WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (Vegan) | Summer Edition 🌞🌴

It has been a hot minute since I uploaded a what I eat in a day article on this YouTube blog and so today I’m super excited to be sharing with you, my favorite foods that I have been enjoying in the summer season. I feel like I’m, not your typical summer, eater in the sense that I still really really enjoy my warm hearty food in this season, but regardless.

I hope this article provides some inspiration for you to get into the kitchen and get creative and enjoy the amazing plant-based food. We have on this beautiful alrighty, let’s get into the article, and this is what I ate in a day in summer, as one of my favorite things to start the day with in summer will probably come as no surprise, and it is some kind of smoothie and Milkshake iced cacao combo, most of the time today I started with some frozen bananas as well as some oats.

Then I added in some salted caramel protein as well as some cacao powder, and then I used some sweetened hemp milk to top it all off. I then blended this all together until it was a nice and smooth consistency. I use a Vitamix for most of my blending by the way and then put it up into a nice jar, and this was a really really light, but decadent way to start the day. I feel like light and decadent might cancel each other out, but yeah I really enjoy it after this.

I then decided I was feeling something savory, so I first of all started by putting 1 chopped tomato as well as a handful of corn from the can that had been washed, of course, into a bowl. I then added in the juice of half of a lime, as well as a little bit of salt. I love making this sort of fresh salsa thing to go on lots of different things. To be honest, I feel like it’s just so easy to make and tastes really good.

To be honest, I then it got a loaf of glue, free bread. This is from a bakery on the Gold Coast called Marie Anita’s, which is a fully gluten-free Bakery. It’s really really good. I got two pieces of this bread and put half of an avocado on each slice, and then I topped it off with the fresh salsa that I had made as well as some pumpkin seeds, and this is a really really refreshing and light savory meal that I Really really enjoy having in the summertime when it is just too hot to even eat toast.

You know those feels one thing that I feel like I really crave. A lot in the summer is potato. I don’t know if it’s just in Australia, but it’s just like a lifestyle kind of thing that when you’ve just gone to the beach, I feel, like my body, is always craving like potato chips and that’s all so today I decided to honor those cravings and I Cut up five white potatoes into wedge sized pieces, and then I put them in the bowl with some olive oil, and then I mix this all together with my hand, so that it was distributed evenly once that was all done and then topped it with some salt.

As well as some pepper and paprika, I also love seasoning these with, like other mixed herbs, Moroccan seasoning. Honestly, I advise you to get creative with your seasoning, because it has completely transformed my cooking world. I baked these in the oven for about 40 minutes until they were nice and crispy and served them with some vegan mayonnaise, and this was a super simple efficient, really really tasty lunch to be honest, moving on to dinner and we are making one of my favorite Meals to make at the moment in particular my housemate Sam, is so good at making this food, I started first of all with half a block of tempeh and two pieces of gluten-free bread, and I toasted them in the oven by making croutons and tempeh as you Can probably tell then in a bowl I put a few stalks of kale leaves as well as a little bit of cucumber, which I had chopped as well as the juice of half a lime.

I have been loving lime in my summer food, as you may be able to notice once that was all put in the bowl I just mixed it all together until it distributed evenly. Then I like to add one of my absolute favorite foods, which is sun-dried tomatoes. I just feel like sun-dried tomatoes are so full of flavor and they add the perfect like burst, of flavor to any dish and then once my croutons and my tempeh had been baked in the oven for long enough, I topped it like, so I then also decided To add some vegan mayonnaise on top the vegan mayonnaise I like to use, is this: follow your heart vegenaise.

They also have a garlic one which is really young, and I put this on top. So this is essentially what I like to call a vegan Caesar salad. I really really enjoy it. I know that Caesar salads are like super particular, but this is what I call it. I love it and I have been especially enjoying it in the summer alrighty, my beautiful friends, so that is everything that I ate in a day, if you’re still here reading and make sure to go down to the comments below – and let me know what your summer Staple meals, I would absolutely love some inspiration for myself and love to hear what type of creative things you’re doing in the kitchen at the moment.

