Acai Smoothie – Start Your Day Packed With Nutrition With A Healthy Smoothie

I drink this a lot and I tell you I’m using frozen blueberries and some acai berries, that’s our main flavor and we’re using lots of other things. I’m going to show you in a minute, but it is just creamy and decadent and delicious.

So I’m rockin Robin and I’m going to show you how to make it right after this, so before we get into the recipe go ahead and hit that subscribe button and the notification bell next to it and that way you’ll be notified. Every week with my new articles come out and we’re always cooking up something delicious and healthy. So here’s what we need for our power smoothie. I have a packet of a cyi puree, which I got it Trader Joe’s.

We need some organic frozen blueberries. I got those at Costco a couple of bananas, I peel them and then toss them in the freezer and freeze them make sure smoothie, nice and creamy. I have some raw pumpkin seeds, raw walnuts. I have some hemp hearts date paste or you can use just regular hold dates. If you have a high speed blender, I have a piece of avocado I’m going to toss in there. It makes this for some good fats.

I have coconut milk with its full fat as well, and I have some almond beverage here that is unsweetened alright, so with the acai packet you’re going to want to hurry up and use this before it melts break it up into pieces because it just makes it Easier for the blender, so I take it out hon to my back porch and I just crack it over the concrete back there and it breaks it up into nice pieces. So you want to just you can see it just kind of breaks up into some pieces, and it’s alright, so I saw is really good for you.

It’s got a lot of antioxidants, a little bit messy here, lots of fiber it just lots of good nutrition and I’m using the of course. The frozen organic blueberries toss. Those in mexico’s my frozen bananas you can put in as much as you want. They make the smoothie nice and creamy now feel free to improvise. Here you can add whatever you want to add to this thing, it’s really simple, but this combination of things works really.

Well, I take a small handful of a saw, hump concedes, and I just I just throw in a few. You can certainly use other nuts. All these would work too. I just like the walnuts just throw in a little handful of that. You get a lot a lot of protein. In this hand, parts I’ve got serving of that which is like 3 tablespoons. Now here’s the date paste. I have just a little bit left on it to make some more I’m just about out.

I have a article that I’ll show you how to make this I’ll leave the link in the description of the article click down there, where it says, show more. So I just throw in a you know: just I’m going to put all this in actually and you can vary it now. If you don’t want to do the date paste, you can throw in some dates. I got mine from Costco and they’re pitted and you can just if you have a high speed blender, you can just toss the whole thing in there and it will.

You know pulverize it. Now. I have some leftover avocado here and I’m going to toss that in for the good fats, and this also makes your smoothie super creamy. Here’s my I have some leftover coconut milk. This is full fat and then the almond milk is just to get the right consistency. So I’m guessing here I put in maybe a third of a cup of the coconut milk, and I’m just going to pour some of this in what I think you need, and it all depends on how frozen all of your fruit was too and then we’ll place.

It on to our blender blend away all right. I want you to have a look at this thick and creamy so happen to have one of these little straw things instead of using paper straws this one’s just kind of you see how that worked. Just kind of came together and it’s reusable of course, and washable, and all of that, and so I’m going to stick it in there and take a taste man that is one delicious smoothie.

It is creamy and just decadent I mean it just satisfies it. Tastes like a milkshake, but it’s got a lot of nutrition and you can cut back on the sugar even more by leaving the dates or the date paste out and just go solely with the blueberry sweetness and the banana and you’re good. So that’s up to you and feel free to mix and match and add things to this and do whatever you want. I stick with the acai and the blueberry is my base flavor.

But what would go really good with this cocoa powder right get some really good. Cocoa powder put in a tablespoon and now you’ve really enhance the flavor of the acai because it sort of tastes like that anyway. So thanks so much for reading, share the article and leave me a comment. I always love to hear from you. So we’ll see you next time,

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.




You are going to read three recipes using punky such as flip it as fried pumpkin, Puri and pumpkin pancakes. Pumpkin seeds can be eaten as part of a healthy diet to make delicious pepitas fry cut. The pumpkin and remove the seeds using a fork clean decieves until they are free of any pulp and juice place. The seeds in a strainer under cool water to rinse off the seeds to remove pumpkin remains, can use paper towel to dry the seeds for better result.

