’s up there. I’ve actually got the YouTube letter. They sent me in front of it. So you can’t see it. Let me just remove that. Are you ready you like can’t even see it, but you can kind of see it. My YouTube play button. It’s there guys, I’m just forever thankful for you and you all know that without you, that thing wouldn’t be in my room and like I’m, not a materialistic girl, but thank you honestly.

I love it more than you and now that I’ve got out, I can quit YouTube so by this will be the last article you ever see. For me, jokes, I would never do that to you know thrill. You guys are the best thing. I love you all. So so much you make it possible for me to do what I love and yeah. It’s been eight years, eight seven years. I think it’s like it’s been a minute. So thank you. I really hope you try this out now peace.

I love this town. Isn’t this? Like ASMR, okay, I love you all so so much and I will hopefully see you in my next article bye. Oh one more thing don’t forget to follow my socials they’ll be on the screen and in the description books. Oh, my straw matches my top. Oh honestly, Here I am trying to make an aesthetically pleasing article and that happened.

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It’s going to be partially a haul and then also my first trip to the new Wegmans in Brooklyn New York, which is amazing. The food is so fresh and delicious. So I wanted to share some of my favorites, some of the things that have become staples and just keep you guys a look inside in case there’s a weapons need you.

I got the items from the hall, mainly from Amazon fresh, it’s really convenient cuz. They deliver and a lot of these items are hard for me to find anywhere else, plus the pre brand beef, the grass-fed beef is also grass finish, and it’s one of the most inexpensive ones that I’ve found anywhere and then, of course, I had to go ahead And pick up some eggs because I go through them like crazy eggs are definitely a staple in my keto diet.

I put them in almost everything. You can’t go wrong. I also grab some chicken thighs and wings and donuts to make for meal duck and then got a whole word. Street chicken for grab-and-go eats weak and easy no fuss. I only realize how much I like, sardines and Marco for that matter once on keto, so they have great omega-3 fats and it’s so easy to whip up like a little salad. You know, like you, do, tuna salad, but it’s a nice twist, so I had to grab some of those.

I also got some boneless pork chops just for a little bit of variety. They are higher in protein, but zero carb and 9 grams of fat. So you can make it working in that gross. Remember from my last meal prep article that I love the chicken and maple sausage by applicate Barnes, and I wanted to try them on with sage this time. It did not disappoint. Another recent favorite is the mission brands carb balanced soft tortilla is great to use for BLTs or any kind of Tito’s sandwich wraps and then, of course, had to grab a few avocado because I eat so many of them throughout the week.

I also picked up some of my favorite kilo friendly veggies, like hug flower, Brussels sprouts asparagus cucumber tomato. These I’ve really been enjoying the natural heaven noodles, their only ingredient is hearts of palm, and so I grabbed some of the Rao’s for me tomato sauce into some spaghetti, meatballs and sauce. That sauce is amazing. The noodles are amazing. I highly recommend both and then grab some butter lettuce, because it’s just one of my favorites, along with romaine.

I recently found this Asiago style dressing by three honest homestyle, Caesar Asiago. It is so fantastic. I would highly recommend it love it. I’m also a big fan of the primal kitchen dressing, so I decided to grab some ranch. I was almost out of my friends, red-hot buffalo sauce and I’m definitely planning to meet some buffalo style wings with the wings and drumlin said I’ve got so. I picked up some of that too.

There are very few my halls that don’t include bubbies pickles, because they’re my favorite they’re delicious. I was super curious about how nachos would come out with mission bar balanced wraps. So I grabbed some of the Rotel and Velveeta to make a queso, hey, Sookie, mark great still working on the tortillas comment below and let me know if you’d like to see a keto natural tutorial and I’ll get that out soon.

I’ve been in love with lumi cheese, since I ever tried it it’s a crime, cheese and so delicious. It gets a little bit crispy on the outside and it’s creamy on the inside. I did see it at Wegmans for less than whole foods, so just keep an eye out. I also picked up some fresh mozzarella and Swiss cheese to round out the cheese selection. I can never have enough cheese. Okay, now onto Wegmans, they just opened a brand new supermarket on flushing Ave in Brooklyn down by the dark yards, and this supermarket is amazing.

The people that are so friendly everybody is willing to help all the food looks so fresh. A lot of the prices are great. Some things are pricier than others. You just got to know. You know what to get here or maybe what to get at Trader Joe’s or what to get at Whole Foods and figure that out. But they’ve got some amazing keto friendly options similar to Whole Foods. Wegmans has a really nice little coffee station and then a lot of other pre-made food stations.