As always. Thank you so much for being here, and I will see you very soon for another article have a beautiful day. Bye,

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



A WEEK OF VEGAN BREAKFASTS // Easy & Delicious Recipes!

I hope you are doing very well today’s article, I’m going to show you what I ate in a week and a vegan for breakfast. In today’s article we have a healthy combination of both savory and sweet vegan. Breakfast ideas, so hopefully, if you feel a little stuck if you’re feeling a little bit repetitive, this can help you out quite a lot anyway. That’s enough for me: let’s get into the article.

This is a week of vegan breakfasts and I hope you enjoy alrighty. So on Monday morning I started my day with one of my favorite savory vegan breakfasts, and this is a chickpea scramble. I have made this many times on my youtube blog and everytime. It’s a little bit different because, as I learn and develop, I am learning the best way to make the chickpea scramble for today’s. I mashed up some chickpeas in a bowl with my hands and then I added in some nutritional yeast, plant-based, milk, salt and pepper.

Here. You could also add different spices and flavors if you would like to, but I like mine, pretty simple then over the head, I put some olive oil into a pan, allowed that to heat up and then add it into my chickpeas scramble mixture. As you can see, it looks very liquidy, but this is how I like it to be because it’s slowly but surely becomes more of like a solidified kind of vibe. If you see what’s happening there, you can pretty much see what’s going on, so I toasted two pieces of toast with this, and I then put them onto a plate with the chickpea scramble on top.

This again also would go really well with different sides like if you like to mushrooms for breakfast avocado, roasted tomatoes would all give it some more flavor. But I like mine, very, very simple. If you’ve never tried to p scramble for breakfast before, I really recommend giving it a go. Moving on to Tuesday – and I started my day with my absolute favorite smoothie bowl at the moment in a blender, I festival started with a splash of plant-based milk.

Some cacao and coconut protein frozen bananas, frozen raspberries and frozen blackberries, and I blended it all together until it had this really beautiful texture. This is pretty much the kind of texture that I like from my smoothie bowls and if you are interested by the way, I use a Vitamix for everything pretty much. It’s like the best thing that I own honestly anyway. I put this all into a bowl.

Put some fresh strawberries, some homemade chocolate, granola some peanut butter on top, and then I also put on some passion for it as well. Passion fruit is one of my favorite fruits, and it has been so good at the moment, and this is what I had for breakfast on Tuesday. The beauty of making smoothie bowls is, you, can mix them up and make so many different kinds and you’ll always be bound to find something that you like, and yet this is my personal favorite moving on to Wednesday and on Wednesday for breakfast, we are making something That I call a breakfast bruschetta and this is a great way to get your veggies in early in the day I first of all started by cutting up some cherry tomatoes.

I cut up, like I think, 10 to 12 cherry tomatoes, or something like that. If you’re new to my blog by the way, I will always put the full ingredient list down in the description box below. If you are wanting to try these at home and use the exact measurements, I put all the chopped cherry tomatoes into a bowl, and then I use some avocado and then I also put that into the bowl as well. And then I also used some fresh spring.

Onion, which is my favorite kind of onion, and then I also put in some kale, which I chopped into really fine pieces. Then I chopped a lemon in half and I used the juice of half of a lemon on top, as well as some salt and some pepper and mix that together roughly with my one, this was all nice and well mixed together. I then put two pieces of sourdough bread into the toaster until it was well, and then I put these two pieces of solder on top plate and very very simply, I just served the breakfast bruschetta mix on top again.

This is something that you could really mix up and add different stickers to if you’d like to I’ve, put a drizzle of olive oil on top for extra flavor. I love olive oil and pretty much everything as you may have noticed at this point, and that is what I had for breakfast on Wednesday moving on to Thursday, and I made a soaked, usually Bircher overnight, oats thing, whatever you would like to call it, that’s what It is, and in this one I put in oats flax, milk, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, I mix it all together roughly and then I added in some plant-based milk as well as some coconut yogurt.