Sun dry quickly and easily toss them in a skillet or a flat pan to make a delicious snack, pour 1 tablespoon of oil to a pan and when the oil is hot, add the pumpkin seeds and often stir cook for about 3 minutes until it becomes golden Brown season the pepitas using salt red chilli powder and enjoy extra space homemade pumpkin Puri. There are many ways to use pumpkin puree: it can be used in pancakes, sauce, dessert soup, milkshakes, take the pumpkin heights and cook in a pressure cooker for 3 veces pour 1 and 1/2 cup of water and place a small dish in the pressure cooker to keep The pumpkin hulls over that using pressure cooker method is so much easier to get tender and perfect puri from the pumpkin after it cooks, take the pumpkin pieces out and allow the poor scrap the inside of the pumpkin out and into a food processor blend the pumpkin Pieces until it become very smooth paste now the pumpkin puree is ready in the next recipe.

You can read how to make pancakes using pumpkin puree. The start need one egg: three tablespoons of sugar, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, two tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of dried or ingest total spoon of baking powder; 1 teaspoon of salt 2 tablespoons of any like strength, along with that need 250 milliliters of milk, 1 cup Of pumpkin puree and 2 cups of flour pour the milk into a bar, our pumpkin puree egg, vegetable, oil, vinegar and whisk.

We’ll add vanilla, extract and mix it into another bowl. Add rest of the dry ingredients and mix well Kenya’s powdered cardamom and cinnamon instead or insist gradually add all the dry ingredients into the liquid mixture and whisk it until everything is combined, get a nonstick griddle or a flat pan heating over medium high heat scoop. The better and go on the middle of the girdle when the bubbles start to form and pop, and I just turn dry, that’s the time to flip it cook for 2 to 3 minutes until either side becomes golden brown use.

Caramel sauce, oh honey, a ninja! Try! All these recipes! Well, you are going to love it if you are not yet subscribed. Please subscribe and press the bell icon to keep up to date with me with you, uploads

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



Classic Cocktails For New Year’s Eve | Martini, Rob Roy, Highball | NYE Cocktail Recipes

Movies, You have everything that is good there with William Powell and Myrna Loy You have loads of style, You have intrigue, You have humor And you have Lots and lots of cocktails Nora “.

How many drinks have you had?” Nick “, This will make six martinis.” Nora “. Alright, will you bring me five more martinis They all line them right up here:.” Waiter, “, Yes, ma’am,.”, So that’s sort of why I wanted to make this article Now, let’s talk about the Drinks First up is the venerable martini. Now there are tons of variables when it Comes to making a martini, including the type of gin you choose, the vermouth and of Course, the proportions Now all of these things are completely a matter of Personal taste, but for this article obviously I’m going to show you what I Like best Gin, My favorite gin for my martinis is Bombay Sapphire for Negronis Different story.

I prefer Beefeater, but I, like my Martinis to be on the smoother side and believe me, I’ve tried many different Kinds of gin Bombay Sapphire is my absolute favorite gin for a martini Vermouth In my martinis I prefer a French vermouth Dolin is my choice. Now, Proportions Now we can have a discussion about this in the comments, but I prefer A two to one gin to vermouth ratio, which is known as a classic dry martini, Modern Versions which are basically a glass full of gin, with just the thought of Vermouth not for me, I tried the 50/50 version, which is half gin, half vermouth Because I feel like it’s more like they were probably drinking back in The Thin Man time, but for me it’s not balanced enough.

The two-to-one ratio is in my Opinion what a martini should be So alright, let’s actually make this drink. First thing you need to do with any cocktail you are making is to chill your Glass You’re going to fill it with ice and add some water. Next we’re going to Build our drink, Two ounces of Bombay Sapphire gin, One ounce of Dolin dry Vermouth Next we’re going to add some ice and stir for about 30 seconds.

Take your Julep strainer and strain the drink into your glass. You can add a garnish if you Like Some people like olives, If I have a garnish, I typically use a lemon peel, but It is perfectly fine if you want to skip the garnish as well. Next up we have the Rob Roy A Rob Roy is very similar to a martini, except instead of gin, you’re Going to use scotch and instead of dry vermouth you’re going to use sweet Vermouth Now for the scotch you do not want to use a single malt.

