Best Beer Cocktail – DIY Michelada Recipe

Now, what I’m going to do is teach you how to make an amazing drink known as a micheladas. What is the Mitchell ona? It is a beer cocktail. This is a traditional, delicious drink that you’re going to get in any part of Mexico depending on the region.

Is how it’s going to get made so we have which is one of my favorite. They hit OK button. Yes, my dalla is a co-wash Shire, I’d say close to two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce. They usually make a premix like we normally do with the Bloody Mary, but we’re going to do it on the fly right now. Some lime juice we’re going to give it a half of a lime, and I like it’s fast, so we’re going to go in for a couple of dashes oopsie.

You know the cayenne pepper, that’s the pedal. She wrote, and in goes the bear, give it a little stir and I’m going in for drinky-poo and got my rimmed glass, the Mitchell otta, Worcestershire sauce lime juice and some cayenne, pepper and I’m good to go. I can drink these things all day long. This is my baby bottle of love right here. This is dying to me. I don’t forget to subscribe and you just learn how to make an amazing Mitch: alotta Modelo beer, lime, juice, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne, peppers, salted rim with some white, huge chili powder and ceviche, and I will see you next week.

Don’t forget to subscribe I’ll, see you soon. Ciao, hello, I am chef, Diane DiMeo and welcome to my kitchen. We are doing something fun and fabulous. Today we are making ceviche

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