It was passion, fruit, flavoured, coconut yogurt, and I mix that together then I decided I needed a little bit of extra flavor, so I added in some vanilla to it as well. You could add maple syrup or something like that. If you want it a bit more sweetness, then I put this in the fridge overnight and the next day is when I served it up for breakfast. This is a really good breakfast. If you’re someone, who is time poor and just needs to take something on the go with you in the morning as well, I just put some coconut milk, as well as some more coconut, yogurt and fresh passion fruit on top to give it a little bit more Sweetness – and that is what I had for breakfast on Thursday – again – something you can really mix up with lots of different flavors.

That’s the awesome thing about plant-based food. There is so much variety moving on to Friday and we have again roasted brekkie potatoes. Is there anything better than potatoes for breakfast? I honestly don’t know if there is so. I started by chopping up three potatoes into very small cube pieces, the smaller the better, in my opinion, for this recipe, and then I put all these potatoes into a medium-sized bowl and I drizzled them with some olive oil and also put in some salt and some Pepper then, using my hands.

I just mix this together roughly in a bowl until it was nice and well combined, and then I put it onto a lined baking tray into the oven for about like 20 to 30. Minutes obviously depends on how good your oven is. Mine is not that crash cause man in a pan. I just drizzled with some olive oil, and I put a handful of kale in there and I cooked that until it was nice and crispy. I also added a little bit of salt and pepper just for flavor and then into a bowl.

I served up the rest of potatoes with the fried kale and then also put a half of an avocado on top just for a bit of healthy fat. You can be breaking this morning and that’s what I have a break on Friday and now we’re going to move on to Saturday. It’s the weekend, yeah all righty Saturday we’re having an acai bowl one of my favorite foods in the whole entire world. I thought it was some plant-based milk, as well as some passion, fruit, coconut yogurt.

Then I followed that with some frozen bananas as well as some frozen raspberries, and then I put in my aside packet. Most of you will know by now that I love Amazonian products. I use their a savior and all of my acai bowls. I took the blender and blended this all up until it was nice and well combined and has a really nice thick consistency. And then I topped it with fresh fruit, and I went from orange and some passion, fruit and some more coconut yogurt on top and also with some peanut butter.

On top aside with that, peanut butter is not a thing, and then I had some fresh strawberries as well some chia seeds, and that is what I had for breakfast on Saturday – love a good acai bowl and love the fact that you can mix them up change. The flavor all that good stuff, okay, let’s move on to Sunday on Sunday, we are having like the most simple breakfast, but this is one that I am obsessed with at the moment, I started by first of all toasting two pieces of sourdough toast super super simple And then I put on my favorite combo, some vegan butter and some Vegemite Vegemite if you’re from Australia you’ll probably understand if you’re not most known, Australians, that I’ve met don’t like Vegemite, but I love it.

Then in a glass I started with some ice as well as some plant-based milk, and then I a chocolate mixture that I just made from water cacao, powder and maple syrup, and I had a nice little iced chocolate to go with my Vegemite toast for breakfast this Week, I hope you enjoy the article alrighty, my beautiful friend, so that is the week of being and breakfasts. I hope you got some nice ideas from the article and new things that you want to try and make in the kitchen.

All of these meals, like most of my meals, are very, very simple, and if you are interested in more recipe ideas, I have a whole bunch of a week of vegan food articles and I will link them down in the description box below if you’re new here And you like my content, I would really appreciate if you would subscribe and join our beautiful little community and as always, thank you so much for being here.

I genuinely appreciate it so much and I will see you very very soon for another article have a beautiful day. I love you so much bye.

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



A WEEK OF VEGAN LUNCHES 🧡🥝 | Easy & Delicious Recipe Ideas

I love you make me vem, o tite é um estado muito quando, a equipe entrou na zona de braga, a quem faz as bolas é muito boa são as bolas do sul e amanhã as vossas 250 gestores e niju leite chips, flash para a nba, vai gostar, Nada igual ao samba da zona norte bairro, a lavra de lã gallen gonçalves lopes foi embora na planta antes houve queda também é eliminar as pessoas doem boyan futebol da china e não era, moda este ano, a natura errado, volante onda, farei, ninguém olha é óbvio.