You want to Use a blended scotch, My favorite for a Rob Roy is Chivas Vermouth Again, your choice of vermouth is very important. It’s a little Pricey, but in this cocktail there is nothing better than Carpano Antica I’ve tried other sweet vermouths, including Martini and Rossi, which isn’t bad, but Carpano is vastly superior Now. Another element you need for a Rob. Roy is Bitters And not just any bitters, You need orange bitters.

The best orange Bitters you can get for this. Cocktail are Regan’s orange bitters First step. Is we’re going to add two dashes of our bitters Now? What is a dash of bitters Aacording to a good bartender friend of mine, a dash of bitters is whatever Comes out of the bottle, So don’t overthink it So like our martini, we’re Going to use two ounces of our base spirit Here, that’s two ounces of blended Scotch, Unlike a martini, you want to favor the Rob Roy a little more towards The spirit side so, instead of one ounce of sweet vermouth we’re going to use Three quarters of an ounce Stir again for about 30 seconds and strain into Your chilled cocktail glass, Alright, this last cocktail, I’m not sure exactly What you call it Growing up, my family call it a highball, and since I associate This with Christmastime and the holidays, I have come to call it the “ Taste of Christmas”, It’s probably the simplest “ cocktail” you’ll ever make Definitely nothing fancy, but that’s not the point.

All you need is Seagram’s. 7 And ginger ale, I don’t even measure this drink. I put a Big piece of ice in a glass pour about this much Seagram’s in and top it off. With some ginger ale and give it a little stir, Cheers So those are three classic cocktails that I enjoy during the holidays. Leave Your favorites in the comments, Let’s argue about the perfect gin to vermouth Ratio for a martini Thumbs up, if you liked this article hHt, that subscribe button And Until next time have a very Happy New Year and stay tailored,

I highly recommend any drink with Spunks! Awesome pumpkin seeds with a kick!




I mean you name it this pumpkin XYZ. So all the sugar, all the high fructose corn syrup or simple sugar. Whatever you want to call it, there actually are health benefits to some of the ingredients, especially if you can make it our own. So I want to talk to you today about those spices that just for myself in the winter, make your day so much cozier.

I don’t know all the ingredients to the pumpkin spice latte, but I’m one of those people who could taste something and just kind of guess and work my way through the recipe and figure out. What’s in there. I don’t even know if there’s pumpkin flavored pumpkin spice lattes ginger clove. That’s what really makes it the comfort drink that it is so cinnamon. So there are 250 different types of cinnamon plants.

Here, I’m showing you what it looks like in its most natural form. There’s even a study that shows that patients who had six grams of cinnamon for 40 days had a lower fasting blood sugar and there’s more research being done for metabolic syndrome, which is very, very common in the United States at least. It also helps with breast milk production. It has blood pressure, lowering effects. There are many proofs that it improves digestion for those with a cold.

It could also help with D congestion and used as an essential oil. It could also be used as an expectorant to break up that mucus when you need to cough the clove comes from a flower bud. It was originally found in Indonesia. It’s been shown to help with dental pain as well as help with digestion. Now too much is actually toxic, and if you ever bit into one of these, you know how toxic it tastes you don’t want too much.

You just want a little bit, it’s safest, just to cook with it, and you should be just fine if using the oil. Definitely consult a professional, so many benefits to ginger between 1 and 4 grams, a day of ginger has helped with arthritis, nausea, nausea and vomiting of pregnancy has improved digestion by stimulating the pancreas has also shown to increase gut motility. It’s also used as an expectorant.

So if you have a mucus eikhoff that can help with that, it’s also helped with other respiratory tract issues, helped with dry mouth. The list goes on and on and on. It’s only been shown to have detrimental effects when you go over 6 grams, with ulcers gastritis and also has been shown to have blood thinning properties, but that’s at 10 grams a day which is a whole lot and yummy met. Meg nutmeg is definitely found in Grenada and this is the nut inside the fruit, and this is how it looks when it’s dried and then you could use it with a grater to grind it up into a fine powder in terms of medical uses.

It’s been a great adjunct into some creams that help with diabetic neuropathy and nerve pain, and otherwise it’s just a great accompaniment to the other spices. Now coffee gets a bad rep, but it actually has some awesome benefits, and this is due to something called polyphenols. The polyphenols are responsible for its bitter flavor, but this actually gives an antioxidant effect. A study shows that 4 to 7 cups a day of coffee, actually decreased the incidence of type 2 diabetes, but if you’re really going to have that much coffee, you’re going to end up with a whole bunch of other issues, including some very severe reflux.

