Fire Roasted Oysters | Barbecue Tricks

West, bump, tricks, calm! Here’S how you can fire roast your oysters, like in South Carolina. I’M in Charleston this is what an oyster roast looks like a lot of steam steam tables and it’s kind of a traditional way. You do it.

Sometimes they use burlap sacks. However, it’s not real roasting, not a lot of fire or coals so check this out. This is fire roasting or barbecuing oysters. Now, in this version, a roast is really a roast we’re here to use a trick to barbecue oysters over charcoal grills. Remember the oysters are best in those are months, but you know these days you can find them year-round pretty much anywhere that liquid inside the shell is called the liquor.

You want to preserve as much of that as possible. Now we’re roasting these oysters over high charcoal and hardwood heat and to keep them stable and easier to handle we’re nestling them on a bed of rock salt, actually ice cream salt here in a cast-iron skillet, and we topped each oyster with a dollop of this compound Butter made from butter, Parmesan, cheese, garlic, worste, sheer paprika and hot sauce.

Now that makes for a real boy stir roast. There you go and as a finishing touch, we can easily make some super simple seafood sauces cocktail sauce and, although not as common with the oysters, this super easy tartar sauce check out the article and recipes here. So the question remains: can you barbeque oysters? Shell? Yes, add some fresh parsley, and that is an oyster roast too remember there, you go the real deal: fire roasting, an oyster, roast or barbecue oysters super simple: get the recipe online and more tips tricks other fun stuff, always at WWE, barbecuetricks.


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Let’S get to it start with the top end of a beef tenderloin roast or any decent cut of beef go ahead, remove any excess silver skin or fat.

Then we’re going to take some butchers twine, tie it up and try and make it nice and round. Next, we’re going to add a little injection of butchers, barbecue prime injection, just for a little extra flavor, just start on one end simply work your way down, give it a little squirt every inch or two after injecting the roast with another layer of flavor. Simply take it place it in a ziplock bag, leave it in the fridge for at least two to four hours.

Just before you get your meat on the grill spice it up with any type of rubs, our spices that you love to taste. For this, all we’re going to do is put on some extra bold black peppercorns and a little bit of kosher salt beefs got a nice coat and a salt and pepper. So let’s go get it on the grill. Barbecue is all up to temp and the wood starting to smoke away. So we just got our meat on cook it. At 225 till it hits an internal temp of 115 degrees and we’ll give it a nice sear on the outside.

After around half an hour, keep a close eye on the temperature and just keep checking it on the end 1:15, in the middle and 113. On the end, once you have an internal temperature, 115 to 120 degrees, simply take the beat, keep an eye on it. Turning it every 30 seconds or so, and another quick little roll smells great again. Another quick roll. If you like, your beef cooked a little bit more than that, simply bring up the internal temperature to 125 degrees and then start searing it after letting it rest for around 5 minutes loose, intented and tinfoil.

Finally, remove the string and slice it up with the string removed, it’s all ready to slice, so, let’s cut into it and see how it looks. Mmm check that out nice juicy just cut some thin slices off here, just like butter going to make up a couple. Sandwiches, hmm looking good beef tenderloin roast it’s easy to do, barbecue food, for you give it a try.

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Unboxing Butcher Box – What You Really Get | Barbecue Tricks

This is a variety box and mixed box is what’s going, and this is how literally comes of the on the porch. You know I really want to compare, although they’re different products, the butcher box, compared to like Omaha Steaks that look good for gifts. This is more of a subscription box 120, some bucks for the mix box every month, but we did get a couple of extras in here.

That will show you better me for a better you products are antibiotic and hormone-free so that really, if you’re concerned with that aspect of be in particular, something to consider that’s the unique difference. So, let’s just cut open the box. This has been on our porch. Maybe a couple of hours, it’s a fairly cold outside earth friendly packaging is what this says is interesting, so the sec of foam packaging dry-ice yeah.

This is, I can feel it’s really cold right now. So this is like different. Omaha Steaks delivers with a Styrofoam, solid, styrofoam cooler and appropriately since they’re thinking green with butcher box and more hormone free, more of a green vibe they’re, all natural boxing material, as opposed on wash dates, which is a bit of foam cooler. Both come really cold. So in this butcher box it’s got a couple of things: let’s take a quick look.

