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Keto Grocery Haul | Deadlift Training and my first Road Race

I bet you didn’t know. I could play sweet, sweet jams like that, so I literally just bought this guitar last week. So did have you ever. I think I told you have you ever looked at your screen time before on your phone, because it’s scary, like mine, was really bad so being on YouTube. I kind of am on my Instagram all the time like posting stuff online, I’m on my business account posting things, but most of the time I find myself just like scrolling.

Just I don’t know it’s just like I’m scrolling, that’s what I’m doing and you go to your screen time settings. It is awful like last 7 days, let’s go to the last some days. It’s my phone’s. All greasy got all eight increase on it like that. So my average is 3 hours in 39 minutes a day. That’s absurd! That’s so much time, six hours on Instagram for my weekly average, so I said to myself instead of wasting time on Instagram 3 hours a day.

If I took half that time – and I added a hobby though be more useful right, then just scrolling and scrolling because, like even like we’re reading TV, I’m just like looking at my phone. So now I’m going to play sweet gems like happy birthday Nanami for Robby jr.. You know babe singing happy birthday, so I just got it at the start. So obviously I don’t know much. I literally have to YouTube kids beginners songs, because I have no idea like that fingers, it’s so hard but anyways before we get to this grocery haul.

In a second for my like sixth week on keto we’re going to go over my dead lip this morning. So I know I showed you dead, living like every freaking article last week, so this would be the last one for this week I did regular deadlifts, so it’s all about personally. For me, I find that doing variety and doing something often leads to success so like if I want this 550 pounds of deadlift goal and I only been left one time a week.

It’s probably take me, you know multiple months, but if I added in at least two or three times a week, I’m going to increase my deadlift a lot faster volume for me is the way to go so, and I I left heavy, I left heavy very often So I usually don’t go below like 70 % or 65 % unless I’m just drilling technique, so I’ve dead, lifted 500 pounds or close to that so like 90 %, the last three times that I’ve dead lifted and I it already feels better.

So I worked on regular dentist from of floor, so previously it did deficit, then I did block pulls and now knowing regular deadlifts. So I did regular dentist up to 485 pounds. I stuck with sets of three, so I did two sets of three at every single weight. I think I just P remitted, so I just did like 225 315 for 15 actually and then 485. What’s my top set, so 45 felt felt pretty good. I started double overhand because that’s more beneficial as I do cleans, but double overhand our site under over is a lot stronger for me.

So but beware that bicep against you’re underhand, if that elbow bends a little bit you’re. Putting so much stress on that bicep. So be careful that so those are my top sets and then I added in something different. I like variety like I said so, paused deadlifts. You got to figure out what your weakness is and then drill that. So, for me, it’s speed off the floor and right about my knees. As soon as I get past the knees, it’s fine, so pause Dedalus for five seconds.

At my knees, I did 225 two sets of three to seventy-five two sets of three and 305 for a set of three really awful. I try to hold it for five seconds: try to keep those shoulders back. It hurt really bad, but if you want to add those in add those in, I forgot the percentages, I’ll put it on the screen, but regular down this deficit. Then this block pull down this banded bend, lift pause, deadlifts, so variety volume and consistency is key.

If you want to get those PR so add that into training, but let’s go over that grocery haul dang girl haha. You find this hell baby, I’m a singer! Sweet sweet Jam on my sweet, sweet, guitar serenade. You know how to meet right all right. All right! All right, all right, all right all right baby go real, quick, grocery haul week, six, I’m keeping things consistent, but if you saw the day of eating and of a couple things into the diet, let me go over that first.

So if you’re in need of a little bubbly, you can get cell service. This is a 100 % natural calorie free. If you check the ingredients, make sure you do no snow, no snow sweeteners. Basically, so it is all thirty approved, but if it has stevia in it something like that wouldn’t be a big deal, but no sugar and no like actual fruit. So if you want to spice it up, I’m going to go a little higher on the flavor level.

You got ta leave you these things. Let me tell you they taste, just like regular soda. You would have if you poured me a root beer and what is it a name w8w root beer? I literally would not know the difference. It is that good, a little more expensive. Obviously you can’t have the diet soda. You can get that advert a aspartame, but um GB is really good. Try it got that in the system. Here we got bacon.

What I did actually just now is I prepped bacon for like two days so that I’ve had bacon ready to go because when I come home from excuse me try to make a freaking article here when I get home, I like I’m like ready to eat. So I’m having the bacon, prepped and just put the eggs in boom boom perfect. We got the hey tree free-range chicken eggs, which I’m going to look into not buying chickens but renting chickens, anyways right babes.

