Superfoods: Raw Soup Class. ‘Manna – The Ubuntu Living Show’

Welcome back to raw food prep class. Today, we’ve got another delicious recipe for you and we’re going to get into some of the liquid feasting, and what do I mean by that? I mean soups, making soups once again, soup making is one of those staple foods.

Everyone eats soup, everyone. Most people know how to make soup. Soup is normally just boiling vegetables in water until it just become soup. What we’re going to do today is make soup, probably faster than you’ve ever made before tastier than you’ve ever seen. Tasted. Well, when you make it yourself tastier than you would have ever tasted before and colorful, amazingly colorful, not losing all of that color in the cooking and we’re going to do that is with using our blender.

🙂 – >FUNFACT: Pumpkin seeds are a great addition to Soups!

Now, once again, I’m going to be using the power blender, but you can use a hand blender with this recipe or you can use a normal smoothie maker with this recipe it will work with that. You might just need to build a little bit longer. The recipe we’re going to be doing is a tomato and red pepper soup. So we’re going to be blending up tomatoes, red peppers and some other ingredients, and literally five minutes.

Your supers done on the table ready to be eaten soup normally as a half day to hold a affair with things slowly simmering and adding spices and getting the flavors right. Will this recipe it’s so easy, just tucking in a blender turning it on and having an awesome soup? So let’s get started you’ll notice. The first thing in the blender is that it’s got some water in it. Now this waters been warmed through slightly.

So that’s a boil: there’s just gotten a bit hot. That way we can have a hot soup and some of you were wondering or cold soups. None about that doesn’t have to be cold. You can have it warm by using hot water as your base. Okay, so we’ve got the hot water in there and now we’re going to get going with the tomatoes first and that’s some great big Tomatoes here start with 3, i’m going to pull off the little green, but that is actually poisonous.

If you have enough of that. Just chopping it into quarters is fine for the blender, so tomatoes are great to eat because they got a lot of something called lycopene in it. What happens with like a penis? It becomes more absorbable available when you’re blending it or you when you’re cooking it. As I’m not partial to cooking, I prefer blending it and using warm water does the same thing, but if you look at it tomato by cutting it open and certain segments of it as well, when you look at it, it’s just got the most beautiful water eNOS.

It’s great for for getting liquid into our systems for higher for making us hydrated, and it’s also particularly good for for the lungs and for the reproductive system with the seeds. Many benefits with tomatoes: okay to more urgently for tomatoes, are in next we go out red peppers. Now these are beautiful. Looking red peppers thing to remember with your red pepper, is that a green pepper is green because it’s not ripe, whereas a red pepper is a green pepper, that’s ripe! So it’s not there’s a different kind of pepper.

It’s just that the ones picked when it’s actually ripe and picking fruit when it’s ripe is much better for your health and picking fruit when it’s not ripe, because the fruit draws up all the nutrients at the end of its ripening period. So that’s when you’re getting most of the flavor developing as well. So it’s had a chance to ripen on the plant to absorb all those minerals in it that your body craves we’re going to chop that up into two squares to blend that through nicely as well.

This is another reason why, when you go to the shops, red peppers are more expensive than green peppers, because it’s quicker to grow something when you pick it not right to letting it grow all the way to being ripe. Okay, now he has an important question: what do you do with that? The seeds of the pepper you take it outside and you throw it in your garden and then it’s going to grow pepper plants, never waste anything out of your garden.

This is how many pepper plants does that maybe 30 or 40 red pepper plants that you can grow and, if you think of how much money that’s going to save you in the long run. Just from planting this, one pepper seeds phenomenal so really get into any of the fruit that you have, if you cut it open and their seeds in it, put it in your vegetable garden. True, okay, let’s do one more I like to add but more of this because it gives the super bit more of a texture to it.

It’s not so watery Tomatoes quite watery, so it does make the soup quite watery excellent, but the peppers in so tomatoes peppers. What else we got? Ah red, onions? Ok, so I use red onions. I prefer red onions to white onions because they’re red now the color in food indicates the antioxidants in the food antioxidants. Remember those things that stop us from rusting from the inside out and the more color it has the deeper the colors.

The more antioxidants are present, so the red onions got plenty of antioxidants in it. I’r just going to need about a quarter of a red onion for this amount of soup. Yeah quarter, rest of your red onion, keep and use that for another soup. Okay, now we’re going to get into some more flavoring aspects. We start off with basil. We’ve got a mixture of purple and green basil once again, purple color amazing, color too there’s so few foods are actually purple.

So if you can get hold of purple basil, excellent, excellent potent strong, smelling and tasting basil, so we’re given these or rinse we’re just going to pop all of that in their mothers or finish its go basil and bezels also incredibly easy herb to grow in your Garden, get a seedling, get some seed, get it growing. It really likes a lot of sunlight, so it’s normally only going to grow in the middle or towards the end of summer.

Okay. What else do we have for flavor? We have a little bit of rock salt, and this is Himalayan rock salt. It’s a type of salt. That’s been laid down, thousands, if not millions of years ago, and it’s a complete mineral salt like sea salt is so yeah. You could choose either sea salt or rock salt. I put a bit of that in this is very different salt to the salt that you get you buy, packets of iodized, table salt iodized table salt is not the same thing.

