9 Ways to Holistically Prevent Coronavirus

Let’S talk about corn a virus, a little bit, remember the Tsar’s and MERS and seasonal flu of 2002 to 2003, and this is a mutated form of corn. A virus like those SARS and MERS, but it has a name of Crona because it looks at crowned with the sharp spikes on them, which can really hurt the lining of your lungs or yourself, and it can really be a very strong advice.

So it’s it’s very strong and mutated if new virus, so it’s very dangerous and so far it’s infected about ninety thousand people around the globe and about 3,500 people have died since December of 2019. Well, let’s put this in perspective of our regular season of flu, which called influenza since October of last year 2019, it infected 49 million Americans, which is about 16 % of our population and about one out of six of us, got infected by it and then up To about 52,000 people have died since this seasonal flu came.

So if there’s really no reason to panic, because every season of flu influenza flu kills about 30,000 up to about 80,000 people every year. So, first of all do not panic. First thing you have to do is hygiene very important for you to wash your hands about 20 seconds with soap all day long, every new place you go when you come home after dinner, you have to wash your hands and do not touch your face with your Hands especially your eyes and your nose and your mouth because those are where the membranes are and then it can absorb current of virus through them.

If you happen to be coughing, you’re, not feeling well, please wear your mask and do not go to public places and isolate yourself for a while at least two weeks, meaning don’t go out to meet a lot of people, don’t go to different places because very important That we contain there within our own community, but most important you have to do – is build your immune system because the virus itself cannot replicate without your own cells.

So you come in to us and then it goes into ourselves and replicate so that if we want to kill the virus, we have to kill ourselves only truly effective way to kill. The virus is to build your strong immune system so that the virus cannot come in and infect you, so I came up with nine natural way to build your immune system. So here are the nine things you can do. First thing most important you can do.

Is your water, your body is 70 % water and it’s mostly water and it’s very hot, we’re almost 100 degrees. It’S 98.6 degrees, it’s very hot. If you’ve been to Palm Spring, which is pretty close to it, it’s desert, it’s so hot 100 degrees is so hot. So my body needs to maintain that degree very well. Through research, we found out that every degree of temperature drop in your body freezes about 30 % of your white blood cells and then 50 % of your enzymes enzymes make the whole body work.

So without the this enzymes and you wipe your cells, your immune system would go down. You’Ll be totally tired, so it is very important for you to really not only hydrate, you hydrate yourself, but really increase the body temperature all the time. With such things like hot tea, like soup, like chicken soup, beef stew, soup, you can take hot sauna exercise. We’Re going to talk about exercise a little later on, to increase your body temperature and most important, be happy and laugh when you laugh.

It increases your endorphin, which we’re going to talk about a little later on. That really helps to kill all bad things that are coming into your body as well. The number two things you have to do is called greens. Now your body really requires a lot of natural, green vegetables and natural foods. If you a lot of processed food and junk food, the packaged food, it has no life. So if you put dead things in your body, it guess what happens you die.

So you really want to put a lot of lively things in your body and also another thing, a very important thing that a lot of vegetables do. It feeds your probiotics, your probiotics and your God. It literally responsible all your immune system and it really makes you lose weight. It makes you really healthier having more good probiotics in your body, so you’re a green vegetable with feed your provides.

So it’s very important for you to eat more green vegetables. Every meal that you have number three thing you need to do is reduce processed sugar. You need to really reduce junk food packaged food that we talked about, but also really need to reduce the amount of sugar intake. Sugar is very acidic and it goes into your body ends up in the place that you don’t want, ladies in here gentleman down here, and then it really gets a lot of fat from sugar being processed into fats.

So it’s very important to reduce amount of junk food and packaged food and processed food at this time, and the fourth thing you have to do is increased natural fat. There are a lot of great natural fat, avocados, coconut oil. There’S a lot of good oil. You can consume in the nuts and seeds, but avoid all the bad oil such as canola oil, a lot of vegetable oil, corn, oil there’s a really not good for you, so reduce amount of those things today.

