Best Beer Cocktail – DIY Michelada Recipe

Now, what I’m going to do is teach you how to make an amazing drink known as a micheladas. What is the Mitchell ona? It is a beer cocktail. This is a traditional, delicious drink that you’re going to get in any part of Mexico depending on the region.

Is how it’s going to get made so we have which is one of my favorite. They hit OK button. Yes, my dalla is a co-wash Shire, I’d say close to two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce. They usually make a premix like we normally do with the Bloody Mary, but we’re going to do it on the fly right now. Some lime juice we’re going to give it a half of a lime, and I like it’s fast, so we’re going to go in for a couple of dashes oopsie.

You know the cayenne pepper, that’s the pedal. She wrote, and in goes the bear, give it a little stir and I’m going in for drinky-poo and got my rimmed glass, the Mitchell otta, Worcestershire sauce lime juice and some cayenne, pepper and I’m good to go. I can drink these things all day long. This is my baby bottle of love right here. This is dying to me. I don’t forget to subscribe and you just learn how to make an amazing Mitch: alotta Modelo beer, lime, juice, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne, peppers, salted rim with some white, huge chili powder and ceviche, and I will see you next week.

Don’t forget to subscribe I’ll, see you soon. Ciao, hello, I am chef, Diane DiMeo and welcome to my kitchen. We are doing something fun and fabulous. Today we are making ceviche

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The BEST Jamaican RUM PUNCH | Cocktail Recipe

That’s why I’m just like this like. I want to pretend, like I’m, going to be in Jamaica or something like that, but today we’re going to be making a rum punch, which I love anytime. I go on vacation, especially Jamaica. I’m really drinking rum punches from sunup to sundown.

So today, I’m going to show you guys how to make rum punches at home. Let’s get started alright guys, so let’s get started with the ingredients. So for me, what I like to do is I like to use a medley of different juices, so here we have a mango juice. We have like already made like fruit punch blend, I have some orange juice and then we have a little bit of pineapple juice and that’s just what I like to use, but whatever juices that you have you can use it.

But again it’s a rum punch. So you want to make sure it’s kind of something that’s tropical, similar to what they have on islands. Ok and then you also want to use some dark rum and some light rum. So I’m using a dark rum, it’s just a regular bum. This happens to be Bacardi, but you can use whatever you have and then I have Malibu this one is coconut, flavored rum. I love the way the coconut flavored rum, how it really just makes everything more tropical with the rum punch, so I would recommend using something coconut flavoured and then here I have a mango, flavored vodka.

I think that you should use flavored rums or whatever shop alcohol. You choose because it helps add towards the tropical feel of the drink, sometimes um. I do have rain epically here as well. Some people use this as well, but I feel like sometimes I can make it be a little bit too strong, but it really depends on your preferences. If you want to use very enough, you go ahead, but this is the rum from Jamaica just all right.

So, let’s get started so the first thing I like to do is I like to add in, like my lighter juices. If that makes sense, I don’t really have like a measurement, but I definitely add in mostly my mango juice. Then I like to add in some little bit of arm and it’s not a lot, because I don’t want it to taste like a centrist orange juice and then I add in my food punch. So this is a color that you definitely want.

You want it to be like I’ll make sure like something. That’s like you know like the Sun, and then I have a little bit of pineapple juice. So I’m going to add that in as well, okay skip that it mix. Now I’m going to take my limes. I like to always take my limes and just press them against a cutting board at any hard service so that it’s not that hard for you to strum and the lime really adds like a great touch to it like a refreshing taste.

So it’s just not like a whole bunch of juice that you’re drinking. I know some people have like run punches, that you’re drinking and no tastes like straight juice, but it has like a lot of different type of alcohol in it. I think those are kind of the best because they kind of sneak up on you. So now, I’m just going to taste this and see how this tastes with out the alcohol at first. It’s really good, I’m going to add a little bit more of the pineapple juice and I think that’s all it needs so now, I’m going to add in Dhaka whole.