It’s gone through a process where a lot of the minerals are lost and a lot of toxic things are added to it. So make sure you getting a natural source of salt, either sea salt or rock salt is a thing to go through. Go for okay. What else have we got? Ah now we like to have our soup a little creamy, but I’m not going to use any animal cream in here. So i’m going to use nuts and I’ve got some cashew nuts raw cashew nuts and they’ll, give it a creaminess and slack more of a heaviness to the soup to make it more filling.

So I’m just going to put about a handful of cashews in there. Two more there we go. What else is on the table? We’ve got some olive oil, olive oil again bit of an oil eNOS and taste to you, soup for your soup. So just add in about a tablespoon to two tablespoons in there yeah that’ll. Do it that’ll sink through, and then we have all these ones? Let’s put these and go G berries. Now I talked about go geez all the time, because they’re amazing amazing, amazing food.

They have incredible nutritional values to them, so add them into whatever you can now. The reason I want to put them in the soup, firstly, is the color we’re trying to make a red soup red go G. Berries will make it an amazing red orange color. Second reason I want to add the goji berries is for its thickening properties. Go geez make the soup thick, so it acts as a natural thickness. You don’t have to use any other thickness yea once again, not a handful will be fine for that excellent got the goji zip.

Obviously the main thing the goat cheese are doing is upping the nutrient density of our soups and making it have more nutritional value for us and remember we eat for nutritional value. So you want to keep thinking I’m going to add the nutritional value of this meal. What else have I got our got a little bit of cayenne, pepper now, Kane pepper is a type of chili and I like to add chili pot, especially to the red soup color again, but also that spiciness goes very well with the red pepper and with the Tomato, if you don’t like spicy food, you don’t have to add it and Kane pepper is very spicy, so be careful that you don’t add too much in there.

Nothing i’m going to put in about half a teaspoon, I’m actually looking forward to a bit of spiciness. Today and in winter adding spices to your soup is an excellent way of making it warming to the body. So all our ingredients in you can see. I amazingly had layers other thing: you’ll notice is I’ve laded that the most water content foods are at the bottom. So that means that the tomato has got most water in its at the bottom and then goes.

I have to dry a dryer. That’s so that the blades, when they start spinning, have something to grab onto because if you throw the dry stuff in first it’ll, probably get stuck and then you’ll have to use the tamper to squash it or take it all out and put it back in. So this makes it blend a lot easier. Other things you could add are things like garlic. If you like garlic or any other herbs or aghanim is one that comes to mind, but you can play with flavors there.

But let’s get this blending and see what it looks like ready. You want to leave it blending, so you don’t hear, knocks and things because when it’s knocking the little bits are so solid bouncing around. We want a suit to be completely smooth, so you want to blend it until it’s looks and sounds like it’s completely smooth, so very much depends on what you’ve actually put in the blender okay. Now one of the most important things, obviously is the taste test.

Because have you put enough salt? Did you put in too much spice you’ve got to test all of the stuff and that you really can do only with your taste buds. So a teaspoon comes in handy for that wow. That is quite spicy, but I love it. It is excellent, so I’m going to pull that out into a bowl. You can see the amazing orange color in that. If you wanted a more red, you can add in more cane pepper or more goji, berries that’ll make it more red.

Now you have to garnish something properly and what I like the most is the sprouts that I’ve grown in the kitchen garden sprout errs. These are falfa amazing sprouts. Most people have had our felt at some point: grow them in your kitchen, garden, sprouter and then use a handful of that on top perfect. Now, you’ve got some living green sprout energy in your soup, and that’s it. We’ve made a tomato soup, it’s taken us maximum five minutes, it tastes amazing.

It looks amazing anyone’s going to be impressed and think that you’ve been slaving away at the stove for hours, but all you’ve done is just blended up a few things. So we’re going to tuck into that and enjoy that and try this at home see how it works out. If it’s not going smooth enough, maybe you need to likely steam your vegetables to get it soft enough. Maybe your blender can’t handle the the solidness, but just try it you’ll figure out a way to make it delicious now.

Why is this soup better than buying a soup or four shelf in a supermarket somewhere packaged one a ready made meal? Firstly, you’ve put your own love attention and energy into making it mom’s food always tastes better than any other food, and there’s a reason for that, because she loves to feed her children and in that way, when someone makes it themselves there’s always an energy of love And caring that comes through with that food and that can’t be matched with anything that you’re buying the shop.

Secondly, you’ve had control over the ingredients, so you know exactly what’s gone in there. You know you’ve put in good organic ingredients and you have not put in any poisons what poisons could be in there. Well, there could be preservatives that could be flavorants. It could be colorants. There could be all manner of poisons present in package soups that you got to be careful of. You have to read the ingredients and then you’ll learn about that.

What else yeah it’s as quick as may be pouring something in and mixing it through. Maybe a little bit longer, but certainly not as long as doing on a stove. So blending is much quicker for that and I suppose also you learning how to feed yourself as opposed to relying on a shop or someone else to do it for you, which is so important to do, knowing what to do for yourself to nourish yourself. Taking that time for yourself to actually honor your body, it’s the only body you have in this life and, if you’re expecting someone else to do it for you, it’s not going to happen.

You’re just going to get inferior grade low nutrient dense foods that are not going to give your body what it needs, which is that nutrient boost. The other thing, of course, is that the extreme processing that a lot of these things go in to go through to get onto the shelf means that it’s been very denatured. So any vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and certainly antioxidants, are probably not even there anymore by the time you end up eating it.