Different styles of oats to choose from I found that some of the meats were pretty much on par with the prices at Whole Foods. I think the difference with Wegmans is that you can end up getting organic Wegmans bran for about the same price as conventional foods at hopefulness. They also had a wide variety of cooking and dressing oils, one of which I tried is their wedding ins, basting oil, that I put on wings really good worth trying.

I also notice that, in addition to swerve, which you can find at Whole, Foods weddings has the lock on so sweetener, which is also really good, plus their coconut flour is like 399, which is a great price. Now, don’t get me wrong? Tara clothes still my favorite, but just so you know, weapons does have their own grass-fed butter, and I also found this amazing Amish style butter. I also figured it was just worth mentioning, especially for those people are doing meatless keto, that Wegmans does carry the impossible ground.

Beef they have the beyond beef and they also have to be on sausage, okay, everyone. I hope you guys found this article helpful comment below whether you find the best prices at Whole Foods, Wegmans or Trader, Joe’s or somewhere else, and also comment to. Let me know if you guys would like to see more keto food hulls just like this one until the next one be well bye.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!



How To Eat Korean BBQ: A Beginner’s Guide

So I like to eat a combination. Of pork, sam-gyeop-sal and beef short rib, which they have a special here, That’S marinated sogalbi Galbi is beef short rib In terms of ordering off the menu. If You’Re here for Korean BBQ, you really want to focus on the meat and not order.

Too much other stuff Also with your meal they’ll bring out a Lot of different banchan, which is vegetable and pickled side dishes, There will Be plenty of food, These are mung bean sprouts. These are pickles. This is kkakdugi, which Is a Korean pickled radish? You can eat as much as you want and then Ask for more Yum Korean BBQ is a good place for you to Come with your friends or your family and have a good time so drinking in this Case soju, which is a Korean rice, alcohol, it’s kind of like a vodka, but Very very low in alcohol percentage similar to wine Cheers In Korean Kombe! So when you come to Korean BBQ, You’Re, obviously going to be hit by the smell of meat and smoke.

So I like to wear a Ratty t-shirt and then at this point I’m going to put my hair up. This is beef short rib. It’S marinated in Soy sauce and other secret ingredients, My favorite Thing about Korean BBQ is that it cooks so quickly, so the meat is super juicy Take one of These red leaf lettuce, You can use the whole leaf. I like to cut It in half You want to take one of the meat. Take a little scoop of this soybean sauce, which Has a lot of awesome, umami, flavor and maybe a little dip of This anchovy sauce too, whatever sauces they give you, you can try all of them And then You want to wrap it like a meat, taco and then stuff it in your mouth Yeah.

The grill is hottest in the middle So I’m going to want to move them over to the side or move them on top of the Vegetables, so they don’t cook as much. Each serving of meat is technically for One person When you come with a group you want to Order about a portion to three portions, less so say: if you come with six people, you can order three to five portions. If You come with four people, maybe two or three just depends on how Much meat you can eat So this is unmarinated pork belly.

So That means you can sort of sauce it up more. Here we have salt and pepper with sesame oil And I’m going to put a little bit of this kimchi on Kimchi and pork goes Really well together for me: Okay, I’m going to go first and as soon as I Put it in my mouth, then you put in your mouth Yeah. This is cha-dol-ba-gi, which is unmarinated Thinly sliced beef brisket So especially with the thin stuff you Want to make sure you unfold them, so you get a good cook on all sides and then Flip them, So they cook so quickly.

That’S how you know a place is good. When it has good marbling on the meat I like to do just a little bit of salt And it’s really fatty, so I don’t put the sesame oil on And then a little bit of bean Paste little bit of scallions to cut through it. This is a cool glass. It shows you how much like with the Alcohol percentages depending how much you drink. Okay, it’s going to get messy, Ready, Ready, Jess, Okay, ready 1, 2.

3. It’S a race, I think we all lose. This is naeng-myeon, which is cold, noodles In beef broth and over here we have a spicy version of it. That’S brothless, Basically, naeng-myeon is a really popular dish for Koreans, especially in the Summer – and it goes perfectly with Korean BBQ After you’ve eaten a lot of meat, you need Something to help you digest and settle your stomach and cold noodles Weirdly works So after Korean BBQ you’re super full, but you want to drink more.