Number five things you have to do is you have to really supplement a lot. You need a lot of supplements to improve your immune system, especially the most important one is vitamin C now vitamin C is most powerful to really combat your virus or any bacteria that come into your body, so highly recommend. If you started coming on coming up with this flu, I want you to start taking a thousand milligrams of vitamin C every hour on the hour until you feel better and you take the buffer one, because buffer one doesn’t upset your stomach.

Also, vitamin D is very important as well. Usually I usually recommend people to take about five thousand international units, but if you started coming on with something, then you really need to triple and quadruple up to about twenty thousand international units. Obviously, you need to check your vitamin D level, but it’s very important to up the level of vitamin T. Also, minerals such as zinc is very important, calcium and magnesium, very important for your immune system build-up as well.

So at our Center and our Wellness Center we created a either IV drip or push that would have all these vitamins and minerals and then put it right into your vein, because when you take it orally only about 20 % of them are absorbed. So it is very important for you to get the IVs. We cannot come to our Center. Then you look for Center. That provides those services to go, get your IVs done and probably on a weekly basis to boost your immune system.

I’Ll also put a link underneath year for our Center, so you can come and check out the numbers and call us our pricing and everything else. The next thing you have to do is your probiotics. Probiotics is very important to for your general immune system build-up and you need to eat a lot of probiotic rich food like kimchi, sauerkraut, pickle and all those things as well. So but if you don’t eat a lot of those food, you need to really have a lot of supplements taken orally and many different strands as well.

So next one is the exercise. Its called six one is exercise you. As you know, the exercise is very important to de-stress your body increase your body. Temperature increase your metabolism, so it’s very important for you to exercise. You can do a lot of walking. You can do a lot of different aerobic exercises or anaerobic, like resistance exercises or weight. Training will be very important to improve and boost your immune system.

At the same time, the seven thing you have to do is to make sure that you reduce your stress and increase your sleep. You can meditate, you can pray and I recommend this technique called emotional freedom technique or EFT or tapping solution. You can look online and they have a lot of articles on this. You’Re literally kept the meridian points of your body and do an affirmation that really helps you calm down – and these stress is very important.

Stress – is numb one causes it with just about every disease. So it’s very important for you to de-stress and have plenty of sleep now I recommend minimum seven to eight hours of sleep every day. Now you try to get to sleep early and get as much as you can, because it’s very important that you get plenty of sleep to rejuvenate. We generate all yourselves, you be party number. Eight things which is very important is your spiritual aspect of your health.

It’S loving more laughing, more being more grateful and forgiving more when you do these kind of spiritual things, even though to those those who don’t deserve it, guess what you benefit by having endorphins come out. We call them endogenous morphine, it’s the morphine that are already built in our system to produce all the good hormones to kill just about every disease in your body, including cancer.

So if you can kill cancer, you can definitely kill coronavirus. So it’s very important sending out love and then getting more grateful about everything you have spending more time now, since you cannot meet a lot of people these days go spend more time. For me, I read more Bible these days. I pray more have more me times. So that it really used that time properly right now to really increase your spiritual aspect of your health next, one, the most important ones, the ninth one, which is to your heart.

I do this exercise called the heart sending out heart energy out to other people. So the people you can easily love my family or other people that are close to. I send love out to them when you do that it strengthened your heart, because heart is the organ that really governs all your systems. So it’s very important to improve your heart function and you commit and believe that you’d be healthy so that you’ll be able to carry on all the things that I talked to you about today.

I know I went through this really quickly because I wanted to make this short and then cover all bases, but if you want more information on certain topics such as probiotics or vitamins or minerals and exercise and different things, please make comment below and tell me what You want to learn more about, then. I can create more articles. Answering more of these questions, sharing more of my knowledge about how to holistically, improve and combat kornev virus for good keep it up.

Funds up.

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Iran’s COVID-19 crisis fuelled by politics and religion

The regime would like you to see Beautiful shots of tranquil cities. People lining up in an orderly fashion to have their temperature checked at roadblocks. All images of a situation well in hand Reinforced by the soothing commentary of a designated government spokesman – Not quite Not only did Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, not manage this situation. Well from the beginning, he denied there was any problem.

