Superfoods for Immunity: 101

Thank you for joining a nova t nation. My name is julie, letovsky, I’m the marketing manager at a nova Tay, and tonight we have a really exciting call. We are going to be talking about super to boost immunity and we have the best person to be doing that with this tonight, and that is dr. Anthony clients, with you guys he’s the owner founder and formulator of a nova Tay, and he is going to be Taking us through all of this tonight, so guys on tonight’s session, what we’re going to be talking about is there really is no better time than now to be talking about this? You know boy howdy more than ever, is there right? It is time to be talking about boosting your immunity and then we’re going to get into why sleeping better at night affects your immunity.

We’re going to talk about a worry-free existence, a full tank and ready for battle. What does that mean and then we’re going to get into why these two guys are superfoods? You want to have for life and you do not want to be without ever so we’re going to get into colostrum top three factors and how they boost your immunity and lima Z’s. Top three factors that boost your immunity. So dr. K, I’m going to hand it off to you.

You found this quote: you put it up there. I love this because whether or not you contract, any disease or illness has less to do with our exposure to that disease or illness, and much more to do with how our effectively our immune system is functioning when we’re exposed, especially with today and everything, that’s going On around the world right, there’s going to be an article, that’s going to be released here very shortly from the Healthy Living magazine.

That’s going to be kind of a stirrer out there. I don’t wan na. I don’t wan na go into that too much, but, as everybody knows years past, I used to give away literally a ton of cloths from a year for research for getting it out into clinics and testing different things. This, this quote right here, is literally what I have lived with all of my career, because I’ve traveled to over 43 countries right and I’ve been in places where there’s been some serious immune issues and handycam going on to the general population base, and everybody would look At me and go or are you afraid the answer would be? No, I’m not because I’ve taken the time to build my immune system to where I’m very comfortable with just about anything that kind of comes my way now, not everything right, because we can’t we can’t.

We can’t keep our bodies like Ebola, there’s nothing! That’s out there that is going to work against that that disease, but there are different things that we can build up our immune system, and I love the way that they’ve quoted this right. It’s not a matter of whether or not the exposure, it’s whether or not your immune system is functioning enough to handle the exposure that you might have right, especially what’s what’s going on right now today, we really don’t know all of the exposure that’s going on throughout The United States now they’re getting the kicks out their testing and I think we’re going to find that exposure is much higher than than what it is right, so kind of interesting.

This flu, when you put this up today when we read it so keep going. Let’s keep going with this okay so, like we said earlier guys, there’s no never been a better time to boost your immunity. So dr. K, why is it so important to strengthen your immune system and why is having a strong functional immune system so important for your house? Well, there’s nothing out there! That’s going to give you a hundred percent immunity right, some bug.

If you walk into a room of five people or if you walk into a room that held 500 now they’re no longer there, but the coattails that those those little critters and bugs and other things pathogens wrote on they’re still there right. That’s why they tell everybody. Now make sure you’re washing your hands appropriately right, because those little those little critters will call them lasts a long time in some cases, and the best offense is is the best defense at the same time having a strong, a functional immune system.

Now, I’m not talking about overactive, because there’ll folks out there there’s this big umbrella called autoimmune, where literally your own immune system is attacking yourself. It’s attacking the host right people. If you don’t know what that means things like diabetes and arthritis, there are a bunch of diseases that literally your own body, is damaging yourself right, because it’s overactive, that’s not what we’re talking about we’re talking about having a normalized functional immune system that keeps things at Bay they’re trying to get in, and we also walk around with a whole lot of books already inside of us, and we want to make sure that we keep those in that balanced state as well as we go through tonight.

We’re going to get into some of this and it’s going to be kind of fun, because there are factors with both our super foods right. We have class from 6:00, which is considered the superfood more than anything else out there because of everything that it has within it. But then we built this other thing with some superfoods all on its own and we compounded that benefit. So, let’s keep going. Why is it important? Because there are so many different factors? The biggest one is right here right, everybody says: oh JJ get a good night’s sleep.