Lei. Do ps eu não, sou muito, mais tempo em, sala de cinema, são jorge martins sax, tirso e os amoco coloca, ai meu, deus essa, hipótese só de ótima, a idéia de inserir, a modelagem aí o expediente forense onde o flash maré as bolas samba acho que caiba Na europa está em jogo não é igual, a massey volante jonas, andré lima, o fu panda week of joy, monahan eu e, fernando beer house, [ Música ]

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.




I’ve been on this waitlist for about a month now, so I’m going to pick up to a variegated string of Hearts and I’m so excited. This has been on my bucket list for for a year now, you excited you thought it’d be so these are what variegated sugar hearts set. The link – oh yes, quite a bit of driving to do very bad, something I’m just going to show them here.

Okay, oh my gosh check out how amazing these two are. This one is more pink and this one is way more white, but the size like in comparison to my finger, look at the size of these hearts. It’s gorgeous so this guy he was really nice. We’ve been messaging on Instagram and he used to have a nursery that was, it was still private, but he doesn’t let anyone go in anymore for now, because they just moved locations yeah.

We ended up coming to his house where he does have a lot of plants, but this is amazing, can you believe honey? Isn’t it gorgeous, and you know how long I’ve been wanting one of these heart down some nail down now, we’ve got precious cargo trying to hold on to it, so it doesn’t get announced around because it’s pretty fragile, ah windy, and I also forgot to mention that For my giveaway on YouTube, my last article that I was giving away the Barracuda monstera I announced the winner today, I will probably have some giveaways in the future.

I like doing it a lot on YouTube because it was way more manageable than insert giveaways. To be honest because with Instagram giveaways I had like thousands of entries and then on YouTube. It was like a hundred and sixty something so yeah. Now we are headed home. It is quite a while later since we came back from getting those America nation of Hearts. I have been editing my YouTube article that went out before this one about those work pants.

Now I’m going to make my vegan pumpkin scone cookies, even though they’re vegan, they don’t taste me at all. I was asked a lot on my Instagram whenever I post them for the recipe and that’s why I’m recording this. I have a lot of my favorite recipes this book from Target. I don’t remember where I got this recipe from, but I think I altered it. I’m pretty sure he did. I think I took out some sugar and then changed a few other things.

I think I’m vegan. I said I don’t think it was initially vegan, but I haven’t written in here. Let’s go ahead and get started actually so simple. I probably should have started by getting the ingredients on set. I was turning on the camera. The farmers literally might have a camera right now, and the camera is sitting on a whole bunch of Tupperware. So this is kind of a sketchy situation. I just got ta get all the ingredients and I’ll be right back.

Okay, I gathered all of the ingredients and I guess my question now is: are you guys one to prep everything as an measure out everything beforehand and put them all out or do you just do it as you go, and I definitely do it as you go Kind of person I’m going to start by making my flax egg first, let’s egg, it’s just one tablespoon of flax and three tablespoons of water, and then you mix it up and you kind of let just let it sit, and then it gets all gelatinous.

I’m going to get three tablespoons of water, it’s sitting in here and I’m just going to let it sit. While I do the rest of the ingredients and then I’ll put that in later, I am going to give out any mixing bowl. I’m going to sift the flour with this: it’s not to make some chia seed pudding. I’m still on that cake. My husband and I are using that every day. Still so, I’ve been making it once a week like a big batch when we actually finished it all guys, like taking articles, I don’t know I’m just trying out some good things on this blog plants are fun.

I love plants clearly, but I like a lot of other things too, and I read not only plant articles. I read a lot of different types of articles, mostly blogs, so I don’t know I like seeing what my favorite youtubers do in everyday life. I guess not that I’m interesting at all: okay, two and a half cups of flour; okay; okay, that’s two and a half one teaspoon of each baking powder and baking soda, just one two teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice.