So we got to go to Karaoke “ I’ll make love to you like you. Want me to…”, Hey guys, I’m Nell Casey the food editor at Gothamist, Thank you so much for reading Click to subscribe to our YouTube. Blog for more delectable articles – and let us know in the comments where in New York City you’d like to see us film next I’ll catch y’all on the flip side,

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How To Cook Eastern NC BBQ | Pulled Pork

Today we will be making some Eastern North Carolina barbecue we’re going to be cooking a pork butt on the pit barrel cooker all right guys. We’Ve got a seven pound pork butt here. I’Ve already done some trimming. Some extra fat it was mature skin I like to cut that off and leave a little bit out of it. So it’ll render down really well now again, what I was saying was we’re going to be cooking, this Eastern North Carolina style, but I’m going to put a little bit of a twist on it.

My buddy at heaven I made products Michael Petrie, suggested a couple of layers, so we’re going to be using some of his product today and first of all like what I like to start off with. Is some olive oil we’re going to rub this all around, and this is a bone-in pork butt and for the ones who are not familiar with this and reason why they call it a pork butt? It is not from the actual pigs, but it is from the shoulder.

What we’re going to start off with? Is it’s incredible? By having a product? That’S going to be our first layer and I did score some of the fat like I said I trimmed it off, but I did score it some and we’re just going to kind of Pat this in I don’t. I don’t rub it in. I just kind of Pat it. Okay, now that it’s incredible is just kind of a typical salt and pepper. It does have some garlic in it. So what the twist is for this is we’re going to be using this amazing Cajun as our second later.

So that’s going to be our twist to this Eastern North Carolina barbecue, so we’ll put this on. This will be our next layer. This is going to give us some some really nice, color and nice bark. All right. We’Ve got the pork butt seasoned up really well. So now we’re going to get started on the pit barrel cooker hang tight with us guys, our guys just to kind of walk you through over, though we filled out this charcoal basket and we take in 40 briquettes and we’re going to get those ready all right.

We’Re getting those four kids ready to roll and a recent article kind of introduced, the Mojo bricks to you guys and we’re going to be using today a maple and apple wood mixture. This stuff is great guys, just a little couple little blocks and you get some awesome flavor, so we’re going to be using this today. So once these coals get up the temp we’ll get started right overhead and put these hot coals in here.

Okay, now we’re going to add our mojo bricks, put our great in we’re going to be cooking this on the wait about 20 minutes, and then we will get this pork butt all. Are we going to put this on and we’re putting that fat side down a little bit of fat? We had leftover and put our grill eye in there. Take this part right here, rebar back in and let it go around 165 all right, guys we’re going to check it out and kind of see where at it will be a right around 160 yeah when that 165, that’s kind of thickest part right there yeah! You want to go ahead and wrap this up all right guys.

What we’re going to do today is I’ve never tried this before, but we’re going wrap it in some pink butcher paper and I’m going to spray it with a little apple juice. First back on here, let it on we’ll be up around to 205. Alright, let’s! Let’S do a thing and blue be back guys, we’re going to check this right, quick and see where we are. The grill grill is reading right at 200, I’ve already kind of poked.

It a couple times and we’re right where we need to be we’re kind of 200 205 there. So we’re going to hair, wrap this and some fall and put it in a cooler. Alright, let’s wrap it in this. For I quick this way get real tight. Put it in a cooler, let it rest all right, guys, here’s how it turned out. It’S really tender we’re going to start today by some with the sauce range it out really. Also, let me try this right great great guys pretty soon to keep an eye out I’ll have another article out with some recipe for this sauce super easy to do.

Thank you so much for reading guys till then don’t forget subscribe and God bless.

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Smoked Pulled Pork Barbecue – Traditional Barbecue vs Sous Vide Que

I’Ve got two pork butts. I think one of my other articles, I showed you, I went and I bought some pork butt and my son’s going away to a North Carolina camp for church and every year I usually make some pulled pork for them to take with them up there. So I’m going to do that this year and to get it done by Wednesday, so I’m going to actually do a test. I’M going to do one, pork, butt where we’re going to soon eat it and smoke it and then one pork butt.

I’M going to cook the traditional way, so I got to get the pork butt in then we’re in the sous vide in tonight, so that I can have it ready for Monday to actually go up against the one we’re going to do traditionally. So I’m going to put the first one, the one on the CDs and go in for 36 hours at 155, and then this one we’re going to throw on on Tuesday for about eight or ten hours on the smoker. And that’s all so we’re going to have one that we’re going to actually post smoke this one and then it comes out of the sous-vide we’re going to post milk it for about two and a half hours to three hours.