Most people don’t realize how much sleeping can have an impact on your immune system can have an impact on your ability to heal itself. Most of the time we do most of our healing when we’re asleep, and I talk to people all the time that they said. What do you mean by that? Well, if you’ve ever readed a child write if they’ve broken an arm or they’ve damaged themselves, to the point where you have to take them in to the hospital or the doctor’s office now outside of the crying and outside of the fixing right, you get them back In the car and they literally curl up in a little fetal position and they’re out there not like a light, if you’ve ever been through surgeries right outside of coming out of the anesthesia, you sleep most of the time they are in that hospital, and the reasoning Is your brain shuts down the rest, your body, because we have these receptor sites and those receptor sites are wide open when we’re sleeping, and it is what they’re looking for those natural growth factors right ACH if you will, because those are the things that they circulate, The entire system, every system that you have within the every cell that you have within your body, has an impact with these natural growth factors, because those are the things they go in and regenerate.

So it is imperative to get a good night’s sleep and think about it. If you’re sick, you’re, coughing you’re, sneezing you’re turning you’re sweating, you’re, you’re cold, now, you’re getting blankets, you’re always moving, even though you’re going gosh, I feel like I’m sleeping but you’re, not that sleep is huge, because it also helps you overcome one big thing that we Really you know, I always tell people find one thing that allows you to de-stress.

Well, sleep is a big one, because if you’re not getting enough sleep, your stress levels rise, your immune system Falls and it leaves you fully exposed to whatever is coming your way right. Yeah yeah, I know – and I even if I just over the weekend, want to recharge from the workweek. Let’s say: I’m not even sick. What do I want to do? I really want a nap hanging out your house right. I mean that is how my body recharges itself, even if I’m not ill, you know so I know sleep is a really big one.

So dr. Kay, let’s talk about this, so you and I had discussed this a little bit earlier. You were telling me about a worry-free existence from this kind of theory. What exactly are you talking about when you say a worry-free existence in relation to the community? Listen whenever, whenever I talk, I’ve been in some places where I’ve been with groups of doctors, and it was funny because there was one other doctor besides myself, and we would read these guys walk, we kind of look at me go what what is wrong with you And they they’re kind of limiting right and we’re like what you do all my shots.

I said no, never had those things when I travel I’m. I am a living breathing testimonial for our products, because there’s a tremendous amount of research out there right on the benefits against bacterias and pathogens and other things. If you go on on scholar.Google.Com or if you go on pubmed gov, there’s a search for men. Yes, thousands and thousands of research articles that show the different components are found with the claustrum can help you sleep better at night, so to speak for from that worryfree existence.

Now there are certain things that you know you if you have X, if you have a bad heart that runs in the family, there might be something to worry a bit about as you get older right well for the most part, I want to live life without Having to worry about a bug, I want to know that my immune system is so strong, so functional right that pretty much anything that comes my way. I mean my wife and I were talking the other day.

We’re going. You know. What’s the last time we had the flu and we both were like it’s been years and years and years and years, because we just don’t worry about, we don’t get sick because we’re constantly making sure that we’re feeding right our bodies, those nutrients to keep that immune System just worryfree, that’s where it begins, but it actually begins even sooner than that. Let’s go to the next slide, because when you, when you look at the immune system right, there’s so many different ways that people always your skin and your intestinal lining.

But there’s one factor: there’s one gland: it’s called a thymus gland and if you can, I think just a little. It’s just about right here. Right and if you remember now, you haven’t cuz, you haven’t had children yet, but you may have nieces and nephews. You can almost hold them like this right, one look their bottoms in one hand and their hands in there and they’re. Just this tiny little, you know pink body in my fist is about the size of their chest.

Cavity within that chest, cavity the largest organ that they have is not their lungs and it’s not their heart, it’s actually the thymus gland. That’s the seed of our immune system now take that little baby, throw some stress in it right, throw some growth in it, throw some junk food right, because that comes along with it. Throw some environmental factors throw the genetic factors that come in and all of a sudden that seat of our immune system begins to shrink okay, now by the time, you’re, 10 years old.