I love pumpkin pie spice before there became pumpkin flavored everything I used to eat pumpkin every single day. I was basic before it was basic. Two teaspoon, I’m going to do 1/2 of a teaspoon of some salt just looks so cute in these containers. I went shopping. A lot and I went to sprouts the employees were so mean about me bringing my own containers, even though it’s supposed to be allowed, they had to subtract the weight of my container and they weren’t happy about it 1 and 1/4 cup of sugar.

I care about both be charming and all of that, but I get stressed out about it, which is really stupid because of those experiences anyways the thing about uses. So it’s like a scone, but when you bite into it, it’s like a little cloud of pumpkin. So if any of you guys make this recipe, please tag me on Instagram, because I’ll be excited to see that I am just sifting it through all. I did a sip tea in this bowl.

Now those were all of the dry ingredients. So what I’m going to do now is mix the pumpkin, and I made this not long ago, so this is like half a can of pumpkin, and so I’m going to use the rest of this. The amount pumpkin that you need is a cup of pumpkin. So it’s going to be a little bit less than I need, but it’s fine, the second batch, what the leftover pumpkin is always not as good as the first cuz, it’s not enough, but I’m not going to open another can of pumpkin for it.

I am going to mix this with my flax egg I made earlier so my water and flax don’t want to spill it, but it’s right there and then I am also going to mix in some vanilla. Yes, I am making some scones interrupting. Now I am going to start using the KitchenAid mixer that’s over here. This is my roommates. A lot of our stuff is still packed up because we don’t want to unpack when we have to move again to our new place, which is hopefully in three months yeah.

I have the same one, but it mines a lot bigger. I was baking ever since I was in elementary school. I guess, and my mom got me one. I brought that all the way across the country with me when I moved, I am going to use 1/2 a cup of some coconut oil. I use coconut oil a lot in baking, so I have this giant. Costco drop that in the mixer. That’s a half a cup of coconut oil that just went in there and crap.

I hope I have enough sugar in here there’s stevia, though so I can just replace what some of that 1 and 1/4 cup of sugar is going to be going in. Ok. So that’s what I had so pretend this is 1 in 1/4 cup of sugar. The rest of it is going to be stevia. I don’t know, though, even the weight of stevia is just so different mix, that up so once that’s fully mix, I’m going to add the rest of the skin of pumpkin, 2 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and then the flax egg that I made earlier in actually Supposed to go to the gym, I can’t even eat it right after I make it I’m just waiting.

My husband is reading the game right now, so I’m really just killing some time teaspoon of vanilla. So this is what the wet ingredients look like, and now I need you screeching down the sides and then I am going to add the dry ingredients that a mix earlier in that other mixing bowl. My goal with this part now is some people to pour this. In without getting it everywhere, so I’m going to pour in like half a bisque, let’s try mixture first and then I’m going to mix this a little bit.

There’s flour, my camera – and you know one hour – makes us because then I can get pretty tough. Nobody likes a tough cookie, slash scone, I’m just going to pour in the rest of this and hopefully not spill it everywhere. Right. When it’s well mixed, I’m going to stop it. I just earned a preheated the oven because I normally don’t preheat the oven, depending on how long I take on I’m making the recipe, because I don’t fret my ingots beforehand, like I said so, I don’t want to waste energy, so I am just going to go Ahead and oil, these I’m going to use coconut oil for these, I’m just going to make them this size and plop them down, I’m just trying to be a little consistent with the size.

This is what it looks like before, putting into the oven just pop them. In the oven, and now I am going to put the timer for 15 minutes, so while I wait for things to be baking in the oven, I do two things. One of them is washing dishes. This nobody wants a giant mess, but with this recipe I have to make something else, so I’m going to make some glaze get some powdered sugar. I never measure. This part is easy thing to do.

I just put that much in it. I mean even eyeball. This part, if you google, any powdered sugar glaze recipe, it’s all going to be the same pretty much except I’m, adding a few more things. I’m going to throw in some pumpkin pie spice like that much the pumpkin pie spice and the maple syrup are totally optional. All you really need for glaze is water and powder. That’s how easy it is so never felt like a little splash little spot ish.