So, what’s the point of eating food, if it’s not actually giving your nutrition we eat for nutrition for nutrients, so you need to make your own to make sure you’re getting the nutrients in that’s enough reasons to start making your own soup and lastly, of course, is A taste amazing, so full flavor, you can add flavors to it. Okay, enough talking make your own okay excellent. Thank you! Sayonara, most of best soup ever yeah.

I think everyone’s going to want to try this come along. We’ve got some more balls back their legs. Oh around 70, a kilo. So if we’re using a hundred grams there’s a lot that normally picking back, I sell these little better. Oh yeah there were people of messenger Larry hands for, like twenty bucks, yeah grams of nuts father kept protein at all protein. Oh no! You want it now teaspoons, but hey. Thank you very yeah.

Oh you got Big Springs. No, I think, there’s no squeeze an asset makes it go long. Hmm, it’s not half an eater, you just hot water, right, hmm, hot soup! That’s man feels so light. It’s like eating light. Hmm, you are eating, like hmm, transform line, hmm lightly, sound mmm, but boiling water. You could you like to see popping on you, don’t have to use boiling water and the kettle has an anomaly. Point2 water does at 70 Celsius.

It doesn’t like going about 70 because that’s where the molecule stop being deranged, when your kettle will go to around it’ll, take most of the Sun would be around 78 I’ll quickly go to 70 and will stay there for about half the time. It’s boiling then, at the very end, for the last say ten seconds: they’ll shoot up 200. So you can stop it’s a 20 seconds before boils and it’ll be a 79 and 100 and your water wouldn’t have deranged and it’s not spoiling.

But my and that’ll burn your mouth 55 will, if you want it really 55 will burn your mouth and it changed their effect or anything. Well. How about people use it for killing germs and such what is it Jim? It’s just bacteria yeah heaviest organ in our body is bacteria right in kilogram of flora, more cells, more from nor organisms back to olin, isms and cells in our body, Oh seriously, something whose body is it it’s more than than they are of us, but I’m certainly There we asked who I’m that which is conscious or Burton someone’s overrun with them parasites and Candida, yeast and mold, which are also just bacteria, which most people are that stuff likes a certain brand of food as its energy, refined, carbs, refined, sugars and processed meat or Meat, so you think about consciousness of all those millions and millions of organisms and your consciousness from your cells, which is fast mall in proportion wise and how many units they are like people think well yeah.

I very well about eating this junk you’re right. It’s the yeast model, fungus, bacteria and parasites that are influencing consciousness to equal Bayless energy like even then. This morning I was hungry after I got super foods coming, I must have eat crap and I bought jungle. Oats pause – I was like sorry juggalos, but like it’s not very healthy, is it is sugar and stuff we’re turning um and, like other when I’ll come home.

There’s like a banana bread like there’s a mango there and there’s banana bread, and I’m like, I know which one’s good for me, but I got ta eat it. I’r feeding the because you who am I feeding bacteria Candida fungus, molds yeast. We have a visitor and because silos hello, I mean the corporation yeah, so she’ll check this outside god. That’s expect the nearest exit. Maybe I’m scared, maybe I’m scared, maybe I’m maybe I’m maybe I’m free and alone.

I maybe I’m scared me happy dreaming of a broken heart since the day we made happened, dreaming of a broken heart and I can’t forehead


What is leaky gut, and how do you prevent it?

Stephen gondry, here you may have heard people in the health world talking about something called leaky gut. It’s a very hot topic right now, but there seems to be some confusion about what it is. So let me clear things up right now by showing you exactly what leaky gut is how it happens and how to prevent it. You see when you eat food. It goes down to your stomach to get broken down. This process unlocks the nutrients in the food and then the broken down food travels to your gut, where the unlock nutrients gets absorbed through the intestinal wall, but there’s other stuff in the food that shouldn’t get absorbed, such as pathogens, contaminants and other bad stuff.

You don’t want in your body. This is where your gut lining comes in also known as your intestinal epithelium. This lining acts as a filter, letting good stuff through and keeping bad stuff out, but when your gut lining gets weak, which happens on many modern diets, little holes start forming in the lining and bad stuff gets through kind of like this. Here’s the lining of your gut and there’s leaky gut, so this is actually what’s happening in your gut and this condition is called leaky gut for a very good reason now, the stuff that makes it through these holes triggers a cascade of unhealthy immune activity in your Body the result is serious damage to your health on all fronts.

Digestive trouble, heart problems, faster aging weight gain, you name, countless health conditions can be traced back to leaky gut. So how do you prevent it? Well, what modern diets are often missing is a special kind of fiber known as prebiotic fiber dietary sources of prebiotic fiber include Jerusalem, jokes Tiger nuts, Belgian endive chicory parsnips and a lot of others. So when you eat prebiotic fiber, it goes down to your gut and helps your microbiome, protect your gut lining and control what your body absorbs.

So this is a blend of prebiotic fibers that my company Gundry MD, makes it’s called pre bio tribe. Let’s see what it does inside your gut, so I’m going to take pre bio thrive and I’m going to put it on the lining of your gut okay. Now that the gut has prebiotic fiber, let’s do the leek test again and again. This is real. Pre bio thrive here comes. Oh my gosh. Look at that absolutely no leak. The truth is prebiotic.