If you’re looking at the screen, it’s definitely shrunk from what it was at. A newborn level then take a look at it: 25 years old, it’s half the size of what it once was by the time mirror by the time. Your 50, I usually tell people by the time, you’re 45, it’s about the size of a peed by the time. You’re, 50. 55. It’s just this little tiny connected tissue that is no longer functional. Okay. Now, at Cornell University years ago we started doing these different studies and we got into one study that was just fascinating for me, because what it showed was there are so many different factors within colostrum, but there are three very specific factors that have an impact on Bringing back a functional immune system, okay, and if you can bring that back online, now think about it.

If you look at that time, as Glenn and you’re 25 years or older, think about the functionality that your immune system is bringing to the table – or I should say this way, that your immune system is not bringing to the table exactly so when the immune system Is is it affected by that shrinking thymus time sure it is, if that’s the seat of your immune system, t-cells and other things are brought there and they’re converted into NK cells, and it does all this stuff right.

That gives us that protective barrier from the outside and from the inside right from those bugs that are already there well, as that begins to shrink it’s kind of like that. You know a barrier around the ship that as long as you start right right, I love dr. Spock and but if they have this Klingon ship right and it lost it lost that barrier now those torpedoes and things are coming in and it’s doing damage right.

We want to keep and maintain that that nebula sec, that that fear around us at all times. Well, there is a way to do that and we want to make sure that it’s all natural right. We don’t want to do it on a synthetic basis, because typically synthetics always come with some side effects right. We don’t want that. What we want to do is we want to maintain wellness through a fully functional immune system.

Lack of sleep is going to have. An impact. Stress is definitely going to have an impact exposure to those things or the lack of those things like sleep. It invites dis-ease and it’s like disease disease and when your body is not evenly matched it’s an out of balance. You have disease, and that is when your immune system is no longer able to put that barrier up and keep us well exactly so, dr. K, when that happens, when your immune system begins to not work properly, it’s not functioning.

What do you need to do right? I was just in California, and I had all these people that they’re wearing masks and they’re trying to protect, put themselves in an environment where they’re not going to be exposed. Well, I’m sorry, the world is an environmental petri dish right. Well, there’s people that you’re touching and meeting and moving back and forth with you want to be maintaining the proper environment right.

Sleep pattern. Stress patterns, eating right, exercise right. You want to put yourself in that environment that says: I’m building this biosphere. If you will to keep my body well, then you’ve got to position yourself, okay and then here’s what I mean my position. Let’s assume that at home I am my wife. I love her to death. She is fanatically clean. I’r not I’m like go play in the mud, kids, because you’re going to get bacteria and you’ll build a an antibody for it.

It’s really good go out and play in the mud right she’s over there like solving them as they were going in and out every time Katie dropped in voice. She was our first. He got Lysol spraying Dantan, I’m like oh, my gosh. What really where I’m like? I’r still in the mud out there playing right so part of it is the environment. Okay, but part of it is also positioning yourself if I go out and I am not eating right and I’m not sleeping right and I’m not putting nutrients to position my body to defend itself properly.

Well, now I, and now I’ve lost this last one on that is focus right. Some of what we do you have to have focus about is am I putting myself in the environment, and I’ve actually done that I’ve myself in environments that were somewhat dangerous at times, but the positioning that I had already put myself through helped me overcome that environmental. Unbalance because I was focused not to say, if I’m going to go into places, especially third-world countries, that I’ve been in, that have these different exposures that can happen right.

I wan na make sure that my focus is a hundred percent. I want make sure that my immune system has everything that it needs to defend myself. Okay, exactly so dr. King, let’s move into talking about colostrum and how we know superfood does a body good and, like you said earlier, colostrum is the og of superfoods. So, let’s dive into all the different components that make classroom such a powerful superfood this way, this is what we call the cornerstone right we always put in that diamond shape, because you have four corners now think about this.

