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What do you like it or not? Listen. It is cold and flu season, but there’s nothing more than a soothing healing cup of hot soup, which I need right now and to hear to anoint us with some healing powers of hers. Vegetable soup is the beautiful chef key chef. Please help us out like it was a struggle for me to read through that yeah people hurt me always happy to be here with you guys.

What do you have today? I got some vegetables, I’m going to hook. You up today miss quad, so I’ve got a what I call mommy’s nourishing soup and I caught that because it’s actually one of the recipes and my latest book super foods for the modern baby. The babies are modern these days, that’s right, so this is for mommies infants and toddlers and mothers to be oh right. So it’ll take you through that whole phase of nourishing yourself yeah.

This is a nourishing soup that I made when me and my son took a trip and we both got sick, oh wow, and we both caught the flu, and it just happened again this season, where everybody in my house is sick yeah. So I had to crank out the seaweed soup. This is really nourishing because it’s got all the vitamins and minerals from wakame. So I just want to walk you through these ingredients and you can actually dump that on yes right here here we got it now.

That is, seaweed called wacom, a it’s block of vitamins and full of minerals. So you, when you get sick, you don’t want to eat, but you still need to be nourished yeah. It’s just strengthening! So that’s very important if you could put some scallions on give it. Some flavor love that we’re going to throw in a little bit of ginger. Okay, and what is the ginger helps you in terms of important it’s going to really help it, your lungs we’re just going to put half of that in it.

There we go okay, it’s good for the lungs, it’s good for your entire bronchial systems, yes, flush out all that mucus, yeah, very, very bright! Now! Yes, we need that. We’re going to add some zucchini i’ma turn my flame up just a little bit. Okay and we’re going to add some zucchini to that again, we want some nourishment a little bit of onion powder. Okay, we’re going to add a something really amazing called dulse again another seaweed.

This is a seaweed seasoning. It kind of gives your soup almost like. I’r an Asian type of flavor like looks like a fishy flavor like if you would use fish sauce, so it’s almost like making a, but not it’s so not as strong or salty ya know. Sometimes I fish sauce could be a little salty, but it can’t be salt. It is now this is coconut aminos. You know, I always use this. Yes, soy sauce and I add a little bit of sesame oil and some wine.

Okay and that’s really it that’s all. Yeah now I’d like to braise it ask, for this only takes about 10 minutes to stew up, and if you want to really like make it a little more hearty you can by adding in I, like bok choy a little bit about you in there and then A soup for me, I got you, I got you quiet, I’m also going to put some noodles in there just to kind of give us a little bit of hardiness. Okay.

These are kamut noodles, because you really want to stay away from starches. Why you’re sick? So this doesn’t have all that gluten in it. So what about in terms of the content effect with those last week and uh? You know four pounds. Oh No! Well, we listen. I got sick recently and I lost about two pounds and I kind of enjoyed that. But now I want to put it all back on so you’re not going to get a lot of fat from these noodles.

But you are going to get a lot of nourishment. Okay, I’m going to give it a start. So do we go ahead and put some of those in yeah? Actually we can put some of that in now. Am I throwing a little bit of bok choy and we’ll be ready to go yeah and you can honestly for adults? I would add a little bit of cayenne pepper. I love it. You can add a little turmeric to it if you want, which is wonderful as well, and I honestly, if my son is like really Restless I’ll, add a little bit of CBD oil turn.

I don’t know if everybody’s starting to use CBD, but in my household we are using really high quality CBD and I’ve been in the lab. You guys ever since I released this book and I am working with some of phenomenal people on getting some high quality CBD oil in the kitchen, so stay tuned for that see maybe daeho’s in the kitchen. Yes, just to help with it. Just relaxation and anxiety, which I think we all experience and when you’re sick you just want to rest so excess CBD is great for insomnia.

It’s wonderful just to help you to relax. So I’ve also been using that in my culinary stuff – and you give it to the baby. Yes, absolutely you can. It is safe to do this all pull through a little black chewy in there and just be done about five minutes that soup soothes us so much when we’re sick or not feeling well or when it’s like wintertime. It’s just something warm right, yeah. It just feels good on your throat and you know and you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need without overdoing it and getting making yourself feel more heavy.

It’s just so nourishing. If you put the right things in it, it’s going to do the trick and get you well, but also you can add herbs. You can even start to add different things like citrus fruits. Grapefruit juice is really wonderful as well, and you can also just really get hydrated as much as possible, while you’re sick rest get hydrated, maybe steam. Those things can really help so stay well. During this this season, you guys I was going to add more noodles and on my car you really need to brah.

So don’t yeah don’t do too much yeah you can that looks really good. How nice this is you see how the sea we just kind of took on all that broth? Yes, nice, beautiful yeah, and I’m going to let everybody have a taste of this. I’r going to get up just a little bit more broth awesome just because I need it in my life, yes and it smells so amazing, a little pinch of salt, a pinch, a side: okay, little Himalayan situation, pinch of Himalayan stuff; okay, I’m going to just truly Drink this, as if I would, if I was going to age and rest, I’m going to taste it like this.

Let me know what you think absolutely amazing. I feel better already with this amazing soup of many other delicious recipes. You want to follow her on social media at chef, Haji,




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I didn’t used to like coffee and I’m hooked now, like I love it. So much so, if you don’t like coffee, try this out, you will probably like it so just stay tuned. If you want to know how to make the best iced latte over. So the first thing you’re going to need is some coffee and a mason jar with just a plastic straw. I use reusable straws just because it’s so much better for the environment, so you’re just going to want to take two teaspoons of instant coffee and put them in your mason jar.

You can add more or less, depending on how strong you want it once you’ve done, that you’re going to want to add either some syrup or if you want to be healthier, I’m honey, but I don’t really care. So I’m just going to add some honey and I normally add about a teaspoon or a dessert spoon. I think this might be called about that amount. My cat is really curious. My cat is a little bit too curious, but once you’ve added your syrup or honey you’re going to add the boiled water.

So I just add a few centimeters to the bottom read out about that. Much isn’t she the cutest little cat, she’s pregnant, so she’s really fat. So all you’re going to do now is mix all of that together and obviously, if you want your iced coffee to be a bit more sweet, just add some more syrup or honey. So now we’re just going to pop this in the freezer for about 10 to 20 minutes. The reason why I put it in the freezer is just because I want to make it cooled down faster once your coffee’s been in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

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