Another study showed that there was actually a decrease in stroke in women who had regular coffee use and if I had to try out this recipe, which I may do, I would just do my instant coffee and sprinkle a little pumpkin pie spice on there. I’ll probably also add just a little and use honey or brown sugar instead of they’re, simple sugar desert Cheers pretty good for homemade pumpkin, spice latte made from instant coffee and all my ground spices make it easier if that’s too overwhelming, to get all those spices.

Just pick up some pumpkin spice well, I hope you enjoyed this article, the benefits of pumpkin spice lattes, especially if you make it at home yourself, don’t forget to like this article if you’ve enjoyed it make sure to subscribe. If you want to hear more, it’s been a little hectic, so the articles have not been coming out weekly. You might not get one every week, maybe every two weeks and when things kind of settle down we’ll get more on the weekly schedule.

So with that and this bright sunlight, I’m going to let you guys go signing out medically or dr. Z,

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



How to Make 3 EASY NonAlcoholic Drinks

So before we get started, I want to show you a little product that I’ve been using for a little bit in my kitchen, it it’s called a new heir, countertop ice maker. Some things that I love about. It are one you can put your own water into it, so it’s going to be fresh good water.

Every time you make ice number two, these ice cubes are made super fast, no more waiting for your ice cubes to set up they’re made in about eight minutes or less and number three. It is portable. You can bring this anywhere that there is an outlet, whether it’s campy to a family reunion out to the beach. It’s so easy. So, if you’ve always wanted a tabletop ice maker, now is the time to grab one because new air is going to give you 20 % off.

If you go to new air calm and use the code, six sisters, I’ll put the link and the code in the description below so go on over to new air calm and tell them that six sisters sent to you now our drinks are virgin. You can add whatever you want to them, but today we’re making them family friendly, especially if you don’t drink or you. If you have kids at the party, all right, let’s go make those drinks the first one that I’m making today is the Virgin Shirley Temple.

This is one of my most favorite, so I’m going to grab some ice out of my awesome new air ice machine and the trick is to fill up your cup about half way full of ice. All right now we’re going to add a half of cup of orange juice. Then a half cup of ginger ale and use ginger ale. It makes a big difference, a 1/2 cup of sprite and then 2 tablespoons. I believe you call it grana Dean. I used Rose’s grenadine um.

I got this at my local Kroger. You can find it at most grocery stores, but it’s what gives it its color. Then I just topped it with two limes and a cherry. Now I suggest making this one at a time. So you can get the awesome color of the Shirley Temple all right. My next one is called sunrise spritzer, this one’s perfect for large parties, so we’re going to take 4 cups of orange juice. I like to use simply orange because it makes it taste really good.

Next you’re going to add 2 cups of pineapple juice and then 2 cups of sprite or any lemon-lime soda. Then I added a squirt or about 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and last I added 1 to 2 cups of frozen strawberries that I have gone as my drink kind of mixes together, then, I’m going to start filling up the cups. The trick is not to put your ice in a big picture because it will water it down after it sits for about 10 minutes, or so let those that strawberry flavor get in then I just ladle it into my cups.

This one was by far my kids favorites, add a little strawberry on top and they’ll love it even more and my last one is a cranberry cutie mocktail first you’re going to take about 3 ounces of sprite and pour it into an individual of glass. Then the same amount, 3 ounces of cranberry juice and add it right to it: here’s where it gets fun. I take my little juicer and juice a whole Clementine into the cup and then last you’re going to add about one ounce of lime juice.

Again I took my little juicer and just squeezed it or you can chop it up and squeeze a little in that way. Now, I’m just going to add the ice from my table top ice machine and throw it right into the drink. I, like my drinks, really cold, so we’re going to add about five or so ice cubes to it then put a little lime on top. You can even put a little cut-up Clementine on top for decoration and those are our three virgin drinks.

Now don’t forget to go to nuaire, calm and use the code, six sisters for 20 % off your ice machine thanks guys for stopping by don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel. See you next time you

I highly recommend any drink with Spunks! Awesome pumpkin seeds with a kick!