There are 700 plus different components there. When we normally talk about it, we usually talk about the four corners. The top corner is what they call the igf-1, superfamily otherwise known to the world as HGH right, because you have igf-1 um growth factors all of these but they’re in a whole food form, and that makes us very very different because there are companies out there there. Well, we’ve diluted it, but it’s a synthetic and it’s not forget all that, because you want a whole food form because it’s kind of like holding up a home, you don’t hold it up with a single pillar.

You have several pillars that hold up that house. Now. It’s stable take one or two of those away. You know it has to falls over. Igf-1 has us all. Food is all there and complete down at the bottom. We have over a hundred plus different immune factors. Now, there’s many more factors that go on there, but right now for the immune side of it, we’re going to stop with just those two okay and we’re actually going to focus it even more within the super family within the igf-1 super family.

There’s a captain of the ship: okay, it is called insulin-like growth factor-1, it’s one half of what is commonly referred to as HGH right now we have the other half growth hormone. We have, Oh, naturally, not a whole food basis. They I’m going to focus on this. One: okay bottom on the immune factors: we’re going to focus on just two: it’s what they call Imus in alpha and thymus in beta, okay, we’re thye mewling for short.

Now, when you look at these three factors and we started research, we shouldn’t went a lot further. We’re going to go further with us over time, but those three things showed a significant increase in your body’s thymic growth. Okay, what we did is that natural alpha and beta or thymus and alpha thumbs to beta and that igf-1 those three factors became a trifecta for your immune system. Why? Because, as that thymus gland, as you get older in the stress and environmental genetics, all that and it starts to shrink those three things showed they can actually help it get back to a normal, functional state.

Now is that important next slide? Is it important absolutely and here’s the question that would pose to every single person out there if your thymus has shrunk to the size of a pea or just a strand of tissue? Are you receiving the same kind of protection that you once did by having a normal functional thymus? That’s question number one, the question number two: what would you do to get that time? It’s back to a normal functional state.

Colostrum brings with it out of the 700 components. Three things that, on a preliminary basis, we showed it will actually help to regrow that thymus for a normal functional state. That’s just one superfood, that’s just one folks, that’s the cornerstone of what we do: we’re, not a classroom copy or a superfood company. But we are the super food company because that one superfood the superfood literally takes and compounds all the others that you put with right.

So what would you do to have a normal functional immune system at this point in your life, especially in this time in the world right so important? So, dr. Kay, let’s talk about now a combination we’ve got our other product, which is Li, mu, Z. Let’s talk about those three top factors in this product. I don’t well here’s the one thing. You know we tell every single person out there, there’s Hugh, I throw our Seaquest in there as well, but if I was stranded on a deserted island there are two that I would absolutely kill it without.

I will take them for the rest of my life. One is colostrum, and the other is Li mu, Z in colostrum, because it literally is a 700 box shot right, 700 components, that’s thrown into the body, but sometimes it will go where it needs it. The most where your body is in lost, not necessarily what you think you might need it, the most right. So when Li mu Z, when I started playing and growing and building this, I wanted something quicker.

I wanted something that says. Yes, I’ve got this foundational product. This superfood classroom, but I want something they can accelerate some of those benefits. Li wuzhi is focus for four different functions. The nervous system that cognitive right, namely focus, drive, the that’s the nervous system. Then you have the endocrine system: got ta, keep our glands working at an effective youthful rate.

Then you have pineal or the aging system. I won’t live as long as I possibly can. I have a lot of longevity genes in my family. I just want to make sure that I’m not stuck in a bed laying there for 20 years going. Oh, when is it my time I want to. I want to fly into wherever I go warmer climate or upstairs, and I wan na go. Oh, my gosh was that a ride, don’t do it a hundred years old or a hundred and five right wing Guzzi come brings with it.

Some of these super foods that are just incredible for coining alginates, glycan nutrients. All three of these are found within our Limu Zee and what’s fun about it. Is this when you start looking at some of the things that are in there like fook waiting, okay, there’s a tremendous amount of research when I started playing going and and kind of breaking it down back in 1998, I started looking at the substance and saying you Know it’s okay! It’s a unique, complex, carbohydrate polysaccharide people didn’t care about that.