Fiber does more than just plug the holes. It feeds friendly bacteria in your gut your microbiome. These bacteria then use the fiber to make butyrate, which nourishes and strengthens your gut lining. Strong gut lining means no more leaky gut. This means better digestion, better health and a longer happier life so make sure you get your prebiotic fiber every day and say goodbye to leaky gut. This is doctor Gundry, i’m always looking out for you we’ll see you next time and thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading click, the circular blog icon to subscribe and make sure you don’t miss a single article, click on the left to read another great article and don’t forget to visit my website for more of my best tips, because i’m dr Gundry and i’m always looking Out for you,



Superfoods: How to grow your own Micro-Greens. ‘Manna – The Ubuntu Living Show’

I can’t emphasize the beginning of us enough on how important it is for you to get into growing your own stuff, and one of the most amazingly simple and powerfully nutritious things you can grow is sunflower greens.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to just within a few minutes. Give you the whole process by showing you exactly how easy it is to grow sunflower greens in your own garden in your own home. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can do this on a windowsill in your house, so you don’t have to have a garden to grow your own food either. Sunflower greens are one of the most nutritious microgreens you can have now.

A sprout is a little seed, that’s just sprouted, but a micro green is a sprout. That’s allowed to grow in soil for a couple of days. So what I’m going to show you today is how to quickly and easily set up a tray to grow. Sunflower greens for you now these are the sunflower greens on the table here, and the thing about them is they’re around 30 times more nutritious than normal salad, and you can have one bowl of salad or you can have a tiny ball of sunflower greens and those Sunflower greens are going to give you the same if not more nutrients, that’s what I’m talking about at IAO to eat less and get more.

So that’s why I want to eat sunflower greens. They are incredibly high in nutritional value. So let me go through the process of how to actually grow it. It’s very easy to grow it. You only need a few things that you can get from most nurseries and they’re all very inexpensive. Let me run through what I have on the table here. First thing: you’re going to get us some soil. This is organic, seedling mix that I got from a nursery.

I like seedling, mix cuz, it’s fine, so that the seedlings don’t have to work very hard to get their roots into the ground and to get the little heads out of the soil. You can’t use compost to always make sure that it’s organic, then they haven’t used chemical fertilizers because those will burn the roots of your plants and they’re not going to be happy next thing. You’re going to need are trays. Now these trays, I got from a nursery and they’re, really inexpensive, little back black trays, and you can buy a couple of those and have them on hand for whenever you want to grow your sunflower greens and then lastly, you would need a base to catch the Water in in this base, you can also get from nurseries, but you can also get it at a lot of bigger shops.

They do stock them now. You can see these to fit quite nicely in the base and the reason I want the base is when I’m watering, I don’t want the water to flush all the nutrients out and away. I want the water to stay in the tray so that the greens can draw out the nutrients from the water and it’s not all washing away. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is the seed you need to get some sunflower seeds now, if you look at these sunflower seeds, they still have the shell on them.

Now. What I found is that when they still have the shell on them, they sprout a lot better. You don’t have to have them once the shell and you’ll even see there are a couple in here that have been shelled already. They will sprout, even if they are shelled, but I’d like to use the shelled ones, because you just get more of them sprouting. Okay, so how do we do this? The first thing you want to do is: take your seat and put that seed in water.

You can use a glass jar plastic tubs, some kind of some kind of bottle about so big put the seeds in there and then cover it with water and let it stand overnight. That’s soaking the seeds so that it activates the seats of the seed will sprout now you’re going to do that for about 12 hours, the soaking sorry and then, once the seeds are soaked wash the water away and then leave them damp in the same jar.

For another day around about what you’ll find is that a little tail is going to come out of the end of the seed out of the end of the seeds. You’ll find a little tail growing and that’ll tell you that you’ve got seed that will grow and that’ll also give the seed a head start for when you actually plant it into the soil. Okay. Now what this does is, if you’ve got a whole bunch of seed, and you put it all in the soil and you cover it all up, and you got all that trouble and none of the seed sprouts, because it’s dead seed or its irradiated seed you’ve wasted A huge amount of time so soaking it and sprouting it first is essential because it allows you to make sure that your seed will grow so sprouting it like that.

It’s exactly the way that Joseph grows, these sprouts with kitchen-garden, and actually I used some of his big bottles to sprout my seeds. It’s the best thing because you’ve got the mesh on top and it’s easy to then drain the seed and pop it back on again. So definitely that’s a great system to use to sprout your your seeds before you’re, going to plant them okay, but now we want to get planting. Let’s for a minutes, go we’ve soaked the seeds, we’ve sprouted the seeds.

The seeds is already now. How do we plant them? Get your trays lined up and then get your hands dirty. None of this little Spade business. You need to get your vibes into the soil, because the soil and the seeds want to know who’s, planting them and then you’re going to take your soil. You can see this nice rich, dark, seedling mix, I’m just going to take about a handful handful. At a time do that on both both trays? Okay, you just shake the tray up to get a nice even level.

You don’t put a baby to bed in a lumpy bed. You put them in a smooth made-up bed, so you want to make sure your bed is smooth. Okay, next you’ll take your seed, your seed you’re, just going to put once again about a handful or so into the center. Now these haven’t been soaked in sprouted. Yet so remember you want to soak yours and sprout yours first and then, just with your hand, spread them all the way around.