No, I’m saying rent that chicken vegetables for the week. Kids, you got ta. Have your greens, we got napa cabbage, we got bad, dare bok choy. Last week I showed you that we got a bunch of tiny tubes avocados and the problem was there in that bag right there cheaper per avocado, but in the bag. So you can’t really feel them. They were all like half run, so we got regular Hass avocados a little bit more expensive if they’re a dollar 50 apiece.

Still my go-to veggie is asparagus, like literally probably half a head. If you call this a head, a half a thing of asparagus a day at least – and we got that Kerrygold Kerrygold irish, look at the organizers bullet from getting gold, the foodist, the absolute finest cotton. Let me tell you a free-range and everything the butter we got: cow farmers, cow, heavy cream for the coffee’s right and that’s about it for an Albright protein.

We got last week on beef this week, I’m going pork, so we got center cut pork chops. We got that sockeye salmon, of course, and that’s pretty much it so. My three main meals of the weaker, basically eggs, pork, loin and sock ride Salmons. Those are my three main meals and then snackies. We have over yonder a gander up in here we got, of course the these are looking a little light. The fine Jenny boo were you in my cookie drawer, good trying to get these cookies girl these keto cookies, I’ve been having like one or two a day.

Last night I had a little almond butter on them, I’m going to try to make almond balls next. I bought almond butter, smooth organic, really oily, like I had to blend it. It was so thick. We got that Lily’s chocolate, we’ve got someone give me ten parts. I don’t know what to do with this so comment down below cuz. I don’t know what to do. We got that ty. I actually, if I don’t want to have peanut butter, this has a lot of fat in it.

This has 20 grams of fat per serving. I take a little tahini kind of like bland and Sesame’s right sesame seeds, I’ll blend it up. You take the heaney cacao powder, a little stevia. It’s it’s really good. Let me tell you MCT cacao powder, olive oil, algae oil, coconut oil, ghee butter. You know the whole thing we got that original tall for an artificial sweetener. The thing about this I did eat a hold back to cookies, just to test them out last week.

Let me tell you: your stomach will be exploding, aka, poopoo, caca diarrhea, and that’s pretty much it. Oh nuts, these nuts cashews almonds these seeds pumpkin seeds. Those are the go-to in the Thrive order. That’s coming today we’re getting cod, liver oil, we’re getting coconut butter and Jeffrey got a bunch of whole thirty stuff, but she’s going to put that on her blog. So that’s what we got for groceries this week, so you know you want me seeing us all.

I already sang them: Robbie Junior’s, Happy Birthday song, so I mean yeah yeah, but yeah. So that’s the grocery haul same old same old, I’m going another 20 days today. So second, I’m going 19 days until Easter. So everyone’s always asking about you know: what do we do after keto I’ll talk about that later in the article but baby girl? What are you going where you going with them? Ankles, let me see their ankles go all right.

Let me see they make Wow. It’s a little bit too cold to be have enough shirt on now, get ready for a 6k run, so I’ve there’s some intervals: 100 meters, equal rest to work ratio, 100 meters, roughly 25 seconds 20 meters, like 35 seconds three hundred forty five seconds and then 400 A minute and 20 rest repeat: do that three times, then it ended off from the 800. So I think I ran 2.5 miles. We have a 6 K, no, not a 6/8.

I think it’s. I thought it was a sick day. It’s a 10 K May 19th and then the day before we just signed up for a competition across the competition may 18th by bad idea. Hey do us all a favor. Put your put your shirt out. Hey put your shirt on. If you didn’t know, we had to run a 10k 6 K, 10 K right. It’s a 10k yeah yeah. Now it’s how long 10 K I wan na see you run it. I’m worried about the competition.

It’s a runner! You’re going to drag me down into it’s running its overhead squat. What can you squat, underpants? Hey? I don’t see you running either cuz, I’m not doing that start running, don’t run start running. I don’t make it it’s garlic, aioli, roasted air, fried potatoes! Oh yeah! You get that dry, water girl, oh yeah, oh my god! So if anyone that didn’t know, we ordered a thrive market order.

Last week it finally came in we’re going to put a whole unboxing on Jenny, booze blog, so make sure you go check that out, but freaking tripods all limp on me. I’m going to show you one thing on the Thrive order that I’m I’m a little scared about cod, liver oil, lemon flavored, uh yeah. It’s probably going to be discussing we’re going to do this in one second, but I know a lot of people have been concerned or they want to know about like how to switch from one diet to the next and my thoughts on me going from Quito and Reintroducing carbohydrates so, first off we’re not let me just break down my little short-term goal: plan 19 more days on keto right, I’m basically doing dietary keto, where it’s like 80 % fat, 20 % protein.