He said the outbreak was hoax propaganda from Iran's enemies. Today he acknowledged it was real but likely planted in Iran by the United States. Iranian American Borzou Daragahi covers the ran for the British newspaper, The Independent. He says the regime had first provided two explanations for the outbreak: One is, it was propaganda aimed at besmirching, Iran and China, and so on and the other is that it's some sort of bioweapon And you hear that from people — loonies on all sides around The world, including in Iran, [ Reporter ], But soon there was undeniable evidence from the holy city of Qom, that the outbreak was underway Cell phone article emerged of coffins being hurriedly buried at a cemetery along with allegations that deaths were being covered up [ Reporter ] Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, eventually acknowledged that there was a problem But suggested it was not serious enough to require any quarantine.

He encouraged people to vote in the February 21st elections. The regime was a disaster in the way it handled it. Canadian journalist, Graham Wood, covers Iran for Atlantic magazine. So if it had early on just said, the city of Qom needs to be contained. You have to practice extreme social distancing and please please do not go out in the street to vote. Then they would have probably slowed down the epidemic and maybe bought themselves some time to not be completely paralyzed by it Then came the infamous scene with Iraj Harirchi, Iran's Deputy Health Minister, trying to play down the outbreak while coughing and sweating on camera.

It was soon revealed that he had contracted COVID-19 and that gave people an indication that maybe the government doesn't have this in hand. If the person who is responsible for fighting the virus is standing there, coughing on his colleagues sweating around them and probably involved in a super spreader event himself on camera. Trita Parsi is the founder of the National Iranian American Council. When you have a government at a time of crisis at a time of a pandemic and there isn't public confidence and trust in what they say and what they do, then that just makes the pandemic and the crisis around it all the more dangerous [ Reporter ] Sure enough, the virus started spreading through the upper ranks of the Iranian government, including Vice President Masoumeh Ebtekar, who sat just feet from the president at a leadership meeting.

Then a very senior member of the council that chooses the Supreme Leader died of the virus and before long, the list of the infected and the dead in the upper ranks of the government became astonishingly large. And so I think, there's also a case where a lot more people in Iran have it, but the ones that stand out are the ones who get the test and the ones who tend to get the test and go to the front of the line.

To get the test are the political elite. Over the years, there has been a distinctive characteristic of Iranian society that makes it especially vulnerable to a pandemic The devotion of intense religious believers on display at local shrines, And this is almost perfectly what you're supposed to do during a contagious epidemic. That is touching your face, touching pieces of metal that other people have recently been touching, And so the rituals that have been enacted for hundreds of years.

There are unfortunately well designed to spread a virus like this, so there have been some Imams, some Ayatollahs who have said keep on doing this, Keep on doing this, God likes it and he'll protect you. The government announced it because of the pandemic. The religious shrines would be closed. The local Imams would have none of it. This is tremendously dangerous. We have now a study from a leading university in Iran that says that if these precautions are not taken seriously, then this can lead to a pandemic inside of Iran.

That would leave three and a half million people dead. True believers recorded themselves licking the gates of a shrine supposedly to clean off the coronavirus. It shows I think, the danger of fundamentalism in Iran, as well as you know, other places where extremists feel the need to assert themselves. The government put out propaganda images showing men with fogging machines, supposedly disinfecting entire streets, which most experts regard as useless in fighting this virus.

Meanwhile, horrific articles began appearing on Iranian social media showing the real depth of the crisis In this one recorded in the Qom morgue. The dead are piled up in body bags on the floor because there is no place to put them This week. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that, despite the pandemic, the United States was increasing sanctions against Iran. Many see that as a grave mistake that could hurt the rest of the world If this virus is allowed to fester and grow in any other country.

The risk of that spreading elsewhere is significant, Very very significant. Now we know quite clearly that in this globalized world, with this amount of interaction, that the spread of the virus anywhere actually constitutes a threat to humanity everywhere, Iran marked the Persian New Year on Friday, An occasion that usually involves family celebrations. Perhaps a visit to the cemetery to honor departed loved ones.

Instead, the celebrations are canceled and trips to the cemetery are reserved for new burials of family members. Today, the Iranian death toll reached 1685 Terence Mckenna, CBC News Toronto.

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