I did, though, because what I was looking for was at that time. They were five to seven thousand research articles on some very specific nasties that a portion of the population based worldwide are going to experience right, and these are very, very immune, deficient issues, your immune system – they they put you into also their surgery that they’ll do. There’s. There’s toxins that they put in your body to kill those things right well, phalloidin started seeing this interesting expansion into that particular area and I thought gosh what, if right, what if we could take this substance and start building something that’s going to be almost immediate.

That’s not a hundred percent of media for everybody, but eighty-five percent of the people out there physically feel this particular product in about thirty minutes right, so a little longer, some a little less. What about 30 minutes? Well, when you start looking at for coordinating its ability and then they did a time-lapse deal in japan and they introduced in a petri dish, cells that were not well and then they introduced for quoting and literally in 72 hours, those cells were destroyed, was amazing.

To me right, then, I certainly can say: okay, if we’re going to put that together, what are some of these other things like alginates right? We don’t really talk about some of the other factors that are already built into lee Livesey when alginates are again a little science ii, non-digestible polysaccharides right now, you don’t think about it that way so well, what is it? What do they do? What they do is they attract this negativity, toxins they radiation just radioactive substances, bad stuff, is always on a positive ion basis.

Right, gus off, there’s always a negative, and it’s interesting when you, when you think about it, because you should think right. It’s reverse, but it’s not well alternates what they do along with tzatzi like that we put in there, but alginates actually will grab some of those things. Add Xia lights, don’t so you’re literally getting a double whammy right in boxing it’s a one-two punch because they grab those things and it helps to push them out of your system.

As a matter of fact, this gets a little descriptive when you do Li mu Z. You may find that even your urine may smell metallic rest, your body getting rid of heavy metals and the more of those heavy metals you can get her and the hater of them all. We need some of those right wing key. We need those things that people goal is very, very bad for you get rid of it all you’d be dead. You need some. If you, if you’re rid of arsenic, you need some matter of fact, they’re actually doing our sleep now, testing for breast and uterine cancer and seeing amazing results somehow, but this this alginates they go in and they say: okay seal.

I did its job, but there’s still some remainder in that. Let’s grab those. Oh yes, it’s a great garbage disposal. Then you have Glencoe nutrients. These are fun because they’re relatively new right and they are the master cell-to-cell communicators. They literally look like an upside down hydrate on your cells and they’re tiny. They were only found in the late eighth hour, late 90s, so they’re relatively even in the world of science.

Rosalie fry knew, but here’s what’s fascinating about Tufts. They actually tell ourselves what when, where, why and how to do something, and as we get older, they don’t have that communication like they do it when we were younger well, if we can bring those back into again a depleted body unwell situation, your immune system is Going to snap into gear and bam you’re off to the races, fighting and making sure that your arsenal is absolutely fat.

Absolutely. I love it so dr. Kate, on this diagram right here. They would be those tiny little green on the N right. Okay, I just wanted everybody if you were looking at that like I was. I had to ask him, so I wanted to point that out to you guys, you I’ve seen these under a micron microscope and they’re they’re they’re negative to the eye right. If you look at these through the microscope and they are they’re an upside down pine tree yeah – and they literally tell hey you’re supposed to be over here in fighting how come you’re not right and when you’re when you’re sick, they’re kind of brought back down.

Well, we don’t ever want to have that we want. We want our arsal loaded for bear, and that is one of the reasons why I li mosey every single day every single day I love it. You know, colostrum really is that foundation and you might not necessarily immediately feel its results, but lean is easy. Like you said you can sow foundation is that’s colostrum. Is that strong foundation and Li mu Z? It works together, but you can feel it almost immediately.

I do I take it every day at 3:30, and you know you were talking about sleep. I mean your immune system is really impacted by the amount of energy you have as well. So for me, it’s a really big reason why I take it um. So dr. K, we know these are superfoods. We need to have for life April life literally. These are these nothing else. If I didn’t have a quest I could get by, but these two things right here are my foundation for if I go to Asia, I don’t worry about some of the things that are over there.