It’s a pretty high percentage. Some people do like the 70/30. Some people do like the 60/40, I’m going really high fat, I’m liking, it I’m liking it a lot literally like I said I told you guys, no like negative side effects, but after Easter I’m going to obviously do a refeed, I’m planning on keeping keto for an Additional 30 days after that, I’m either going to do cyclical keto, cyclic old keto, where you have a cheat night, basically or a cheat meal.

I should say every Friday or Saturday and where I’m basically going to have like potatoes. Basically, where Jennifer is making like steak and potatoes, instead of just having steak from vegetables, adding in a little bit of carbohydrates, maybe a cerveza, maybe a glass of wine, or something like that or I’m going to try targeted keto, where you supplement, carbohydrates, pre-workout, like 30 Or 40 grams of fast, absorbing carbs, so like carbohydrates that are going to enter the system really fast, so you kick yourself out of ketosis for like only two hours and then you’re back into it.

So that’s my plan after that, though, we’re going to play around with more carbohydrates, but for those that are out there that are doing hito, they want to go back on high carbs or you’re on high carbs, and you want to go keto. I don’t suggest that you flip the switch over night and just drastically change your diet because say you’re on keto, right and then or night. You change you go back to high carps and immediately your body is going to be super in flames right you’re, going to blow right up, you’re going to have way more water attention, but also your stomach.

Your GI tract is not used to all these carbohydrates, so you’re going to irritate your basically your bowels you’re going to have inflammation you’re going to have digestive issues, and it’s not it’s just you can want to smooth it over right. You want to go basically what I would do is maybe add in something that’s going to digest fast, like oatmeal, because I had a lot of fiber or maybe add in little pieces of fruit to slow the ease yourself back into carbohydrates over like three or four Weeks and then get back to more carbs lower the fats.

If you’re on super high carb, you want go keto, even though I flip the switch literally within like a 12 hour period. I wouldn’t suggest it because I have experience in keto, so I would maybe like cut your carbs in half, increase your fat and then slowly do basically ultra low carb diet and then keto so we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. You know what I mean but make sure you check Jenny, goos blog out for thrive order and whole xxx stuff, but we’re going to try this out.

Can you give me a tablespoon? Actually, it’s a teaspoon but give me a tablespoon I’m trying to get my I’m going to try to get my DHA and my EPA’s in try get them fatty acids in omega-3, fatty acid, 1100 milligrams in one teaspoon. This is lemon flavor right, natural, lemon flavor. I got a feeling this is going to taste so nasty going to give me a Z via please Wow. It actually doesn’t smell that bad at all.

So before I take this, please, if you could thumbs up this article comment down below subscribe to new to the blog, because as soon as I take this, I’m going to throw up and then the end of the article so smell this bit, con liver oil or Ip I’ll see you guys in the next article. I think I would do a recipe comment like subscribe.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!



10 Minute HEALTHY Pumpkin Spice Energy Balls | Fitness Vlog

You guys are new to my blog hello subscribe down below. But if you’re my Starling famil welcome back today, you’re reading a fitness vlog look like a legit egg, it’s literally the most inconvenient spot ever for a car good morning, guys it is a Monday morning. It is 648. In the morning I just finished my first workout of the day.

It was amazing, so it was at my gym that I go to its lifetime. Fitness is the gym that I go to. I teach it. Soul beats studio, which is right, each might spin studios, but I like lift weights and like do yoga and like do other workouts at like my gym, called lifetime fitness. I know some people like tend to get confused, but that’s what’s up with that. So anyway, I just did an amazing workout. It was called chisel and it was like the best way that I can explain it.

It was like hit with a lot of strengthening and toning and a lot of weights, so it was like a high intense. I was like dripping buckets. Okay, like I am soaking, wet right now in my clothes, so I’m just really glad that I’m going home and it was a very intense workout next time that I do it. I’m not doing it next week because I’m teaching at 5:45 on a Monday, but I think I might do it saturday 8:30.

It was such an amazing, workout and I’ll try to get footage of it. I like didn’t know the vibe of the class. I don’t want to bring my phone for the first time, but now I know the vibe and I can definitely bring my phone. So I was going to like take that class and then I was going to stay in box a little bit and like do a little bit of ABS and run a little bit. But now after that class I’m going home because I am like that was a huge full body.