And this one we’re just going to smoke the whole time. So that’s what we’re going to do today, I’m getting ready to put some pecan butter up from running wild on there. I love the pecan butter rub on pork. It goes really well with pork and chicken, but I’m going to do both of these. With another thing, I wanted to tell you the one that we are going to CVD. I did cut a little bit more of the fat cap off of it.

I did trim both of them, but I did leave a little bit more on the one we’re just going to smoke for eight or ten hours just to help protect that it’s going to be able to render that more than the sous-vide one will. So I did leave a little bit more fat on that one. I did take most of the fat cap off with you guys. I got the one that we’re just going to smoke only in the ziplock bag and that’s going to get thrown in the refrigerator, and I got the one we’re going to start soon evening.

I got it in the expandable Ziploc that are the spammable vacuum sealed bag. It’S been double with triple-sealed, so I’m going to go ahead and throw this on the okay guys. The sim unit is up to 150 55. You sit there right at 155 and we are ready to throw this in and it will sit in here for 36 hours. Remember it will float. We got plenty of room in that cooler, so that rack will keep it down there in the water, 155 it’ll be there for 36 hours and then, when we come back, we’ll throw the other one on these guys are back the sous-vide pork butt is right.

At 36 hours just a little over and we’re going to go ahead and take it out and throw it in the refrigerator. Then I’m going to get the fire going and then we’re going to throw the smoked pork, but only on the grill. With that get some you’re going to cooking and then it’s about eight hours in I’m go ahead, Sudeep or put on so that can get some string eyes. I are going so I can get my smoked only for put on I’m going to be using hickory today, or actually I’m going to be using some Hickory today.

And what I’m going to do is going to let this cook for about eight hours and I’m going to throw the other one on. So I’m going to add a little bit more Hickory and then pull my divide and conquer system out and add a another block of Hickory in there when I put the other pork butt on there. So if it has a chance to get some more smoke to it as well, alright guys I’m going to drop my chunks of hickory in there it’s going to use a couple big ones, a couple, small ones that should be enough for now, and I’m going to Let this fire and get up to temp and then we’ll throw the pork foot on back here.

It’S all stabilized right, around 250 got my pork let out here and go ahead and throw that on smokes going to died down right on the grill. Here I’m going to throw this alone, it’s going to be on there for a good, eight hours or so, and then we’re going to throw the other one on. That’S been city diversity. When you get this on and we’ll see you in probably in about a back about six hours now and the pork pot, that’s on the smoker only is probing about 175 to 180 all around it.

So that means it’s getting close to about a couple hours to being done, so I’m going to go ahead and put the one that we sous-vide on my part still, but I’m going to put a little bit more rub on it. Not much just a little bit. Give it a kind of a so I can get a little crust to it and we are going to go, throw it on the smoker right next to the one. That’S on there right now, it’s still sitting right at 250 and as you can see the smoke only one is sitting on there, pretty good I’m going to go ahead and put the one that we sous-vide on right next to it, and I did put it on Her a little wrap, so it would get it above me yeah about the pan there, so it’s not just sitting on its own juices.

So then, you kind of smoke all the way around it, but I want to go ahead and keep this on there for about two and a half three hours till that one’s done and that one should be all done. Crisped up, it’s got some smoke to it. I did throw another piece of hickory in there, so you can see it’s got a little bit of more smoke coming out, so we will close this up and we will be back and about we’re about done here.

I’Ve probed the smoke only one – that’s well over 190 right about 195, most everywhere, but its program really tender too. It’S going in there pretty good, so I think that’s done and this one to put it in cold, I’ve been cold for a while. So it’s actually pretty tender already anyway, but it’s over 170. So it’s good! It was falling apart when they pulled it out of the sous-vide. So I’m going to go ahead and pull these off the grill.

Definitely the one on the left is the smoked. Only one. Only cook them tomahto Joe cook for a little over eight and a half hours. It does look more like a traditional. You know pulled pork that you pull off there, but since we’re going to be chopping all this up to serve it anyway. Well, it looks like coming off. The grill really doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. You can tell it does have a little bit more darker bark on.

It looks a little bit more black and crispy, but it’s looking good and the one that was sous-vide. It has its own little bark, but it’s a little more of a mahogany since it hasn’t sat in there for eight and a half hours. So it’s more of a mahogany type bark, but I know it’s tender because it was falling apart when I took it out of the bag. Well, they’re all gone, they both smell. They can smell that hickory smoke like I said this one.