If I’m here, I don’t worry about walking into a great big room full of people right. Why? Because I have loaded my immune arsenal, what is the nutrients to do their job exactly so, you can feel protected guys. Well, that was amazing, dr. K, thank you. So much I know that this has been on so many people’s minds right now, especially considering what’s going on in the world today, and it’s so neat that we have these products.

That really are so easy to take guys like just adding this daily habit. Like dr. K said position yourself, put yourself of course, be aware of your environment and focus enough to know and be disciplined to take these simply every day just to protect yourself right, I mean why not, why not, there’s no reason why you can’t have a fully Functional system that it says bring it right, just bring it on cuz, I’m ready for you exactly.

I love it well, dr. K. Thank you so much for doing this today tonight and guys, let’s close with this, so the fun thing is right. Now we have just launched this month our 30-day skincare challenge, which, if you don’t know our restorative face serum and our hydrating face cream, actually have colostrum and Sukhoi dn’t in both of them. So we are seeing amazing results, incredible transformations, y’all, and we want to see yours so enter this 30-day challenge.

You could submit your before-and-afters on a knowbut, a calm, forward-slash 30 day challenge. If you actually go it’s under the drop-down of Y Innova Tay, so you’ll see that 30 day challenge there. You can just upload your photos directly to the website and be entered to win a drawing for a really cool prize that we will pick our first winner in May, and we want to see your transformation. I mean, like I said I have been seeing all of our social media – some really cool pictures, a little bit on the 15th I’m going to.

I want to give away 10 of the Taylor’s okay. Now I don’t know face and face cream and combination, mail or ten somebody and throw it out there. Okay, hey guys, writing down notes on the slide. You heard it first, this guy is he’s, got way more immunity. I think than I do because he’s the taking products a lot longer than I have, because he has the energy of a teenager y’all, I’m telling you you got to keep up with dr.

K in this company. I love it y’all! Okay, so you heard it here for some of this yep go ahead now next slide, because we have something else coming up right, sue, we do have a lifestyle. This is our very first trip now I will tell everybody out there: I’ve been to san antonio riverwalk. I’r state – actually, I was in the westin as a matter of fact come join us right because you have until the 21st of this month to get there to you can win airplane flight.

You have hotel rooms, you can get a goodie bag uh. Do you need to hang out and have some fun with us and get to know who we are that’s important to me folks tonight, and I really truly do mean this: it’s not just that we have some phenomenal products right and we have. We have done some things recently since September, our since February 15, to enhance everybody’s pocketbook well, part of that is, is hanging out with people that you like to hang out with learning from the people who are who are making an impact out there with other folks.

This lifestyle trip is an opportunity to do just that right, we’re going to be coming up with all kinds of stuff right: the 15th, that’s only one four days away. Where do you attend of those samples? I want to see how many people show up to the lifestyles right now we’re we’re monitoring this right, we’re monitoring this very quickly right now I can tell you we already have about seventeen folks. We haven’t notified them yet, but we do have seventeen folks who are going to be going on this trip.

We have right now we’re monitoring another. I believe it’s nine people who are on the cusp forty-four days, guys we’re on the official countdown. We have 44 days until the trip, so you can do it if you’re, one of those nine or even on the back end you’re on the cusp. You can absolutely earn your way to vacay and I’m so excited I mean I’m a Texas girl, so we’re going to have a big Texas sized adventure in San Antonio, and I certainly cannot wait for that.

So you guys thank you so much for your time tonight. This has been so nice dr. K. Thank you you’re amazing. As always, you guys be sure to tune in next week because we’re going to have another amazing training and you guys have a great rest of your week. God bless everybody thanks! Y’All, okay,



Aphrodisiac breakfast in bed | Vegan

Welcome to my blog I’m Natalya Levy, and I will be your guide through today’s article, which is fascinating. It is all about aphrodisiacs, a breakfast and bed. Now aphrodisiacs are a controversial topic. The scientists have been fascinated by the idea to find a remedy that can help men and women enhance their sexual performance.