Workout and I don’t really see the need in working out even more. But I am going back to gym around like 8:45 9 because I’m taking 9:30 hot yoga and that’s a hot yoga class. But I was going to stay from like 5:45, literally until 10:30 p.M. In my yoga class ends because it starts at 9:30. But now I’m like wow. That was like very logical. It’s going to think that I I actually do that, so I’m not doing that! I’m going home I’m going to make like a little breakfast for myself, I’m going to change work a little bit get my stuff together, probably have a coffee or a tea, and then I’m going to come back.

Do my yoga and then get started with my day. That’s what’s up for today. All that I have on top for today is yoga at 9:30 and then I’m teaching at five o’clock spin and that’s it. So it’s very chill day here I might take bar tonight. I might go back to life time in like sauna and jacuzzi a little bit. I don’t really know what’s up yet but um yeah. That is the day, and also this is my first article with my new hair, which you can’t even really see it.

But I got my extensions taken out and I I went like way more rooted for the fall, and I also have like a little gray now. So that’s super exciting, but yeah that’s what’s up I’m getting hungry, so I’m really glad that I’m going home to eat this is the breakfast. I’ve been eating, will 80 yesterday and I’m eating it today and I’m really looking forward to it. So I have the Ezekiel English muffin with protein and a little bit of peanut butter, some bananas.

I have apples and blueberries because antioxidants and then I have my protein over here of two: there are fried eggs but they’re only fried with like I just put cooking spray down like there’s, no oil or anything so yeah, that’s breakfast and it’s super filling. You get your fats, carbs proteins, so I’m going to leave for yoga in a couple of minutes, but before I do I’m just going to make some green tea to go.

I am really freaking tired today, which is super not like me like. I’m normally never really tired when I wake up this early, so I think I might have to grab like a coffee on the way out of the yoga there’s like a cafe in lifetime, so I might just get like a cold brew or something with a little Bit of almond milk, like I don’t really want to go to yoga, I honestly just want to stay here and sleep, but it’s such a nice day out that I know the drive to the gym is going to make me like more excited to be at the Gym but if I get there and I’m late because of traffic, I’m just going to skip it and go to the mall cuz, the gym in the malls are right.

Next to each other, I’m going to buy fall candles. You might be thinking Tori. Why don’t you go to the mall after the gym um? Well, you see you see I could, but then I have to bring a change of clothes because I got really freaking sweaty after yoga and um. Do I really want to do that today? People always ask me: if I count calories, I don’t count calories. My mom thinks that I should count calories because I have very large portion sizes and I always complain that my thighs are getting big but don’t count calories um.

That’s just because, in my mind how much I work out and like how much I eat like real Whole Foods. I’m like I don’t really need to count calories. So no, I don’t count calories and also I’m just looking here on the back of the agave thing. Like if I were to count calories, you would have to count so much like how much it gava do. You think how much olive oil are using like how many blueberries you eat, like it just seems very obsessive, and to me that doesn’t always seem healthy, and I always like I caution a lot of people to not become too obsessive over what they eat and like How much they work out and like don’t really, you know it’s great to live a healthy lifestyle, but don’t let it overcome your life like.

I know for me like the way I live. My life isn’t a healthy lifestyle, which is perfectly healthy and normal, but it becomes a problem when you begin to obsess over every little thing that you do. I went to a chart on my phone. Let’s go to yoga, so I’m on my way to yoga and I don’t know why there is so much traffic, there’s normally a lot of traffic on this highway, but like around this time, it’s when it always clears out, but I’m assuming that there’s like a accident Or something because, like it’s, super slow moving and it’s I’ve been sitting in it for like so long, so I’m going to actually miss yoga.

I took my hair down because I was like ok, I’m not ruining my hair with that hair cells, I’m not and pointy yoga. So I’m going to go home and get ready for the day. I might stop on the way and like get a coffee or something, but I’m just going to go home, get ready for the day. There’s a duncan right here, so I might just go right there. I’m really sad that, like I miss as the overclass cuz, it starts in five minutes and I’m still 15 minutes away and like you can walk in late to a yoga class.

But like do I really want to be that. Well that does that like? No, I don’t ever really have to think do my coffee it or Dubai hi. Can I have an iced medium coffee with almond milk, please hi, how are you that’s what almond milk? Thank you thanks. So much have a good one god, I’m so frickin frantic every single time. I leave a drive-thru like I mean so rushed ah back for my fail of yoga kind of sad, I’m going to make pumpkin energy balls.