Okay. What you’re looking out for is about one layer of seed across if you’ve got too many seeds on top of each other they’re going to compete for space and if you’ve got too few seeds in there, you’re not going to get a good crop. So you want to get it, so you can see a little bit of soil sticking out whew clamping on the side, but there is space between the seeds and now the seeds are ready. So the next step – and this is a very important set – that a lot of people actually leave out when they’re trying to grow sunflower, greens – and that is you need to cover your sunflower greens of soil.

Again, there are a couple of reasons. Why do this? But the most important one is that if there are a couple of seats that haven’t sprouts – and so they don’t have the tail, if you don’t cover them, what’ll happen is they’ll go mouldy and that mold can then spread and contaminate the rest of your crop and Actually make your entire crop fail, so you want to make sure it’s covered with soil. Why does that? Stop the mold there bacteria in the soil, that’ll eat up all those moldy seeds that they won’t spread their mold into your actual crop.

Okay, so you want about a handful again, that’s so much and just cover it over the seat. You don’t want to put too much on because otherwise they’re going to have to work really hard to push through the soil, but just enough so you can’t see the seed anymore excellent. So if you have a look at that now, you can just see a few seeds. Most of them are hidden away, put and put away when they’re young like that they don’t want to get blasted by sunlight.

So it’s also a good idea to cover them with the soil. For that reason, now what would you think the next most important thing would be to do, but I seed in the soil. It’s sprouted, it’s ready to grow. What is the next thing to do? Go to water, your seats, water is essential at this point, so grab your watering bucket or your watering can and lightly water them it can soak through. But the important thing is you don’t want to blast it with a hose pipe you’re, just going to get all the seeds coming up and mixing through again so likely water everything.

Now that would be one tray and you can have a really good salad out of about half of one of these trays. I mean, if you have a look at how this has grown. It becomes a huge mess of food. If you want to do this, for a family or for yourself for a week, have a couple of these growing at one time start up, say six or seven and then when the first one is ready to eat, you can start on that one by the time.

The end one is ready to eat. It’s grown a little bit further, but that’s absolutely fine. That way you can keep rotating and you only need to plant about once a month, maybe one twice a month. I do it about every second week and then there’s enough for for my entire household to eat, sunflower greens once you start eating sunflower, greens you’ll, absolutely never look back, they’d, absolutely delicious for a salad, green and the nutrient value just makes you feel so good after Eating them, anyone who succeeds in a healthy lifestyle does so because they include high density nutrient, rich foods like this.

Yes, and now we’re going to do the important step of watering, so I’ve just gotten a watering. Can one of these will do absolutely fine fill that up with spring water, I’m just going to run a light sprinkle of water over it? Remember you don’t want to blast the seeds with water you’re, going to get them all to come out the soil, and then you going to have to cover them with soil again, such as a light sprinkling of water like so a few of the seeds will rise.

If you haven’t covered them, but most of them are covered completely and if you’re worried about it, just an extra little sprinkling will take care of all of that. There we go perfect and the amazing thing about nature. Is you just leave it and it grows, and then it gives you food there’s nothing else. You need to do all I’d say you need it on daily basis, just give it a bit of water, depending on our Hut.

It is once a day, maybe twice a day. Another important thing to remember is not to keep it in full Sun all day long. Cuz it’ll dry it very quickly in this black plastic container, so you want to keep it in a place where it gets half Sun or maybe two hours of sunlight in a day, but no more than that water. It once a day it’ll be ready for. You need probably within around seven to ten days and you’ll, see all the greens coming up and growing out.

The batch I have yeah is and around 14 days already, and you pull one of these out, you see how amazing they grow to a huge sprout. Look at the size of that now that’s about perfect to eat and that you can just eat exactly as you need lettuce or salad. It’s absolutely delicious! Now one thing to look out for when you’re growing, a sunflower greens. How do you know if they’ve gone too far if they’ve grown too long, simple way to tell us that there’ll be a second leaf that comes out the center? Now, when the second leaf comes out, this is quite bitter, so you can still eat the sprout at this point, but you want to really clip that leaf off so that you left with just the two original leaves that grew, and these are the sweet, tasty ones, But this is the bitter one so leave that one out take that and then put that in your salad, but it’s absolutely usable even up till not just three weeks after you’ve planted it excellent.

It’s been amazing to be able to share how to make this with you. I can’t emphasize enough get growing sunflower greens, the nutritional value you’re going to get is phenomenal out of it. Oh before I forget, there’s an incredible way: it’s a secret way of making your sunflower greens hold more minerals than any other salad you can buy in the shops. How would you do that? It’s one of the ultimate fertilizers ever discovered and it’s almost free or it could be absolutely free intrigued now.

What I do is once they’ve grown out of the soil, so maybe about so high just so you can see the green leaves. I take my water in. Can and I put two tablespoons of rock salt or sea salt into the water mix it through with the water and then water with a sea salt solution. Now sea salt has all 92 minerals in it that we need for nutrition. All the minerals we required. So once you order it, the the roots which are now formed can actually absorb all those minerals that we need into them and you can eat this.

So it’s an incredible way of getting all those extra minerals into your diet without anything to take supplements. So remember one maybe two tablespoons level of sea salt into about a five liter watering can mix that through and water that now in this situation, you can water every single day because the waters not leaking out. But if you’ve got a vegetable garden, you want to be careful because too much salt can actually damage certain plants, sunflower, green and also wheatgrass.

