How To Make The Jack Frost Frozen Cocktail | Drinks Made Easy

Do you love pina coladas? Well, we have a great winter variation. That is the perfect companion for when you’re snuggling up next to the fire and dreaming of when the warm weather will return. First you’re going to have to prepare your glass and that you can use that a rich, simple syrup or in this case we’re using honey because of the the flakes of the coconut are a little bit heavier and you’re, not just using a sugar you’re going to Need something with a little bit more stickiness to make sure that the coconut flakes will stick to your glass and then we’re just going to roll in our coconut, and once you have it coated just set it aside, we’re going to make two servings of the Jack Frost because who likes to do anything alone, you’ll start with one and a half cups of ice makes you’re going to add two ounces of light rum, two ounces of Blue Curacao and four ounces of pineapple juice.

So the cap on your blender and blend until smooth. Don’t forget to add all of your ingredients like I just did, and you don’t really need to start over, because alcohol is expensive and it’s all going to the same place. This is a good point to point out also that you can always add more or less ice to any frozen cocktail. To make sure that’s not the consistency that you enjoy, pour it into your coconut, rimmed glass, and there you have your Jack Frost cocktail.

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