You know it’s nice and juicy: it’s got a little bit more darker bark to it. This one is nice and juicy as well, more of them a hog, an e-type bark, and it’s got some crispy parts to it. Just like this one did this not as bad but both pretty good-looking and we’re going to come back in a little bit. I’M going to pull this apart, take a couple pieces and put them to the side and a little bit Spencer’s going to taste test it, which ones, which is the one that was sous-vide and then smoked so looks like pulled pork.

I’Ve got some. You know bark chunks in there smells very smoky and it’s pretty moist and tender, so I just pulled that up and I’m going to go ahead and put some aside for Spencer for the taste test when it gets back. I just want to look alright guys, we’re back, and here is the taste test. Spencer he’s got back from golfing, so he doesn’t know which ones which so you got a on his left and B on his right.

So I want you to go ahead and take a bite of a burst a little bit of the bark. I want you to taste it for a tenderness, smokiness everything and then take a drink of water and then we’ll taste, the other ones tender good, pretty smoking. Okay, now, let’s try a lot less smokey on that one less smoke. Take another bite. Hmm that’s interesting! Take a drink. Can I take another bite or just take another bite, so he is more smoking yeah, this one’s, better they’re, both about the same tenderness, would G both of them.

If I gave you a plate of either one, would you say no, I don’t wan na know. How would either both okay this one? No, he was more better for you, okay! Well, they have that a was the one that I sous-vide first and put it in the smoker. For two and a half hours after and B was the one I smoked the whole time he beat both of them. But he said: hey was better the sous-vide Q, so I’m biased opinion from a growing boy, but he would probably eat both of them and not even worry about it.

Well, thanks for joining us guys make sure you subscribe like us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, see you in the next article

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The BIG Barbecue Build – Building a Barrel Barbecue Project

So why don ’ t we build ourselves a Barbecue Randy That ’ s a good idea, Paul Yeah, so we ’ ve got this big old air tank. We ’ ve got loads of angle iron, so we should Get to it, Randy Yeah, let ’ s, do it Paul Right so the first thing to do is to build the metal frame for the barbecue Paul Right so let ’ s get this frame cut Paul Right so, whilst he gets on with the cutting, I ’ m going to get on with the de-scaling Paul There you go Randy Thanks mate, Randy Let ’ s, do some welding Paul Hey, how ’ s it going? Randy Yeah good Paul Yeah that ’ s, looking sweet, yeah, very good Randy I ’ m happy with that: yeah Paul So the words gone out about our barbecue, build and guess who ’ s just turned up These guys over here, Randy Hey guys, Derk How you doing Tamas How you doing Paul Ok, so these guys have come to help us so me and you can go and get a rest Randy Yeah good Derk Ok: grind it down that! ’ s going to look good! Paul! So now we ’ ve got our 2 sections of frame clamped.

We need to weld it all together. Randy Right done, Randy So now it ’ s time to work on the tank. Can you grind this weld down? Derk Right, welds off grinding’s done Tamas Bit rough Derk Yeah, it was a big weld that ’ s a good disc, Tamas Let ’ s refine it. Randy So the next step is making an air hole in the bottom of the tank To make sure we get a nice tight fit. We need to grind the radius of the tank into the pipe Randy So the air hole.

’ s done. I ’. Ve turned the tank over. I ’ ve marked the door for you. Can you cut the hinge side And after that we weld the hinges on and cut the rest of the door, Derk Sure, Randy? Ok, that was quick and a nice straight cut too Randy. Now we can weld the strips on the edges of the door Randy. So now that the door is done, I ’ m. Going to make the chimney Paul Ok, so we got the Barbecue really coming together.

Now We got the chimney welded into place. We ’ ve. Got the lid on Paul? The legs are welded to the tank Paul. So next we need to fix the temperature gauge the handles the grill rack inside and after that we ’ re, going, go and blend and deburr Before we go straight to paint Paul Nice one Paul, Hey guys, I told you, the weather, was Going to be good this weekend, Randy It ’ s great Tamas, It ’ s.

Good right, Derk Got the BBQ going yeah Paul Come on guys, you ’ re, not looking like the professional chef, Tamas It looks really nice, it looks good Paul, I know let ’ s get this steak. Flipped

Find out what you get from a bag of Spunks! It is good with any type of barbecue!