Now, while the data on this is still limited, we can still fantasize about the idea that certain foods contain ingredients that can help us spice things up in the bedroom and make them more exciting. And so I did some research to see which foods come up. That are called aphrodisiacs that can help us put together a delicious and fun breakfast that you can serve to your Valentine or just to show your love.

So the list of the ingredients that I have come up with is chilies watermelon, pumpkin, sea seeds and figs. Now, let’s see what we’re going to be putting together today and what it is is a chili lime, watermelon, salad and beautiful muesli. Okay, let’s get started so we’re going to start with a muesli, and I wanted to show you that there are two different ways to make them you sleep one is I actually bought this muesli already prepared mix from Trader Joe’s and what it is.

It’s rolled oats mixed with raisins and rice crisps and pumpkin seeds and coconut dried apples and sliced almonds. So if you have an opportunity to purchase pre, pre-mixed muesli in your grocery store, you can do that or you can actually make your own in the what to do that I’ll post the recipe in comments. I would make a mixture of your oats with some seeds and nuts and some almonds I love. So we have pumpkin seeds and we have sunflower seeds the more nuts the better.

So I will post the recipe for the muesli that you can make at home down below in comments, and meanwhile we can start putting together our muesli using this Trader Joe’s muesli mix. Okay, so it’s super super easy. You will be really surprised, so we start by. I have a pretty organic red apple, so just grate itself, it’s going to be a really delicious and very easy to make. I’m sure you dyed your Valentine or somebody that you love will really appreciate you’re putting this together.

Okay, so we have one apple graded. I have two figs that I’m just going to quickly roughly chop the figs go in the bowl with the Apple. Now to the bowl. We add one cup of proof of the muesli mixture. We have 3/4 cup of yogurt. Now I use dairy-free coconut yogurt, but you feel free to use whichever yogurt you have handy the way that I’m preparing this muesli now it is actually vegan and I have a quarter cup of orange juice.

Okay, now all we do is mix this together and it’ll. Be ready, who doesn’t like a breakfast that you can whip up in a few minutes, so we’re going to set this aside now and get started on our chili lime, watermelon, salad, all right! So we are going to cut up some watermelon salad. So I just bought watermelon trunks already pre-cut and all we’ll do here is just kind of make them a little bit smaller and a little bit tighter small cuts, little cubes so that they look cute and pretty, for our Valentine may want to trim the edges and Whatever you trim, don’t throw it away, save it and put it into a smoothie all right.

Let’s see that should be about enough for a serving I’m going to toss some blueberries in there with this just a little bit of color and some mint as well. I’m going to save one of these tops for garnish. Okay, so I have a couple of mint leaves that I’m going to chop into our salad, it’s going to be so pretty and so fragrant, and just like that, we have a little serving platter. I’m going to well we’re having escaping well great and put it out on the little plate and then I’m going to show you the secret weapon, the seasoning that’s going to go on this, and then what I found is this chili lime, seasoning bland.

This is from Trader Joe’s so that chili, that spiciness of the chili will really bring out the flavor of the watermelon and the mint and the blueberry just a little sprinkle and, of course, use as much or as little as you want. And now we’re just going to garnish this with our mint sprig and there we go. So this is our chili lime, watermelon, salad and then siffredi we’re going to put it on a beautiful tray that we have going on here.

We’re going to take our Bowl and put the muesli in this for service and what you can garnish this muesli with. Is we garnish it with either a couple of apple slices? You know we have an apple in here or we can even garnish it with an orange slice. It’ll look really cute. Okay, can you show us take a little orange slice stack this in here, and here we are. We have our beautiful, delicious, healthy aphrodisiac breakfast in bed or absolutely insanely, delicious muesli and the chili lime watermelon salad, that’s fresh for the mint.

It is so good. Hopefully, it’ll put you in the mood now, I’m speaking in poems happy Valentine’s Day. Love. Please give my blog some love subscribe to it, and I wish you a deliciously healthy life.

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