You get to keep the bag and get the camera in close on that grab my glasses. So in our butcher box, the way they work is they deliver every month and come to the exact same delivery in this we’ve got a ground to ground beef bricks, each a pound and then one additional ground beef. So a total of three ground beef bricks. This tote is included, beefsteak tips was an extra. We added on 16-ounce beef steak tips, premium steak tips for a pound, boneless skinless chicken breasts, and it’s interesting.

If you talk about the flavor of things. The one item that I really remember already having from our first month’s delivery, was the chicken and I just thought it had really great flavor and it’s you know hormone free and really you get the details and although antibiotics and stuff on so here’s what you get Its rock-solid here frozen solid, grass-fed beef premium. Steak tips comes like that so they’re vacuum-sealed, grass-fed tips, here’s the ground, beef, boneless, pork, loin chops and a couple of top sirloin steaks here.

Here’S the boneless skinless chicken breast and they give you free bacon. Ten ounce pack here no nitrates added and no sugar lotta great things. So there it is it’s a boneless skinless organic choice, chicken and the flavor on this was really great. The first batch I took and the antibiotic no growth hormones in all the beef products. That’S the structure, the of butcher box, so a lot of people would love to get this as a gift a little bit different as far as the packaging goes compared to Omaha Steaks, which specializes in mistakes, but also does some beef and things like that.

But yeah interesting if you’ve got somebody who’s, really green, that you’re buying a gift for they may prefer a butcher box over Omaha Steaks because it doesn’t come packed in styrofoam. It’S you know green packaging and it’s a no antibiotics or growth hormones. That’S the difference! So hopefully try and do a flavor taste test on the grass-fed beef and all that with some comparison sampling in the future, but that’s it that is the butcher box and one more type of reference when you order this.

This is called what this is: a basic box and we’ve added the sirloin tips, some ground beef and some extra ground beef. The total price. This package is what 160 bucks 150 150 bucks approximately and there’s going to be different sales all the time. But again the thing with butcher boxes they’ll deliver that same box to your door month in month. Honest of subscription so check it out. If you want to see the unboxing of a an Omaha Steaks box or even an Allen brothers steak box check it out.

I’Ll put the links in the message below for more tips, tricks, other fun, stuff and reviews. Www.Forextradingarsenal.Com

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Stuffing A Burger | Barbecue Tricks

Pretty cool teaser for a article from Thrillist, that’s y’all check out. So what is a pimento? No, it doesn’t they’re. Actually these things are stuff inside of olives.

They’Re, not part of the album. A pimento is really just a cherry pepper. It’S a little sweeter, maybe than a red bell, pepper and you find them and we usually find them jarred, small jars of the diced up tomato and they’re soft. So it’s not like using a fresh chopped red pepper and around where I am I’m in Charleston, South Carolina, pimento cheese is kind of common here, it’s like the caviar of the south.

Actually, I love good pimento cheese with a pretzel, but in this case we’re going to be stuffing it inside a burger here. The recipe for pimento cheese is pretty simple. You got the pimentos and I just use the shredded cheddar you buy in this grocery store, so Mayo a lot of cream cheese and you can make it hot with cayenne. You want to get all the details with spices. I put the recipe on the blog, a brick of cream cheese, and essentially this is about how much it makes and the kind of the trick to stuffing a burger.

Is you get the cheese done? First, I roll it up in parchment paper like you’re. Seeing here make it easier to handle because I’m going to be slicing it into discs, so then you take the cheesy to freeze, it doesn’t have to be rock-hard but pretty hard and then, while it’s chilling and getting cold work with the ground beef and make yourself Simple hamburger, patty, here’s the trick to stuffing first off a basic 80/20 ground.

Beef, take a fistful. The hamburger meat and I found like this mick ultra pan – was just about the right size. A smaller than a 12 ounce can and just make a little divot in your burger, so you’re making hamburger cups and try and work them just the right size. You don’t want too thin, because you don’t want the cheese oozing out and the trick will be we’re going to take the cold cheese and just place it inside these cups of hamburger meat.

You also want to work with the hamburger meat being really cold. The whole time just makes it easier. You want to aim for making a uniform size patty, and at least you know, when you’re cooking these – that the inside is cheese, it’s already cooked, but you want to be warm through. It’S the outside of the meat that that you want to cook to temperature in the case of beef. 160 degrees. 155. If you do it right, you may see a little cheese oozing out here and there, but really that’s okay.