It’s very happy with a lot of salt. So it’s it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to kill them, and I haven’t yet – and I’ve put a lot of salt in mine, so we cross is exactly the same way. The way we’ve just grown, sunflower greens grow wheatgrass. In exactly the same way you get wheat seed. Instead of sunflower seed and the process is exactly the same, wheatgrass will grow up into grass, you’ll cut it you’ll juice it, and you can have that as an incredible nutrient boost excellent.

Well, that’s about it! It’s very simple! By the things it’s going to cost very little money to get all things together, get making it and you’re going to actually love this taste enjoy best. Oh




I mention it’s going to peel, which milk do you want to choose for the porridge? Personally, I want to go for the hemp, because hemp milk per glass gives you 50 % of your omega-3, and it’s really hard to get omega-3 night. Naturally, apart from animal sources in the form of cod, liver oil – and you know it’s unsweetened and then here I got flax, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seed to have goji berries is a great source of soluble fiber it just like hugs.

My guts, like my mummy, would want to when you put flax, especially when you heat it up. This kind of goo comes out of the seeds and that goo just helps everything going on that just lines, your guts, it’s also grain free, so you can do it on a paleo and SCD gaps. Diet and also flats is a great source sort of natural omega-3. As well, if you look, how dark is that just shows you like it’s just really dense in nutrients with this being a great source of iron, with a hundred grams containing about point nine milligrams of iron, which is about 11 % of your daily recommended allowance? Great, if you’re suffering from anemia, although I like, I have been in the past.

This is why I don’t forget about this baby. This really is the the backbone of the porridge is. Why do we even use those anyway? This is normal flaxseed before it’s ground up into a powder, looks more like a sea. Doesn’t it and naturally sweetening the porridge with date paste as opposed to loads of sugar or sweeteners, which also bugger everything up in the worry? It’s really tasty, really tasty.

A great thing, the paste is, you, don’t depict the pits out one at a time going to blitz this put two white bananas in I wish they could have pre, peeled bananas and some more I’m going to sprinkle some sunglasses all over the top, because I want That crunch and that texture, but also do I have some fruit. I and you to go shopping. Wait, do you think grapes would go there? No berries would do the Apple.

Would we have it? We have that poor and for the presentation, because it’s so important to eat with your eyes, we maintain it will start. We have loads of apple slices and I think it’s slightly fitting to put a little day right in the middle. Try it at home. Let me know what you think and see you next time, oh and subscribe. If you haven’t done so already,

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.




What is up my manifesting mamacita’s in my marathon mind and man, it’s been a minute. I had to go on a social media sabbatical and just you know, take on boring. I love y’all, but I love myself more and I needed to take a break. I needed to take some courses. I need to see a healer. I need it to get down on my knees and pray okay, so I am back full recharged and ready to be here for you.

So let’s get into today’s information! Today’S article is all about the yoni. So today the information is going to be about Eleni Ani. Alright, go ahead and close your eyes take a deep breath in release my yoni, my choice, my yoni, my choice, my yoni. My choice go ahead and take a deep breath in release. I didn’t even take a deep breath and I’m just so excited to talk to you guys that didn’t even take a deep breath in alright guys.

So, let’s get into this look okay, so this is from forever 21. These braids are by my girl, Essie. I’M going to leave her her Instagram in the description box. Please, if you are in the New Jersey area, come and get your hair done because and she put the things in it for me, she puts a little like Nefertiti gold accents in it from me. So I’m really happy about that. Can you guys see this blush a little bit this I’m wearing a blush by the mented company, black-owned blush on my face.

So what does your name mean? Yoni? Is the Sanskrit word for feminine power for womb for source? It is all those things while I was away. I got a course called break the grip of patch lovers by healer, Jumana Sophia. When I tell you guys it was a 21-day, eCourse, powerful womb. Changing I mean really look it up from the it was offered through the daily ohm calm, I’m going to leave it all the description in below, and I realize that I haven’t really taken care of my own II.

I really have an embrace it fully. I embrace being a woman during this lifetime. I embrace my femininity but to embrace the womb source, your sacral chakra, that’s where your creativity is. I haven’t become one with that, so this eCourse break the grip of past lovers, really helped me to tend to the yoni and I’m so happy to share it with you guys it was. It brought me a lot of success in connecting with my womb.

So I definitely recommend that, for you guys, I think you know when I was growing up. I had a vagina. Oh my god, I feel like. I can’t say that word on YouTube. I had a yoni and the yoni was part of me. I was a part of it, but not in a like wholesome, wholly honorable way. Right, like I’ve mistreated my own II, I threw her around. She got run over by a truck like just like every part of my body. I love being lotioned up.

Okay, I love being moist okay, so I purchased a few products to help me and my yoni see eye to eye because sometimes she’d be tripping just to put it all out there. For the past four years, I’ve been having a pH imbalance during my menstrual cycle. Before my mentions, like the day before my menstrual cycle, starts and the last three days of my menstrual cycle, I have a pH imbalance. It was causing me a lot of embarrassment.

There was a strong odor coming and I was like Jesus. This is not, I see what you do for others. This is nope, but your covenant with me. So I said you know I I’ve been battling it for four years. I’M like I can’t do this. I can’t do this, so I say that not because I want to like gross anyone else, but I want to be honest and me sharing what I’m going through. I know it’s going to help somebody else, so I purchased a few products to help me balance out.