I’ve been wanting. It’s like freakin fall outside okay. It’s like the perfect weather, it’s fall and I don’t have anything a pumpkin in my house like for real. How sad is that dates? I have pecans, I don’t have, but I have walnuts so pumpkin puree, that’s the big kicker. Is this different than puree under scent pumpkin, whatever we’re going to use it, so I’m kind of making up my own as I go so, let’s just see how this works out place aids into a small bowl and cover with water.

So those asked me to put dates in a bowl of water. Could that’s worded very poorly if it is, I don’t have a food processor, so I’m doing this in a blender. Let’s hope one cup of deep water, pecans walnuts same difference. That looks good to me. Assert a cup of pumpkin peanut butter, I’m just going to add the rest of the peanut butter. That’s in this jar. I know that I’m going to really enjoy it in my fourth cup here, coconut flakes, I’m also going to add in some flax seed and um.

She is deep now for the spices about two teaspoons of vanilla. I have this recipe that I’m going off of, but I’m also just sort of like improvising a little bit just going to do a little love touch here of nutmeg. I’m also going to do a little lower touch here of cinnamon, and I have my pumpkin pie. Cuz, I’m freaking awesome little love touch of that some pink Himalayan salt to taste. Oh! This is where all the sugar comes in right here see how this works.

Okay, this might take me a couple of times because I have a food processor, so I’m going to have to keep like ooh. Yes, it’s it’s doing good things. So I’ve transferred everything into a bowl, I’m going to try this by hand and then I might throw it in the blender at the end again, this consistency, it’s perfect alright, so it looks like this now. This consistency is literally it’s so perfect and I’m keeping mine like a little chunky cuz.

I can’t get it perfect. I’m going to buy a food processor because I think I’m going to make balls all the time now cuz. This is seriously like freaking amazing, so you’re going to put this in the fridge for 30 minutes to let it chill and then you roll it into balls and we’ll be back. I just got ready for the day, thank God because I literally was like ugh lean. Like I was just not about that at all – and I was just feel so much better when I like have myself put together, but whatever anyway they’ve been chilling for about 30-40 minutes now.

So it’s time to roll the balls. I think I’m going to be a good good friend and drop a few of these balls off my friend’s house, because I know that she would probably want some of these. It’s first just taste: um Wow, okay, Wow, and these are really good to eat like right before a workout after workout they’re like a healthy little pumpkin spice treat, but trust me like you’ll, be eating these like crazy and there you go pumpkin spice energy balls woo.

So I’m actually going to go deliver some pumpkin boss, my friend, because she wants some but um. I feel like. I can’t continue this vlog without saying this. So today is Monday October 2nd, which means that last night in Las Vegas there is a mass shooting which is now confirmed to be the largest mass shooting in US astrayed. I really have chills saying that any families anyone affected personally my thoughts are with you.

I’m thinking of you, I have so much sympathy and my heart just aches hearing about this horrible tragedy and something absolutely needs to change. I don’t want to get into my political views. Gun control is a huge issue in our, and it is something that needs to be stopped, and I don’t know how many more mass shootings and how many more killings it takes until people under like until people realize that something needs to be changed.

You know a lot of my viewers are from Vegas and I know I’m sure there’s a couple of you that were directly affected by this, and I am just so so so sorry to hear about this and I’m so sorry that you have to go through this And I’m over here making these like pumpkin spice balls and I’m like burying my head in the sand, but like the world is such an evil place. Sometimes it’s! Oh. I can’t talk about anymore.

I’m just sorry and my thoughts are with you and I stand right. There with everyone else – and I completely agree that something needs to be done, because our people cannot keep dying from senseless deaths and murders from our own people, it’s absolutely horrible. So with that being said, I’m going to do my dishes, put some balls in a container and drive them over to my friend and just appreciate the beautiful day.

I have out in front of me and live my life. The best that I can, while also trying to just make everyone else around me, happy, and I think that’s all that we can do. That is the only way I know how to help the situation is a spread, love and not hate, and I encourage everyone else to do the same thing. Well, it’s for you. Let me try one. Did you obviously had one yeah I’ve had well, let me know what you think good way go.

They got a little like soft in the car, but yeah. That’s definitely move. Thank you. Alright, my hair’s a mess, and that means the day is well over. It’s like 9:30 now, but I had like three pumpkin energy balls for dessert they’re, just so frickin good and everyone, I’m not getting so many people have texted me, I’m asking for the recipe cuz. I throw my Instagram story, so these are going to be hit.

Make them you guys are going to love them and yes, okay, I’m going to go subscribe, leave a comment and be happy. Love love one another: okay, that was the worst intro of my life bye. I love you.

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.