It looks great. The pimento stuffed burger. You can do it with any sort of cheese as well just get the right size to insert inside your burger cup. That’S it stuffed hamburgers with cheese. The one thing I’ve never really tried, and now I’ve got to try. It is dry, aging, steaks and meat. You got to see this new article from my friends over at Thrillist, where dave takes a deep dive along with New York City steak houses on how they dry-aged their meat.

Take a look now it’s at Thrillist and go ahead and subscribe to the youtube article, and if you want my free cookbook, there’s a link to it. In the description of this article here, we’ll just head on over to http://www.Skinnygainmuscle.Com, you

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Weber Barbecue Techniques

You can control it in one of two ways: you can either control it by the amount of coals that you use or how you actually position the vents on this occasion we’re actually going to be grilling. Some chicken drumsticks so first of all, I’m going to lay out the coals in the base of my barbecue, the weber chimney. Starter is a great way of measuring out your coals.

This full chimney starter here is ideal for a 57 centimeter barbecue when you’re grilling foods. If you have a 47 centimeter barbecue, then three-quarters should suffice, distribute your coals evenly over the cooking grate, and this will help to create an even temperature whilst cooking. If you have a collection of cold in one place, just use some tongs to position them evenly across the cooking. Grate, don’t be tempted to put too many curls into your barbecue, as this will create too much heat and therefore burn your food.

Just one layer of coals will suffice once the coals are in place, place the cooking grate on top of the coals and then add the food, remember always to place the lid on top with the lid in place. This will help to keep an urban environment and also will help to reduce flare-ups. The vents are also key to controlling the temperature of your charcoal barbecue. The vents are located at the bottom and at the top, the vent should always be open during cooking to open the vent at the bottom.

Just push the lever to the far side where you can see the vent symbol, I’m also going to open the vent at the top. This will allow the air to be drawn in through the bottom of our barbecue pass through the coals, circulate around the food and then be pushed out the top creating this oven environment. I spoke about earlier on a windy day. It is possible to close the vents by 50 %. This will restrict the airflow going into the barbecue.

Therefore, reducing the oxygen to the coals and reducing the temperature closing the vents to 50 % is also great when your food is cooked and can help to keep the food warm. You

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Whole Lamb BBQ How To | Barbecue Tricks

Com? This is a great holiday barbecue feast, Some of the most popular articles that have Here are whole animal roasts. We’Ve got a whole cow, a whole hog, but with Lamb, typically, it’s been smaller, Easter stuff, with small chops or a rack of lamb. Thanks to my friends, Pete Stamatas and Nick Hatzis they walk us through this whole prep process.

Take a look at this. It was for a big Greek Orthodox Easter celebration, family feast, Pete What’S the main spices Barbecue sauce Nick Main spice Main spice is oregano Pete It’S not barbecue sauce. Is it Nick Not barbecue sauce; no, No! This is not Unlike the traditional American style, barbecues That we do here in the United States, the Greek style barbecue is the key component. Is oregano olive oil lemon and occasionally mint make up the key components to the dressing? Or the marinade as you’d say: Pete We’Re in the kitchen of the Custinos family They’re going to help us get the lamb on the Stake Dino tell us what youre doing here: buddy Dino Our first thing is we’re going to stick the pole through the back end.

Pete The poor, lamb, never thought life was going to be this way. Dino We’Ve got to line this two up with the leg, but before we do that, we’re going to have To stick it through the throat here, There’s a little slat. If you stick your finger, Anybody can do it, you’ll see it. What we want to do is try and go through the Head with this, so we crack it. Pete That one there looks like it’s: the top of the head, precracked right, Dino, Dino, Precracked, When they butchered it, maybe they just sometimes They hit the end of it.

Nick That’S a sharp knife, Pete That’S a Ginsu right there, fellas Dino Now its coming go ahead, Stan Nick Do it Do it Stan Dino Okay, now now we’re going to flip her over to try and even her out so we can get the Back legs, Nick Right in the meat there right and then in the leg Bill, West Approximately are you going to pay for this lamb Youve got to figure out where to get it first, A butcher can help you Theres a bunch of places online Online, probably kind of expensive, a 50-pound Lamb, they said, would run about $ 275 plus about a $ 75 processing fee, so $ 350 for a lamb, like This Youre going to need a spit to cook on Spit Jack.