My yoni now, let’s be clear, the yoni is a self-cleaning organ. Okay, God knows what God did intentionally created the yoni. The yoni is self-cleaning. Amy Schumer has this hilarious joke where she’s like every single day, she takes off her underwear and it looks like she blew her new, her nose in the underwear and I’m like same says same so, and that’s natural. That means that, and if it’s you know when it’s clear when it’s one, it’s whitish slightly yellowish in your underwear, it just means your yoni is cleaning itself, it’s natural anybody who would find that gross.

You need to grow up and you need to honor this body that you have okay, so let’s get into the products that have worked that helped me. Some of them are black owned and I am excited to show you guys my yoni healing 101 Tings all right. Let’S do it, but I thought that that that’s what we going to do every time we have a black on product, we have four products. Um two are black on, so we’re going to get up, but okay for this, this is this is yoni goddess oil.

From goddess body, she is always out of stock of this yoni oil. Now I used to use only yoni oil when I lived in LA the problem with the Union. Oil I used to use was that the herbs were inside of the oil of the container, and I was smelling like chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, with a soda on the side like I, it was very Irby. Okay and your girl was smelling. Like Campbell’s chicken noodle soup for real, so I don’t recommend that brand.

I don’t remember what brand it was and we’re not going to recommend it. So this is, it comes out to $ 30 $ 30, but you guys know most of my money honestly just goes to wellness product so whatever so. This was about $ 30 with tax and shipping and all of that stuff, I believe again, it’s either 19 or 20 for 19 to 24. It’S four ounces and it’s organic artisanal oil. You can use it for it’s meant for the veg, the vulva, so your melon labia minora, labia majora and the opening of the vagina it is for all of that.

It’S just like lotioning up your elbows right. You want to make sure that your elbows are not actually the same way. You want to take care of your yoni area. You just want to keep it moist. You want to keep it like balance. Okay, go in here, you have a low. The coconut oil you’ve got some boswellia. You’Ve got some Mira, you have even she adds crystals in here, so you’ve got nephrite, Jade rose, quartz and and love like she.

I really like this company I do now. The one thing is that it does take a minute for it to come. Now. It takes two about two weeks for it to come. I don’t the compared to Amazon, that’s a long time, but it takes about two weeks to get here and each bottle. Last six months, so you do want to make sure that you using it up. Okay, cuz the the the ingredients are very natural, so it does not have that long of a shelf life, but what’s great about this, is that it restores balance.

Rids bacterial overgrowth maintain healthy flora, antibacterial antifungal, vaginal toner, natural, lubricant and youthful essence. Now I have been using this for about three weeks. Honestly, I love it. I love lotioning up my vulva. I love like just letting it become an act of self-care for me honestly guys. I also use it on my face. There’S nothing in here that says for yoni. Only no everything in here you can put on your face.

You can put on your hair. It really is an all-around really great natural product and my vagina is taking very well to it, so I’m so happy to be using this yoni goddess oil and obviously guys I didn’t get paid for anything to people. So again, I’m doing I’m telling you what has worked for me on my yoni healing journey and now let’s go into the next product. You have the killer back that yeah. So this is from the company love wellness.

A little bit of backstory love. Wellness was created by Lo Bosworth Lauren Bosworth. Now, if anyone remembers Laguna Beach on MTV, that was my show. I have two of the. I have both season. One, a season 2 DVD set. Try me is a boric acid suppositories for quick relief for yeast infections and BV symptoms. Now, before I stopped eating me before I before, when I used to eat terribly and I used to eat a lot a lot of candy, I was always having yeast infections.

I was having yeast infections, I believe, from latex condoms and I was having yeast infections from just certain partners and just you know not taking care of down there. So this is made from medical grade boric acid, FDA, inspected facility. So we’re not just shoving any old thing up into our holy place right depository I’ll. Let me just show you guys, you take the suppository and you put it up all the way up in as far as it can go into your vaginal canal.

Now, if you like me, are having an imbalance at the end of your period, I would suggest adding a little bit of lubricant. I would suggest a little bit of coconut oil to put it up all the way up there, because you guys know blood can is sticky, especially during the last year’s of your period. You not really like shedding that much of your uterine lining. So my mistake, you guys this blog is all about learning from our mistakes.

Basically, so the mistake I made was trying to shove it up there on one of the last days of my period and that really hurt. So I had to use use my vaginal muscles to push out the to push out the suppository and then I’ll die okay. That really hurt. I’M not going to do that again and then I took a little bit of coconut oil lubricated it and then put it right back up there you’re going to want to do this at night lying down.

So you’ll see that you know it’s best to wear a panty liner while you’re taking the boric acid because it is going to be releasing you know getting you know, just stuff is going to be falling out. So it says that you can use for seven days for chronic irritation and up to 14 days or use as a spot treatment if needed me, I’m I use it as a spot treatment so and it worked okay, let’s with like the point, is that it worked The the last menstrual cycle I had thanks to the boric acid.

I did not encounter a pH imbalance or any odor, or anything like that. So I thank God for that and um. I used one suppository at the beginning and one suppository at the end, and it really just it worked and that’s what it’s about right, like I’m, not going to show you guys something that I haven’t tried out that I don’t stand by that, you know, doesn’t work. It works so I highly recommend it it’s either 19 or $ 24, but just go over to love wellness com.

