Rough Hawkbit Identification – Wild Edible Superfoods

My name is owen fox from higher self herbst calm and on fox org, and today I want to show you ruf hawk bit. It’s a wild green, edible, a wild, green superfood. It’s something has like dandelion looking flowers, but right now is this early spring. So it hasn’t come up, but its main, it’s totally edible. It’s men, it tastes friendly. It’s like fairly nice enough. The main difference between this and dandelion is, first of all, look at the shape the leaves they have like almost like a knife like very soft, like badges.

Second of all, has hairs. So if you look carefully anything feel it has hairs, so it’s perfectly edible. I’ve already eaten a few, you Scott hairs, underneath and also on top, and of course you can see. The striations are like the dagger type like knife type of em. Look to here beside you can see, plantain leaves like longleaf, plantain, ribbed and stringy, and here is down the line down. The line is like totally different, as you can see and no hairs and it’s smooth so all right.

I hope to help so I’m checking my links below for my higher self curbs web shop and you can get my wild green superfood blend and order things like order and foraging articles. You you