Is the king of these things I’ll put a link to their model CX855, which Can handle up to a 55-pound, lamb or even a hog? It’S a nice one. Otherwise you can rent a spit from some rental. Companies, A hog would take a lot longer because you’re Cooking the hog to a hotter internal temperature, so you can pull it apart, but with this expect About a four to five hour cooking time, It all depends on the wind, the weather and This spit here that we’re using has a closed-in back so it’ll cook a little bit hotter than One that would just totally open, maybe like this one here, Nick Now that the bracket is in and now you need the screws, there should also be a bracket.

Piece right: Dino, Uh-Huh Where’s that bracket Okay, we’re good. We want to make sure just hook that this Hook, that’s here is lining up with the pole. Pete This is bracket number two Dino Bracket number two Nick Its a little bit trickier than the Dino Okay, Hows the other one Pete Its coming Its coming, Dino Yeah were going to stick our hands Nick This lamb is from Colorado grass fed Pete Those are the best they say.

Nick Certified organic Pete How big is it Nick Its a 40-pounder Pete Its a big one, Nick Its a big one but its a baby, You can tell a lambs a baby not by the size. You could have a lamb, that�s, this small and be only 30 pounds, but by the teeth The teeth are baby. I bought a lamb one time. It was 80 pounds Pete And it was a baby Nick It was a baby you could tell by the teeth One time a long time ago, my cousin in Greece He has 1,500 goats and 300 lambs in Greece and he killed a little lamb, a small one.

It was only 32 pounds, I said: [ Greek, 0:04:50 ], Its old look at the teeth and the teeth were Huge Bill West Ah, so the small teeth means Nick It’S small because the larger the teeth that means it grows by the ears Pete So small teeth: Dino Small teeth means baby lamb Bill West One thing to read out for is when you secure the lamb on the spit youre going to want To get it really secure, so there is no wobble at all.

You can use the twine or some rope but make Sure you’re using cotton, twine or cotton rope, not the plastic stuff that could melt. Then, when you mount it up, there start with The lamb on the highest setting and lower it occasionally through the cook until the Last 30 minutes, where you lower it all the way to the bottom, to crisp the skin up nicely Dino It’S not going nowhere. Nick That’S the important thing: Pete So this is the spit where the lamb is going to be made.

We’Ve got the coals going, The coals are going a little slower than we Like so, this is an ancient Greek technique to get your coals going, Go ahead. Pete What kind of coals do we have Let�s get the coals here? This is the Royal Oak, all wood hard coal charcoal Nick We’Ve got the basic dressing or the basic dry rub for the lamb that we use to coat the Inside of the animal before we put it on the spit, which consists of your basic ingredients, Basic spices, salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, dried mint and we tend to like a Little bit of lemon zest and orange zest in our dry rub What we’ll do is we’ll utilize half of this On the animal dry and then we’ll save half of this for the olive oil dressing that we Use to base the animal, What you want to do is you want to hand mix This Dino We’Ve got to get this puppy ready and tied up Pete What are you doing there guys Dino We are dressing, the animal We are putting the dry spice rubs in there Pete Along with what Dino Along with a stick of Land, O Lakes, butter, Pete, Okay, so the spices have gone in They’re inside the animal there.

It is and Now we’re closing it up using the’Nick here is actually a doctor Nick. What is the suture technique? We’Re using Nick This is called the single-handed [ inaudible, 0:07:44 ] technique, Pete The single handed technique And we sew up the entire belly of the beast Bill. West After a few hours of basting, you check the meat and you want it cooked to your liking. You probably shoot for an internal temperature.

In the thickest part of the thigh about 150 degrees Fahrenheit to about 160 degrees Fahrenheit, The joints are going to be loosened dramatically. And you can feel it in there just by wiggling a leg, It’s different again from a hog where you Want to cook it up to 190 degrees Once it’s done, remove it off the spit. Put It on a resting area for carving and let it rest before you cut into it – for at least 10 or 15 minutes Yeah, if you like this whole lamb, barbecue You might want to check out the whole hog article we have or the whole cow article elsewhere.

On this blog – and you want to get the recipe for the seasoning here that they use, I will put it on the website That is http://www.Barbecuetricks.Com

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Our grill is looking shameful. I’D like to take you along today with me and we’re going to refinish. This grill make it look nice again we’re going to have a little cookout later on. Today and I’m going to show you how to take your old grill and make it look new again, so you don’t have to go out and spend 300 bucks buying a new grill, because your open looks like crap all right so come along today on the farm Blog and we’ll have a little bit of fun fixing up the grill all right folks.