They are amazing, they’re great. Let them know beany TV sent you and yeah, let’s move on to the next product. So let’s talk about honey pot, but I thought that that so for women by women, black-owned vaginal care company, the name is BIA and basically she was suffering from vegetarian vaginosis. For years and one day, an ancestor came to her in a dream and gave her the ingredients to start the honey pot company they make pads, they make vaginal washes they wipes – and this was the first product that I introduced my yoni to and literally every single Time I use this, I just feel like extra just extra clean and I don’t want to say it that way, because I am against the idea that you have to clean or make your vagina smell.

Good, no, like God, was like the yoni, is going to smell this way and it’s going to be a self-cleaning machine, so anything that promotes like taking away odor, I’m not for it, but I will say that again. This is a sin sitov wash, which is exactly what I need and again it’s just part of my self-care. I love taking showers. I love lotioning up. I love taking baths and to add that extra step in my self-care routine, especially such an intimate beautiful part of my body like why not so this is $ 8.

99. You can find it at Target as well as the honey pot. Oh, my favorite thing is that it contains colloidal silver, which is known to just be antifungal, antibacterial and all-around. This product just gets you back on. It gets you back in balance with your your your yoni is natural, so it is foamy and it doesn’t smell. Like anything, I got the one that yeah it doesn’t smell like anything. This is again the sensitive wash has lavender villain der villain, der lavender, vinegar and calendula.

I love being able to support black businesses and even if you’re, not black, you should still be supporting black businesses because they’re just as good as any other business. So if you purchase this product, I know you’re going to like it and I use it everyday. I use it every day, gentle sensitive, sometimes I’ll, skip a day, but I use it every day and when you buy this product, not if, but when you buy this product, let them know Dean ETV sent you.

We’Ve got good girl, probiotics, bye, again, love wellness. We already talked about them with the killer. Now you guys know I’ve been using probiotics too, with my for my vaginal health for a couple years months now, and I love it, my body loves it, so I’m going to keep doing it. So these are the Google probiotics stay balanced down there or get back on track after an infection or irritation. I do not take this every day.

I probably should, but I don’t. I heard it’s really good to take this on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning again, I don’t – but I do take this when I am on my period to keep things balanced, your gut, your stomach, what you eat your digestive system is your second brain. Everything that you put into your digestive system affects everything in your body. Really it should be the first brain, but your gut is the second brain.

If you eat a lot of candy, it affects your vagina. If you eat a lot of sugar or cheese’s or meat products, all of it is affecting your yoni so be mindful. One of my friends was saying, like you know, it’s really important to eat a lot of vegetables the week before your period, so that you’re not cramping as much so that you’re not if you’re a heavy bleeder. It alleviates a lot of bleeding so being mindful and let your but your let your menstrual cycle be a harmonious situation, even when you’re PMSing call it out and be like.

Alright, I don’t feel nothing. I see you PMS come on. Let’S go on this ride. You know what I mean like be in control of what is going to be happening to you until you’re, like in your fifties and sixties. You know enjoy the ride while you can now when I got this, I was like. Oh, that is some strong good probiotics bacteria. That’S some good bacteria. They have to put two like three or four car dogs in here, because the smell is so strong, but that just means that it’s good bacteria, so my only thing about this is that the capsules are gelatin.

Gelatin comes from pigs in the body and instead of vegetable capsules. I do hope that they one day I switch to vegetable capsules. So if you’re a strict vegan, this really isn’t the product for you. But if you’re not a strict vegan and you don’t mind the gelatin capsules, then this is for you, so I thank you guys so much for tuning in to this yummy health. 101. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me.

At beanie TV on Instagram send me an email at beanie TV yo at gmail.Com, I’m sending you and your yoni, so much love and goodness and awesomeness and beauty and healing wherever you need it. For the month of September, I am going to be giving my 1-hour Soul Sessions for free, ok, so DM me email me if you would like to book a session. Basically, it’s just going to be us talking and, and I’m going to give you practical spiritual practices to assist you in whatever we decide to cover during our consultation and I’m also giving away the first book in my self-development eCourse – and I am so excited to be Giving y’all this because I know that it is helpful, or I know that it’s amazing and it’s powerful, and I just want you guys to feel amazing and powerful.

Also, I am selling shea butter and if you would like to butter, go ahead and DM me on Instagram, I love you guys. I miss you guys for all of my yo knees out there. We got this and we have to talk more about imbalances. Odors. You know understanding that if one person is going through it, someone else is going through it and by sharing the kind of embarrassing things we can help each other make it not so embarrassing, because it’s not like it’s actually not embarrassing and it’s not gross.

We just live in a patriarchal society that makes us believe that our you know, yo knees are supposed to smell like roses like no, my own is going to smell how it smells and it’s a self cleaner, we’re not going to fall for any of that. We don’t need extra fragrance, we don’t need anything actually causing more imbalance in the yoni. We don’t need any of that. So, thank you guys so much when you probably when you purchase these products, tag me on Instagram or Facebook or whatever, and let me and the the honey part and love wellness and goddess body.

Let them know that I sent you to them. Okay, thank you guys. So much for tuning in and I’ll see you guys next article peace,

Spunks pumpkin seeds are great for boosting your immune system! Below is a great video about the benefits of this great pumpkin seed snack!