I mean whatsoever in there that you totally can’t see. Maybe a tablespoon I’m just to put a little bit of water in at a time and keep mixing until it’s a nice glaze. Consistency want to overdo the water because can’t take water out. It always a little bit of water at a time as I wait for the scones to be done baking, the second I am done with them. I just do this and drizzle on top the second they come out, and then I wait and maybe set glaze on top, but now I have to wash the dishes now that I’ve got some out of the oven.

It looks a little bit different because I used the stevia since I’ve been out of the sugar, not drench it with some goalies like so. Here is the final product yay. I am going to do a taste test of this new stevia one. I really wish I had the regular sugar, but I’m going to do taste us of this after I get back from the gym, so I’m going to head out to the gym right now with my husband and I’ll be back later to end this vlog.

We are back from the gym now and I’m going to try. The pumpkin is going mmm. So with the stevia Tito, I think it’s the stevia that made it not as moist as it usually is you make this definitely make it when normal sugar or not stevia. I wouldn’t have done that if I had sugar and what she just came back from the grocery store and that’s it get some more sugar anyways but yeah. I definitely stand by this recipe, just not with stevia in it, but still good.

Instead of like the usual clouds of pumpkin, this tastes more like a pumpkin muffin, I’m not mad about it. It’s still good, I’m still yeah. Okay! That’s it! Thanks for reading right!

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



Liz Does Cocktails: Sex On The Beach (Best Summer Drink!!!!!)

I know I usually release my articles on a Friday, but like last week there is something very exciting happening in Los Angeles. I need you guys to know about this. Is my dear friend Karina, hey? She has a one-woman show coming up and I just need you guys to know about it because it’s awesome the head. Thank you. It’s called Karina from lap dance to Sundance, based on my journey of working as a stripper in Austin Texas for seven years to pay for acting classes and headshots, because what I mean, let’s be real achtung is expensive, raises so much shit, it ain’t cheap and they Don’t pay it first, Joe you pay and you pay you pay to play so no yeah.

All right. Where can I go? Make the most money? Okay in the strip club actually is where I met a girl who led me to my first acting teacher, who led me to my first agent, who got me a huge film audition for a SAG feature that I booked the lead in and we got into Sundance. So I went and it was on HBO that looks for a little bit NAPLAN. Yes, so I won from Watkins and literally and that’s the name of the show you guys got ta check it out I’ll I’ll, make sure to link all the information for tickets directions.

All that, in the show notes below for today’s cocktail, we’ve been doing popular strip club drinks last week was a buttery nipple. It’s my first time happy and good. It was really good surprise. This week we’re going to be doing sex on the beach, which is another cocktail. I’ve actually never happened. No, no. Never! This cocktail we’re going to be needing one and one: half ounces of vodka 1/2 ounce of peach, schnapps, 2 ounces, cranberry juice and 2 ounces orange juice.

We can start by adding some ice to our glasses. Wait a minute. That’s two fingers or you don’t just 2 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Yeah perfect, feel the burn peach schnapps. What I guess like 1/2 ounces, 1, 2, 3. 4, 5 yeah. You can add some cranberry juice orange juice, which I know that looks like sex on the beach smells good. Oh my god. Oh I forgot to say in the ingredients, don’t forget to cut up some orange slices for garnish.

You can take an orange slice. Oh that’s! Pretty Boombah fancy sex on the beach Cheers. It’s part, but it’ll start so good. You can’t hit any alcohol on the food. These are dangerous, is so dangerous you’re, not so good, it’s so refreshing mmm. This is really good for a summer barbecue or something yeah. This is delicious if you guys have a good sex on the beach twist. Let me know in the comments down below, if you haven’t already give this article a thumbs up hit that notification belt.

You know every time I release a new article and subscribe. If you haven’t already, thank you guys for joining us,

I highly recommend any drink with Spunks! Awesome pumpkin seeds with a kick!