So what we have here is a master forge grill. Now this is a pretty cool grill, it’s a charcoal, grill and, I believe in cooking with charcoal. I just think it gives your meat a little bit better flavor, but it’s been sitting outside. I think this grill is like three years old, which is a testimony to how long a grill lasts. Now we’ll walk you around the grill, we’ll tell you about its features and then we’ll show you what we’re going to do here.

Pretty simple grill. This has got the two-tier little spot here, one for like worming and one for cooking. Underneath here you have a pretty cool setup and it’s all crusty from last year I don’t normally clean my grill until the next time. I fire it up. So this grate is where your coals sit and there’s a handle right here and you crank this handle and you can see, there’s a mechanical thing in there.

That brings the great both up and down, and that gets your coals a little bit closer to where you want to work now underneath here, there’s a tray and this tray is upside down because I flip it over when I store it for the winter time. So it doesn’t puddle up water inside the tray and cause it to rust. Out now, we’ll take those ashes that are on there and put them in the yard. It comes with a little bottle.

Opener in case you have any adult beverages or regular beverages, you’d like to drink, and this also is our damper. So we open and close our damper with this little handle right here, so we can control our heat very, very, very happy with this grill. You also have an adjuster here at the top – that’s another damper that allows either less or more, and you can use this for smoking all sorts of stuff and there’s another damper on this side right here.

We also have a little temperature gauge, which has been pretty reliable so far before we get down to business. Guys, please, if you like this stuff click that, like button subscribe to the blog, if you’re not already subscribed and click the little bell down there, it’ll notify you when I post a new article. I appreciate having you here, and one way you can get back is subscribing and clicking the like button.

Let’S get busy if you drive down any city street this time of year at springtime, you’ll see grills all over the side of the road rusty, grills crusty grills. The lifespan of a backyard grill isn’t that long, maybe one or two years so when you’re paying like 200-300 dollars for a grill. You want it to last, and we’ve taken good care of this one to make sure it does last. Hopefully, we’ll get at least two more years out of it, but the outside looks like just so we’re going to take care of that now there are a few tools that are going to be essential to this a little roll of painters tape.

I got a sanding sponge here. I have a knife, you can use an exacto knife or just a easy razor knife and I also have a rest. Oleum spray paint handle I’ll. Show you this a little closer and I’ll. Give you a little more detail on the spray paint that we’re going to use, so the spray paint we’re going to use is a 2,000 degree protective paint. It’S a rust, OEM brand paint I’ll post links to all this fun stuff that we’re using in the vlog today, but it’s a rust-oleum paint and basically we’re going to go over the entire grill.

Here, after we tape off the parts that we don’t want to be spray painted pretty cool, this stuff works, it lasts, it works, it does a good job and it helps you to refinish your grill. Now this little doodad right here is something really really cool. It opens up and you can tell I’ve used it a lot it’s by rust-oleum I’ll post a link down below, but you clip it on to your spray-paint can and basically Shh.

It makes you a spray paint gun, which is very, very handy because I don’t know if you’ve ever painted something this big with a spray can, but using your finger. You’Ll end up. Switching fingers and you’d be like because your fingers will get covered with paint and it’s just it’s just hard on your hands. So this is awesome and we’ll show you how we use it now. There’S really only one place that I don’t want paint, and I don’t want to own this glass right here, so basically here’s how I’m going to do it.

I’M going to take my tape and I’m just going to cover the entire area right here. Just like that, I’m going to take two pieces of tape and do this and then I’m going to kind of press the tape down on the glass part and I’ll take my little knife here. This doesn’t have to be perfect at your grill to your backyard. So you know you want to protect this, so you can tell what your temperatures are, how hot it’s running in there, so I’ll press it down on the glass, then I’ll go around the edge and just basically trim off all the way around the edge.

Just like that and voila pull off the date, pretty cool now, we’ve protected that little glass piece, pretty neat we’re going to take our sanding sponge here and basically we’ll sand off some spots that have a little bit of heavy rust. I’Ll show you now, you don’t have to go to awful crazy with your sanding sponge, but basically you look. You see all that rust just kind of disappear and you can see all the little spots where they’re surface rust is starting to disappear.