This is my favorite part. So again this is going to help towards like the flavors, the coconut. Definitely going to help with that, it’s going to add some of that in there you can measure it. I like to eyeball it whatever I like a slide dark rum. I put that in here too. This is like one 4-foot cup. Let’s see how that works. What’s the weekend it’s summertime, and then I have the mango pineapple Wow.

I can smell it. It’s all just like one part from Jamaica, I’m so high right now, I’m so high and then also I’m going to actually put my other lime in this something you could just leave the line you could throw it in there. I love this, and this is great. Like if you having a party, if you’re having a barbecue and buy some friends over and get drunk pretty much all right, so let’s try this I’m so excited see how this chase! This is so good.

I’m going to make mine a little bit stronger, just because I really like from – and I like a lot of strong kicks in mind, so I’m going to add more. I still have a whole day ahead of me, so I can’t get too drunk okay, no one! I don’t want to be too strong. This is perfect, and it’s so weird because for rum punches, it’s like a syrupy like thickness like once, you add the dark liquor with the light liquor.

That’s what you always sees – and this is exactly what that is, and it really really reminds me of being an island in Jamaica right now, I’m so excited, but I’m so happy to share this recipe with you guys or what you guys said. Try it out. Alright guys so there you have it the Jamaican rum punch. This came out so great. This is one of my favorite drinks. It really really reminds me of being back home in Jamaica just being on a beach, but you guys know what to do.

Comment like subscribe and make sure you follow Miss Kitty’s kitchen on Instagram, and let me guys know how your from punch came out. Enjoy.

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Summer cocktails: refreshing drinks for hot days

We are at the start of another week of very hot weather here in Vermont. It’s going to be over 90 degrees for most of the week and we don’t have our conditioning. The way that I like to cool off is with a cold beverage. You can make these cocktails as alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

There they’re both great either way and, as usual, the full recipe will be on the website, and these are two that I just kind of made up off the top of my head. I don’t know if they’re similar to any other known cocktails that are out there. So if they are similar to a recipe someone else has developed, I apologize, but I don’t really read cocktail recipes. I don’t go looking for them. I just kind of mix up whatever I happen to have on hand and the ones that I like I keep making.

So the first one I developed sometime last year on a whim, it’s made with a blood orange soda, an Italian style soda, and I can get this in my local market. I’ve noticed that the the brand has expanded, so it’s pretty well available and it’s just blood orange soda and then a squeeze of lime juice, and that takes it from slightly sweet to a bit more tangy. And then you can of course mix in you know vodka or Jen, whatever your preferred.

Alcohol is, if you want to make it a little bit more adult, serve this over ice of course, and it’s delicious and refreshing, and it takes about 30 seconds to make. So it’s a great one if you’re in a hurry, the second one is a little bit more fiddly, I’m not really into making super fancy cocktails. I haven’t gotten into making shrubs and syrups and all those those great things yet, but this one does have some whole fruit in it.

So what I like to do is get those little cans of sliced pineapple that you can find at the regular grocery store, and I put them in the refrigerator they’re great for a snack on a on a hot day too. But then I thought, oh, I could put this in a drink. So what I do is I take one of those chilled slices of pineapple and I cut it into four or six pieces and I thread those onto a toothpick, that’s kind of a garnish and then in my glass I mix peach soda, a splash of pineapple juice.

Another squeeze of lime, juice and some ice, and then again I usually go for gin in these drinks. I prefer that to vodka, it has more flavor and I happen to have a couple of really nice Vermont distill gins in my liquor cabinet. Usually so I mix that all up and serve it over ice and then try to sort of position the pineapple skewer on top. If you can it’s pretty heavy and so that garnish will tend to sink, but that’s okay, you can kind of eat it.

At the end is a little treat, those are the two cocktails that I usually make when it’s hot out give them a try. I hope you enjoy them and if you have any tips like favourite cocktail recipes you like to make for hot weather, let us know leave a comment at the in the comment field under this article thanks so much for reading and keep tuning in for more recipes And tips and ways to stay cool on a hot day.

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