I’M going to lightly sand this whole thing really quickly. Okay, now you can go as crazy as you want to with the sanding process. It’S your grill! If you want to make it look like a show car, you can make it look like a show car just trying to get off anything that might be moderately obvious once we start slinging paint on this thing. I think this will make it look a little bit better, I’m just going to take a little piece of tape and kind of wrap around the edges of my little chrome, accents or stainless steel accents right here.

Nobody will ever really notice, but me, but it would drive me absolutely crazy to see that and be a shame that I didn’t just take two seconds and do the right thing all right at this point we’re going to get into the science of this I like To keep my paint out in the Sun, I want to leave my paint out in the Sun for at least thirty – maybe forty five minutes and want to shake it really really. Well, you want to shake it at least a minute, maybe two minutes and as you’re painting, you want to stop and give it a good shake again.

Okay, just shake shake shake shake shake when in doubt shake your paint I like for the paint to be a little bit warm as it goes on, and I want the grill sitting out in the Sun. So it’s a little bit warm so when the paint hits it it dries quickly and it has less of a chance of running so the first place I want to start painting is a place. That’S a little bit less obvious so that I can see where the paint is going to run and how it’s going to behave.

If it goes on thick, then I don’t have to worry about it and basically, what I want to do is spray a straight line across and you’ll see all this technique, I’m going to go just like that, so that the spray paint job is a good job And so that you don’t have heavy paint like paint and heavy paint light paint. What we want to do is we want a half lap over it. Words will paint a strip here and then will lap over it halfway and paint it here, lap over it and paint it here.

Okay, that’s how you get a good nice smooth job. Now you want to do a light coat first and then go back with a nice finish coat. So, let’s get started painting you want to start and your hard-to-reach areas once you figure out how your paint’s going to behave because you’ll have to go back over those at different angles. Okay, I hope you see how I’m hitting this with the paint. The stuff covers. Really really well guys I’ll post links down below to all the materials we’re using here in the blog today, we’ve gotten around our problem areas right here and you can see there’s kind of a odd spot.

There hold it back about six to eight inches and fill in half lapping over. Just like I showed you before, and you can read you see how quickly that paint is drying right there. You can see it drying. That’S what you want. Okay, that’s why you want it out in the Sun we’re going to go down here. Am I worried about this? Handle nope we’re going to paint right over that handle. You sure you don’t neglect the angle, so I need to shoot down that way and I need to shoot up this way.

Okay, that’s why I say start in your odd little corners. First, remember to get those tight little corners, those tight little spots, first, okay, so you might be saying hey: why isn’t he using the spray handle? Yet I’m not using a spray handle yet because I’m into these tight spots, once I get done with the tight spots and I close the grill up I’ll put that spray handle on there and I’ll really hit it.

And then, when I go of my second coat I’ll use that spray handle okay, horizontal surfaces or flat surfaces, don’t like to run vertical surfaces do like to run so you want to go a little bit lighter and err on the side of caution and put more Coats versus thicker paint: now you can put thicker paint versus more coats on the flat surfaces, pretty cool, let’s get busy guys, I don’t know if you can tell, but that really really made it pop.

I want to give you a few final tips before you get started, be sure you’re about 30 feet away from any kind of vehicle or anything you don’t want paint to get on, because, as soon as you break out that spray paint, the wind is bound to Pick up, okay, pick yourself up. One of these guys makes life so much easier and so much less hard on your fingers, no paint on my fingers because of this guy and it’s dirt cheap.

I think it’s somewhere in a neighborhood. I think it’s under 10 bucks. So I’ll post links down below to this paint to all the goodies that we used in the article. Please take the time right now to click that, like button subscribe to the blog, if you’re not already subscribed, this isn’t the only thing we do here on the Stoney Ridge farm. There’S lots of good projects going on one more thing I want to touch on as a rule of thumb stay six to eight inches away, as you paint, and things will turn out great.

It doesn’t look like a brand new grill, but it’s pretty darn close make sure your grill is nice and warm by sitting in the Sun and your paints warm. So when it hits it, it dries quickly and use little strokes go lightly and get two or three cans of spray paint per grill and that’ll get you started alright. So thanks a lot guys come on back to Stoney Ridge, farm click that, like button subscribe to the blog, we’ll see you again next time.

Okay, I made a

Find out what you get from a bag of Spunks! It is good with any type of barbecue!